Tales of Syntech


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          Gina smiled at Amanda. She was beautiful today. She wore a floral print dress made of satin, which was nicely tailored to fit her shapely form. Her long, straight blonde hair hung down around her shoulders framing a gentle face. Her mouth was a cupid's bow, which played peekaboo with her front teeth for a perpetual smile. Sea blue eyes stared at Gina, surrounded by tastefully applied makeup. She kicked her feet a little in a girlish manner as she sat at the bar with Gina.


          Gina herself was a looker. Straight black hair cut in a wedge sat perched atop her head. A supple yet firm body with a tight bottom was her trademark. Her skin was somewhat olive colored which had the effect of making her emerald green eyes even brighter. Her no-nonsense, black outfit was nicely fitted to accentuate her curves.

          "So you come here often?", Gina said flashing her disarming smile.

          Amanda nodded and smiled sweetly.

          "What're you drinking", she said looking at Amanda's every motion.

          " Oh, just water", replied the pretty blonde, tilting her head a little to the side.

          "I see", Gina laughed, "You don't come here for the alcohol, so I guess you're here for the company?"

          Amanda blinked and replied, "Oh yes. I like being here."

          Gina nodded, " So now that we've met. Maybe you want to get to know me better?"

          Amanda smiled again and nodded, " Sure. You look okay to me."

          Gina took a sip on her drink and stood up, offering her a hand off her stool. Amanda stared at it for a moment and then looked at her a little puzzled, " Is there some significance to this action?"

          Gina frowned, "Just offering you a hand, baby".

          Amanda blinked again and replied, " I see. My data files didn't say anything on this custom...Also, I am not technically a baby".

          Gina rolled her eyes and cursed, "Fuck!"

          Amanda was about to say something when Gina reached out and moved her fingers behind her ear. Instantly Amanda stopped moving. Her blue eyes staring straight ahead and slightly glazed. Her mouth was still parted slightly and looked inviting.

          "Fuckin logic algorhythm AGAIN!", snarled Gina as she moved her fingers from behind Amanda's ear and putting her hands on her face, gave a sharp tug.  Amanda's sweet face came away in her hands and as it did so a few cables and wires trailed from it to the inside of her now exposed head. Inside of her face was a collection of microprocessors, wiring and cabling. Silver audio units were where her inner ears would have been, Her eyes nothing more than a set of highly complex lenses and filters for processing visual input. A chrome set of tubes were set firmly in place where her throat and mouth should have been, they in turn were joined by a set of pumps and a long plastic tube that extended into Amanda's throat. 

          A small panel box with connection switches and blinking lights was mounted directly above the video units. It was to this box that Gina jammed a USB cable and connected the other line to her mini-computer. As the minicomp connected to Amanda's systems she said in a flat monotone, "Amanda007X Unit ready for maintenance. I am an android. Programmed for repair and sexual intercourse." Ignoring Amanda, Gina brought up a set of programs. She located where Amanda's logic had malfunctioned and sighed. she ran a few programs and suddenly Amanda stood, sans face, and began stiffly walking out of the "bar" which was actually a well-designed set. Gina followed along behind her, still holding the mini-computer that trailed a wire into her head. she stopped her for a second to fully disconnect the cables that held her face plate to her skull. As she walked she looked at the face. The skin was beautiful and soft. Made of woven silks and plastics, it was more resilient than human skin, and a touch shinier, if not softer than. Her mouth was still wet and she parted her lips to see her realistic tongue inside. She then turned the plate over and looked where the connections to her skull were. Special feed cables to her sensory systems, a port for the video camera eyes to connect to the optical units, and a good sized opening that connected with her "mouth" and "throat".

          Gina sighed again as she guided Amanda to a door marked "ROBOTICS LAB". Inside were clusters of computers and robotic assembly equipment, including stations to custom work metals and circuitry boards. Moving about the room were women wearing hospital-type uniforms and carrying tools and equipment. In the center of the lab were several tables.

           One had a beautiful pair of female legs, except that they were connected to nothing. Wires ran from the exposed core of the legs, and components and circuitry shone through large, square gaps in the otherwise perfectly smooth skin. Even the toes looked well articulated, realistically soft and pink. They wiggled and moved as a female technician gently teased them with a feather. She looked around to be sure no one was watching before gently licking the toes, and letting her mouth suckle one, as the data streamed into a terminal nearby. 

          A second table held a woman's head. From the neck down it ran into a series of circuitboards and smaller computers. A program was running, and every once in a while the girl would smile, frown, or make a different face as her systems were tested. Out came her dry tongue as she made a "yuck" face. The woman watching the data peeled back the side of her face revealing the same electronics as were in amanda's head. she carefully used a small tool to adjust the girl's facial motors and articulation.

          Another female tech worked with a female organ. It was suspended on a special support mount that ran the length of the table. Wires and fluid tubes ran to it. The technician rubbed the soft, realistic labia of the unit, and watched them quiver and respond to her stimulation. As she rubbed the lips and tight little clit bulb, the pump began quietly working, pushing the fluids from the reservoir into the motorized tunnel. Within seconds the technician's gloved finger became wet with a clear fluid that had the consistancy of a woman's natural lubricant, but the sweet smell of peaches. The technician smiled and inserted the finger into her mouth, tasting the sweet peach flavoring, before inserting a finger all the way in to the slick channel. She then ran a few programs, and suddenly the motors housed along the walls of the tube began to work. Slowly they closed in to fit perfectly around the woman's finger, then as soon as they were nice and tight, they began stroking back and forth in long, drawn motions, as if milking and caressing the foreign object. The technician smiled at the sensation and turned a dial on a nearby machine. The motors began stroking more and more quickly, thier back and forth motions becoming faster. Another button was pressed and a vibration began deep inside the synthetic female organ, which began to near the tip of the woman's finger. Finally the technician flipped a final switch and the pump violently began pouring fluids into the channel in a quick flood as the motors eased their grip and the vibrations died down. Wet juice dripped from the artificial sex and the technician scooped a bit more up and tasted it while unhooking the unit from her test console.

          Gina took no notice of the others as she remotely commanded Amanda. She climbed up to the edge of the table and sat down, then robotically swung her legs up and on top of the table, coming to rest in a supine position. Gina set Amanda's blank, staring face-plate down on the table beside her head. It's eyes stared into the ceiling with light reflecting back in them like a doll's eyes. she removed her dress with the assistance of a well concealed zipper, then looked at her naked form. Amanda's body was flawless. The synthetic skin, perfect and unblemished had a slight sheen to it as it rolled over her firm, yet curvaceous form. Gina seemed to care little about Amanda's beauty as she pulled up a chair and sat down in it so she could be nearer to her subject. she carefully felt an area above the girl's hairless and perfectly shaped mound, and found an indentation in the skin that was well hidden. she depressed it and a panel shaped like an inverted trapezoid clicked open, releasing a little steam as Amanda's well-cooled interiors acclimatized to the room temperature.

          Inside the structue was a metal panel with a small screen recessed into it, as well as a minature keyboard and plugs for other devices and jacks. Gina grabbed a wire from a nearby terminal and pushed it's metal tip into one of the ports until it clicked into place, then grabbed the infared keyboard the terminal had on it. Taking a moment to review the data that was coming up on her screen she located the source of Amanda's logic mis-pattern and began attempting to correct it, typing a few new lines of code in.

          After a few moments she accessed Amanda's test menu and activated it. Amanda's normally well-baffled machine noises could now be heard more easily with the paneling in her body removed, and the soft screech of drives powering up and cooling fans whirring inside her was now audiable, as was the whine of her servos as her faceless head tilted down to look at her with her glass eyes. Gina held her hand out to her and with a whir from her systems she reached out for it and let her help her up off the table.

          Naked, with her panels removed and still hooked up to the terminal she looked at Gina as she said, " Okay baby, what do you want to do with me now?". Gina looked at the logic algorhthyms running through Amanda's electronic mind as she responded, " I'm sorry, but I am not baby. As an android I have no prop-" Gina cursed and tapped a few keys on the terminal. "Proooopeeeerrrrr aaaaggggggeeee.....", came from Amanda's speaker in her exposed throat as her body posture grew limp and her head tilted down. Gina tapped a few keys and Amanada's skeletal system locked her in place ensuring that she would not fall over, then she began sifting through the lines of code and began making changes to it again.

          It had been a few months since Gina had been with Syntech, and while Gina felt comfortable working on the machines she and the others made, she couldn't help feeling there was something missing in her life. she just didn't know what it was. she knew though that her job gave her the unique position of testing all the products though, which she was more than happy to do. This new model was giving her fits.

          Most of the units built at Syntech had been designed by computers and programmed according to some very unique machines. The industry had discovered it could create parallel processors long, long ago, but the problem was that a human mind could not comprehend nor keep straight the logic and numbers needed to properly utilize the parallel processor's true power. Hence years had been spent developing sophisticated programs and machines which could program and manufacture the components of all of Syntech's creations.

          Gina chuckled that even all those perfect machines still screwed up when it came to getting a girl to act like she was supposed to. she leaned back and wiped her eyes as she felt the tic in her left eyelid come back. she'd been straining her eyes on the programming again. She decided to take a walk around the lab and look at other people's projects til her eye cleared up. Gina strolled by the Test rooms, and seeing that several were full, went to see how others projects were doing.

          Test rooms were where the techs took the units for service testing. Gina looked through the window of Test Room One and sat in the little mini-auditorioum that was outside the test rooms. Inside was a voluptous red-headed unit with her sex panel open and a technician working at it. She seemed to stare through the darkened glass and right at Gina as she twitched with each movement of the technician's tools.

          Gina's mouth watered slightly, looking at the splendid red-head. Her eyes drank in the tanned legs and beautiful curves. Even with her twitching uncontrollably, the red-head seemed beautiful and vulnerable. The thought made Gina rub her crotch in anticipation.

          Finishing up her adjustments on her, the tech led the red-head by the hand to the room's bed, where she lay down and spread her legs for her. The technician wasted no time getting her own clothing off and Gina could already see that she wore a highly realistic strap-on harness that was quite erect. It was in fact real enough that it had been outfitted with special sensors, motors and a small reservior of ejacualtion fluid. It was a test unit for the prototype male units that the company would soon be pioneering. The redhead looked at the technician with an almost blank look as she mounted her. No foreplay at all, just the technician ramming herself into the already wet hole. The Redhead squirmed and thrashed convincingly as she did so, digitzed moans and howls coming from her throat as she realistically moved and closed her eyes. The lights in her opened sex panel blinked a furious green and yellow as her systems and pumps were activated. Her hips ground into the woman, trying to take every inch of her plastic member. 

          Gina chuckled. The tech had enough sense of style to provide a show while testing out the product. Gina remembered her first time in a Test Room. she hadn't felt all that nervous or anxious about it. It was like it was perfectly natural to her. In fact, now that she recalled. Several other technicians, did various things to the units they were working on. Strange that no one ever said anything about it. Stranger still that the company only seemed to have women working in the labs.

          Gina's thoughts ended as the fembot climaxed and let out a long cry as her hips shuddered convincingly. The technician unloaded herself all over the gynoid's belly and breasts while she played with it on her hands. Suddenly a glop of the stuff landed inside her exposed circuitry and it began to smoke and spark as the salty stuff ate into her delicate systems. Her head jolted left and right and her eyes swiveled all around as she began to burn.

          "Malfunctionnnnn- 277263codexed Serena6u experiencing systems wide failurrrrrre... Overload dangerrrr internal heat risinnnng.", the poor droid said in monotone, with a heavyily digitzed sound. The lights in her sex flashed wildly and a few moments later a loud pop was heard within her and a severe burning smell hit the room. The technician tried to shut her down but it was too late. Serena's last words were, "I am an androiiid, IIIII ammm an androiiiiiiiddd, IIIiiiiiiiiii ammm....."

          Serena stopped moving and stared at the glass as the dark-haired technician grabbed her breasts and seperated them. They swung open outward on hinges like a pair of barn doors to reveal a burnt out and smoking inner shell. Sparks and gooey liquid turned black pooled up all inside her as the tech dug out the source of her final breakdown. Her lubricant container had ruptured and splashed her insides with her slick sex juices.

          Gina shook her head. There was no way to fix that one now. She'd likely be scrapped and used for parts. Something haunted her as Serena's  sightless eyes looked into her. A little wisp of smoke came from her mouth like a soul escaping. Gina got up and left as the technician started wheeling the dead android to the workshop. That damned twitch had come back and was irritating Gina as she rubbed her eye again.

          After returning to her computer Gina finished working on Amanda's programming and turned her back on. Amanda's mechanized head turned to face her with a whirr of servos, " Hello".

          Gina smiled back at her, "Hi doll. Listen, be a babe for me and bend over."

          Amanda's head nodded with a distinct "rizzing" servo noise and she bent over at the waist in front of her. Gina reached out and stroked her hand along her flawless back. Smooth, but with indentations of muscle as though she kept in shape. her hand then wandered up to her head and she carefully moved her hair off of her neck. Running her nail around the base of her skull she caught the edge of a seam and delicately pried it up. Inside was a rectangular hatch with a plate set in the recess. A red and a green button were set there, and Gina pushed the red one.

          Instantly Amanda became a ragdoll as her joints unlocked and she collapsed on her. Gina whuffed a little but was ready for it. she set Amanda up on her lap like a ventriloquist's dummy and leaned her against the table. her hand slid up to Amanda's bellybutton and sticking her finger inside it, she clicked the release mechanism inside her. Amanda's belly came off in Gina's hands. Her exposed internal skeleton was beautiful, and made of a rainbowish colored alloy, with small lights from her internal components flashing and blinking, reflected from it. Gina reached inside her and relocked her skeletal system then ran her hands over Amanda's circuitry and tubing, making sure nothing was loose or out of place. A digitized moan came from within amanda as the glass optics that made up her face stared off to the side, locked into place.

          Gina smiled and slid her fingers over Amanda's bald sex. She gently rubbed the lips and watched Amanda's status lights. Amanda moaned softly as her system readouts signaled the computer to her current state of arousal and her programs that were loading. Gina ran her fingers between the lips and upward until they came in contact with the small, round clit bulb. Amanda moaned, but the sensory readings were incorrect.

          Gina removed a tool from the table and gently used it to grip Amanda's clit bulb. Amanda continued to moan and lubricant ran from inside her and down her slick sex, to soak Gina's pants. Gina seemed unfazed by the wetness and with a little manipulation clicked Amanda's little pink bulb out of it's specialised socket. The little bulb trailed sensory wires and an optical fiber that glowed softly. Gina unplugged the optical fiber and snipped the wiring as Amanda moaned piteously.

          Gina pulled a new, smooth, round bulb from a tray nearby and carefully began wiring it into Amanda's systems. Almost immediately Amanda gasped electronically as the connections were made and her sensory data jumped ten fold. Gina smiled and felt her own dampness a little as Amanda's highly realistic moans and gasps continued. Gina stroked and played with the little bulb until the sensory levels shot off the scale. At that point Amanda's soaked hole poured a generous bounty of fluids as she achieved her orgasm.

          Gina carefully resocketed the clit-bulb and then began to explore inside of Amanda's thouroughly lubricated sex. Her fingers felt the long, ridge along where Amanda's pubic bone would be. Amanda's moans continued steadily as her sensory data reset itself and began to climb anew. Rubbing the ridge Gina observed that Amanda's 'G-spot' sensors were functioning correctly, then pushed her fingers deep inside Amanda. Amanda squirmed a little as the walls of her synthetic cavity opened a bit further to allow Gina to get her entire hand inside. Gina found the tiny contact point inside the artificial organ and pried the catch open with her fingernail. A tiny interior panel with a specialized chip and control settings was mounted deep inside and Gina began to adjust it, ensuring Amanda's consistency in orgasms, repititions and movements. amanda just continued to moan and pour her fluids, down Gina's arm.

          At last Gina finished and removed her hand. She reached into Amanda's opened belly and tapped her power switch. Amanda went dead with her voice trailing off in mid sigh. Gina stood up and replaced Amanda's belly covering with a sharp click, then carefully using the internal, aligning rails inside Amanda's head, clicked her face plate back on. Gina let out a soft sigh as her eye twitched again.

          A few hours later Gina and Amanda were again sitting in the mock-up bar scene talking.

          "So baby, what say I take you back to my place and we go get comfortable in a hot bath?", leered Gina.

          Amanda nodded, "That would be nice. Let's go."

          Amanda and Gina stood up to leave, and just as they were about to leave the set Gina's eye twitched again, " Dammit..." she swore.

          Amanda looked at Gina then placed her fingers on Gina's eyelid, watching the twitch, "That's bad. You ought to get that looked at."

          Gina nodded as Amanda released her, "Yeah it's getting worse Ithink."

          Amanda nodded,said "Don't worry, I'll fix it for you," and tugged at Gina's face. Gina looked surprised as her faceplate came off in Amanda's hands, trailing wiring from her exposed head. Amanda plugged a mini-comp into the small box above Gina's bright green optical units and suddenly Gina's mind went blank as she stated, "Gina325X Unit ready for maintenance. I am an android unit programmed for repair and sexual intercourse."

          Amanda giggled a little as she guided Gina to the lab to begin repairing her.


END for now...


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