If the Shoe Fits

by Paul Jutras

In the Lodge mansion, Sherman and his daughter Sabrina was listening to Mr. Lodge's latest clients as they stood before a mini desk-top model. "This will be the world's largest mall." The man dressed in blue said he pointed to the model. "An 80 cinema movie theatre, over 100 restaurants, a pool with an artificial wave machine and over fifty water slides."

"What more," The man in the gray suit interrupted. "It'll have a super roller coaster, an indoor ice rink for the young and a golf course for the senior citizens. Let us not forget all the parking space we've planned over here."

"How many stores does it have for shopping?" Sabrina asked as she looked the model over.

"Stores?" The two said together. "I knew we forgot in include something in our plans. We'll get back to you after we've revamped the idea of where to put them."

"Sabrina darling," Mr. Lodge muttered as returned to work at his desk and Sabrina took the men by the arm. "Please escort our young friends out. If your fiance show up, let him in. I'd very like to talk to my future son-in-law."

"Yes Father." Sabrina said as they left the room and she escorted them to the main gate. She could image her father calling the men idiots for forgetting something like stores in a mall. She couldn't image the simplest of persons forgetting that.

"You know, Miss Lodge," The man in the blue said. "If your father doesn't like the plans as a mall, I hear your boyfriend is into amusement parks. Could he use it?"

"Warren isn't around right now." Sabrina said as she hurried them out. They passed some servants who were carrying some donations of Mr. Lodge to a truck. "I very much doubt he has time to see plans for another amusement park. We're hardly spending any time together, what with the problems his current project is causing him."

As Sabrina started back up the walk, she noticed that her body guard was grabbing a man who was climbing over the mansion's stone wall. Remembering how busy Warren was and how eager her dad was to meet him, she got herself an idea.

"Hey!" The man shouted as his arm was twisted behind his back. "This is the only suit I got. I can't afford to have it ruined."

"Warren!" Sabrina shouted as she ran up and separated the two. She took the stranger by the arm and lead him after from the body guard. "You should of phone before stopping in so that we could of expected you."

"Your name is now 'Warren Hershey'; and smile." She said as she looked back and saw the confused look on the bodyguard's face.

"My name is not Warren Hershey, it's Flash Dragon." Flash argued as she hushed his voice before anyone could over hear him.

"Don't argue with me." Sabrina said as she nudged him with her elbow. "You're name is Warren Hershey and please smile."

"You see, you love me and you chased me all around New York City, where you sing in a night club." Sabrina said as the two walked arm in arm. "You got that?"

"I did?" Flash asked, a little confused about what was going on. "How'd I make out?"

"We're to be married." Sabrina smiled as she leaned her head on his shoulder while they walked into the house.

"Play along and I'll see you'll get in to see my father." Sabrina said as she looked back to see if they were being followed or not.

"Well if we're to be married, I expect to." Flash giggled.

"First of all, what business were you trying to sneak over the fence to see my father for anyway?" Sabrina asked as the two stopped in their tracks in the main hall.

Before he could answer, she notice the bodyguard heading toward the house. She grabbed hold of his and pressed their lips together. "Come along darling, we can't keep daddy waiting."

"So you are Warren Hershey." Mr. Lodge said as he sat up behind his desk. He had the habit of shaking his finger at the man he talked to. Flash glanced across the desk at Sabrina who nodded back to him before he answered.

"Yes sir."

"Promise." Mr. Lodge said softly. "Promise me that you'll make her happy."

"I'll try my best sir." Flash answered.

"I like him, Sabrina." Mr. Lodge turned toward his daughter. "I like him a lot. You'll have beautiful children. Now how about showing us what's in the box."

For the first time Sabrina notice the box that Flash carried under his arm. He set it on the desk and pulled off the lid. Inside was a pair of women's high heel shoes that would go with just about any outfit worn.

"A little invention of mine." Flash said as he handed them to Mr. Lodge to examine. "Any woman who puts those shoes on will turn instantly into a mannequin. Then back to normal when the shoes are removed. Think about how much this will aid the mannequin models you hire at your malls."

"Impressive." Mr. Lodge thought as felt better about this idea than the amusement park one the last men he saw had. "With a little funding we can mass produce them for all the models in all my malls country wide."

As the two started talking, neither of them notice the curious look on Sabrina's face as she wondered what it would be like to be made of plastic. To be frozen in place, starring at nothing. Slipping out into the hall, she stepped out of her own shoes and put the transforming ones on.

A tingling feeling started in her feet. As it began to make its way up her legs, she reached down and felt how smooth and hard he legs had become. Already she couldn't move. She couldn't even step out of the shoes if she wanted to. As the tingle reached her crouch and made her sexless, she felt like she was going to have an orgasm. She wanted to scream out in pleasure, but choose not to as her breasts became stiff and erect. She found she could no longer talk and her eyes frozen forward. "Hope daddy comes out of his office soon," She thought.

"Jeves, do you know anything about Mr. Lodge donating a mannequin?" Fifi asked as she stood in her French maid outfit and dusted Sabrina off. Sabrina found that she couldn't sneeze despite all the dust the feather duster cooked up.

"No, but Charlie and I will load it aboard the truck." Jeves said in a stuck up tone. "Must of come from one of Mr. Lodge's malls. It'll make someone a good dress makers dummy or something."

"No!" Sabrina wanted to scream but couldn't. She couldn't do anything as the two men picked her up and carried her at a vertical angle to the truck. Sabrina knew that her shoes couldn't accidentally come loose, letting her come back to life. "You take these shoes off me or you're fired," she yelled at the the men, but they did not hear her.

"Well Warren, I'm sure we can get the shoes into production in no time." Mr. Lodge said, as they stepped out of the office. "You have a fine little product here."

"Yes sir." Flash agreed as he tapped the box and heard the hallow sound it make. He quickly opened the lid and saw it empty. "Sir, did you forget to put them back in the box?"

"I handed them to Sabrina to look at." Mr. Lodge said with a worried look. "Didn't she give them back to you before she left?"

"No, sir." Flash answered as she noticed a pair of shoes on the floor. "Aren't these the shoes your daughter was wearing when I first got here?"

"I've got a bad feeling about this." Mr. Lodge said as he heard humming in the next room. He looked inside and saw FiFi dusting the room. "Have you seen a mannequin around?"

"Oui Mr. Lodge." Fifi answered. "It was loaded on the last truck heading for the donations at the thrift store. Is something wrong?"

Not knowing how to explain what happened, Mr. Lodge and Mr. Hershey rushed to the garage where Dick, the driver, was polishing the fenders. "No time for polish now, we've got to get a particular donation back from the thrift store before it's too late."

"Yes sir." Dick said as he dropped the rag in a bucket and replaced his cap before opening the door for the two gentlemen. "Where are we going?"

"The thrift store I sent the donations to." Mr. Lodge said in a worried tone. "Step on it."

"Which one?" Dick asked calmly. "Those donations were going to half a dozen thrift shops. Whatever you're looking for could be at any of them."

"Just step on it!" Mr. Lodge said as sat with his walking cane between his legs, tapping it on the car floor. "Let me know when we reach the first one."

"We're here." Dick said as he helped Mr. Lodge and Mr. Dragon out of the car. The three than ran inside and split up in their search for a female mannequin. They looked through statues and mirrors; art treasures donated by several wealthy families. But no Sabrina.

"Excuse me," Mr. Lodge said as he approached the store's manager. "I'm looking for a female mannequin that might of been dropped here by mistake. It wasn't suppose to go in with the donations."

"Sorry sir," The man said. "We've got in plenty of stone statues. But I'd of remembered if any mannequins were in the donation pile this morning. Try the one on the corner of Blue Bird St. and Canary Lane."

"Dick!" Mr. Lodge shouted as he led the way. "Get the car warmed up and don't bother holding the door. I'm in a hurry."

The three tried five more thrift shops with no luck. As they came across the final one where The Lodge Family was giving donations, the found Sabrina standing among a group of statues with a price tag on her wrist. Other than being stiff as a board, she looked fine. "Thank goodness she's alright." Flash said was he stared into her frozen eyes. "Help me lean her back and I'll get the shoes off."

"Don't be a fool." Mr. Lodge said. "If she comes to life here, before everyone, think of the scandal. Your project will be considered a threat and we'll never be able to make money off it. No. We'll simply buy her and change her back at home."

"I found the manager over at the light fixtures. " Dick said as he walked over. "He's in the middle of a big sale, but said he'd take time for you."

"Very good, Dick." Mr. Lodge and Mr. Dragon went with Dick to the manager. "Sir, I'm interested in purchasing a certain mannequin over there. If you'd be so kind to have it delivered to my address A.S.AP. I'd appreciate it with a bonus."

"What mannequin?" The manager said as they walked back to the statue area to find that she was gone. "All I see is a group of bronze statues here."

"It was here." Flash argued as a young man walked up and handed the manager some money.

"Here you go, boss." The teen said as the manager counted the bills. "I just got more than you were offering for that dress makers dummy. I have another sucker lined up for the drum set. You can bet some parents won't be sleeping tonight."

"Hold it, young man." Mr. Lodge ordered. "Just who did you sell that mannequin to?"

"Heck, how should I know." The kid declared. "He paid in cash not check. I just know he's rich and was heading in the direction of down town in a truck with the word Penny on it."

"J.C. Penny's." Mr. Lodge and Mr. Dragon said together as they rushed back to the car. By Mr. Lodge's orders the door wasn't even held open as they rushed to the store, part of the property at one of Mr. Lodge's own malls. "We've got to reach her before the secret gets out."

At J.C. Penny's Sabrina was stood on a dolly and rolled out of the truck into the storeroom. The store manager looked the mannequin and over at the virtual merchandiser. "Sarah, please set her up on the main floor by the front doors. See that she's properly outfitted."

"Is he calling my clothes tacky?" Sabrina thought as Sarah wheeled her out on the floor while her assistant went to get some clothes off the sales racks. "At least I'll turn back to normal when they take my shoes off."

"Okay, Barbie." A man said as he cased the front of the store He waited for her to enter and watched Sarah pass by him with Sabrina. "Lodge is so rich he had a mannequin made to look like his daughter. Too bad it not the real thing."

"We could made a bundle in ransom, Ken." Barbie said as Sarah tilted Sabrina back and removed her shoes. Sabrina instantly came back to life and stretched her arms before the astonished virtual merchandiser. The act of her coming to life caused Sarah to faint.

"It is her!" Ken shouted as he came up behind Sabrina and knocked her out with a karate chop to the neck. He then pulled out a gun as Barbie dragged Sabrina out to their car. "Nobody move or the rich lady gets killed. If you see Mr. Lodge, tell him it'll cost him a million bucks to get her back."

Holding the gun up, he reached down and scooped up the heels. He wasn't sure what kind of power they had, but her skin looked to shiny to be faking when she had them on. He slowly backed out of the store and slipped into the drivers seat.

A short time later the truth came out. "I'm sorry I screamed and fainted." Sarah began to cry. "If I hadn't drawn those crooks attention, they wouldn't of noticed your daughter's transformation back to life and grabbed her."

"Mr. Hershey, do you know how dangerous you invention is?" The police questioned Flash by his fake name. "Those crooks can force any girl into those shoes at gun point and kidnap her as a mannequin so no crowd would think twice."

"I just want my daughter back." Mr. Lodge said. "I'll pay anything to see her again."

"We got taps on the phone." The police chief said calmly. "When they call with their demands we'll try to trace it to her. We won't let any harm come to her."

In a small basement apartment, Sabrina woke with her ankles tied together and her arms above her head. Her wrists were strapped to the bed post behind her. "Where am I?" She asked groggily as Barbie pulled something from her purse. "What's that?"

"Something that will please you during your stay." Barbie said as Sabrina stared blurry eyed. She felt her dress being lifted up and her pantyhose pulled down. She realized it must be a dildo as her sex suddenly felt full. Her pantyhose was then pulled back up after the vibrator was turned on. "Ooooooooo." she gasped.

As her hips started to rock back and forth, Ken replaced her shoes on and her hips froze in mid movement. As he body became stuck, the vibrator made her start to orgasm with more intensity that she had ever had in the past. She wanted to moan, but nothing came out of her hardened lips.  Still tied in place, Sabrina had become a rigid mannequin again.

At the Lodge mansion the phone rang and at the police's signal, Mr. Lodge answered it. "Hello?"

"We have your daughter." Came Ken's voice over an electronic voice alternator. "We expect you to deliver a million dollars in a brief case to the park at 6pm. Come alone or you'll never have your daughter alive again. Just plastic pieces of her."

Mr. Lodge put down the phone and turned to the cops. They just shook their heads as his Mr. Lodge's heart sunk. The police didn't have enough time to get a trace and if he didn't pay the kidnappers would dispose of the her detachable plastic body parts.

As night came over the city, Mr. Lodge showed up alone with a brief case full of money in one hand. He looked around nervously as a phone booth started ringing. He looked left and right before walking over and picking up the receiver. "Hello? This is Mr. Lodge."

"Good boy, you came alone." Ken said on the other end with his voice once again electronically altered to sound mechanical. "You'll see a trash can by the bench to your right. Leave the case in it and go home where you'll get a call were to find you daughter."

"How do I know you have her?" Mr. Lodge asked. "How do I know that you're not trying trick me out of a cool million?"

Ken moved the phone up to Sabrina's frozen head as Barbie removed the shoes. As her hard plastic lips softened, she began to cry out due to the dildo inside. "Speak to your dad or I'll see this is your last chance to do so!" Barbie ordered.

"Oooo." Sabrina screamed as she turned her head. "D - Daddy. I'm oooooookay. Really. I just want to go home."

"Don't worry baby cake." Mr. Lodge's voice replied as Barbie put the shoes back on Sabrina. The tingle surged up her body as her skin turned shiny and her breasts erect  Her worried expression had been frozen on her lovely features.

"Enough." Ken said into the phone. "Just drop the money off and leave now before I decide to send you her plastic head in a box."

"Okay." Mr.Lodge said with a sigh as he hung up the phone and backed out of the booth. He walked over trying to see if the man was anywhere near by on a portable. He then placed the case under a newspaper in the trash before turning to leave.

A hour later, Mr. Lodge was sitting with a worried look by the phone. Flash sat beside him as the police and plain clothes detectives paced about the room. "Come on, ring." Mr. Lodge said worriedly as he drummed his fingers on the table top.

Finally the phone ran and Mr. Lodge practically knocked the phone off the table, trying to answer it. He finally got hold of it. "H - Hello? This is Mr. Lodge. Where's my daughter?"

"Return to the park and pick her up." Ken's voice came over the phone. "She's all yours. And it's been nice doing business with you, sir."

"Let's go" Mr. Lodge ordered as lead Flash and the police in a parade of lights and sirens back to the park. There, Sabrina was standing stiffly upright at attention like a pigeon perch statue until the owner of Mr. Lodge's new beauty shop and her husband spotted her.

"Oh, that one would be just perfect for the shop window." The wife said as she noticed the price tag that was still attached her wrist. "It's for sale. Why don't you take it to the shop, while I look for the person selling it."

"Alright, peach." The six foot man said as he picked up the light Sabrina and carried her off.

A short time later, Mr. Lodge showed up came across the wife in the park. "Miss, have you seen a mannequin?" he asked trying to hide his emotions towards not finding his daughter. "I was told it would be left for me here."

"Mr. Lodge sir," the mother answered. "It is an honor to meet you. I run one of your smaller stores and never dream of actually meeting a self made man such as yourself."

"That's all very nice." Mr. Lodge tried to smile. "I'm really looking for this mannequin that was suppose to be left here for me."

'I had my husband take it my store." The woman replied as she took out a piece of paper and wrote down the address. "You should have no trouble getting it back. You are the boss after all."

"You want it for a particular store I take it?" The woman shouted as Mr. Lodge ran off with address out of the park. He didn't even bother to listen to what she was saying.

A short time later, Mr. Lodge got to the beauty shop to find his wandering daughter standing by the front window. Her hair was dyed pink and she had some of the shop's cosmetics on her face. She was dressed in a ripped black midriff blouse and leather mini skirt.. "Someone who knows how to dress a mannequin without removing its shoes."

He grabbed the door handle and twisted it. "Locked, blast it." He pounded his fist on the side of the building. Looking about, he saw a rock on the ground. Picking it up he tossed it and heard the alarm go off when the window broke. "Hated to do it, but this is for my daughter."

He was about to climb into the window when a police car pulled up behind him. Headlights signed right on him. "Freeze right there mister." The officer said as he and his partner got out of the car. "Don't make me take you down the hard way."

"Do you have any idea who I am?" Mr. Lodge asked as he turned around with his arms above his head and a grin on his face. "I am the owner of this store and demand that you let me go immediately!"

"Sure you are." One officer said, keeping him covered while the other pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He turned Mr. Lodge around, put his arms behind his back and locked the cuffs. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney, if you can't afford one, one will be appointed for you."

The two forced Mr. Lodge into the back of the car and drove him to the police station. Once there how; however, it was the arrested officers who got lectured about who they had arrested and the stress he's been under about his kidnapped daughter.

"We're sorry Mr. Lodge." They both apologized as they removed the handcuffs. Mr. Lodge rubbed his wrists and gave them a scornful look as he called for one of his cars to pick him up. With the use of his car phone, he contacted the shop managers. "Yes. I'd appreciate it if you'd meet me at the shop right away. I understand it's late, but it's extremely important."

"I hope this is important." The husband muttered. "Bad enough the police got us down here about the window. We don't like being disturbed from a sound sleep a second time. It is only a display dummy and I can't see why this can't wait until morning."

The man unlocked the door and Mr. Lodge walked up to Sabrina. He tipped her back and kicked off her shoes. He could feel her hard plastic arms turn to soft flesh. "Oh, daddy." Sabrina shouted with joy as she turned around and give him a hug. Wrapping a sheet around her, they walked together out of the store and back to the car.

"Well - I'll be." The store managers stood in shock as the father and daughter drove back to the mansion. Mr. Lodge held on to the shoes himself to make sure they didn't end up on his daughters feet again.

"I'll keep these locked in the safe from now on, honey." Mr. Lodge said with a smile as they got home and stepped from the car. "These things will never touch your feet again. They're too dangerous to reproduce for the store chains."

As they walked into the living room, the real Warren and Flash set together on the couch. "May I help you." Mr. Lodge asked as the guys and Sabrina looked nervously at one another.

"Daddy, dear." Sabrina said nervously. "I'd like you to meet the real Warren. Flash here seemed to have such a good idea with the shoes; that it was the only way I could think of to get your to see him."

"We'll talk about your lying later." Mr. Lodge said as he looked cross at her. "The important thing is that you're home safe and sound. "I'm sorry, Flash. After all that has happened I can not in good mind mass produce those shoes."

"I understand sir." Flash said taking Sabrina by the hand and giving her a kiss. "I found something more valuable than money anyway."

"But Sabrina, what about the real Warren?" Mr. Lodge asked confused.

"Oh, daddy." Sabrina giggled. "You know it's a woman's right to change her mind."

"Beside, I'm too busy getting my career going to think of settling down with a wife and family." The real Warren joined in as he shook Mr. Lodge's hand. "I'm just glad to finally meet you once. Especially after all that you daughter has said about you."

As Warren went to catch the taxi he had waiting for him outside, Flash and Sabrina took their little fairy tale and lived happily ever after. Especially once Sabrina got the dildo out of her since with Flash she had little need of it anymore.


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