Dream Weaver: A Week In Plastic 2 - Observations

by Shadedsun

This is one part of a multi-chapter story. The beginning: Transformation, can be found here.


"Well you're getting quite a bit of attention already, Saki. How does it feel?"

Walking through a mall with a naked mannequin on a pushcart is always going to draw attention, and if you're talking to it that's just going to draw more. Not to mention that because I'm naked people can see exactly where my support stand is going. Couldn't you have at least thrown a towel over me or something?

"And deprive the people of seeing you in all your plastic glory? Never. Besides, we're only going three stores over. Look, we're here already. Also, don't worry about people thinking I'm nuts since they can't hear me talking to you; I have a privacy spell taking care of that."

Of course you do. So how did you get me in here? Am I just a new mannequin that the manager is renting from you? Or did you work some sort of mind-control and they'll think I'm just coming back from repairs?

"Neither of those. Your manager decided you'd serve the shop better as a mannequin after seeing you trying on the dress you like so much, so she had me see to that."

What? Wait... Have you been playing me this whole time? Is this really temporary? Or did I just sign on to be a mannequin for eternity?

"Relax Saki; you're like this for only a week this time, not any longer. That was simply the most convenient story to work into the manager’s head. In a week she'll be wracked by guilt and will have me change you back to normal, and she'll pay you three times what you would make in a week. Also, she already paid me a nice sum of five hundred to have you changed, and she’ll give me another two-fifty to change you back. All of which I'm going to pass on to you, by the way, as... Geez, if you had lungs I bet you'd be hyperventilating by now."

If you don't want me freaking out then don't say things that scare me. I'm still not sure what to think about all this, and now I'm going to be worrying the rest of the week that you're not really on my side now.

"Saki, you can trust me. If I had really wanted you to be a permanent mannequin at the behest of someone else, I'd have changed you the minute you walked into the store. I don't do that to people though; I use my powers for... not necessarily good, but at least for the pleasure of those I use them on. If you're going to worry for the whole week I'll change you back right now."

No. Don't. I'll try to relax, this is just so surreal; you have to understand. I never thought this would actually happen. And I might be a bit more jumpy than I should be because of all the stories I've read. Too often even the willing transformed girls wind up in situations they didn't think they would.

"Well you're not in one of those. I'll be back in a week to change you back to normal. Now if I've answered all your questions, shall we go in? It's a bit awkward standing out here with a naked mannequin on a push-cart with a stand going into her crotch."

I hate you.

"I think I almost saw your glass eyes rolling. There's the manager, lets get you in place."

"You finally came in. Why did you stand out there for so long?" she scolded tartly.

"Sorry ma'am, just explaining to Saki here her new role in life. I changed her rather quickly so she's probably still in shock."

The manager glanced around quickly, checking if anyone was nearby. "Be quiet, I'd rather people not know where this new mannequin came from. Just get her over to the window and get out of here.  I’ll do the rest."

"Alright ma'am. I should tell you though that the spell is just a little... unstable."

Her eyebrows shot up: "What?"


"Oh, it's nothing major; it's just that for the first week the spell is still at work. There's a chance it could run out of energy before finishing the job fully, so every day or so it's a good idea to top it off, so to speak. All you need to do for that is have someone kiss her; everyone has some magic energy in them, and a kiss is a good way of transferring that energy to the spell. Make sure it's on the lips too; the mouth is one of the best places for energy to flow through."

The manager squinted at Quill. "What happens if the spell runs out of energy?"

"It reverses itself using the fail-safe energy it has stored."

"Fine, we'll keep the mannequin charged. Now, go!"

"Will do ma'am."

You just made all that up, didn't you?

"Yup. Enjoy! I'll be back to check up on you in a day or two. But for now, I'll leave you in the capable hands of the lady in the window."

Thank you Quill. I'll try not to freak myself out for the week. But you'd better be back!

"You know I will be. Excuse me miss, but I was told to bring this to you." Quill said to another young woman with a store name badge who had just stepped up to notice the new display figure.

Oh! It's Sarah. I guess I should have known I'd run into her. I wonder what she thinks of seeing a mannequin that looks like her friend?

"Thanks. I'll take good care of her!" Sarah beamed.

"I'm sure you will. Take care!"

"You too! Now Saki, shall we get you dressed?"

Did she just say Saki?

Sarah leaned closer to whisper in the mannequin’s plastic ear. "Oh Saki, I told you trying on that dress was a bad idea. Nancy has a bad habit of overreacting to people not following her rules. Now look at you; you're an inanimate testament to just how far she'll go to ensure people follow them."

Huh... I guess Nancy must have told Sarah about my being changed. Or is this Quill's doing? Either way, being dressed by her feels good, anywhere she touches me that tingly feeling gets stronger. I guess the stories got this part exactly right: human touch feels great!

"Well, I guess now you at least get to wear this dress as long as you want. It looks great on you by the way, even if you're meant to display it, not the other way around. I'm sorry I couldn't warn you, but I think if I had I'd be standing right there with you. Maybe Nancy will eventually get over it and have you changed back, but knowing her you're gonna be in this for the long haul. Sorry, Saki."

I look great? Come on Sarah – show me a mirror! ... Bah. She can't read my mind like Quill can, and now she's out of the window. And so my new life as a display piece truly begins. Except the mall is closing in fifteen minutes, so I guess I'll have to wait until to tomorrow to really get a feel for this.

Not many people in the mall at this time of day, and of the few that walk by only one or two have even given me a passing glance. I really am just another part of the background now. If I were human and wearing this dress, I know I'd be turning heads.

And there's security closing up for the night. Wait... that seemed like it went by really quickly. I guess it's really easy to just let my mind drift in this form. Ooooohhh! There's that vibrating stand Quill mentioned. My nights like this are promising to be fun.

- - -

"I'm back Saki!"  Sarah’s cheerful voice announced from the doorway.

What happened, did she forget something?

Sarah stepped into Saki’s vision, blushing slightly. "Nancy just told me something she wants me to do – on pain of winding up on display next to you – so sorry I can't pretend to do this and help you back to normal."  She closed her eyes and leaned in closer.

She can't mean... Yes she does!  

Sarah kissed the mannequin full on the figure’s rigid lips; hesitantly at first, then with more energy.  After a few seconds, her hand slipped behind Saki’s neck and pulled her closer.

Holy crap that feels good! Thank you Quill for thinking this one up! And... she's still going, and seems pretty into it. Either she likes me or she likes mannequins. Either way, I guess I'm happy. Nancy can send her in to do this every night!

After a time, Sarah finished her ‘energy boost’ and leaned away. "I hope you enjoyed that, all the stories say you should, but you never know, right?"

Stories? Could she..?

Her friend vanished from view. "Anyway I've gotta run. See you on Wednesday since I don't work tomorrow."

Awww... so who's going to 'charge my spell' tomorrow I wonder? Has Nancy told anyone else about me or will she do it herself? I guess I could spend all night wondering about this, but I think Quill is right; I should worry less and enjoy myself more. I think I'll just let myself drift away on this stand for the night. Mmmmm....

- - -

"Hello Saki," came a different, sterner, voice.  A hand was caressing her long, black, wig of hair.

What? Oh, it's morning. And Nancy is here. What do you want?

The manager moved in the window to where Saki’s glass eyes could see her. "I hope you're now regretting disobeying my rules. Employees aren't permitted to try on the designer dresses. I know what you make and you'd never be able to afford a creation like this."  She straightened the seam along Saki’s waist, running her hands along the smooth fabric.

What does that have to do with anything? We get customers in here all the time who can't afford them but try them on anyway. You just like ordering people around!

"Well now, I've done you a favor; you can wear that dress all you want since you're both property of the store. Once someone buys it off of you I'll probably find some lingerie or swimwear store to sell you to, in a different city. Asian mannequins are rare around here and I'm sure someone would want you for their window. And I can't let you stay here for too long since too many people that I can't threaten with the same fate might recognize you. When I think about it, I probably shouldn't have told Sarah I'd had you transformed, but she’s a smart cookie; a bit too smart, perhaps. Maybe when I sell you off I'll send her along with you in the same box."  The store manager smirked smugly.

You're such a bitch, Nancy! I can see why Quill said this was the easiest story to plant in your head.

"Anyway I've got work to do, there's a store behind you I have to manage, and a new mannequin I need to put on the inventory. Try to sell that dress quickly, OK?"  She patted the stiff display figure on her satin-covered butt as she left the window.

Ugh, she's even worse to deal with when she's gloating. At least now she should leave me alone, and I'll get to do some people watching. Nancy did raise a good point I hadn't thought about: I've walked this mall many times over, and I don't think I've ever seen an Asian mannequin. I wonder if I'll get more attention because of that? I'm also one of the most realistic mannequins in the mall, for good reason, and with Quill's comment that there are other transformed women like myself, I now wonder about the other realistic mannequins. I guess when I'm back to normal I'll look into that.

A youngster wandered up, barely visible at the bottom of the window. "Daddy look! That lady is pretty! Why don't you try asking her on a date?"

Looks like a kid noticed me. And is trying to set up her father with me?

The father wore a long coat, with a scarf across his shoulders. "Susan, that's not a real woman, she's just a dummy."

The little girl frowned theatrically. "That's not nice daddy! Just cause she's pretty doesn't mean she's dumb! No wonder you can't find a date."

Ouch, I kinda feel sorry for this guy.

"That's not what I meant, take a good look at that 'woman' in the window, Susan. Doesn't something seem... off... to you?"  He seemed patient, if this wasn’t the first explanation he’d given.

Susan stood on tip-toes, looking into Saki’s eyes. "Well... she is kinda shiny, and she's not moving."

"Right. She's shiny and she doesn’t move because she's really made of plastic. Stores use clothing dummies, or mannequins, like these to display clothing that people can buy. Think of her like one of your Barbie dolls that you have at home, only bigger."

Heh. I'm a barbie girl / in my barbie world / life in plastic / it's fantastic

Susan looked again, moving from side to side. "So she's just a doll?"

Her father smiled. "That's right Susan. Though you're right, she is a really very pretty doll."

Well thank you stranger. I wonder if you'd say that if you knew I could hear you?

He cupped his arm around her shoulder, guiding, "Anyway lets leave her for now. Her job is to sell that dress and neither of us are going to buy it, so we should let other people look at her. Now lets go get you that ice cream I promised you."

"OK daddy. Bye pretty dolly! If you ever turn real somehow, come find my dad!"


Awww... how sweet. Good luck in your search for love, random single guy. For your sake and your daughter’s. And ice cream in the morning? Or did I just blank out for a while again? I guess if there's no one paying attention to me it's easy to let my mind drift. I wish there was a clock or something in my vision I could use to tell the time.

Hey, it's Vivian! She must be on her lunch break. I wonder if she'll look at me, and if she does will she recognize me? Wait... she's with someone... Is that Quill? What are the two of them doing together? Hey... Their lips are moving, but I can't hear what they're saying. I guess Quill has that privacy spell up over the two of them. What are they talking about?

"Sorry Saki, just needed to discuss a few things in private with Vivian here. We came over to see how you're doing. Are you enjoying yourself?"

It's been an odd experience so far, but yeah, I'm liking it. I still don't know if I'd want to be this way forever, but I can see spending some time as a mannequin as a super way of relaxing.

"Well that's good to hear. By the way, I brought your associate Vivian along because she has something to tell you."

I wonder what that could be?

Vivian wasted no time getting to the point; she wasn’t shy about talking to a mannequin, either. "An employee of mine just found her life's calling as a sex-doll thanks to Mister Quill here, so I'm short some part-time help. Given your current... situation... I can understand if you'd want to quit your job here, so if you want a new one, the position at my store is open to you."

Really? Wait... sex-doll? You'll have to tell me about that one, Quill.

"If you're interested in hearing I'm more than willing to share, but about Vivian's proposal?"

I'll take it. I'd be happy to work for her.

"Vivian, she said she'd be happy to work for you."

That brought a bright smile. "Cool! I look forward to it Saki, now enjoy the rest of your week. I've got a few more things I need to discuss with Mister Quill before my lunch break is over, so we'll be leaving now."

Bye guys! And thanks to both of you!

"You're very welcome Saki. Oh! Almost forgot... There, you've not seen yourself yet right? This spell should give you the chance."

I don't know where that reflection came from but damn I look good. I wouldn't be surprised if this dress does sell while I'm on display. But would Nancy really sell me if that happens?

"Don't worry about that, if the gown sells you should be happy, since it means you'll have to be dressed again. It also means you'll have fulfilled your purpose as a mannequin, which should feel better than any vibrating stand ever could. Don’t worry; I'll make sure Nancy can't find a buyer for you in any case.

Alright, I'll trust you Quill. Have a good week!

"You too, Sakiquinn."

So fulfilling my purpose as a mannequin makes me feel good? Come to think of it, that tingly feeling has gotten stronger anytime someone is looking at me. And since I'm supposed to be looked at I guess it's supposed to make me feel good. Another thing the stories were mostly right about. Well... looks like the lunch rush is over. I guess I'll just drift for a while.

- - -

"So weird. Why is Nancy making me do this?"  It was a young woman’s voice, close by.

Huh? What's happening, why's it dark? I guess I lost myself for longer than I thought I would; it looks like the mall is closed. Now, whose voice did I hear...

"OK mannequin. Apparently I'm supposed to kiss you. Nancy didn't say why in her note, but was crystal clear in saying I'd be out of a job if I didn't, so pucker up and let's get this over with."

I don't recognize this girl; maybe she's my replacement? Huh... her kissing me doesn't feel as good as when Sarah did it. It didn't last as long either.

"There, it's done. Did you enjoy that, you plastic hussy? Cause I didn't. Is this some sort of hazing ritual for new workers? If so I guess it could be worse, but still, why kiss a mannequin?"

And then she was gone, I didn't even get her name. Oh well, the mall's closed and I'm feeling great. I'll just get lost in the tingling again.

- - -

"Still wearing that same dress I see? You weren't a very good sales clerk and you're not even a good mannequin. Maybe sales just isn't your thing, honey."

And good morning to you too, Nancy. Here to gloat again?

"So last night you should have met your replacement here at the shop. She seems like a bit of a rebel, so maybe you can expect some silent, stiff company in your window soon, after all she is trying to find a job in modelling.  Hah!  That’s rich..." The manager chuckled at her own joke.

I think maybe Quill's implanted story is starting to backfire, giving Nancy the idea that she can just turn anyone who opposes her into an object. I'll have to bring that up with him.

The manger patted Saki on her plastic cheek as the mannequin stared blankly into the mall. "Anyway dearie, do your best to sell that dress OK? It should be simple for you: you just need to stand there and look pretty and useless, just the way you did as a clerk."

Don't let her get to you, Saki. I don't have to work here once I get changed back. I'll just look at who's walking by to get my mind off from her. Hey, I seem to have caught someone's attention! It's an Asian woman who looks a bit older than I am, maybe in her late twenties, or early thirties. Wow, the tingly feeling from being looked a by one person has never been this intense, though her gaze is pretty intense by itself. Oh, she's coming in! Maybe she wants to try on the dress?

"Of course, Miss,” came the manager’s voice a minute later. “One moment while I get the dress off the dummy."

Oh great, more Nancy.

"Well what do you know? You are useful for something. Not only does it look like she can afford the dress, but I think she's actually going to buy it. I'll just leave you here in the window for now though, just in case you fail to do your job."  She removed the elegant dress quickly, leaving Saki in an odd pose, completely unclothed and akimbo on the display stand.

Aaah! The tingly feeling just doubled itself. Maybe I do react to someone wanting to buy what I'm wearing. It just keeps getting stronger, I've never felt anything like this as a real woman. At this rate I think Oooooooh!...

- - -

"..elieve she left you in here all day butt naked."

Wha? Where am I? Why can't I move?

"Sorry Saki, I'd have gotten in here to dress you sooner but Nancy gave me a whole list of busy work to do."

Sarah? Oh, that's right! I'm a mannequin, and I just sold a dress. Wow... a pleasure so intense it caused a blackout and temporary memory loss. I could get used to this.

"So anyway I should get you dressed now that I'm done, and we're almost closing. Prom season is coming up and since Nancy decided to keep you around for a while, probably to gloat more, she wants you dressed up for prom. The old biddy didn't specifically say which dress though, so I got to pick. You like?"

You know I can't answer you Sarah, but yeah, I think I'll look good in that one, even if it wouldn't be my first choice.

"You've got great legs, even if they are plastic, so I thought I'd pick a shorter one to show them off. And I know you don't normally like bright colours, but I figured that maybe you'd look good in this nice bright pink. It's a girly-girl dress, and they're the types that get most excited about prom, so putting you into this should make a quick sale."

Makes sense; and you dressing me in it feels as good as the last time did. Now... you said we're close to closing, so will you be..?

"Also, your current wig looks great, very traditional, but I can't help but wonder what you'd look like as a blonde."

Wait you're changing my hair? I guess so. At least show me what I look like! I don't want to have to wait for Quill to wander by again.

Sarah grinned slyly, "Oops, almost forgot to recharge the spell!"  She delivered the service superbly.

Well, you remembered this so I can forgive you. Yeah, this definitely feels better than when that other girl did it. You really get into this, don't you Sarah? But I still don't know if it's me you like, or just that I'm a mannequin.

"Thanks for that, Saki. And sorry I have to be part of keeping you like this.

Don't worry yourself Sarah, I did this to myself.

- - -

Nancy’s voice, dripping with sarcasm, grated: "Well don't you look pretty in that frilly pink candy explosion? If I'd been the one to dress you you'd be the slut of the prom, that girl everyone knows has been fucking every guy she can."

This is going to be her routine now isn't it? Coming here in the morning and mocking me. Her voice 'wakes me up' but I wonder if I can just drift off once I know she's here.

"Morning Saki! Oh, you sold the evening dress! That's great! You look good like this too, want to see?"

Quill! Thanks, Sarah keeps forgetting to put a mirror in front of me so I don't know how I look. Heh, should have known she'd give me that puffy curly blonde wig when she mentioned changing my hair. It matches this dress perfectly, doesn't it?

"Quite so. Though I think I'd have put you in something different. You’re suited to a more streamlined look than this dress offers, but you do still look good."

Yeah, I'd have picked something different myself. Mannequins don't get that choice though, do they?

"Nope, you're just a sales tool at the mercy of your dresser. Anyway, how's life on display treating you?"

Pretty good, other than my former manager coming by and gloating every morning.

"Yeah, she seemed like the type to do that. I could probably have stopped the taunting, but wanted to give you a bit of the authentic side of becoming a mannequin because someone else wanted you to be one. I've begun to ratchet up the guilt side of things though, so expect a change the next time you see her."

I don't know how much of a change I can expect in that bitch, but I'll watch for it. By the way, she threatened to turn my replacement into a mannequin as well, you may want to watch for that.

"I'll make a note of it. If she's really as bad as you seem to think maybe she needs to be taught a lesson."

That would be awesome. Oh, look who's here!

"Huh?"  Quill hadn’t noticed the little girl and her dad stepping up to the window.

The moppet hadn’t lost any of her zeal. "Do you think that lady is pretty too, mister?"

"Susan, don't bother the man."

Quill smiled.  "It's not a bother sir. Yes, Susan, I do think she's pretty. I take it you do as well?"

"Yeah, it's too bad she's not real though. She's just a dolly"

If only you knew, kid.

Quill asked, innocently, "Why do you want her to be real?"

"Come on Susan, let’s go..."

"Because Daddy thinks she's pretty too, and I think Mommy would have as well. She wouldn't mind daddy finding a new wife if she was pretty like that."


The father fidgeted as a blush crept up his neck. "Susan... Sorry sir, I don't know how to make her stop saying these things."

Quill chuckled, not letting them in on the joke. "It's not a problem for me really.” He crouched down to be on the girl’s level. “Susan, a doll wouldn't make a very good wife, even if they did come to life they wouldn't know how to behave properly. I'm sure somewhere out there is the right woman to be your daddy's new wife and your new mommy. You're certainly not going to find her in a shop window though. Hmm... Try the food court; I think you might have better luck if you went for some ice-cream.”  Quill stood up and handed some wadded bills to her father. “Here, it's on me for dashing your hopes of having a mannequin mommy."

Yeah... that's only slightly creepy. At least you're not giving it to her directly.

"Wow, thanks mister!"

"You really don't need to do this, sir."

Quill shrugged with a grin. "Don't sweat it, just go have fun with your kid. I wasn't joking by the way, go to the ice-cream place and follow Susan's lead, I've got good intuition for these things. Anyway I'd best be moving on. Have a great day, you two!"

Good intuition? You lying bastard, you know someone's there don't you? Hey! At least say goodbye to me!

"Let's go Daddy! I want ice-cream!"

"Well you've got the idea in your head now, and it's close enough to lunch... why not?"


Well I never expected that to happen. It's interesting what you can overhear when people don't know you're there. Is that maybe why Quill walked off without saying bye to me? I guess it's possible. Ah well, no one is looking at me so I'll just drift a bit.

- - -

"Hey! That one's pretty!"

"No it isn't, it's too frilly! And why would you want pink?"

"I like pink! And I like frills too!"

"But aren't all those frills going to get in the way when you want to take it off? You wouldn't want to keep Josh waiting, or he might just leave you for one of the other girls clamouring to date him."

"Why would she ever need to take it off in the first place? Everyone knows Donna is going to steal him away at prom."

Oh great, high-school drama. I don't really want to listen to this, but they're eyeing my dress so maybe I should pay attention. If it gets bought, I want to be ready for it.

"Oh shut up both of you? Why did I even come here with you?"

"Cause we know what to dress you in to at least have a chance of keeping that hunk you're dating."

"Yeah, you need something slinky and revealing, not this pink monstrosity."

"I keep telling you guys Josh isn't like that; he doesn't want a slutty girl! He's never made a move on me in that way, and he's been patient with me opening up physically."

"Yeah right; all guys want is sex, sex, and more sex. And the hotter they are the truer that is. If you don't show him you're ready soon, you're going to lose him. And with that pink thing on you won't even get to dance with him at prom before Donna jumps his bones."

Geez, how high-schoolers these days see the world. The girls think that guys are basically walking dildos and that they should be sex-dolls to match. At least one of them seems to have some sense. Come on girl, don't let these two bully you into buying something you don't want.

"Come on, let’s go find you a real prom dress!"

"But I want to try on that one!"

"No, you really don't. Now march!"

"Dammit, you two. Let go of me!"

Sheesh; stay strong kid. I'll still be here tomorrow waiting for you with this dress.

- - -

Suddenly, Sarah was smiling into my eyes. "Hey Saki! Your favorite time of day is here! That's right! I get to recharge the spell again!"

Wow, I must have drifted for a while there for it to be nighttime. Guess I'm not getting much attention if most high-school girls think the slutty look is better.

"Before I do though, I've got something I want to try. The lady at the soap-shop gave me some of their new lip-balm as a sample. She said it's so effective it can make even the hardest lips soft, so I know it's a long shot, but I'm going to put a bit on your lips before we do this."

So... if she wants my lips to be soft, does that mean it's me she likes?

"Alright, it's applied, now pucker up if you can!"

Hey! I can actually move my lips! They still tingle like plastic though, so maybe the lip-balm just restored movement without changing me back? Hey... Quill and Vivian were talking with each other, did he have something to do with this?

"It worked! You know, for a mannequin you give a pretty good kiss, Saki. I'll keep this stuff with me, not that I didn't like your hardened lips; I just figure you might like the opportunity to move even a small part of you. Good night Saki!"

Actually it feels pretty strange, but if it's to respond to you I don't mind. And good night Sarah.

- - -

Continued in Part 3 - Pleasures

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