The Professor

by KynnSA

I must first give acknowledgments to everyone who has inspired me to make this first attempt at story writing.

In no particular order they are:  Mr. X, every writer on the Gray Archive, The writers I have read on DEJA.COM, Tooshoes and Cat, Diana the Valkrye, and everyone who supplies us with great stories!

I must give a special note of thanks to the guys who run the Bat-Trap website for giving me pictures and info. to help make this story work.

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Now on to the story………

I must warn you that the first part is mostly background and other info to set up this story and hopefully many others.  If I have to stop when it is just getting going forgive me, but I can only write when time permits.  Just treat it like those breaks at the end of every Batman show and stay tuned next week on the same Bat-channel.

David Jenkins was a scientific genius.  He excelled in every area of science from physics to biochemistry to genetics.  He experimented in every area that he could and was always searching for new discoveries that would make him even more successful and rich.  It was through this quest that he made the greatest discovery of his life and one that would change not only his life, but also history books as they pertained to the 20-century.

To cut to the chase, [and not waste time with anymore background than we really need] Dr. Jenkins discovered that when someone's image was captured on videotape or film a small portion of that person was also taken and transferred.  A microscopic blueprint of that person to that point in their lives would always survive as long as the tape survived.

Now, this discovery in its self would be important as is, but Dr. Jenkins went one step farther.  He developed a device that was able to extract that blueprint and make a copy of that person from any matter readily available!  Yes, Jenkins could take a film of Hitler and make him come to life just as he had been when the film was made.  This was the discovery of a lifetime!  The only draw back was that the transformation only lasted for 24 hours.  After that, the person broke down and reverted back to the matter they were formed from.

Jenkins honed his process, patented it, and then sold it to the highest bidder for an ungodly amount of money.   He did not really care in what way anyone else used his invention, for he was now rich and had kept one part of his discovery to himself.  A part that he would use to make his darkest and intimate fantasies come true!

Dr. Jenkins not only found the way to make an exact copy of a person from a video of that person, but he had also found a way to make actors BE the character they were portraying when filmed!  Yes, he could make movie and television characters come to life right in front of him!  You can probably now guess what those dark and intimate fantasies involved.  Not only could Dr. Jenkins have any actress or even woman he wanted, but also he could live out his dream of dominating and taking the strongest female characters of television and film history!

There was no doubt in the good doctor's mind where he was going to start his trail of domination.  It would be with the heroine who had first caught his attention as a young boy and stayed there for the rest of his life. Yvonne Craig's Batgirl!  There is little doubt that she is the most lusted after heroine of all time.  Jenkins couldn't wait to get his hands on that luscious little body and put Batgirl through a torment she had never experienced!

Jenkins searched his catalogue of Batman videos and found the show he wanted the episode in which Dr. Phog paralyzes our heroine.  Jenkins knew that he had to "capture" his heroines in a state of capture or there would be problems for he was just a normal man and they very strong and well trained fighters.  It could get ugly and bad if they were able to get the jump on him and escape.  He had to be sure he had the upper hand at all times.

Jenkins put the disk, for he had transferred all films and videos to DVD to ensure their protection, into his machine.  He then fast-forwarded to point in the show where Batgirl has been paralyzed by the gas.  Jenkins inputs the necessary commands and a few seconds latter there stands Batgirl paralyzed in front of him.  It is amazing!  The purple suit, the yellow cape, and utility belt all in place!  Jenkins walks around her taking in the sight.  She is not very tall, but man is she built.

"Ahhh my dear we must get rid of this," the doctor says as he reaches up to unfasten her cape. It drops to the floor and he walks around her again.

"Much better!  Now is the time to get you settled before you regain the use of your body." Jenkins mumbles as he reaches for Batgirl. He could not resist running his hands over her tight body!  Stroking her firm breasts then running his hands down her firm stomach and then around to the nice ass that was so soft yet tight at the same time.

Jenkins broke out of his enjoyment to move her into position.  He picked her up and carried her over to his “work station” which consisted of a waist high bench about 2 feet long and four cables that hung from the ceiling.  The cables were strong enough to hold a super-human and would be more than enough to hold this pretty thing!

He grabbed two of the cables and secured them around Batgirl’s wrists and secured the other two around her ankles just above her boots.  He then pushed a button on his belt, which drew the cables tight.  As the cables tension grew, he lifted Batgirl so that she rested on her back on the bench.  The bench extended from her shoulders to the small of her back.  Her head hang limp and her arms and legs spread-eagle supporting the rest of her weight.

He then stepped back and savored the sight.  “God, I can’t wait until she wakes up!  We are going to have so much fun!”  he exclaimed.

Jenkins then went to relax until the drugs wore off.  He knew it wouldn’t take long, but he did not want to stay in the room and risk jumping the gun on his plan.

 A short time later Batgirl comes to her senses and immediately surveyed her situation.

“Boy, I don’t know where Lord Ffogg comes up with that stuff, but it sure is strong!”  she thought.  “Now, what could be the reasoning for the way I am tied up this time?”

“Strange that my cape is gone, but I have been in more uncomfortable places.”  “These lines are incredibly strong,”  she finds out as she gives a tug, “so I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.”

At that moment a man she has never seen before walks in.

“Ahhh, awake at last!”  Jenkins says smiling his most evil grin.

“Who are you and where is Lord Ffogg?’  asks Batgirl, looking over the stranger warily.

 “You are no longer in the good Lord’s possession my dear.”  He states as he walks around her.  “I took the liberty of taking you off, or should I say, out of his hands.”

“Well,” she says with that cocky, confident attitude she always has, “it doesn’t really matter if it’s you, Ffogg, or even the Joker you still won’t win.  I am sure Batman is on his way here this very second to rescue me!”

“Oh my lovely lady,” Jenkins states as he stops next to her and looks in her eyes, “your precious Batman is nowhere near here.  He may as well be in another universe for al of the good he can do for you.”

Batgirl’s confidence starts to fall as she looks into this man’s eyes and sees he is telling the truth.  She feels a confidence coming from him that is stronger than she has ever faced.

“Then why am I here?  What purpose do you need me for if it isn’t to trap Batman or Robin?”  she asks, not sure if she really wants to know the answer.

“The reason you are here is because I want you my sweet.”  He purrs to her as he runs his hand over her trembling stomach.  “Batman and Robin cannot give me what you can.”

“Well, if its money you want then you can to the wrong place.  I don’t have any and noone is going to pay a ransom for me.” She states, her voice trembling.

“Oh, its not money I want from you.” he informs her as he starts searching through the pouches on her utility belt He opens each one and tosses aside the unwanted item.

“Then what DO you want?” she implores, her heart racing and her muscles tightening as she watches him empty her belt.  A sense of dread fills her and she starts to sweat.

“Yes!  Here were are!” Jenkins exclaims as he lifts her small utility blade into the air.  “Just what I wanted to get our festivities started!”

“You see Batgirl,” he explains holding the knife in front of her wide eyes, “when I said I wanted you I really meant your body!  If you haven’t figured that out by now you must really come from a simple place and this is going to be even more fun than I thought!”

Batgirl cannot believe what she has just heard!  Never in her short crime-fighting career has anything like this ever happened!  Sure, a couple of goons made a quick grab or a pinch but that was it.  Not even the crazy Joker tried something do vile!

“You can’t do this!” she screams.

“But I can and I will.”  He laughs as he brings the blade down.  “Now, keep still or something could get cut off!”

Batgirl watches horrified as Jenkins brings the blade down below her right breast and cuts a hole in her costume.  He then lifts the costume and runs the blade across until he has made a slit under both breasts.  He then goes up and around the left breast, under the bat on her chest and around the right breast until he has cut out a piece of her costume and her bra encased breasts are showing.

“No!” she screams and tries to move, but her binds are too tight.  She can only tremble.

Jenkins then takes the knife and cuts the bra away.  He pulls the bra out of her costume and steps back.

“They are perfect.  Better than I ever dreamed!” he says as he reaches forward and runs his hands over them lightly.  Their softness and smoothness almost make him climax right then!

Batgirl lets her head hang back and tears form in her eyes.  She cannot believe it.  Her breasts are exposed and being pawed by this complete stranger and she can do nothing about it.  She has never been so humiliated in her whole life!

Jenkins pulls reluctantly away and sees the tears forming in Batgirl’s eyes.  He lifts her head and smiles down at her saying, “Don’t get too upset yet, for we have only just begun.”  And with that statement, he pushes another button on his belt and Batgirl’s legs come together and start raising.

To Batgirl’s horror, they kept lifting and coming back towards here head until both feet are spread and almost touching her wrists.  She lets out a long, sorrowful scream as she realizes what is going to happen next.

Jenkins moves forward as her scream dies down and looks at the wonderful sight before him.

“Please,” she pleads, “don’t do this!  I will do anything, but don’t do this!”

“You are already going to give me the only thing I want, but if you want to beg go ahead.  It adds to the pleasure.”  He tells her as he reaches forward.

Batgirl closes her eyes and hangs her head again as Jenkins tries to pull up the costume just below the belt.  It is too tight though and he resorts to sliding the knife carefully into it.  Batgirl gasps as he pokes her with the knife, but says nothing else.

Jenkins then carefully slides the knife down, cutting an opening through the crotch of her costume.  He is very careful not cut her body after the first small poke.  When he is finished he has made a cut from just below her belt buckle in the front to just below her belt in the back.  He proceeds to grasp each side of the slit and pull it open.

He takes a step back and looks.  He can see Batgirl’s white panties from the top and back.  It takes his breath away.  Batgirl is now crying and not saying anything.

He reaches forward and cuts them apart at the very bottom, in the spot between her pussy and her ass.  He flips the top part over her belt buckle as the bottom part falls away.  There, in all their glory, are her neatly shaven pussy and her brown little asshole.  This wonderful display DOES make him climax on the spot and he doesn’t care at all!

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