Hollywood Androids II

By M.P.

It had been about six monthes since that wonderful night when I first saw Alexandra and her friend Collette, and met Mr. Pinkman. It seemed like a dream sometimes but whenever I came home and was met at the door by Penny. I knew it was very real. Penny had not changed one ioda since that night. Her face and body still perfect in every way. She didn't even have a misplaced hair on her head. More proof of Mr. Pinkmans genious. I had been given a vice presidential posistion in Pinkmans new company Pleasure models Inc. It was really a front for his real work which was designing and building human looking robots. Or as he lovingly refered to them, his Hollywood class androids.

The alarm woke me exactly at 7:00 and I dressed in a conservative suit. Fine pinstripes and a crisp red tie. I walked into our gleaming kitchen, Penny was the ultimate homemaker, and sat at the table. Penny soon came in wearing a blue skirt dress with black lapels. Around her narrow waist she wore a white apron and brought me a cup and poured me a steaming cup of coffee. I thanked her and she blinked her perfect blue eyes and with a smile that could charm a cat she sat next to me and watched me as I ate my breakfast of ham and eggs. When I had finished she gathered the dirty dishes and placed them in the sink. She turned to me and smiled again. I gave her a little kiss and told her that I would be home early. She blinked again and said in a seductive voice.

" Would you like this unit to be pepared for bed upon your arrival?" She asked nonchalantly.

"Yes. I think you should wear your blue lace teddy and white silk panties." I said. "After that we can just play it by ear."

"Affirmative. The unit will be ready and awaiting your return." She said.

She then turned and went back to the sink to finish the dishes. I looked at the shapely form of my beloved Penny. She had a large succulent cleavage and a body that was perfectly proportionate. With flaming red hair and a narrow oval shaped face, she could have been a super model. I myself had taken the liberty one day in making a duplicate of Penny and we sold her to the Dream agency. I thought for a moment what had happened to the duplicate and then I remembered the last time I had seen her. The duplicate was going by the name of Patty Kennedy. She was now a big star in the Porno business and a had done a few big screen pictures. Yes the duplicate was out there in the business making millions for her masters yet here at home I had the original. I grabbed my brief case and walked up behind Penny and kissed the back of her neck.

"Bye Penny, be a good girl now." I said with a soft chuckle and headed for the door.

I pulled into the lot at Pleasure models Inc. at exactly 9:00 and the robotic sentry let me into the complex. I was never short on amazment by the innovations that Pinkman kept coming up with. Not only were we the biggest producer of pleasure droids but we also had the exclusive rights to the Mark 7 security droid. These were less human looking than our other projects but in their simplicity they were extremely deadly. Armed with a small 50 caliber machine gun and laser targeted sights they were more than the perfect defensive machine. We already had an order from the Feds for about three hundred. The machine looked at my security code card and in a clipped mechanical voice said.

"Welcome to P.M.I. Mr. Thorenson, access admitted sentry number 11."

Then with a clicking and whirring of gears the sentry android opened the main gate. I parked in my usual spot and then a blue tram car came to a stop at the junction in the lot. Several other employees were at the stop and I boarded the little train with them. After exchanging formal hellos we all sat back and enjoyed the ride from the lot to the main factory. I set down my paper for a moment and looked up at the driver. It was one of the old Mark 3 models. I had thought they were all but scrap by now but it was nice to see that we had kept one around. I had always thought of them as a good faithful machine. The tram arrived at the main complex, and the mark 3 said in its clipped monotone.

"Welcome to stop number one(click) (whirr), central complex (buzz), please watch your step."

We all unboarded the tram and most of the group went into the main factory building. From the outside it was quite a sight. With stark white walls and a thick red stripe that ran the circumferance of the building, the main factory took up almost two square miles. From inside the sounds of the machines could be heard. With scores of banging and clanking and clunking the massive machines were busy in the mass production of living versions of themselves. The plant had about thirty humans on the payroll and the rest of the operation was robotic. I closed my coat from the cold air coming from the massive room and headed upstairs to my office.

I entered the hallway where my office was and there were only two doors on the entire floor.

One led to my humble office and the other to Mr. Pinkmans. Pinkman was a real character. A short man in his mid to late fifties with a bright pink rose and a full beard, Pinkman was every mans idea of Kris Kringle. Yet this Santa had degrees from MIT and Cal Tech to name just a few. I knocked on the oaken door and a cheerful voice resonated through the thick wood.

"Come in." Pinkman said.

I entered the massive office and about twenty feet into the chamber was a huge cherrywood desk littered with invoices and carbon paper. Behind this managerie of clutter sat Pinkman.

"Ah Bill, Thank heavens you arrived when you did." Said Pinkman.

"Why whats wrong big fella?" I asked jokingly. "Does Sally want the brunette Barbie or the red head Ken doll?"

"You can be such an ass sometimes my boy." Answered Pinkman. "No I am only up to my chunky buttocks in orders from the entire entertainment industry."

I apologized to the massive gentilman and then began to help him organize the cocophany of paperwork. I stopped in mid search when I found a big order from the Dark Bros and Michael Ninn. They were big time producers in adult motion pictures and apparently they were also big time customers of ours. Mr. Ninn was worried and said that he would need a replacement soon for Miss Jameson. I whistled to myself and said to Pinkman.

"Why didn't you tell me of the deals with the Dark Bros and Michael Ninn?"

"I thought you knew about that." Pinkman continued. "Yes Jenna Jameson and that new black girl Chartrelle are our latest creations, I designated them as Mark 14's. They were the best I ever made." "The Dark Bros want us to make a few more standin models." Pinkman continued. "Mostly a lot of big chested blondes and brunettes."

I dropped the invoice back into the pile and then sat back in the chair.

"It is frightening sometimes what we do here, Pinkman." I said. "But what happens if something goes wrong?"

"You don't have to worry Bill." the emmence man said. " I have always installed the Asimov rule into all the droids basic programming."

"The Asimov rule?" I asked. "Whats that?"

"It is simply that no artificial intellegence can harm a living being unless its master is harmed or in danger." Pinkman explained.

I thought of the mark 7's at the gate with their weapons and a chill went down my spine. I then turned my attention back to the orders. Luckily most of our production was along the lines of making sexy girl androids. The killing machines were but a small part in the scheme of things at P.M.I.

"Well what do you say we make us a new Jenna Model for Mr. Ninn today?" Pinkman said. "I know that you are a big fan so it should be a treat for you,"

We went down to the design shop and entered. The two technicians on duty looked up and smiled at the sight of Pinkman and myself.

"Hi Ralph, Hi Dave." Said Pinkman. "Do you have that scematic of the Jenna 14 model ready for me?"

"Yes Sir, Mr. Pinkman." Said the fellow he refered to as Dave. "We can have a new chassis ready and on the production line by 2:30."

"Excellent!" Said Pinkman. "See to it at once."

We left the cramped little design office and headed down a narrow hallway to engineering. Here were scattered pieces of some of the older models. I regognized the upper torso of one of the number 9 series which was like my Penny. It was pale complected and had no arms but her face was a true work of art. It was round with pale green eyes that were dull and glazed over.

The doll had a cute little button nose and full red lips that were in a big smile. She had small round breasts with bright pink areolea, and the nipples were pointy and stuck out like twin knobs. Her stomach was slightly rounded and the navel was just a slight indentation in her skin.

Next to her were two bins one filled with various arms and leg parts and the other contained a selection of heads. Most were bald and shiny but some had hair and were painted with body makeup to make them realistic.

I left Pinkman and stopped at my office. I spent about an hour making calls and giving steno to my android secretary when the phone on my desk began to blink.

"Thank you Collette." I said.

I had since reprogrammed Collette to be my receptionist, and she was very good I might add. She closed her steno book and with a blink of her bright blue eyes got up and went into a recess in the wall where she plugged herself into a service jack for recharging. I answered the phone and it was Pinkman. A few minutes later I entered the main chamber of the factory where a group of technicians began to gather the parts needed for the Jenna droid.

They selected a large chested torso with a light tan tint to its flesh. Then Pinkman came over and supervised the selection of the arms and legs. I decided to help so while the techs were assembling the torso I went to the cabinet and selected a pair of the jelly orbs that would be her eyes. I picked a pair of bright blue orbs that had a trace of silver tint in them. Then I took two templet panels and brought them over to the techs.

"Superb!" Uttered Pinkman.

He stepped back from the table and I and the techs realized the reason for his adjulation. On the work table now sat the perfect woman. With short blonde hair that curved slightly at her shoulders, she was a perfect reproduction of Jenna Jameson. The only thing that ruined this illusion were the two gaping holes in her face where her eyes should have been. I then walked over and gently inserted the twin orbs into her skull assembly and covered the orbs with the templets. Pinkman now had the techs bring over the box. I always called the animator simply the box. It was about three feet square with power cables running from both sides. Pinkman inserted the transponder chip into Jenna 14's neck and then attached the coupling to it and several points on the still figures nude body.

We put on protective glasses and when the machine had reached operating temperature Pinkman pulled the lever. With a crackling noise and a shower of sparks the animator fed 50,000 volts of electricity into the plastic body of the Jenna droid. Then when the light show ended we removed the safty glasses and approached the new Jenna 14 droid. She sat up and opened her big blue eyes and smiled warmly at us and said in a seductive voice.

"All systems appear to be functioning normally, (whirr) please input data." Jenna said.

The techs walked up to Jenna 14 and helped her to her feet. They then brought the naked beauty a silk kimono and walked her away to the preperation center. It would be there where she would begin her training and soon she would be a star.

"Another success!" Said Pinkman cheerfully. " I only hope that Ninn will take better care of this one."

I looked at my watch and as the new Jenna droid was whisked away to be prepared. I decided it was time to call it a day and head home. After I cleared the parking lot and got onto the main highway I could just visualize my pretty Penny waiting for me in her little blue teddy. I smiled to myself and once again thanked the stars that I had fallen in with Pinkman.

The End?

M.P. 9/1/99

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