The Black Lady Redecorates

by Theodoric of York

Chapter V, Just Desserts: The Lady's New Dessert Cart


WARNING: The following story was written for mature audiences. Be forewarned.

Authorís Note: I believe The Sailor Moon Saga is the Copyrighted Intellectual property of Naoko Takeuchi/Kodanshi and Toei Animation. This is done out of the utmost respect of the Sailor Moon magna and Anime series and should be considered a parody.

The inspiration of this story comes from the drawings of Sebastian. Among them would have been the Lady's New Chair (chapter I), Brande Fountain (Chapter II)< and Gumballed (Chapter VII) They can be seen at I urge you to check them out.

The Character Brande is the copyrighted property of ARNie. Arnie has a web site at It is a paid site but it does have some free pictures in the preview section

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Rini watched the sand run out of her new hourglass. The shifting sand made Setuna almost look like she was scratching at the crystal as she funneled through the hourglass. Again her form appeared in the bottom half of the hourglass. Rini studied her for a moment and then rotated the hourglass. At once the sand shifted as it started to poor through the funnel. Her head dissolved and the sand formed into feet and her feet dissolved and formed into her head. Rini shrugged her shoulders and left the hourglass to drain.

She was getting hungry. She briefly though about releasing Makoto, Sailor Jupiter, from her paralysis as that Makoto might fix her up a snack. If nothing else she could cook. But it would be too unpractical and dangerous.

Still Makoto might still be able to serve Rini. The conversion of the last Senchi would take quite a lot of time and it would be nice to have a snack or two ready for the taking. Makoto would prove quite useful in that regard when Rini was finished with her. Rini picked up Makoto, threw her over her shoulder and carried the Senchi away. Rini carried to a little workshop of Rini's. Rini's mother gave it to her when Rini signed up for ship class, than promptly forgot about it, but Rini had not. Rini did not forget Makoto's comment that it would have been better had she been given a kitchen to practice in. Now Makoto was about to become acutely aware of the inside of the little, forgotten workshop.

Rini laid Makoto on a worktable and started to take measurements. She took all sorts of measurements. This was important if Rini wanted a stable platform when she was finished. It would do no good if the snacks tended to fall off Makoto. Gradually she began to twist and bend the woman. She arched Makoto's back much the same way she done Makoto, sailor Venus, earlier. Soon Makoto was resting on her hand and feet, her belly up, her back arched. Rini forced her head forward, as if she was looking down her body.

Rini made other measurements. It was important that the hips and tips of the nipples be at the same height. Finally satisfied Rini moved to other details that needed to be completed before Makoto was turned to bronze. She inserted a rod into Makoto's cunt. She pushed in and out a few times. A nice round hole remained. She slid the rod into Makoto's mouth. She pushed, and modeled Makoto's lips until it looked like she was sucking the rod. Rini slid the rod out, again leaving a nice, round hole.

Rini twisted Makita's hand around the rod making sure the she was grasping it tightly. Rini slid the rod out and turned her attention to the other hand. Soon it was twisted in a grasping fist, like the other hand.

Finally Rini moved to Makato's hair. It was long and luxurious, reaching down to the small of Makoto's back. She took some of the hair and twisted it until braids extending at right angles from each other. Then she twisted the braids back toward each other forming them into handles of sort. The rest of her hair she twisted into two more braids. With the right braid she extended it until it paralleled to the outer end of Makoto's shoulder. Then she twisted the hair upward about a foot. The she twisted the hair parallel to Makoto's body by another foot. Then she twisted inwards again. She did the same with the rest of the hair, combining the two strands. When she was finished the hair for a nice little platform on which a raised tray could be placed upon it. Again Rini took many measurements to make sure it would be a level platform.

At last Rini was satisfied. She concentrated and Makoto began to change color until she was a uniform bronze shade. Rini waited a few minutes to make sure that the process was finished. Rini took her rod and gave the object hat used to be Sailor Jupiter a rap. She was rewarded with a metallic clank.

But Rini's work was not done, by a long shot. She slid a bronze tube through wrapped fingers of both hands. It now looked like she was grasping it and holding it above and behind her head. With her finger she welded the rod in place.

Rini sighed. There was not much she could about Makoto's feet. Rini sighed and drilled a hole through both Makita's ankles. A second tube was inserted through them, parallel to the first. Rini connected two notched strips of bronze to the two tubes, making a nice little rectangle. A tray could be place on it, or maybe that nice, glass cabinet she had made.

Next Rini brought four bronze, spoked wheels. She laid one of them beside each of Makoto's hands and feet. She took steel rods and greased them down. She slid the first rod through the tube connecting Makoto's hands. She slid the second rod through the tube connecting Makoto's ankles. Next Rini jacked up one side of Makoto so that she could attach the wheels to the rods. When that was done she put small blocks under the wheels and did the same to the other side.

Rini next, by using a pulley, lowered Makoto to the floor. Grasping Makoto's hair handles Rini rolled her around the shop. Her desert cart was almost done. Rini picked up a large glass tray. The tray was framed in bronze. Rini's heart skipped a beat when she positioned it on Makoto's nipples and hips. Then she checked to make sure that it was level. She breathed a sigh of relieve when it was. All those measurement and adjustments had paid off.

Rini slid a bronze rod into Makoto's mouth hole. She welded the rod to the frame of the tray. She did not want the tray falling off. She slid another rod into Makita's cunt hole and welded to the other end of the tray frame. It seemed to be fixed in place now. Of course if she ever wanted to remove the tray it would be a simple job doing it.

Rini walked over and picked up her little, glass cabinet and placed in on the rack under Makoto's body. Again it fit perfectly. Finally placed a smaller, bronze frame onto Makoto's hair frame.

Then Rini knelt down to examine her prize. She ran her hands over the Bronze body. She reached under the tray and rubbed Makoto' pert, round breasts. She whispered in Makoto's ear, "You're done, my delectable desert cart. I bet you never imagined that this would be your fate. I bet you never realized that you could have so much fun in a workshop like this. Don't you wish you had spent more time here when you could? Haruka sure spent a lot of time here."

With that Rini pushed her new dessert cart out of the workshop to load it up with goodies. Rini said, "Don't worry. We will be back soon."


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