Mile High Club
Perils in Pantyhose, Part Three
By Magnus

Susan? Susan wake up! I snapped awake, wha?, what's going on? It was my roommate Kathie, she had come in to wake me up.

Were going to be late Sue, it's almost 8:30 am.

How come you didn't try and wake me up sooner?

Cause you wouldn't wake up, I've been trying for ten minutes, man you sleep like the dead.

Yeah, guess I do.

I got up and went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, still feeling groggy from last night and plus I'm hung over.

"look at you", I thought as I gazed at myself in the mirror, gotta do something about those eyes.

I'm thirty two blonde and attractive yet I look like I drank two bottles of Jack Daniels last night.

I stripped off my pj's and turned on the shower, had to be at the airport by 10:30 am to make the eleven o'clock flight for David Vance Inc, a private corporation.

I forget what they do, but they hired me and Kathie as flight attendants.

The water was warm enough so I stepped into the shower.

My legs were sore, must have danced the night away with a dozen men.

Kathie and I had gone to Dillingers, a local club and celebrated our new job, we must have partied till two am, I had such a good time, a bit to much of a good time.

I stood in the shower and let the hot water warm all the aches from last night away, wondering what the day held in store for me.

With the shower done I got out and dried off in front of the mirror.

I was trim and taught, all those hours of aerobics had really paid off, my friend Kathie always bugged me, "With a body like yours you ought to be a fitness competitor", she was right though I did have the body of a fitness competitor.

Athletic build , slim waist and hips and somewhat large breasts, 37,24,35.

I had tied modeling once, but I had to common a look, there where a lot of blue eyed blondes wanting to be models.

Took me a bout twenty minutes to put on my makeup and get dressed.

The flight attendants uniform was really skimpy, it consisted of a white blouse, tan blazer and a very short skirt that the blazer barely covered.

I completed the outfit with suntan pantyhose and black four inch heels.

This was the uniform David Vance Inc sent us, I kinda felt cheap, but I didn't care, it wasn't like I didn't look good in the outfit.

I went back to the mirror for final inspection, did a few turn and became entranced in my pantyhose.

My legs looked gorgeous wrapped in them, the way they shine in the light and how they enhance My legs, I just had to feel them. I raised My skirt and inspected them, these were a new brand that I had bought out of a catalogue, very silky and sheer.

I began to caress my legs, feeling my hands slipping over them nearly drove me to orgasm.

I was imagining the man of My dreams was massaging them, gently caressing up and down my pantyhosed legs, it was driving me wild. I could feel an orgasm begin to build and my right hand found it's way to My clit and began to rub it.

The sensation nearly brought me to My knees, I love these pantyhose, the fact that they had no seams and no cotton panel made me even more aroused having them on.

And with my shaved bush, It almost looked like I didn't have a pussy at all.

I was in the midst of bringing myself to orgasm when Kathie walked in.

Hey! We don't have all day for this , we gotta go!

I could tell by the look on her face that She was aroused by My exhibition, maybe later we could get together.

I straightened out My skirt and smoothed out My outfit, went and grabbed my luggage and we were out the door.

Kathie looked excellent in her uniform, Her brown hair and long legs wrapped in pantyhose.

I almost felt jealous of Her beauty, Kathie was very shapely as I was, except that she was taller.

We arrived at Miami International, and left the car in long term parking, We were cutting it fine.

I asked Kathie "terminal forty two is off to the left right"?

Yeah it is.

Terminal forty two was a short distance from the entrance we used.

When We got there we were met by a tall man in a black suit and tie and sunglasses.

"You're late".

"Mr. Vance doesn't like it when you're late, it costs him money".

Costs him money? Doesn't he realize it takes time for us to get ready?

Hey! No need to get upset, said Kathie, were here now ok?

"Come with me".

We followed him out to the tarmac and got a look at the jet, it was a 737.

Nice jet, your boss travels in style.

When We boarded we were met by a pasty wiry looking guy.

"Hi My name is Greg Foster, I'm Mr. Vances personal assistant".

"I'm sure you'll find everything you need in the galley and crew area here up front, if you have any questions feel free to ask me, that's what I'm here for".

Thanks We said.

"One more thing, lunch will be served at 1 p.m.".

Thanks again Greg, We said.

With pleasantries exchanged We stowed our gear in the crew compartment then went to the galley to familiarize ourselves with the compliment.

Everything we needed appeared to be there including champagne.

We were still familiarizing ourselves with the galley when Greg came in.

"Ah!, See everything you need"?

Yes It appears that way, I said.

"Good then, Mr. Vance would like to have a word with you, if you'll follow me".

Sure, I'd like to meet this David Vance, Kathie said.

"This way then".

When we entered the rear compartment where Mr. Vance was, I was taken aback a bit by the luxuriousness of the compartment.

It was beautiful, there was one wall with mirrors while the others were white.

There was a huge desk near the middle and a bed off to the right.

Sitting at the desk was a red haired gentleman who looked to be in his forties.

"Welcome ladies, I am David Vance, you may call me David, welcome aboard, care for a drink"?

"I find it is always good to start a business relationship with a good drink, Greg"?

"Fetch these two, Champagne"?

Yes that would be fine, but just one please.

"Good champagne it is".

"Three glasses Greg".

"Yes Mr. Vance".

Nice quarters you have here David, I said.

"Yes I try to keep all the luxuries of home here".

Greg handed us our champagne.

"A toast," said David.

"A toast to a long and fruitful relationship".

We drank our champagne, I was beginning to think that this David Vance guy was a bit eccentric.

When we had finished the champagne his cell phone rang and we were excused.

So Greg, I heard we are fling to Denver?

"Yes, Mr. Vance has holding there, and also his home".


"Yes, Mr. Vance owns a chain of department stores, and one of which is in Denver".

"He has others in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Miami".

I was impressed, for eccentric bastard David Vance had a lot of assets.

"Those are only his stores," he went on,"He also owns a bio research facility and a computer software firm".

How does he find the time to run them all, asked Kathie?

"he doesn't, most of them are handled by private investment firms, a few of the stores are ran by family".

Just them the captain announced that we should take our seats so we could depart.

We went to our seats and buckled up, when I began to feel the effects of the champagne.

I love champagne, cause it always makes me horny and right now I was becoming horny.

After take off the effects intensified.

The captain turned off the seat belt sign and we were able to get up, I felt a little stiff legged, but shrugged it off as effects from last night.

We had been delayed at the airport, one o'clock was approaching.

Hey Sue, let's go and get Mr. Vances lunch ready.

Sure I'm kinda hungry myself, I said.

I'll go back and see if he's ready for it, said Kathie.

Sure, I'll go to the galley and get it ready.

Preparing the food was easy, cause it was already made all you had to do was heat it up.

Sue?, it was Kathie, He say's he's ready we can serve him anytime.

Good, you can serve him and I'll take care of the crew.


Meet back here when you're done ok, and then we can go and kick back a bit before we get to Denver.

Sure thing Sue.

I had served the crew and returned to the galley, Kathie was not back yet.

I wonder what's keeping her, she only had to feed Vance and Greg and the goon.

I decided to go back and see what was keeping her.

As I was walking back, the horniness I was feeling from the champagne became even more intense.


I better relieve this or I'm going to go nuts.

I decided to duck into the restroom , I had to.

I pulled up My skirt and began feeling the silkiness of my legs and pussy, If only I had a vibrator, I could get off even quicker.

I began stoking my sex, it wasn't long before I could feel an orgasm coming on.


It was intense, one of the most powerful I've ever had.

I was locked in the pleasure of it, soon it passed and I felt relieved.

Then, I tried to move and found I couldn't.

Huh? What's going on here, I thought, all the muscles in my body would not respond.

I couldn't move, stuck frozen.

I tried to call for help, but found I couldn't speak as well.

I can't believe this! This has never happened to me before.

I was stiff leaning up against the wall of the restroom feeling myself.

I then I heard the lock on the door turn, and then the door opened.

It was David's bodyguard, standing there smiling as he put the keys back in his pocket.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here, a little nympho are you"?

The big man reached in and picked me out gently, with a little effort I found that he could move me.

He threw me over his shoulder and then proceeded to go back to David's compartment.

"Got another one, Boss," he said as we entered the room. "Caught her in the restroom playing with herself".

"O really"? asked David.

"Well just place her over here near her friend, and have some fun shall we"?

The goon took Me over and stood me up next to Kathie.

I saw that David had already stripped her uniform off down to just her bra and pantyhose, and had begun inserting this crude looking devise into her sex.

"Don't be worried Kathie, it won't hurt and it doesn't take long".

"I'm sure it will be the most pleasurable experience you've ever had".

The longing inside me had returned and I began to fell horny again as I heard those words, I wish I could move so that I could satisfy myself, but right now I was trying to figure out what David was going and doing to us.

The tension continued to build when I saw David come up behind me in the mirror, he had a red silk scarf in his hands.

"Now for Suzie the little nymphet", He said.

"You might be wondering what I'm going to do with you"?

"It's simple, I hire gorgeous women to be flight attendants and transform them into mannequins for My stores".

Mannequins?, He's transforming me and Kathie into Mannequins!! This man's insane.

"I own my own agency that hired you and your friend, I also hire personal trainers, maids, and what have you, any position that I need that can be filled with beautiful women".

"If their background checks out I mannequinize them, if not I don't hire them".

"You'd be surprised how many flight attendants I go through each year".

"The champagne you and Kathie drank was spiked with a neuro toxin".

So that's what caused this!

"First it causes you to become very aroused, then immobility, and then it finally shuts down your metabolism to almost nil".

My mind was drowning in lust, I wanted him to fuck be so bad I couldn't think of much else.

"The devise you see on your friend is called the Inuterobe, it allow me to molecularly change you flesh into plastic".

"Once changed you will be ready to be put on display in my Denver store, where you will live you new life as a mannequin".

"You're now so washed in desire that you probably don't even care what I'm saying, but oh well soon you will be continually satisfied forever".

He took the silk scarf and ran it between my legs. I could feel it rub against my pussy as he grabbed the other end of it and started to pull back and forth.

"You see it's not all science and technology involved here. This scarf is part of is part of my magic".

He continued pulling the scarf back and forth between my legs, rubbing on my pantyhosed pussy.

"I know you like this, I do this to all my mannequins, it's my favorite part of the process".

I could see what he was doing to me in the mirror.


I was moaning inside my head as David continued with the motion, back and forth, back and forth.

Finally I could feel the release I was yearning for come, then BANG, it happened.

I exploded with an orgasm so powerful I though I was in nirvana.

This was no ordinary orgasm, cause it didn't go away.

It continued to build and then it leveled off, taking me to a realm of ecstasy I've never been to before.

All the while David continued pulling, back and forth, back and forth.

I could feel the scarf burrowing into the folds of my sex stimulating it in a way no tongue ever could.


The sensation continued as I began to sense movement!

It was My pantyhose! I could feel the nylon invading Me!

My sex was filling up as well as my ass, it was exhilarating, the way they penetrated and expanded inside me!

I could feel thousands of microfibers stimulating the expanded walls of my vagina, it was like I had a dildo inside me!

I began to cum, cum like I had never came before, I was so overstimulated that I thought I would black out.

David continued, I saw in the scarf in the mirror, it was very very wet, soaked with my cum.

David removed the scarf from between my legs and put it to his nose to smell it.

"Hoo, boy"!

"I've never seen someone cum as much as you have", he said as he walked around in front of me. "Tastes sweet too."

The sensation ebbed within me a bit, but did not end, where My sex was was now a gaping hole dripping with cum.

I could feel the cool air rush up into it as well as my ass, this was the most intense sexual experience I've ever had.

David was standing in front of me still entranced in the sweet smell of my cum on the scarf.

I could see the bulge in his pants, it looked as if he was burst.

He picked me up and took me over to the bed and spread my legs, took down his pants and jammed his swollen member into me.

The feeling of his engorged cock thrusting in and out of my nylon sleeved pussy made the orgasm intensify.

Bam! Bam! Bam! He slapped into me, he was soon done though as I could feel his juices mix with mine, and he exited, the cool air rushing back into my hot gaping sex.

The sensation ebbed again, but didn't go away.

He cleaned himself off and came back for me, picking me up and placing me next to Kathie once more.

Kathie by now had the appearance of a mannequin, her skin was shinny and plastic looking.

David removed her bra and her breasts stayed perfectly erect.

The pose she was in was beautiful, with her weight shifted one her left foot and her left hand palm down at her side and her right on her hip, and her head pointed slightly off to the left.

David pulled the inuterobe down, it made a popping sound as it exited her.

He then took two dildos one larger than the other and inserted them into her sex and ass.

"There now, the batteries in those should last ten years".

Then David came over to me with the device.

"I think I'm ready for you now".

He slipped it up inside me, I could feel it's double pronged dildo's fill up my gaping sex and ass.

The inuterobe was stainless steel and had a football shape to it.

It had hoses running out the back of it and into the wall.

He strapped the device on my hips and turned it on, a vibrating sensation began and I could feel fluid being pumped into me.

The sensation increased the intensity of the orgasm I was continually experiencing as the warm liquid penetrated me.

I now had become used to the continual effects of the orgasm, as David began posing me, moving My right hand out a bit from my hip and My left hand palm down at My side.

I looked as if I was waiting for something, what I did not know.

I was now feeling a tingly sensation and saw My skin begin to glow, all the pores of my skin sealed up and became smooth.

My blue eye's had become glassy but I could still see well.

I could sense a constriction, a tightening, more than I did earlier.

My skin was hardening!

Becoming shinny like plastic!

The thought of being immobile only increased the sensations I was feeling.

Soon the mannequinization process was complete.

David came over and took of my bra and stood stunned in silence.

My breasts had become fuller.

My nipples were less defined and my areolas were gone!

"Beautiful! Simply beautiful".

Unfastening the straps, David pulled down the inuterobe, as it came out it made another pop sound and was clear.

I was no longer wet all My bodily functions had ceased , except for the pleasuring effects of the continual orgasm.

David put away the inuterobe and returned with two dildo plugs for my now plastic pussy and ass.

I could feel the pressure he had to exert to push them up inside me, my pantyhose had now become a permanent part of me.

As soon as they were in I heard a click and began to vibrate, sending my orgasm to areas I've never been to before.

"You are a very sexy mannequin now Sue".

"Now you're both ready to be on display".

He then called in his goon.

"Help me pack these two into crates, I don't want the airport officials to be too suspicious of us".

David and his bodyguard then took us to the hold below and packed us up into a large crate.

"See you in Denver," were his last words to us as the lid was placed on the crate and it was nailed shut.

I fell asleep to the steady hum of the vibrators inside me.

The sound of nails being pulled woke me up, I could hear voices, then light flooded into the crate and it was opened.

"Look at them their beautiful", I heard a woman's voice say.

"We can use them in the lingerie department" I heard another woman say.

My eye's where adjusting to the light as we were both lifted from our stands and placed on stands.

I could feel the metal support rod burrow into my ass, as they finally cleared.

I then found I was face to face with a very attractive brunette.

"You must be Susan"? she said, "Welcome to Williams".

"You and your friend Kathie are going to love it here".

"My name is Denise, I'm the head of the visual merchandising department".

"The other girl's name is Barbara".

"Barbara bring over that red teddy I laid out earlier will ya"?

"OH and also the red heels, hey why not bring that purple teddy for the other mannequin".

"I think that red will look good on you with that long blonde hair of yours".

Barbara had returned pushing a cart with the clothing that Denise had requested.

By the looks of things we were standing in a stockroom being ready to be put on display.

Soon We were wearing the lingerie, I was in a red thong back teddy and Kathie was wearing a purple version of the same teddy.

"I told you, you would look dazzling in red". said Denise.

We were then wheeled out to the lingerie department and placed on a stand back to back.

"Their certainly beautiful", said Barbara.

Denise stepped up and did a few minor adjustments, brushing off lint and dust.

She then leaned over and whispered in My ear," I have a little secret to tell you".

"David didn't tell you that the process was reversible".

"You see I was once changed into a mannequin as you were, a flight attendant tricked into becoming a mannequin".

"It was four years before David decided to change me back, but only on two conditions".

"I would continue to work for him and never tell anyone our secret".

"As far as I know I'm the only one who has ever been changed back, maybe someday the same could happen for you".

I could not believe it, the process could be reversed?

I don't know, I kinda like being a mannequin.

Denise stepped down and walked away, soon the store would open and I would begin my new life on display as a Mannequin.