The Wizard 6 - The Seduction

by Anthyrax

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Sarah rushed through the kitchen as she prepared dinner.   The radio was on, playing Alanis Morrisette and Sarah moved in time to the music as she stirred the vegetables and checked the chicken.  Pleased, she pulled the bread sticks out of the oven, then checking the time, gasped and rushed quickly into the bathroom to check her hair and makeup.  Just then, the door bell rang, and composing herself quickly, she walked to the door to answer it. 

Wes waited outside, holding a bottle of wine and smiled as he saw her peek through the peep hole. She opened the door, gave him a huge hug and pulled him inside.  

“I am so glad you made it, give me a minute, dinner is almost ready.” she said breathlessly in a beautiful warm soprano.

Wes followed her into the kitchen, setting the wine down on the counter.  The kitchen smelled great, the odor of spices, cooking food and scented candles mixing into a wonderful mixture.

Sarah looked great too.  She was wearing tight black leather pants, a wrap around white blouse, and boots up to her knees.  Her hair was pinned up, showing her perfect neck, and she beautiful face was lit up with pleasure.  Wes smiled, kissed her cheek, which caused her to turn him kiss him back and for a moment, dinner was forgotten.

“Wait, I want everything to come out right” she chided him with a grin, then she pushed him lightly toward the table. “Sit down, its almost ready.”   She smiled again, then pulled out the chicken and began to fill his plate and hers with baked chicken, vegetables, and potatoes, giving him a couple of bread sticks as well.  “Is that wine for dinner Wes?” she asked.

“No, thats a desert wine, I thought we might have it later,” Wes replied.

“Would you like something else for now?  I have tea made or you can have a soft drink.”

Wes asked for a soft drink, and then urged her to sit down with him.

They ate, and talked and he told her how well Cheryl and Cindy were working out in their new positions, and what a great find Kim was.  Sarah, not realizing just how the girls had actually become more than just his staff, dimpled with pleasure that she had found just what he was looking for.  She blushed while he praised her for finding them, more so when he suggested that he might have something more in mind for her if she wanted it.

“I would love to work for you Wes,” she smiled, but then looked pensive, “but there is a problem.  You see, I feel so strongly about you,” she gulped, blushed, and lowered her eyes, then grasping his hand and moving toward him, “I am falling for you; how can I work for you?”                      

Wes kissed her, and the kiss lasted for several minutes.  Finally, he lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes “I have more than just a simple working relationship in mind for you Sarah.  You are too much of a treasure just to work with.”

Sarah blushed, hugged him fiercely, then stood up and pulled him to his feet.  “Well, for now, how about we just enjoy the evening” she smiled again, and cocking her head toward the radio, now playing a nice slow paced song, “let's dance.”  

They danced, and kissed and eventually, after an hour, she led him into the bedroom.   Soon they were naked, and making love.   She couldn’t believe how well everything was going.   He was really good, bringing her constantly to the edge, then letting her back down, and finally when she just couldn’t hold on any more, an orgasm swept through her and she screamed with joy as he came inside her. 

They collapsed together for awhile, then Wes suggested some of that wine.  Sarah, thirsty from the lovemaking, smiled “that would be great sweetheart.”  Then, pulling herself up to his face, she kissed him, and said “I love you, I just want you to know that.  I have never had this happen before but I want you to know I love you.”   She blushed, kissed him again, then giggled and rushed to the bathroom.   Wes caught her, kissed her again, and replied “I love you too Sarah, I treasure you more than I can begin to tell you”.   She was amazed and happy when he replied, kissed him again, and went into the bathroom.

Wes took the time to go the kitchen, and poured wine for her.  His plan was working far better than expected, her actually falling in love was a definite bonus.  Sarah was in the bathroom, cleaning herself and washing her face and drying herself.  She had never felt so great, not since her ex-husband and her had been together, she felt more alive than she had in years.  

Sarah checked herself in the mirror. “Well, lets see, not too fat, stomach is nice and flat, ass looks good, hips only a little pudgy, wish I had a chest though” she thought, examining her B cup breasts.  “Well, playboy material I am not, but he does seem to like me.   That boob job I wanted would be nice though.”  She smiled, “lets see if we can do that again” she thought to herself. 

Wes was sitting on the bed and handed her a glass of wine when she sat down.  The bottle was on the bedstand, and a candle was lit.  “Thanks honey” she said, and sipped, and suddenly really thirsty, drained the glass.  “Wow, I am really thirsty and this is really great stuff” she said, pouring herself more.  She drank two more glasses and then, overpowered by her feelings, she rushed into his arms, kissing him fiercely.  They made love again, until finally, they both feel asleep in each others arms.  

 The next morning Wes awoke first and watched her sleep.  The potion had already settled into her, he could tell.  The few fine lines she had around her eyes and forehead were gone, as was the light hair on her arms.  Her skin had taken a more polished look, and, as he lifted carefully the sheets and blankets from her body, he determined that her pubic hair was gone as well, along with a couple of old scars on her knees.  She looked a little younger now, and the stretch marks and other signs of aging and motherhood were now gone.  He smiled, the kissed and stroked her until she roused.  

Sarah awoke, feeling rested but thirsty and hungry.  She kissed him back, excused herself and went to the bathroom.  Brushing her teeth and looking at herself in the mirror, she marveled a little, “I don’t remember looking this good in the morning before” she thought, “not bad for 28.”  After using the toilet, she felt a little confused, she didn’t remember shaving her pubes, but they were gone.  In fact, she didn’t even need to shave her legs or pits, but after a moment, decided that it must simply be the lotion she was using and dismissed that too.  

Going back into the bedroom, she blushed a little when she saw Wes was watching her.  “How are you feeling today?” he asked. 

“Actually, I feel wonderful” she smiled back, “I am starving though, want some breakfast?” Putting on a robe, she kissed him again and went into the kitchen to make some breakfast.

Wes got up and got dressed himself.   He was satisfied with how things were going.  He knew that she would eat a huge breakfast now, as the potion had caused her body to burn a great deal of calories when it modified her last night.   He would wait a little longer before he prepared her to leave.

Sarah ate a huge breakfast, much more than usual, and drank lots of juice.  She couldn’t believe how hungry she was this morning, putting it down to last nights activity.  

“Well, we did get a LOT of exercise last night” she grinned to herself.  She watched Wes, and just couldn’t keep her eyes off him.   She was a little embarrassed about what she said last night, but she meant every word.  Asking him if he wanted her to stay home today, she was a little disappointed when he replied “I can’t stay today too long sweetheart, I have an important appointment later on.”  Although the fact that he looked like he would rather skip it cheered her some.

“Tell you what, I will stay until you are ready to go to work, and we can leave together” Wes said.  That cheered her, and after breakfast, she went in and took a shower.

He chatted with her until she was nearly ready, with her makeup on, hair styled, and dressed in a tight black mini skirt, white cotton tank top and black jacket to match.  As she was adding jewelry and putting on her nylons and shoes, he slipped away for a moment to the kitchen.  Grabbing a little ice cube, he turned and closed the fridge just as she walked into the kitchen.  

Modeling a little, with a big smile, “What do you think?” she said.  Wes replied “you look beautiful Sarah, can you just freeze there for a moment?” and touched her arm with the ice cube.

Instantly, Sarah froze in place.  She couldn’t move, couldn’t talk but could only stand, her lips slightly parted, her eyes darting around the room and she began to panic.  

“Sarah, now don’t panic” he said, caressing her cheek and then kissing her neck.  “There are some things I need to tell you.”

Wes told him about himself, and explained his powers, demonstrating a couple of times by changing a toaster into a little toy replica of itself, and removing and replacing her clothes without touching her.  

“You may have noticed a few changes this morning in your body” he whispered to her gently, “well, last night, that wine you drank is a potion that I created.  It made you as perfect as your body is able to be.  Kind of a mix between a youth, vitality and longevity potion.”

“Its also a love potion Sarah, but it seems you didn’t need that.” 

Sarah, after her initial panic and disbelief, gradually began to understand as he explained.  Although the magic already in her kept her calm, she also realized that she already knew that there was something different about him already.   And it suddenly occurred to her, thats why she loved him even before the potion.   

Wes watched the panic, then understanding, settle into her eyes.  Satisfied that she had accepted the situation for now, he placed a necklace around her beautiful neck. After a moment, he then released her from her freeze.  

“Sarah” he ordered gently “I want you to go over to the table and read this book I have for you.  It will explain everything to you.”

She turned and kissed him, anxious to show that she loved him completely and was not afraid.  Then she went over and read the book for an hour until she finished.  When she was done, Wes finished the spell so that it would settle in her mind and watched her to make sure all went correctly.

Sarah realized now that she was his and always would be.  She was happy, in fact, more so than any of the other girls.  She accepted his other girls too, realizing that he needed them for now but she knew that eventually he wouldn’t and would just keep her.   She actually looked forward to becoming a doll though, she always enjoyed playing dress up and that part sounded interesting to her actually.  She was a little concerned about not seeing her kids for a couple of years, but then, she knew that he would help her get them back completely when the time came.  For now, she would keep making her phone calls and he would allow her to visit them after a while.  She looked forward to her new job as his assistant, and couldn’t wait to begin.  Leaving her old job and life would be easy.

For now, it was time to leave her job, and take care of all the details she needed to go away with him.  She emailed work, resigning and asking that her personal effects be mailed to her. She then gave her thirty day notice to leave her apartment, and packed a few things she wanted to keep.  By noon, she had done everything she needed to do.

Wes spent the morning with her, occasionally issuing instructions but mostly letting her handle it.  He read some, and did some work on his laptop until it was time to go.

“Ok Sarah, I want you to do you hair like you did last night” he asked.  She blushed, then went into the bathroom and put up her hair.  Her bra felt to tight, so she took it off, and was amazed to realize that somehow he had altered her breast size to almost a D from its small B, and if anything, she had a narrower waist and better hips than before.

“Wow, it’s the body I always wanted” she thought with glee.

Finally, she was ready to pose, and after having her take a number of positions, Wes was satisfied.   Touching her with another piece of ice, he froze her in place, then fiddled with her arms until he finally arranged her in a pose, with one hand stretched forward,  holding a flower, the other at her side.  She was still smiling, her eyes glowing with love as she followed his movements.  Then, he kissed her again, deeply, and touched her in the middle of the kiss with a plastic doll. 

Sarah, stood motionless, with lust, longing, and now fire surging through her felt the spell and could see her hand glowing a warm pink before it faded.  Suddenly, not only couldn’t she move, she no longer wanted to move.  She watched with a little wonder as her hand, all she could see of herself, began to take on a shine as it changed to plastic. A sensation of falling into bed, along with the emotions already surging through her, overpowered her and she last thought before it stretched into infinite was how wonderful she felt.   

Wes watched her transform, her eyes fix then glaze over.  Her skin had become polished and reflected the light, and tapping her lightly, was satisfied with that the transformation was complete.  She was beautiful, perfection itself, and he already knew that he would have a hard time letting her go.  He spent an hour touching her, caressing her and gazing upon her before finally he was able to tear himself away.

Summoning his briefcase, he opened it and made sure that everything was as it should be.  The dolls that were Cindy and Cheryl were still in their places, and shrinking down first Sarah, then her little suitcase, he placed her lovingly next to them.  Closing the case, he sighed, then proceeded to empty her apartment of everything, shrinking or disintegrating furniture, closes, knick-knacks and everything else.  Satisfied that it was now clean, he grabbed her keys, found the apartment and mail box keys, and put them in an envelope.  

Then he settled down to get some work done for a while on his laptop, working for hours until it was nightfall.  Stretching, he did a final check to make sure he didn’t miss anything, then left the apartment, dropping of keys along the way in the night slot with her vacancy letter.  He then got in her car, and drove away into the night, dropping off an address change form at the post office on the way out.



The room was quiet that evening, with just the low hum of the air conditioner and low music in the background.   A large glass covered cabinet stood in the corner of the room, a few low lights on illuminating a series of figures. 

There were eleven figures in all, all between 14 and 22 inches in height and closer inspection showed them to be beautiful women rendered in lifelike and beautiful detail.  They were posed on little stands, each with their name embossed on it, in a variety of poses and dress.  Among them was Sarah, her beautiful face dimpled in a warm smile, her brown eyes shining.   Her long hair was piled on her head, showing off her graceful neck, while a short red cocktail dress emphasized her gorgeous legs and ass, and her full breasts now as well.  She was a vision, perfect in ceramic, and was now the center of the display.   Around her, the dolls that were Michelle, Jennifer, Vivian, Brandi, April, Kristi, Beth, Kim, Cindy, and Cheryl were posed, with their own looks and in a variety of dress. 


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