Platinum Edition

by m_masque

(We can all wish, can't we? The webcast is real, the painting is real. Only the ending is a bit different. >^m^<)

"Are you ready, Ms Weller?" At the model's nod, I said, "Right-o, let's get on with this."

The scene: A studio done up vaguely as Egyptian with a silk-draped bed. Lara Weller, a British model who became famous as the real life version of Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame.

The reason: To celebrate the release of Tomb Raider 3 in its platinum edition on Playstation, Ms Weller, in her guise as Lara Croft, is to be bodypainted from toe to head in platinum paint. This is being done in front of a video crew and the entire session to be broadcast over the internet.

I must admit that I was both anticipating this session and dreading it. I much prefer to do my work in private, just myself and my subject, as bodypainting, when done correctly, can become quite arrousing to the participants. That Lara would be wearing clothing, and I would be painting the clothing as well, helped sooth my worries of having to share; and that I was allowed to select my own video team helped even more. I've worked with them before, having performed a similar session once. That time, however, was for a very select, and very private client...

Dear God, I hope they use something else as a soundtrack for their webcast. Not that music isn't soothing and rather seductive; it is. But we've been at this for nearly twenty minutes now and Lara and I are both about ready to call for someone to put on anything else. Hell, even the Spice Girls would be welcome about now!

Lara is a wonderful subject, and we're having a wonderful conversation as she relaxes and I work. Or, at least, she's having a conversation with me when my brushes aren't tickling her too much. I like to use softer brushes for this; it makes the paint go on smoother as well as exciting the model. I'm actually a bit sorry that this is a public session as Lara just whispered that she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath her knickers. Thank God my back's to the camera and I don't have to stand up right now. Of course, for revenge, though I tell her otherwise, I make certain that my brush slides up between cloth and thigh much higher than the risk of exposed flesh might require.

My paint looks as good on her clothing as it does on her skin; Lara's coming along quite nicely. Once more she whispers to me that she'd like to do this again with me in a decidedly more private, and less clothed, session. Ah, if only...

Her body is splendid; nice and tight and curved in the right places. I step back to admire my handiwork for a moment before I start working on her hair. I massage the paint into the braid and her scalp before I start to paint her face. A few more minutes, and she's nearly completely ready.

Now for the final touches and touch-up. No bare flesh can show, and I reach as far down her top as I did up her knickers; wishing all the while that I would have been able to do this without the damnable clothes! Some holsters for her pistols, also platinum, and she's complete.

"Okay, Lara, go Raiding!" And she struts her stuff for the cameras. Lara, as Lara Croft, is sexy enough. Lara as a platinum Lara Croft is almost too much to take. I only have to take her movements for a few more moments, though.

There, the filming for the webcast is complete. I thank Lara and the cameramen and the cameramen depart.

"Mind if I take a few more pictures for my own collection, Lara? Before I help you out all that paint." She nods and goes through some of her poses once more.

"There, ah, yes, just like that. Now, draw your guns and be fierce!" I hit the flash unit right after I closed my own eyes.

Once more, my paints and lights had done their magic. Lara was now solid platinum, even where my paint hadn't touched her skin. I think the wide-eyed surprise of discovering that my paint did more than just color her skin is a nice contrast to the snarl and the outstretched arms holding pistols ready to fire.

I'm sure I can find a buyer for her eventually. But I think I'll keep her for a while for my own enjoyment.

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