Changing Shifts

by M.P.

It was a quiet night in mid July and Darcies department store was closed. Yet business was still present in the gigantic store that the regular customers would never see. The lights glowed in the store windows and the finely dressed mannequins looked out upon the desolate street.

The silence was broken by the sound of a fleet of black vans that pulled up to the service entrance. The vans pulled to a stop and their rear doors were flung open. Inside were groups of beautiful women. They laughed and joked among themselves as they entered Darcies, obviously the best of friends. They entered the massive building and gathered into a group in the main lobby. From an upper balcony a man in an English styled suit with a yellow weskit addressed the band of beauties.

"Good evening ladies, and welcome back to Darcies." The man continued. "You all know your assignments and have until six thirty to be in your post."

The man stepped back into his office and the sound of a heavy oaken door closing was heard. The women then separated and began to wander about the store.

Alice had been a substitute in Darcies for three seasons and loved her job very much. A stunning blonde with large breasts and a lean smooth body, Alice was not exactly your usual substitute. She had long graceful dancer's legs and a round firm ass that filled out any garment she wore well. Her face was her best asset. A perfect oval with a fine aquiline nose and a smooth chin. Her eyes were sparkling blue and her complexion was flawless.

It seemed like only yesterday when her friend Elizabeth had told her of the openings for substitutes in the store. Substitutes; it was a fancy term for part-time mannequin. She always laughed at the term and felt at first it would be demeaning to be ogled at by thousands of strangers. But after the first season she knew she had found the job of her dreams.

Mr Henrys, the man in the english suit seemed to never change. He must be a wizard she thought to herself. Anyway he knew each of the girls by name and always treated them as fine works of art when he had them dressed and posed.

She went to a table loaded with fine lacy under garments. She picked through the pile and found a pair of silk panties in a soft shade of peach with a matching bra. Then she went down the aisle to the dress department and saw a large group of the other subs, as they liked to call themselves, admiring the exquisite clothes.

She found herself a smooth satin mini dress that was plain black. It was cut low in the front so that it would show her breasts off well and it would be perfect to showcase her shapely legs. She stepped into a dressing room and started to remove her street clothes. As she was peeling off her bra and panties an announcement came over the store PA. It was Mr. Henrys, letting the girls know the approximate time. She still had two hours left till the shift change.

She stepped into the flimsy panties and bra and enjoyed the feel of the cool silk on her shapely ass, and tits. Her nipples began to harden a little so she gently tweaked each nipple and massaged them. She looked at herself in the mirror of the little change room and liked what she saw very much. Her hair was almost luminous, so full and thick. And her skin had not a trace of a blemish anywhere. She continued to rub herself and looked at the woman in the glass in front of her doing exactly the same. She imagined the mirror woman as another girl, and the illusion made her even hotter. Alice now inserted her hand under the waist band of the peach colored panty and started to rub her little clitty. She then inserted first one then another finger into her little hole and felt her juices begin to seep out. She pulled her finger out and sniffed it and then stuck it into her mouth savoring the taste of her own pussy juice. She touched the mirror and offered some of her juice to the mirror girl. She laughed as the two images touched finger to finger. She stuck her finger back inside and after several minutes she brought herself to a shuddering climax.

Then she opened the little zipper to the black dress and slid it over her smooth body. The tight satin seemed to become almost a second skin to Alice. The smooth fabric accentuated her tight ass and pushed her large breasts up and outward. The hem of the dress just reached the tops of her curvy thighs. Alice ran her hands over the smooth fabric enjoying the sensual feel of the material. She decided not to wear any kind of hose. She had always been very proud of her legs and wanted them to appear natural. She reached behind and pulled the zipper up and stepped back and admired the woman in the glass one last time. The picture was perfect. If she did not know it was herself she would have sworn it was one of those runway models.

Alice left the booth and continued to stroll around the store. She tried on several kinds of hats, but did not find one she liked. It was for the better anyway, she liked her hair to be loose.

Then she entered the shoe department and found a pair of patent leather pumps that went perfectly with the minidress. She put them on and then went to find some of her friends.

Alice searched for about twenty minutes and found two of her friends in the swimsuit section.

Alice grabbed the bigger of the two girls and hugged her tightly. The girl spun around and at first she was shocked, then a big smile crossed her face. Elizabeth was a long, lean, brunette almost six feet in height. She had small breasts and a smooth lithe ass which made her a favorite in the swimsuit section. Her hair was under a white speedo swim cap and she wore a short terry cloth robe. Alice opened the robe and underneath Liz wore a skimpy string bikini of canary yellow.

The two beauties hugged for several seconds and then Alice grabbed the hand of her other friend, Heather. Heather was new to the store, this was her second season. She and Liz and Alice had met and become good friends. A short girl with flaming red hair, Heather was a contrast to her friends. But she was no less a beauty. She had strong athletic legs and a smooth body that was slightly rounded. Her ass was smooth and round and flattened out on the sides of her hips. For her display she had chosen a plain white maillot suit that accentuated her little body and brought out the flaming red of her hair. Her bright brown eyes glistened with tears upon seeing her friend and then She and Alice hugged.

"You came just in time," Said Liz. "We were just about to make the shift change."

Alice had always enjoyed seeing the change. She had seen others do it but it was unfortunate that she could never see her own change. She walked over with Liz and Heather as they found their settings. It was a large diorama made up like an island. There was a small hut in a clearing and a white sand beach in front of the hut. On the sand were posed five subs from the old shift.

They were dressed in various swimsuits And the blank expressions on their sexy faces made the illusion of mannequins perfect. Mr Henrys and two men in lab coats now approached the group.

Henrys opened a small black bag and produced five hypos. He checked them for air bubbles and handed each of the lab coats one needle. The lab coats went to each girl and gently injected the liquid into their still forms. Alice walked a little closer to one of the swimsuit subs. A beautiful black-haired girl in a tomato red string bikini. She looked into the lifeless brown eyes of the girl and could see her own reflection in glassy orbs. She touched the girl's body and found it was rigid and cool to the touch. Smooth but not hard like plastic but firm. Alice moved aside the bikini top and felt the girl's little breasts. The nipples had frozen fully extended. the girl had probably frozen at a moment of excitement. She returned the skimpy garment to its original state and stepped back as the lab coat approached the girl. He pushed the hypo into the girls arm and in a matter of seconds what was once a still life figure now began to move. Her eyes became liquid and she drew in a heavy breath of air. Then she rose up off her blanket and dusted herself off.

The black haired girl went up to Alice and kissed her. Alice was at first shocked then smiled as the black haired girl spoke. "I knew you liked my body.  Thank you for touching me."

Then she and the other five subs walked off the set and went to get their street clothes.

Mr.Henrys came over to Alice.

"Hello Alice, I like your choice of outfits." Mr. Henrys continued," I have decided to change your assignment this season."

"Really?, Thank you Mr.Henrys." Alice continued. "Where am I to be?"

"I have decided to put you in window number one on the store front."

There was a smattering of applause and several cheers from some of the girls who had overheard. Liz hugged her friend, and said.

"What an honor Alice, only the prettiest of the subs get to go in window number one."

"Okay Liz, Heather, it is time to earn your pay," Said Mr.Henrys.

Three other girls had since stepped into the set. Another brunette in a red maillot that was more buxom than Liz and two blondes in blue bikinis. The girls posed themselves sexily on the little blankets and soon Mr. Henrys came back with another black bag. Inside this bag were five hypos filled with a strange looking blue fluid. The lab coats injected each of the girls and as they settled into their respective poses, Alice could see them slow and eventually stop. She walked up to Liz and felt her friend. Where until a second before was a warm and living breathing woman now lay the cool smooth body of a mannequin. Alice leaned down and whispered into her ear.

"Have a great time and I'll see you next year."

She then gently moved her bikini top and gently kissed the nipple of her frozen friend. She readjusted the straps and walked over to Heather. Heather had been given a standing pose near the hut and the sexy little redhead was frozen with her legs slightly crossed. Her arms were down at her sides and the points of her nipples strained at the tight white cloth of her maillot. Alice kissed Heather on the mouth and made an adjustment to her suit as well and then stepped out of the diorama. From her view it appeared like any display in any department store. Only the mannequins knew the truth.

Mr. Henrys came up to Alice now and said, "Are you ready my dear?"

Alice stopped for a moment and turned to Mr. Henrys. She grabbed him and kissed him very hard on the mouth.

"I want you Mr. Henrys." Said Alice.

Henrys was at first stunned but then he decided to fulfill her wish. He took her by the hand and led her up to his office. Inside the massive office was a single desk and a couch. In the back of the room was a huge window with a magnificent view of the city. Alice settled herself into the couch and crossed her shapely legs. Henrys began to loosen his necktie and removed his coat. Alice was getting very hot now and crawled across the floor like a cat stalking its prey. When she reached Henrys she knelt in front of him and started to undo his fly. He helped her to pull down his trousers and then removed his briefs. His engorged member sprang to attention and Alice licked her lips in anticipation of the treat she was about to get. She opened her mouth and took his entire length into her mouth. She sucked it in and out and the bulge of the head pressed against her smooth cheek. Henrys now began to pump into her mouth and several seconds later his pre-cum began to ooze out. Alice turned in front of him so Henrys could remove her dress.

The smooth satin slid to the floor and lay in pile around Alice's legs. She stepped from the little garment dressed only in her silky undies. His prick grew harder at the site of the peach silk underwear. He reached to remove her panties but laughed when he found a price sticker hanging from them.

"Well my little mannequin, we have to dress you better than bargain basement from now on."

He tore off the panties and bra and took Alice in his arms. Henrys stroked his penis for several seconds to reach his length and then inserted it into her moist pussy. He started slowly and then increased his momentum until she screamed in ecstasy. He pumped harder into her little hole, until he could sense that she was going to come. At the moment of his orgasm he pulled his member out and shot a load of hot cum across her face and breasts. Alice shuddered for several seconds as she came. She grabbed Henrys and kissed him several times. She took a finger full of his cum off her breast and licked it off like a child eating her first ice cream.

"Darling, You have to get ready now, the store will open in less than an hour." Said Henrys.

Alice kissed him again long and passionately and then got up to take a shower. She used the best soap and shampoo in the cosmetics department and then picked out her new wardrobe. She chose a long sequined gown with no back in it and no underwear. The lab coats came in to help her and they adjusted her hair and make up. They used a heavy pancake makeup to give her an extra pale white appearance. Extra heavy mascara and false eyelashes and a bright oily red lipstick. The lab coats brought over a floor mirror so she could see herself. She was truly amazed. Before her stood what could have been a lifesize doll. Yet under all the makeup she could see herself.

The labcoats led her thru the store to a small black door. She walked into the large area and could see that they had covered the window with a large cloth. Here the artisans had constructed what appeared to be a party scene from the thirties. It was heavy in art-deco and the other subs were dressed as she was in fancy evening dress. All stood with the vacant stares on their faces, apparently she was the last to go into stasis.

Henrys entered the room and looked at the other figures. He made some minor adjustments to the figures and then turned to Alice.

"Thank you my dear for a wonderful time." He continued. "I will treasure it for a long time, and who knows maybe we can do it again next season."

Alice licked her lips and the thought of making love with Henrys again made her excited.

Henrys walked up to her and gently kissed her. He then smoothed her makeup and inserted the needle into her arm. He raised her arms slightly and they held this position he then turned her hands palms up and cocked her head slightly to the right. He shaped her mouth into a sexy smile and then spoke into her ear.

"Till next year darling."

Then the lab coats removed the window cover and they and Henrys left the display.

Alice could sense everything that was happening to her. She felt the gentle touch of Henrys as he molded her and then heard his farewell. She could not help but be excited as she hardened and her breasts and nipples grew turgid as she solidified. She could see in front of her and the view out of the window was exciting. The city soon came to life and shoppers passed by. Many stopped to look in at her and the display. She could feel her body warm slightly from the light entering the window but the chemical would keep her from from burning or aging. She would remain a beautiful work of mannequin art until she was given the antidote next year.

Soon Alice recognized someone. It was Henrys, and he smiled in at her blew her a kiss. She could hardly wait until next shift change.


The End

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