The Magic Spell

by Pleasureborg

Bill took a breath in and began to chant the spell. Within moments after completing it, he noticed things around him begin to slow down. Looking out his dorm room window he saw some people playing basketball. As the spell progressed he saw a ball a player's shot slow until it stayed suspended in air halfway to itís goal. The Spell had worked; he had stopped time!

Bill found the spell book when he had wandered over to view a collection of occult books. Normally he wouldnít even care about such things, but he had just gotten off the phone with a friend whom he was supposed to visit for spring break, and was a little frustrated. From their flirtatious conversations of the previous week, he had hoped that he she would do a little more then sight-see; perhaps they would study anatomy, each otherís anatomy. They had gotten close to going all the way before, but never did, despite the fact she was always dating someone else at the time. He knew she had a boyfriend this time too, and wasnít really expecting to get any, but he could still hope. Instead she had called him to say he could still visit, but would he mind if she wasnít there a couple evenings. This started a huge argument, and in the end, he decided not to visit after all. So after he hung up, he read the school news paper and wandered over to the special collections room in the library. He needed something silly to take his mind off the conversation. Thatís why his mind had been open to the possibility of some magic book working in the first place.

Walking through the special stack, Bill noticed a red unmarked book lying on the floor. He bent over to pick it up, flip through, and then put it back in itís place. As his hand neared the book, he thought he saw it glow a bit. Just the lighting in the room perhaps, he thought. He opened the book to the middle where he saw it was written in plain English. Weird, he thought. The page said "Spell to levitate oneself". Silly, he thought, he began to read the spell out loud, it was not in plain English. When he finished he thought, hah, levitate oneself, sure, whatever. But then he looked down and saw he was floating 3 feet above the ground.

"HOLY SHIT! It really works," he exclaimed. He began to flip through the book, finding more and more interesting spells. With his newfound manual, he began to devise a little revenge for his friendÖ

Bill had stopped time, that was the first step. Next he chanted the spell for transportation, picturing himself in her dorm room. When he finished, there was a flash of light, and his surroundings had changed. He was in the empty dorm room of his friend. Sheís not here! Great! He thought. Oh well, no matter. And he cast the transportation spell once again, thinking of her. A flash of bright light and there she was, sitting on her bed. She was frozen, because after all she was not yet in his "time warp". She was completely nude, straddling a phantom lover, a look of passion in her face. She was frozen, silently moaning in ecstasy. Great, He thought, she must have been with him. He went over to her and placed a hand on her breast. I have to touch her to bring her into the time warp, I might as well have some fun doing it, he thought. He began to feel her up; she felt hard, immovable even. Bill tried to "repose" her and found that even if he used up all his strength, she was frozen in time. He chanted a variation of the spell he used to freeze time and a white glow emanated from his hand and began to cover her every curve and feature. Then there was a blast and he was knocked to the floor. When he looked up she was staring at him, a look of bewilderment upon her face.

"Wha, how did you, where did I, how did I ge?" She said, quickly running out of breath. Looking down she realized she was nude, she pulled the neatly made sheet of her bed over her exposed breasts.

"Iíve decided I would visit you after all, but on my terms!" Bill said to her. "You see, Laurel, youíve toyed with me ever since we were in high school, so Iíve decided to "toy" with you".

"Whatís going on here!?" She yelled back at him "One minute Iím with Paul and the next Iím here! And how the hell did you get here from Washington! I just spoke with you like 6 hours ago! Omigod, you didnít get on a plane and hope that by coming here I would dump him and go out with you or something! Iím sorry but Iíve told you this before, weíre just friends, and we will always be just friends..."

"Nothing of the sort my dear." Bill replied "Letís just say Iíve founder a faster way to travel, and if you just wanted to be friends, you should stop giving me blowjobs and letting me feel you up! I gave you your first orgasm for peteís sake! But that doesnít matter now, 'cause weíll be spending the next couple of days together, just you and me" Bill grinned devishly. Soon he would cast the next part of his spell.

"Bill, I canít do that, I told you that you could come over spring break, right now Iím busy with class, now you can spend the night tonight, but tomorrow youíll have to go back." said Laurel. She had convinced herself that she had only been dreaming she was with Paul, she would have to call him and apologize for falling asleep instead of going over there; it must have been a harder day then she thought.

"Sorry my dear, perhaps I should have said Ďyou and I will be spending what seems like the next couple of days together.í You see, Iíve stopped time, just so we could be together," replied Bill. Hhe was thinking of the right way to cast the next spell so that accomplish what he wanted.

Laurel was now a little worried; somehow Bill had gotten into her room, and now he was talking crazy. Did he actually think she would Ďdrop everythingí and spend the next few days with him? Plus she was completely nude, and to get dressed, she would have to walk by him. He had never done anything before, but now he was talking crazy.

"Hmm, you donít believe me, see for yourself!" He said, still formulating the right way to complete the spell.

"Whatever Bill" She said, wrapping the sheets around herself "I have to go to the bathroom, Iíll be back in a minute, and then Iíd like you to wait outside while I change. I think you should return tonight." She got up and walked by him; when she entered the bathroom she did not believe what she saw.

Bent over the sink was her friend Carrie. This is something she would expect to see on a nightly basis. Carrie washing her face, while running the water. However, on this particular night, the water running out of the faucet was completely frozen, like an icicle. As was Carrie. Drops of water were suspended in mid air, in mid drip after coming off Carrieís nose. Carrie reached for a towel, and did not get a good grasp of it, it too was suspended in mid air. Laurel panicked, she let the sheets drop from her naked body and ran out of the bathroom trying to find anyone.

Bill finally figured out the right way to speak the incantation. He memorized the entire thing because mis-speaking something while reading from the spell book might have adverse reactions. He stepped out into the hallway right into the panicked Laurel, knocking her down. He began to chant the spell and his hand began to glow. She fumbled around on the floor for a bit then finally regained her wits enough to get up and run towards the stairwell. But now her stomach ached; she had to sit down. She didnít know why, but she walked towards his voice, back into her room, finally sitting on her bed. Finally he finished speaking and returned to her room as well.

"I feel funny" She said to him, her whole world had just been turned on end. What was that he said ĎIím gonna toy with youí? What did he mean by that?

"You feel funny because the transformation is taking its effect upon you." Bill said , still grinning

"What do you mean Ďtransformationí?" She said, looking at him, her eyes full of fear.

"Oh donít worry, if I did it right, I think youíre supposed to enjoy it" He replied.

She was about to ask him what the hell that was supposed to mean when she began to notice strange things happening. When she didnít concentrate on it, her legs would drift apart, like there was a spring between them, and it was getting harder to keep them together even when she did try! Her legs were now spread to an angle so that it looked like someone was between them, and they continued to spread! Soon she found that she wanted to spread them and that her flexibility, although ample, held her back.

Suddenly the skin around her pussy began to itch immensely. It itched so much she didnít care that someone watched her while she relieved the sensation. As she scratched, her pubic hair came off, leaving only a finely shaped Ďracing stripí such that one would find on a playboy playmate. She looked down and saw that the skin under where her bush had been was a little paler, but not like it had not seen much sun; a different kind of pale. And it was spreading!

"Whatís happening to me!?" She tried to say, but all that came out was "Whaw eww wa-wa-weww woo wee". She could feel her mouth forming an "O" shape. Her legs were now spread wide open and her arms each formed "L" shapes at her sides. Her fingers were held tightly together, like she was about to karate chop someone, and her feet pointed downwards like she was wearing some kind of phantom high heel. She was having trouble moving her neck as well, but she looked down only to see that the pale  patch had spread almost across her entire stomach, and that her skin looked more rubber then flesh!

"You see my dear, as I told you before, I was sick of you toying with me, so I shall Ďtoyí with you. The particular toy I have picked is a doll, specifically a Ďlove dollí; only youíll be a very special love doll indeed..." He brought her full length mirror over infront of her. "Hmm, you need some attire, I have the perfect thing, but not quite yet."

Now she understood why her mouth had shaped itself that way, and why her legs spread so far apart, all love dolls looked this way. As she watched, the skin that had already turned pale, became paler and paler until it was pure white. She noticed that her cheeks were becoming rosy. Soon red dots appeared, like those of a Raggedy Anne doll. All the moles and other imperfections she had absorbed back into her body. She tried to flex her fingers and found they had fused together. She could still move them though, she could coil them around like she was gripping a tube, only she knew she was meant to grip something very specific. Her toes too had fused, and her toenails became that same shade as her pale skin.

"Ahh, now this should be interesting, I think now itís time to reshape those tits of yours" Bill said to her as she got a sudden look of horror in her face "Oh donít worry, they are fine now, but Iíd like them to be perfect, this is the last time you will here a guy say this, but they are just a little too big for your frame. By the way, you should enjoy this next part."

Her areoles now began to fade, and as they did she was rocked with a wave of please, she became quite aroused and could feel the juices begin to flow in her pussy. As the transformation continued, she was rocked with wave after wave of pleasure as she watched her breasts slightly Ďdeflateí. She began to moan out of her O shaped mouth. Finally her nipples, which were fully erect, began to tighten and redden until they had the same hue as the circles on her cheeks. The redness extended from her nipples outward producing an idealized areole on each breast. The stimulation was too much and she finally reached a climax. The orgasm she had was like none other. Despite this, she could feel her pussy becoming drier and drier. She tried to turn an inquisitive stare towards Bill but found she could not move her neck any longer.

"Iím sorry my dear, love dolls donít have any internal lubrication," He said to her, sensing her question.

She could feel the walls of her pussy turning into same material that her skin had now become. As they tightened, her pussy slightly opened, to allow access to whom ever used her. She could feel her clit tightening and she instantly orgasmed, she wanted to moan, but she could no loner speak or make any sound. She could also feel the same transformation happening to her rectum, but she didnít care; she was lost in ecstasy.

"Now my dear, we are almost done" He said to her as the waves of pleasure ebbed. "Time to get up" He placing a hand on her shoulder. Strangely enough, this also sent intense waves of pleasure through her. She found that she was standing up! Her legs came together and found she could move, but only to stand. She noticed in the mirror too that a plastic sheen had appeared on her skin. Also there were seams running up her legs and arms, the places where the molds of her front and back had been pressed together, like in a Barbie Doll.

When she stood completely up, she found she could not stay that way; her upper torso slumped over. He ran his finger down her spine (causing her to orgasm) and then pushed in. To her surprise, she felt his finger enter some kind of hole. Out of thin air he produced a rather large key. He placed it into the center of  her back and began to wind it! As we wound, her bent posture straightened until she was standing upright looking at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were now bright yellow instead of just hazel and her skin was pure white and shined like plastic, but it still stretched like rubber.

"Now my dear, you can stand and walk when ever you are wound, but other wise you will remain as your master has left you. Now for one final touch, a piece of attire that I think you will agree is appropriate." He said to her. He waved his hand in the air and soon a very sheer baby doll nightie adorned her..

The master put a hand on her shoulder, pushing her down. As soon as she sat her legs once again spread and her arms formed Lís at her side.

I look beautiful, she thought. I must always look beautiful. I must serve the master, I would do anything for the master thought the doll as she felt her master enter her mouth. She began to massage him, she already knew how, of course. I have done a good job for the master the doll thought as she felt him spread Vaseline in her pussy. Soon she only thought when the master wanted her to, because of course, dolls canít think by themselves.

To be continued?

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