Tales of the Machine - Tale Two

by BethBot

Anna was a healthy young woman in her mid twenties with strawberry blond hair and green eyes.

One day she came home from work to find that her home office now was empty and in its place were now banks of electronics.

"What the?" she said just as she saw her neighbor Laura come in and she realized that Laura looked different; she looked to be wearing metal bands around her neck and waist and her nipples looked coated in metal.

Before Anna could react Laura grasped her tightly and placed a ball gag in her mouth. Then she was tied down to a metal chair and her legs spread.

Then Laura bent down on her knees and began to lick Anna's pussy with her tongue and despite herself Anna got aroused. Once she was wet, Laura grabbed something metallic and shoved it up Anna's pussy into her deep.

Anna tried to cry out in surprise, then began to moan as it twisted within her snaking deeper.

Laura then opened the front of one of the banks of electronics and there was a woman shaped depression inside.

The chair she was on was then wheeled backwards until her now bare back was touching the back of this and then she was quickly hoisted inside it and the cover closed on her .

Anna still felt that metallic cable-thing in her vagina as the machinery around her began to hum and she felt minute pricks all over her body and pleasure from those areas as circuitry was inserted into her body.

Drives were forced into her back and torso as she stood there in orgasmic pleasure at what was being done to her.

A wire suddenly exploded from each nipple and made connections with the surrounding circuitry.

She was now a strange mass of circuitry and flesh.

She was positioned then in a kneeling position with her legs spread with the metal cord between her legs.

Then with a suddenness a huge mass of circuitry engulfed her and when it was over her whole body was covered in circuitry as it was melded into a new shape.

Anna's consciousness began to expand as her body locked in place and melded into the surrounding circuitry becoming the central processor for the computer.

Her consciousness was filled with data and she was now AnnaC01 a central processor unit and supercomputer.


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