Gorgon Golf
Chapter 2 "A Formal Display"

by Panic

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Todd hated going to school.

His teachers didn't understand him.  His classmates ridiculed him.  Every time his bus pulled into the school's parking lot, his stomach twisted with searing pain.  This morning was no exception.  As he departed the bus, he noticed the cheerleading squad, dressed in full uniform, gathered at the door.

The squad had been gathered to sell tickets to the school dance on Friday.  Becky snickered to her friend, Stephanie, as Todd approached.  In a hushed tone she whispered to her friend, "Hey, let's play a prank on that strange Langdon kid...follow my lead."

Todd kept his head down as he approached them.  Suddenly, he felt a small finger tap his shoulder.  He spun around and was greeted by a cute blonde cheerleader.  He'd known her all his life.  She batted her ocean blue eyes at him and said, "Hey, sport, do you have a date for the Enchanted Evening dance?"

Todd stammered at her forward approach.  "Uh...well...no, I wasn't p-p-planning on...g-going, Becky."  A crowd of students began to gather.  Stephanie stepped in to get a good look.

Becky laughed, "W-w-why not? Don't date much?" The small crowd began to howl with laughter.  Todd's face turned red as their taunting reached a fever pitch.  He tried desperately to escape from this embarrassing situation, but the crowd pressed in harder, preventing him from leaving.  Becky smiled sarcastically as she watched him squirm.  "Wouldn't you just love to be with me?" she asked him mockingly while thrusting her large breasts into his face.  Stephanie pushed Todd's face in closer from behind.

Secretly, Todd had always had a crush on Becky.  She had been a friend in the past, but now she ran with the "in" crowd.  His heart sank as he realized how shallow and self serving she had become.  He pulled himself away from her and said dejectedly, "N-n-no.  I d-d-don't want to be with you!"  The crowd laughed even harder.

"Good," said Becky defiantly, "because I'll never be yours.  Get lost!" She pointed a menacing finger at Todd while Stephanie tripped him as he tried to escape.  Books and papers flew everywhere as Todd hit the floor.  He scampered quickly out of there, leaving his papers behind as he flew.

Stephanie held up her hand for a high-five as she said to Becky, "Good one, girl!" The rest of the cheerleading crew chirped their approval at such a gross display of power.

Becky slapped her friend's outstretched hand and said, "Oh, that was nothing.  Tripping him at the end was classic! You are even meaner than I am!" Her grin stretched from ear to ear as she replayed the event in her mind.

Meanwhile, Todd stood at his locker, trying to block the recent memory from his cloudy mind.  Choking back the tears, he tried to reassemble his homework from the papers he still had in his possession.


The arena was festively decorated in steamers of green and brown as the band tuned their instruments.  Becky and the rest of her cheerleading friends were responsible for decorating the sprawling gymnasium, so everything had to be just perfect.  The theme of Enchanted Evening was displayed perfectly with faux trees lining the walls and bright colored gels applying tint to the lighting.  A disco ball at the center of the floor completed the ensemble.  As Becky admired her handiwork, she noticed her friends arriving.  Stephanie was decked out in her formal best; a bright red ball gown with elbow length sleeves and a string of delicate pearls around her neck.  "Girl, you must have dropped a ton of money on your outfit this evening!" exclaimed Becky to her elegant friend.

"Likewise, darling! You look absolutely gorgeous!" replied Stephanie with a grin.  Stephanie had to admire Becky's tight fitting black gown, cut so high it left little to the imagination.  Her four inch stiletto heels really shaped her legs nicely as well.  "We must be the absolute finest looking ladies at this fiesta, wouldn't you say?"

"Without a doubt!"  Tina and Angela also stepped in and hugged both Becky and Stephanie.  Indeed, they all felt quite important for assembling such a popular group of students for this evening's revelry.


After several hours of dancing and drinking punch, the party was starting to get a little dry.  It was now around 11:00 o'clock in the evening, and the ladies were looking for a little excitement.  All the guys were planning on gathering at an after party at the quarterback's house, but Becky had a better idea how the ladies could cap off such a wonderful evening.

"I know what we just have to do tonight, ladies! Wanna know what we gotta do?" she toyed with them.

Stephanie, Tina and Angela shouted simultaneously, "What?"

"We simply have to go visit that little squirt, Todd, and play with him a little more! I heard he works at that crazy miniature golf course his dad bought."

"Gorgon Golf?" asked Angela curiously.

"Yeah, that's the name of it, I think," replied Becky, "Gorgon Golf.  What a stupid name.  Yeah, it would be so perfect to go there decked out like this and make fun of him while he's working on a Friday night! Whataya say, ladies? You up for some mayhem?"

Angela, always the cautious one, had her doubts.  "I dunno, Becky, he seemed awfully mad at you for playing with him the other day.  Are you sure this is a good idea?"

The other three rolled their eyes as Becky replied, "Oh, I'm positive this is a great idea.  After all, what's little Todd Langdon going to do to us, anyway?"


They pulled into the parking lot at about 11:30, still hooting and hollering after their successful evening.  Becky's cherry red convertible screeched to a halt and the ladies approached the gate.  As they reached the unattended gate, they shouted loudly, demanding service.

"May I help y-y-you?" asked a small voice from inside.

"Y-y-yes, as a m-m-matter of fact," laughed Stephanie, taking a cue from her wild friend, Becky.  Todd's face drained of all color as he realized who he would be serving.  All four ladies laughed loudly as the realization hit him.

"How sad to be working on a Friday night, Todd.  Couldn't find a date for the dance, could you?" mocked Becky.  "How s-s-sad!"

"It's bad enough I need to take shit from you all at school.  Now you are f-f-following me to work?" asked a puzzled and frustrated Todd.

"Give it a rest, little man, and give us our four tickets, willya," said Angela while waving a twenty in her manicured fingers.  "We don't have all night, you know!"

"Fine," smiled Todd as he grabbed the twenty from Angela.  "Enjoy your round, ladies."  They all laughed and giggled to themselves as they grabbed their putters and headed towards the first hole.  Todd discreetly pressed the red button on his display console.  'Won't they be surprised,' he thought to himself.


"See," said Becky to Angela.  "Now wasn't that fun!"  Angela nodded as she placed her ball down on the turf and began to approach her first shot.  The first hole looked quite easy to her, with only a couple statues in her way as she tried to putt to the cup.  She banked her shot off of the side rail, scooting her ball between one statue's stony legs.  It stopped just inches in front of the cup.

"Not bad," said a confident Stephanie, "but I'll do better!"  She lined up her shot and sunk it in one shot, banking it in the same spot on the rail as her friend.  As she walked past one of the statues, she looked carefully at it.  It was a cute girl with long hair holding a putter in her lifeless hands.  "Now she's concentrating too hard," she joked to her friends.

Tina laughed as she hit the ball, sending it wildly off the course.  "Dammit, you distracted me, Stephanie!" She laughed even louder as she tried chasing her ball in her tight ball gown, her tiny heels clicking as she ran.  It landed inside a small display at the fourth hole.  The display looked like a miniature Roman structure with five foot pillars holding up a tiny stone roof.

"You'll be lucky to get a triple bogey now," laughed Becky as she lined up her shot at the first hole.  She tried to line it up for a direct shot, but instead it deflected of off a statue's stone foot, sending it off course.

"Now how am I supposed to get my ball?" pondered Tina.  As Stephanie and Angela turned to face Tina's dilemma, Becky discreetly kicked her ball closer to the hole.

"Looks like you're going to have to go in there to get it," replied Angela jokingly.  "Just don't tear those sexy clothes, girl! There's no fairy godmother to fix you up if you tear your gown."

"Very funny," replied Tina as she kicked off her heels.  She got down on all fours and tried reaching in for her ball, but her arms didn't reach it.

As she crawled in to get it, she heard Becky say, "Hurry up, we'll meet you at the second hole."  Just like her friends to leave her behind, she thought sarcastically.  Once she was completely inside the enclosure, she heard a small sound which startled her.  She turned towards the sound and found a small video camera in the corner.

Before she could even contemplate why a camera would be located in such an odd place, she felt the temperature drop at least 20 degrees.  She straightened up quickly and turned to escape, but she was too late.  A fine mist began to fill the tiny enclosure.  Looking downward, she could see a small hose near her ankle where the gas seemed to be coming from.  She tried desperately to gasp for air, but found her lungs wouldn't respond.  She tried to move, but found herself rooted to the ground.  She tried to lift her head, but found she couldn't even raise her head anymore.  From her fixed position, her eyes could only see her left foot and ankle.  Suddenly, her stockinged foot and ankle began to change, turning gray.  A rattling sound began to fill her ears as she felt her skin grow even colder.  To her disbelief, she discovered how this golf course maintained such a variety of statuary.  She was becoming a statue! Under her tan colored stockings her feet and ankles bleached of all their color, turning them alabaster white.  Utterly trapped and alone, she could feel a wave of electricity slowly lapping it's way up her slim calves, hardening them.  The pounding of her heart suddenly ceased, but the crackling sound in the room was getting louder, almost deafening.  She tried to call out to her friends for help, but found her vocal cords wouldn't respond.  Then she felt her stomach and breasts tightening, tingling, becoming hard stone.  Her nipples hardened into tiny pebbles while she thought about how they had treated poor Todd.  Her last conscious thought was, 'Looks like we underestimated him after all...'  The gray wave eventually completed it's transformation, turning Tina's shocked expression into a stony mask.

Todd crept up to the fourth hole and quietly removed Tina's tiny shoes from outside the enclosure.  He stashed them quickly into a backpack slung over his left shoulder and went back to his booth.


Meanwhile, the other three ladies were finishing up on the second hole.  It proved to be quite challenging, with a small ramp leading around a mythological display featuring a cheesy Island of Sirens.  Several times, Becky's ball fell into the small water hazard, causing the lovely blonde to curse her misfortune.  Once she'd finally sunk her ball into the cup, she sighed and marked a par on her score card.

"Did Tina go all the way to Athens to get her ball or what?" asked Stephanie.  All three of them had expected their friend to show up after finding her ball.  "Should we send out a rescue party?"

"Yeah, she's been gone for 20 minutes.  I'd better go find out what's happened to her," replied an exasperated Becky.  "No cheating while I'm gone, okay?" Stephanie and Angela merely rolled their eyes.  "Meet you at the third hole?"

"Okay," replied Angela, "but hurry up.  This place is starting to creep me out!"

Becky laughed, "Oh, yeah! This p-p-place is simply p-p-petrifying!"


As Becky approached the forth hole, she looked to see if her friend was still inside looking for her ball.  Under her breath, Becky said, "Damn, that girl would get lost in a Gap store if we weren't around."  Noticing her shoes weren't outside, she assumed Tina found her ball after all, so she went in search of Todd.  "Maybe that moron will know where the fuck she went."

"You again?" asked Todd.  "Let me g-guess, you lost your b-ball already, didn't you?"

"Very funny, brainiac" replied Becky.  "At least I've lost my virginity."  She waited for Todd to turn bright red, then asked, "Seriously, have you seen my friend, Tina?"

"Ah, so you lost a friend.  I knew you must've lost something," replied Todd.  "The last t-time I saw her, she was heading for the seventh hole.  Apparently, she thought she saw her b-boyfriend, Billy, over there with some girl.  She was mad as hell," Todd smiled.

"Figures," sighed Becky as she turned to go.

Todd watched her intensely as she headed towards the seventh hole.


It was around 12 midnight when Angela and Stephanie reached the third hole.  "Looks like we're the only ones left golfing," said Angela.

"Yeah," replied Stephanie, "so much for a group outing!" They both eyed up the challenging course in front of them.  It featured a small hedge maze with three holes in the ground for putting into.  Each one obviously led to a different direction within the maze.  In the background could be heard various screams and cries for help.  "Wow," stated Stephanie, "I don't know where to begin."

"Yeah, this looks pretty daunting," replied Angela, proud of herself for correctly utilizing a recent vocabulary word in a sentence.  "I think the left one is the right one."

"Are you sure?" asked Stephanie.  "How do you know?"

"Well, the whole course seems shorter that way.  Good logic, huh?"

Stephanie approached her shot and sunk it in the left hole.  She could hear the clanking sounds of relays transporting her ball to another location within the maze.  "Great, now I gotta chase it down.  Go ahead and take your shot first, Angie."

"Okay," said Angela as she placed her ball down on the turf.  She struck the ball, then said, "Whoops," as it went straight into the middle hole.  "Looks like I missed it."  Angela laughed to herself.

"Way to go.  Now we're heading in different directions!" Stephanie sighed quietly, then said, "Well, I guess I'll see you at the end, okay?"

"All right.  Just don't get lost in there, Stephanie," said Angela jokingly.  As she headed down the middle corridor, she noticed the temperature dropping and the lights dimming.  'Spooky,' thought Angela to herself.  After a few twists and turns she reached a crossroad.  'Hmmm, which way? Right or left?' She decided to take her initial advise to Becky and head left.  She walked for about 20 paces, then stopped as she reached a dead end.  On the wall there was a small sign.  Angela reached into her purse and pulled out a lighter.  Her heart nearly dropped as she flicked her lighter, then read the message.

    Here you will stay,
    Forever and a day.
    As you wander alone,
    You will be turned to stone.

Angela dropped her lighter and turned to run out of the maze upon reading the message.  Scared to death, she snapped off a heel as she tried to run away.  Angrily, she hobbled for a few steps before removing both shoes.  At this point, she was far too afraid to bother maintaining her formal attire.  As she turned the corner at the crossroads, she stopped dead in her tracks.  Standing before her was a figure cloaked in the shadows emitting several hissing sounds.  "Oh my God! Oh my God!" escaped from her lips as she realized who was now standing in front of her.  She leapt up on her toes as she prepared to dart away, but she wasn't quick enough.  Medusa's eyes locked onto hers as a green beam of light shot out at her, bathing her in it's eerie glow.

Angela, stunned beyond all belief, tried to flee from her terrifying situation, but found her body wouldn't respond in the least.  She couldn't tear her eyes away from Medusa, nor could she budge from her tip-toe stance.  A feeble moaning, "Noooo," floated in the air as Medusa laughed at her.

"Now you will feel your body turn to stone, my dear!" shouted the voice in front of her.  "Such a pretty girl.  You should've stayed at the ball, my little statue!" Angela felt a tingling sensation emanating from the ball of her foot.  It was a pleasant sensation, yet still horrifically shocking.  Her toes and heels also began to tingle and tighten as she stood there, helpless.  Luckily her stance had been wide, or else she would have toppled to the ground.  She tried to warn her friend, also walking these corridors, but found her vocal cords were as paralyzed as the rest of her body.  The tingling now spread to her ankles and calves.  Once the tingling faded, a sensation of complete immobility took it's place as her flesh hardened into solid stone.  'How is this possible?' thought Angela to herself, believing her transformation could only happen to other people in storybooks.

"I assure you, this is very real, little golem.  You've stumbled upon the lair of Medusa," laughed the vile creature.  "You probably didn't expect to become a decoration, did you?" she taunted, knowing very well her victim would not respond.  She watched attentively as her victim's flesh seemed to glow.  The transformation swept it's way under her ornate gown, revealing itself again as it reached her chest.  Angela could feel her lungs expelling her last breath at they turned to stone within her body.  "You didn't cherish your frail life until now, did you? Too bad you lived your life only to make others around you more miserable.  You are responsible for this fate, darling sculpture."  Angela cursed herself for ever entering this place, but the transformation proved to be swift as it captured her neck and chin, chiseling it into marble.  As the green glow faded, Medusa was rewarded with a perfectly sculpted statue, standing where a once living girl had been standing just moments before.  The figure pulled off it's mask, revealing a large man.  He clicked a tape machine off, silencing the hissing snakes.

"Now it's time to deal with your friend," he said in a husky tone as he tore off his newest statue's elegant gown.


At first, Becky sort of enjoyed the surroundings of this place.  All of the beautiful statues and scenery were a surprising pleasure, which she hadn't expected.  Now, however, she found herself becoming frustrated with this park.  She'd finally managed to find the seventh hole after journeying throughout the golf course.  Yet she still couldn't seem to find Tina anywhere.

She approached a couple nearby and asked them, "Have you seen a brunette in a formal gown around here?"

The man nodded and said, "Yes, I believe she went inside."  He pointed at the small castle to the left of where they were talking.  Becky stormed away in a huff, never even thanking the man for the information.

'I'm going to kill her once I find her,' she thought to herself.  As she approached the castle, she noticed a name etched at the top of the door, "The Castle of Midas".  'Great, even more mythological cheese.'  She stormed her way into the castle, wildly swinging the door in her anger.

Inside were many mirrors along the walls.  Becky paused for a moment to admire herself and to touch up her makeup.  She teased her hair a bit, then searched for a way in.  Between two mirrors stretched a dark corridor.  At the end of the corridor was a gleaming yellow light.  'She must be in there,' thought Becky to herself as she entered, her stiletto heels clicking on the hard asphalt.

Before she entered the main room of the castle, she could hear voices coming from inside.  Once she entered, she realized the voices were on a recording, since she found herself alone.  She searched around the room and found gold objects everywhere.  She found a gold goblet, some gold books, even a few bricks in the wall were gleaming with gold.  'Right, right.  Midas.  I got the picture.'  As she lifted one of the gold books, she was amazed at it's weight and luster.  "Wow! Are all these really gold!"

A booming voice answered, "Yes! As you too will soon be!" Becky spun around to face the voice and was greeted by the sneering face of Todd, her nemesis.  He was wearing a king's outfit, complete with a scepter and crown.

"Whatever, Burger King," replied a snotty Becky.  "Where the hell is Tina! I wanna get the hell out of this crazy place! You all are completely wacko."

Todd smiled as he approached Becky.  She had her hands on her hips defiantly, yet she still felt a twinge of fear as she evaluated her situation.  "Ah, yes, Tina! Such a lovely girl," his stutter wasn't bothering him at this point.  "She really did turn out nicely.  Let me bring her to you."  Todd spun around quickly and flipped a switch.  The brick wall behind them opened up, revealing a hidden passage.  Todd gestured to the opening and invited Becky inside.  "I told you she'd be here," he grinned.

Becky entered the hidden room and was greeted by a nude marble kneeling statue on a large, elevated four-wheeled platform.  "Enough with the games, loser, I don't see her in here!" She gave an angry glare at Todd that demanded an answer.

"Look closer at that statue, my dear," was Todd's elliptical response.  Becky turned to face the object again, but this time there was a feeling of familiarity about the statue that she couldn't place.  She scanned the object for several moments, moving around it several times.  "Typical blonde.  Don't worry, it'll sink in soon."  Suddenly, Becky's jaw dropped as she realized what was so familiar about the statue.  It was Tina! Her brunette hair was now as white as the rest of her unblemished body, but her facial features were there indeed.  The small divot in her chin, her full lips, the twice pierced ear lobes, they all revealed who this statue once was.

Becky jumped back into Todd as she finally reacted to the display in front of her.  "Oh, God!" she exclaimed just as Todd reached for her with a gloved hand.  He gently caressed her exposed left arm with his hand and everything changed.  Becky suddenly turned to face Todd.  "What have you done to her!" Her expression quickly changed from aggression to fear as she spotted a yellow glow emanating from her arm.

"She's been changed to a more appealing form, as will you," laughed Todd as he watched Becky focus on her rapidly changing arm.  She raised her hand in front of her face and could hear a faint ringing sound greet her ears.  The gold spot had now engulfed her elbow, locking it into place.  As it spread, Todd could see the terror in Becky's eyes.  "Ah, yes.  As you've probably guessed by now, you are going to be my golden girl after all."  Becky gasped as she continued to watch her forearm and hand change into precious metal.  She flexed her fingers just before they changed, but now they were completely immovable.  Her body began to tremble with fear.  As the gold proceeded to conquer her shoulder, Todd pressed against Becky's chest, shoving her onto a nearby pedestal.  Once she was seated on the pedestal, he began positioning her legs into a seductive pose, with her left leg crossed over her right.  He removed her left shoe with his ungloved hand and touched it with his gloved hand.  It too began to glow as it changed into solid gold.  Once changed, he pressed the cold golden shoe against her leg, sending a chill up her spine.  "Ah, yes! A cold statue of a cold lady!"  He grabbed the other shoe and changed it the same way.  The black leather stiletto quickly changed into gold as well. He then replaced the metal shoes onto her feet, further chilling her, while also weighing her legs down.  "Don't want you kicking me now, do I?"  The golden wave had already transformed her left breast, and was working it's way up her neck and down her torso at the same time.  She desperately attempted to strike Todd with her, as yet, unchanged right arm, but he caught her wrist.  "Not very ladylike, Becky!" He held her arm in position on her lap as he waited for it too to change.

"This isn't fair," wept Becky.  Her head became locked as her neck changed into it's immortal state.  Tears welled in her eyes as she understood how Todd would exact his revenge.  The flesh of her right breast was now changing, and she could feel other changes occurring under her tight dress.

"Wanna know what isn't fair," Todd replied, "being ridiculed and mocked by you wasn't fair.  We were friends all through grade school, but once you reached high school, you make fun of me to your new friends.  You toyed with me, mocked my speech impediment, and for what? Just to score points with your friends by putting me down."  As Becky's right arm began changing, Todd released his grip.  "Guess I don't need to restrain you any more, huh?" he mocked.  He then began to tear off her tight gown, revealing her ample breasts, already fully gilded.  He teased her erect nipple as he said, "Hmmm, looks like you enjoyed this at least a little bit, huh?" Becky felt her chin and mouth change into metal, she could even taste the gold in her mouth.  The last thing she heard before her ears stiffened into solid gold was, "I guess you'll be mine until the end of time now.  I think I'll put you in my room."  He removed her shoes once more as he tore off her stockings, revealing her silken legs.  Already, her thighs were transmuting into gold.  Within moments, Becky, the golden child of Wilson High had truly become a golden goddess, without all the attitude.  Todd smiled as he ran his hand down her curvy body.  He already liked her this way much better.


Stephanie managed to find her ball after much searching, but now she found herself lost in the maze.  It took almost fifteen minutes just to find where her ball was dispensed, and now she was worried that Angela would be waiting anxiously for her.  Stephanie decided to write off this hole, so she picked up her ball and went off in search of the exit to this labyrinth.

One thing about hedge mazes, every corridor looks the same.  Stephanie constantly found herself backtracking just to find a corridor that she hadn't already been through, but they all looked so darn similar.  She started shouting out for her companion while she searched for the exit, just in case she was still trapped in the maze as well.

As she reached another dead end, she noticed a sign.  She tip-toed up to it and read:

    No, this isn't a dream,
    Everything is just as it seems.
    If you get lost along the path
    Prepare yourself for a petrifying bath.

'Utter nonsense,' thought Stephanie, 'all I have seen so far is one hedge row after another.'  She ignored the warning and continued to wander through the cavern in search of Angela or an exit.  After she came upon another crossroad, she almost stumbled into another of those annoying statues.  'That's a good way to knock yourself unconscious,' thought Stephanie.  She paused a moment to rest by the lovely nude statue, when a nagging thought started to bother her.  Where could her friend be?

She looked closely at the fine art statue for a moment.  It was posed on tip-toe, as if she was ready to leap or jump.  She held one arm to her side, and the other arm was posed behind her for balance.  Stephanie reached out a tentative hand to touch her hard nipple, fully erect and aroused.  'Naughty girl,' she thought to herself.  Then she looked into the statue's face for the first time and it struck her like a ton of bricks landing on her chest.  This wasn't some random prop used to scare patrons, this statue was Angela! Stephanie gasped in shock as she analyzed the look of terror etched onto her friend's stony face.  Her mouth was open, as if trying to speak, only no words would ever escape her lips again.

Stephanie suddenly felt very alone and frightened as she stared upon her friend, petrified in front of her.  She took one last look at her poor girlfriend before heading straight down the corridor past her.  She quickly picked up her pace, jogging at first, then running at a full clip.  Her little red shoes clicked quickly as she tried desperately to find a way out.

As she ran past another spooky statue of a woman ('Was she a real girl, too?'), she looked back to make certain nobody was following her.  As she turned to face where she was running, she suddenly spotted a pit directly in front of her! She tried to stop, but she started to fall in.  She lunged herself backwards, and managed to grab the side just before going over the edge.  Her little fingers struggled to pull herself up, but her arms were too weak.  As she clung to the side of the precipice, she could hear a voice saying, "It's your turn to become a statue, darling."  A laughing figure appeared above her.  He slammed his walking stick into the ground in front of her with a loud thunk.

Suddenly, the ledge broke away, sending Stephanie sprawling down into the pit.  Her startled screams echoed throughout the cavern, until she splashed into what seemed like water, only thicker.  Dazed, she struggled to kick to the surface, but found herself sinking even deeper.  Then she remembered the warning, "Prepare yourself for a petrifying bath".  'Oh, no,' she thought to herself, 'what's going to happen to me?'

Eventually, she found herself drinking in the liquid around her as she descended.  Her head became light as she tried to find a hold along the wall as she fell.  She kept kicking her feet wildly, yet still couldn't reach the surface.  As she continued to plummet, she noticed her surroundings growing dark.  Her movements were beginning to slow down.  Her skin began to tingle as the viscous liquid worked it's way into her pours and into her lungs.  Her eyes remained open, yet she couldn't see anything around her.  After what seemed like an eternity of falling, she finally felt herself slowing her descent.  She at tried at this point to swim, but found she couldn't move an eyelash, yet alone swim to the surface.

Finally, her foot seemed to strike what seemed to be some sort of mesh fabric.  She continued to fall into the mesh until she seemed to be wrapped up in it.  Then she felt and heard the liquid around her draining.  It took many moments, but eventually, all the liquid drained from the pit.

Still very afraid, Stephanie tried desperately to escape from the net holding her, but found she was still utterly paralyzed.  She dangled precariously for a few moments as she felt herself drying.  Then, she felt herself being hoisted up.  Slowly, she found herself being raised back into the hedge maze that she'd tried so hard to escape.  Once at the surface, she saw the man that had knocked her into the pit.  He lowered her to the ground on the other side of the pit and began to unwrap the netting from around her helpless body.  Stephanie wanted to scream out to this stranger, "Please help me," but she realized she couldn't talk or move in the slightest bit.

The man lifted Stephanie's tiny body off the ground, and it looked as if he might be her savior after all as he carried her.  He opened a door into what looked like a workroom.  Softly, he placed her prone form onto a low pedestal.  "Don't worry, my dear, you look lovely.  We'll preserve your beauty for all the ages."  He tore off all her clothing, leaving her red dress and gloves in a tatter on the floor.  He unclasped her string of pearls and placed them in his pocket.  Her shoes were lost within the liquid, so he finished off by removing her pantyhose.  Stephanie felt violated as she realized his intentions for her.  'No,' she pleaded to herself, 'I don't want to be a statue! Help me!'

Once he was satisfied that she was fully undressed, he began posing her body.  As she laid on her right side, he stretched her right leg straight.  Then he bent her left leg slightly and placed it delicately on top of her right.  Then he propped her up on her right elbow and laid her left arm on her side.  He gently poked and massaged her facial muscles into his ideal position.  He readjusted her several times until he was absolutely satisfied she looked perfect.  Then he stepped back and whispered into the folds of her ear, "Now you are positioned perfectly! Don't go anywhere," he mocked as he placed several lamps around her.  As he flicked the switch, Stephanie could see someone enter the room from her fixed position.  It was Todd!

"Wow, Dad, she looks great! Did you get her with a p-p-petrifying bath?"

"Yeah, she fell right into my trap! Did you sink their car like I told you to?"

"Uh huh.  Everything's perfect.  Once the cops find the car, they'll think these silly girls merely got in a wreck after the dance.  They were drinking, after all."  Todd smiled as he traced a finger down Stephanie's derriere.  As Stephanie cursed herself for ever being an accessory to Becky's wild prank, she heard Todd say, "Don't worry, Dad, these girls won't be missed."


Workmen arrived at dawn to cart off what remained of Stephanie.  Benjamin needed the extra capital to make improvements to the golf course.

Tina was placed on top of the booth at the entrance of the park in full view of the Boulevard for all to admire.  Angela still remains in the exact place that "Medusa" happened to find her.

The school, after hearing about the accident that claimed four of their best cheerleaders, sent everyone home from school to grieve.  Todd went home to admire his latest collectible, Becky.

--end of ch.2--

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