The Wizard 2 - Awakening to a New Life

by Anthyrax

The Wizard's escapades continue. Click here to read the first part of this serial saga.

Michelle suddenly became aware that she was standing in a plain room, with a deep blue carpet, white walls, decorated with deep blue curtains and scattered paintings of beautiful women and dragons on the walls.   She felt the coolness of air conditioning on her naked skin but felt strangely calm and relaxed.   She last remembered sitting in the dressing area at the strip club, depressed about her life, thinking about a nice man she had met, and how she would probably never see him again, then suddenly being on the floor, gagged, tied up and blind folded before suddenly passing out.   Now she was here, wherever “here” was. 

“Hello Michelle” she heard from behind her.   It was the man from the club!

She turned quickly, her pretty blue eyes widening in surprise.   “What, How?!” she exclaimed, with a voice with an slight edge of panic.   Oddly though, she felt glad to see him as well.  A feeling that made no sense to her.    She noticed that she was nude, wearing only a silver bracelet, which glowed with a light green color to it.

“To answer your question Michelle,” the man said pleasantly, “you belong to me now.   I acquired you and several others a couple of nights ago, and you have been resting since then”.

“You kidnapped me?” she asked.   Then, a sudden warm feeling swept through her, and suddenly, it seemed ok for some reason.   The bracelet glowed briefly as she asked her question, then faded again as she relaxed.

“Yes Michelle, I have” he replied with a smile.   “You as well as several others I found... interesting.”   He walked up to her and stroked her cheek.   She flushed as a warm feeling swept through her again.   “That was why I was there after all. To collect you.” 

Taking her hand, he led her over to chair and had her sit down.   He pulled up an ottoman to sit on directly in front of her.  “You will have complete security here and will never have to worry about money or bills or anything like that as long as your are with me.   You are now mine, and very soon, you will feel you always were,” he said genially.  

Michelle wondered how that could be.   Deep down, she was screaming, and wanted desperately to escape.   “How could this happen, I have a life, such as it is, and its mine!” shouted the inner voice.   However, for some reason, she couldn’t seem to express this, and the inner voice seemed very muted.  

“Well, in case you have forgotten me, my name is Wes.”  He smiled and stroked her cheek again.  He could tell the inner turmoil rushing through her as her eyes showed how close to panic and hysteria she was.   “In case you are wondering how this can be, will it is simple really”.  Wes stood up and stepped back.   Looking over at a tall walking stick leaning against the wall, he opened his left hand, and it flew to him.   Michelle wondered how he could do that, she had only seen that it Star Wars movies and the like.   “I am a wizard, Michelle, with powers I have acquired through study, practice and some luck” he pronounced (a little pompously she thought).  

“I do what I want, and that includes from time to time, acquiring a few girls to keep me company” he grinned boyishly for a moment, then looked at her a little sadly “I get lonely, its been my life for more years than you can imagine”. 

She wondered about that.  He only looked about thirty, but he was acting like he was a lot older than that.  Well, he did just do something out of a Star Wars movie, so who was she did question him.   He wasn’t bad looking actually; he had nice shoulders, a good butt in those jeans, and kindly eyes.  The glasses made him look bookish, but he had a nice smile and she kind of liked the mustache.  He had brown hair and kindly brown eyes, although looking deeper into his eyes, she realized with a start, he was a LOT older than he looked.   But how was he keeping her prisoner, and how come she didn’t mind she wondered.

“Well, for now, I suppose I should show you your home” he said.  “Come with me.  If you want, there is a robe you can put on by the door.”  He motioned her to the door, and she picked up a brown silk robe.  Putting it on, she felt a little more comfortable.  She followed him through the house, which had a couple of bedrooms, a large library filled to the overflowing it seemed with books, a large living room with some serious entertainment equipment and computer setup, along with some luxurious looking couches and chairs, a comfortable kitchen, and a substantial bathroom with a large Jacuzzi bathtub, a separate shower and a separate dressing room with a large mirror.   She noticed a number of large closets, as well as a large cabinet with glass doors that held a number of small dolls that looked about the right size for a Barbie, but all were unique individuals and a few looked vaguely familiar.  

“Ah, you noticed my collection” he smiled, “well, its only natural you should,” he said mysteriously.

That seemed odd to her, but struggling to come to terms with her situation, she dismissed it for now.   So many things were racing through her mind, such as how long was this going to last, where was she at, and worry about what her family would believe about her.   “What about my parents” she thought.   Oddly, she seemed to have difficulty remembering what they looked like.   It seemed every time she thought about someone, they became hazier and hazier.  

“Are you thirsty Michelle?” he asked.  Leading her by the hand, he brought her back into the kitchen.  A glass with a clear liquid that smelled vaguely of wine and roses was on the bar.   “Here, drink this, this will make you feel a little better, and I am sure you are feeling a little dried out.” He said gently. 

Oddly, she did feel dried out.   Like she hadn’t had a drink in hours and had been running or something in the heat.   In fact, she felt downright parched.   She picked up the glass and drank, it tasted wonderful and she quickly drank the entire potion.   She felt better now, although looking at him, she wondered why she wanted him to kiss her.  In fact, she no longer cared about the fact that he was weird, had kidnapped her, or for that matter, why she was here.   She just new that suddenly, she wanted him more than anything or anyone she had wanted before.

Wes smiled as the love potion did its work.   Michelle looked at him now with clear longing.  But she wasn’t entirely ready just yet. 

“Why don’t you go to the bathroom and freshen up” he said with a smile.  “You will find anything you need in there, just open the vanity door, think about what you need, and it will be there”. 

“Well” she thought, “I could do with a shower, and maybe brush my teeth”

“Wes”, she looked at him, and suddenly, not able to contain herself, she kissed him.  Long, hard and with everything she had.   He returned it, and she felt fire and rapture burn through her.   But, he gently eased her back, and led her to the bath. 

“I will be right here sweetheart, just take your time.   I know you could do with a meal, I am hungry myself” He said. 

Nonplussed for a moment, then she smiled and said “you're right, for some reason I feel like I haven’t eaten in days”.  

“Just take your time, dinner will be ready when you get out.” Wes said.   As she went into the bathroom, he laughed inside.   Knowing that the affects of the transformation into plastic, then back into human had been just as hard on her as running a marathon, he knew that she needed to eat and drink to regain what the body had used for nutrients.  The bath would also finish the final effects of the beautification spell, leaving her skin clearer than she would ever imagine, and removing all body hair except for the eyebrows, lashes, and hair on her scalp.   Her lines and wrinkles, few as there were, would be gone as well and any flab would (not that there was much to speak of) literally melt away.   “Won’t she be surprised” he whispered with a grin.

As he heard the water begin running, he walked into the kitchen and began preparing dinner.  A little pasta should do the trick he thought. 

Michelle loved the shower.   She was thinking how nice some shampoo and conditioner would be and happened to glance over and there was her favorite kind.  “Wow” she thought, “that was strange”.    As she soaped herself and luxuriated in the warm water, she felt her legs and under arms to see if the needed to be shaved.   “Nope, at least I don’t have to mess with that” she thought and has she started to clean herself around her pubes, she noticed that she didn’t seem to have any hair there either, or on her arms.   Checking her face and head, she released that except for her brows, lashes and head, she didn’t have any hair at all.   “HOW?” she wondered, a little concerned, but it somehow didn’t seem to matter.  

After nearly 20 minutes, feeling better than she had in a long time, she got out of the shower and dried off.   Looking at herself in the mirror, she was amazed.   Not a blemish, a mole, or stray hair was in sight.   Her slight scattering of freckles across her nose were still there, but her body practically shone.  In fact, in the right light, it actually did have a shine, almost like light across plastic.  “How weird, but man, I have never felt or looked this good” she thought.   “If only had  some makeup and a nice dress to wear, just so I could impress the shit out of him” she said almost silently to herself.   

She noticed that there suddenly appeared to be a substantial amount of makeup, along with everything that with it, on the counter by the sink.   Neatly folded near it, were nylons, panties, and strapless bra.   Hanging on the closet door, a beautiful long dress of emerald green silk, just like the one she had wanted but couldn’t justify buying a few days ago at Macy’s glittered under a plastic garment bag.   “Wow!” she whispered, “He did say think about what you want it would be there.   I never imagined that he meant literally”. 

After nearly an hour, she was ready to make her entrance back into the living room.   She could smell the food, and was suddenly starving.  Slipping on her heels, she took another look, liked what she saw, and stepped out of the bathroom.  

Wes was very pleased.   She looked amazing in her dress and heels.   The long slits up each side showed of her legs to amazing advantage, she was wearing just enough makeup to make her look stunning without being overdone, and silver bracelet (which she seemed to have forgotten, as she should) matched well with the earrings and necklace she was wearing.  

“How do I look” she asked demurely.

Smiling broadly, Wes strode across the room and kissed her hand “You look amazing, truly a treasure” he said warmly.

She blushed slightly, and then allowed him to lead her to the table and seat her.   They ate, and she talked for hours, drinking glass after glass of wine and water, eating far more than she ever thought she could but after a while she was done and felt like she could no longer wait to have him.   She stood, walked to him, and led him into the bedroom.   Then, she stripped for him and they made love for hours before finally falling asleep.

Hours later, Wes woke up, kissed his sleeping beauty, and got up.   She had eaten and drank enough to recover from her last transformation now, and with the rest she was getting, and the food she had eaten, she would be ready after another quick meal for another one.   All was needed was for her to read her new biography, and she would be ready for storage again.   The charm bracelet would have completed its work now as well, with her now a completely willing slave, and all memories of being abducted erased, as well any lingering feelings of concern.   All that was needed was her final programming.


He walked into the bathroom, took his own shower and shaved, then dressed and went into the kitchen to cook some breakfast.   Dawn was just breaking and the morning light was beginning to spill into the bedroom.  

Michelle awoke to the smell of eggs and bacon and coffee.   “I am starving” she thought. Standing up, she spotted a robe, and put it on, and wandered into the living room.   Wes was just setting out her breakfast, and gave her a cup of coffee. 

“Hi sweetheart, did you sleep well” he said.

She smiled and said “yes I did, and I feel amazing” she dimpled. 

They sat down and ate, and Wes told her all about the new tale he had found.  “It’s about a girl like you Michelle, its pretty short, do you want to read it” he asked.

“Absolutely” she said with a smile.   A strange compulsion caused her to reach over and pick up the small book.  “Do you mind if I just sit on the couch and read it now?” she asked.

“You go right ahead darling” he smiled at her.

Michelle read the book, over 50 pages, it took her about an hour but she just couldn’t put it down.   The more she read, the more she knew it was about her.  It explained how she should act, and what she would do and what her job would be for Wes, and how she had always really been his until he finally came to collect her.   As she read, her mind was flooded with information.   At first, it seemed strange, and massively arrogant to her that this book would assume so much.   But gradually, as she read, it made more and more sense.   When she finished, everything seemed so clear.

Wes, who had spent the last hour taking care of some paperwork at his computer, and reading a bit of news, glanced over when she was done.   She stood, then walked to the center of the floor and waited.

Standing up, he walked over, waved his arms, and muttered a command of “Reboot” and suddenly her eyes fluttered for a few moments.   Her memories of her life seemed to fade into the distance, almost as if they were one by one being locked into a box, and that box placed into a closet and locked in the deepest reaches of her mind.  Everything in the book flooded to the fore, and it was all so clear and made such sense.  After a couple of minutes she looked at him again with adoration and asked “Would you like more time for me now Wes, or should I prepare for storage” she asked meekly.

She knew now that for most of her time here, she would be his lovely little doll, a treasure for him to enjoy and bring out when he wanted her.   She knew that she wanted that to be herself as long as she could, but ultimately it was ok, for she knew she would be able to serve him as well as a doll, and while doing so, she would focus on the things that he had her read and process.  She would be not just a doll, but a computer as well, focusing her sharp mind on problems for him while she waited for him to come back to her.

“Why don’t you go freshen up Michelle, and put that dress back on from last night” he smiled, then kissed her deeply.   Michelle was a little sad to end the day so soon, but she was ready for a rest and there were some things she was going to think about while she was in storage for him.  After showering, fixing her hair and primping, she put on her dress and stockings again, some fresh underwear, and came back out after an hour.

“Oh Michelle, you are simply beautiful” Wes said.   She smiled and walked to the center of the room.   Wes spoke another spell, and she suddenly was still.   Pondering for a moment, he went up to her and began kissing her neck, her ears, stroking her lightly.   Her eyes began to smolder has she felt herself warming and wanting only to turn and make love to him again.  Wes moved her arms and hands, placing her left hand on her hip, and the other in front of her with her hand stretched out.   In that hand, he placed an empty wineglass.     Just as she was becoming unbearably turned on, he touched her with a ceramic doll and muttered another spell.   Instantly, her expression froze, with a slight smile, and her eyes wide open, glittering in the light.   As the spell unfurled, a warm yellow glow surrounded her and then passed.   After a moment, her skin began to take on a sheen in the lights of the room.   Her eyes gradually became reflective, like glass marbles.  Her skin, already clear and perfect, reflected the light in the room.  Her chest stopped moving as her breathing stopped and then it was done.   Michelle had become a beautiful ceramic statue, unmoving but breathtaking in her beauty, posed and ready for display.   

Wes stepped back and admired her for a few minutes.  Michelle was no longer aware, her eyes now fixed and looking into eternity, while her mind began to focus on her instructions and the problem (considering some investment strategies for him) began to become uppermost in her mind.   Although her thinking was slowed, without distraction, she would not be bored.    He touched her again with a new spell, and she began to shrink, within minutes shrinking down to about 18 inches tall.   Wes then placed her on a plastic doll stand, then walked across the room to his cabinet.   

In the cabinet, the Brandi, Kristi, April, Vanessa, Vivian, Janice and Jennifer dolls were arranged   All still were 12 inch plastic dolls, and needed clothing and suitable poses. 

“Well, time for the next one” he said.  “I think it is time to get to know Jennifer better”.

Pulling out the Jennifer doll, he closed the glass case, then went into room where Michelle had been awakened.   Wes pulled out an empty journal, much like the one that Michelle had read.   Chanting a spell, and began writing.  “Hmm,  I don’t know to much about her yet, better have the book on memory mode while I talk to her today, see what she can do for me first” Wes said with a pensive look on his face.   After a while, he finished writing, and he picked her up off the desk where he had been sitting.  

 Standing her in the middle of the floor with her back to him, he spoke a few chants and she grew to her normal size.   “Hmmm, a necklace for her I think” he said.   Grabbing a silver necklace from a drawer, he placed it around her neck, tapped it with a little wooden wand, and stepped back.     He spoke again, waved his arms and suddenly Jennifer gasped, and was a living breathing woman once again.

Outside, the early morning had passed to close to noon, and Jennifer’s awakening day began.  


The Wizard's escapades continue with Jennifer, the others, and an assignment...

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