The Amazing Adventures of Julie, Petra and The Incredible Petrifying Ring Thing

by CMQ

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Author’s Note:

Once again, this is an ongoing story inspired by the work of Thorne Smith's "Night Life of the Gods"...

--Fountain Pieced--

 "Easy…easy, guys! Careful!" Petra cautioned as the workers eased the petrified figure of Julie Covington onto the pedestal in the middle of the fountain in the mansion's front court. The workmen slowly laid the Julie-statue's feet square onto a dabbing of quick-drying cement which would hold her immovably in place. It took an awkward moment of trying to explain how on earth a life-sized statue had ended up in a shower, but Petra figured her explanation of an elaborate practical joke sufficed. Rich people are probably thought of as eccentric anyway, and the workers were being paid very generously by Petra to do the job most discreetly while the house was mostly deserted. Only Fifi was inside, and Petra knew she could count on the loyal maid to remain quiet even if she didn't know quite what was going on. Petra had the work crew in and off the grounds in a little under five hours, most of which was spent delicately moving the statue of Julie from the upstairs bathroom to the outdoor fountain. Mounting the statue on the empty capital was the easy part. Petra always thought the fountain was quite drab, Julie's shapely presence certainly brightened it. Julie was just a much more contemporary version now of the statues which once graced great fountains.

"She looks pretty good up there," Petra said to herself as she watched the workers remove the padded ropes which had supported the statue. With the figure firmly cemented in place, Julie wasn't going to be going anywhere soon. Not that her stone body would allow her to move anyway…

When the work crew departed, Petra took out her camera and began taking pictures of Julie from all angles. Zoom in on her face, petrified in fright. Full-figure shot. Close-up of the perfect ass. Another zoom on the breasts. A little later I can videotape some footage that Julie would be able to use for her 'research'. Time enough for that later, after all Julie wasn't going anywhere now! "There's nothing like first-hand experience, is there, Julie?" Petra spoke enticingly. "Being made of solid stone now you can appreciate the feelings I have about the pure joy, the power of being able to command everyone's attention.

Standing in the bright sunlight under a blue, cloudless day, Julie remained stone-silent as Petra continued to snap away. It was a perfect pose, Petra admitted. Julie's shocked and sudden petrification had resulted in a very classical-looking bathing nymph or goddess pose. Trying futilely to protect her modesty with widened sightless eyes and stretched open mouth, Julie was a definite marble masterpiece.

A small robin fluttered out of the sky and landed on Julie's whitened shoulder. Petra giggled at Julie's oblivious marble state to her avian companion as an idea suddenly struck her. "Have fun Julie, I'll catch you later! Don't move!" Petra waved at the petrified woman as she departed back into the house.

--Hitting the Beach --

      "Boy all this hard work has me beat. I need to take a rest. Nothing like hitting the beach!" Petra giggled as she headed to her room. So what if it was a school day. (I don't need no stinking classes!) She took out her pink string bikini, threw it in her beach bag with a towel and suntan lotion, sunglasses, and sandals before stopping by Julie's room. Petra swiped the car keys off Julie's dresser in a deft snatch (she won't be needing these for awhile I think!) and peeled away from the mansion while blowing the petrified fountain piece a kiss.

      Petra drove for about half an hour until she found a pretty secluded spot on the beach. It was a quiet weekday and there wasn't anyone around (nobody to see me play hooky!). A lifeguard tower stood a few hundred yards down the beach, but it didn't look like it was manned at the moment.  For now, Petra was alone on this sunny day and she was enjoying this peace and solitude. As she lay in the warm sun her thoughts reflected the past few weeks. How she had innocently dropped by Julie's lab that fateful day. How she was at once amazed and delighted at the invention Julie had concocted. How she had volunteered herself to be the first person to be turned completely to stone and back. How Julie's rival, Daphne would become the unwitting second recipient of the petrifying ray. How Petra had petrified numerous coeds that day she swiped the rings. And that unforgettable night she had played with using the ring upon her own body. Who could have known the invention of a silly little petrifying ring could turn her life upside down? Who could have predicted how she would learn to relish the ability to turn people to stone and enjoy the feeling of becoming stone herself. Who woulda thought?

      Speaking of turning people to stone…a group of college-aged kids had entered the picture and set up a volleyball net nearby. A couple of pretty buff guys in drawstring shorts were challenging a pair of buxom brunettes in flower print and bright yellow bikinis. Two more girls, a blonde in a colored swirl bikini chatting with an Asian girl dressed in a blue bikini with really long black hair straight down to her butt were standing off-court and rooting for their fellow females. One more guy wearing sunglasses and a tight black speedo swimsuit stood next to the girls. They all looked like they were having a lot of fun.

Maybe they'd like to enjoy it forever? Petra smiled.

      --Hardbodies on the Sand--

      Oh this is too good an opportunity to let pass by, Petra thought as she sat up and peered over her lowered sunglasses and watched the bronzed bodies jumping, diving and bouncing. She walked across the beach slowly, trying to mentally figure out the mechanics in her mind. She stood across-court from the three non-players, about a few yards from the line markers and stared at the players. They were all physically fit and glistened with sweat. One of the girls leapt high to spike the ball and Petra couldn't help but notice the pronounced jiggle as she landed in the sand. As the game continued she slowly walked around the court boundaries. She stood next to the guy in the speedos and walked slowly around him. He smiled and watched as Petra seductively walked around him and the two girls, one of which looked like she took offense at this stranger eyeing him. Petra noticed that she had noticed and smiled back at her as she continued circling the court like a shark hunting her prey. Finally just behind one corner of the court, next to the Asian girl, she had her angle. Just wait for the right opportunity…wait…wait…Petra thought as one of the female players underhand served the ball. Gotcha! Petra said aloud as she activated her green petrifying ring and bathed all the players and spectators in one wide beam. The volleyball seemingly spun in slow motion as the participants all froze in their positions. The ball landed in the sand untouched as the court was taken over by statues wearing colorful swimwear.

      Petra stared at the frozen tableau. One of the observing girls, the blonde, had turned her head (to glare?) at Petra when she was instantly petrified. The girl serving the ball was still frozen with her right arm in the position where it made contact with the ball. Fist clenched, left arm swung behind for balance. The teammate had her arms up in the air as if ready to block an incoming volley from the male team. She was extended to her full height, graceful and slim with her gray stoney breasts squeezed together and legs fully straightened. The two males were crouched and looking up at the ball, ready to pounce and slam it back to the women. They remained unmoving in stoney perpetuity, waiting forever for that return serve.

      Petra promptly stripped off the shorts from the two male players as best she could. It took a little tearing of fabric to get the clothing past their frozen knees. She stepped back to admire the pair of Greek Gods in action. Then Petra reciprocated the strip-off with the bikini-clad female players, who became equally nude Greek Goddesses. The out-stretched brunette's breasts remained fixed in their voluminously squeezed position. The impression of the bikini top was still indented into the now hardened mammaries. Too bad, Petra pouted, she was otherwise a very nice statue to look at. Her friend on the other hand, frozen in the act of serving the ball, was beautiful poetry frozen in motion. Like a marble snapshot. Petra draped her arm around the frozen player and looked across the court. The four frozen players made an interesting story. Petra imagined it could be titled 'Gods and Goddesses at Play' if they were in a museum. She looked at the three onlookers, whose stilled whitened bodies dressed in colorful clothing made them look like modern mannequins in a display. Petra walked over to the guy who had checked her out earlier.

      "Talk about chiseled features," Petra laughed as she stroked the smooth chest of the statued male onlooker. She dropped his swimsuit to his ankles and grabbed a handful of petrified crotch. Petra massaged the rock hard c--- and balls in her soft fingers and she playfully pretended to stimulate the hardened penis. Feeling hot (and not just due to the sun) she peeled down her pink bottom and embraced the marble man. Pressing her soft flesh close and tight to the cold marble body she began moving up and down slowly, letting the petrified genitals stimulate and open her own eager vagina. "HHmmm…" Petra sang, as she rubbed the stone penis against her body. If it wasn't already hard it would have been! She almost got the feeling it would spring up in an erection due to her energetic motions. Petra fondled her breasts, pushing them out of her pink bikini top and kneading them with much gusto.

      "Now for dessert," she strode over to the two female onlookers and undid their soft fabric bikinis, leaving them as nude statues on the sand. "She stood in front of the former blonde and kissed the statue's lips. "Getting jealous of me, huh?" she teased to the sculpture who had her arms crossed and was looking at where Petra was a few minutes ago. "If only you could see what I just did to your boyfriend!" Petra bent over and kissed the statue's nipples tenderly. She then caressed both the blonde and Asian girls' marble buttocks (now firmer than they had ever been before) and worked her way up to their petrified crotches. With a finger tracing the crack between each girl's legs, Petra slunk into the depths of personal ecstasy. She imagined her own c--- petrified and almost froze her own pussy into stone when she was interrupted by a figure running across the beach to her.

      "What the hell is going on here?" the woman yelled.

      "Wha-?" Petra gasped in surprise.

Stay tuned for the next intriguing adventures of our interpid statuephiles!

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