The Dream Machine Part 2: Dollsbody

by Mechana (

WARNING OF POSSIBLE OFFENSIVE MATERIAL. The following story is adult in nature and deals somewhat graphically with actions and ideas that may cause offense. If you are underage, or find such matters distasteful, PLEASE STOP HERE.

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Ring! Ring! <click>........ Beep!

Alison stopped reading and listened to the call screener as the message came through. "Hi Scott, this is Melinda. Long time no hear, little brother! Listen, I'm coming into Sydney tonight and I have some news for you! If you can tear yourself away from your work for a few minutes, give me a call."

Melinda! If she was coming to visit, then... Alison brightened, then sank back and sighed. No, of course she wouldn't see her.

Ever since her accident, her "death" and transformation into a robot, Alison and Scott had decided to keep her existence a secret. It had been relatively easy; Alison had no remaining family and Scott's family all lived in Perth. And with his workaholic tendencies, he was always too busy to have friends over anyway. In fact, he used it as an excuse - "throwing himself into his work" - to explain his silence over his wife's "death" over two years ago.

Alison put her book down. As a machine, she could easily plug into the wired versions of anything she wanted to read. Yet somehow having a book in her hands felt more satisfying. It reminded her that she was still human inside, more than just a computer in a robot body carrying out programmed instructions. The feel of the pages between her (perfect) fingers brought her down to earth, the paper reminding her that she was still in touch with the organic world. At least until she realised that she had forgotten about her power supply. Then she would freeze up before she could make it to the winding station.

Well, Scott would not find her frozen on the sofa tonight. If Melinda was going to visit, Alison would need to spend a couple of hours making the house look like Scott lived alone again. She wondered what the news was. Family problems? No, she sounded happier than that. Marriage? It wasn't all that unusual in this day and age. Alison never had a chance to meet Emily, but Melinda and Emily had been together for three years now.

Actually, Alison liked Melinda a lot, and began wondering if it was really better that her mechanical existence be kept secret. Why not tell Melinda? It might take her a while to get used to it, but it wasn't like they were strangers. A wind-up Alison was still Alison, and they *had* known each other, even if it was just for holiday visits. It would be nice to be able to pick up where they had left off.

When Scott came home, he knew something was up. "Allie?" he called. Sometimes she was deactivated, of course. But judging by the new spartan look of the lounge room, he figured she was busy doing something unusual.

She appeared in the doorway, holding the key to the hidden room at the back of the apartment. She looked quite fetching, even in a T-shirt and jeans. Her long, flowing auburn hair tied back in a ponytail, her sapphire blue eyes glowing ever so faintly. Ah, his beloved wife, so versatile in her alluring ways.

"Quit ogling me and help me move my pedestal into the back room." She had a strange way of knowing whenever he was admiring her. "Melinda's in town. She has some news of some sort."

"Melinda? Why didn't she call sooner? I would have taken time off." He paused, thinking of the implications of Melinda's visit.

"She arrives tonight. You can take tomorrow off. Are you going to help me or do I have to use my feminine-mechanical wiles to get you to offer some assistance?" She twitched her head jerkily, and blinked twice with an audible fluttering sound.

"Ah, Alison, you are the light of my life. You're lucky I wind you up at all," he joked. He kissed her briefly, and together they finished moving her things.


Scott was surprised. "Lingerie? Why lingerie? And retail?" Melinda was good at running businesses, but it was a far cry from the wholesale tile and pottery trade.

Melinda took another sip of her coffee. "It was Emily's idea. She has a bit of experience in the industry and it's something she's always wanted to do. When her uncle offered a retail lease that was too good to pass up, what choice did we have? I needed an excuse to leave Perth anyway." Her laughing brown eyes and smile almost said what Scott was thinking: their parents could be hard to live near.

But having Melinda living nearby might prove problematic, unless... Alison *had* suggested maybe telling her, but...

"It's too bad Alison isn't still with us. She would have enjoyed being a part of this, I think. She even could have modeled in the store." Melinda looked into Scott's eyes but could not read them.

Well, it was going to be easier to tell her. Melinda and Emily had already lined up a place to live and were ready to ship their things. Scott's sister was moving to Sydney. And Scott had to admit, she was good company now that they were both grown up.

It would just be too hard to hide Alison every time she dropped by. Besides, Alison and Melinda had always gotten along great.

He was silent for a while. Then quietly, "Melinda, there's something I should tell you. It's... it's kind of a big thing."

"What is it?" Pause. "What, have you found someone new? It's been more than two years, you know. If you feel ready, then I don't see why -"

"That's not it. It's about Alison. Er, it *is* Alison, actually."

"Scott, what are you talking about?"

"If I try to explain it first, it'll just come out sounding like I'm crazy. I guess I'll just have to show you."

"Show me what?" Melinda had that look which said she knew when to take Scott's unorthodox ideas seriously.

"Wait here." He disappeared through the hallway door to the back of the apartment.

The back room. Alison's belongings hastily stacked in the corner, and Alison herself standing rather sedately on her pedestal. Deactivated, still wearing her T-shirt and jeans. At least she wasn't dressed in her lingerie! The light in her eyes was missing; she had gone completely to sleep. Scott grabbed her small wind-up key and reached under her shirt to find the slot in her back. A full winding, a click, and she was alive.

"How do you think she'll take it?" Alison took her husband's hand and held it close. She was happy that he agreed with her wish to tell Melinda, but it was still scary. "What do I say? God, I'm nervous! This is weird, really weird. Honey, I already know her, why am I so nervous?" Alison was quivering, her mechanical body emitting a slight humming sound.

Scott held his wife and kissed her gently. "I'm nervous too, honey. But you suggested this, and I think you're right. So let's go do it. She's waiting, and probably getting worried."

Melinda's face was one of utter astonishment when Alison walked into the lounge room. "Is that... are... is it really you? Scott, is this Alison? This can't be Alison..."

Scott sat down next to his sister and looked at her directly. "Mel, you have to give me the benefit of the doubt here and listen to my whole explanation. You're going to think I'm crazy at first but give me a chance."

Melinda looked at Scott, then looked at Alison, who had sort of a worried smile on her face. "It's me," said Alison. "Listen to him, and trust him."

"Okay, I'm listening." Melinda knew her brother could be loony, but she also knew he was brilliant. She had grown up following a basic rule: Never discount his ideas.

"After Allie had her accident," Scott began, "I had one of my infamous dreams. Only this one was unbelievably important. After I realised what it meant, I knew that Allie didn't have to spend the rest of her life paralysed in bed. And I offered her, offered us, a chance which both of us are very, very glad we took."

Scott watched his sister. She was staring at Alison, like she was trying to look through her, to see if she was intangible or not. He continued. "Alison's body, her flesh and blood existence, died some two years ago. Her mind, her spirit, her feelings, they all live on, somehow, in the body you see here. She's a robot, a machine. But it's *her*. It's Alison..."


"My brother, the crackpot with the wind-up wife." Melinda laughed. "I should have known, eh?" She took at large mouthful of orange juice.

Alison looked out the window at Scott's hovercar disappearing down the road into the morning light. "You think that's bad, what about me? I *am* the wind-up wife." She paused. "Mel, are you sure you don't have problems with this?"

Melinda looked at her glass thoughtfully. "I can't pretend that it doesn't matter to me. You're a machine. I can't get that out of my head. My little brother built himself a machine to replace his dead wife. But I also know that's not really true. If you *aren't* really Alison, then you're so amazingly close that it doesn't matter. You're the same person I remember. So you have mechanical limits. We all do. I mean, that key in your back could be a dialysis pump. What difference should it make?"

"It doesn't matter what difference it *should* make. What matters is the difference it *does* make, to you." Alison's gaze was steady.

"The way you say that, makes me understand that somehow you are really Alison. Or that it doesn't matter, or whatever. Oh, I don't know. This is too hard."

"Take your time, please. Scott and I aren't in any hurry."

"I can see why you kept it a secret. I'm not sure Mum and Dad would understand at all."

"I know. But Mel - I don't know if this is fair to say - I've always wanted to tell you. My old friends, they all disappeared after the accident. Without Scott, I'm not sure I would have found the strength to fight for life."

She paused slightly. "You know, without someone to share my thoughts and feelings with, I *would* be just a machine, even if it wasn't in the literal sense. The fact that Scott was here to give me this wind-up body did more for my spirit than anything I could have asked for before the accident. I love being mechanical, because I am constantly reminded of how much he loves me. My wind-up key has set me free in more ways than one."

Alison looked at Melinda, who was amazed at the sense of warmth and feeling coming from this robotic woman. Alison blinked slowly, her long eyelashes making a slight fluttering sound. "Mel, I'm glad you're moving to Sydney."

Melinda smiled at her mechanical sister-in-law. "You know what? I'm glad too."


Having Melinda around made a huge difference in Alison's life. Though she was busy helping her partner Emily set up the shop, Melinda phoned often. Alison still needed the call screener but for the first time she could answer the phone when someone other than Scott called.

Occasionally they went out to lunch, sometimes with Scott, sometimes just the two of them. Melinda became quite adept at winding Alison up discreetly when they were in public. Of course Alison didn't need to eat, but she could put away a small salad realistically enough and dispose of it later.

In a very short time they became quite close friends. Alison sometimes wondered if Scott was okay with her newfound friendship with his sister, but he seemed genuinely pleased to see her spirits lifted by the company and stimulation. In fact, she was more expressive than she had ever been since the transformation, more playful and loving (and exciting).

"Allie, I want to introduce you to Emily." They were sitting by the water watching the ferries pass under the Harbour Bridge. "She keeps joking that I've been secretly meeting another girlfriend, or even a boyfriend, because I haven't been able to tell her who I go to lunch with." Melinda squinted in the sunlight, the breeze playing with her soft brown hair. "She's not the jealous type but I really ought to let her know who I've been hanging around with."

Alison closed her eyes and let the sun play on her face. Only fifteen minutes a day, Scott said. Any more and her synthetic skin would weather prematurely. Five minutes left, and then back into the shade of the Circular Quay arcade and the tall city buildings. "But Emily knows that Scott lost his wife?" Alison opened her eyes, sparkling sapphires in the sunlight.

"Of course we'll have to talk to Scott about it. But I think you'd like her, and I'm tired of being hush-hush about our friendship. Emily can definitely keep a secret. Besides, I have an idea you might like. I know you've always wanted to model again."

Alison liked the sound of that.


"That's so cool! I can't believe it! Show me!" Emily was, as Melinda had predicted, more curious than shocked. Scott was the difficult one. It had taken some coercing to get him to agree, but in the end his desire to see Alison happy won out. Hell, they'd been through a lot together. Whatever happened, happened.

"Try not to get too carried away, okay? It's still a secret. We don't want anyone else to know yet." Melinda tried to calm her lover.

Alison could see why Emily wanted Melinda's help to run the business. Emily certainly had the personality to draw customers and make sales, but she would be hopeless at the more mundane, organisational aspects of the trade - things that Melinda excelled at. But Emily was great fun to be around already.

"Well, I still want to see something." Emily was holding Alison's small wind-up key, tracing her fingers around its edges. "Can't you open your arm up or something?"

"We'll do better than that," Scott said, and Alison smiled. He reached under her flowing auburn hair and as a bright, faraway look came into her eyes, he deactivated her.

Alison was sitting at the kitchen table, her legs crossed and her hands in her lap. Emily was fascinated. "She's been turned off?"

"Not totally. See the light in her eyes? Her senses are still functioning, so she can see and hear us."

Emily reached out and gently touched Alison's arm. "Wow, she feels so real." She tried to take Alison's hand but the robot's arm was locked in place. "She's frozen!"

Scott smiled. "Pick her up, if you can, and move her to another chair."

Alison had been constructed using some highly advanced materials and weighed slightly less than a real human of her size, but Emily was small and struggled a bit. With Scott helping and Melinda looking on amusedly, they moved Alison to the next seat.

Apart from a few locks of hair shifting around her shoulders, not even an eyelash was out of place.

"Unbelievable... she's like a mannequin! Does she mind this?" Emily looked directly into those glassy sapphire blue eyes.

"Actually, she rather likes it..." Scott betrayed only the slightest hint of playfulness.

"Really?" Emily's eyes grew even wider than they had been. "Do you think she'd want to model in the shop?"

Melinda already had an idea what the answer would be, but she put her hand on Emily's shoulder. "Come on now Em, you just met her. She can't even speak for herself right now. Get to know her first. We can always talk about the shop later."

Inside her frozen form, though, Alison had already decided that she liked Emily. And that she couldn't wait to start "working" in the shop.


Scott looked at his wife lying next to him. She was frozen, as she often was for lovemaking, and a bit disheveled from their session. He let his eyes caress her beautiful shape. He was amazed at how fresh, silken and smooth she remained no matter how vigorously they made love. Her sapphire eyes glowed faintly, the bedroom candlelight reflecting and adding a new dimension to their depth. A sweet perfume emanated from the rose petals scattered over the bed, some still nestled in her hair and in the curves of her body.

He ran his hand gently down her cheek, and brushed the hair from her face with his fingers. "Honey, I'm sorry Emily was so forward today. Mel did warn us though. I kind of liked her anyway. I think she's good for Melinda." He let his hand wander down past her chin, the side of her neck, lingering on her shoulder. Leaning over to kiss her frozen, dispassionate lips, he reached back behind her neck and turned her on.

Alison came to life and let out a long, very sexy sigh as the orgasm function dissipated. She had a new routine programmed that allowed her body to store and reprocess her sexual "state", integrating it in random ways during an entire session, or even a whole night. When she was deactivated, this effectively allowed her to maintain an ever-changing, fluid state of orgasm until she was turned on again.

She turned and smiled weakly at her husband. "Wow. My new orgasm routine is really addictive. I think you're going to have to program some more self-restraint into me..."

She was adorable. He gently blew a rose petal from her cheek, and kissed her again. This time her lips were warm and inviting. "I love you exactly the way you are. My doll."

She laughed. "Well, I am your doll, aren't I. Your wind-up mechanical wife. I don't suppose you'd want to put me on public display?"

Scott buried his face in her sweet cascade of auburn locks. "I had a feeling you liked the idea."

"I would *love* to model in the shop for Mel and Emily."

"I thought you might. But I didn't want to get their hopes up too high yet."

"Can't be any higher than mine! God, can you imagine me in a store window? It would be fantastic! I've been longing for something like this ever since I became a doll..." She trailed off and sighed dreamily.

Scott seized the moment and deactivated her at the moment he knew she would be thinking beautiful thoughts.


As she felt his hand on her switch, Alison took a mental image of herself frozen in a store window, dressed in her prettiest lingerie - an airy, flowing white gown with a long slit up the front left leg, a tight fitting, lacy top, low cut open back, lace topped hose and garters, 5" high heeled pumps, and long, frilly lace open-hand gloves. She was posed seductively, but demurely: standing slightly sideways, one leg out a bit, hips back, torso turned to the street, hands and arms gracefully curved, her head slightly down and her eyes looking coyly up.

The window was trimmed with lace and roses, so pretty, so delicate and feminine. It was how she always fantasised the world could see her, in her own display window, the beautiful model trapped in her own radiance...

She could take this image and as her body was deactivated, she was able to run a program, kind of like a waking dream, which "fooled" her processor into thinking she was actually in the image. Then, when Scott began fondling her, she would experience it as if she were the mannequin in the window...

She couldn't imagine a better place. She was posed in the storefront, totally frozen, surrounded by delicate trimmings and soft perfume, and her loving husband was attending to her every fantasy. The passersby would stop and point, mouths agape, but he wouldn't care, and she loved him even more. He was so tender, so gentle, his hands on her frozen body were like cool rain in the desert, so aroused was she. A passionate well of sensual energy was filling her immobile, lifeless body in a paradox of experience that transcended the realm of ordinary pleasure. And she knew that Scott could feel it too - his hands simultaneously burned and cooled the surface of her skin, and she knew he was caught hopelessly in her spell.

She couldn't move, couldn't move... frozen, lifeless, yet full of passion, of energy, she could feel herself glowing, sparks of cold-hot and hot-cold flame glowing between her body and her husband's hands as he explored every inch of her, gently feeling her sensuous curves under the lacy, feminine lingerie...

Her shoulders, so smooth and round. Her breasts, so full, firm, gently stretching the lace of her gown where it hugged her. Her arms, so long and slender, the tips of her fingers, so immaculately formed, her nails polished and perfect. Her hips, curves so exquisite in counterpoint to the slimness of her waist. Her legs, those dreamy legs, well... they were slender, shapely pillars, caressed by the folds of her delicate, revealing gown, curves flowing effortlessly into her striking high heels...

Pieces of a female form, she was. A mannequin, every bit an element of desire. And he desired, and he was taking her, having her, in a way that only happened in the deepest pools of fantasy...

His hands seemed to burn away her garments as they very nearly, but not actually, brought her body to life. She was still frozen, now totally exposed to him, charged with a burning passion unknown to the world outside. As he looked deeply into her beautiful eyes, she saw reflections of her desire mingling with his, and they were both possessed.

This had to go on forever. It was building inexorably, and she would keep him enchanted, so that he was unable to release until she wanted it. And she wanted! but slowly, slowly, patience, waiting so tenderly, so gently as he lovingly stoked the fires inside of her, inside of both of them. Her frozen mannequin body and his spellbound hands, literally making her into a love object as he endlessly caressed her form. Forever, this could last forever, it was so heavenly.

Finally she decided that forever had happened, and that their passion had passed the point where time and reason ended. She was glowing more brightly than any woman, any mannequin, could possibly endure; he was on fire and risked being consumed in his own caged desire. She felt a surge as he entered her, somehow, and her own desire slammed into the wall of her immobility with such force that she nearly passed out. Oh, this is what it means to be frozen, at the limit of experience itself, I can't move and I am heading for passionate oblivion...

The surge grew. And grew. All the while straining at the limits of her frozen body, she was in danger but what was danger, it was beyond words, how do you describe... oh! OHHHHHHH!!!!

As they came together, his body flared unstoppably inside of her. And her body, straining at its frozen limits, shattered into a thousand pieces.


"Hey dollsbody, time to change your outfit." Emily detached Alison's support stand, shifted her rigid body onto the hand cart and wheeled her out of the front window.

Alison had been thinking about that dream again. Scott had reassured her that her programming was safe, but it still scared her. She hadn't used the routine again, even though he had checked over it three times.

It didn't stop her from accepting Emily and Melinda's offer, though. She still had her desires, and wasn't going to repress them. Being a mannequin in the more mundane real world was still a wonderful experience, and she was happy to be able to help her friends (and help she did - since she started posing in the window alongside her ordinary plastic colleagues, sales had gone through the roof).

As she came to life, she laughed. "Did you see that guy across the way, watching me for the last hour? Poor thing. Longing after a mannequin. Too bad society isn't more open and accepting of unusual fetishes."

Emily smiled. They all knew by now that Alison was usually frozen during lovemaking. Melinda and Emily actually found it rather intriguing, and had started engaging some fantasies of their own.

She held up Alison's wind-up key. "If only he knew that the mannequin came to life!"

"I think he suspects something about me, because he's been around before. You know I change my poses every day, and I'm sure he wonders about that. Also, I don't have any visible seams. None of the other girls in the window are like me."

"So you're a newfangled, ultra-realistic, poseable mannequin. What's wrong with that?"

Alison chewed her bottom lip thoughtfully. "It's not mannequin-like enough." She began to see her dream in a different light.

Emily handed her a new outfit. "Well, maybe Scott can give you separation points. Then I could dress you right in the window, and that poor boy can see that you're just an ordinary mannequin after all."

Alison smiled. "Exactly!" And something more, she thought. She hit the intercom for the front register. "Mel, when did Scott say he was picking me up today?"

Melinda's voice came back. "Six thirty."

Damn. Three more hours until she could ask him.


"That's going to be awfully challenging. Your body's pretty complex as it is." Scott didn't seem enthusiastic, but the fact that he hadn't said no told her that he thought it might be possible.

Alison practised her mannequin poses. "Well, would you *like* me to have a body like that?" If he could do it, then all she needed was to persuade him. Which might not be difficult.

He grinned. "Tell me again why you want to be hard plastic with removable joints?"

"Only sometimes." She turned gracefully around, and in one smooth movement she locked her joints in a sexy pose and fell backwards against Scott, leaving him no choice but to catch her rigid form in his arms. Not deactivated, she still spoke. "Because I'd like it, and I think you might like it. Can you do it?"

He leaned over her and kissed her, watching the light sparkle in her eyes. "Now why does the idea intrigue me so much?"


It took six months of research and development to perfect the materials and another two months to redesign her joints to be quickly detachable. Her entire touch sensory system had to be redeveloped for both the dual skin modes and communication across a separated joint area. Each detachable part of her body now had to have a small battery powering the sensors and transmitters. It was a headache and at least as difficult as her original development, but Scott made a living by pushing technical boundaries. Besides, he would do anything for his wife.

She was completely offline for a week while the "operation" was performed. During that short time, they all missed her presence. The body lying on the workbench seemed somehow remote, dreamlike, as if her personality had wandered off while she waited for the procedure to be completed.

Scott came into the lab late at night and sat next to her, double checking his work, trying to quell his anticipation by methodically following the steps he had laid out. The lingerie shop seemed quieter, and the front window was certainly less striking. Business wasn't bad but Melinda noticed just how much Alison had done for them. The young observer from the street had gathered up the courage to venture silently inside, furtively checking to see if maybe his favourite mannequin had moved to another display. He turned bright red when Emily smiled at him and said that his doll would be back soon.

And soon really was too far away, but finally Alison was ready to be activated again. They all gathered in the lab, nervous and quietly excited. Their doll was returning, and now she was going to be more of a doll than ever.

Scott had dressed Alison for the occasion in a frilly red two-piece bra and panty set, the lingerie being her only garments save for matching high heels. It wasn't her favourite style, because it lacked the flowing, curve-highlighting folds that her gowns and skirts usually featured. However, the two-piece would make it easy to test her body's new functions. Her body was, upon first inspection, indistinguishable from the way it was before the procedure. But this was because Scott had set her to 'normal' mode initially, to make the first test more dramatic.

He placed her frozen body upright and switched on her main processor, watching for the light in her eyes. He didn't actually have to activate her first, but knew she would want to be awake at least once before the first time. He grabbed her large wind-up key and inserted it in her back, giving it three quick turns. He stood back for a few seconds, admiring her radiant, frozen beauty, then kissed her and pressed her activation button.

"Have you tested me yet?" She was excited, even though she had been offline and thus spared the experience of the previous week's waiting.

Scott took her hand. "No. Only the individual parts, before I completed the final transfers. I wanted you to be awake before the first time."

She looked at Melinda and Emily, and then looked at the lingerie she was wearing. "I see you've thought of everything," she smiled.

"Ready?" Scott ran his fingers through her lustrous hair and paused at the back of her neck. "Wanna strike a pose?"

"Of course!" She quickly assumed an elegant stance, somewhat formal yet subtly seductive - legs slightly spread, arms caught in mid-swing, head turned down and back, as if beckoning a lover to follow her into her frozen paradise. Dressed as she was in only a skimpy two-piece set and heels, it was a bit much to pull off without the benefit of a flowing gown, but Alison of all models could definitely make it work. That was what made her so special as a mannequin - she could make nearly anything fit the mood.

As Scott switched her off, he felt her tremble with anticipation before she went quietly rigid. This was going to be fantastic.

She was stunning. Her lips had parted slightly and she had a lusty, faraway look in her eyes. Scott's mechanical wife, Melinda's wind-up sister-in-law, Emily's mannequin doll model, she entranced them all simply with her presence and her frozen sensuality. Even when deactivated like this, her playfulness and exuberance were easily felt.

"Okay, here we go." Scott's voice was just a whisper. He looked deeply into her lighted sapphire eyes. If this worked, she would be transformed right in front of them. He pressed a new button behind her neck and stood back.

The first thing to happen was a subtle shimmer of the light on her skin as it began its changes. Then, seemingly, she visibly hardened as the surface of her body became as stiff as the rest of her. Her skin became shinier, almost satiny, as it turned into luxurious, smooth and totally rigid plastic. Where she had the appearance before of being finely cared for, silky soft perfection, she appeared now as an exquisite sculpture, frozen for the ages in delicate, still life femininity.

And the transformation wasn't complete yet. The light in her eyes dwindled to the merest hint as they became glassier still. They were ever so beautiful, yes, but no-one gazing into them would ever suspect that she could still see out. Her tender, perfectly formed lips were no longer yielding, as if the softness inside had become imprisoned, never to be sweetly tasted again.

Still she was not fully changed. As her body's surface completely hardened, curious sounds could be heard from various points on her form, as if pieces of smooth metal were sliding against each other. Slowly, thin, dark rings began to appear at her shoulders, her wrists, her waist, her ankles, her upper thighs... even her neck. Her lover and two friends watched, fascinated, as the separation lines started deep and slowly cut through her surface around their given points of detachment.

With a final, audible click, she was a mannequin.

Scott removed her wind-up key; a small shutter closed over the keyhole. It was not possible to wind her up like this. He took her in his arms. His lovely wife, now the ultimate frozen doll. She didn't even seem remotely alive on the surface now. Still, he knew that she was there with him, somewhere, trapped inside her frozen world, and most assuredly enjoying every moment of it.

He picked her up and turned her this way and that, taking in the feel of her plastic body and how different it felt from the 'soft' rigidity he had come to know and very much love. She still weighed the same, but this was expected. It wasn't possible to make the motors and gears disappear from inside her body.

Quietly, he kissed her frozen mouth and whispered, "I love you."

Then he turned to his sister and her partner. "Well? Here she is. Alison, the mannequin, in the flesh." He rapped his knuckles lightly on her breast. "In the plastic, I mean. What do you think?"

Emily spoke first. "I'm speechless. I saw it, I knew you could do it, but I can't believe it. She's so perfect. She's a mannequin!"

Melinda reached out and ran her hand gingerly along Alison's arm. "Amazing... she's more beautiful than I ever would have guessed."

Scott took a deep breath. "Okay, now we find out what the doll is made of, and she finds out how it really feels..." And with that, he began disassembling his wife.

Click. Click. Her arms, then her legs, then her waist... piece by piece, Alison became a collection of beautiful, feminine parts. Her mannequin joints were simple plug-and-socket connections, the complexity of her mechanical design ingeniously hidden by the transformation. No loose wires were visible; there were only the simple connectors and blank covers where the faces of her joints met. Click. Click. She was truly a model, in the physical sense of the word.

Now she lay in pieces, arranged on the workbench. Scott knew she could feel everything he had done to her and knew that she would be overwhelmed with delightful new sensations. Melinda and Emily just stood there speechless as they watched their friend being dismantled like... well, like a mannequin. Finally Melinda approached the workbench and gently took one of Alison's hands in her own.

"She can still feel this?" she asked, gingerly caressing the smooth plastic surface, tracing up and down the exquisitely sculpted fingers.

"Yes. All of her senses are still operating, and all of her parts are connected in a radio network." Scott ran his own fingers back and forth around his wife's frozen waist.

"It's so weird seeing her like this... I don't know whether to think it's morbid or not. You have to wonder, you know?" Melinda placed the hand back on the table and shivered.

Emily picked up a shapely leg and matching high heeled foot. Click. Reassembly was simple. "I don't know... it's not like it hurts her. She wanted to be a mannequin. Sure it's weird, but how much weirder than having a wind-up key bring you to life? I think we should put her back together and ask her how it feels."

Scott picked up his wife's head and studied her frozen expression. She could not be brought to life before being reassembled; the buttons in her neck were disabled now. "Yes. I think we should do that now." He thought he saw a glint in her eyes.


"Hey dollsbody, time to change your outfit." Emily opened the access door to the window display and entered.

Alison had been waiting for this all morning. Her first day in the window as a bona fide mannequin. And now she was going to be dressed right here in plain view! She felt her frozen body tingle with anticipation. She couldn’t wait to be handled.

Emily had brought the works - a new, sexy red two-piece satin number, a lacy, transparent robe, new stockings, garter belt, and high heels.

"Okay doll, I hope you're going to enjoy this as much as I will." Emily hugged Alison and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, paying no attention to the people walking by. The frozen girl would have blushed if she could have.

Taking Alison's left arm gently in her grasp, Emily gave it a steady twist. Click. Alison swooned inside her immobile form as a surge of electric pleasure cascaded outwards from her shoulder joint, the sharp shock of its separation resonating throughout her entire body.

It was sheer delight to feel Emily caressing her arm as she laid it next to her display base. Oh, this body was fantastic...

Click. Her right arm removed, and more sweet, sharp sensations tantalised her frozen existence. Emily was so tender, much more so than she was with the ordinary mannequins. Alison knew that her friend wanted her to enjoy this. She felt her processors reaching peak levels when she imagined what it was going to be like with Scott tonight...

Armless now, Alison was relieved of her upper garment. She didn't really need to have her arms removed for this, since the brassiere released at the back. But she was glad Emily had done it.

Next, Emily grasped her from behind, and hugging Alison's stiff, hard torso, she separated the doll at the waist. As she did so, Emily whispered in Alison's ear, "I know you're enjoying this, you beautiful doll. I'm only going to take you so far today - you can spend the rest of your day spinning inside your frozen world, and tonight Scott will take you to that very special place of total release." She giggled. "You lucky doll..."

She laid Alison's nude, armless upper body on its back, Alison's flowing auburn hair fanning out on the floor behind her. Staring unblinkingly at the ceiling, Alison could see her hips and legs in the corner of her eye. They were still affixed to her display stand, and wearing a G-string and high heels.

Click. She could feel her lower body being removed from its support stand. Click. Click. Her long, shapely legs were removed one at a time, each one a source of intense sensual delight as it separated so cleanly at the upper thigh. Emily gently caressed each leg as she laid them side by side, her delicate hands sliding all the way down to the ankles before she removed each high-heeled shoe. As her hands passed over Alison's ankle sockets, Alison felt a twinge of shock as the separation lines focused Emily's sensual touch.

Her G-string was removed easily, with no legs to get in the way now. Emily was not suprised by what she saw underneath. Unlike an ordinary mannequin, Alison was not totally smooth and featureless in her private area. Scott had constructed her and engineered her mannequin transformation to allow her (and him!) all the pleasures she could experience as a living, wind-up mechanical doll.

Emily did not proceed further, though she was tempted. Alison was a friend, and the wife of Emily's own lover's brother. She knew Alison would be wanting it, in her current frozen, dismantled state, but wisely chose not to cross that line. Scott would be here soon enough to take his living doll home and give her all the pleasure she desired.

Sighing dreamily, Emily began to dress her mannequin friend. First the stockings, sliding slowly, silky soft, up the sensuous curves of her legs. Then her hips, and her private nether regions, so warm and inviting as she felt her new panties stretching over her, rubbing ever so gently against her. Click. Click. Her lower body assembled now, her rigid feet being squeezed into the new heels, the sexy shoes perfectly matching the frozen curves of her arches and toes.

Alison was in Heaven. The touch, the feel of gentle hands on her plastic skin, the shimmering softness of the lingerie on her hard, rigid body, she wanted this to last forever. She was totally at the mercy of her friend, and was being treated so lovingly, so gently, she was a living doll, a mannequin dream...

Piece by piece, she was reassembled. Each connection added another wave of desire as she felt her body coming together, her joints burning as the sockets found their mates and slid home. Click. Her legs were fixed to her display stand. Click. Her torso was reattached to her waist, and she could see the people watching from the street as she faced the window again. If only they knew what storms of desire were brewing inside her frozen body!

Emily was blushing a little bit, having been so entranced by her delightful work that she only now realised she had drawn an audience. It was clear, however, that none of the observers found it the least bit disturbing. On the contrary, they stood there gazing at Alison, visibly longing for her beauty, her presence, for something they could take away with them. Several of the women wandered into the shop in a trance, a few dragging their not unwilling male companions with them.

Returning her focus to Alison, Emily completed dressing her. A new bra to adorn her perfect, frozen breasts, a garter belt to fix her stockings in place, those delightful straps spanning the joints on her thighs. Then her arms re-attached and that transparent robe with its flowing folds, tied in at the waist with a thin satin band.

Alison was stunning. A plastic doll, feminine still life, pieces of a girl held together by her own frozen beauty, adorned in sensuous satin and lace, on display for the entire world to admire.

Inside her frozen world, Alison was absolutely sparkling in delight, desire, trapped in her frozen body and unable to tremble, to shudder, as the endless waves of anticipation coursed through her systems. She was a doll. She was a doll. She was a doll! And she couldn't wait until her husband came to take her, and she would show him everything a doll could do...


"My, my... I am weak in the knees...!" Scott literally had to sit down when he saw Alison in her display window. His wife had never before looked so beautiful, so radiant. She was too good to be true.

"She's been like this all day?" He couldn't take his eyes off her.

"Since around eleven. Emily put on quite a show when she dressed her." Melinda came outside to join them, having finished counting the day's business. "We did three times as much business today as we used to do when she posed for us. That wife of yours is something absolutely magic."

Scott was still swooning. "Mel, why don't you drive the man and his doll home, so she can work her magic on him in private?" Emily patted Scott on the back and went inside.

Melinda laughed and turned to Scott. "You okay? Too dazzled to drive yourself home?"

"Nah... nah... I'm okay. I think. God, she's so beautiful..." He didn't take his eyes off his wife. Then, shaking himself, "Yeah. Sorry. No, I can drive. If she'll let me!"

They had to return Alison to her soft state and wind her up so she could get in the hovercar. As she came to life, she cried out in delight, not climaxing, but hungry and full of desire. "Ohhh! Oh, Scott," she swooned, showering him with kisses and tugging at his shirt. "You won't believe what a day I've had. Quick! Hurry up, let's go, I can't handle it much longer... oh, yes, ohhh.... oh! - "

Scott deactivated her, freezing her as soon as she was in the car. As he drove home, he had a hard time concentrating on anything but his beautiful wife, frozen in the passenger seat, her body trapped in passionate desire, her sparkling, jeweled sapphire eyes staring dreamily into space. He had to try very hard not to race home and get pulled over for doing something stupid. It would be hard to explain the frozen, lusty, scantily clad doll in the passenger seat!


The boudoir. Flowing curtains, softly scented candles, a romantic piano playing somewhere in the background. A floral bouquet on the bedside table. Rose petals on the pillow. And a beautiful, frozen doll on a pedestal in the corner.

Scott finished his quick, hot shower and stood in the body dryer for a few seconds. Then, grabbing a towel, he finished drying himself by hand, revelling in the feel of the terrycloth on his skin. Soon he would be up against his wife's skin, and she would be smooth, hard plastic. The contrasts delighted him. He was going to enjoy this.

But no more than she would. Alison waited, impatiently frozen, posed in a simple but sexy stance, legs spread slightly, head tilted just so, elbows bent and hands out front as if she was surprised. It had taken all of Scott's restraint to get her on the stand and freeze her before his willpower buckled under her attentions, but he really wanted this to be special and forced himself to take his time.

She was still wearing the lingerie from the store window. Scott hadn't yet turned her back into a mannequin; that was going to be part of the fun to come...

He emerged from the bathroom, still wrapped in the towel. The bedroom was lit perfectly by the candles, and the ceiling lights were focused on Alison, not harshly, but just bright enough to draw out her radiance. She was a visual Siren, silently calling out to him, drawing him near, enchanting him. He could not escape her spell. She was frozen, a living doll on her pedestal, the lights reflecting in her sparkling sapphire eyes, highlights in her lustrous auburn hair, dancing over the silken texture of her skin.

She was gorgeous. Lovely. Cute. Sexy. Radiant. Ravishing. Dazzlingly beautiful. All of those things and more. Scott slowly circled her pedestal, his eyes caressing her up and down. His wife. His doll. His wind-up lover. His mechanical dream woman. And tonight, his enchanted mannequin.

Scott stepped up onto her pedestal, facing her. So close, he could sense the energy within her frozen body. She wanted him. Looking directly into her distant, jeweled gaze, he held her close and kissed her.

As Scott pressed her transformation switch, Alison felt a surge of desire flooding her circuits. She felt his lips, his hands, his touch lingering as she hardened in his embrace. She was a doll. She was a mannequin! Her body, once soft and silky, was turning to shiny satin, hard plastic. She felt her skin become stiff, and she wanted so much to cry out, to release the passion that was so sweet, so near, almost tangible in its essence, trapped inside her rigidly frozen body, she could not move and was being turned into a plastic doll...

As her eyes glazed over, she could see Scott pull back from his kiss. Oh, how she wanted him to touch her, to caress her, to dismantle her... Her body was his to take, to show her just how much he cared for her. He smiled and ran his fingers through her flowing tresses as her transformation slowly completed. Now her joints were being divided, she could feel the lines slicing her stiffened form into pieces, she could feel her body being held together by pegs and sockets, each joint tingling with the sharp sensation of removability - she was a collection of parts, just a doll, so beautiful and helpless...

Scott slowly traced his fingers around every single joint line, and Alison silently moaned in pleasure. Electric desire flooded her entire frozen being whenever he touched a separation point. She was his frozen plastic doll, a mannequin built by him, for him, she wanted him to take her helpless body, ravish her, leave her lying in frozen delight until eternity. She glowed in her radiant desire. She dazzled him. He slowly caressed her rigid form, hands exploring beneath her flowing, delicate robe, fondling her, tracing the sensuous curves of her breasts, her waist, her hips, relishing the luxurious feel of her stockings against her shapely smooth, hard legs.

Slowly, he began to dismantle her, undressing her as he went. First her arms. Click. Click. The sensation made her swoon, she was being taken apart, her dollsbody reduced so lovingly to pieces. Now he was caressing her arms, one at a time, kissing them so tenderly, now separating her hands... Click. Click. Laid ever so gently on the soft bed, surrounded by delicate, fragrant flowers, he was going to transfer his lover to the bed, bit by bit, and make love to her piece by piece...

He removed the robe, letting it slide over her skin as he lifted it off. As it brushed past the blank, exposed faces of her shoulder joints, he gazed straight into her glassy eyes. Could he see the desire he was stirring up, the delightful, tempestuous storm raging through her every last circuit? She felt so trapped, so unable to cry out, her frozen body betraying no sign of this living fantasy, not a tremble, not a quiver. Straining against her immobility, she couldn't stand it, yet she wanted more. Don't stop. No, don't stop. Yes, that's it. Your touch, it feels so... oh! Click. My body...

Scott lifted his wife's torso from her hips. Laying her on the bed, he leaned over and gave her a sweet kiss, reaching behind her back and removing her bra. Now he kissed her perfect, frozen breasts, a gentle peck on each nipple, then a lazy caress as he let his fingers explore each mound, so lightly, it was like sparks jumping from her skin as he charged her body with ever greater desire.

Click. Removed from her pedestal, her hips and legs were treated to the most sensuous of caresses, she could feel her husband fondling, kissing, barely pausing to remove the garter belt, her legs were so delightful, perfect in their shapeliness, so sensitive, every square inch of her smooth, hard skin registering his tender touch... Click. Click. Her hips and legs were dismantled, now her feet were released from their heels, now each stocking was lovingly removed, sliding ever so slowly down her graceful curves... Click. Click. Her feet, still arched and frozen to fit her high heeled shoes, gently laid on the bed, her legs, those fantastic, sexy legs, now only pieces of a girl lying dismantled in her lover's tenderness.

As he removed the satin panties from her separated hip section, he paused to let his hand briefly slide over her most tender region. Smooth, subtle, but definitely present, this was the only part of her not hardened into rigidity, just one tiny area where the doll could receive the human and together they could merge, the lover and his doll, the doll and her lover. She could take him, her hardened plastic form, screaming silently in ecstasy, as he would take her to passionate, frozen oblivion...

But not yet. Piece by piece. And he was not quite finished with his loving task.

Only her head remained. Scott leaned down over her beautifully sculpted torso and whispered softly, gazing into her frozen stare. "You are such a doll... my love, Alison, you have made me so happy, I cannot begin to demonstrate how much I love you. This is all I can do, to take you so tenderly, I will love every piece of you, and I will love you entirely, so delightfully, my beautiful doll..."

Click. Ever so gently he removed her head. Carefully fanning out her hair behind, he laid it on the pillow.

Step back. Alison, on the bed, in pieces. Surrounded by lace and roses. She is absolutely beautiful. She is arranged in order, like an assembly diagram. Every part lovingly sculpted, crafted, flawlessly finished. She is a delicate, plastic angel, dismantled and helplessly awaiting her lover...

She could not believe how she felt, laid out on the bed in pieces like this. Her whole body tingled, charged with desire, each piece calling out to every other, the whole of her being connected in frozen mechanical passion, trapped, her body parts so lovingly sculpted in perfect, satin plastic.

Scott stood transfixed, gazing lovingly at his disassembled wife. Five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes passed, he was enchanted. He knew that she could feel his desire, and he hers, as they waited, so patiently, letting it build, build, she was a doll in pieces and he was going to fill her whole body with unbelievable pleasure...

Finally. Slowly, slowly, ever so gently, Scott began to reassemble her. He was indeed making love to her piece by piece. Starting with her feet, he lavished attention on every piece of her body, sweet kisses, tender caresses, making her feel so beautiful, so feminine, so perfect, her doll's existence so heavenly, this was pure delight, how he made her feel, he loved her, and she loved him completely and totally, and loved being his doll, allowing him to love her like this.

Click. Click. Click. Slowly, her body took form, lines and curves meeting just so, her piecemeal nature highlighted by the separation lines still dividing her up. As each of her pieces came together, the sparks of desire that shot through her body sent her ever higher into an endless state of passion, her mind wheeling, spinning, all of her senses electrified, building, she was being led to the ultimate heights of a doll's ecstasy... soon now, soon... Click. Click. Click...

As Scott attached her head to complete her body's assembly, Alison felt like she was on fire. She was a doll, and had just been so lovingly handled, disassembled and put back together, her desire building with every touch, every caress, everything her husband did to her, for her, she had been on display all day, her whole being bathed in radiant desire, always building, now she is finally here, ready, waiting, frozen in her husband's embrace, and all the delicious passion she had been lost inside all day, now about to be multiplied a hundredfold, as he slowly, so slowly, draws her closer, his trembling body so hot against her hard, frozen skin... together, together, now she is lifted, taken, his touch, oh, can't move, please, oh, his touch, yes, oh yes, I am a doll, I am a doll, yes, touch me there, yes, there, oh Yes! Yes! Oh God, this can't be me, but it is, oh Scott, I love you, you do this to me, ohhhhhh moan, please, can't move, frozen, just a doll, love me, yes love me, yes, yes yesyesyesyes oh oh oh oh oh oh <click> oh oh oh oh oh <click> oh oh oh oh oh <click> oh oh oh oh...

The next day, in the shop window, Alison positively glowed. Everyone who came within a hundred metres was somehow drawn to the faintly smiling mannequin, so mysteriously enchanting...

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