Dream Weaver: A Week In Plastic 4 - Permanence

by Shadedsun

This is one part of a multi-chapter story. The beginning: Transformation, can be found here, and the most recent chapter: Pleasures, can be found here.


"So did you enjoy your last hurrah as a mannequin; being wheeled through the mall, naked, and attracting the attention of everyone around you?" Quill was in a jovial mood.

I did actually. When you did that the first time I was a bit embarrassed, but the week in the window taught me that while people may be seeing my body naked, it's not really MY body they're seeing. It's just a plastic copy of a sensual female body; nobody knows I'm really a real woman, so why should I care? Not to mention being stared at felt great!

"I knew it would, that's one of the reasons we made that little detour to the cafe on the other side of the mall."

And what was the other reason? You wanted a coffee?

"Hot chocolate actually. I grabbed you one as well, that and a brownie; you're going to be hungry when you change back."

Well thanks for that at least. Did you consider that I might want something low fat though? If I eat too much stuff like that I'll lose this statuesque body of mine.

"Not for the next week you won't. I'm still not sure why, but spending time as any inanimate object stops a person form ageing and gaining any weight for an equal amount of time once they're changed back. You can eat as much as you want this week and you won't gain a thing."

If you're not lying to me that's the best deal ever!

"I'm not. Anyway, shall we get you back to normal?"

Please. How does that work? Do you just pluck me off the stand?

"If that was the case then Sarah would have changed you back when she did that."

Oh. Right.

"I'm just going to put you on a different stand. I've already got it set up in the mirror-room, along with the clothing you came in here wearing. It'll be like the initial transformation, just a little slower. If you don't mind me being there while you're changing back, I can tell you the story of how your new job opened up."

You mean Vivian's employee that decided to become a sex-doll? Sure. You helped me live out a fantasy, and may be doing so again in the future, so I think you've earned the right to see my real body naked. That and I'm really curious.

"I knew you would be. Now let's get you fitted on the stand... there. As of now I can't read your thoughts anymore, so we can't really communicate till you've fully changed back."

I guess you don't get to hear the comments from the peanut gallery then. Probably a good thing for you.

"Anyway the story of how Laura became a sex doll is actually rather simple. Unlike you, she didn't seem to have any fears about becoming an object, and also had a very specific fantasy in mind for how she would get to that state."

Laura? That's the girl who became a sex-toy? I'll admit she had the body for it, but I never would have guessed that aspect of her. She was such a shy, mousy little thing. Well... Height, and weight little anyway, there was certainly nothing little about other parts of her.

"So I'm tending to the shop last Monday after leaving you in Sarah's capable hands, when suddenly this little ball of energy bursts into the shop in a panic, saying something about not being able to find her purse. I looked up from the potion I was mixing just in time to see her realize that she wasn't in the shop she was looking for. She apologized quickly then ran outside, I saw her turn around, look up and down the mall in a very confused fashion, then come storming back into the store. Much like you, she demanded to know what had become of Vivian's store."

Well yeah, who wouldn't?

"Unlike you she didn't argue with me, instead she was quite convinced of my powers, though that may have been because my potion chose that moment to go haywire, going up in a cloud of magical smoke and leaving me with tie-dyed hair."

That would have been a sight to see. Too bad I missed it.

"Once she saw that, she immediately grasped my true nature and asked if I had anything that would turn her into a silicon love doll."

That progressed quickly.

"I said yes, it was possible for a small fee, and asked how long she wanted to be changed for. I was a little surprised when she said forever, but I've been in this business long enough to handle things like that. Still, I don't tend to make permanent changes for no reason, and generally make people try their fantasy for a short time before making it permanent so I asked her why she wanted to be a love doll so badly."

Sounds like a sensible policy.

"I was a bit taken aback by her response, and I’ve heard a lot of strange things: Her boyfriend had a full-size doll collection, real moulded silicon love dolls, and her favourite thing to do on her time off was to join his collection. She would go to his house, strip herself down, then act like a doll; she wouldn't move or talk unless she absolutely had to, and she'd let him use her in any way he liked. She wouldn't even complain if he just ignored her and just used his other dolls."

Wow... talk about dedication to a fantasy. I can see acting like a doll being fun, but being ignored for a real doll would just piss me off, and earn my lover a slap in the face.

"She and her boyfriend shared a fantasy: that one time when she was being used, she'd just change. One minute her boyfriend would be having sex with a flesh-and-blood woman, the next he'd be masturbating with a silicon toy. Their shared fantasy would be ruined if she changed back, so she wanted it to be permanent or not happen at all. I decided if that was what she really wanted, then who was I to stop her; I sold her a special pill – after she had gone to retrieve her purse and tender her resignation to Vivian – that would see her fantasy come true. That and give her already sexy body even more idealized proportions. So that's that. Right now she's a piece of silicon patiently waiting to be used, and you're almost done changing back."

Hmm? Oh, so I am. I hope the stand retracts itself when I'm done.

"You look just as good in the flesh as you do in plastic, Saki. Anyway I'll leave you here to finish the change and get dressed on your own. Just come out to the front when you're ready."

Thanks for the story Quill; this could have been boring. So... It looks like just my hips need to change back, so I should be done pretty soon. I'll miss the tingling, but it will be nice to move under my own power again, without the assistance of magic that is. I wonder if I'll be stiff from... being stiff for so long. If I am maybe Quill has something to help with thaaa "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa".

*pant* "Damnit *pant* Quill! You could *pant* have warned me about that!"

"And what would have been the fun in that?"

Damnit, I can just see the smirk on his face as he said that. Ah well, at least his surprises are enjoyable. That and I'm not the one that has to clean up in here. Well, time to get dressed, as well as eat that brownie. I am truly hungry! And since he can hear me... "So what were you and Vivian up to? Sarah has a couple of products from her shop that affected my transformation."

"I can explain that myself Saki."


"Yes. Quill here has been instructing me in alchemy. I've always had some talent for it, but I've never had formal training so I've mostly stuck to selling very basic potions; In the form of soaps."

"Your soap is magical?"

"Some of it, yes. The ones meant to relax or inspire passion have the most magical power in them, but the energizing ones have some as well. I've also been selling a few of the mixtures that Quill has been helping me with, so there are some rather powerful potions on my shelves right now"

"I always thought your soap was better than normal stuff. I guess this explains it."

"It does. And since you work for me now, and have been through what you have, I don't mind you knowing."

"So did Laura know?"

"Yes, all of my employees knew. Laura had asked me once or twice if I could help her out, but my power just wasn't there yet."

"You sound like you would have done it if you could."

"Yes, I would have. I helped with what I was able to though; I made her a soap that would leave her paralyzed and poseable for a while after using it. I'm glad she's finally living her dream, thanks to Quill."

"I'm happy for her as well. But what happens when her boyfriend either dies or gets bored of her?"

"Not to worry Saki, That's taken care of; she'll turn back into a living woman."

"Isn't that against her wishes though?"

"Yes and no. She doesn't want to be a woman, but as a doll she wants an owner who will love her and look after her, as well as treat her like the doll she is. So when she changes back she'll find the pill, which is actually a small gemstone, in her hand. The gem is laced with spells that will lead her to someone with a fantasy compatible to hers. Then she'll seduce them and become their doll while they're in bed together."

"So she's just going to continually find a new owner for herself?" I guess that cuts down on Quill's work after the fact. And kills two birds with one stone since she's fulfilling a fantasy for someone else as well as herself.

"That about sums it up. I don't do that for everybody though. Some people say they want to be an object permanently, but really they're tied to one person, and when that person passes on they're no longer happy."

"So what other things do you do?" I was actually somewhat scared to hear this.

"For some the best thing is to simply allow them to move on themselves. Their body stays behind as whatever they became, but their spirit leaves this world, the way it would have if they were still human."

"So... they die." That is a little scary... but at the same time, at least it's natural.

"Yes. Some don't want to go that route though, they just want to stay what they are until they get destroyed, which has the same effect. Though that can take a very long time."

"Destroying an objectified person kills them? I'm glad I didn't know that, or think of it, over the past week."

"You didn't have to worry. Temporary spells make you indestructible. Even permanent ones have that effect. There are people out there now that will remain objects until the death of this world. Some people chose to allow themselves to be degraded over time as part of their fantasy. That's all that meant."

"I think being an object till the world ends would be just as scary!" Being a mannequin was fun, but that seems more than slightly over-the-top.

"It would be without someone there with you. So is being alive till the world ends, which is why I'm actually happy whenever someone decides to go that particular route."

"What do you mean?"

"Magic comes from the world around us, and from within ourselves. Most mages are capable of using only the magic that dwells within them. I can use that, as well as all the world's magic, which is near infinite. Because I'm open to the world's magic, it sustains me; I don't have to eat or drink or breathe; I can recover from pretty much any injury. At least the ones I've tested. Not even another mage with my degree of power can kill me, since we'd be drawing from – and attempting to harm – the same source of power, and it will not harm itself. I'm stuck with this world till it ends, so anybody who I meet that wants to come along for the ride – even as an object – is a good thing. Having company is nice."

I want to say something, rather than stand here with my mouth hanging open, but I honestly can't think of anything.

"Well, I think I've bothered you with this hocus-pocus for long enough. Here, Catch!"

"Whoa! What're these? Keys?"

"They’re to Sarah's apartment. She'd left them hanging off your plastic finger earlier. I took them off for the walk through the mall. The address is on there too."

Vivian piped up: "I can drive you there if you'd like Saki. I'm sure Sarah would be happy to see you."

"I don't know. I think she would, but she might be a bit disappointed as well..."

Quill added, "You won't know unless you go, and I'm not changing you back to plastic until you find out. Otherwise this is going to eat away at you."

"You're right. Vivian, I'll take you up on that offer."

Three Months Later

"Have a good afternoon Saki! Say hello to Sarah for me."

"I will, Vivian. You have a good afternoon too!" I can't believe it's been three months since I moved in with Sarah. I've never been in a faster moving relationship before, though I guess I was "with" her for a week in a sense before I moved in with her. I have to say... I kind of miss being a mannequin. I liked the attention, getting to wear pretty clothes, and that lovely tingling feeling that came with being plastic. Even the immobility was kinda fun. Vivian has that soap that stiffens us up, but it's nothing compared to really being plastic.


I know that voice...

"Susan! You can't just go... Whoa!"

I had to smile, now that I could. "Hello Susan. And hello, stranger. I never did get your name back then." I wonder what he's thinking right now.

The little girl was wide-eyed, amazed. "You are the dolly! You turned real! Why didn't you come find my daddy?"

"Because the last time I saw your dad he was with a lady just as pretty as I am. I didn't want to get in the way of that."

"Hmm... Ok! I forgive you, dolly. I do like Irene; she buys me ice-cream whenever I ask for it!"

"She does spoil you Susan. My name is Rob by the way," he said as an introduction while he sort of stared at me in a flattering fashion.

"I'm Saki; nice to meet you Rob. You don't seem very surprised to see me out and about like this."

"After the things I've done with Irene, it really isn't all that surprising. That and Irene mentioned she'd seen you working at the soap shop. Then, I kinda already knew."

"Well that explains that. Anyway it was nice to run into you and Susan again, but I've got to get going. If you see me around the mall feel free to come have a chat!" Irene said she had something special planned for our 3rd month anniversary. It really isn't that much to celebrate, but I know her surprises are always good.

"Likewise. See you around, Sakiquin"

"Bye, dolly!"

"Haha. Bye you two!" Time to get home, I wonder what she's got planned?

I'm so glad Vivian lets me off a bit early. I can catch the bus that gets me home quickly, as opposed to waiting a half hour after my shift like Sarah has to. Not to mention, that bus comes during rush hour so it takes even longer. I think Quill should have been harsher in punishing Nancy, such as having her get a headache when she’s being mean to people; whatever he did hasn't slowed her down yet.

Ah well, I can use this time to take a nice bath and get ready for Sarah. Let's see... I don't want to use any of our magical soaps – yet – so... this one should work. Just a nice relaxing one.

saki soaped

Ahh.... I love hot baths. I can just feel the stress of the day melting away, though there really isn't much stress working for Vivian since she's really relaxed herself. Hmm... I wonder if she'd be ok with my taking a week off? I'm getting a craving for being plastic again. It's pretty strong too, since I can almost feel the tingling. Mmmm...

Wait... that's not just my imagination, is it? Holy crap! I'm turning into plastic! Or rather I AM plastic!

But I can still move... why can I still move? And...

Whoa, I must have fallen asleep in the bath or something; it's already almost six-thirty. Sarah should be home any second. What will she think seeing me like this?

Actually... This is probably her doing. Maybe she switched the soaps?

So... I'll play a trick on her. I'll can get out of the bath, and pose like I was admiring myself in the mirror when I froze, then I'll try to hold as still as possible. I'll make her think I can't move. That ought to throw her off!

Oh! I hear the door unlocking, I'd better get into position quick!

Moments later, Sarah entered the apartment, calling out, "Hi Saki!"

Hmm... Do I see if this allows me to talk, and risk breaking my cover?

"Saki? You here?"

No. I'm going to wait.

"No response? I think I know just where you are then. You must have found your gift early!"

She was responsible!

"Are you ready for me, my plastic lov.. huh?"

She went to the bedroom! I guess she expected to find me waiting for her.

"Guess you're still in the bathroom then. I'll just have to come get you!"

Yes you will.

"Don't think about trying to get me covered in the soap too. That was formulated specially for you; it won't work on anyone else, so I can join you in the bath if I... Saki?"

She's seen me.

"I said I'm sorry I never put a mirror in your line of sight when you were a mannequin; you don't need to ignore me to admire yourself now, Saki."

I know you're sorry, that isn't what this is about.

"Come on Saki, I know you've wanted this as much as I have. I'm naked now, and ready to join you in the bath. Why won't you turn and face me?"

Because for all you know I can't.

"Saki... You're scaring me... I wanted you plastic, but mobile. I know Vivian is still inexperienced though; did she do something wrong?"  Sarah grabbed the mannequin that was her love...

Good, she's turning me around.

"You're totally stiff... like any other mannequin. I didn't want this; I mean, it's still enjoyable for us both I guess, but I wanted you to be able to move. I know you’d enjoy that more."

I do, and will, but you need to earn it.

"Well... I guess I'll start us off like old times then."

And now I'll melt into her kiss. Holy! That's even better than I remember!

"Saki! You can move! You sneaky little mannequin. Can you talk too? Vivian said she was going to try to make that possible."

I still hadn't tried... No time line the present, "Sorry for that little prank."

"You can talk too! Viv came through, after all... And don't worry, Saki, I deserved to get pranked for leaving the enchanted soap out where I figured you'd use it."

"I guess so. Still I feel a little bad for doing it. I truly had you scared, but know this Sarah: if I was going to end up as a mannequin forever, either mobile or immobile, I'd happily be your mannequin."

It's at this point, listeners, that my story-spirit left dear Saki's head. They're only meant to record the stories of people, you see, and after saying that, Saki became a true object. The spell Vivian had used in the soap made a little detour through my shop before making its way to Sarah’s boudoir after all. I knew from past experience that one way or another Saki was going to become plastic permanently. Or at least as long as she can be with Sarah; I'll deal with that detail when the time comes.

So in the spell used to transform her, I placed a special enchantment that would monitor her feelings and speech just in case she said anything along the lines of what she had done while also feeling that she truly wanted it to happen. Her wish was instantly granted. So now she's just an animate plastic woman that lives with Sarah. I've gone to visit them a couple of times and she seems to be really enjoying herself. They requested a display stand, and what amounts to a dildo for a mannequin of me. Either one, if inserted into her mounting hole, will render her immobile; and, per her request, both vibrate. Sarah sometimes brings the Saki mannequin into her shop to display clothes; nobody questions her since she's the manager now.

As for Nancy, she may have been a bitch but she did have a nice body, so there's a swimsuit shop down in Miami that now has a new mannequin that's turning heads. She'll stay like that for a few months or so, maybe longer, then I'll change her back and set her up to work at the swimwear store. Sarah's cousin already said she needs a bit of help, and she knows the kind of work I do so she too might want to take a vacation in her own window. Hopefully Nancy mellows out a bit while she's on display though, or I might have to magically screw around in her head if I want to be able to trust her in that situation ever again. Tinkering attitudes I'd rather avoid doing, as it feels a bit too evil.

And that's all for Saki's Story. There are a few others I could tell that branch off from this eh? Well, we've got all the time in the world, don't we? Is there one you would like to hear? Or should I move on to something different entirely?

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