Femforce - Perfect in Plastic 1

by Northern Chill

Author's note : There are references in this story to my previous tale Collision of Powers so please read that (click here to start) if you want to understand certain character and situation references that are made.


Chapter 1

    The doors at the back of the tented field dressing room burst open as a statuesque redhead ran in.  Judy muttered under her breath how this was the last time she was stopping at her boyfriend's house for a quick roll in the hay before a modeling assignment.  She quickly stripped off her outer clothing and started to don the assigned bathing suit that was hanging in her designated area.  She pulled on the red and white bikini as fast as she could noting she was the only one left in the deserted changing area.  It had taken her a lot of shmoozing and talking up the right people to be in this year's Sexy Babes "Summer Splash" pictorial and she really didn't want to piss off anybody by being late for the shoot.  She quickly applied her makeup and after adjusting her bikini to flatter her figure she hurried towards the area of the private beach where the photographers were no doubt waiting.

    As Judy approached the shaded area where the equipment was set up, she saw no sign of a photographer anywhere.  Two other models were standing there, backs to her, looking out at the ocean while two strangely dressed women attended to them.  A third woman standing off to the side, dressed in a pink bodysuit with a matching cape and very thick looking gloves, waved the latest model over to where she was.

    "Judy, is it? Please come over here.  We're almost done setting up the other two figures here and can fix you right up," the woman said with a bright smile.  To Judy's relief, she never even mentioned the fact that Judy had been quite tardy.

    "Sorry about being late for the shoot. My car wouldn't start and it took me forever to catch a cab that would..."  Judy started to make excuses before her words trailed off she she looked at her fellow models, who seemed completely oblivious to her arrival.  They remained as still as statues, for a good reason.

    Judy raised her right hand to her mouth in surprise as she saw the true state of the other models.  Their skins were a hard smooth shiny plastic with not a blemish or freckle anywhere; there were lines where pivot points would be showing at their shoulders, waist and right legs.  The hair on both motionless models seemed to be very fake, like wigs, that barely moved in the brisk breeze that flowed through the area.  Standing there were a pair of display mannequins.

    Judy ran over and touched the figure on the left, who resembled the model she knew named Bianca.  Her lips, wearing a fresh coat of lipstick applied by one of the costumed women, seemed pursed as if she was blowing a kiss.  The other mannequin, who reminded Judy of an international supermodel named Giselle, looked sensational in a blue and silver bikini.  One of the women was just finished posing her with her right hand tucked behind her head, left arm hanging down and the facing down slightly.

    The confused model ran her left hand through her hair as she walked back toward the woman who seemed to be in charge. "Excuse me, but why the heck are ya all using these plastic dummies here?  Where are the real models and the photographer, miss..?" She asked the woman with a note of uncertainty clear in her voice.

    "My name is Cosmetica, my dear, Ms. Cosmetica," The woman said with after a haughty pause, then indicated the two who were working on the mannequins. "These two are my assistants Lipgloss and Facial.   As to where your fellow models have gone, perhaps I should explain to you first why I am here to begin with," the woman intoned as she settled down in a wooden director's chair. She flicked back dark hair from her slightly freckled face and crossed legs that looked squat and fat compared to the tall leggy women that surrounded her.  Although she obviously kept herself in shape by the way her bodysuit hugged her slender frame, she wasn't quite the raving beauty Judy was used to seeing around shoots like this.

     Lipgloss and Facial looked at each other knowingly and rolled their eyes when they heard this.  Cosmetica always had to tell her life story to anyone she encountered, out of sheer vanity they suspected.  However they weren't about to say anything, recalling clearly the fate of the last aide who had incurred her wrath: The assistant Cosmetica had called Cuticle had attempted to deceive Cosmetica and lure her into a trap set by government authorities eager to discover the secret of her Midas-like touch.  Cosmetica escaped the predicament and punished the duplicitous traitor not only by transforming her into a trademark plastic mannequin but also by separated her parts and leasing them to various stores throughout the US  Cosmetica kept the head of her former aide, along with the shipping receipts, for the day she decided to recombine the deceptive woman as a warning to any who might betray her in the future.

    Cosmetica looked at the unsuspecting Judy. "You see, my dear, a long time ago in a far off land, I was just another scientist employed by the government at one of their bioengineering research departments.  My work involved trying to find a composition that, if applied to human skin, would protect them from small arms fire yet be light enough as to not burden the user with excessive weight.  My colleagues had all but given up on finding such a miraculous substance, yet I persevered; determined to show everyone the brilliance of my scientific genius."

    Judy listened patiently, wondering where this pointless digression was leading to, not knowing it would involve her in a very short time.

    Cosmetica continued, "I was working alone late one night, reviewing a new batch that I had just created when there was a large explosion that ripped through the lab building - something had gone terribly wrong. The force of the explosion slammed me into the hood area where my experimental formula was polymerizing, resulting in a concentrated version of it spilling over my hands.  Despite taking an antidote quickly to counteract the effects, it was already too late.  My hands were forever changed as a result..." Cosmetica intoned as she removed her long black gloves.

    Judy gasped a little as she saw Cosmetic's hands now were entirely plastic in nature, of an even color that seemed slightly more pale than normal skin.  The plastic effect stopped just above her wrists but below that boundary was nothing but smooth plastic with nary a blemish or freckle to be seen anywhere. Her fingernails were also unusual, having the same color as the rest of her hands and seeming to blend into her fingertips.

     "I managed to get out of the building before it was consumed by fire, making my way slowly back to my private lab where I ran some tests on my hands and body. I discovered that while the plasticization effect had been slowed considerably by the antidote, it was continuing nevertheless.  I've had to continue taking large doses of the antidote to this day. Even so, the effect is so far unstoppable. One other interesting side effect that I found out at the same time was that the polymer compound had been concentrated in my hands to the point that now any living matter that I touch turns immediately to plastic." She held her hands up, turning them over to examine them and watching the light glint of their smooth surfaces. "I can even decide what type of plastic the resulting object will be... hard, soft; smooth or rough. The possibilities are endless..." Cosmetica then smiled at the model standing next to her, thinking of choices.

    Judy grew wide-eyed as she put two and two together, then looked back at the mannequins standing rigidly behind her once again. "You mean, you...you changed Gisella and Bianca to plastic! Why?" she shouted, unaware of the implications to her own safety.

    Cosmetica stood up and walked over to the seething woman.  "You see, my dear, it costs quite a lot of money to find myself a cure; in the end I may never find it.  In the meantime, however, continuing the antidote applications are also expensive. Plus, I always need subjects both to test my possible cures with as well as to remind me of what I might ultimately wind up as.  Not to mention the payments I can get by selling amazingly lifelike mannequins to the stores. You and your fellow models will make excellent elements of my summer display back at the mansion," she whispered cattily as she reached out and grabbed Judy by the wrists.

    Realizing at last what frozen fate Cosmetica had planned for her, Judy desperately tried to pull away from the madwoman but found her strength rapidly draining away.  As it did, her skin was rapidly becoming smooth and shiny around her wrists and the effect was spreading up her arms.  She saw Lipgloss and Facial moving up beside her and starting to adjust her still human form as it started to stiffen.

    "No!! I..don't... wantt.. too.. bee.. plllaaassticc... pllleasee.. nooooo!!.." Judy pleaded feebly with a voice that was growing ever weaker by the second.  She felt herself growing lighter as her skin seemed to crackle with the transforming energy that surged through her slim body. Her rapid breathing and all voluntary movements were growing more sluggish with every passing moment and she saw through a haze fine lines that became separations at pivot points already appearing on her wrists. She knew the same effect was happening at her shoulders and waist.

    Cosmetica released her grip Judy and stepped back to see the completion of a change she had watched many times before.  Facial was quickly adjusting the expression on the plasticifying woman's face so it would reflect one of serenity rather than the surprise and horror she was showing.  Lipgloss was posing the frozen woman's legs and arms so that she would seem like someone basking at the beach with her legs slightly crossed and her right hand tucked behind her head.

    The two women stepped back from the model as all movement had ceased now.  Her voice now forever silenced, Judy could only wonder now where she would ultimately wind up as she stared out at the world through eyes made of glassy plastic. Her breasts were now rigid plastic domes and a smooth plastic mound marked where her sex once was.  She then felt herself being lifted and impaled upon a steel display rod like the other two models-now-mannequins had been. Judy wondered how she could have been so foolish and realized she would have a long time to contemplate that question.

    "All right, you two, pack my newest acquisitions away in the boxes marked 'Camera Equipment' like we planned.  Dispose of their vehicles and personal effects via the usual routes and then meet me at the mansion in 72 hours," Cosmetica told her two aides. "Make sure that no one will suspect what's happened here today.  If anyone asks, the models headed off to a Caribbean lingerie shoot and won't be back for several weeks."

   Facial looked at her boss. "Where are you going in the meantime, Cosmetica?" she queried.

   The leader looked back at her aide with a slight grin. "I've recently heard there is a group of heroines operating out of this area called the Femforce.  If ever there was a set of individuals who could be useful as 'subjects' for my research, they're it. I intend to have them all pay an extended visit to my laboratory before I am finished," she intoned before breaking off into a long evil laugh....

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