Dream Weaver: A Week In Plastic 3 - Pleasures

by Shadedsun

This is one part of a multi-chapter story. The beginning: Transformation, can be found here, and the most recent chapter: Observations, can be found here.


"How's my favorite mannequin this morning?"  For once, it wasn’t Nagging Nancy...

Huh? Sarah? Oh, that's right, she starts early on Friday.

"Still in the pink dress eh? Don't sweat it; once school lets out today you'll have plenty of opportunities to sell it. Until then just enjoy watching the people go by. The crowds are always bigger closer to the weekend."

You don't have to tell me that Sarah, I already know from working here as a clerk.

"By the way, I know Nancy is looking to sell you, and I have a cousin who owns a swimwear shop down in the States somewhere, I think in Miami."

That doesn't sound good. I don't want to be shipped off somewhere.

"My cousin knows I have some odd... I'll just say tastes, and owes me a favor or two as well. She's going to buy you from Nancy and then give you to me. Then I can work on finding out a way to get you back to normal. Or at least to giving you back some movement."

Now that sounds more interesting. I'm starting to think that Sarah likes me and the fact that I'm a mannequin. Maybe I'll ask Quill to hold off on having Nancy change me back, though he'll still have to do something about her power-tripping.

"Anyway I hope that's good news to you. I figure that even if you're not really fond of me, I've got to be better than Nancy. If I do find some way to change you back, maybe we can both get revenge on her for you."

Well when I worked with you as a colleague I didn't really see you as anything other than a friend. Maybe it's the fact that I've been at your mercy the last few days but I'm starting to see you in a different light now. I think if I were to be like this forever, I wouldn't mind being your personal mannequin.

Sarah gave the mannequin a quick peck on the lips. "Have fun in the window today Saki. I've got to get the shop open."

Sarah... What do I do? I don't know if these feelings that are growing are because I'm basically her life-sized doll that she's been showing love to, or if I'm genuinely falling for her. I'm not even sure which I want them to be; I like the way she treats me as a mannequin, and I don't know if she'd treat me the same way as a person; or if I would feel the same way about her when I change back. Suddenly my relaxing mannequin vacation is becoming complicated. Ah well, I'm not going to do myself any good by worrying about it now. Maybe if Quill comes by I'll see what he thinks. The mannequin spell might have altered my thoughts a bit and I don't know about it.

A teen and her young-ish father appeared in front of the window. "I don't understand why you didn't get your dress yesterday when you were out with your friends hon," the man chided.

"Because my 'friends' kept making me try on dresses that made me look like a cheap slut; they wouldn't let me try on what I wanted to!"

Oh! It's the girl from yesterday. And it looks like she held out against her friends. You go, girl!

"You just need to be more assertive with them. They're your friends, they should listen when you have an opinion."

"Well, they don't. They think I know nothing about guys and said what they were doing was for my own good. I even tried sneaking off from them a couple of times but they would always catch me. Anyway dad, that's the dress I really want to try on."

She's pointing at me!

"That one? Pink? It's a bit over-the-top is it not?"

"That's the point! I want to feel like a princess in my prom dress; the theme is fairy-tales after all."

That actually sounds like a fun theme. Mine was the Renaissance, it's an interesting theme, but not necessarily fun.

"Fine, fine. I won't be like your friends. If you want to try that on you're free to do so, let’s go in..."

"Thank you dad!"

Oooh.. there's that strong tingling again. Hmm... that girl looks about my size, I wonder if we have another copy of this dress in the store, or if I'll be left buck naked again?

This time it was Sarah doing the clerking. "You're doing well here Saki; a girl wants to try on your dress! Yours is the only one in her size though, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to strip you down, although I'll get you dressed back up quickly once I'm done with the sale."

You don't have to worry about that, if it sells I'll be unconscious in a state of bliss and I want to be awake when you dress me.

"As a side note, I think my choice of wig for you was brilliant; the girl interested in the dress has the same style hair as you do right now."

I don't know if that would really change her decision that much. Aww.. you're done undressing me? Your touch felt even better than normal.

"OK, I've got to get the dress to the customer. See you soon, Saki."

Now I just have to stand here and wait to see if the dress sells or not, as the tingling gets stronger and stronger. If she's anything like I was in high-school, she could take a while to make up her mind, so I'll get to watch what kind of reactions my naked plastic body gets without having Quill distract me. Hmm... I'm getting more than a few side-long glances from men as they walk by. Ooh, there's an envious look from a woman, does she want my body too, I wonder? Or does she want to be in here instead of me? Aaahh! I think that girl is about to make a decision; the tingling has peaked, and seems to be waiting for someth... Aaaaaaaaaahh!

- - -

"..ting to think that maybe I was a bit too harsh."  A familiar voice; an unfamilar manner.

Mmm... I'm so exhausted I can't move a muscle. I've never felt so good before.

Her eyes were downcast, she spoke softly. "There were other ways to punish you than to have you turned into... this."

Turned.. into? Oh yeah! I'm a mannequin on display. I don't know if I'll ever get used to blacking out like that. And is this remorse from Nancy? I wasn't sure Quill would ever be able to get that out of her.

"I've had someone make an offer on you you know. A good offer. I could be rid of you by selling you to a swimwear shop down in Miami. You'd probably look better in their window than in ours. I'd just need to have you changed to a more appropriate pose."

So Sarah had her cousin put in the offer. I wonder what's going to come of that? And didn't Quill say he'd block any offers made on me?

"But I'm not sure I want to do that now. I'm still angry with you, Saki, but taking away your humanity doesn't seem like a wholly appropriate response."

No shit. You just figured that out?

The manager looked deep into the mannequin’s vacant, unblinking eyes. "So I think I'll leave it to fate to decide whether I should sell you or not. You haven't had your spell recharged today, and you won't have it charged for the rest of the week. If you're still a mannequin on Tuesday morning, I'll sell you off. If you change back before, then you're free to go. I'll even pay you triple your normal rate for every hour you’ve spent in the window while the shop was open."

I was a mannequin when we were closed too! Why not pay me for those hours?

"I'll put it down as a ‘special modelling’ job on the time sheet. As for why you don't get paid for the hours we're closed, I just figure you're not doing anything different than what you normally do when off work: standing around looking pretty. Only when you're like this it's not to attract the attention of some guy to fuck."

Even when you're trying to be somewhat nice, you're still just a bitch aren't you?

Nancy also skipped her usual preeening of the figure. "Anyway we're closing up for the night. Oh, and Sarah really knows how to dress you. If you went to prom dressed like that, you'd be the girl every guy wants to fuck, without the slutty aspect of what I'd have put you in."

Of course I've been changed, I guess. Too bad I wasn't awake for it. And now I'm all alone; not even knowing what I look like. Ah well, time to enjoy the pleasures of a vibrating mannequin stand.

- - -

Mmmm... Oh, it's light! And I've got a crowd of teenage girls staring at me. I guess I really do look good like this. Too bad I don't know what I look like!

"I wish I had the figure to wear a dress like that."

"I wish I could afford a dress like that!"

"I'm not sure any high-school girl could afford that. Unless you're the daughter of a CEO for some huge company maybe."

This is driving me nuts, I want to know what I look like!

"Yeah, who would have thought to weave diamonds into a fabric? Couldn't they have just used rhinestone or beads or something?"

Diamonds? What the heck did Sarah dress me in?

"Beads wouldn't have the same effect. Nothing sparkles like a diamond, even little chips like those have that unique sparkle."

"But then at least people could afford the dress. If the designer was going to make it expensive, they could have at least made it gaudy too. Not something that any girl would want to wear."

Argh! The tingling from all this attention feels great, but it's being diminished by not knowing what I'm wearing! Even if Quill wandered by he probably wouldn't be able to show me cause of this crowd.

"That oriental mannequin wearing the dress is really pretty too."

"You're right, for a piece of sculpted plastic she's not bad. She's also lucky since she doesn't have to pay for the dress to wear it."

That is a nice perk of being a mannequin, but it only counts if you know what you look like!

"Maybe she doesn't have to pay for it, but she also doesn't get to reap the benefits of wearing it, either. Sure she'll get attention, but mostly from girls looking at the dress. If a guy did notice her she wouldn't be able to act on that would she? Even if she could move, she can't have sex: mannequins don't have pussies."

"Too true. Even if she somehow ended up at our prom wearing that dress, she wouldn't be any competition for us real girls eh?"

"None at all. Now if she was a sex-doll, that might be a different story, but then why would she need the dress?"

Great, now they're all laughing at me. At least they seem to be moving on though. Come on Quill, wander by and show me how I look! Before someone else...

"Daddy! Look, the dolly's been changed again!"

"Sus... Wow. Whoever dressed her this time picked out a fantastic dress. She looks amazing."

Thanks again stranger, but mind telling me more about what I'm wearing?

"She's always so pretty! I want to be like her when I grow up!"

It does feel pretty good kid, but I'm not sure your daddy would like you becoming a mannequin.

"I'm sure you will be pretty like her Susan. Prettier actually, since you woudn’t be stuck in one pose in a window all the time. Now come on Susan, Irene said she'd meet us at the Cafe near the food court soon. You don't want to make her wait do you?"

"No! Let's go daddy. Bye, pretty Dolly!"

I've never heard him mention Irene before. Maybe she's the person Quill pointed him to? Hey! It's Vivian!

She's just looking at me. I guess she doesn't want to start talking to a mannequin; it would look pretty crazy. She's smiling though; she always has such a warm smile. Hmm... she's sitting on the bench across from me. And has pulled out a pad of paper and coloured pencils... Oh! She's drawing me! I never knew she's an artist. I hope she's good. I really want to know what I look like. I'll have to try not to drift till she's done drawing me. But the tingly feeling from being examined by her feels so good... and no one else seems to be watching me...

Oops! I lost myself, but... Phew, she's still there. And she's getting up, is she done? She's walking over, and... showing me the picture! Wow... she is really good. So much detail in the dress, even some of the sparkle from the diamonds. Lets see... It's another strapless dress, deep navy blue this time, and it seems to have a bit of a corset built in, though that can't affect my plastic shape. It's a long dress, without much flare, and a slit down either side. My right leg is sticking out of the slit while the curve of my hips is accentuated by the flow of the dress. I look so elegant! And it looks like Sarah took my original long 'wig' and gave it an oriental style do-up, complete with chopsticks going through the main knot of hair. I'll have to ask Vivian if she can give me a copy of this drawing, I really do look fantastic. Aww... she just blew me a kiss before walking back towards her shop. I guess she used her break to come draw me. I finally know what I look like! Yay!

- - -

"Hey, yo, too bad she isn't real eh?  Check ‘em out!"

"What, you mean the Asian dummy?"

"Yeah dude, if she was a real girl wouldn't you want to get her in the sack?"

Sigh... and here I was chastising the girls not two days ago for thinking all guys want is sex. Now I hear this...   Oh, well.

"Hmm... Yeah, she is pretty hot. But what makes you bring it up? There's plenty of hot live girls at our school who are pretty easy."

"Just a rumour I've heard. Friend of a friend said the apparently some of the mannequins in this mall used to be real women, and for the right price you can bring one of those to a special room where they're able to move for a little while – long enough – and they only have one thing on their mind: Sex."

Quill never mentioned that. Neither has Nancy, and I know she'd have put me up on offer if she knew about it. I guess Quill doesn't have any part in that operation.

"How can you have sex with a mannequin? They have no pussy down there.  Just smooth plastic."

"Apparently whatever makes them move takes care of that problem. Once in there they're nothing but obedient little sex-toys."

"And you think that racy dummy there is one that can be rented?"

"Look how realistic she is. She's got to be a real girl turned into a mannequin."

I am, but I'm not going to be your personal sex-slave.

"Dude, I think you've been watching far to much TV recently to get an idea like that into your head. That's just a molded piece of plastic made to look like an amazingly lifelike smokin’ Asian woman. Mannequins have been getting pretty realistic recently, without needing to turn mad scientist."

"You're probably right. But wouldn't it be great if those rumours were true?"

"Would it really be satisfying to fuck a piece of plastic? Even if it can move?"

I know it would probably be satisfying for this piece of plastic. I still wouldn't want to go through that with either of you though.

"I can't say until I try it. But this little number here's probably too expensive for me anyway, let’s go."

Do I see a bulge in your pants? You really want me don't you? Too bad Charlie! Though, if you've got a mannequin fetish maybe Quill can help you out, but I won't be your object of affection. Of course now I'm wondering if those mannequins 'for rent' are really willing subjects too or if they're just targeted because they're good looking? I really hope they're willing. The idea of someone turning women into mannequin-sex-slaves against their will is terrifying.

"It is isn't it? That's actually part of the reason I've opened up in this area. There's a rogue mage here that's running that operation. I'm busy tracking her down."

Quill! Don't sneak up on me! You know I have a limited field of vision.

"Sorry. Nice sparkly dress by the way, you look as good as Vivian said you did."

Thanks. Now what was this about a rogue mage?

"She's a magic user like me; only she doesn't have as much power as I do. She is really good with transformation spells though, and hasn't gotten over her power trip yet. She's been capturing good-looking women in the area and turning them against their will into mannequins, sex-dolls, statues and the like; either for her own benefit or at the request of someone else. Think of her as an evil version of me."

That... doesn't sound good.

"It isn't but I've almost got her tracked down now so all I'll need to do is confront her. The difference in our magical power is pretty substantial in my favor so I'm not worried about that. It helps that magic that isn't my own can't ‘stick to’ me, so even if she does get the upper hand with a transformation spell, I'll break it fairly quickly. The main bulk of the cleanup will be getting all the women she’s changed back to normal."

Do you think any of them will want to stay the way they are?

"It's possible; you've felt for yourself the pleasures of being a mannequin, and you can bet the other mage would have tried to make it even more pleasurable to break the girls’ resistance faster. Some will want to return to normal for certain, the remaining ones that don't will be taken care of properly."

Magic seems like some pretty scary stuff in the wrong hands. I'm sure if you'd wanted you could have made me think I've always been a mannequin.

"That I could have, though it would take a lot of energy and time on my part. You've been a living woman for twenty-one years and I'd have to erase every memory of that time, and replace them with memories of your being created in a factory, then shipped to your destination. That's not as simple as the stories make it sound."

I guess that's a good thing. You won't have to worry about that having happened to any of this other mage's victims.

"Yeah. Hmm? OK I got ya. Sorry Saki, one of my informants just contacted me, it seems he found out where the other mage is hiding. I'll probably be gone for the next day or so, cleaning up her mess, so I'll see you either late Monday or early Tuesday to change you back."

All right. Good luck Quill!

"Thanks Saki. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!"

And there he goes. I'm glad I ran into him and not that other mage. As much as I'm enjoying being a mannequin, I know it's because it's temporary. Also, not being made to be random people's sex-slave is a nice bonus. Anyway the crowds seem to be thinning out and I think I've had enough excitement for one day. I'll just drift till tomorrow morning.

- - -

"Evening, Saki!"

Hello Sarah. I didn't think I'd see you tonight.

"I got a little something for you. There's a new jewellery shop that opened up in the mall since you've been... like this. The owner's a little strange, but he makes all the stuff himself! He even said some of his items have magical powers. Do you believe that?"

Considering what I am right now, you should be able to answer that for me.

"Well, I asked him if he had anything that could bring inanimate objects to life, and he showed me this pendant. It was only twenty dollars so I bought it."

Twenty dollars? Did she find Quill's shop, and he just made it look different?

"Alright, I'm going to put this on you, lets see if it works." Sarah looped the pendant over Saki’s neck.

Can I move? ... Nope. As stiff as ever. Guess the jeweller was just yanking her chain, so to speak.

Sarah pouted. "Aww... I should have known it was too good to be true. I didn't even bring my special lip balm since I was so sure this would work. Ah well, I really do enjoy your hard plastic lips as well."

Why is she doing this? Nancy said she wasn't going to 'recharge the spell' anymore. I'm enjoying it either way, and I know it doesn't do anything, but what's going on?

At the end of another long kiss, Sarah seemed happier. "You were as good as ever Saki. I can't wait to have you all to myself, in the meantime I'm going to go return this pendant."

Can't wait to have me all to herself? She does want me as a mannequin! But she's been going to all this trouble to try to make me move... why is she being so confusing? Bah. I could stay up all night wondering about this but I know I wouldn't get anywhere, so it's drifting time again.

- - -

"I almost envy you, you know?"

Hmm? It looks and sounds like Nancy, but it can't be Nancy.

"You're not going to age like this, you don't have to worry about petty human problems like money and relationships,"

Oh really? Try being in my shoes this week.

"...you get to wear only the best clothing all the time, and the guy who transformed you said being like that actually feels really good."

I'll give you that last one.

"Would it really be so bad if you ended up stuck like this? Permanently beautiful, a literal object of desire?"

At the start of the week I'd have answered yes. Now... There's some wiggle room in that answer. I still want to be changed back, but maybe being human would be my vacation time. I still wouldn't want to be your mannequin though.

"I hope you're ready for the real possibility of being Saki-the-mannequin permanently. The spell didn’t fade away. You might change back before I sell you, but really I think the odds are against you. Maybe someone down in Miami will see you for what you really are, and find some way to change you back. I guess you can always hope for that."

Guess you don't know that Sarah will be the one keeping me if that sale does happen.

"Anyway, enjoy your days on display, and if you change back, try not to make too much noise. I know where your stand is placed and I'd rather not have to explain why there's a living girl having an orgasm in my front window."

Good to know you care about that, and not about how uncomfortable it would be to not be able to get off the stand! I think this thing is going fairly deep inside of me. I'm all alone now, and Sunday is a shorter day than usual. Guess I'll start people watching.

Hey! It's the guy who always comes here with his daughter! I don't see Susan around though, and is he holding hands with that woman? Yes! Nice work stranger!

"This is the mannequin that Susan seems to have become so enamoured with. She even said once she wanted to be just like her."

"Hmm... She is really pretty, especially dressed up so elegantly like that. I can see why Susan would be taken with her."

"I just don't want her to get the idea in her head that she could be a mannequin. That's not possible."

Yes it is, I'm living... well... inanimate proof.

"Oh? Why do you say that?"

"You're joking, right? A woman turning into an inert object just can't happen. That's the stuff of stories and movies."

"Really now? I think I'm going to have to change your mind on that one. Come on, there's a shop not far from here that I need to buy something from. I want you to take the day off from work tomorrow, and I'll show you just how 'impossible' what you're thinking of really is."

Wow, she's straightforward. Quill pointed him in her direction, and she seems to know about Quill's shop; maybe she's a friend of his?

Oh look, it's one of the two guys from yesterday. Joy. He's eyeing me and has a rather obvious bulge in his pants; come on kid, control yourself. Oh, he's coming into the store like that? Guess he wants to try and rent me. Too bad kid, I'm not part of that circle.

And a few minutes later he's out again. What's wrong? You look disappointed. Go and get yourself a real girlfriend. Or if it's actually a mannequin you want wait till Quill deals with the rogue mage and satisfy yourself with one of the girls who wants to stay an object.

Sigh... I'm not getting much attention today, oh! There goes the stranger and his girlfriend again! Wait... That bag is from Suddz. I guess Quill and Vivian formed some sort of partnership, that or she's just going to role-play.

Well, if people aren't going to pay attention to me, I'm not going to pay attention to them. Time to drift.

- - -

"Well Saki, Nancy wants you taken out of the display."

Huh? Sarah? But you don't work on Sun... Damn, I drifted for a long time. And being taken out of the display? Hmm... I guess I get to experience storage as a mannequin. If I were like this permanently I would have to deal with that, so I guess I'm OK with it.

"I guess she's worried about you changing back today. She doesn't want you scaring customers by coming to life in front of them."

So she does have some sense.

"I'll be taking you to the back, and today I'm the only employee allowed back there. You and I will have some free time."

Oh? Alone in the back of the store with the girl who's been making my time as a mannequin even more enjoyable than it would have been. Also alone with the girl who seems to want to keep me as a mannequin. This could be interesting.

"All right then, here we are. Now let's get that dress off of you shall we? It's in the way of what I want to do next."

I have an idea of what you want to do, and I know that in your head that also equals me staying your mannequin, but I'm actually coming around to the idea. Do well enough here and I might just ask Quill to leave me be.

"So that soap store got in a new product. This one supposedly is real magic. All I need to do is rub this lotion on you, and just like with the lip balm, your plastic body should soften enough for you to move."

Oh? There's actually hope for this one, could these magical lotions be what Quill and Vivian were talking about?

"Now where should I start?.. Ohh! I have an idea!"

What? Oh. Sarah is stripping, not bad!

"The manager said this wouldn't have any effect on a living person, so I'm going to rub it all over myself first, then smear it on you by body contact. Sound like fun?"

Oh hell yes! If this works I'm going to be one happy mannequin. Heh, you're making a show of getting all covered in it. If you're trying to excite me then it's working.

"There. I'm ready. Now, are you?"

And she starts with a kiss. And... I can respond! I can feel the places where she's made contact starting to regain movement. Come on Sarah, get my arms and legs. Just being able to move my torso and face isn't much.

"Mmm... you really are a good kisser. So can you respond to me like this?

I hadn't thought of that, can I talk.... nope. Having no windpipe really hinders witty conversation. Has she unfrozen enough of me that I can shake my head?.. Yes she has.

"No talking huh? Well at least you're moving! Let me get the rest of you unfrozen then I'll pull you off the stand and we can have some real fun!"

Please do! Even when a dress sells I've never felt as good as when you were kissing me just now.

"Oh Saki, I've always wanted you, even before you became a mannequin. But now that you're plastic I just couldn't help myself! I know the pleasure I'm bringing you must be altering your perceptions of me, and I know that isn't really fair of me to do that to you, but I just want you so much."

You wait till now to say that? While you're rubbing your body up against mine, preparing for a sexual romp with your plastic former co-worker? At this point it's not going to change much. Hell, you probably could have told me outright that you were going to make me yours the first time you saw me like this, and I'd still be kissing you right now.

"Whether you change back or not Saki, why don't you come live with me? That soap store sells some really neat products now, maybe we could reverse our roles from today?"

That sounds good Sarah, but for now, let me off this stand and lets really get into it!

"Oh I'm so happy you agree! Now we've got three hours left till Nancy arrives. So the next two-and-a-half are pure fun! Off that stand you come!"

If you can keep going for two-and-a-half straight hours you wouldn't have needed me to be a mannequin to win me over.

- - -

Wow... Never has sex been so intense, and I'm glad I didn't black out till I was put back on the stand. I'd be perfectly happy to be bought by Sarah's cousin and stay frozen like this in Sarah's bedroom forever. Well... maybe not stiff forever with that lotion of hers. Still... I think I'll have Quill change me back and I'll just move in with her. The other things we can buy are probably going to be lots of fun too. Did the shadows in here just get darker? Nancy could have left a light on for me.

"She could have, but she just sees you as an object now, so why would she?"


"The one and only. So... had yourself a little tryst eh?"

You heard that? How long have you been there?

"Since a little before you came to. I thought it would be polite to wait."

You just wanted to eavesdrop!

"That too. So, you want to be changed back then eh?"

Yes. I've enjoyed my time as  mannequin, but I think I want to give being human a shot again. I'm still basking in the afterglow, and that's a really stupid time to make a life-altering decision.

"A wise observation that too many people overlook. Alright, lets get you back to my shop and back to normal..."

- - -

Concluded in Part 4 - Permanence

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