The Wizard 1 - A Visit to a Strip Bar

by Anthyrax

The cold damp air chilled the late evening as the man got out of his car.   An observer would see a generally clean cut looking man, with brown hair, glasses, and wearing casual jeans, a pullover sweater, and a black light jacket.   Closer observation would show a  few lines around his eyes from squinting in the sun, deep and intense brown eyes and vaguely bookish look to him, like a graduate student.  Stepping out of his car, he lit a cigarette and looked at the brightly light sign.   “Heartbreakers, a Gentleman’s Club”.   Looking around the parking lot, he counted a number of cars and glancing at his watch he decided he had plenty of time for the evening ahead.

He quickly checked his pockets, made sure he had everything he needed, and then felt his ring, made sure it was secure on his hand and touched his necklace under his sweater.   Comfortable that everything was where it needed to be, he walked across the parking lot, carefully avoiding placing his cowboy boots in the occasional pothole filled with water and tossing his cigarette just before entering the door.   “Time to get to work Wes” he muttered before opening the door.

The bouncer at the door looked him over, decided he was of age, and let him in after paying the cover charge.   Wes looked around, checking out the layout and looking for a good spot to sit.  The club was fairly large, with a service bar, three small stages (with the obligatory poles), and about a dozen small tables around each stage, plus a few thickly upholstered booths around the fringes.  He observed three exits besides the front door, a door marked “restrooms”, another leading toward the kitchen with the usual swinging doors, and an obvious door leading toward the dancers dressing rooms and probably the office as well.   The crowd was substantial, with most of the tables (particularly around the stages) filled, as well as several of the booths.   A mixed crowd of lonely older men, young men with their buddies, and an obvious bachelor party, filled the room, with dancers on all three stages, several more sitting with customers or doing table dances at the booths or tables, and five waitresses circulating with drinks or taking orders. 

A bouncer was at the door, another leaned against the bar and two other men were handling the bar.   Satisfied that everything was the same as his last visit, Wes moved to sit down.

“Typical for a Saturday night” he thought as he sat down at a small table midway between the front and middle stage.   “Lucky spot too” he thought, as he noticed he had a good view of both stages, the kitchen door and dressing room door as well as the bar.   Glancing around, he could see with a little stretching, the bathroom door, and easily see the third stage as well.   Satisfied, he relaxed, lit another cigarette and waited for the waitress to come take  his order.   The waitress came, a pretty American Asian girl with long dark hair and flashing green eyes (about 22 he decided) asked his order.  

“Is the Kitchen still open?” he asked pleasantly.

“Yes, for another hour.   Do you need a menu?” She replied. 

“Sure” (“What a sweet voice she has” he thought).

Handing him a menu, she went to get his scotch. After he got his tab, he learned her name was Vivian and he decided she was definitely a prize. 

Wes watched the girls for an hour, tipping all of them on the stage nearest him with ones or tens depending on how he liked them.   After finishing his snack, he had a couple table dance for him.  One, a girl named Jennifer, with a very pretty face, great legs and small but shapely breasts and nice honey brown hair and blue eyes, particularly caught his interest.   Another girl, Michelle, with long dark brown hair, blue eyes, and petite with a shapely well-muscled body was also a nice find.  He talked to her for a bit as well, and decided she was bright.   Michelle told him she was the clubs bookkeeper too, and danced occasionally at night to get a little extra cash for holidays and vacations.   Meanwhile, Vivian took good care of him and smiled charmingly when he kept tipping her well.  She even blushed a little when he flirted with her briefly. 

Most of the girls not on stage at this point had picked men to spend some time with.  Usually, men who tipped well, and spent money for a couple of table dances tended to hold the girls interest longer.   The crowd had thinned a little, as it was after midnight when Wes decided time had come to finish.  When Jennifer and Michelle both went into the dressing area a couple of minutes apart, it was time to make his move. 

Wes got up and headed for the rest room.   Going into a stall, he closed the door and pulled out a small pocket watch.   Setting the timer, he walked back out into the room, pushed the timer and spoke clearly “FREEZUS DURATIONUS”.

Instantly, everyone in the room froze in place.   Men paused with drinks up to their lips, a dancer in mid swing on a pole, another in the middle of rubbing against a mans lap at one of the booths, even the phone in mid ring.   Wes looked around, decided all was it should be, and walked around.   After a few minutes, he finished deciding which girls he wanted.   Pulling out a little marker pen, he walked up to each dancer or waitress he was selecting.  The first, a girl named Brandi, with a cute body, rather substantial chest and pretty face, was still partially dressed in a nightie, standing next to a man at a table and in midsentence.   Lifting up her hair, Wes made a small mark at the back of her neck where her hair would cover it.   Moving along, one by one, he marked six girls he liked.  His previous waitress, Vivian, was just walking out the door, being escorted by one of the bouncers when he marked her.  Three other girls where selected; Vanessa, a tall busty Hispanic dancer with long dark curly hair and gray eyes;  Shannon, a tall willowy brunette waitress with bright blue eyes; and Melissa, with long curly blonde hair and bright green eyes who he marked while she stood frozen on stage. 

Satisfied, he moved into the dressing area.   There he found Jennifer in the middle of changing into street clothes, while Michelle was sitting, looking rather pensive and a little troubled.   Another girl, a busty girl with honey brown hair whom he remembered was named April, was primping at a mirror.     Looking around, he found what he needed.  First he blindfolded, gagged and bound the three girls with bits of lingerie, a couple of towels, and a boa he found in the dressing area.   Satisfied, he checked around the remainder of the area and found the manager.  A tough looking man in a suit sat at a desk, watching television with a drink on the desk beside him.   Another man in a suit sat in a chair nearby going over a ledger.   A waitress, Kristi (a tall blonde) had just left the room with an empty tray, clearly heading back to the bar.   Grabbing her, Wes took her into the dressing area and secured her with the other three girls.  

Wes waited a few moments for the time to end of his spell.   When the world resumed its normal speed, the girls all gasped and tried to scream.   With their cries muffled by the gags, and unable to do more than struggle a bit because of their bonds, they were unable to see what happened next.   Wes, twisting his ring, made a couple of arms motions, spoke the word “Slumberous” and all four girls slumped and stopped moving.   Checking them carefully to make sure the gags didn’t prevent normal breathing while they slept, Wes then moved them into a doorway out of plain sight.   Walking back into the dressing area, he pulled out his timer again, set it for a couple of minutes, activated it and walked into the office.


The two men were still there, doing essentially what they had been previously.   Looking around, Wes found what he needed to secure them and when time returned to normal, the two men where helpless and struggling on the floor.   Wes put them to sleep as well, then opened the safe with a gesture.   Taking out all of the money “nice business these guys do, lot of money here” Wes thought, he placed it in bags put it back in the safe.   Wes closed the door and stood over the men in the office.   He noticed that the music from the club was only faintly audible inside the office and was satisfied.

“Hmm, time for a change for you gentlemen” he chuckled, then pulling out a couple of cat flea collars, he stretched them around the necks of the men.   Even though the collars barely covered half their necks, he seemed satisfied.   Standing over the men while chanting a complex series of phrases.   The men seamed to shimmer, then blur and gradually lost their shape and changed into something different.  After a few minutes, a pair of rough looking tomcats had taken their place.   Both remained asleep, but both had very nice collars of green leather and the flea collars were now snuggly wrapped around their necks. 

Content, Wes picked them each up, and walked to the door.   Looking carefully, he noticed no one was in sight.   Twisting his ring, Wes changed form as well and suddenly was the spitting image of the former manager.   Walking to the back door, he placed both cats outside near the trash dumpster. 

“They should find this a nice place” Wes sniffed, smelling food tossed out early by the departed kitchen staff.  

Walking back to the door, he again suspended time and lifted up each of the girls and took them into the office.   Along the way, he stuffed their purses and clothes in a bag brought it along too.

“Hmm, these are pretty solid young ladies” he grunted after picking up Jennifer.   “All those muscles I guess”

Once all four girls where in the room, Wes shut the door and waited for the time freeze to end..   “Ok ladies, time to get you ready for transport” he said.   Taking out a plastic Barbie type doll from his pocket, he set it on the desk and untied Jennifer.   Removing her bonds, and her clothes, he gave placed her in the chair.   Asleep, with her head folded on her chest and her arms on her sides, she looked very relaxed and peaceful. Wes picked up the doll, and muttered a command while touching the sleeping girl with the doll.

The girl glowed briefly a bright pink color, then the glow faded and her skin gradually began to take on a sheen, like she was dipped in baby oil.   After a few minutes, he tapped her skin, was satisfied to hear a plastic tink and then watched as she shrank quickly into a 12-inch doll, just like the one he had in his hand.  One by one, the other three girls met the same fate over the next 20 minutes. 

“Time to bring the night to an end” Wes decided.   Looking at the clock, he noticed it was almost 2 and the club was about to close.   Familiar with the routine, having visited twice before, Wes knew that the “manager” should be out to the bar now.   Turning of the television, Wes walked out of the office toward the bar.   He noticed several of the girls where now in the dressing room, seemingly unaware that four of their number were missing.   Stopping a second to ask if everyone was ok to drive, he was greeted with a chorus of “no problems”.   Wes smiled and nodded and continued on out to the bar.   The house lights were on and the last customers were leaving.   Wes watched the doors close, then when the only ones left where the bouncers, bartenders and waitresses, he asked them all to finish up their jobs and sit down at the tables when they were done.   A couple of police officers, by the doors, exchanged pleasantries for a couple of minutes before heading on out to their cruiser and driving away.   Satisfied, Wes walked back into the dressing room.  

All of the dancers were changed into street clothes at this point and were waiting for escorts to their cars.   “Hmm, this is better than I expected.    Vanessa, Shannon,  and Melissa are still here” Wes thought with a smile.  He twisted a ring, uttered a command, and all of the girls suddenly turned to look at him with slack faces and glazed eyes.  

“Ok ladies, this is what I want you to do.   You will remember that Vanessa, Shannon, and Melissa both left together and that I escorted them out to their cars.  You will wait until the bouncers get here, then go home and remember that everything happened as normal tonight.   You will not remember that I ordered you to do this” he commanded.    “Vanessa, Shannon and Melissa, you will go to the office and sit down and wait for me.   Does everyone understand?” He said pleasantly.

“Yes sir” they chorused.

Wes waved his arms, and the girls blinked their eyes, and returned to what they were doing before.   As Wes left, the two bouncers came in and began walking the girls outside, along with the bartenders.  Another bartender was walking toward the office with cash register trays and receipts.                                                 

“Thanks.  I will take care of this” Wes curtly as he stopped him before he got there.

The bartender looked at him, shrugged and left.   Shortly behind him the DJ came up.  

Having the first chance of the evening to really look at her, Wes was pleased. 

“Everybody gone Janice” He asked pleasantly. 

Blinking blearily, Janice replied “yep, all gone, ready to go sweetie?”

“Just a second, can you look at this for a second” he asked, pointing toward a calendar on the wall.   Janice looked quizzically at him, turned and missed seeing him touch her shoulder with plastic doll, only turning when she heard him say something about “turning into plastic”

Janice froze, just as she was about to speak, and gradually her pale white skin, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes began to glisten.   Wes moved her into a closet and shut the door in case anyone else walked out of the dressing area before they left for the night.  Within minutes,  she was entirely plastic, and had a glossy shine under the lights in the office.   Then she began to shrink, and within a few moments was doll size,  her clothes laying around her as she shrunk out of them.  

“OK, time to check to make sure everything is ready” He said and walked out of the office.   Checking he discovered everything was locked up and all were gone.  Pouring himself a drink, he walked up to the stage, drew a pentagram on the middle stage, pulled out some chairs and arranged some furniture the way he wanted.    

Satisfied he walked back into the office and again charmed the girls into attentiveness with another spell.   Satisfied he controlled them, he ordered them to go to the bathroom, then go primp and prepare themselves as they would for another set. 

It had been nearly 20 minutes since the bar had closed and Wes walked out to the parking lot.  Everyone who was going to leave had left, leaving only a few cars, including his, in the parking lot.    One by one, he approached each car, tried a key, then uttering commands and waving his arms, the car he targeted shimmered, then shrank in a dark blue glow into the right size for a matchbox car.   Leaving only a rather nice Corvette behind (which belonged to the manager), he collected all of the shrunken cars, then placed them in a trash bag and tossed it into the dumpster.   The two tomcats, now awake, looked at him, and speed off into the grass at high speed, mewling and hissing frantically.   Wes chuckled and watched them leave.

“Sorry guys, but you did like pussy after all” he chuckled.

Wes whistled as he walked back into the club.   Walking over to the DJ’s booth, he turned on some Pink Floyd that he liked and set the volume at a more mellow setting.   He then got the briefcase out of the office, made himself another drink and sat down

One by one, he had the girls get on stage, perform their routine, sing a little, and read aloud a poem, and answer questions.  Satisfied, he had each get dressed again and strike a pose on stage.   “Freeze” he commanded.  At once, both girls froze in place.  

“Now, you girls are happy, life is wonderful, you feel better than you ever have before.   But you can’t open your mouth.  You have just found out that you have won the lottery, and you can do whatever you like” he commanded.    The girls immediately lit up with joy, their eyes sparkling and big smiles came to their faces.   “Now, you will remain still”.

One by one, he touched the girls with the doll, now clothed, and watched as they shrank into little barbies.  

Taking a few minutes to collect the little plastic dolls on stage, plus the briefcase in the office with four others and picking up Janice out of the closet, he stuffed them all into the briefcase.   He then opened the safe again and pulled out the money bags, collected all of the money the girls had, as well as the money in the cash register trays.   Satisfied, he went back into the central area.

“Ok, time to summon the other two” Wes said with a smile.   Drinking some coffee he had commanded one of the girls to make before he took care of her, he walked over to the middle stage.  

Spreading his arms and holding out his necklace, now off his neck and with a substantial charm attached to it, Wes chanted in a powerful voice a series of commands.   In a flash of golden light,

Brandi appeared on the floor within the pentagram.   Dressed in a tee shirt and panties, she stumbled to keep her feet, looked around confused, dropped a coffee mug in her hand and screamed.   Wes grinned and commanded her.

“Shut up and dance” he ordered.

Instantly, Brandi’s eyes glazed over, and she stopped screaming.  Just as before, Wes asked her questions, had her sing and when he was satisfied, changed her into a doll like the others.

“Well, the best for last” Wes smiled.   He was glad that Vivian was the last one.   He had not had a chance to talk to her earlier as much as he liked, and he had liked what he saw.   She had a ready and engaging smile, a real sparkle in her eyes, a wonderfully sweet voice and had a beautiful face.   She was not as well built up top as any of the others, but she had a great ass and nice legs in the short skimpy little skirt, high heals and hose she had been wearing.   Pretty eyes too.   She was exotic, beautiful and definitely as prize.

She appeared a few minutes later, asleep wearing flannel pajamas.   Wes commanded her to awaken, and groggily she picked herself off the floor, looked at him in shock and asked,

“How did I get here” in a voice on the edge of panic.

“I brought you, and now it is time for me to tell me about yourself” He commanded.

Her eyes glazed over and she talked, sang, and even danced as she removed her clothing at his command.  

“Good girl” Wes smiled, and he walked over and kissed her.   Initially a little tense, a spell wove around her and she soon was returning the kisses with passion.   Deciding he had earned it, and more than a little turned on, Wes took her on the stage until he exploded in her and she screamed in passion.   As she lay basking in the afterglow, Wes pulled out the doll again, and touched her with it.   Dazed and nearly asleep, she never even noticed as she slipped into full unconsciousness.   Within minutes, she joined her former coworkers in the briefcase.   

As the first light of dawn came to the early morning sky, Wes drove off , and the club was left behind.   In the backseat, the briefcase, with 10 plastic dolls, lay on the seat beside another briefcase with moneybags inside.   Driving for a couple of hours, the car turned into a parking lot at the airport, and Wes changed into his normal self, altered his luggage into something unlikely to be checked thoroughly, then caught a flight home. 



Days later, Wes sat on the couch in his home.   The dolls were arranged in the cabinet, dressed in various styles and manners, depending on his desires and what best suited them.   All were now porcelain, ivory, ceramic, or plastic, depending again on his tastes.  Vivian with a bright smile, Vanessa looking smoldering, Brandi with a mischievous grin, April looking sultry, Shannon looking composed, Kristi with a slight smile looking haughty, Melissa with a surprised look on her face, and Janice holding a little microphone looking passionate.     

Two of the dolls were missing.  Jennifer was busy cooking dinner for him wearing a beautiful blue silk nightgown and wearing a necklace that glowed an eerie green glow. Singing sweetly as she cooked, she seemed very content.   “She sings beautifully,” Wes thought as he smiled.


Michelle, wearing nothing but a thong and tee shirt, with a bracelet that glowed as well, was busily balancing his accounts on the computer, her hair rumpled and a pleased smile on her face.   Both of the girls had perfect skin now, almost plastic looking in the right light.   In the bedroom, the bed was in disarray, with sheets and pillows everywhere, candles still burning around the room and massage oil and towels from the bathroom lay about.

On the coffee table, a newspaper sat with a headline reporting the mysterious disappearance of 10 people from a strip bar in another state, along with tens of thousands of dollars and many of their cars.   “Police are baffled and the FBI is investigating” ran the lead headline.   The story mentioned how the two managers where the prime suspects in the disappearance of the girls involved. 


The Wizard's escapades continue with Michelle's seduction...

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