BY CMQ 7-97

It was a warm, sunny, afternoon in the city. At the center of the bustling metropolis stood the sparkling, sleek skyscraper tower which was home to the city's premiere protectors, Fem-Fantastique, Inc. The super-heroine team who inhabited the edifice had filled it with technological and mechanical wonders, all dedicated to the preservation of freedom and peace not only in the city, but the world as well.

The elevator doors opened on the rooftop, and a dark haired woman stepped out onto the tile floor surrounding the Olympic-sized pool. Dee was glad it had been quiet of late in the city. Only minor crimes had threatened the peace for weeks and the whole team had been somewhat bored from lack of activity. Oh well, she thought, all the better for me to relax on the rooftop rec-dec, one of the perks of being a member of the city's number-one super-team!

She walked over to the pool and stretched out onto one of the pool chairs. She wore a purple string bikini which revealed her perfectly-toned, well endowed figure. She had no qualms about revealing her body, it was in excellent shape, and as Shadow Lady, the only non-super powered member of the team, she could use all the advantages it gave her in battle with male criminals. Distract them and they won't be able to fight back effectively, she reasoned. But for now, all thoughts of fighting evil were gone, as she applied suntan lotion to her slender arms, proceeding across her chest and down her stomach, over her hips and down long, smooth legs. Finally, she brushed her black, moussed hair out of her face, lowered her mirored sunglasses, and leaned back to embrace the sun.

"Hey? What the--" she began to say, as a dark shadow suddenly cut off the warming rays, but never finished her thoughts as a sudden, overwhelming coldness engulfed her body. She tried to move, tried to think, but couldn't. As her world went black, the last thing she saw was a large, green hovering shape in the clouds...

"INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!" shouted the computerized alarm system. Around the monitor station, Transparency Girl, Crimson Sorceress, and Cosmic Girl were watching the screen with disbelief. Flamestar flew into the room, surrounded by an aura of fire. Her bright yellow, skintight costume had cleavage which showed off her perky pointed breasts and was accented with orange flame designs for her gloves and boots which complimented her flaming red tresses. She hovered, lighter than air, thanks to her power to control heat and flame, and recieved information on the situation from the others.

"There's some sort of ship, hovering in our air-space"said the team leader, Transparency Girl. She, like the other team members, was dressed in a form-fitting costume that appeared to be sprayed onto her perfect body. It was dark blue leotard with contrasting white collar, gloves, boots and hip-hugging belt and showed off all her charms without revealing much skin. Her long, slightly curled blond hair was swept to each side of her face and was fluffed out in a glamorous 'do. She continued, "Somehow it avoided detection from our sensors until it did this..." The monitor showed a yellow beam pulling something, someone, into the air.

"Is that Shadow Lady, Susan?" Flamestar exclaimed. "She said she was going to sunbathe on the roof!"

"Get up there, Angelica!" ordered Transparency Girl. "We can't let them get away!" she said as the red-haired heroine flew out the nearest open window to confront the abductors. As she closed in on the hovering craft, Flamestar could see Dee was being pulled by the yellow beam, into the ship. She could also see that Dee's skin was pale, almost as if she was...frozen! As that thought entered her mind, a bright blue freezing beam shot forth from the ship. Instantly, her body was enveloped in a stiffening, frigid coldness. "Nnooo!" she gasped. Her heat-based powers were susceptible to freeze attacks, and she struggled to resist, but couldn't. Her body started to stiffen as her skin took on a light blue, frosty, look. She struggled in vain, trying to fight the relentless, unyielding cold, until finally she froze...solid.

" We're too late!" yelled Cosmic Girl as she, Susan and the Crimson Sorceress emerged from the rooftop elevator.

"What can we do now?" said the Crimson Sorceress, her long, auburn curls and red cape fluttering in the wind. Her body shivered from the cold air left over from the ice coating the area where Shadow Lady had been frozen. She wore a sheer pink bodysuit under a shimmering scarlet one-piece bathing-suit design with matching gloves and boots. The chilly air teased her nipples into rigidity, as it did to the two other heroines.

"We've got to get closer to have any hope of rescuing them, Wanda, but how..."said Susan, thinking rapidly of options. "I've got it!" she exclaimed. "Brace yourselves..."

To the untrained eye, it would seem as if all three heroines suddenly took flight, as Transparency Girl mentally created an invisible disc shaped platform under their feet and raised it into the air as if it was atop a column.

"Wow! I didn't know you could do this!" said Cosmic Girl, trying to balance herself on the unseen platform. Her tight, blue and yellow miniskirted form wobbling in the wind. Her super sexy long legs were enhanced by the shortness of the skirt. It had jagged, lightning-bolt like trim around the plunging neckline, around the hem of the skirt and was reflected in the edges of her boots and gloves. Her curled, shoulder length, dark brown hair whipped around her face as the trio were launched into the sky.

"Hang on, Darlene...Wanda, stand-by to attack..." Susan began, but didn't finish. The icy cold beam emerged again and Susan instinctively threw up a mental transparent barrier to protect herself and her teammates. "Unghh....Ittt's t-t-too stttronggg f-f-for mmmeeee...c-c-can'tt sttoppp ittt...." She fought to mentally maintain her shield, but the intense frigid beam overwhelmed her completely. She succumbed to the icy embrace of the beam, stiffening completely in mere seconds.

"T-t-the c-c-c-old..."stammered Cosmic Girl, suddenly grasping both of her shoulders. "I-I-I c-c-c-an't m-m-oov-e..." She felt her body becoming more and more immobile.

"Oh n-n-nooooo..." wailed Wanda, "W-w-e'll b-b-beee f-f-frozzzzennn s-s-sollliddd....." Her body, as well, was icing up, locking into rigid, paralyzed position.

The yellow tractor beam expanded to the three new frosted acquisitions, pulling their stiffened bodies into the hold. Then, the ship lazily turned upward, and shot into the sky and beyond, leaving the tiny blue and green world behind. In the hold of the alien spacecraft, the five statue-like heroines stood immobile, frozen in whatever positions they were in when the beams had overwhelmed their bodies. Their skin, but not their hair, was a pale blue, indicative that they were indeed frozen solid. Their costumes and clothing remained strangely unaffected, however as shadowy hands began to undress each of the now mannequin-like victims. Soon, the tableau of frozen nude women was carted off on anti-grav platforms, as if they were pieces of sculpture, to the depths of the ship .

"Mmm..." Shadow Lady slowly regained consciousness. As her vision returned to her, she saw...a ship? No! It was a face! An ugly, vaguely, flat reptillian face with jutting lower canine teeth and eerie yellow eyes. Instinctively, she lashed out with a kick to the creature's head. Then, grabbing his arm, Dee pivoted, using the stunned creature's great bulk against him, and threw him to the ground. She suddenly realized she was stark naked, but pushed any thoughts of modesty out of her head. There were more important things to be worried about, like how to get out of there. She ran across the polished metal floor on bare feet when suddenly she felt a tingling throughout her figure. She felt like time was slowing or she was running in slow motion, becoming stiffer and stiffer until..."Oh! W-what's happening to me? I-I can't move!" she screamed in panicked tones. Her entire body from the neck down had become completely, utterly rigid. She glanced around with her eyes and realized why- her entire body, from the neck down, had been transformed into solid platinum! "I like feisty ones." said a low, threatening voice.

"Wha? Who are you? What have you done to me...and my friends?"questioned the immobilized Dee. Her fantastic platinum body was frozen in midstep. Fleeing, but not moving, she was completely still, like a chrome-plated sculpture.

He stepped from the shadows, a creature just like the one she had toppled in her escape attempt. But this one was slightly different, he had a bony crest across the middle of his scaly face and wore a dark purple cloak over his polished metal armored form. He had an air of superiority, clearly he was the leader, the captain of the ship, maybe even...royalty?

"I am Prince Kargh and you and your 'friends' are the first of many who will become the latest additions to the collection of the mighty Mok'tn Empire!" he declared. " Your friends are quite extraordinary, we have realized their talents can be put to good use... "

Dee struggled to move, but her metallized body was locked rigidly in place. She could only follow with her eyes as he gestured to a video screen of some type. There, Susan, Angie and Darlene stood, arms and legs encased in gauntlets wired to other bizarre devices. Their naked bodies contrasted against the high technology, yet also seemed to blend into the ship itself. "What have you done to them?" she demanded. Her shiny body teetered slightly as she spoke, precariously balanced, yet completely unmoving.

"The one you call Susan, her mental powers in creating transparent, invisible forms and shapes will serve us as a living shield generator."grinned Kargh. "Darlene and Angelica are like living power sources, so they will become living power batteries for our ship." He then motioned to the other side of the room. "And the one you call Wanda, her powers are too unpredictable for us, so she has been "stored" until we reach the Homeworld..."

Dee's eyes locked on a nude, form in a half-cylindrical alcove in the wall. It was Wanda, the Crimson Sorceress! And she was frozen stiff, arms at her sides, standing as if at attention, but her skin was frosty blue!

"As for your fate, unless you become my slave..." Kargh trailed off, ominously."...I will turn you into a statue of pure platinum!" His eyes gleamed at the prospect as he stroked the cold, reflective surface of her motionless form.

I'm completely helpless like this, Dee thought. If I can't move, I can't hope to rescue any of the team. She fought back the unpleasant thoughts of what the ugly toad would have her do. Still, any chance to get out of here was better than none at all..."All right", she said, feigning dejection."I'll do as you wish..."

" Excellent." her captor gloated. He stepped in front of her line of vision, wearing some sort of chrome helmet attached with wires to a rifle-like weapon he aimed at her paralyzed form. The helmet began to glow, then the wiring, finally the muzzle of the gun pulsed with energy...

Dee braced herself. What if Kargh was lying and he decided to turn her totally into solid platinum? She closed her eyes and hoped not, as the energy beam struck her polished body, creating a spectacular light show. She opened her eyes and saw...her body was flesh again! And she was clad in a skimpy, silk loincloth/g-string outfit! With golden bracelets, thin beaded chains barely holding the cloth on her hips and her breasts similarly covered with two strips of transparent fabric, she felt like some kind of harem dancer. A steel chain attached to a collar led to the prince's throne/command chair.

"Now you will entertain me!" gloated the alien prince. "Or you will join your frozen an exhibit piece!"

Dee began to dance, seductively. Or at least she thought it would be seductive to an alien. Everything pointed to the fact that this race found human females attractive, so she reasoned a striptease-like dance would satisfy her new master.

Hours later, Dee, exhausted, noticed that her captor was preparing to go to sleep. Here's my chance, thought Dee. But she was totally unprepared as Kargh suddenly turned the molecular transformer on her again! "Wha? N-n-nooo!" she cried in terror, as her body regained the stiffening sensation and began to become solid platinum. In an instant, she was a shiny platinum statue, this time completely head-to-toe frozen solid. She remained in the same, surprised pose-with her arms thrown up, defensively until the next morning, when she was restored to life, to her relief. For several days after, it was the same routine. Dee entertained Kargh, but before going to sleep he turned her into a statue for the night. She was restored to life each morning to endure more of the same. Meanwhile, Dee was collecting information on her captors. Apparently, the molecular transformer used on her wasn't a Mok'tn invention, but something stolen, probably from a peaceful, enlightened race, and used for purposes far more sinister. It apparently transferred some of Kargh's brainwaves as well and as a result, she understood Mok'tn language and technology. Her "insight" into Kargh's thoughts enabled her to "please" him and as a result, he began to delay transforming her into a statue later and later until one night...

This is it, Dee thought. Kargh had gone to his private quarters for the night and left his slave alive rather than a statue. She stretched the chain attached to her neck collar, searching for the weak link she had found earlier in her captivity..... Her karate chop snapped the chain and she tumbled backward. She turned her attention to the Crimson Sorceress. Poor Wanda was still nude, still frozen solid, still unmoving , a blank icy stare on her face. Dee looked at the control panel next to the alcove, she pressed a button, then another and watched as Wanda's frozen skin took on warmer hues.

"Ooooohhhh...." Wanda mumbled. "W-What happened...? Dee?"

"Take it easy, Wanda."answered Dee. "We've been captured and kidnapped by aliens. They're bringing us back to their home planet. I've been forced to "entertain" the commander of this ship for days but now we're going to make a break for it!"

"What about the others?" asked Wanda.

"I know where they're being held, let's go get them!" said Dee.

They cautiously opened the sliding door to the corridor outside. Fortunately, the majority of the crew was asleep and only the "night shift" was active, Dee thought. She and Wanda silently crept through the deserted corridors to the engine room. Wanda felt a little woozy and a little embarassed that she was completely nude, but Dee helped support her the whole way. "This is it." whispered Dee. "Are you ready?"

"I'm all right." replied Wanda. "Let's do it!"

Dee pressed the door opening button. "HIYAHHH!" she yelled, leaping into the air as the doors opened and landing kick squarely into the head of a Mok'tn sentry, knocking him out. Her flimsy, silken garments trailed behind her as she swept-kicked another, causing him to land on his face.

Wanda rushed into the room, raising her arms and casting her spellbolts, taking out two more aliens. "Take that, alien scum!"she shouted, spinning to her left and directing another bolt to a hapless engineer. "Is that all of them?" she asked.

Shadow Lady threw a vicious elbow into the jaw of another alien. "Yeah, that's all of them!" She raced over to nude Transparency Girl, still plugged into the ships defensive systems. Carefully, she removed the restraining bolts and the psionic helmet which dampened Susan's willpower. She then moved on to help Cosmic Girl while Wanda released Flamestar. "How do you feel?"asked Dee.

"A little under-dressed." replied Cosmic Girl, seeing everyone except Dee was nude. "Are we gonna get out of here or what?"she added.

"I know the way."said Dee. "But let me leave a present for our "hosts." She went to the engine controls and entered some commands. "Okay, all done. Let's go!"

The five heroines entered the corridor and headed for the launch bay. Suddenly an alarm klaxon sounded. "Looks like they know we're gone..."surmised Susan. "We're going to have to hurry, Dee." she said urgently, her breasts were bouncing as she ran down the corridor.

"No problem, we're here." Dee countered. She pressed the entry button and the doors hissed open to reveal a small smooth shuttlecraft in the middle of the hanger.

"Uhm...can anybody fly that thing?" asked Cosmic Girl, hoping someone had thought of that problem before their great escape.

"Trust me." Dee said. "I think I can get the hang of it."

"Stop!"a voice yelled. It was Kargh and a troop of soldiers! They must be right behind us, Dee thought!

"Come on!"she screamed over the sound of laser blasts and explosions as Flamestar and Cosmic Girl unleashed firebolts and cosmic ray blasts on the pursuers. Suddenly the ship rocked violently. "That's our cue!" she struggled to be heard over the ensuing explosions.

"No! Stop them!" Kargh screamed, his soldiers began to fall over themselves as the ship began to rock more violently, flames bursting out of control panels and conduits.

Susan held off the few remaining laserbolts being directed at the fleeing heroines with an invisible mental shield. She closed the door as Cosmic Girl and Flamestar boarded. "Okay, Dee!" she shouted. "Get us out of here!"

Dee, sitting at the controls, engaged the engines and the little craft spun slowly towards the hanger doors.Pressing a button on the control lever, she unleashed an energy bolt that blew open the doors and decompressed the launch bay.

The shuttle zipped out of the hanger just as the engine core began to explode, a briliant explosion filled the shuttle's window as the Mok'tn cruiser shattered into a thousand white hot pieces.

"Don't you think you cut it kinda close?" teased Darlene.

"Um, something must have gotten lost in the translation." Dee sheepishly replied.

"Well, we're free, I wonder how far we are from Earth?" wondered Angelica.

"I have a feeling it's going to be a long and strange journey back." sighed Susan.

"And I didn't bring a thing to wear!" smiled Wanda.

They all laughed. It would be a long trip back, but they were up to the challenge.



authors note: as some readers may have already guessed, most of the heroines in this story are very thinly disguised inspirations from contemporary comics. The names have been changed to protect the...innocent?

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