The Black Lady Redecorates

by Theodoric of York

Chapter II: Splish Splash, The Lady's New Pool Toy


WARNING: The following story was written for mature audiences. Be forewarned.

Authorís Note: I believe The Sailor Moon Saga is the Copyrighted Intellectual property of Naoko Takeuchi/Kodanshi and Toei Animation. This is done out of the utmost respect of the Sailor Moon magna and Anime series and should be considered a parody.

The inspiration of this story comes from the drawings of Sebastian. Among them would have been the Lady's New Chair (chapter I), Brande Fountain (Chapter II)< and Gumballed (Chapter VII) They can be seen at I urge you to check them out.

The Character Brande is the copyrighted property of ARNie. ARNie has a web site at It is a paid site but it does have some free pictures in the preview section

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Rini rolled over onto her belly, examining one of her earlier efforts. The poor girl had apparently gained some reputation as an escape artist of some sort. Now she was frozen forever in a granite pose. She stood on one foot, in a granite pool of water. Her other foot was raised up behind her head in a classic pose. One hand was stretched backwards. In the other hand she held a golden globe above her head. Her upper torso was thrust forward as if she was trying to maintain this pose, offering an unobstructed of he find, round breasts and nipples. The whole somewhat resembled the classic pose of the roman god Mercury. The girl's face was forever frozen in a slightly befuddled expression as she was surprised by what was coming out of her mouth. As it was there was something coming out of her mouth in the form of a stream of cool water. The Black Lady had turned her into a fountain. A common garden hose had been wrapped around her leg with the nuzzle planted permanently in her cunt. It gave her a delightfully tacky look. Her wrists and ankles still wore the manacles she wore when Rini had placed her in this pose. They were now gold and contrasted beautifully with granite limbs they held. Rini sometimes wondered if the girl, Brande, appreciated her new golden accessories. Not that it mattered; her wants and desires did not matter at all. All that mattered was what Rini.

Rini idly reached under her lawn chair hand and ran her hand over he mother breast. It was cold and smooth to the touch. She felt the nipple and the Areola. It felt surprisingly smooth and sensual. She smirked, "Gee Mom, I never knew you had it in you. You would have made a great sex slave." She added, "You know mommy dearest, you really should have paid more attention to my extra curricular activities. Had you done so you might not find yourself in the position you find yourself in now."

Rini sat up and stretched. She wondered what to do now. She studied her pile of senchi. She kept thinking of the god Mercury. She studied Sailor Mercury's form. She sighed. Ami would have made a great fountain, posed in much the same fashion as she had posed Brande. She thought, "Perhaps a matched set of fountains." But Rini really did not want two fountains and she doubted that she could reverse Brande's enchantment, even if she wanted to. The best she could do would be to turn Brande into a body of pure flesh, no bones or internal organs. No, Brande would stay as she was, and another fate would await Mercury.

Her guise moved over the form of Neptune. Then a brainstorm took her. Why could the two water senchi not share the same fate? It seemed only fitting.

She walked over to the pile of senchi dislodged Ami and Michiru. She laid them side by side. She quickly disrobed the two senchi. She paused and studied them again. They had soft, magnificent bodies. Then she pulled Ami's thighs widely apart. She now looked like a very erotic T. Rini then similarly pulled Michiru's legs similarly apart. She picked up Michiru and placed her until end to end to Ami, a mirror image. She pressed the two together until their cunts were touching.

Then Rini noticed something. It was a glimmer in Michiru's eyes. She knew what was going to happen next. She also knew that there was nothing she could do to stop it. She was silently pleading that her partner be Haruka, Sailor Uranus, and not Ami be used. Rini bent down and whispered in her ear, "When will you ever learn it is not your wants that are important. It is what I want. Quite frankly I am getting quite a charge out of separating you from your lover and pairing with someone else. Besides I have another fate for her in mind." She paused and added, "I will tell you what though; I will make sure Haruka gets a good view of what happens next!"

Rini went over to the pile of Senchi. She picked up Haruka and leaned her up against a wall. She maneuvered the Senchi's head so that Haruka would have an excellent view of what was going to happen next. She whispered in Hakuke's ear, "I want you to pay special attention as to what happens next. I want you to never forget it. After all I am doing it for you." She then twisted Haruka's nipples for emphasize. There was pure hatred in Hakuke's eyes. Rini said, "Good, Good, I know you will!"

She then turned around. Then she glanced over her shoulder and waived a little wave. I will be back soon enough."

Then she walked over to Michiru and Ami. She knelt beside the pair. She studied the pair some more. There was something missing. She thought about it some more. She got up and walked to the pool. She reached into the pool as if she was retrieving something. She pulled out a large dildo. But this dildo was made of solid water. She walked back to the two water senchi to show them the dildo. "I bet you could never do this!" she said smugly.

She pulled the two Senchi apart. She pressed the tip of the phallus against Ami's nether lips. She pressed it forwards into the tight channel. Suddenly she looked at Ami with surprised. She snickered and said, "Why Ami I would have never have guessed that you were a virgin. I bet you wish you spent more time getting screwed than hitting those books. I bet your partner go a lot of dildo action though." She looked up and winked at Hakuke. She shoved the dildo in and out a few more times. She then pulled it out. Ami's nether lips were also frozen in a stretched wide circle.

She was satisfied and turned her attention to Michiru. She spent much more time fucking Michiru. She also tickled Micharu's clit at the same time. After she decided that Hakuke had gotten enough of a she moved of to the next act.

She then pushed the two cunts together. Using her index finger like a welding torch she sealed the two cunts together until they airtight and one. She then pressed the two clits together and made them one also. She reached over and pulled Michiru's head up so it looked like she was looking at Ami over her breasts. In moments she had done the same with Ami. It was if they were staring at each other, their eyes locked.

She placed Ami's arms at her side. She bent her right elbow up and posed her upper arm so that it stood at a right angle to her lower arm. She retrieved the water dildo and forced her hand around it until Ami was grasping it. She then slid the object out of the hand and repeated the process with pair's three other hands.

She wrapped and twisted their legs together so that they looked a pair of lovers whose legs were intertwined in intimate embrace. She made sure that their knees were widely splayed.

Then Rini stood up so that she could better study her handiwork. Satisfied, she cast one last spell, sealing their fate. Their bodies began to change color and slightly bloat. They took on a shade of turquoise. Satisfied she picked up her new pool mattress. It was quite light. She placed it in the pool with the Brande fountain. Then she climbed onto the floating mattress. It was soft and yielding to her touch. She nestled down and squeezed in to the embrace of the two Senchis thighs. She stretched out resting her head against Michiru's head and breasts. She concentrated and a glass of lemonade form in the cup holder that was Michiru's hand.

With her toes she started to play with Ami's nipples. They were soft but stiff. They seemed to grow stiffer as she teased them. She idly looked up at Brande's nipples. She wondered if Brande would feel pleasure if she teased them also. Probably for as she teased Ami nipples she could feel Micharu's breasts seemed to enflame and grow hard. They seemed to be quivering also.

She picked up the glass and took a sip of the lemonade. She looked up at Hakuke and winked at her. Rini called, "Don't worry, my pretty slave, your turn will come too. I have not forgotten about you."



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