The Professor, part 2

by KynnSA

All characters involved in this story are the intellectual property of whoever created them except for the Professor who I created.  This story is for written in fun, not for profit.  Enjoy and do with it what you will.  You may copy and repost it anywhere the law allows.

I must first give acknowledgments to everyone who has inspired me to make this first attempt at story writing. In no particular order they are: Mr. X, every writer on the Gray Archive, The writers I have read on DEJA.COM, Tooshoes and Cat, Diana the Valkrye, and everyone who supplies us with great stories!

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Now on to the story………

Jenkins decided to clean himself up after opening his beautiful package, so he left Batgirl to herself for a while.  Before leaving though, he pushed a button on his belt that raised a platform to support her head.  He didn't wanting her to feel too badly yet!

Batgirl felt the platform raise her head and was relived to not have the strain on her neck.  She was also confused.

" Why would he just leave after what he has done?" she thought.  "I was sure he would have his way with me."

This brief respite was enough to give her a faint ray of hope. She began pulling at her bonds again to free herself, but it was no good.

"Maybe he doe want something else besides me," she thought.  "If only I can get him to make a mistake like all of these other idiot criminals do then I have a chance!"

Batgirl could feel her confidence returning even with the situation she was in.  She was sure she could escape this with no further problems or damage to her dignity.

Unbeknown to Batgirl, this return of confidence was just what the professor was counting on.  He had seen enough of those cheesy shows to know that they never gave up and would just assume that they would win. Well, it was time to return to the party.

"Ahhh, still hanging in there I see," he said as he walked in the door.

"Of course," she replied, "didn't think I would leave yet did you?"

The Professor could hear her strong tone of voice and became hard immediately.  This was still going to be fun.

He walked to her and placed his hand on the back of her thigh.  He felt her tremble slightly, but she said nothing.  He ran his hand up her leg to her ankle, enjoying the feel of the purple costume and her trim leg.  He then put his hand on her waist and ran slowly up the side of her body, being very careful not to touch her exposed breasts.  Again she did nothing but watch him with fire in her eyes as she waited to see what would happen.

He then moved to the end of the table where her head lay.  He looked down into those eyes and then scanned the rest of her body.  The rips he had made in her suit showing her off to perfection.

Jenkins moved his hands to her neck and started moving them up her face.

"What are you doing?!" she gasped as he touched her cowl.

"I was wondering," he stated as his hands reached the sides of her head, "since you have dark hair down below, is this hair up above real or a wig?"

His hands were now at the top of her mask and holding her sort red hair.

Batgirl was more nervous now than before.  Will he take off my mask she wondered silently?  If he does my career as a crime fighter will be finished.

"I guess we will find that out," he said slowly, grasping the sides of her cowl, "later, if we have time."

Slowly he let his hands drop from her mask, which, to his amusement, brought a sigh of relief from Batgirl.

"We have more important things to do." Jenkins said as he walked back between her legs.

Batgirl was sure that this was when he would make his grand demand or else he would do unspeakable things to her.  She was sure if she kept him talking that he would make a mistake.

"Exactly what is it you hope to gain from this?" she asked.  " The city can't make you rich to get me back and Batman and Robin are still around to foil your plans."

"Perfect," he thought, "she still doesn't believe me."

Jenkins turned his back to her as he answered, "You still don't get it do you my dear.  I am already rich enough to by the whole city.  What I want is YOU!"

With that he turned to reveal the biggest cock Batgirl had ever seen!  She was no virgin, but this thing was a monster.  It was at least 10" long and 3" wide.

Wide eyed she stammered, "B-b-b-but you can't!  This isn't right! I'm Batgirrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllllllllllllll!" She finished screaming as Jenkins thrust his whole cock into her tight opening.

"Exactly." He stated as he finished.

Batgirl had never been in so much pain in her life!  She felt like she was being split open!  He filled her whole pussy with his cock and stretched it farther than it had ever been stretched.  The fact that she was bone dry did not help at all.  She felt like she was on fire.

Jenkins, on the other hand, felt wonderful.  He loved the tightness of her cunt as he filled it.  True she was no virgin, but she was still tight.  And the dryness of her cunt did not hurt him but made him harder.  He loved it knowing that she was hurting and it filled him with a feeling like no other.

He pulled out slowly, feeling her tight vaginal walls hold and tug at him involuntarily.  He pulled out until just the tip of his cock remained and waited.

Batgirl could feel him pulling out slowly.  Tears were again flowing down her face as she cried.  Her tender pussy still burning.

"How could I have been so stupid!" she thought as she felt him stop.  She prepared herself for the return thrust but it didn't come.  She waited another second and then looked up.

This was what he waited for.  He wanted to see those eyes as he forced himself back into her.  She threw her head back and wailed once more, feeling his invading cock rip into her body.

Jenkins settled into a rhythm of slowly pulling out and then pounding back into her body.  He wanted her to feel every stroke and get a reaction.  Batgirl was still crying and would grunt or moan each time he pushed into her.

"Please stop!" she sobbed as he pounded away at her defenseless pussy.  "I will get you anything you want, but please stop." She begged.

"You already know I have what I want," he told her between thrusts "your hot cunt wrapped around my cock.  But, since you asked so nicely, maybe I will."  He said as he removed himself from her body.

Batgirl could not believe it!  He was actually backing away from her.  "Maybe I still have a chance to end this," she thought.

"Thank you," she whispered as he backed away.

"Don't thank me yet," he replied, "I think there is something else I want."

"What-what is it?" she choked as her pussy throbbed from the brutal assault.

"This." He told her as he stepped forward and placed the head of his cock to her small brown anal opening.
"Noooooooooo!" she screamed.  "I have never done that!  It will hurt too much!  You just can't do that!"  Batgirl was begging like she had never begged before.

"Tisk tisk, my lovely.  It is too late now.  You said you would get me what I wanted if I stopped and I want this!" With those words he thrust forward and popped the head of his cock into her asshole.

The scream that Batgirl let out would have been heard all over the city, if that were possible.  Jenkins was just glad that he had put in mini earplugs to lower the volume.  It seemed that the whole room shook from the sound of her voice.

The pain that Batgirl felt was even greater than that sound.  Never in her whole life had she imagined pain that bad!  She almost lost consciousness it was so horrible.

Jenkins was in heaven!  The tightness of her ass felt so nice.  It was even better that he had crushed her last hope of getting away as he took her anal virginity!  He looked down to where his cock entered her ass and could se a small trickle of blood going down her back to her panties.  This sight sent him over the edge!  He grasped her by her thighs and shoved with all of his strength.

Batgirl screamed again as he shoved his cock forward into her ass.  The pain would not stop and was so bad that she couldn't think.  She could not even talk.  All she could do was scream as he began to pound his cock harder and harder in to her ass.  Tears flowed down her face and wet her mask as he pounded away.  Eventually, she could not even scream, her voice gone.  She just grunted and cried as he raped her ass over and over.

Jenkins was like a machine.  He pounded into her like he had never done before.  He had no concern for her at all.  He just knew that he was fucking Batgirl up the ass.  Not Yavonne Craig in a Batgirl costume, but THE Batgirl from the television show and that made him crazy beyond belief.  He spent the next ten minutes sawing his cock in and out of that tight ass with all of the energy he could.  Finally, he reached the point of climax and buried his cock as deep as he could.  His hot sperm splashing out deep in her body as he screamed in victory.

Batgirl was on the brink of passing out when he climaxed.  She could feel him stop and the warmness that entered her body, but she could do nothing else.  She was exhausted from the ordeal and could not talk or even move.  She was just glad that it was over.

Jenkins pulled away from Batgirl and looked down at her.  He could tell that she was exhausted and hurting.  He too was very tired, and decided to rest a while before his final step in breaking Batgirl all together.

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