by Apollo

Leslie Joy liked talking to people in an online chat rooms. He like to discuss his fantasies with like minded folk. It made him feel good to know that he wasn’t alone. Although some of the peoples fantasies who he spoke to were eerily similar to his own he didn’t spend much time thinking about how they got to fantasising over the same thing.

One night, just for contrast, he decided to try a different chat room and spend a night talking about subjects other than his fantasies. He found a chat room index site. On it was a random button that logged you on to one of thousands on possible chat sites.

Within minuets he was talking to Void. Immediately he could see that this person was intelligent thoughtful and interesting. They got on very well and at the end of the night they arranged to meet at the same site in two nights time. Over the course of a few weeks they strike up quite a friendship. The guy begins to really feel that the person he was talking to really understands him.

Eventually he decided to tell Void about his secret fantasies. He told them about him mannequin fantasy and to his surprise Void responded in a manner that indicated that they were not at all shocked. One evening they were discussing the subject and he happened to acknowledge that they were, after all, only fantasies. Void responded by asking Leslie if he would like to live one of them out for real. Dumfounded, Leslie made the arrangements to meet the person for real. It turned out that void lived in New England in the USA. Leslie decided that this wasn’t going to stop him. He had holidays coming up in six weeks. Now he knew what he was going to do with them.

Six weeks later Leslie flew to America and turned up at the persons door not even knowing whether they are male of female. The door was answered by a smart looking forty something year old woman who introduces herself a Fee, the person who he had talked to on the internet known as Void. She told him to put his bags down and without further ado and she lead him down to the basement an told to strip off. Next she blindfolded him. Leslie stood stock still as Fee rolled medical tube grip bandages onto his arms and legs. Leslie tried to start a conversation but Fee insisted that there was to be strictly no talking. She then put a special garment on him that tucked his sex out of the way.

Next the woman attached a framework of high tensile steel around his limbs and then attached the guy in the frame to a telescopic pole. Once secure she raised him up so that his feet were positioned a few inches from the basement floor. The framework is like an external skeleton, kind of like an iron maiden but much more light weight. The welded curved steel strips are very strong when fixed together. When she has finished Leslie was totally unable to move except for his head. She asked him how he felt and leslie said that he felt wonderful.

For the first time he was able to move a muscle and he found it a terrible turn on, a fantasy come true. However, Fee didn’t stop there. Next she wraped his limbs and body very tightly in bandages paying particular attention to his genital area. She wound the bandages are so tightly that she restricted his circulation to a degree. When leslie protested she gagged and blindfolded him and told him that she had said ‘no talking…’

Next a pair of plastic domes are applied to the guys chest. Once in place she began applying a layer of plaster of Paris to his whole body. When he was fully covered from the neck down she left him it to dry. She did this again and again, layering up the beginnings of a female form from which she could work.

Later still she came back to the basement with a pair of dust masks, one for each of them, and proceeded to sculpt the guys plaster coating into the shape of an oversize female model. The modelling of his outer form was into that of an oversize lady was necessary because he was already larger than the mannequins he so desired to be. At five foot eight however, he wasn’t too tall and, in fact he stood about the same height as his sculptress. When she was happy with his rough shape she began to sand the guy down with ever decreasing grades of sand paper until his body looked like perfectly smooth porcelain. When Fee had finished this she called it a day and left him in the basement overnight. She had worked on him for fourteen hours straight.

The next day she returned and took the guys gag from his mouth. The guy asks for water and then an explanation. She gave him the water. A spray mask was placed over his head and he heard a compressor start up. The woman spray painted the guy with several coats of a pretty peach flesh coloured paint from his neck to his toeless feet. When the paint dried she sprayed him with a fine coat of glaze that she knew will help better show his curves in strong light.

By now leslie was thirsty and hungry and the fumes have made him light headed, even breathing through the mask. The woman admired her work as a sculptress for a few moments before leaving Leslie and his plump ladies body only to return a few minuets later with some articles of clothing.

"don’t worry dear, you’ll soon be ready. Sleep now." said Fee reassuringly and with that she pressed a cloth soaked in chloroform over leslies nasal passage until she was sure that he had passed out. The first item of clothing she put on leslie were a sizeable pair of lacy knickers. It was tricky, but she manages to get both of his legs into them. They rode effortlessly up his curvaceous legs and stopped when their crotch came into contact with his own, somewhat smoother crotch. The cache that she had used to pull his genitals back out of the way had worked well but she still felt that there was room for improvement.

Next she rolled a pair of white silk stockings up each of the guys perfectly smooth trapped legs. On each foot she popped a size 7 white patent leather high heeled shoe. They fit well onto his perfectly formed silk clad feet. There backs slide satisfyingly over the heels of Leslie’s feet. Of the shoes had been too large they would have hung awkwardly necessitating a pair with straps, too small and she’d never have gotten them on as his feet were now as hard as marble.

From behind the guy she passed a large white bra around his front and hooked it up around the back. The bra slid neatly over the guys large perfectly sculpted breast. The support it provided was not needed but she wanted Leslie to look like a real woman.. Next, over the guys head she threw a flimsy yellow summer dress. She had to work it over the guys arms and then back up threading his arms through the lose fitting selves. She then zipped the garment up at the back and fastneed the matching belt around his un-corseted waist. She knew he would not need a corset because he was relatively slim and anyway, with the thighs she had given his waist looked just about right for a woman his size.

Fee stood back to look at the garments fit. She was pleasantly surprised that the garment fit perfectly accentuating all of those masterfully sculpted curves that the guy now inhabited.

Next, Fee got to work on the guys obviously male face. He had arrived clean shaven but required a once over with an electric razor just to make sure. Standing on a small set of stepladders the lady deftly shaped the guys eye brows. His head lolled from side to side as she did so but eventually she managed to thin them out sufficiently. Next she applied foundation all over the guys head. It was an exact match of the pale peach colour his exterior had been sprayed with earlier. After drawing on new eyebrows –arched to give him a constantly surprised expression- she made up his eyes and painted his lips a pretty powder pink colour. A thick layer of lip gloss and a dab of blusher completed his facial feminisation. Next she placed on his head a mouse brown coloured wig in the style of a cute bob that just rested on his round shoulders. On his ears she clipped a pair of large dangling gold earrings. She stepped of the ladder and admired her creation. His head was slumped to one side but she could see that she had struck just the balance she wanted. She could have used a mask so make his transformation more convincing but she wanted him to recognise a little of himself when he came too and saw his new form…

After a short break the lady carried seven full length mirrors down into the basement and placed the largest of them in front of the still slumbering guy. The remaining mirrors she arranged carefully so that Leslie could see different views of his new body. Next the lady carried down four large spot light style lamps and arranged them artfully to light up the room and the guy to best effect. Finally she placed a twelve inch rotary fan under the suspended guy facing up at his smooth lace covered crotch. This she plugged into a timer socket that would switch it on and off every quarter of an hour for 2 minuets.

Checking that every thing was in order and ready for the sleeping beauties awakening she retired up stairs from the basement with the intention of not returning for a full 24 hours….

Down in the basement Leslie began to stir. He had now been trapped inside his new form for nearly two whole days. He opened his eye and lifted his head from the position it had settled in. he could see nothing at all. Slowly he began to remember were he was and why. He tried to move but could not. Indeed, he could barely feel his limbs at all. He remembered that the woman had bound them very tight. boy!, he thought, am I in for a bought of pins and needles when she lets me out… Any feeling in his limbs felt distant and removed. Straining to move caused a slight sensation of pressure on his limb in whichever direction he tried to move but that was all. For all the good it did him he may as well of been set in concrete.

He moved his head around to see if he could see any signs of daylight to at least tell him if it was night or day. He could see none. He guessed that the cellar was pretty well insulated as he could here no traffic from what he knew was a relatively busy road out side.

"erm, excuse me!" he shouted to get the attention of the woman, Fee, who had straped him into the contraption. As he did so he herd a soft click. instantly the whole room lit up with blinding light. The Leslie shut his eyes hard against the light for a full thirty seconds. Only gradually did he open them. His perseverance was rewarded by the sight of the basement he was in. Its walls and ceiling were brick painted a warm orange colour. On its grey concrete floor he could see some one had carefully positioned some spotlights stands and mirrors. Gradually he managed to open his eyes wide enough to allow him to focus on the mirror directly in front of him. He could see a lady in the mirror and she seemed to be floating in mid air. The lady wore a cornflower yellow summer dress with a hem that just covered her knees. On her legs she wore fine white stockings and on her feet were a pair of white heeled shoes that practically glowed in the strong artificial light. The yellow summer dress revealed what should have been a large expanse of uncovered flesh on the ladies chest but the guy could see that the lady did not have flesh. Instead her skin seemed to be of a much harder shinier material. The ladies plump rounded arms hung beside her with her hands and fingers pointing outwards away from her body and slightly upwards.

The guys brain began to tell him that this was how it felt his body was positioned. The guy looked in another mirror and saw that the ladies face was looking back at him. He tried another and again he was staring back into the ladies face, his face. The guys jaw dropped and he let out a breathless gasp.

How had she done this? She had fulfilled his wish. He looked at his body in the largest mirror in front of him. His stomach felt full of butterflies. His bowls relaxed as if he had just had pure heroin injected into his spine. He felt so week that he new even if he wasn’t trapped inside this womanly figure he wouldn’t have been able to move a limb. He trembled inwardly.

"oh my god!" he finally managed to say. "see did it, she did it… I’m… a… mannequin"

He drank in the views from the mirrors that were thoughtfully positioned around him. Craning his neck left or right over his smooth round shoulders he could see his side profile in the mirrors. His breast stuck out at the front and his backside at the rear. Looking over his shoulder in the mirror in front of him he could even see what he looked like from behind.

He marvelled at his lady legs and the way his large calves (much larger than his own) made his feet look much smaller than they really were. He tried to move his legs. Joy filled him when he could not. The hem of his dress that the lady had dressed him in just covered his knees. He so dearly wanted to see that they looked like.

The lady had chosen such a wonderful pose for him. His legs were slightly apart and his arms straight down by his side. His unmoveable fingers were splayed out away from him suggesting surprises to anyone that saw him. The thought crossed his mind that the lady that had fulfilled his fantasy had a very good grasp of his psyche. This caused him to panic mildly but his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of something below him. He looked down but was unable to see over his graceful protruding breasts. He could however see his dress bellowing around his waist. A look in the mirror revealed a fan that he had not noticed before. It was blowing up between his legs causing his dress to billow outward ‘Marilyn Monroe’ style revealing to him for the first time his new legs in all of there shapely splendour. They were not a disappointment.

He laughed with joy as he saw the tops of his legs. His thighs were ovoid cones that met at the top. His obviously smoothed out sex and his big round behind were covered with the most wonderfully feminine lacy draws, the kind he had seen from time to time in the family wash basket. He had tried his mothers on once of twice but they were always a bit of a disappointment. His hips were always far too narrow, he had no arse and his excited little penis always stock out at the front. There was no chance of that happening now. He filled the pair of knickers he had on now perfectly.

Again butterflies filled his stomach. He tried to move, to wave his arms, kick his legs, but he could not. He was trapped, unable to stop the woman that had done this to him dressing him in whatever she wished. His maleness had be striped from him. He was, for the time being, a female mannequin in as much as wherever it went, he would be there.

He stared at his face in the mirror feeling no shame or panic or fear at all, In fact the only thing that bothered him was just how content he felt…

At around 9 PM that day the door to the cellar swung open. The lady of the house descended the stairs with her arms full of clothes and stood before her creation.

"Hello. How was your first day as a mannequin?" asked the lady.

The guy, a little thrown by the use of the phrase ‘first day’ replied, "erm, oh its wonderful, a dream come true. Have you come down to change my clothes?" he asked expectantly.

"of course, what kind of a host would I be If I didn’t look after my guests." Said the lady.

From up stairs came the sound of a mans voice, "is it OK, can I come down?"

The Leslie looked towards the stairs in panic.

"don’t worry." Reassured Fee "I have a few friends round for a dinner party. Us psychologists do have friends you know." Said the woman in a matter of fact way.

"it’s just that i..i.." stammered Leslie all of a sudden not wanting to be seen by anyone else.

"oh come on Leslie, you cannot want to be a female mannequin but not want anyone to look at you?, Really!" chided the woman.

"come on down, I’m just about to change her!" called Fee in the direction of the Stairs.

"now remember, you’re a mannequin. I want perfect stillness from that pretty head of yours and not a word. If you speak believe me, you WILL regret it." The woman informed Leslie.

Leslie, knowing he was in no situation to argue looked directly at himself in the mirror in front of him and didn’t alter his gaze again.

A guy descended the stairs the and joined Fee. He was followed buy another guy and two other ladies. The four of them chatted and drank wine whilst Fee removed Leslie’s dress and undergarments. The assemble throng of psychologists talked about Leslie as if he wasn’t there each one coming up with theories as to how his life had brought him to end up being trapped in the body of a size 16 female mannequin in the basement of a New England Red Brick.

Leslie played the role perfectly. He tried his hardest not to blink but inevitably did from time to time. Apart from that the assemble party could indeed have been standing and chatting around a real mannequin.

When the woman had removed all of Leslie’s cloths one of the women the small group approached him.

"and you did all of this yourself?" said the lady to Fee. Leslie guessed that the lady had much the same figure as he he now had.

"yes. I guess my time at art school in the sixties wasn’t wasted" replied the home owner.

The lady that had approached him ran her hand appreciatively and without any trace of hesitation over his left hip and up to his breast. Leslie inwardly cursed not being able to feel the caress.

"would you like to dress him?" asked Fee.

"yes." Said the woman in a distracted manner as she ran her hands over Leslie’s cool body.

"you know, I can kind of see the attraction, but only from a woman’s point of view. Never to age and sag, wrinkle and droop. However, how a guy would want to look like this is beyond me." Said the woman as she continued to caress Leslie.

The two guys and the third woman seemed to lose interest and shortly drifted back up stairs.

The two remaining women set about dressing Leslie and resumed there conversation.

"everybody has there fantasies Drew." Said Fee to the lady struggling to slip Leslie’s feet into a black lace teddy.

"this is this guys most potent fantasy. Some peoples fantasies are mundane, some are unachievable and some are just down right sick and evil. This guy probably had is fantasy categorised as unachievable, but, here he is. He’s the luckiest guy on earth." Said Fee proudly. Leslie so wanted to join in but did not dare. He just stood there like the mannequin he was.

"I guess so, but soon you are going to have to release this guy back into the real world and its never going to be the same for him again" said the second woman as she lifted the straps of the teddy over his pale shoulders.

When the woman moved to one side Leslie caught a glimpse of himself. The black teddy looked amazing on him. The black lace stretched over the curves of his breasts and hips and narrowed down to a black v at his crotch were the material disappeared underneath only to reappear covering his ample buttocks.

"we’ll see." Was all the first lady said.

"I have an idea" said the second lady who turned round and offered her back to the first lady.

"unzip me." She said.

The first lady smiled and said. "I thought you didn’t understand?"

"I don’t understand the wanting to be a mannequin bit, but I do understand that dressing this guy in my clothes will bring one hell of a smile to his face. Isn’t that right sugar?" said the second woman as she ran a finger from his crotch to the cleavage of his breasts.

Unusual for a dress of its type Drew’s dress had a full length zip at its back. It was a tight fitting black velvet cocktail dress. Its back was plain but the front was covered with stylish waves of blue sequins. When Fee had removed the dress Drew sat on the floor and undid the straps on her shoes and took them off.

The two women set about dressing Leslie in the Drew’s clothes and shoes. The shoes were a size too small but being strappy Fee managed to get them on alright. Drew stood behind Leslie and placed the holes in the sleeves of her dress over Leslie’s hands. Next she brought the two parts of the dresses zipper together around his back. Leslie watched as she zipped the dress up over his womanly curves.

"Dam, it looks better on you than it dose on me." Said the second woman mockingly as she looked into Leslie’s eye through the mirror.

"Fee tells me that your from England. A 29 year old English guy, well I’m a 46 year old Jewish princess from New Jersey, and now, you are too." said the second woman standing behind Leslie with her hands on backs of his of his elbows.

Next she unfastened her diamond necklace and, again from behind, fastened it around his neck.

"beautiful" she said as she admired her clothes on the mannequin. "you look stunning. now don’t you go running of with my things!" she added comically.

"oh, believe me." Said Fee "he’s going nowhere"

As the second lady got dressed in the dress that was initially intended for Leslie he wanted to ask Fee what she meant by her last comment. He was starting to feel a little vulnerable so to take his mind of it he gave himself a good looking over in the mirror. The dress did indeed fit him like a glove. He liked it because its hem line was just able his knees and he liked his knees because they were round and smooth unlike his real knees which were not.

"the lights work by sound if you hadn’t already guessed. Goodnight" said Fee as she ascended the stairs with the second woman who also said goodnight.

Leslie was left to ponder his situation. His wildest fantasy had indeed become reality. His reflection showed him that if he needed any proof. If he needed more an attempt at a simple movement made it even clearer. The women were free to dress him in anyway they saw fit. The fact that a complete stranger had just taken of her clothes and dressed him in them and he was powerless to stop her them had fulfilled one of his many fantasies of being a mannequin. But there were so many more… tomorrow he suspected that his casing would be striped from him and he would be cast back into the real world with all its responsibilities. The thought depressed him so he decided to enjoy his being a mannequin while he could. He drifted of to sleep and dreamt of the Jewish lady caressing his female figure, however, this time was better. he could feel her caresses…

The next morning he was awoken buy Fee entering the basement. As she undressed him, Leslie talked about how wonderful last night had been and that what had happened had been one of his many fantasies. He explained how sad he was going to be when she released him because he would never be able to act out his remaining fantasies.

Fee listened and said nothing. When she had finished undressing him she helped him drink a bottle of water and then left.

Leslie was left naked. He stated at his nakedness and longed to be clothed. That was a mannequins purpose in life after all. In what he assumed was the afternoon he felt sleepy and called out to switch the basements lights of. However, they stayed on. He fell asleep anyway. His dreams were not as pleasant as those he had the previous night.

The next morning Fee entered the room and fed Leslie what tasted to him like a high energy drink. Leslie felt sure that Fee would have to release him from his entrapment that day. He had not used the toilet in 4 days and had felt the need to go on several occasions during the night. When he was done sucking the drink from the bottle Fee removed his wig. She then gagged him and pulled a blindfold over his mascara smudged eyes. As he herd fee ascend the staircase he began to feel frightened. What had he got himself into? He was trapped in the basement of some woman he only knew via conversations over the internet. He was 4000 miles from home and not a soul knew were he was, only that he was going on holiday to America. Other questions filled his mind. Why had Fee changed from being caring and considerate to being cold and emotionless? Had she tired of him? Was she feeling guilty for indulging his fantasy and showing him to her friends, her colleagues? The questions raced through his mind, that was, until Fee returned with the chloroform bottle and a Stanley knife…

Leslie awoke in the darkness once again. At first he want sure were he was. Was he in bed back home in England? Was he in the hotel room he had booked in New York waiting to catch his flight back to England? Or was he…?

"were an I?" he called out.

Click. Blinding light. Oh god. He was still a mannequin. gradually his eyes adjusted. He could see that the mirrors and the spotlight were still in place. He squinted to make out his reflection in the mirror in front of him. Gradually he was able to confirm that he was indeed still the female mannequin that he had been before Fee had chloroformed him. However, he was stood in a new pose. This could only mean that that she had removed him from his bindings and re-modelled him. He wondered how long he’d been out, a day? Two days?

He tried to move but again could not. He felt week and, if anything, he felt he had even less feeling in his limbs than before. He looked at the pose Fee had set him in. His legs were now together at the knees but his feet were about eight inches apart suggesting that his legs were just about to buckle. His left arm was bent with the palm of his hand facing upward as if he were holding a long feminine cigarette in a 20’s style holder. His right arm was in much the same position as it had been previously. He looked impossibly elegant and as he surveyed the clothes Fee had dressed him in he felt that sick excited feeling again in his stomach. He should have been angry and scared that Fee had not let him go but the vision in the mirror in front of him made you for any misgiving he had about his situation.

Fee had dressed him in a red bolero jacket and matching short skirt. The skirt showed of his legs to maximum effect. He wasn’t sure but he thought that they looked slimmer. ‘She must have used less plaster or whatever it was she used this time’ he thought. Tucked into the skirt was a white silk blouse. He could definitely see that his waist was thinner. Seeing this made him realise that his breathing was a little difficult. He figured she must have put him into some kind of corset before modelling him up. Feeling was now beginning to creep back into his limbs and torso. He could feel that his crotch was sore. This drew his attention to the pole he was suspended on. It was thicker than the last one and the base was different. He wondered if that had anything to do with it?

Whilst he was unconscious Fee had given Leslie a totally new look. His hair was now black, long and wavy. He figured it must hang all of the way down his back. Some of it covered his eyes which was a little annoying but, what could he do?? His lips looked full and red, matching his outfit. His eye were heavily mascaraed and on his eyelids Fee had attached false eye lashes that fluttered sexily when he blinked. Around his neck were hung a simple string of pearls. He could not feel what undergarments he had on but he knew he was not wearing stockings or suspenders. On his feet were a pair of plain black high heeled shoes. ‘oh yes! I’m the business ’ thought Leslie as he eyed himself over but as his excitement mounted he became more and more aware of the pain in his crotch. He figured fee must have been a little over zealous with her binding in an attempt to give him a more womanly appearance, if that was at all possible.

A few hours went by before Fee appeared closely followed by drew, the lady who’s clothes he had been dressed in some nights earlier.

"hi sugar, we’ve been shopping." Said Drew pleasantly.

Leslie said nothing, just like a real mannequin. The two women did indeed have four very full looking bags of what could only be clothes. Some of the bags had labels on he recognised. Some did not.

"who’s a lucky girl?" said Fee to Leslie excitedly.

"oh, is that what you were telling me about?" said Drew pointing to the pole between Leslie’s legs.

"aah yes, I can now leave him much longer between changes. He can use the toilet whenever he needs to!" informed Fee.

"ingenious" responded drew.

A cold sweat began to creep over Leslie starting on his shiny forehead, down over his alabaster shoulders and down his pretty feminine back. It was beginning to sound like he would not be making his flight back to England. At least not until the two women had finished with him.

Over the next few hours Fee and Drew dressed Leslie in just about every combination of clothes from the four bags. Not all of the clothes were new. Some turned out to be Drew’s cast-offs. Some were bought from charity shops, but some were new. The two women fussed and argued over what garments would go well together on Leslie. All were tried. The women were like school girls dressing a dolly. Leslie stood in motionless ecstasy. From sexy business woman, slutty barmaid. frumpy school teacher to bikini clad holiday babe, he was given every look imaginable and he loved them all.

About half way through the dressing up session Drew suggested that they blindfold Leslie between changes, actually the words she used was ‘the mannequin’ which pleased and unsettled Leslie in equal measures. From this point on Leslie stood patiently blindfolded as the women dressed him. Each time they finished one off the women took turns removing the blindfold, each time accompanied by them saying "Ta daaaa!". Leslie knew that he would never get bored of this. Another of his fantasies had been fulfilled. He had been the two women’s dolly for the afternoon.

Over the next week Leslie was dressed on a morning, usually in attire that would be suitable for a working situation. Fee, and sometimes Ann, would fix his hair and makeup in an appropriately style. Fee informed Leslie that the drinks she fed him contained all of the vitamins and nutrients to keep him fit and health during his stay. Drinking liquid only meant that Leslie wouldn’t pass solids, he needed only to pee. Fee had positioned Leslie onto his stand so that any fluid he passed would pass through it and into a disinfected container under its base.. When Leslie released his bladder it felt strange and different. The eerie sound of his urine trickling down the inside of his support pole made him shiver inwardly. There was something just a little to self contained and – dare he say it…permanent - about it.

Towards the end of the week several wardrobes were assembled to house his ever expanding wardrobe. Against one wall some shelves were erected. On each was placed a foam mannequin’s heads , each one wearing a different wig.

The women were building up quite a collection of clothes and accessories for Leslie. Part of him was grateful but part of him worried slightly that it was going to far. The woman seemed to have found in Leslie’s bondage an activate that allowed them to unwind. The uncomplicated act of dressing up a ‘dolly’ allowed them to relive bygone, less complicated days.

Leslie, who knew it pleased Fee if he did not speak, had not spoken a word for seven days now. However on the following Saturday morning he greeted Fee with a hello.

"did some one say something?" asked fee making a show of looking around the basement and finding no one.

"Fee, I was wondering when this is going to end. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful but…" said Leslie.

"BUT WHAT?!" interrupted Fee.

"Quiet, a once, do you here me?" said Fee furious and Leslie’s ungrateful attitude.

Fee knew how Leslie’s mind worked. She had met a thousand different Leslie’s throughout her career as a psychologist. She had chosen to do this for him partly out of professional interest and partly out of a personal interest. Here was someone who’s sexual fantasy he had always though would be just that. From a professional point of view she was interested in what would happen to that person if you allowed them to play out such an unlikely situation. Leslie’s asking for release was all just part of the fantasy for him. He did not really want to be released anymore than she wanted to release him. she decided it was time to step his fantasy up a gear. She gagged Leslie and left the room only to return minuets later with the chloroform…

Leslie awoke feeling numb all over. His groggy mind gradually realised that he was still immobile and was therefor still in Fee’s basement suspended on a pole a few inches from the ground striking a devastatingly feminine pose. For some reason he felt none of the excitement and delicious fear he usually felt when realising his predicament. He simple felt a little bored with his situation. He opened his eyes and tried to look around the room. Panic filled him as he realised that he could not move his head. He tried to open his jaw to scream out but his mouth was fixed shut. Not being able to move his body had been one thing but this was altogether more scary. He heaved and strained this way and that but he felt very weak. The only thing he could move was his eyes, the only sound he could make was a throaty cough.

‘oh god, she’s gone one step too far this time’ thought Leslie as he realised how completely mannequinised he now was. He looked for his reflection in the mirror in front of him. Some of the excitement returned to him as he drank in the site before him. Dressed in a simple white bathing costume stood and exquisite female mannequin. It was stood in a relaxed casual pose with its feet slightly apart and its arms bent and positioned just in front of it. Leslie marvelled at its slender arms and legs and its thin feminine waist line until he remembered that the slender shiny arms and legs were his. ‘Jesus’ thought Leslie, I must of lost 30 pounds. His waist was so slender, he guessed it must be about 26 inches. As he looked at his face he realised why he could nit move his head. The face that looked back at him was that of an elegant store front mannequin complete with painted on arched eyebrows, petite narrow nose and beautiful rock solid full red slightly parted lips. The only movement visible in its face was the fluttering of its false eyelashes when he blinked.

Leslie secretly hoped his body retained some of this shape when he was released from his bondage. The numbness in his arms and legs was worth the sight in front of him. he was once again frozen in the form of a sexy slender beauty. Any doubts he about his situation drifted away as he admired himself in the mirror, well, at least for the time being.

The next day Fee woke Leslie up by lifting up his mane of blond hair whispering in his plastic ear hole: "morning sexy"

Leslie, had he been capable, would have jumped out of his skin. The sight of Fees smiling face in front of him calmed him down.

"Its time for your breakfast… open wide." And with that she stuck a tube into through Leslie’s plastic pouting lips and squeezed sweet tasting liquid into his dry mouth. Leslie flittered his eyes at Fee.

"don’t you flutter those things at me sweetheart. Your charms wont work on me." Said Fee teasingly.

"are you feeling naughty?" asked Fee mischievously.

Leslie fluttered his lashes again which Fee took to mean a yes.

"good. I’ll be back in a few minuets." Said Fee.

Leslie wondered what Fee meant by naughty but when she arrived back it soon became clear. She strode into Leslie’s field of view and stood facing him with her legs positioned purposefully apart and her hands on her hips. She was dressed from head to toe in black PVC. She wore a black PVC bustier that pushed her breasts up and together accentuating her cleavage. On her arms she wore fully length black rubber gloves and in her left hand she held a whip. she wore now skirt, only underwear of black rubber. The briefs strained to contain the ample flesh of her hips and buttock’s. Her sex as covered by black shiny rubber. On her legs she wore the most terrifying full length black leather boots. For a woman of nearly fifty she looked very sexy indeed. She stood there for a full minute starring at Leslie before speaking.

"I am Stella Void, persecutor of men. I am your all powerful mistress." Said Fee in a theatrical voice.

"I have been sent to punish you for your less than manly conduct and sissy ways. It has been deemed by the all powerful one that you do not deserve to walk among men. You have therefore been punished. You have been transformed into a woman however, I did not feel that this punishment was strong enough so I have taken in upon my self to freeze you for all eternity into a picture of feminine beauty more befitting of your character."

"Behold!" said Fee, or rather Stella as she stepped too one side and removed a white sheet from the mirror in front of Leslie.

Leslie saw himself naked in the mirror. His body was still that of a beautiful mannequin. Stella walked up to him and stared into his eyes.

"how does it feel to see your masculinity so comprehensively striped away from you?" asked Stella.

"You are a vision of femininity in plastic. You will remain so for all eternity, a mere object to be adorned for the enjoyment of and by woman." Said Stella.

"you will be taken from here an put on display in a clothes shop. No one will ever know that you were ever anything but and pretty mannequin and you will remain so forever!" said Fee enjoying the role she was playing.

Well, at least Leslie assumed she was playing a role. He rode the wave of panic that washed over him as he contemplated all eternity frozen in a shop window. ‘she couldn’t’ he thought and decided to let himself play along with Fee’s theatrics. Besides, he could do little else.

"as my plastic slave I will dress you in attire more befitting your status." Continued Stella.

She disappeared for a moment of too the side of Leslie and returned with a pair of fishnet pantyhose. She then proceeded to work them up Leslie’s slender legs until the waist band was around the narrowest point of his waist. Next she slipped a pair of black silk panties on to him and pulled them up good and tight against his crotch so that there could be no doubt as to his sex. Standing in front of Leslie she wrapped a black PVC bustier around his chest and laced up its front, again nice and tight. She put his feet into a pair of black very high heeled shoes. Stella then disappeared of to the side again. Leslie could hear ruffling and then his view was obscured by something being passed over his head. When his head emerged from it he could see in the mirror that Stella was working a black garment over his hands and up his arms. She then pulled it all the way up and walked around to the back of Leslie and zipped him into it. He stood there transfixed as she placed a French maids cap onto head. He was dressed in a slutty French maids uniform, the kind you might see a waitress dressed in in a sex club. His upper body was encased in black satin that showed of his womanly hour glass figure wonderfully. His too slender legs poked out of the bottom of a short but volumous black satin skirt. He could just imagine himself mincing round his house doing the hovering dressed that way. He began to feel very horny indeed.

"that’s better." said Stella condescendingly to Leslie. "now you do look the part, such a sweet sexy little thing."

"right now I’M of to work with all the REAL people in the REAL world." Said Stella. Or was that Fee talking?

"have a nice day..." she said.

Leslie stood there totally humiliated. He was froze in a female body and dressed in a sexy maids outfit. Only in his wildest dreams did he ever believe this could come true.

Shortly, Leslie herd the basement door open and a breathless Fee come running down stairs. She stood in front of him; obviously dressed for work; long grey coat; briefcase in one hand; silver dildo in the other.

"sorry hon, I almost forgot." Panted Fee and with that she skipped behind Leslie, pulled down his panties and pantyhose and jammed the dildo up his arse through an opening she left last time she had encased him. She then left for work. Leslie wept. His humiliation was complete.

Over the next few days things fell back into a routing. In the mornings Fee would come in and dress Leslie in his outfit for the day. When she returned in the evening she would change him into something a little less formal. Stella the evil mistress turned up again; dildo in hand to humiliated Leslie and Drew showed her face on a couple of occasions with new clothes for her mannequin.

On the following Saturday morning Leslie woke up feeling decidedly unwell. He thought perhaps that Fee had chloroformed him yet again but a quick check in the mirror showed that he was still stood in the same pose that he had been for almost a week. Fee came in to give him his breakfast; sugar drink again; and dressed him in white socks, pink trainers, a short denim shirt and a tight pink tee-shirt and then left him for the day telling him she was going somewhere and wouldn’t be back until late. As the day wore on Leslie began to feel more and more ill. His stomach ached and his breathing became laboured. He felt like he was burning up. Around mid day he lost all feeling in his limbs and started to drift in and out of consciousness. When he was conscious he was wracked with guilt and anger for the situation he had got himself into. His stupid mannequin fetish looked like it was going to be the death of him. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t shout for help; and there wouldn’t have been anyone to help him if he could. He felt so ill; it looked like he was going to die traped inside a mannequin; dressed as a young woman. If he got through this he resolved never to indulge in his fetish again. He would be happy never to see another mannequin again. Leslie Joy blacked out around 5 p.m. for the last time...

Fee had a wonderful day horse riding with friends at a ranch owned by one of her colleagues. Upon returning home she had a nice long relaxing bath and got changed into a silk bed robe. She decided to go and check on Leslie. He sure took some looking after she thought. When I release him (which wouldn’t be long now; just a could more fantasies to go.) she decided to get a pet, however it would have to be something simple to look after, perhaps a goldfish.

She went down into the basement and greeted Leslie, "wake up sleepy, its time for your change. Are you feeling sexy?" she said standing in front of him holding a red silk teddy in one hand and a red silk night gown in the other. Leslie could see that his eyes were shut. She moved closer to him and repeated her last sentence only a little louder. Still no response. ‘was he playing games?’ she though. He had better not be.

"Leslie. Wake up!" shouted Fee at her mannequin.

"if your fucking me about young lady I’m going to jam that dildo of yours so far up your arse your teeth will rattle when I turn it on!" threatened Fee a little worried now.

Leslie didn’t bat an eyelid. Something was wrong. Fee ran up stairs and returned panting with a thermometer. She placed it through the hole in Leslie’s hard lips and worked it under his tongue. She left it there for around 15 second before removing it and taking the reading.

"Jesus, he’s burning up" whispered Fee to herself.

Fee ran upstairs and phoned a colleague; one of the guys that had seen Leslie during the dinner party in the first week of his arrival from England.

"Jason. Please you’ve got to help me. Get over here right away!" Said fee breathlessly into the telephone receiver.

"Fee? Is that you? Calm down. What’s the matter?" responded a confused Jason.

"Jason. Get over here right away and bring your medical bag. Its Leslie; my mannequin. I think he’s..." said Fee now starting to sob.

"Jesus, you’ve still got that guy.... I’ll be right over." Responded Dr Jason Rutlidge.

Fee returned back down to the basement to remove Leslie from his bindings...

Leslie Joy had slipped into a coma. For two months he slept continuously. He dreamt of he life before meeting Fee; but mostly he dreamt of the three weeks of his life as a mannequin in Fees basement. Some stimuli from his sleep obscured surroundings did filter through into his subconscious mind. A radio playing Mozart; garbled conversations; an argument, "... you stupid woman.... reputation ruine..... police" ; birds singing through an open window. Time passed.

On the morning of the 5th of September Leslie began to stir from his long illness induced sleep. Consciousness began to invade his mind that had been mercifully free of it for almost nine weeks. Classical music being played quietly in the background began to filter through into his mind. A light breeze blew across his face. Birds sang outside. He assumed he was in a room somewhere. He began to remember the events of the weeks before his coma. He remembered Fee; he remembered a woman called Drew. He began to remember what they were doing to him, they dressed him up in women’s clothes and he couldn’t stop them. He had wanted them to. Why was that? Then he remembered that he had gone to fee’s house of his own free will and allowed her to bind him and make him into her mannequin. A female mannequin. The though disturbed Leslie’s newly cleansed mind. 2 months in a coma had allowed his mind to sort itself out from the confused state it had been in. It was now ready to take on all of the complexities of the world with renewed vigour.

Leslie tried to open his eyes but they felt glued shut. He felt strange, like he was floating. He had felt like this several time in his life; often during the night when he had been woken up but had some how woke up before his body. He did not panic but instead waited for his body to catch up with his awakening mind. Gradually he managed to open first one eye and then the other, however, his eyes were all gummed from weeks of being shut. He looked around himself and waited for feeling to return into his body.

Something didn’t seem right to Leslie. He knew he must have been very ill; shouldn’t he be waking up in bed?. He blinked his eyes faster and faster as that seemed to shift the gum from his eyeballs. He tried to feel his arms and legs but the feeling had still not returned to them. He could however feel a tightness around his waist and chest that seemed familiar.

A his vision improved he began to make out that he was in a room of some kind. Over to the right of him was a big white set of wardrobes; to his left was a window. He could tell it was open because the net curtain blew inwards on a breeze from outside. He could feel the breeze on his face but no were else. Leslie started to feel sick in his stomach. The feeling should have returned to his limbs by now; and how could he be stood in and upright position? Unless?

Leslie tried to scream out but no sound emerged from his through. It seemed like there was nothing there to catch the air from his lungs and resonate. He tried again. Silence. He shook his head. Long blonde hair whipped from side to side and he could feel weights on his ears tugging and jangling. He looked down and saw his chest sticking out in front of him. It looked like he had on a pale blue angora sweater. A string of pearls rested on his protruding chest. ‘oh god’ thought Leslie; and the he saw his hands. Positioned in front of him he saw angora sleeves the same colour as the material covering his chest. He could see that they were his arms and hands frozen in front of him. However, they were different from the arms and hands that he remembered owning. The arms looked very thin and quite short. His immovable hands were much smaller than they had been before his illness. He tried to put this down to weight loss but couldn’t think how that might happen. He could think of only one way.

He shook his head again and tried to scream. In the corner of the room a small box mounted at ceiling height detected Leslie’s movement and triggered a discreet alarm elsewhere in the house.

Fee heard the quiet beeping in the downstairs room adjacent to the one were she was ironing a big pile of clothes.

"dam I knew I shouldn’t have left that window open" she muttered to her self.

"another bird must have got in..." she mumble as she ascended the stairs to the back bedroom. She barged into the room and walked straight over to the window to shut it. Leslie sobbing uncontrollably looked up at Fee. Fee turned around to see if a bird had indeed flew in the room but was instantly drawn to Leslie’s sobbing face

"OH MY GOD, your awake!" mouthed Fee.

"Jason said you’d never wake up. Oh god, he said you’d be a vegetable."

Fee went over to Leslie and kissed him all over his face.

"oh I’m so glad. I thought I’d as good as killed you." She said and then a smile crept over her face.

"oh Leslie your going to be so pleased" said fee beaming at him.

"wait till you see yourself." She said walking over to the wardrobe in front of Leslie. From beside it she dragged a full length mirror. Its back was facing leslie so she lifted it up and spun it round positioning it in front of him.

"what do you think?" she asked still beaming. The look on Leslie’s face soon changed her mood.

"oh what’s the matter. I thought you’d be pleased. It’s your fantasy come true. You’re a real mannequin now." Said Fee

"I’ll admit, I never intended to take it this far but.. well.. no one can ever know." Said fee, here voice changing..

"if anyone found out that happened I’d be ruined. I’d go to jail." she said in a much more serious manner.

"no one will ever find out about you. I will keep you here and treat you as I know you want to be treat. I will look after you." Said Fee.

Leslie looked at himself in the mirror. He was now a real mannequin for sure. There was no going back. She must have bound his arms and legs to tight. He was sure they would have tried to save them if they could. He looked at his new plastic arms and legs. Fee could never have achieved such a level of femininity by simple binding his real limbs. As he looked at his face he realised that she had had his nose altered. It was now smaller and slightly upturned. His lips were also different; they were much fuller. His face looked gaunt but that only made his cheek bone more defined, just like a real mannequin.

Leslie realised that unless the sweater he had on buttoned up the back; or Fee had knitted it on him there was only one way she could have got him in to it. He looked down at the skirt he was wearing. it was a pleated and made of tartan; its hem stopped just above his knees. The legs that protruded from the bottom of it were so unlike his old legs. They were impossibly slender and had tiny pretty knees. The feet were also tiny. On each foot he wore little brown court shoes of a size that he wouldn’t have been able to fit his feet into since he was about ten years old.

" I realise you might be shocked now." Said fee to Leslie. "but, I’m sure you will come to love your new life."

"Drew promised that she’d open a charity shop if you ever woke up; he felt partly responsible too; were going to display you in the window like you’ve always dreamt of. The cloths wont be fantastic but I’m sure that even in your wildest fantasy did you ever think you would ACTUALLY end up in as a female mannequin in a shop window?" informed Fee.

Front between Leslie’s legs under his size ten pleated skirt came a tinkling sound as he wet himself.

"tut, tut, tut!" said fee as if talking to a naughty child.

"you’ll have to learn to control that when we’ve got customer"



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