by Paul G. Jutras

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  An alarm sounded at N.I.T.E. base.  Robert Crypt quickly shut down the computer program before the base went into meltdown. "That was close." he said to his partner, Sarah Jones.

"I think the chief is right." Sarah sighed. "You've been working on the new program too hard.  You need a vacation."

Letting out a sigh, Robert reluctantly agreed.  He and his family been saying how they've wanted to move off the base and to the small town nearby.  Going to General Hogg, Robert put in for permission to move.  A week later he got approval.

As Robert sat at his new desk, his wife Missy brought him a plate of fried chicken.

"That's right, Sarah." Robert said on the phone. "Moving in is coming just fine.  It's been well worth it, especially for the kids."

Their son, Jason went running through the kitchen into the den.  He held a model plane in one hand and pretended to be a pilot.  "Dad, the ice-cream man is coming.  Can I have some money?"

"Sure, Jay." Robert said as he fished out his wallet from his back pocket.  "Look, Sarah, I've got to go. My son needs me and if I ever figure out E-mail I'll send you a letter." he joked.

"You just forget your worries and relax." Missy said as she kissed him. "I'm just glad you decided to take a vacation when it was offered.  They then wrapped their arms around one another and watched their daughter on the backyard tire swing.

"I'm happy if you're happy." Robert said as he removed her arms and got up. "I'd better run into town for supplies. Andy and Gus said they'd be by later today.  Hope when I retire that finding a checkers partner is my biggest problem too."

"You'll always have me." Missy giggled as she went back to unpacking while Robert headed out the front door.

As Missy went to put some bowls on the top shelf, she failed to notice the cabinet wasn't bolted to the wall.  As she reached for the top, it began to sway back and forth. "Whoa!" she cried as it toppled down on top of her.

Her daughter, Gloria came in for lunch and screamed.  With tears in her eyes, she ran out of the house and across a field of daisies.  She jumped a fence and caught up to her father.

"Dad!" She screamed as she reached him.

"Gloria, what's wrong?" Robert saw the tears.

"It's mommy." Gloria caught her breath. "She's hurt."

Robert got home to find his wife's body crushed underneath the cabinet. "Oh, No!" He gasped in horror and ran quickly to his wife and tried to free her by lifting the heavy cabinet off her. "Gloria! Jason! Give me a hand."

As Robert held the cabinet up, the kids dragged their mother out from under it. After Robert checked her vital signs, finding them very weak, he began to panic and picked up the phone. "Sarah, we've got an emergency.   I need a med-e-vac to bring Missy in. Have the lab prep for emergency operation."

A short time later, Missy's body had electrodes hooked up to her temples.  The wires linked directly into N.I.T.E's master computer. "Bringing on artificial intelligence program.  Downloading Missy Crypt."

"This is crazy, Robert." Sarah said as the giant TV screen on the wall crackled to life.  In a white room, there was forming a completely realistic virtual image of Missy.  In a few seconds it was complete.

"Robert?" Missy said in a confused state as she heard the echo of her own voice. "What happened to me?"

"There was an accident at home, dear." Robert said as he breathed a sigh of relief. "A very bad one.  Your body died, but I managed to download your mind into N.I.T.E's computer just in time to save you. Don't worry, I'll find a way to bring you back."

"I know you will dear." Missy said, seeing the smiles and tears of joy on her family's faces. "I know you will."


     Hiring someone to keep their new house clean, Robert Crypt and his kids spent most of their time on the base so that they could be close to their mother.  Ever since her body had been crushed in an accident, her mind had remained downloaded into N.I.T.E's database.

    "How are you doing honey?' Robert asked as he starred at a video screen that displayed a perfect virtual image of his wife, Missy.

"Fine." Missy reassured her husband. "I don't feel any less real.  Though it's kind of neat to be able to alter one's environment just by thinking about it."

"The researchers are working on building you a new body."  Robert said, feeling guilty. "I know it won't be the same as your flesh and blood one, but you'll be able to feel and be with us as a family again."

Missy just smiled as she leaned back in the chair she created with her mind.  Her clothes then changed into a nightgown. "It's late, dear. I need my sleep and I'm sure you need a rest too."

"You're right as usual." Robert laughed.  "Just like your were right about my needing a vacation."

       The next day, Robert woke up to find Jason and Gloria were not in bed.  Getting worried, he started to search the base.  There was so many places were they could hurt and nobody seemed to know where they were.  He felt much relief when he heard their voices coming from the main computer chamber.

   "Jay! Gloria! You should know better than to worry me." Robert said walking in and stopping in his tracks.  He looked up at the screen and saw his kids with his mother in her virtual world.  "H- How did you..."

"Relax dear." Missy smiled. "They’re in the scientist's virtual simulation lab.  They're using virtual reality helmets to be in here with me."

Robert felt relief flood over his body as his kids giggled and waved in the direction their mother pointed since only she could see out through computer screen. "I forgot you mentioned us talking about using the helmets to be with each other." He blew her a kiss while the kids laughed. "You  kids still shouldn't have taken off without my permission."

"Yes dad." The said in unison.

Robert then took off for the lab just in time to see his kids removing their helmets. "We're sorry we didn't let you know, but mommy said it was okay." Gloria said in her most innocent voice. "Can you forgive us?"

"Of course." Robert gave them both a kiss on the forehead.  He always found it hard to argue with Gloria's innocent smile. Especially he she batted her eyes.  It made him a little worried about what she'd be like as a teenager.

          "You know Mr. Crypt, the virtual simulation in the computer feels every bit like the real thing." A tech support operative said with a smile as he handed Jason's helmet over to him.  "Want to give it a try?"

"Kids, why don't you run along and play." Robert said with a smile as he put the helmet over his head. "Stay away from the mom's screen until I return.  Mom and I need some time to ourselves."

       "Robert, honey," Missy smiled as Robert found himself in a field beside a lake.  A forest was just behind him. "What do you think of the meeting place I selected for us?"

"This is remarkable." Robert said, taking her hands in his and gave her a kiss on the lips.  She felt every bit as real as ever. "I guess we can do anything in here, huh?"

"Yes Robert, and I'm feeling very aroused right now." Missy caused her clothes to vanish.  Taking her husband's hand to her clit, he had him rub her.  He could even feel how wet her virtual body had become.

Without a second thought, the two got down in the grass.  Robert crouched between her legs and began to lick her pussy with his tongue.  She let out a moan as she reached under him and started to rub his penis.  He never expected it to be anything like it was.

Without warning, Robert realized his wife had an orgasm and climaxed while he continued to lick.

Over the next several hours, the two were able to do things they would never be able to do in real life. Robert even found that he could turn his fingers into vibrators and enter them into his wife. Neither of them had ever felt so satisfied as they both their bodies continued to rock and then shuddered in shared ecstasy.

Her eyes widened as the fell on the backs in the grass. They both felt spent. Robert looked over at Missy's body and noticed how he made her cum.

He kissed her.

She smiled gently and brushed her hair out of her eyes. She could feel her body being covered in sweat and  sex juices.

"OOOOOOO." Missy said as he rubbed her nipples and caused them to become hard and erect with one hand while putting the fingers of his other into her already moist pussy. "That's sooooooooo goooooooood!"


      Days later, Robert Crypt had finished Missy's robotic body and coated it in a realistic looking skin covering.  Though Missy thought it currently looked like a corpse, she approved of its appearance being an exact match of her own.  Especially with the breast and butt enhancements she made to herself in the virtual world.

"Activating download sequence." Robert said to Sarah as Mr. Hogg watched the process reach its completion. The three members of N.I.T.E and Robert's kids looked on with worried looks for some sign of life in the robotic body.

"Mommy!" Gloria squealed as Missy's heavy weighted eyes flickered open.  She leaned over and gave her mother a hug. "You're alive!"

    Both Missy and Gloria were surprise at how warm and alive Missy's new body felt.  In fact, Missy was getting use to the new weight of her metallic body nicely.  She did move stiffly and mechanically in nature a little at first, but she became used to the differences quickly.

     Missy began some physical therapy.  The more she did the less robotically she moved.  It wasn't long before one couldn't tell the difference between her and any woman you'd meet on the street.

"How's it going?" Sarah asked as she checked her super-human strength with weights and speed on a tread mill.

"Super." Missy joked as they she had Missy remove her  clothes while she did both an internal and external exam of her. By Missy's instructions, Robert and Sarah had installed several pleasure devices into her new body so that they enjoy themselves in reality as much as they had in the virtual world.

After a weeks of exams and studies, it was determined that Missy was fit to return home.   With all the money that was put into making Missy's new body, N.I.T.E wanted to be sure to get some return in their investment.  Missy was made a member of the organization as a field agent.  Between her looks and her pleasure devices, she would make a top notch government spy.  With Robert a lab agent, it was no problem with him taking care of the kids when she was gone on assignment.

      Whenever Missy wasn't on assignment, she managed to please her husband in new ways of sexual pleasure nightly.  Missy loved her vacations and time off they spent as a normal family in their countryside house.  Especially in the summer where the family spent time in the real lake area that Missy had copied in the virtual world.  A nice family picnic with sandwiches, watermelon and swimming.  Not to mention kite flying.  Apparently one happy normal family as far as the world was concerned.


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