The Wizard 3 - The Simple Pleasures of a Collection

by Anthyrax

The Wizard's escapades continue. Click here to read the first part of this serial saga.

Wes spent several days with his newly acquired girls.   Michelle had been first, and made a wonderful 18-inch ceramic doll, beautiful in her emerald silk dress and posed with a slight smile, holding a wineglass with a hand on her hips.  Her blue eyes sparkled in the light, while her dark brown hair and pale skin blended well with her dress.   She would be helpful too, her bookkeeping skills would be useful in taking care of the minor administrative chores he found tiresome. 

Jennifer had been the next girl he awakened.   She was not as bright as Michelle, but not at all dim.   After spending the day with her, he learned she was a wonderful singer, with a beautiful soprano voice.   She cooked extremely well, and he looked forward to many meals to come.   She now was  posed in a brown mini skirt, apron and brown silk blouse, her long honey brown hair hanging loose around her shoulders, and her hands clasped behind her, which seemed to emphasize even more her tight ass.   Now a plastic 18-inch doll, she looked like a dreamy Barbie doll with her pleasant smile on her lips and her blue eyes open wide. 

Vanessa had been the biggest challenge.   She had a strong will to match her dramatic looks.   Her flashing dark brown eyes, long dark curly black hair and beautiful features, not to mention a wonderful pair of breasts, strong long legs and tight ass, had been worth taming her.   She turned out to have good organizational skills as well, and he had spent a couple of days with her once she had adjusted to her new situation organizing his files and papers.   Now she was posed as she had been frozen, dancing in a knee length white cotton skirt, cream-colored cotton blouse, and high heels, with her hair thrown back, looking both smoldering and challenging on her pedestal. Her now ceramic skin, with its slight olive tint, bright red lips and now without blemishes, made her a 22-inch beauty, taller than the other girls, as she was when she was awake.  

April was a sweet girl.  She wasn’t too bright, and had been the easiest to bring under control.   She also had the worst personal history, having been mistreated all of her life.   It was amazing that she had such a sweet disposition in spite of that.   She loved to clean and to bake, and loved to snuggle even more.    Her long honey brown hair, warm green eyes and perfect 38D breasts (which to his amazement, where actually natural), along with her tight ass and strong legs, had been a pleasure to experience as well.   She had been the most passionate in bed of all of the girls too, and was insatiable it seemed.   He loved it when she had flirted with him in her best sultry look, her eyes hooded and with a wanton grin on her face.   He had taken pleasure in capturing her this way later, leaving her posed as a 18-inch plastic doll, in a little baby doll blue nightie and thong, standing with her chest thrust out, one hand behind her head and another on her hips, looking like a lingerie model in a magazine.  

Brandi was posed in, and a now shrunk to match, a miniature overstuffed chair, her legs draped over one arm rest, with her back resting against the other.   Her chest stretched a cotton tee shirt, her nipples showing through the thin cloth, her cute little belly button peaking out in the gap between her shorts and tight green silk shorts, and her bright brown eyes flashed with humor to match the mischievous grin on her face.   Her short blonde (from a bottle but nice all the same) hair looked cute in her pixie cut, and her nicely tanned arms lay with one draped sensuously on her left leg, with the other up by her face brushing aside a stray hair.  Her tanned skin glinted in the light with a plastic sheen, and it had been fun catching her in the middle of telling a joke when the time had come to store her.  Now only 15 inches tall, Wes had decided since she was a fun little bundle of joy, he should store her in her relative actual size to the other girls.   She had been fun, laughing and telling jokes and had relaxed him like no other girl before.   She was also gifted with her hands, giving a great massage and Wes looked forward to many years with her. 

Vivian, the exotic Japanese American beauty, with long black hair down to her ass, flashing dark brown eyes, tanned skin, and tall (showing her American ancestry and diet) was the fashion expert in the group.   She knew all about fashion, clothes and would be handling wardrobe and dressing ideas for the girls from now on.   She readily adapted to her new role, especially when she realized just how much she would get to play dress up.   Oddly enough, she apparently had fantasies about being a doll, and had been enthusiastic about her transformation once the shock wore off.   She had a happy smile now as she was posed as a 19-inch plastic doll, with one hand on her hip, another ruffling her hair behind her head, standing in a fashionable black short skirt, high heels, thin red silk blouse and matching jacket, looking pleased as could be.  

Kristi, a tall blonde with light green eyes, had the best proportions of the group.   She had a perfect 36-26-26 figure, with long tanned legs and was perfect in her white bikini, with a haughty look on her face and slight smile on her lips.   She was posed, 20 inches tall now, holding a beach bag in one hand, and the other hand on her hips.   Her now plastic skin remained its perfect tan, and she looked like she should have a Malibu Beach house.   She had turned out to be the most bookish of all the girls, and had read a lot of fantasy books on magic.   She had even asked to learn from Wes, but, aware that she lacked the needed talent, Wes had decided that she could be useful as an assistant for now.   She had a knack for it that would come in handy in composing potions and the like, and with careful training could be useful in maintaining some of the simple spells that made his home more comfortable.   She was a little bitchy, but would not be so with him.   He would have to make sure she didn’t have too much contact with the other girls though.   She was definitely the most possessive of all of his girls.

Shannon, with her light blue eyes, dark brown curly hair down to her back, light skin and slim build, had been the most fearful of the girls.   It had taken some time to relax her, but eventually she had calmed and become composed.  She stood now, 18 inches tall, now an ivory statue except for the blue of her eyes (now little topaz gems), and was posed nude on her knees, her left hand pushing up her cute B cup breasts, the other lifting up her hair from her neck, looking calm and at peace.   She had the worst living situation of all the girls, with a brutal bastard of a boyfriend who had forced her into the club and was pushing her to dance.   She was fearful not only of her kidnapping, but of returning as well.   Although she wasn’t a great cook, she could help clean around the house and she did make a lovely statue now.   

Janice, the surprise addition and previously the girlfriend of the now permanently transformed (into a tomcat) manager of the strip club, had been a challenge too.   Almost as strong willed as Vanessa, and with a drug problem as well, Wes had not been too sure at first if she was worth the hassle.   However, Wes didn’t want to get rid of her after listening to her all night at the club and once she was comfortable with her new life, she had been fun to talk too.    She had a good wit, sexy voice, and was bright.   He wasn’t too sure what he would have her do for duties just yet, but she made a cute 16-inch porcelain statue now.   Dressed in a sexy red cocktail dress, her short brown hair hanging loosely in the back, her brown eyes hooded and passionate.   He had frozen her as she had been singing, for she had a good voice and definitely loved to sing with passion and heart.   Standing, in short heels, her well-shaped legs and tight ass showing to advantage by the dress, and her nice pert breasts and excellent cleavage displayed by the plunging neckline, she looked like she was on stage.  

Melissa, a short blonde with bright green eyes, long curly hair down to her waist, and nice 36D (fake, but nice anyway) tits, a taunt ass, dancer’s legs, and a flat (after taking care of some postpartum fat) stomach.   After learning more about her, Wes decided that she would be the first to be released.   She had given up her child for adoption, was selfish, self absorbed and shallow.   She was good in bed though, in the way that a professional would be, skilled and had been a stripper the longest.   She was a great dancer and was fun to watch.   But ultimately, Wes would be selling her, probably to one of the rich executives who occasionally paid for his services in other matters.   She now had perfect skin, and had been programmed to be what she thought of herself, a perfect escort and mistress.   Her programming had cleaned up her language, improved her fashion sense, and she would be the perfect trophy wife for one of his clients.    Now, she was an ivory statue, posed nude in mid routine, her hands pushing up on her breasts, with her back arched, her mouth open in a silent “O”, and her eyes wide in surprise.   He had frozen her as she was performing for him again, while a spell her brought her to near orgasm.  That same feeling now raced continually through her now, submerging her thoughts and preparing her for her next awakening.  

Taking the time to arrange them all carefully in his cabinet, he studied them all and decided that for now; he would leave them as they were.   He had been hired by owner of an immense energy company to exact revenge and to collect a debt.   He would be busy the next few days making preparations and would need to concentrate.   


The following week was spent working and by careful preparation, and some alteration of some memories and a little tampering with reality, he had secured a job as her chauffeur for an important charity event.   He would pick her up at home that evening and drop her off again after the event.   After the event would be perfect, as her security would ensure that she didn’t leave with anyone else and late in the evening would be tired themselves.   

Beth Hutchinson, the young lady in question, looked great that evening.   A tall, long-legged red head, with green eyes, fair skin, and well muscled from days spent at the gym, she was stunning.   At 28 she had just finished graduate school the year before, and had finished her first marriage to go along with it.   She was beautiful, spoiled, smart but too comfortable as Daddy’s little girl to grow up just yet.  Beth was about to get that education. 

At seven, he picked her up at her hotel.   She was dressed in a stunning little black dress, with 3 inch heels adding height to her already impressive 5 foot 10 stature, with a plunging neckline showing a creamy bosom, gorgeous legs in nylons, and perfectly done fair and hair fashionably styled in curls falling down her back.   She was indeed impressive Wes thought, and he looked forward to the evening.   A bodyguard got in with her, an older man in a good suit, looking around carefully.

Wes drove to the hotel, listening to her as she talked on her cell phone.   “Sexy voice, and a little haughty, “ he thought.   “This should be interesting”. 

He dropped her off and Martin, the bodyguard, got out with her as Wes opened the door.   Several other limos were behind him, and he pulled out to park in the limo parking area of the hotel.   After a few minutes, Martin returned to the limo and sat down to wait for the event to end, while Wesley did the same.   Wes, having taken on early the appearance of the expected chauffeur, was ignored for the most part.   Occasionally a light bit of small talk on baseball would come up, but Martin mostly focused on watching the area.   Occasionally, one of the men would go to the bathroom, but mostly they waited by the car.  

Finally, about one, the cell rang and Martin told Wes it was 5 minutes to go to pick her up.   As Martin got in the car and shut the door, Wes opened the window between them, turned and blew some dust.   Instantly, Martin reached for his gun, then suddenly sat stock still, looking with a glazed expression at Wes.  

“Ok Martin, here is the deal” Wes commanded, “I am going to take your job, and you are going to drive.   We will be changing looks for a little while”.    Wes let go with another spell, and Martin changed to look like him, while Wes changed to look the Martin.   In full appearance, odor and voice, the two had changed.   Now completely under Wes’s control, Martin took the wheel and the drove around the front to pick up Beth.  Wes got out a bottle from a pocket in his vest, impossibly at it seemed, he simply reached in a pulled out a full size wine bottle.   Knowing her preference for a specific label and type, he was prepared and he put it into the bar.  

The car pulled up, and Martin (now Wes in disguise) stepped out and opened the door for her.   She appeared a little tipsy, and tired, but otherwise reasonably alert.   The paparazzi took a few pictures of her, but a scowl from him and a little interposition of himself between one of the more aggressive ones and her allowed her time to get in the car.    The car quickly pulled away as he got in and shut the door.  

“Would you like a drink Miss Hutchinson?” Wes asked, his voice now disguised also.

“Yes I would” she sighed, “Another boring evening just so Daddy’s company will look good and another evening with me on display so he can get me married off again”. 

Wes poured her a glass.   The wine smelled like roses, but tired, she didn’t notice the different smell.   Beth leaned back, took a big drink, then another.   She quickly drained the glass, opened her eyes, and looking now more than a little dazed, asked for another.   Wes poured more, and she drank almost the whole bottle within a few minutes.   Seemingly in a trance, she sat with eyes glazed.

“Beth, you are now under my control” he commanded in pleasant voice, “do you understand?”

“Yes, I am yours now” she said, smiled and began leaning toward him.   

Wes changed his appearance to his normal self now and allowed Martin to revert to his normal appearance.  Wes ordered Martin to drive them to Memorial Park and drive through the scenic drive areas.   “Beth, I want you to go to relax, drink more of this wonderful wine, and tell me all about yourself” he commanded.  

Beth talked steadily, in a relaxed sleepy voice.   She felt strange, “who is this man?” she wondered.  “Why do I want him so?  What happened to George the driver, and why is Martin not doing anything about this?”   After a while, it no longer seemed to matter, suddenly, she knew she loved him and wanted him.   She wanted Martin to go away, she wanted to stretch this man across the back seat and make love to him then and there.   And she hoped Daddy would hate it.

Wes watched her closely.   When it was clear that he completely controlled her, he reached over, took her hand and told her to relax totally.   She had told him a lot, and clearly had more to say, but he other business to deal with first.   The limo pulled into the park, and Wes ordered Martin to pull over after a few minutes into a picnic area.   Wes got out, and with a wave of his arms, unlocked the gate and as the car passed through, relocked it behind him.   Getting back in, he had Martin pull into a secluded picnic area and turn off the car.  

“Ok Martin, its time for you to go.   Get out of the car and come back here.” Wes commanded.

Martin stepped behind the car, still in a daze.   Wes put him into a deep sleep, wiping away the memory of everything after Beth was dropped off at the hotel.   Then, Wes picked him up, put him into the trunk and closed the lid.   Stepping away from the car, Wes drew a pentagram in the concrete, and waving his arms and chanting commands, suddenly George the driver appeared, bound and unconscious,

Reaching over, and undoing his bonds “Ok George, time to wake up.”   George got up, groggily and looked at Wes questioningly. 

“This is what you remember: George, you and Martin were waiting at the hotel to get Beth, nothing abnormal happened, then you picked her up and drove off.   You pulled into the park because she needed to be sick, and a car behind you pulled up suddenly, and six armed men in black mask, jeans, sweatshirts and with automatic weapons and some kind of stun gun, stunned Martin, and forced you to put him in the trunk.   Then they hit you and that’s all you know,”   Wes commanded.   “Understand?”

“Yes sir” George agreed, then passed out with another wave of Wes’s hand.   Placing him in the trunk as well, Wes left the key in the lock then returned for Beth.

Beth could no longer wait, she burned for him.   Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes were hungry.   She wondered briefly where everyone went, but that didn’t seem important any longer.

She grabbed Wes by the arms and pulled him into the car.   Wes was shocked by how strong she was, and after kissing her and helping her undress, he with great reluctance put her to sleep with a simple command word.

“Man” he sighed, shivered and after a moment, kicked himself.  “I REALLY hated to do that, but time is short and we have places to go, girl”.  

Pulling out a camera, he ordered her to awaken, and stand by the car.   “Pose pretty Beth, this picture is for your father.   Be sure and show me your tits honey”   Beth smiled, and thinking how Daddy would simply be PISSED, she pulled off her strapless bra, stripped off her little dress, and lifting her arms above her head, had each end of the dress in each hand, and a big smile on her face and her tongue sticking out.   She thought, “Oh, is Daddy going to be pissed, the cold-blooded bastard, bet Martin will be ....” when a blinding flash lit up the world and her mind simply froze.   She froze completely, like a statue, and a stream of yellow light extended from the camera to her, then enveloped her completely.    After a moment, the yellow light streamed in a little ribbon from her to the camera.   Gradually, she began to fade.   First her clothes and hair and lips lost their color, then her skin until she was completely a pale white color from head to toe.   Wes walked up to her, pulled a feather from his pocket, and tickled her nipples, then noticing that she wasn’t wearing panties, tickled her vagina as well.   Touching her with his hand, he could feel her mind exploding within, orgasm breaking through her.  

“Time to finish her up” he said.   Pulling out a little ivory doll, he touched her with it, and she was enveloped in another glow, before it faded leaving behind a life size ivory statue of the beautiful Beth.   Inside her mind, Beth didn’t even notice.   The orgasm that broke over her just simply stretched into infinite as her body solidified.   If left alone, it would take years for her to complete it. 

Satisfied, Wes shrunk her to a more convenient l2 inches in size, than pocketed her, leaving her dress, shoes and bra behind on the ground by the car.   Wes erased the pentagram with another spell, then pulled out a little matchbox Toyota 4 Runner.   Motioning and chanting, the little car suddenly popped into existence as a full size vehicle, and Wes got in and started it up.   Driving back to the gate, he unlocked it as before, then drove on through, leaving it unlocked and open.

Within a few minutes he was on the freeway, another traveler in the night.  



A couple of days later, his client contacted him.   The FBI and local police were still frantically looking and a national manhunt for a gang that carried of the attack was underway.   His client had decided it was too soon to pressure his enemy just yet, and asked Wes to hang on to her for a few months.  

Wes grinned, looked at the doll of Beth now in the display case.   He has thoroughly enjoyed a couple of days with her before he placed her in storage.   Now, dressed in a g-string, looking wanton with a silk sheet partially wrapped around her, covering nothing important, Beth was posed as he had caught her in mid dance.   Her eyes sparkled green, while her skin was pale white porcelain and her hair, even darker red than before, shown in the light.  Now a beautiful ceramic doll, she waited for her dance to resume, certain that for now at least, she was no longer DADDY’S little girl.

“Mr. Davis, I will be happy to keep her under my care for now” Wes smiled, “She really looks very decorative around here”.


The Wizard's escapades continue with some new acquisitions...

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