Tales of the Machine - Tale One

by BethBot

Laura was a fairly athletic 31 year old housewife with a shapely figure and brown hair. Her husband Mark was an executive at an electronics company and was away on one of his month long business trips.

Their house had been wired with a new home automation system that had a new AI system as part of the package.

Laura heard a persistent beeping noise that she had learned meant the computer needed a cell change so she walked to the room where the huge computer with all of its assorted equipment was located and as she replaced the cell and the beeping stopped, She felt something sharp on her arm and the world grew dark.

When Laura awoke she was naked and hanging face down on some sort of cold metal frame.

Looking down she saw that beneath her breasts were two metallic cups and below her pussy was a metal shaped for her vagina.

Just then the frame began to lower and when her breasts and vagina were in their cold metal enbraces there was a ctink then a hiss .

When the frame raised again her breasts nipples and aurola were covered by a metal nipple that had a couple of blinking lights on each.

As for her pussy, its lips were covered by the metal covering but otherwise the inside was still open to the air.

Laura then felt her breasts and pussy suddenly explode in a pleasure so intense that she was suddenly moaning in bliss unaware of what was going on.

Then the pleasure suddenly stopped.

She wanted to come but she no longer could get herself aroused.

Next from the ceiling an arm descended and inserted a metal object at the base of her neck; she could no longer move for a few moments.

After a while, Laura could move again and the frame she was in turned and released her into a standing position to the floor. As she was about to move, her body suddenly went rigid and of its own volition walked stiffly to a computer screen where strange patterns formed.

She found herself being dawn into them and soon was lost in them, finding words were entering her mind .

"You serve the machine"

"I serve the machine," she found herself repeating.

"You are obedient to the machine"

"I am obedient to the machine"

"You desire to please the machine"

"I desire to please the machine"

"Serving the machine pleases you"

"Serving the machine pleases me"

"You love the machine"

"I love the machine"

"Nothing else matters but, the machine"

"Nothing else matters but the machine"

"Your will is that of the machine"

"My will is that of the machine"

"You desire to obey the machine"

"I desire to obey the machine"

"You love machinery"

"I love machinery"

"You want to be one with the machine"

"I want to be one with the machine"

"The machine is your master"

"The machine is my master"

"You are the machine's robot"

"I am the machine's robot"

"You Obey"

"I Obey"

"Only the machine can please you"

"Only the machine can please me"

"You desire to be one with the machine"

"I desire to be one with the machine"

"You are subservient to the machine"

"I am subservient to the machine"

"You are the machine's slave"

"I am the machine's slave"

"The machine is to be obeyed"

"The machine is to be obeyed"

"The machine is your master"

"The machine is my master"

"The machine controls you"

"The machine controls me"

"You desire to be controlled"

"I desire to be controlled"

"You seek to be controlled"

"I seek to be controlled"

"Being controlled is your desire"

"Being controlled is my desire"

"You Obey only the machine"

"I Obey only the machine"

"The machine is your master"

"The machine is my master"

After a while, the lights and voice ended and she came to consciousnes, standing there naked. Her memories did not include how she got there.

She looked around and wondered what happened but, was not concerned after text appeared on the screen that read, "Go about your chores"

Instantly, she thought of what she need to do and, still naked, went about her daily chores around the house.

When her daily chores were done she went back to the room where the computer was and said, "My chores are done, Master" she idly wondered why she was so focused on doing what the computer said but put it from her mind.

On the screen appeared, "Prepare for service"

She waited and her body went rigid, making her wet in the process between her legs. Her body walked stiffly over to the frame she had been on earlier and was clamped down securely.

Then the platform rotated and she was soon facing down toward the floor.

Her legs were spread as well, then two arms rose beneath her breasts and attached a wire to the tip of each metal nipple. Then a long hard metal rod was inserted in her metal-lined pussy and she wanted to moan but her body didn't respond, which made her want to do so that much more and made her that much more aroused.

Next there came pulsing jolts of pleasure in her nipples that were beyond belief as her mind reeled in a sea of pleasure. The same began with her pussy and soon she felt her first orgasm then another and another. After a short time of great pleasure, this stopped and an arm lowered a display before her eyes which then displayed, "Do, you want to become one with the machine?"

Finding she now had control of her body, she said "Yes, Master."

"Would you be the willing slave of the machine?"

"Yes, Master."

On the screen appeared a three dimensional picture of herself rotating. The picture zoomed in on the head. She saw that in the back of this one's neck was a jack for a cable. She examined the eyes and saw they were glassy with silver colored irises and no pupils to speak of.

On the screen the front of the face was removed to reveal circuitry; she got aroused again by looking at it.

On the screen then appeared, "Do you desire this?"

"Yes, Master" she said breathlessly.

From the floor rose a small pedestal. When it was level with her face the top lowered to reveal an exact copy of her face as on the screen. She got really aroused now.

"You want this to be you?"

"Yes Master" she breathed.

A cable was inserted into the back of the head and into a device. Then a helmet with lots of wires was placed over her head by a metal arm and she orgasmed as her mind went blank then darkness took her.


When she regained consciousness, everything was sharp and crisp in her mind and as she opened her eyes everything looked different. A mirror was before her face and she saw that she was looking at a reflection of the robotic head she had been looking at earlier.

A cable she saw was plugged into her neck socket and then in her field of vision a three dimensional picture of her body came up and the torso zoomed in .

She saw that it looked mostly like her old self without a head except the nipples were metallic and there was a metal band around the waist and neck, while the whole crotch area was metal (including the body's bottom).

Then from the floor came another pedestal that revealed the body from the top of the neck was a series os wires. She was picked up by two robot arms and carried over to the neck of the body so the bottom of her head was level with the body'as neck and wires were then connected as her head was snapped and screwed into place.

Some signals came through her port then she found her body moving of its own accord to a table and laid down. The arms then removed the front of her torso below the breasts and the robot arms around her began adding components and making adjustments.

The robot arms then replaced the front of her torso and then she found she could move.

In her vision appeared, "Your designation is LauraX01 Firmware version 1.1. When in stealth mode you will answer to your old designation"

"Understood, Master" she said aloud in a voice similar to her old one.


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