Biker Babe

by Paul G Jutras

"Archie, did you forget we had a date this afternoon?" Wendy asked as she tapped her five inch heels on the cement driveway while she crossed her arms and stood
in a blue strapless mini dress. "I wore this out just for you."

"Sorry, hon, but Harv has a broken fuel line."

"I can't believe you gave a motorcycle a name. You spend more time with it than me."

"We can go out anytime." Archie reached into his tool box. "We can't go anywhere until Harv is operational."

"Why can't you get a car like a normal boyfriend?" Wendy muttered with a smile forming on her face. "You know how I told you I come from a family of magicians. Well that's not true. They're witches."

"Huh-uh." Archie said obviously not listening.

"I'll get re-ready for 7 sharp." Wendy said as she stormed off. "Be there or you'll be sorry."

"There that does it." Archie said as he whipped the grease from his face. "Now Wendy, what were you saying? He turned but she was gone. Before he could go
after her, the phone rang. "Guess it wasn't important."

"Hey, Arch." Jack said. Jim is getting married this week to Lucy. We're having a bachelor party tonight if you can come."

"Sure thing, Jack." Archie smiled. "Wendy and I have no plans tonight."

"Where is that man?" Wendy pace back and fourth in her stocking feet. After 2 hrs of walking in heels she had to remove her shoes. She looked at the clock as it
struck 9. "I warned that motor head not to stand me up."  She completed a brief incantation with a smile:

"Double Toodale Chum! When Archie wakes, the spell is done."

After a few hours at a strip joint Archie took Jack home to his apartment to play Poker. They couldn't get the image of the girl in the cake out of their minds. Archie would never be sure as he found himself becoming dizzy and passing out if it was the drinks or the spell at the time.

As a pink alarm clock went off, a slim hand with long purple polished nails reached and turned it off. Archie quickly snapped awake and sat up feeling the shift of his breasts. "Blonde hair instead of red?" He went to the mirror to see Lucy's face staring back.  He knew this had to be Wendy's doing....

Finding only skirts and dresses in the closest, Archie found a turtle neck purple dress and boots that matched his nails along with nude pantyhose. Going out to the bike, Archie rode off to Wendy's  place.

"I told you not to stand me up." Wendy admired her witch work.

"Come on, babydoll." Archie said as he gave her a kiss on the lips. "I don't want to be Jack's girlfriend. I love you."

"You had to learn a lesson. Don't do it again!" She waved her hand and changed Archie back. He found his clothes also changed to a cowboy hat, cheakered hat, jean shorts and cowboy boots. He could always sweet talk women and got a goodbye kiss by Wendy as she shut the door between them. Archie moved to the window to watch her underess when a shadow fell over him.

"You like my granddaughter, do you?" A old lady with a walking stick spoke. "I could see in mystic fire what you did to my granddaughter tonight. You may know how to have your way with young women, but your charms don't work on me."

"Who cares, hag." Archie snapped. "I just wanted Wendy to change me back so that I can keep my bike and not leave it to Jack."

Feeling his bladder full, Archie walked over to the fire and unzipped his pants where he relieved himself on the flames. "This is what I think of your witch ways. Dumb blondes like your granddaughter gets where she deserves."

"So does young men who push a witch." The old woman pointed a bony finger as Archie zipped up his pants and walked back to his bike.

"Yeah right, just tell your granddaughter that I'll be picking her up for our date tomorrow night."

As the sun set, Archie left the main road for a dirt one. He turned on his headlights just in time to see a white car coming at him. "Whoa!" he cried as he moved to the side of the road but didn't stop. He just slowed as the two passed one another and Archie felt a tingle pass through his body.

"That was close." He muttered, as he never noticed how padded the seat of his motorcycle was till that moment. He seemed to notice the scent of the car girl's perfume seemed to linger with him as he got back on the road.

"Must be more tired than I thought." Archie thought as the road home was taking alot longer than it ever should. Once again he felt his bladder get full and needed to be relieved. With a sigh he pulled over to the side of the rode and got off. It was only then when he lowered his pants to to his knees that he notice the obstructions
had returned to his chest.  Another silly transformation.

"What the?" He moved to the front headlight and found that not only was he missing his treasures but his crotch was smooth and sexless like a mannequin's.
It was when he moved to the side mirror that he started  feeling his legs getting stiffer with each step. When he looked in the mirror he saw the face of the girl he passed looking back at him.

Then the image changed to that of the grandmother. A strange laughter echoed in the air as Archie found he had gotten got stuck bent over in a sitting position. His body changed to hard plastic as a pick up truck carrying mannequins hit a bump in the road while passing.

Looking in his rear view mirrror, the driver saw Archie and figured the bump must of  knocked one of his mannequins out. He stopped and went over to pick Archie up. Archie never felt so light as he was put in back with the others. The driver then got back in and drove to the cities' largest department store.

The next day the grandmother took Wendy shopping into town where she pointed to Archie in the display window, wearing a white nightie. Wendy couldn't help
but think how beautiful Archie looked and cast a little spell of her own so that Archie would orgasam every five minute even without a dildo inside of her.


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