Trophy Wife

by Paul G. Jutras

Steve Johnson was the type of man who saw the brass ring and went for it. He was a young 28-year-old already graduated from an ivy league collage and was moving up the New York corporate ladder of success. His cutthroat maneuvers of bugging meetings allowed him to know just what a client wanted and have it ready for the clients when they arrived. If it meant getting a promotion, he'd do it. His plan was to make partner of Mannequin Inc before he was thirty.

When it came to the women, he wasted no time in his masterful act of seduction. He figured he was better in bed than any of the James Bond actors that appeared in the various films. He was the ultimate male as far as he was concerned with his well sculptured body that was flawless.

As Steve adjusted his tie, he walked with confidence through the office, eyeing each of the ladies as he passed on by. "Ah, such fine feminine specimens." He thought as he watched the bounce of their breasts and the wiggle of their rears with each graceful step. He couldn't understand why such fine women weren't cover models or living in the playboy mansion.

As Steve entered his office and went through his mail, he found an invite to the company's black and white ball. It was the social function of Mannequin Inc Enterprises. It was sponsored every year by the chairman of the company chain, and only the selected got invited to attend. Besides the business contacts, what he looked forward to was the way the women would dress up and flirt with him.

Steve knew that if he played his cards right, he could be seeing that partnership chair on the board in no time. It might even give him the chance to sneak into the locked area of the lab and get the evidence he needed to blackmail his way into a director’s chair.

Steve snapped out of his daydream when the president of the company burst into the office. "Steve, my boy." He said as he lit up a cigar. "I see you got your invite. I've been watching you and think you have what it takes to be brought in on the company secrets."

Larry Mars was the current president of the company and answered only to the chairman of the board himself. It was with Larry's help that the chairman had made Mannequin Inc one of the wealthiest companies in the country. The firm built and shipped mannequins to stores all over the world. Larry also made sure that the companies hired only the best looking women.

"Steve right?" Larry said as he took a puff of his cigar.

"Yes sir." Steve replied, mentally picturing himself in a board chair. He may even make president of a corporate branch some day. "It is an honor to be selected to attend your function. I hope that I prove worthy of the faith you put in me."

"We feel that you have the right stuff to make it on my special 'team' and would be a wonderful asset in designing the looks of our new mannequins." Larry said eyeing him intensely. "As you know we are known for not making two mannequins alike. I like your style, my boy, but there is a question of, ah, propriety to consider first."

"What do you mean, sir?"

Larry continued. "The trouble is that all our corporate heads are married; so you will have to tie the knot as well. Rest assured, we have several beautiful women for you to choose from."

"Oh, man." Thought Steve about all the pussy he would be giving up when he'd get married. "The one thing I didn't want for a promotion was to get married."

"Don't fret, boy." replied Larry "When you learn our secrets, you will realize how wonderful being promoted can be. We have developed a way where one’s wives can appear in functions such as the ball, but allows the man to be free otherwise."

"I would be glad to do anything that will benefit my career and the company success." Steve said in a menacing tone with a wicked look in his eyes.

"I’m sure you will…." Larry Mars said with a knowing smile.

Steve reported to work early the next day as asked. He heard whispers going throughout the secretaries pool and among other female employees. It was obvious each wished to be married to a wealthy upwardly-mobile man and retire to a life of being pampered and going to fancy balls.

"I feel like a sultan in a harem." Steve thought as he glanced at their warm, sexy, smiles on his way to his office.

"It's always like this before a social event." Larry said to him as he stepped out of his office on the way to a board meeting. "Especially if it means getting married to one of those attending the party."

Just then, an office mail courier handed Steve a memo giving instructions to go to sub level B after lunch. Also in the envelope was an electronic pass key. "I wonder if this has anything to do with the boss' meeting this morning." He thought as went about his normal business of the day.

Steve had been planning on sneaking into that portion of the factory during the ball. He couldn't believe he was now getting a V.I.P invite inside. It was rumored the whole secret behind the company's success was in that section.

"PLEASE STATE YOUR NAME." An electronic voice spoke as Steve stepped up on a platform before a large metal door.

"Steve Johnson." Steve said as the sound of a cranking chain seemed to come from within the walls. The large door raised itself up into the ceiling. Steve then followed a corridor, where he came across a similar door and another electronic voice.

"PLEASE STAND STILL FOR RETINAL SCAN!" The computer said as Steve made like one of the company’s mannequins as a red beam scanned up and down his body. This door then slid into the wall and revealed another corridor.

This corridor was shorter than the previous one. The door at then end had a lock for him to slid his pass key through. He did so and the red light turned green. The door slid opened and Steve entered a room where Larry and some of the board men stood about, talking among themselves.

Steve notice that they were also joined by a member of the medical staff. One of the secretaries was having her blood pressure checked and her breasts measured. This woman’s name was Katrina and Steve remembered seeing her face from the secretary pool. As far as she knew, she was just having a routine medical check up. If only she had known the truth.

"I think you'll be happy with the wife we've picked out for you." Larry said as he took Steve over to the side. "She was so pleased when I told her that you were looking for a wife to aid the corporate image and that she was the woman for you." He smiled smugly. "It only took her a few seconds to say ‘yes’…"

"You say that I won't have to do this ball and chain thing outside of the office?" Steve questioned Larry about how that was possible. "You picked someone who just wants the glory that comes to being married with a man on the board while we're really living our separate lives?"

"That's why we asked you here this afternoon." Larry said with a devilish smile on his face as the medics brought a table out similar to the one Kat laid on. "When we're done with her, she'll be perfect, and under your control, totally."

"Do not be alarmed." Larry assured Steve as he saw the fear on the man’s face. "We don't plan on hurting you in any way. The solution to your marriage problem is to brainwash Kat, placing her under your complete mind control."

Steve suddenly became very intrigued. A woman under his complete mind control.

"How did you talk her into coming down here?" Steve asked with a smile. "Nobody wants to have their mind ripped away from them."

"We had to convince Kat that we were working on a new form of living mannequin. A mannequin that can be made to move by mind control. Since male and female brainwaves differ, we needed a subject of each sex to test it out."

Sure enough, there was a mannequin figure on a third table that looked surprisingly just like Kat; except maybe even prettier.

"If you agree, we just hook both of you up. Kat will believe that she'll be trying to move the mannequin with her mind. What will actually be happening is that her brain will be conditioned to obey your slightest commands." Larry said as he lead Steve to the table.

"So are you two ready?" Larry asked.

Steve nodded after the helmet was put and looked over to see that Kat had done the same. He couldn't wait to get to the new management position. Being the man he was, he didn't have any bad feelings about what was about to happen to Kat.

Kat focused her mind on the mannequin. Steve just focused his mind on her. She looked so sexy as she sat on the table with a hardened look on her face. As his mind reached into hers, he felt like he could sense the mind in two different locations. Her eyes started to close as if she was falling to sleep. Steve could only sense one mind again.

"She's asleep?" Steve asked confused as the medics quickly undid both helmets. "I guess when she wakes I'll have control of her mind or something?"

"She's already awake." Larry patted him on the shoulder as he helped Steve to his feet. They walked over to the mannequin whose skin looked more real than plastic. Her face remolded itself to a complete copy of Kat's. "Her mind has been transferred into the mannequin and will only move and speak at your command."

Kat stared through her frozen eyes and realized she could not move. She saw Steve and Larry standing in front of her, but could not speak to ask them what was happening. She suddenly felt very aroused as Steve ran her hands over her butt, breasts and smoothed-over sex.

Worst yet, Kat felt a desire for him to touch her. At his command, she looked down at her prefect looking skin. Her senses told her that she was no longer in her own body. When Steve took her over to her own physical body, she confirmed that it was true. She could only watch in horror as her old body was tossed into a large furnace where it was destroyed.

Steve reached up and ran his fingers through her long silky hair and realized that when they weren't together at corporate functions, she would just be another display dummy.  He decided she should find out more about herself first.

Under his control, she examined every inch of her new mannequin body. He long fingers were beautifully manicured and painted. She wanted to scream and scratch Steve's eyes out, but could only do as Steve's mind commanded.  When he didn't command any action, she froze in place as a perfect mannequin figure.

There was no doubt about it anymore. She was under his complete control, and his seat on the board was in the bag. "Oh my God! This will be better than I could ever imagine. Will she remain a mannequin forever?"

"Yes." Larry smiled. "After you retire from the company and no longer have an image to maintain, she will be sold to some store here or overseas."

"Nooooooooooooo!" Kat screamed mentally as Steve made her move her hand down and rub her sexless crotch. "This can't be happening. I can't just be forced to marry this guy and later sold as some store dummy."

As Steve took a seat and mentally controlled Kat's limbs, some members of the board had her measured and dressed in a bridal outfit. After the outfit was fitted, it was removed and Kat was left standing naked in the lab, stiff as a statue, with a support rod up her ass. Even with her eyes open she soon fell asleep.

As she slept, she had the most erotic dream in her life. Steve and her were all over one another in bed like a couple of wild animals. She laid back, spread her legs and allowed him to enter her. As he did, he turned from human to a dildo and completely entered her. As she watched her pussy seal up, she had non stop orgasms the like she never felt before.

She woke to the sight of a visual merchandiser painting her nails and making up her face. She felt pampered as her hair was styled and she was dressed up for the wedding. Under Steve's mind control, she moved gracefully from the store room to a limo. They took off for the church.

Kat stared at nothing as they rode to the church, because he had not commanded her to say or do anything. She moved stiffly down the isle, where she stood before Steve who looked handsome in his tux.

"Do you take this woman as your wife to love till death do you part?" The preacher asked, after reciting the marriage verses.

"I do." Steve replied.

"Do you promise to love, honor and obey this man as long as you shall live?" The preacher asked.

Kat wanted to scream 'NO', but to her horror, Steve made her voice the hushed words 'I DO'.

The two went to the reception, where they danced the night away. Kat soon learned that her mannequin body neither wanted or needed food or drink. She and Steve danced the night away until her feet were aching from the heels. As much as she wanted to, she could not complain.

They went to the hotel room that Mannequin Inc had arranged for them. Steve stripped to his birthday suit and then and Kat do the same. He then picked her up and laid her on the bed, where he spoke the command, open. Kat was surprise to see her pussy open up and Steve played with the edge of her lips with his dick before entering into her. She wanted to moan, but couldn't.

With him controlling her moves, she kissed his lips. She kissed his chest and worked her way down. Steve watched as she disappeared under the covers and then gave him the most intense blow job of his life. As she returned from under the covers, he had a giant smile painted across his face.

"This marriage is going to be good for both of us." Steve said as their bodies rocked on the bed, bringing Kat to an orgasm. Once exhausted, Steve laid on his back and looked at his mannequin trophy wife. Without his commands to guide her, she lay in the bed, frozen, even though her mind was racing with ecstasy and desire. He reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out a large dildo. Once it was inside of her, he issued the command, close. Kat's pussy resealed itself with the dildo trapped inside.

"Enjoy your wedding night, my dear." Steve picked her up and kissed her on her frozen cheek. He then set her down on a display pole before going back to bed. Kat could feel the pole push the dildo deeper inside of her, making her orgasm more intense.

As the weekend passed, people saw them a night clubs, hanging out by the hotel pool and going for walks in the moonlight. Nobody at all realized that poor Kat was a prisoner in her own body. The honeymoon was arranged to last until the day of the ball so Kat wouldn't have to show up at work.

That afternoon Kat spent time with Steve and the store’s virtual merchandiser. She was given a new hairdo prepared in a backward sweep and a pair of long gloves slid as easily up her plastic arms as her nylons did over her plastic legs. The merchandiser pampered her with her make up and dressed her in a backless sleeveless dress with a built in bra that showed off her breasts.

"Do not fret, you will be the belle of the ball." The merchandiser laughed as Kat had to admit she liked the personal attention she was getting in being fixed up. The dildo inside of her gave too much pleasure for her to get angry. She suddenly felt herself start moving towards the entrance. A car horn was heard and Steve escorted his wife to the company limo.

The limo dropped them off in front where they were led inside. Kat had her coat taken, not that she needed it. Her plastic coated skin kept her plenty warm. "This will be the last day of your normal life." Steve whispered to her as they followed the sound of the music. "May I have this dance." He said, knowing he had control of her answer. ‘Of Course,’ she heard herself say. They began to dance cheek to cheek.

Steve's dance was interrupted as Larry came dancing over with his wife. "Excuse me, dear." Larry smiled as he stepped away from her. Instantly, his wife froze up stiffly, her arms still raised in position to grasp her missing partner. She looked like she should be in a display. Larry ignored her while focusing his attention on the newlyweds "Steve, we are so glad you and Kat could join us. I hope you're not feeling too uncomfortable with all this and what we did to Kat." He led Steve and Kat over to a punch bowl.

"Everyone here is in on our ‘little company secret’, so feel free to be yourself. And don't worry, we all know first hand how it feels when first starting out with a mind controlled wife. Please realize that the dildos inside of them are giving them intense pleasure like they never would of experience otherwise." Larry took a sip of punch. "Oh, by the way, we have a window display set up for Kat to be in tomorrow morning when the store opens."

The two returned to their wives and returned to dancing. In reality all the women were being mind controlled by their husbands. To anyone happening by it was just an ordinary company dance with regular husbands and wives.

Steve felt more superior than ever before. He felt strong and confident that anything was within his grasp. He just thought of what he wanted Kat to do and she'd do it. Didn't matter if she wanted to do it or not. Looking at the six inch heels Kat had on, Steve did feel some sorrow for her fate. Taking her to the side of the hall, he allowed her to remove the shoes and dance in her stocking feet. After all, she'd be standing in those heels for quite some time after the dance was over.

The evening went by without Steve giving Kat's transformation a second thought. Steve always liked feeling in control of a situation and he waited until the dance was over before having Kat retrieve her shoes. Her dainty painted finger nails locking the straps in place about her ankles. Some of the husbands had some concern about the kindness he showed Kat, but tried not to make it known.

"Steve, how did the ball go?" Larry asked in a quizzical tone.

"Just fine, sir." Steve said as he noticed Larry's wife leaning rigidly against a computer desk as a display mannequin. He took Kat to the window and had her step up into the display. The visual merchandiser lifted her up into position and had a rod slid up her butt. Her face and body froze into the pose she would keep.

"She is now in place." Larry said with a smile on his face. "You'll make senior partner in no time, my young executive. Now, before the store opens for business we have to get to your first board meeting. You are now free to date whoever you like without having to worry about your wife asking for a divorce."

"You should also know that we took notice of your pity back at the ball when you allowed Kat to remove her shoes." Larry continued. "We gave her those shoes to wear at the ball so that she could get used to standing in them for the next month. Do not feel sorry for her again, else we may start worrying that the mind control has effected you too. If there is anything more, if we think you'll double cross us at any time, we can transfer you body to a mannequin, too. Since we don't need male mannequins, your soul would be transformed into a bra or pantyhose form." Larry smiled as if talking about the weather, then walked away. "Have a nice day!" He called back cheerfully.

The dildo inside of Kat continued to bring her pleasure as she stood poised in a very sexy pose while watching customers enter and leave the store. The dildo itself caused her to black out several time before the end of the day came.

For the next two weeks Kat didn't have any physical contact with anyone except the store's night cleaning staff, who'd dust her off. That in itself brought her to the point of arousal. After that, the visual merchandiser stripped her out of her ball gown and took it to the store room. Being a mannequin on display was one thing, but a being a naked mannequin clad in only a pair of pantyhose was too much. She was relieved when the merchandiser returned with a pair of shorts and a bare midriff tank top for her to wear.

As the months went on, Kat found herself modeling many outfits in the window, including swimwear and lingerie. Although she'd missed seeing people outside going about their business, she was glad when she was moved to a regular display inside the store. It made her feel better that the whole world couldn't be looking on at her naked body. Even if she was only a mannequin. It also made her feel better when she saw the familiar faces of some of the other transformed wives she had met at the ball.

When the next year’s ball came around everyone looked fabulous. Steve was so busy getting ahead in business, he hadn't given her much thought. All the men were in high spirits and expressed those thoughts upon their wives. Only they knew how they were really feeling inside.

Steve notice that Kat were in a similar pair of heels as the previous year. He remembered how he took pity on Kat and the reaction the other men gave him after the ball. John kind of felt sorry for Kat and wanted to help her, but knew anything he tried would be looked upon as a double cross by his peers. Every male employee was keeping an eye on his actions closely at this ball.

At the end of the ball, the mannequin women were frozen, posed, and returned to their display areas as the men retired for drinks and to smoke while going over their business plans.

"Glad to see you've fully come around to our way of thinking." Larry said as he puffed on a cigar. "You've shown fine business sense and worked hard. Maybe when the next branch is opened, you'll be looking at a presidential seat."

Steve knew if his true feelings for Kat were known that he'd be saying good bye to his current body and would spend the rest of his life as a whole or part mannequin. So he chose to hide his true emotions and carry on business as usual for now. Kat may of found his soft spot, but he couldn't let it be exposed for others to use in the cutthroat world of big business.

Except for Larry, Steve was the last to leave the party. As he passed the front window and saw Kat standing stiffly on display, he put his hand to the glass and a tear ran down his face. "If I could help you, I would." He whispered and blew her a kiss. As he turned and walked off, he didn't notice Larry starring down to the street from his office window.



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