Monty had been looking for an easy score. He knew the geek and the fag who lived in the apartment were both out on business. He'd seen them plenty of times. He knew that the geek had lots of nice electronic gear and stuff. Stuff that would fetch a nice price at the local pawnery. He was hoping there was more than glass and plastic to the fag's jewelry so he could make some bread on that as well. If there was anyone there it would just be that weightlifter chick.

Monty him self had been an offensive lineman on his high-school football team til a collision with a 345 pound lineman had blown his knees and ruined his college scholarship. Monty was a homegrown 6'3" 285 pound boy from Kileen himself, and he was sure that no weightlifting chickee could stop him from taking what he wanted.

Monty wasn't scared of a chick, not even a weightlifter, steroid-freak looking chick that was over 6 feet. She was still just a woman, and women are weaker than men right?

Monty broke the door open easily with the prybar he'd brought along and surveyed all that would soon be his. 19" Television, Two VCRS, Hi-Fi Stereo, Expensive looking computer....with the weightlifter chick plugged into it?!

Monty walked up to the 6'6" woman who had an almost alien beauty with her exotic combination of facial features and her massive, yet feminine body. She stood completely still with her eyes wide open and glowing softly in the light. Her stomach was missing and he could see wires, blinking lights and little lines of light moving inside. Wires trailed from a couple of round protrusions in her body to the back of the expensive computer. Monty's knees turned to water, what the fuck was he looking at?

Suddenly she turned and looked at him with her softly glowing blue eyes and glowing red pupils. Her hands calmly removed the wires and closed her stomach up so that it looked completely natural now. She smiled at Monty revealing a long pair of fangs and lunged for him.

Monty ran. He ran for his life towards the door, but there was no escaping the speed of the vampire-robot on his heels. A strong hand jerked him backward by his overcoat and shirt and suspended him facing her.

Her glowing eyes looked him over. Up and down, as if she were sizing up a side of beef. Monty's fists lashed out and battered her face and chest, but even though the force of the blows rocked her head she seemed totally unaffected by them. In desperation he brought his knee full force up into her stomach and cried out as he felt it shatter again for the second time in his life as it hit a wall of muscle or something harder in her abdomen.

Beth pushed the back of the robber's head between her legs and lifted him from his waist.

Picking him all the way off the floor she set his legs on her right and left collar to where he was in a sitting position atop her shoulders.

She suspended him there for a few moments before bringing him crashing down spine-first into the concrete and tile floor with her own weight added to the force of the powerbomb.

Monty felt the air rush from his lungs and the discs in his spine crumble to powder. He didn't even feel it when she sank her fangs into his carotid artery and began to drink...

Fangs of Steel

by Nova

Writer's Note: Some folks asked me if there were types of music I listen to while writing these stories. I considered that and came up with a list of tunes that should be more or less available in the US (quite a lot of music I listen to is Japanese in origin) and makes good "soundtrack" listening for reading my stories. I recommend: Type O Negative (Good Goth stuff), Rammstein (I don't know what they're saying but I like it!), Man O War (Get the later stuff because the early stuff is a little hard to stand), Carmina Burana (commonly known as the "Excalibur" theme), The Blade Soundtrack (Confusion is the track you want), themes from WWF The Music Volume 3 (If you're not down with the WWF I got two words for ya: SUCK IT!) , anything from Beethoven, and Mozart's Don Giovanni, and Requiem.

Eric returned to his apartment to find the amazonian Beth fixing the broken door and lock.

"Uh Beth? Why is the door broken?"

Not looking up from her work she replied, "You had an unwelcome visitor at 3:16 today."

Eric nodded, "Oh...A burglar? Well what did you do to him?"

Beth turned to him and smiled, " Elvis has left the building."

Eric sighed, "You've been watching TV again haven't you? Didn't I warn you about that stuff rotting your mind?"

Beth nodded, "Yes but I found a very good program for learning combative arts."

Eric wandered into his house and headed to the fridge, "Oh? So what do you need to learn combative arts for?"

Beth tilted her head to the side for a moment as if thinking of a response and answered, " Well, I am a combat unit. I think part of my programming is to learn new combat techniques and fighting methods."

Eric had just poured himself a tall glass of milk and was bringing it to his lips, "Ok, so what was this combative arts program you were watching?"

Beth smiled as she tightened the last screw in the doorframe, " World Wrestling Federation Monday Night Raw!"

The sudden splutter and splash of milk and the crash of glass in the kitchen notified Beth that she would need to get a mop...

Beth's responses were cheery and unassuming but deep within her electronic mind she knew something was wrong. When that burglar had broken in something had just turned on and she had become like a wild beast.

There was no need for the excessive violence and blood letting that had occurred and yet she had been unable to stop herself. It was like a need.

She sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror. What stared back was an exotic featured woman in her twenties. Young, beautiful, with long and wild silvery-blue hair. But the eyes were somehow sinister. They were an unnatural shade of blue and glowed softly. The pupils were scariest however, as a red light shone from deep within them. Like a beast waiting in the darkness to spring forth.

Since discovering her android nature, she had learned how to use her body to communicate with other computers and how to use the internet. She had been feverishly searching for some clue to her creation or existence but had found nothing yet.

She turned out the lights and left the bathroom.

"Beth", Eric called out, "Tony wants to go clubbing tonight, and he's invited you and I. Is that ok?"

Beth thought for a moment and looked at Eric, "He wants us to go out and beat people with sticks?"

Eric looked taken aback and she grinned at him, "It was a joke. I may be a machine but I DO know some of the human slang."

Eric giggled, "Heh, with you it's hard to tell sometimes. So howabout it?"

Beth nodded, "Of course. It sounds...interesting."


"The Coffin" was the name of the place that Tony brought Eric and Beth to. A haven for Goth music and vampire lovers, the atmosphere was chilling to say the least.

Rammstein's "Kuss Mich" was blaring from the well placed speakers and people inside and outside in the line were jamming and bobbing their heads to the beat.

Tony was dressed in a sharp biker's outfit with some stylish chains here and there, while Eric looked like a nerd trying to be Goth. Black Turtleneck and black slacks with sunglasses. Tony kept razzing him every few minutes by saying, "Und now ve danze!".

Beth however had to go get a new wardrobe (critically impairing Eric's ability to charge things for a few weeks) that would fit her. She wore a pair of ankle-high leather boots that extended her height another 3 inches, along with a bustier-like, black leather corset that supported her ample breasts but gave inspectors a nice view between them. Her sex was only barely covered by a shiny silver thong giving ample view of her powerful and muscled thighs and calves. A black leather jacket completed her upper body wear, topped with a chain covered collar from which dangled a huge golden ankh. She concealed her strange eyes with a pair of dark, circular framed sunglasses. Overall she looked like Six feet, nine inches of female menace, which was not far from the mark.

The three reached the doorman (a huge Jamaican wearing a silken shirt that did nothing to obscure his muscularity) and tried to go in. The Jamaican took one look at Eric in his Schprocketts inspired ensemble and was about to kick him out of line when Beth stepped up to him. He felt suddenly very small compared to this monstrous female, and to top it off she flashed him a smile revealing her fangs! He quickly waved them on inside and gaped as Beth casually walked in.

The interior was suitably darkened with black lights and red and green lights at various corners. The wooden floor squeaked ominously as the Sister's Of Mercy wailed out their songs of human despair.

The patrons were no less unusual. All manner of white painted faces with blackened lips, hair, and nails abounded. Many people wore ankhs and leathers. A few wore loose fitting Buccaneer type shirts with frills and lace. The women ranged from scraggly teens with all manner of piercings, to a few girls dressed in plastics and leathers, tastefully made up with pale face paints. All of them stared and gaped at the huge woman who gracefully stepped up to the bar.

The man behind the counter looked like one of the patrons, with a Lace shirt and leather pants, he flashed Beth a smile revealing fangs.

"What will it be M'lady?", he asked in an attempt to be both accomodating and sinister simultaneously.

Beth smiled back showing her own fangs, "Rum and Coke".

The bartender quickly mixed the drink and added a little cherry skewered through with what looked like a wooden coffin nail. Beth paid and picked the sweet from the drink. She ran it around her lips for a moment and then bit into it with one of her fangs, making it appear as though it were bleeding from the Maraschino juice.

A large fellow dressed in black with a beautiful, crushed black velvet jacket and frilly lace sidled up to her.

"Enjoying the club?", he asked in a deep voice that had a trace of a European accent.

"It's somehow homey to me", Beth replied.

"Oh?" he asked, "You go clubbing that often then?"

"I don't know", murmured Beth into her drink

"Come again?", he asked.

"Sometimes", she answered firmly.

"Ah." he answered, "My name is Jacob, and you are?"


"I don't look Jewish", he remarked with a little laugh.

Beth pulled her glasses down and looked at him with her eyes made more luminescent in the dark lighting, " I'm not".

Jacob gulped and smiled, "Nice effect. Contacts? Looks good".

"Whatever", Beth replied.

Jacob sensing that his usual "charming" approach wasn't working tried to be more direct, "So Beth...what do you say we go back to my place for a drink and maybe you can tell me about this outfit of yours."

Beth smiled at Jacob, "Sorry. I'm here with friends."

Jacob nodded and went off in search of easier prey.

As the night went on Beth began to feel how alone she really was. People in the club gathered in small groups to talk, but whenever she neared them they would suddenly move or give her fearful glances. Eric and Tony had both left with dates and had given her cab fare for the ride home.

Beth quietly walked out of the club to it's alley. She just wanted to be away from people, because they made her realize what a freak she was amongst them. Too tall, too large, and too frightening.

Beth entered the alley to find Jacob and a young woman. She was about to apologize and leave when she noticed that the girl was handcuffed and blood was running from her shoulder. Jacob held the insturment that had done the deed in his hand, a large, curvy knife with a very sharp blade. Blood trickled down the knife and plip-plopped to the alley floor.

Jacob looked at Beth with a leer and advanced on her, "You want to join my party?"

Beth was about to panic as she felt herself losing control again. Suddenly a red film seemed to superimpose itself over her vision and various target and weak points were highlighted around Jacob. Beth felt like her eyes were on fire and she pulled the sun glasses off. Her breathing became heavier and she half crouched in a warrior's stance.

Suddenly Jacob lunged at her with the blade, burying it deep in her side. He twisted the blade and ripped it back out of her but was not rewarded with the sight of Beth crumpled over in pain. Instead what stood before him was a bleeding, half-crouched giantess with glowing red eyes and a pair of fangs.

He stabbed at her again driving the knife deep into her stomach. Blood poured onto his blade and hand but still Beth stood unfazed. Jacob suddenly became very, very afraid.

Beth's fist crashed into Jacob's shoulder splintering bone and tearing muscle. He howled and staggered back as she grabbed him by the throat and lifted him bodily. He pounded on her futiley with his other hand as his wind seemed to be cut off by a grip of steel.

Suddenly he was riding a roller-coaster to the ground as Beth leaped up and slammed him headfirst into the pavement, dropping her entire bodyweight atop his throat. Jacob couldn't scream as he felt the monster-woman bury her fangs in his throat and feed on him.

Soon the red rage passed and Beth stood up from the dead man. His victim was still handcuffed and laying against the wall, terrified of what she would do to her.

Beth wiped her mouth and then noticed the stab wounds. Sparks shot from them and wires and circuitry dangled grotesquely from the rents in her flesh. She removed her leather jacket and wrapped it tightly around her abdomen, then walked up to the girl.

She reached out and grabbed the chain linking the cuffs and picked the girl up to her feet. Beth recognized the woman as one of the dancers from inside.

"Hold still", Beth commanded, and took both ends of the shackle in her hands and easily broke the locking mechanism in the cuffs.

The woman suddenly hugged Beth and repeated thank yous over and over. Beth helped the girl out of the alley, covering her face so she wouldn't see the dead man then walked her to her car.

As the woman got in her car Beth said, "I'd appreciate it if you kept this whole incident a secret between us".

The girl nodded, "Yeah....who'd believe me anyway?" She looked at Beth's jacket wrapped torso and asked, "Are you going to be okay?"

Beth nodded, "Yes...I think I'll heal".

The girl nodded and pushed the gas pedal, then frowned and stopped. She backed up and rolled her window down, "Uhm...would you like to come to my place? After tonight...I just don't feel like sleeping alone."

Beth smiled and nodded, "Sure. I'd like that".

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