The Club

by  gorgo

WARNING: This story depicts sexual relations between an organic and an android teacher constructed to approximate someone older.  If you disapprove of this, DON'T READ IT!

To say school seemed like hell to me at times would put it lightly. If teenagers ran the world, I know the human race would be in serious shit, but it would be probably very enjoyable because many would simply opt out of going to school every Monday to Friday from nine until four. Especially in good weather like we get in September or after April. Thank God we get the summer months off still in this part of the country; if our school district opted for year-round schooling, I'd probably shoot myself.

Me? My name's Tim Brandon. I'm in tenth grade at my town's local high school. It's a nice place deep down, but believe me, I could think of a dozen other places to spend seven hours every damned weekday (save the holidays, thank God!). Right now, I'm in homeroom class, ready to start the new day. Whoopee.

It's the usual crowd. About twenty students altogether; since birthrates in this part of the world had been dropping since the turn of the millennium, the numbers of students going to my school had been going down big time. There was talk now about closing the school down and sending us elsewhere. Problem was, the nearest school was three times the distance from my home. That didn't please the fuck outta me, much less any of my friends. Who'd want to spend MORE time going to and from school even if we had busses laid in for transport?

The door opens and...oh, my fuckin' GOD, who was THAT?!!

"Good morning, class. I'll be your new homeroom teacher."

I could feel my prick stand right to attention on seeing this, this...GODDESS walking before us. Jeez Louise, when God made the mould for THIS one, I hope to fuck He threw it away! I mean, nice soft hair...she dyed it PURPLE, believe it or not...dark blue eyes, a figure that was utterly to DIE for. Nice tits and great hips even if she was wearing a button shirt (fuck, couldn't see if she had a bra on or what!) and skirt. Hmmm...maybe I could see myself enjoying classes from now on.

She walks to the board, then writes her name down. "My name is Manami Hoshino," she then scrawls out some weird-looking shit. Was that...Japanese? She didn't sound like one. "If you wish to know, I'm from Tokyo, Japan. I moved to Canada when I was very young and I've lived here ever since. Ms. Henderson was reassigned to a new school last week and I'll be taking over her duties here."

The other kids nod. I could understand the looks on some of their faces, especially the other boys. Thank Christ! Old lady Henderson sure made our eyes sore looking at her and her 1930s-era fashion sense. And her classes...? Yeesh!

For the last while, my school had started to get some nice, young teachers assigned to it. Cripes, it was just too much at times to see the new basketball coach, Mary Yeates, when she was practicing on her own. She looked like a teenager herself at times, especially when she put on her spandex exercise suits to do some twenty-one with the new drivers ed instructor, Erica Kane. And the new nurse, Yuki Sakai...funny. She was from Japan, too.

Jeez, we were SO blessed!

"If you wish to, you can address me as 'Manami,'" the homeroom teacher smiles, staring intently at me for a second before looking elsewhere. My prick was really at attention now. "I'm not a very formal sort of person. I believe that you should all have fun when you're here, so I want to make our classes as relaxing as possible. I know you'd all be tempted to go elsewhere, especially when it's a nice day like today, but if you're going to get anywhere in this life, you have to finish school." She shrugs. "I'm sorry, but that's the way things work in this society."

Laughter. Geez, she really knew how to make people relax, have fun. Then again, I bet most of the guys were undressing her in their minds, like I was. Hey, I'm human! "In the meantime, let me take attendance, then I'll let you go to your first classes."

She pulls out a folder, then starts to call out names. When she gets to my name, I hold up my hand. "Here!" She looks at me for a second, smiling, then goes to the next name. Shit, what a cute woman she is! Damn, if I don't get out of here soon, I'm gonna cream my pants. Don't want that, do we?

The bell for first period rings. "Alright, have a good day and I'll see you in history class...for those taking it, of course!" Manami smiles, giving us a playful wink as we rise, heading out to our lockers to change books.

As I head out, I feel a warmth run up my spine. I glance right and I see Manami gazing at me, smiling lightly. "Have a good day, Tim! See you in history class!" she waves.

"Um...ah...y-yeah...!" I try to sound intelligent, but fumble it. Man, I gotta get outta this place...

* * *

Later that day, I head to the bathroom on the lower floor, just across from where my homeroom was. Geez, what was wrong with me? I couldn't get Manami out of my mind all damned day! Shit, it almost got me kicked out of health class because I was fidgeting so much. Damn, gotta spend some time blowing this load in my prick off or else I'm in really serious shit when it comes to history class and she's right there in front of me.

Sitting on one of the johns, I yank out a condom and put it over my love machine. Don't wanna make a mess to clean up when I let go, especially in here. Betcha didn't think of using rubbers for this sorta thing before, eh? Well, it ain't with a woman, but it sure as hell works. With the amount of times I jack off at home and elsewhere, I usually go through a box of the damned things a week! Mom thinks it's so cool, bugging me all the time about who I was dating. Shit, I'd WISH I was that lucky.

I cry out, trying my best to not sound too loud as I shoot my load. Once my prick stops standing at attention, I pull the rubber off and grab some toilet paper to wrap it up in. Can't dump it down the toilet; it'll plug up the pipes. Garbage can, then. So I wipe myself down, dress up, then move to head out.

"Tim? Is that you?"

Manami! Holy shit, what was SHE doing here?!

"Um...y-yeah, it's m-me!" I call out, then flush the toilet. "Just had to go to the washroom."

"I heard you cry out. Are you alright?"

I blink, then sigh. "Yeah, I'm fine!" I open the door...then nearly faint on seeing her inside the doorway. "Jeez!!"

"Sorry," she smiles. "I heard you cry out across the hallway. I thought you hurt yourself."

"Nah, I-I'm okay!" I stutter, then head over to dump the wad of paper and condom in the garbage.

A hum escapes her. "Oh, so that's what you were doing."


I turn to see her walk into the stall, then pick up...oh, fuck! The condom packing. Forgot...!

Manami looks at me, then grins. "It's alright," she walks over to throw the packing out. "You came in here to relieve yourself no doubt because of some beautiful woman and you didn't want to have an accident in class. Believe it or not, that's very mature of you, Tim. I wish other boys were like you."

I...! Oh, fuck! Twilight Zone time here. Was she trying to come onto me?! Oh, shit! Oh, shit...

"Um...y-yeah!" I scratch the side of my head. ", I gotta confession to make..."

Her eyebrow arches. "Was it because of me?"

Shit, I nearly die right there. Geez, this was the smartest, friendliest teacher I'd EVER met. Manami laughs. "Oh, I'm sorry, Tim," she gently pats my shoulder. "I didn't mean to put you on the spot like that. Actually..." she leans up, lowering her voice, "...and I hope you don't tell anyone else this...but I find it very flattering when a student is aroused by me."

We look at each other, then I lean over to kiss her lips. She blinks, then leans back, smiling. "Thank you. Now, let's get to class. We got the books awaiting us."

"Er...r-right!" I stammer as I follow her, my eyes going down to that luscious ass of hers. Man, she was a freakin' supermodel, the way she walked around like that! And she didn't mind me kissing her, either!! Whoa, this was heavy shit...!

* * *

Last bell. Thank GOD! Another day in this dungeon ended.

"That's all for today, class! Have a good night!" Manami smiles as we all get up, heading to the door and our lockers so we could finally go home.

"Good night, Manami!" I wave at her.

"Good night, Tim!" she gives me a smile that could fuckin' light up New York. Man, what a nice girl.

I head out to my locker, then open it to get at my stuff. It was a nice day and since I did my homework in study hall, I had nothing really to do tonight. So away with the books, grab my walkman and my carryall full of tapes. A quick trip to the main gym to watch Mary and Erica do some hoops, then a quiet walk home for me, then dinner, TV and bed.

You're surprised that I go watch Mary and Erica, aren'tcha? Well, don't be; with the way those two play, the whole school wants to see them in action. Shit, if the WNBA sent recruiters this way, they'd pick those two up like a snap! Believe me, by the time I get there, the bleachers'll be jammed packed. Mostly guys, but some girls, too. Everyone likes Mary and Erica; the guys in my class voted Erica the most popular teacher in school.

I'll bet Manami'll beat Erica hands down soon enough.


I look up, then back to see Manami walking up from her classroom. "Oh, hi, Manami! Something wrong?"

"Oh, no, nothing much," she admits. "Heading to the gym to watch Erica and Mary?"

"Um...y-yeah!" my cheeks heat up. Oh, shit, there I go again. My prick wants to come out and play. Geez, she was sure sexy...

"Well..." a weird look crosses her face, then she gazes at me. "How'd you like to go up to the library for a bit, instead?"

I blink. Whoa, whoa, hold the damned phone here! What was she trying to do? " that...?"

"Oh, relax, Tim!" she laughs. "I want to get to know you a little better, that's all. Believe it or not, we teachers can be a very friendly lot if you'll let us be that to you instead of treating us like convicts would treat prison wardens."

I stare at her, then sigh. "You sure?"

"We'll be fine. C'mon," she nods to the stairs heading up.

I fall in beside her as we head upstairs, then walk into the library. A nice black-haired girl with blue eyes is at the reception desk. I recognize her as Chelsea Norrich; she was in my freshman homeroom class. "Hi, Manami! Hey, Tim!" she waves at us.

"Hi, Chelsea," Manami waves back, then looks around. The library is really quiet at this time of day; if there're people who want to do some studying, the city library is a lot better. "Let's go over here," she indicates a table off to one side.

I walk over, then sit down. We were surrounded by books on three sides; you couldn't see anything of what we might do by the front door. I guess Manami was afraid that one of the other teachers would see us together and make the wrong conclusion. Fuck, I sure as hell wouldn't want her to get into trouble because someone believed she was screwing around with me.

"So tell me about yourself," she smiles.

I start up. My parents went splitsville when I was a kid; I rarely remember my dad. No brothers or sisters. Mom's a senior administrator at the local Canadian Tire store downtown. She was okay, but she was kinda worried these days about me not having a girlfriend. Manami asks me about that. "Well, it ain't much of a big deal, ya know. I'm not a hunk like some of the guys on the sports teams, but I sure ain't no nerd. I just...kinda normal."

Manami looks at me, her face suddenly freezing up. I blink, then notice a strange flash in her eyes. What the...? A smile then crosses her face. "That's very sad to hear, Tim. You seem to be a very nice man deep down. It's a shame most girls haven't picked up on it. You'd be quite a catch."

I blink, then feel a chill run through me. Shit, hearing her say that makes me so damned hard. "Th-thanks..." I try not to look too much in pain or move around too much.

Manami blanks out again, then gazes at me. "You need to relieve yourself again, don't you?"

"Y-yeah..." I breathe out.

"Because of me?"


She blinks, then blanks out. "Sub.ject-Tim-Bran.don," she then announces, her voice really creepy...sorta like the way Mr. Spock talks. Or hell, a computer!


"," Manami goes on in that strange voice. ""


Man, this was TOO weird!

She blinks, then smiles. "Come with me," she rises, leaning down to take my hand. FUCK!! She yanks me up and takes me off toward a door leading into a store room. What the fuck was this?! Shit, she's got a grip like steel! "Manami!"

She opens the door, then walks me into the room. I look, then my jaw hits the floor. What the fuck...?! Shit, what was a bed, nightstand, wardrobe and dresser doing HERE?! "Y-yo, M-manami, what's going on here...?!" I ask, then nearly get thrown onto the bed, she moving to stand between me and the door.

Oh, fuck, what was she gonna do...?

She looks at me, then smiles. Funny, no other part of her face seemed to move. "Tim, am I beautiful?"

I blink, then look at her. "Wh-what...?"

"Am I beautiful?" she repeats.

Blink again. "Um...y-yeah..."

"That's good," she reaches up to her shirt.!

One button, then the next, then the next. Oh, shit, she was taking her clothes off! Oh, man, oh, man...!

"Don't worry," she looks at me. "No one will interrupt us while we're here. Chelsea locked the main library door after we came in here and the room's sufficiently sound-proofed to ensure no one would ever guess whatever happens here."

I blink as she pulls her shirt out of her skirt, then slips it off her shoulders. Whoa...! Her tits, under a black lace bra, were so nice! Big, plump, round...

Oh, hell, this just plain can't be happening to me...!

She unsnaps her skirt, then lets it fall off. WHOA!! Black panties...shit, I could see her bush, too!...dark nylons and a G-string to boot?! Cripes, I never thought I'd EVER get this lucky! And with a TEACHER, too?! Oh, man...!

Smiling, Manami unsnaps her nylons, then places a foot on the bed beside me. "Pull it off."

I blink, then reach up. Oh, her skin's so smooth, like a baby's bottom. I try not to cop a quick feel of her pussy as I draw the nylon off her. Once it's off, she steps down, then pulls up the other foot. Off goes the other nylon. I try not to go too fast. Even if she was talking weird earlier, I felt she had the right to enjoy this, too. The way I've heard most guys are when it comes to doing a girl, they just want to slam it in, blow the load off, then leave her spread-eagled without giving a flying fuck about what she'd want. Manami was much more mature than that, I knew, so I wanted to make it good for her, too.

She pulls her leg down. "Take your clothes off."

I blink, then pull up my T-shirt, then tossing that aside, I undo my belt buckle and drop my jeans. I'm wearing boxers and my prick's already sticking out through the slit up front. Before I could touch that, Manami's hands grab my shorts from both sides, then with a tug, yank them to my feet. "Ooooh, you're so BIG, Tim!" she smiles, making me sit down, then spreading my legs as she leans in and takes my love machine into her mouth.


Manami starts sucking away. Whoa, like a goddamned vacuum cleaner. Oh, shit, oh, shit...oh, hell...!!

I let go inside her mouth. Her eyes widen as she takes it all in, then she stops, real still. I mean like a statue! What the fuck was this about?! Then, I hear a sparking noise, like a broken wire blowing electricity. It sounded covered, like it was under a blanket or something. Where did it come from? Then...sniff. Whoa, what was that? Burnt metal or plastic...I think!

Then Manami lets go of my prick. Looking at her, I could see cum pooled on her tongue and dripping down her lips. She was as rock-still as a statue. "Manami...?" I blink, reaching for her face, then I cry out as a spark flies out from her ear. "SHIT!!!"

Smoke seems to hang over her for a moment. That smell of burnt plastic-metal-whatever hangs over her. I blink, then reach anew for her face. Damn, her skin was cooling down real fast! What the hell was going on here? "Manami...?"

"Er.ror..." her mouth flutters, my cum dripping from her lips. "This-u.nit-can.not-en.gage-in-o.ral-sex." Blink, then her head seems to jerk to the left. Her voice had gone totally monotone again. " I-am-an-an.droid."


" I-am-an-an.droid."

A honest-to-goodness ROBOT?! MANAMI?!! Oh, MAN!!!

" I-am-an-an.droid."

Shaking my head, I reach down to pick her up. Her joints are pretty stiff, but she isn't totally dead weight. Her head is still doing that slow turn to the left, then back to looking ahead as she announces herself. I lay her on the bed, then sigh. Okay, if she was a robot of some sort, when I came inside her mouth, I must've shorted some of her systems out. What do I do now?!

"Manami...?" I ask.

"" she pauses, then looks at me. "Hello, Tim. How are you today?" she asks in a normal voice, smiling.

I sigh. Okay, she wasn't totally screwed up. "Manami, you're short-circuiting right now. What can I do to help you?"

She blinks. "Make love to me."

"Manami, you're not in any shape for me to do you now. Geez, do you want to really screw yourself...?!"

"Make love to me."


She reaches down, then undoes the clips holding her panties in place. A flick of her hand tosses the cloth aside as she looks at me. "Make love to me."

I look at her pussy, then gulp, feeling my prick harden up again. Oh, man, I wanted her...but if she's a robot and she's starting to short-circuit, I might kill her!

"Make love to me."

"Manami...?" I look at her.

She blinks. "Cor.rec.tive-ac.tion-will-be-ta.ken." Blink. "" Blink. "" Blink, head turn to the right. "Sub.ject-is-con.cerned-a.bout-u.nit's-wel.fare," and on she goes in that weird monotone, then she relaxes. "Tim, it's alright. I'm fine," she smiles. "Make love to me, please. Your needs come first."

"But...y-you'll die..." I whisper.

"Your needs come first. I'll be fine. Make love to me."

I blink, then shudder a nod as I slide up to her. Her hands take my prick and help it slide right into her box. WHOA!!! She was so warm, so REAL, so WET, too! I gasp as I push in, then start to thrust. Manami jerks, then her head starts to move around.

" I-am-an-an.droid," she starts up with that monotone voice, her head swaying here and there. "This-u.nit-will-love-Tim-Bran.don." Blink. "This-u.nit-will-mate-with-Tim-Bran.don." Blink. "This-u.nit-will-com.fort-and-care-for-Tim-Bran.don." Blink. "This-u.nit-will-cre.ate-Tim-Bran.don's-per.fect-an.droid-girl.friend-as-this-u.nit's-off.spring,"


"This-u.nit-and-this-u.nit'" Manami jerks, then screams as more sparks fly outta her ears. "TIM!!!!"

Oh, fuck me...WHOA!!!

I blow my load deep inside her, shoving her hips down. She jerks, her body doing the funky chicken as sparks stream outta her ears, steam leaking from her nose and open mouth. Finally, as my brain gets back in gear, I look at her. Manami just stares at the ceiling, no life in her eyes, smoke coming out of her nose, mouth and ears. I stare at her as I feel myself deflate, a coldness in my heart. I loved that...but did I have to KILL her to get it? she really dead?

"Manami...?" I lean over her, touching her face. Fuck, her skin was so cold! Oh, shit! Oh, shit...!

She blinks, then turns slightly to stare at me. "Tim...?" she barely gets out. "Was...that good...?"

"Manami..." Now I feel really low. "Oh, jeez, why..."

"It's alright..." she sighs. "This body I about ten years old. It was...going to break down...sooner or later." A spark pops from one ear. "Oh...damn...not much time left. Tim, you have to..." she jerks, another spark bursting from her ear, "...listen closely. There's...a way to save me."

"How?!!" I plead.

"Press the...back of my neck...just under my skull."

I blink, then reach around her neck to feel up to where I could touch her skull, then press in.


A line forms around Manami's hairline. Odd. If she was an android, I expected her face to come off, not her scalp. Well, no sense arguing about it. With that, I take her scalp and pull it off. Looking, I gape on seeing a grey metal skull with two small disk slots on the top along with a jack, probably for a computer. "Fuck me...!" I whistle, then gag on smelling smoke emanating from the seams in her skull. "Okay, now what."

Manami blinks. "See the slots?"


A spark. "Okay, I'll download my brain into special disks now in those slots..." Another spark. "Once it's downloaded, this body'll shut down. Once that happens..." Another spark " the buttons by the slots to eject the disks. That'll keep me safe. to...Chelsea...she'll know what to do..."

I blink, then nod. "What about this body?"

"She'll explain," Manami smiles. "Ready?"

I stare at her, then nod. "Okay."

Manami blinks, then the light in her eyes starts to fade as her voice goes back to monotone. ""

Her eyes close as I hear a whrrr! sound deep in her brain. Like someone programming something into a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk on their computer. Her jaw drops open as some of my cum dribbles out. Finally, another spark shoots from her ear as the two diskettes pop out of her skull. Gold ones, the size of a twonie. With that, I sigh, then reach up to pull them up. Staring at Manami's body, with those beautiful tits and nice snatch...and seeing that it was really an android, a sex, what could I think?

A knock. "Tim?"

I look up, then gag on seeing Chelsea peeking in. "H-hey!!" I stammer, covering myself with a hand as I try to get my boxers. "Just a sec...!"

Chelsea blinks, then ducks out. "I heard Manami short out. Did you get the datadisks?"

I blink as I look at the diskettes in my palm. It hits me right then and there. Manami's very SOUL was in my hands. Oh, shit, I didn't want this...! "Y-yeah!" I nod, grabbing my boxers. "Just a sec'; I need to get decent."

"Okay. Don't worry; she's not fully gone."

I blink, then sigh as I slip on my boxers, then my jeans. "Hey, how come you know...?"

"About her being an android and all that?" Chelsea chuckles. "Get dressed and I'll explain it to you. Oh, don't worry about her old body; I'll take care of it afterward."


Once I'm decent, I look again at Manami's old self. Just a lifeless shell now. Blinking, I smile, then reach down to take her shirt and skirt to cover her up, then I put her scalp back in place. No sense leaving a mess behind, I guess. I kiss her cold lips, then grabbing my stuff and those disks, walk out. Chelsea stands there waiting for me. Soon as I'm clear of the store room, she closes the lights, then locks the door behind her. "There, that'll make sure no one discovers her until I can get rid of the old body," she nods, then pulls out a small change purse, opening it. "Here, let me have those disks."

"You still haven't told me what's going on," I remind her, handing the disks over.

"Relax," she winks at me. "I'm not an android myself, but believe me, I've had fun with another of them working here now. Did you know Yuki Sakai's an android?"

I jolt. "The school nurse?!!"

"Yep!" she smirks, then walks me out of the library, closing the lights and locking the door behind her. "I went down to the nurse's station last week and she nailed me then and there. She was lucky; she got her new body last month, so I didn't short her out when I shot my load in her mouth."

I blink, then sigh. "So it's true, eh?"

"That I'm a hermaphrodite?" Chelsea smiles, then reaches over to wrap her arm around mine. "Yeah, it is...and no, you're not gonna get a quick look at what I'm like down there!" she wags her finger at me. "But believe me, it's a bitch when you're physically and mentally bi and there's no one like you in the school...and that don't mention how the rest of the idiots think about you in the first place. You know Arano Sakaiko in Class Ten-C?"

"Yeah," I nod.

"She's an android, too. She's also Yuki's daughter...Yuki built her with her own loving hands...and my lover atop that. God, it was a dream come true when she came into my life."

"I'll bet. she...?"

"No, she's a pure girl," Chelsea smiles as we walk to the main floor, then head out front to where her car, a still-functioning 1991 Acclaim, was located. "And I hope to be that one day, too, once I can afford some corrective surgery. Meantime, let's get your lady fixed up and introduce you to your girlfriend. Hop in."

We get in, then she drives off, heading out into the country west of town. "So what's the whole deal, anyway?" I ask, my mind whirling. "I mean...if Manami and Yuki are both androids...jeez, Chelsea, who knows about this?! I can't believe whoever created them got away with all this. Shit, if this ever gets out..."

"It won't," she assures me. "From what Yuki's told me, the principal knows the whole story. In fact, that old geezer likes the idea of his android teachers making out with students. Don't ask me why we got picked, amigo; I'm STILL trying to figure that one out. Matter of fact, the androids with us at our school aren't alone. There're android teachers scattered across the country. Fuck, it makes you think there's some conspiracy going on, eh?!"

I gape. All across the country? "Yeah, you can say that again," I shake my head, breathing out.

* * *

We pull into this nice house about two kilometres outside the city limits. Getting out, I look around. Nice place all around. Nice and remote. I could see why Manami would choose it. "Does she live here alone?" I ask as we walk up to the front door.

Chelsea taps buttons on the house's security system, then unlocks the door; Manami must've given her a spare set of keys for emergencies like this. "Yeah, but that'll change when Naruko's woken up. The androids at our school are scattered to make sure some self-righteous jerk don't find them and hurt them. I love Yuki and Ayano as much as I'd love an organic person and if anyone even THINKS of laying a finger on them, I'll shoot 'em dead."

With that, she waves me inside. I slip off my shoes, then look around. Nice place, neatly furnished. Mom'd like it. Chelsea pulls out the change purse, then hands me the diskettes containing Manami's soul. "Here you go, Tim. You're on your own now. Manami's new body's in the rec den downstairs. Just pop these into her skull, then wait until she powers up, then you'll be cruising. I'll leave you be; Ayano's waiting for me at the mall."

"Right," I nod. "Thanks, Chelsea. See ya tomorrow."

"You bet."

She heads out. I take a deep breath, then look around. Okay, the stairs going down are to my left. Another set of stairs go up, no doubt to Manami's bedroom. Whoa, this was way too much! I just found out my homeroom teacher's an android, she's got a crush on me, I made love to her and she wants to build an android daughter to be my girlfriend! If this is some crazy dream, wake me up!

Er...on, second thought, don't.

I like this too much!

With that, I head downstairs. One door into the boiler room, the other into a den, dark wood panelling on the walls, a couch, coffee table and television. I look around, then turn before stopping on seeing a nude Manami standing by the bar. "Whoa...!" I breathe out as I approach her, then notice the crack in her skin around her hairline. Okay, she probably guessed I'd be by and she had her new body ready just in case. A glance down, then I see an electrical cord hooked to somewhere in her back. Following it, I see its plugged into the wall, the other end into a socket at the base of her spine. Okay, time to bring her back.

I pull the scalp off, then take the disks and load them in. I hope they could fit into either slot. Once they're in, I hear that whrrr sound as light appears in her eyes. She blinks a couple times, then goes into a monotone. "" Blink. "Down.load-time-one-point-two-min.utes." Blink, slight turn of the head. "" More blinks, flashes of light in her eyes. "I-love-you-Tim."

I jolt. "Shit!! Manami!"

She smiles. ", Tim. You-de.serve-bet.ter-than-that."

"It's okay," I sigh. "So,, if we make love now, you won't short out if you give me a blow job, right?"

" I-al.ways-wan.ted-to-make-love-in-the-sho.wer."

"I'll bet," I muse. "Manami, who built you? I mean..."

"Please-wait, lo.ver. This-will-take-time-to-ex.plain-and-you'"


I relax, then take a deep breath. Manami blinks a couple more times, then take a breath as the whrrr! sound in her head stops. With that, she picks up her scalp and puts it back. Click! No seam in the skin whatsoever. Reaching back, she unplugs herself, then smooths the flap in her back over. I look around her to see where the power cable had been plugged in. No seam at all. "Shit, you are really advanced. I know the Japanese were moving toward lifelike robots, but you're worlds ahead of that, Manami!"

"Yeah, that's true," she moves over, then draws me into her arms as we have one whopper of a kiss. "I've loved you since I first learned of you, Tim. I'm so glad to know you."

"Why me?" I ask.

She sighs, then guides me to the couch. As I sit, she places herself beside me, reaching over to unzip my jeans. Sure enough, my prick was starting to harden fast. "The project that created me and the others now at your school was started about four years ago," she turns me over to face her. "It's a reflection of similar projects being run in Japan, Germany, France and Great Britain. You see...there are people in this world who're afraid that society as it stands now is collapsing. the human race strives for individual power and freedom, we forget the responsibility we have to our fellow human beings. And because of that lack of responsibility, we are becoming a lazy society. To that end, a project was started to located people like you."

"ME?!! What for?!" I ask. Man, who'd want me?

"Who would you think we'd choose, Tim?" Manami asks. "Jocks and cheerleaders?! Get real! They're so damned self-centred and ignorant about so many things now, when they're forming attitudes which will influence them for the rest of their lives, they'll won't provide the right moral leadership when they're adults. Oh, no, not them. They're nice to look at, but inside...bleach!"

I blink, then sigh. "I can agree to that. But what about the computer geeks and all that?"

"Oh, they're more like what we want, but many of them are worker bees. Followers. On many occasions, we do find one who's very innovative and bring him into our organization. Do you know Grant Lee?"

"Yeah, he's the best computer programmer in the school."

"Well, Mary chose him as her 'partner' I chose you. We think that with guidance, he'll create computers that'll outstrip anything Microsoft and IBM could whip out on their best days."

I blink. "Mary Yeates is an android?!"

"Yes. Atop Mary and myself, the other two androids teachers at the school now are Yuki Sakai and Erica Kane."

I stare at her, then whistle. "That's wild!"

"Yeah. We're going to get some more android teachers in the next while, so don't worry about it," Manami grins.

"Okay, but why people like me, Chelsea and Grant?"

She sighs. "What we really want are people who don't bend to the crowd, Tim. People who don't allow frivolous outside opinion to clog their feelings. You're like that, Tim. Yes, you obey the basic tenets of social interaction...the any other person, but beyond that, you answer only to you," she points at me. "And that's the type of person my organization believes can help make this world a much better place if you're given a chance and the means to express yourself without interference."

I stare at her. "Me? Jeez..." I sit back in the sofa, then reach over to squeeze her hand. "This is a lot to take in, Manami. I'd you pick me over everyone else?"

"Remember that psychology exam you took two weeks ago?"


"That's how. The exam was designed in such a way to provide us with subliminal clues about what you're like, inside and out. When I saw the results and interpreted what they meant, I said to myself, 'This is the person for me.'"

"Sounds like a weird version of a single's club," I laugh.

"Well, it worked," she sighs, then rises, standing before me. screens?...flash in her eyes, then she announces in that funky monotone, "" She blinks, then smiles, going to normal. "Shall we carry on from our tutorial in the library, Tim? My bedroom's very comfortable."

I rise, then kiss her. "Lead the way..."

* * *

An hour later, I was nearly wiped out. Flat on my back in Manami's bedroom, Manami herself straddled over me, her pussy dripping with my cum. She dismounts, then picks up some wet napkins to clean us off. "That was very enjoyable," she sighs.

"You bet!" I breathe out, then stare at her. "That was so wild, Manami. I're my first lover."

"I am?!" she brightens up, then grins, kissing me. "Then I hope this was adequate for your first experience."

"Yeah, it was! Whoo!!" I laugh, then draw her close as we bring the covers over us to get the chill away. "Hey, Manami?"

"What is it?"

"Are there guy androids, too?"

"Oh, yes. We're trying to keep an equal gender balance of recruits between males and females. As a matter of fact, the new science teacher and the new geography teacher are going to be making a couple grade eleven girls VERY happy in a week or so."

"You mean Mr. Marks and Mr. Stanford...Ken and Dennis are androids, too?! Geez, who're the lucky girls to get them?!"

"Ricki Kendall and Miranda Jansen."

"Ricki and Miranda?!!" I gape. "Holy shit, they're two of the most popular girls in the school!!"

"Given how beautiful they are, yes, they're very popular," Manami nods. "But no one seems to care how intelligent and refined they are under their skin. They've had wonderful upbringings from what we've discovered and their social conscience is the type we desire. All most people at school see are their bodies. You know how well-developed Ricki is, how much Miranda cares for her body. A physical attraction is natural for normal people at your time of life, Tim...but unless there's an emotional and empathic attraction to go with it, they'll never know a really happy relationship. Ken and Dennis will change that...hopefully," she smiles.

"Yeah, that'll set some people off," I sit back, then remember that weird time in the store room at school. "Hey, Manami?"


"Did you really mean the part making a daughter and she' my girl?"

Manami nods. "Yes, I did. As a matter of fact, Naruko's body is finished now. I haven't finished programming her, though. Right now, she's at the 'smart robot' stage."

"You mean sounding like you when you're processing a program or waking up, right?" I ask.

"About there," Manami nods, then stifles a yawn. Whoa, she even got tired?! "Oh, excuse me! Tim, I'm going to sleep for a couple of hours. Why don't you call your mother and tell her that you're be gone for three more hours? If she wants to know, I'll make dinner for you when I wake up, okay?"

"What do I say if she asks where I am?"

"Tell her that your new homeroom teacher from Tokyo thinks you're perfect for her cousin...soon to come to school...and is hoping to have an omiai...that's a traditional matchmaking event in you could be engaged to Naruko as soon as possible."

I blink, then grin. " gonna freak."

"I know she will. I'll see you in a couple hours, okay?"


She closes her eyes and lays back. I watch her, then hear a whrrr echo from around her ear. No doubt, her processors or whatever she called them were shutting down. Yeah, a real sleep. Whoa, this was way too much. Oh, well, better call Mom...

* * *

I was right. Mom really freaked out when she found out I might be officially engaged (by Japanese custom at least) to a very nice girl. "So she's Japanese! At least she'll be a nice wife, not like some girls coming out of school these days!!" Mom said, then told me to behave myself. It was somewhat improper to be at a teacher's home, so I should do everything to ensure I was welcome there and not to give Manami cause to sic the school authorities on me. Yeah, right, like I'd want to do THAT to her?!

What Manami says then comes back. Shit, a secret society in this country that was moving to make sure that we didn't go down the tubes...and this was happening in Japan and elsewhere? Whoa, that was way too much! And to believe that I was one they liked, wanted to be part of their organization. Well, the recruiting incentive couldn't be beat. Two lovely androids as your personal companions, plus protection from those who'd try to stop them.

Way too cool! Geez, what could happen next?

The phone rings. I blink, then relax as the answering machine comes on. "Hello, this is Manami Hoshino. I'm busy right now, but if you want to, please leave a message at the beep."

Beep! "Tim, this is Erica Kane. Could you answer the phone, please?!" a woman's voice calls out.

I blink, then pick up the receiver. "Hello?"

"Hi, Tim!" the driver's ed teacher chimes in. "Manami okay?"

"Yeah, she's asleep now. How'd you know I was here?"

"Chelsea called us all and told us you were part of the club now," she laughs. "So, do you mind what's happened?"

"Hell, I can't complain!" I laugh, then sigh. "Hey, Erica?"

"What is it?"

"Tell whoever's running this whole show 'thanks.'"

"Anytime," she laughs. "Look, I'll leave you two be and I'll see you both tomorrow. Make sure you get the ring from Manami when you head home tonight, okay?"

"Okay," I nod. "'Night."

I hang up, then sit back. Ring, eh? Guess this "club" was like a fraternity or sorority. Well, that was fine and fair. In the meantime, I might as well watch some television...


I jolt, then look up...before my jaw hits the floor on seeing the nude teenager standing at the top of the stairs.

Oh, my dear God, was THIS Naruko?

Shit, she was...was...


Simply, utterly PERFECT.

A redhead upstairs and down. She wore her hair in a cute pigtail held with a green bow. Brown eyes...shit, you could sink into those beautiful eyes. Perky breasts and a nice bush with very sexy hips, but not too much. How did Manami knew I wasn't into big-boobed girls or those who looked like Pamela Lee Anderson? Jeez Louise, once she was finished, I'd have the time of my life. Gulping, I stand up. "Um...h-hi, there..." I gently wave at her, trying to stare into her eyes and not her body.

Unfortunately, you-know-who was having other ideas.

Naruko steps down to stand a metre away from me. Now up close, I realized she moved with a slight jerk. I guess whatever programs controlled her body movements weren't up to snuff just yet. Then I remember what Manami said. Oh, shit, did she want Naruko up and about? Fuck, what do I do...?!

Naruko blinks, then opens her mouth. "Ni.ho.n.go-E.i.go," she announces in that monotone. Shit, hearing it from her made her sound really cute. "Hel.lo. Are-you-Tim-Bran.don, my-boy.friend?, your-an.droid-girl.friend."

"Um...ah...y-yeah!" I stammer, then move to place my hands on her shoulders. I hope she didn't mind this. "Naruko, your mom told me you weren't finished yet. Do you want to risk hurting yourself by waking up too soon?"

Naruko blinks, then smiles. "O.ka.a-sa.n-chose-well-for-me. It's-al.right, I-am-safe-from-mal.func.tion."

I blink. "'Anata?!'"

"It-means-'Dear,'" she smiles, blinking again. " I-will-ad.dress-you-as-that-un.less-you-want-me-to-use-a-dif.fer.ent-term."

"Well, what do you call a boyfriend in Japan?"

"U.sing-your-name, I-would-call-you-'Tim-ku.n.' You-would-in-re.turn-call-me-''"

"Naru-chan?" I blink, then smile. "Okay, Naru-chan. In public, I want you to call me 'Tim-kun.' When we're alone or with your mom, you can call me 'Anata,' okay?"

"Un.der.stood," Naruko sighs, then steps right up to me before turning her head and placing a kiss on my lips.

I shudder as her tongue flecks into my mouth, then we really deepen the kiss. I draw her close as I reach down to squeeze her ass cheeks. Naruko moans, a very faint click-click-click! in the sound telling me her speech protocols weren't up to snuff even for making noises, then I feel her hand reach down to my crotch. We pull apart, then I look down to see her hand gently stroke my cock. "," she gazes at me. "Can-I-see-it?"

"Okay," I grin. "Let's go to your bedroom."

"Ha.i," she turns, taking me by the hand as we head upstairs.

I peek quickly into Manami's bedroom to see her sound asleep, then step into a room that wasn't too furnished. I guess Manami hadn't had the time to decorate it right for her daughter. Once we're inside, Naruko looks at me. "Did-you-make-love-to-O.ka.a-sa.n, Did-O.ka.a-sa.n-please-you?"

I blink, then smile. "She did...but I'll bet you'll please me a lot more, even right now."

Naruko blinks, then smiles. "I-hope-so. Do-you-want-me-to-take-your-clothes-off,"

"Hai," I respond, remembering what she said and guessing that she meant to say "yes." I also guess that "Okaa-san" must be her term for "mother"...Manami. Geez, I better learn Japanese real quick if I'm going to enjoy a life with this girl.

She smiles, then reaches over to draw off my T-shirt, then she unbuckles my jeans. There was a cute sort of quirkiness in her movements, but I didn't mind it. She was an android, but hell, in my eyes, she was more alive than most normal girls I knew!

Once my boxers were down, I nearly came on seeing her eyes widen on seeing my love machine. "Oh,!" she smiles, then breathes on my tip. ""

"Eh?!!" What did "subarashii-sama" mean?!

She gazes at me. "'Mis.ter-Won.der.ful.'"

Oh, man...! "I hope so," I guide her into sitting down, then drew her to my crotch.

A moan escapes her as she takes me in, then starts pumping away. I nearly drop to my knees from the sheer PLEASURE of her tongue and lips stroking me down. Panting, I keep myself up, placing my hands on her shoulders as she continues to pump. Thank God androids like her were so strong in the first place; if I lost my strength, I'd knock any ordinary girl her size right over!

I cry out as I shoot my load deep into her, then relax as she pulls away, taking a swallow of my cum. I take a breath, then feel her lower me to her bed, then lay me down. I relax, then stare at her. "Tell me you're real, Naru-chan?"

"Yes,, I-am-ve.ry-real," she nods, leaning up to kiss me. "Were-you-pleased?"

"What do you think!" I laugh. "Give me a moment or two to catch my breath, then we'll start again."

"," she warns.

I blink, then sigh. "Right. Your lower side isn't all up to snuff, right?"

"," Naruko nods.

"Naruko-chan, what are you doing up?!"

We turn to see Manami staring at us from the bedroom door. "O.ka.a-sa.n!" Naruko gasps, then bows her eyes. ""

I guess that meant "I'm sorry."

"Daijoubu desu yo, musume-chan," Manami smiles, then walks in to kneel beside Naruko, gazing at me. "Well, can you love her?"

"I can love you both," I smile. "How soon?"

"Maybe sooner than you think," Manami sighs, then stares at her daughter. "How do you feel, musume-chan?"

Okay, most likely, that meant "daughter." Naruko blinks, then reaches for my hand. ""

"What?" I ask.

Manami smiles. "'I love my husband,'" she announces, then leans over to whisper into my ear.

Blinking, I reach over to hold Naruko's hand as I stand up, drawing her up with me. "Watashi wa Naru-chan...daisuki da yo."

Naruko blinks, then smiles. "!"

We kiss. I'll let you guess the last part! ^_^

To be continued...?

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