Boxed-In (Chapter 1)

by Macrolass, Krazy Kat, and A Super Hero w/ additional material by Supe

Part 1: The Modeling Agency
The evening before, Vanessa Sanders had noticed the classified advertisement in the local paper, and although she thought it had looked too good to be true, here she was, dressed in her best clothes, sitting in the waiting room of the modeling agency reading a crisp new copy of Vogue.

"Mr. Jester will see you now, Miss Sanders," the receptionist said. She was a smiling young woman of about Vanessa's age, her black hair tied back in a neat bun. Her eyes seemed focused on a distant point, and she walked a little woodenly, like the wind-up toys Vanessa had played with as a kid. Despite this strangeness, something about her seemed vaguely reassuring to Vanessa. Maybe it was the voice, which was slow and relaxed.

Mr. Jester looked like he should be in his first or second year of college, not sitting behind a large desk in a plush office. "Hello, Vanessa," he said as she walked in. "You don't mind if I call you Vanessa, do you?"

"No," she said, although she did, just a little. There was something about the way he was looking at her, like he was sizing her up.

"Have a seat," he said. She sat down in a small chair facing him, making sure to sit up straight and look him in the eye.

"Yes," he said. "You have definite possibilities." He picked up a pen from his desk. "I'd like to explain something to you," he said, and he held up the pen, pointing it at the wall. "I'm a mutant. A pretty powerful mutant. I don't mean to sound egotistical or anything. It's just a fact." He smiled at her, checking her reaction. She thought of standing up, of walking to the door, outside, and downstairs, but something held her back. Maybe it was fear or the calm sound of his voice.

"Don't try to run," he said. "My secretary wouldn't let you go, anyway. She's a very nice person but she can be very...physical...with people who don't cooperate."

He glanced back at the pen. "Anyway," he said. "I'm a mutant. I have a magic-based power, which is pretty rare. I can turn ordinary objects into extraordinary objects just by applying a little will force and imagination." He held up the pen. "For instance, I can turn this pen into a gun." He pointed the pen at her head.

She almost laughed in his face. "You're crazy," she said, but the laugh caught in her throat as she stared down the pen.

He ignored her. "By now you've probably figured out that this isn't a modeling agency. I am recruiting young women. That much is true." He smiled. "But not to be models. To be my super-powered operatives. You see, I'm making my own supervillain team. Every up-and-coming master villain needs one."

He stood up and walked across the office, still pointing the pen at her. In there was a large cardboard box, the kind that refrigerators are shipped in. A small door had been cut in the front. With his left hand he removed a red crayon from his pocket.

"Is that a gun too?" she asked, trying to cover up her fear. This man - this boy - was obviously insane. But he was tall and fit, and if she tried to make a break to the door he would most likely catch her.

He wrote three words across the cardboard box with the red crayon, in big, block letters: Superheroine Transformation Box. He seemed to concentrate for a second or two on the box, then nudged the pen in her direction. "Get in," he said. "Get in the box."


Part 2: Batman and Wonder Woman

Batman and Wonder Woman were at the home of Vanessa Sanders looking for any sign of her whereabouts. Wonder Woman were supposed to have met with Vanessa to go over the lecture she would be giving in Vanessa's 12th grade World History class but Vanessa had never arrived. Worried, Diana had decided to call on Batman, the world's greatest detective, to search the house for a clue. But so far nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

"I know this is highly unusual, to ask for your help like this," Wonder Woman said. "But Vanessa Sanders is a good friend of mine. And I've learned to trust my instincts. She's in danger. I know it."

"It's okay," Batman said. "You've helped me in the past. I'm returning the favor, that's all."

"Well, thank you. Have you found any clues?"

"Just this," he said, and he handed Wonder Woman the help-wanted section of the paper. Three or four of the ads were circled in magic marker, including an advertisement for the. modeling agency. She took it from him and looked more closely.

Part 3: Pikture Perfekt and Hi-Tech

Vanessa stepped out of the box. But she was not the same woman who had stepped into the box just a short time before. She was taller now, almost six feet tall, and she was dressed in a skintight yellow bodysuit that showed off every ripple of her transformed body. For a second she wondered why it had become so dark, but then she realized she was wearing sunglasses. Her hand wandered to her face. What had happened to her?

"It's a two step process," Mr. Jester said. "You have power now, Vanessa, but you still have too much freewill. Too many scruples too. You're not supervillain material yet." He began to reach around in his pocket for something.

What did he mean by that? She was confused, disoriented. She tried to run, but she stumbled over the long high heels that were part of the body suit.

Mr. Jester pulled out a TV/VCR remote control with the words brain control written on it, and a piece of paper. "This is the control for the box and anyone put in it."

Vanessa tried to get up and run but he hit the pause button. She froze in her tracks. "What are you going to do to me?" she said. He then hit mute and she was silent.

"I have a very interesting power, Vanessa. I have a power over words and objects. However this isn't a very useful power alone. I couldn't win a fight because I wouldn't get to go up to Superman and write powerless on him. But by making an ordinary box into a superhuman transformation box and control anyone who comes out with this control hooked directly into it, I can do almost anything. I can change someone's morals, intelligence, strength, even their sex drive. I can give them powers and remove their freewill, which is what I'm going to do to you."

He walked over to the chair behind his desk and sat down. "Let's see now," he said, and he let his finger hover above the remote control. Vanessa was watching him out of the corner of her eye. She stood frozen in a half-running position. One of her hands was outstretched toward the door.

"Sorry this is taking so long," he said. "This is actually only the second time I've ever done this, if you can believe it. But if it works as well as the first time we'll be fine." He hit the number four button, then began to fiddle with the down button. "I'll start by making you just a little more obedient. Not completely just yet, but enough so that you won't be so inclined to run. That way I won't have to keep you in 'pause' mode while I complete the rest of the transformation." He clicked the down button again.

Vanessa didn't know what he was talking about. She felt exactly the same. He 'unpaused' her and she stumbled forward a step. She was almost to the door. She put her hand on the doorknob.

"Wait," he said. "Come over here. Have a seat on the edge of the desk." He patted the desk corner.

"Okay," she said. It seemed like a reasonable request. She'd sit on the edge of the desk for a little while and then she'd make a break for it. She walked over - somewhat awkwardly because of the heels - and sat on the desk.

"First off, we need to choose your powers, we can not just give you all the powers that everyone has. For one, it might overload my own powers, and two if you somehow manage to break free, I will need others to defeat you." Mr. Jester explained.

Vanessa nodded dumbly, trying to understand it all. "First off for your power's it needs to match your history, if you were say a ... boxer, then I would give you super strength. But with your history, I think you power should be...." He hit a final button and Vanessa gasped as a small tingle shot through her body.

"Hold your arms above your head," he said.

Sure. Why not? She held her arms above her head.

A flash of light filled the room. It was similar to a camera flash, and it seemed to emanate from Vanessa’s body. "I think I'll call you Pikture Perfekt," he said, and he leaned back in his chair, still pointing the remote control at her.

"My Vanessa," she said. "Vanessa Sanders." Did he think she didn't know what her name was?

"Yes," he said. "Sure it is," and he patted her on the thigh. For a second, she thought of pulling back, of running again, but hadn't he told her to sit on the desk? She stayed where she was.

"Pose for me again," he said. "Pucker your lips." She did as she was told and there was another flash of light, just for a split second. "Excellent," he said, and then he pressed another button. He decreased her intelligence and freewill some more. "Your name is Pikture Perfekt."

"It is? If you say so, Mr. Jester."

"Go wait in the other room." Vanessa did as she was told. "Send in the next modeling applicant, then close that down. People should be coming in for the other ads I posted soon."

Pikture Perfekt left. The door closed and then opened again and a young woman stumbled through. Pikture Perfekt and Mr. Jester's secretary stood behind her. She had obviously been pushed into the room.
"What's going on?" she asked, panic in her voice.

"Pikture Perfekt, show Miss..." He looked at the index card on which her name had been printed. "Show Miss Craig what's going on..." Lori Craig was shoved into the room with a huge push.

"What is the meaning of this?", she demanded, her long brown hair in disarray. The glasses on the end of her nose were just about to fall off as she reached for them and shoved them back up. Underneath her glasses was a lovely young woman, if she ever got away from her computer.

"My dear," Mr. Jester explained. "You did not come here with the special job offerings I put in the paper, so I was forced to have my lovely secretary to arrange your coming here, hopefully with not to much force, on your lovely body that you hide."

"Let me go or I will call the police..." she chattered, afraid for the first real time in her life.

"Do not worry about that my dear, you will be very content and happy once I transform you," Mr. Jester explained.

"Transform?" She asked with fear and nervousness in her voice

"That's right," Mr. Jester said, and he turned to his secretary. "Ms. Smith, can you assist this young lady in getting into the box?" Mr. Jester's secretary nodded and unbuttoned the belt of her slacks, letting them fall to her ankles. Then she removed her suit coat, letting that drop to the floor as well, and then her blouse, pulling it off over her head so that Lori could see the taut muscles in her stomach.

Ms. Smith stepped out of her pants and kicked them away. She was dressed in a black g-string bottom and a small black top. Her body was very muscular and her skin seemed to shine and glisten as if her entire body had been polished and buffed. She put her hand on Lori's shoulder, and Lori could tell that she was very strong. She didn't push the hand away.

"Ms. Smith was the first woman I transformed," Mr. Jester explained. He pointed at Vanessa, who was standing motionless by the doorway, "Pikture Perfekt is the second. And you are the third." He smiled and nodded to Ms. Smith. "Put her in the box."

Lori tried to make a break for it, but Ms. Smith quickly gripped her by the wrist and twisted her arm. Then she kicked Lori's leg, so that she was falling. For a split second, Lori thought she was going to hit the floor, but Ms. Smith caught her and lifted her in her arms as if she were a baby. She carried her over to the box, knelt down, and began to place her inside. Lori started to resist again, but Ms. Smith grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "Ow!" Lori cried. Her glasses fell onto the ground. She could hardly see.

"You're making this more difficult than it has to be," Mr. Jester said. "We don't want to hurt you."

Ms. Smith crawled behind Lori and pushed her, so that she was halfway into the box. Lori felt a foot against her rear, and a push, and then she was completely inside.

"Thank you, Ms. Smith," Mr. Jester said. The phone began to ring. Without missing a beat, Ms. Smith walked over and picked it up, answering it in her best secretary voice.

"It's for you," she said to Mr. Jester.

"I can't talk right now," he said.

"It's Mr. King," she said. "I'm afraid he insists."

Mr. Jester took the phone from her. "Yes," he said. "Everything is going as planned. I'm working on number three as we speak." There was a pause, and then Mr. Jester spoke again. "Don't worry," he said. Another pause. "All right. Good-bye." He hung up the phone and turned back to the transformation box.

Across the room, Vanessa watched all of this as if from far away. She had no opinion about any of it. She had no opinion about anything.

Mr. Jester hit some buttons on the remote and the transformation box. A few moments later Lori stepped out. There hadn't been any major changes except a nose job. She had been enhanced. Larger breasts, tighter ass, a more curvaceous figure. A fancy visor had replaced her glasses. She wore a skintight pink bathing suit, with thigh high boots. One glove had a laser on it, the other a microcomputer. On her back was a backpack with a large number of scientific gadgets.

"Hello, Hi-Tech. Welcome to the team."

"Thank you Master. It's a pleasure to serve you."

"Well, let's go," Mr. Jester said. "We have an appointment across town with a very special young woman." He left the room, followed by Pikture Perfekt, Hi-Tech, and Ms. Smith. Ms. Smith shut the door behind her.

Part 4: Batman and Wonder Woman at the Modeling Agency

Batman and Wonder Woman arrived outside the building where the modeling agency had set up shop. Batman took the stairs two at a time, Wonder Woman following behind him. "It would have been easier to just enter through the roof," he said, as he entered the modeling agency. This was one of the reasons why he liked to work alone.

They had not been gone long, from the looks of things. He walked across the room and opened the door to the inner office. There was a large desk, file folders, pens, and one thing that looked very out of place: a large cardboard box with the words "superheroine transformation box" scrawled across it. "Wonder Woman," he called out. "Come in here."

The two super heroes examined the box but could find nothing to indicate it was actually a device of any kind. They did however find inside the box a pair of glasses. Batman took these and a couple thread samples he found.

Batman made one final sweep of the room, and this time around he stumbled upon a hidden compartment in the desk.

"What's this?", Batman asked himself while examining the compartment.

"Incredible Batman, I never would have found that! What's inside?"

"It looks like..." Batman opened the compartment very cautiously. "...a can of tomato soup?!"

Written on the bottom of the can in very small letters were the words ‘pheromone bomb’, but before Batman had a chance to see them, the can burst open in his hand.

Relying on years of experience and train Batman threw up his cape as he caught the first whiff of some kind of gas. Wonder Woman also smelled it almost instantly and leaped back. As the gas dissipated, Wonder Woman and Batman regrouped.

"That was awfully strange, the gas seemed to be totally harmless," Wonder Woman said as she looked herself over for injury.

"It would appear so. I'll take these glasses and threads back to my lab and run some tests on them. These glasses are prescription designed for someone with a weak nose bridge. It should be hard to cross reference that with the magnifying prescription to find their owner."

"Should I come with you?"

"Come with me?" Batman said. He touched his head. He felt a little dizzy. "Yes. You should come with me." He glanced at Wonder Woman. "You know," he said. You look beautiful. Did you do something different with your hair?"

Wonder Woman was taken aback. This was very unlike Batman. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine," he said. "At least I think I'm fine. Possibly the gas wasn't as harmless as we first surmised." For a second, Wonder Woman could have sworn a slight hint of a smile play across Batman's face. It was a handsome face. Wonder Woman found herself staring intently at it, at the lips, the strong jaw, the dark eyes behind the mask. "You really are beautiful, Diana," he said.

She took a step toward him. "Something strange is happening to us," she said. She put a hand on his shoulder. "But maybe we should just go with the flow?"

"Resist it," he said, but he took a step forward too, so that their chests were almost touching.

Their lips were inches apart. "These feelings I'm having," Wonder Woman whispered. "They're very strange. I can hardly control myself." She was looking down into Batman's eyes. He was looking up into hers.

"Yes," Batman said. "I'm trying to resist...I know what I'm feeling is wrong...but it's...very...difficult."

"Maybe it's not wrong," Wonder Woman said. "I think I'm going to kiss you now."

"I don't think you should do that," Batman said.

"I know," Wonder Woman said. "But I think I'm going to anyway."

The phone was ringing. "Don't pay any attention to that," Wonder Woman said.

The answering machine picked up and a deep voice spoke. "Jester? This is Mr. King again. We need to have another conversation soon. The schedule has been pushed forward. Ms. Castle and myself will be in town tomorrow, not Tuesday, and, of course, we'll want to inspect the merchandise. Please call me back at the usual number."

"That sounds like a clue, of course," Batman said. "I really should pay attention to it."

"You really should pay attention to me," Wonder Woman said. "Maybe that's what you should do." She moved forward just a little, so that the tips of her breasts brushed against his chest. "What did I tell you a second ago?"

"That you were going to kiss me," Batman said. He was no longer paying attention to the machine.

Wonder Woman nodded and firmly grasped Batman in an embrace. She forced her lips onto his and kissed him deeply, shoving her tongue into his mouth. She kissed him long and deep, while her hands caressed his tight butt. Batman's hands slowly made his way to her ass as well, touching her rear as if it was a snake. His mind began to wander away from the purpose of their mission and he began to grip her ass more firmly. Batman tried to resist, his will at fighting though the need the desire was hard. "Please Wonder Woman... we must think about the mission." He whispered though clenched teeth.

"What mission?", was her reply as she looked at Batman and returned to kissing him.

Batman moved his hand from her ass to the lasso, and with a yank it was pulled free and twisted it around her wrist. "Get us out of here," he ordered. Wonder Woman, under the control of the lasso, was able to step out of the office.

As they left Wonder Woman collapsed like a rock on the floor. Batman did not do much better, leaning on the desk of Mrs. Smith. "We need to go in there and find some clues."

Wonder Woman shook her head and moaned, "I do not think I would be able to get back in there."

"We... we must, or at least I must...." Batman stumbled back into the office of Mr. Jester. "Stay here... it may not have effect if only one...of us..."

Part 5: Trouble at the Gym

Rachel Long was just taking a sip of water, as the water fountain did not work right again, splashing the front of her aerobic suit with water.

"Jeffery!" she complained as the water slowly made the pink spandex more and more transparent. The janitor had said he fixed it several times, but Rachel had thought that he had unfixed it just as many times.

She did not have time to change before she had to go and teach the kick boxing class, one of her favorites. Most of the time her classes had either people who dropped out after two classes or men who just wanted to stare at her body that she spent so many years trying to make perfect and it showed.

Rachel had small and perky breasts, a thin stomach, and a lovely tan that went with her blond hair. Only when you squeezed her arm could you feel the strength and muscles behind them. Some would say she had a body to die for, while that may or may not be true, but she had a body in which several men had gotten very bruised and sore for.

As she stepped in she saw her regular three students for the kick boxing class. The black belt Lee Ping, who after mastering most Asian forms of Martial Arts was trying to master American. Her small body made her look weak to the gang that tried to beat her up, most of them regretted it and had to spend a year in intensive care for their mistake.

Polly O'Leary was an Irish red head with a temper that matched her stereotypical red hair. She had taken the class for 'anger management' after one to many drunks tried to take her home with them.

The third person who had managed to stay in this class was Rebecca Long, her sister. They almost seemed liked twins born a little more then a year across. Both of them loved each other dearly but Rebecca felt that she always had to keep up with the year older Rachel who seemed to cause a slight bit of jealousy.

On seeing all of then Rachel waved. "Hi there, ready to start some stretching?"

Meanwhile, a long, black car was pulling up in front of a gym. The car was driven by Ms. Smith, who was now dressed in a black chauffeur's uniform, and Mr. Jester, Pikture Perfekt, and Hi-Tech sat in the back. "Great," he said, one of his arms around one girl, his other arm around the other. "We're right on time. Her class has just begun."

"Who are you talking about?" Hi-Tech asked.

"Our next team member, that's all," he replied, as Ms. Smith opened the door for him.

Mr. Jester looked around and saw a nearby schedule. "Rachel is in the room down the hall. Hi-Tech, disable the security; while the rest of you follow me." Mr. Jester waved them rest on further down the gym's corridor. "This is the room," he said. He smiled. "I have an idea."

Inside the room, the kick boxing class was fast and furious, and all four of the girls were soaked with sweat. In mid kick something began to come over Rachel. "All right, enough warm up, let's get a real work out!" The four girls began to take off their clothes. They started to kiss and moan. It wasn't long before the four were in a hot, sweaty orgy on the mats in the center of the floor.

"What…? Why are we doing this?" Rebecca asked between the moans as Lee Ping sucked on her breasts.

Rachel just shook her head as she began to eat out Polly, knowing nothing about why, just that she had to.

"Why, may you ask?" Mr. Jester proudly walked into the room with Pikture Perfekt, Hi-Tech, and Ms. Smith, following right behind him. "To make it so much easier for me to control you. You are going to be so tired, I will be able to take you back to my office and transform you all."

Jester lifted a cardboard tube and pointed it at the girls, who were busy writhing and squirming on the ground. On the side of the tube were written the words "arousal ray" in black magic-marker. He smiled a little and nodded to Ms. Smith. She stepped forward, ready to obey Jester's orders.

"I-I-I can't stop myself," Rebecca said, she was climbing up Lee Ping's body toward her chest, her mouth. Her sister Rachel and Polly were moaning next to them.

Jester nodded a second time and Ms. Smith reached down and grabbed Polly and Rachel by the backs of their necks, lifting them easily in the air.

Just then several men entered the room. "What's going on in here!" one of them yelled. They were all weightlifters, and they were sweating and red-faced, fresh from the weight rooms.

"Pikture Perfekt," Mr. Jester commanded with a glance at the men. "Take care of that little intrusion."

Pikture Perfekt raised her arm and swung back her hair. Mr. Jester put on some sunglasses as a twinkle appeared in Pikture's eyes and the light reflected off of her shiny white teeth.

The men all stopped and stared, their mouth's slack jawed, hanging open. "What..."

Hi-Tech, stared at the men, she then walked over to one and placed a finger on his nose, with a slight push, he fell over with a THUD. "You want to recruit those four...", she pointed to the four girls, struggling and failing with their lust controlled bodies. "But what should we do with these muscle bound oafs?"

"Simple my dear..." Jester smiled, "we should use them to plant a little trap for anyone who is foolish enough to follow our trail." He smiled and glanced at the three weightlifters, all of whom were smiling and staring off into the distance. He knew that they couldn't even really really see the room anymore, or him or his women; their retinas - their very brains - were filled with the image of Pikture Prefect’s body.

Jester stepped forward with a black magic marker in his hand. Across the chest of the first weightlifter he began to write a word.

As Mr. Jester was preparing the bodyguards, a light blinked on the computer of Hi-Tech. "Someone has broken into your office...."

He looked up for a moment, "Well, I am guessing it is either Batman or Spiderman, but I am laying odds of it being Batman. But whoever it is," Mr. Jester stated, "will have a nice surprise waiting, Right, Mrs. Smith?"

"Yes sir, it is all ready," was the reply.

"Well then, it looks like I'm just about finished here," Jester said, "so we might as well be going. That is, if the girls are finished what they're doing." He smiled and looked over at Lee Ping and Rebecca, who were still oblivious to everything but each other's bodies. Then he turned back to the weightlifters. Each one had "slave" written across his chest. "If anyone comes looking here for us, you know what to do," he said, and the weightlifters nodded dumbly.

"Bring the car around to the back," Jester told Ms. Smith, and she left, still carrying Rachel and Polly.

Part 6: The Flash and Rachel Captured

Across town, Batman was searching the top of Mr. Jester's desk. Something had been jotted down on a piece of paper. He could see a slight imprint on the piece of paper that had been underneath it.

It was a phone number. And an address. A gym across town.

Although Batman was feeling better - he could feel his body fighting off the effects of the gas - he was still feeling weak-kneed and a little muddle-headed, so he did something he almost never did. He picked up Jester's phone and called for help.

At just that time, Jester was ordering Hi-Tech to take care of Rebecca and Lee Ping. They were so far-gone that they didn't put up any resistance when Hi-Tech placed small microchips behind their ears. Their eyes glazed over, their bodies stiffened, and Mr. Jester grinned. "Ready for transportation," he said.

Outside, Ms. Smith had the trunk of the car open and Rachel half inside when she heard something behind her. "Batman told me you might be here," a voice said. She immediately spun, sticking out her leg in a wide kick.

"Fast..." came the voice from behind her. "...But not fast enough." In his red uniform, The Flash was laying down on hood of the car. He then quickly ran around in a red blur and before Ms. Smith knew it she was tied helplessly by a think rope from her high heel ankles to her neck.

"Now I will go find your boss and put an end to all of this stuff." As he turned around and started to run, Ms. Smith spit out her little bit of bubble gum that she had been chewing right at his feet. As he moved, his feet stuck to the ground unable to move. The Flash tried to vibrate, to move faster and get out of the bubble gum, but it seemed as if his whole body was slowing down. He turned as if in slow motion to see Ms. Smith.

"Do you like the bubblegum?" Ms. Smith asked. "You might have bitten off more than you can chew, Flash, pun intended. Some very powerful people back me. We have tools at our disposal that you wouldn't believe." She said all of this slightly woodenly, as if someone else was speaking through her. Her voice showed no sign of emotion.

The Flash glanced down. The pink bubblegum was expanding, moving up his legs to his thighs. Jesus, he thought, this is like one of those problems Barry had to deal with in the seventies. What would he have done?

Ms. Smith was pushing against the ropes. They were beginning to snap. But Rachel and Polly were recovering from the ray Jester had exposed them too. Rachel grabbed Polly by the hand. "Let's get out of here," she yelled, and they ran down an alley just as Ms. Smith was breaking the ropes. She was so intent on The Flash that she didn't see them go.

The pink bubblegum was up to his chest now. He was trying to free himself, but there was nothing he could do. "Well," Ms. Smith said, finally noticing that Rachel and Polly had run away. "I'll catch them later. Capturing you is more than an even trade."

The Flash wanted to say something back to her, but the gum had reached his head. He was engulfed, and all he managed to squeeze out was a muffled, "Hmmmff!" before Ms. Smith loaded him into the trunk and drove around to the front of the gym.

Mr. Jester, Hi-Tech, Pikture Perfekt were there waiting for her. They loaded Rebecca and Lee Ping into the Cadillac's wide trunk and then Ms. Smith pressed on the gas and they spun away from the curb and down the street, leaving behind a few entranced bystanders who Pikture Perfekt had dazed with her pose-power.

Jester turned to Ms. Smith. "Who’s in the trunk, Ms. Smith? My guess is that it's not our original guests."

"The Flash got in the way," she said. "I had to apprehend him." She was weaving in and out of traffic at alarming speed, but nobody in the car seemed concerned.

"Well, here's some replacement gum," Jester said. Ms. Smith opened her mouth wide and Jester popped in a small square of pink bubblegum. She began to chew robotically.

"Where to?" she asked.

Back at the gym, Rachel had just emerged from behind some trashcans. Polly was traumatized. She was shaking and muttering a little to herself. But Rachel was angry. They had violated her and her friends. They had played with her mind as if it were some kind of toy. And most of all, they still had her sister.

Rachel started to pull Polly to her old brown sedan. Polly was still shaking and clutching her legs as Rachel shoved her in the back seat. She ran around to the driver's seat and jumped in, racing out of the parking light and though a red light she began to chase the Cadillac. As soon as it came into sight, she slowed down, trying to follow it and then call the police with her cell phone, which she reached for.

"Damn!", she said as she reached for her purse, which was still in her locker at the gym. She kept driving after them.

"Boss," Ms. Smith said as she took a left turn, "we have someone following us."

"Who is it?" Mr. Jester calmly asked as he took out a piece of folded up notebook paper from his coat pocket.

"I think it is Rachel Long." She replied with a monotonous tone. "What do you want me to do, lose her? Or let her follow?"

"Head the other way," Jester said calmly. "Jump the divider up here and head that way across town." Ms. Smith jerked the wheel and the car spun around, jumping the divider and heading the wrong way down the busy street. Cars swerved around them as they went, tires squealing. Pikture Perfekt and Hi-Tech smiled calmly in the back seat as all of this happened, as if they were out on a slow-paced Sunday drive.

Rachel slammed on her breaks. The car driven by her sister's kidnappers passed her going the other way. She saw the face of the woman drive - beautiful and impassive, as if she were a statue.

Rachel's car began to cross the divider too, but another car slammed in the back quarter panel and sent it moving sideways into the breakdown lane.

The car slid to a stop. Rachel rested her head against the steering wheel. What had she been thinking, chasing after them like that? She had let her instincts take over, and she had forgotten about the possible harm she could cause to all the innocents on the road. She had endangered poor Polly in the back seat too. And anyway, what would she have done if she had caught them? Probably just get captured again, she thought, just like Rebecca.

She realized then that she was naked. A crowd was gathering around the car. She looked up.

The crowd parted and someone stepped through the mass of people. It was Batman. "I assume you're involved in the what just happened at the gym," he said to her.

"Y-y-yes," she said. "They kidnapped my sister."

He took his cape from around his shoulders and handed it to her. She wrapped it around her and stepped from the car. "I would have been here sooner," he said. "But I was a little...preoccupied. Did the Flash...?"

"He was captured," Rachel said, suddenly remembering, and she fell into Batman's arms. She was sobbing a little. Her legs felt weak. But even as this happened, she could still feel the anger in her as well - the need, that's what it was, a kind of need, an almost overwhelming need - to catch up with those people who had taken her sister and bring them to justice.

Batman's voice was dry and emotionless. "Don't worry," he said. "I'll get them." And Rachel thought, yes, maybe you'll get them, but not without my help.

As Batman consoled the distraught young woman, Mr. Jester’s Cadillac sped towards his office. "Time to see what’s been going on while we’ve been gone," he stated autocratically. "Pikture Perfekt, your compact, please."

Without hesitation, she handed the small make-up case to her master. He took out his marker and wrote ‘Office Security Remote’ on the back and then flipped it open. In the small mirror, the office they were heading to could clearly be seen…as well as Wonder Woman, still recovering from the aphrodisiac that she’d been subjected to. It was clearly starting to wear off though, as she paced in annoyance at having been left behind by the Batman as opposed to the craving she’d had to deal with.

"How the hell did she get there?" he wondered. Pressing a quickly drawn ‘Rewind’ button, he observed the whole incident with the two heroes that had been in his office. "I’ll have to thank Batman when I see him next for bringing me this new recruit. There’s definitely possibilities here, yes…but first we need to make sure she sticks around for a while." Taking out his remote, he pointed it at the tiny image of the Amazon and pressed a button.

Meanwhile, the Dark Knight had draped his cape around the naked woman and gone to the Batmobile. Reaching into the trunk, he pulled out two pairs of shorts and T-shirts. Bringing them over, he told Rachel, "Here, put these on you and your friend…and then go home." He was obviously firmly in control again, though no one would notice that the bodies of the two naked women were still affecting him. He needed to whip up an antidote for this pheromone spray before heroes with less willpower than him and Dia…Wonder Woman got dosed. He clenched his fist tightly to take his mind away from the voluptuous and half-naked heroine that had offered herself to him.

"I’m not going home!", the blonde complained. "Those perverts have my friends!"

"You’d only get in the way," he countered coolly. "Leave this to the professionals. Right now, Wonder Woman is at Jester’s office just in case he goes back there."

"Your friend Flash is a ‘professional’ and he didn’t do very good!" she pointed out hotly.

Batman didn’t answer. Instead he leapt into the seat of the Batmobile and closed the canopy. He pulled out from the crowd, speeding towards the gym. Though the villains were all gone, he was sure he could still find clues that would help him learn about Jester and his bizarre modus operandi. Not to mention, of course, hopefully finding out more about the chemicals he was obviously using on these poor women.

Rachel could only grit her teeth in frustration as the sleek black car took off. She  watched as the crowd started to leave, she went back to the car and saw a few police officers standing by it. "Get away from the crime scene," a female officer stated.

"It’s my car...and I…" Rachel stammered, "I can explain."

"I am sure you can." A man turned around with a simple paper cut out badge that said 'POLICE OFFICER' with magic marker. "But first we need to get some crime photos."

"Smile," said Pikture Perfekt, as she raised a Polaroid camera. And then all Rachel saw was a flash of light

A few minutes later the real police came, but they were too late to see Pikture Perfekt, Mr. Jester, and two unusual photographs of Rachel Long and Polly O'Leary.

Part 7: Enter China Doll

Ms. Smith opened the door for him and Mr. Jester stepped into the outer office. After turning around to capture Polly and Rachel they had headed straight back to the office. A criminal always returns to the scene of the crime, Jester thought, and he snickered a little. Batman was going to catch up with them eventually. The key was to be prepared.

Wonder Woman was sitting on the windowsill, looking outside at the sky. She turned around when Jester entered. "Who are you?" she asked. She was smiling in a slightly dazed way.

Jester held up his remote control - the remote control he had used on her just twenty minutes before long distance - and depressed the number one button a little more - the intelligence button. He wanted to toggle her intelligence down a few more notches.

"Where's...Batman?" she said, as her jaw slackened. "What's me...why is it so think?"

"We’re Batman's friends," Jester said. "Don't worry. He'll be along shortly. In the meantime, there's someone here who'd like to see you. You remember your friend Vanessa Sanders, don't you?"

Pikture Perfekt waved to Wonder Woman. "Hi, Diana," she said. "How do you like the new me?"

Wonder Woman looked over her transformed friend, barely comprehending what was happening. She was taller now - her legs seemed almost impossibly long and statuesque - and her new perfect - that was the only word for it, perfect - body was wrapped tightly in a yellow bodysuit.

"Y-y-you're so beautiful, Vanessa," Wonder Woman said.

"Oh, you noticed," Pikture Perfekt said. She closed her eyes; hands on her knees, back arched, and puckered her lips. It was only a brief pose, but it was enough to generate a small flash.

"Oh," Wonder Woman gasped. She felt something pull on her heart - it was a wonderful feeling - and she smiled at Vanessa, her eyes wide.

"If you're very good," Pikture Perfekt said. "I'll pose for you again." She turned away from her and pushed out her latexed rear in her direction with a small thrust before walking back over to Jester.

"You have the pictures?" Jester asked.

"Yes," she said. She held up the pictures of Polly and Rachel. "Hi in there," she said to the photos. She leaned down and gave the Rachel photo a big kiss.

Ms. Smith and Hi-Tech unloaded The Flash, Lee Ping, and Rebecca from the car. They carried them in and dropped them on the floor. The Flash was wrapped from head to toe in pink bubblegum.

"Good," Jester said. "I want to transform this one first." He put his hand on Lee Ping's head and tilted it back, so that he was looking into her eyes. "Don't worry," he said. "This won't hurt at all. In fact, you'll feel great." The oriental girl only made a tentative whimper of affirmation as her eyes met Jester’s. She let herself be led into the cardboard box, unresisting as it did its work.

Moving back to the desk, he surveyed his little group, his mind awhirl with ideas. "HiTech, I want you to brain wipe the Flash and then work up a gizmo that’ll allow me to project my mind into his body. But save all the stuff you take out…it could come in handy."

Since the former computer nerd was the most intelligent of the group, she alone had the mentality to ask about this strange request (though she would never even consider disobeying it). "If I might be so bold sir, why would you want to do something like that?"

He smirked wolfishly. "First of all, he’s in a lot better shape than I am. You know what they say about runners and their long term…endurance." After the chuckles subsided, he continued, "Second, when we get this merry little band all together, I don’t want to show my own face when I need to go out with you. Using the Flash’s body, I’ll have the perfect disguise…not to mention being able to actually use his powers."

Diana found herself joining in with the laughter, though she couldn’t for the life of her understand why everyone was so happy. It was enough though that all of her pretty new friends were having a good time. It was important for everyone to be in a good mood, especially Mr. Jester.

"And now for another experiment," the mastermind announced. "Diana, give me your lasso. Now, all I need to do in order to make it work for me is wrap it around someone and give them an order?"

Eyes sparkling, she nodded yes. She wouldn’t think of deceiving him…not that she could think any more.

He took the golden rope and wrapped it around her, trying to think of what orders to give her. But his train of thought was interrupted as the former Lee Ping stepped out of the box. Jester looked up and smiled, just imagining the possibilities of his China Doll as he pointed the remote at her to make the final adjustments. Diana was no threat…she could wait a few moments while he ensured this new toy’s obedience.

Jester hit a few buttons on the remote. Each time he hit a button, Lee Ping would make a small sound of pleasure, a combination of a gasp and a yelp that was so quiet that it was a little difficult to hear.

Her black hair was tied at the back of her head in a long ponytail that fell to the small of her back. She was a little taller now, although not as tall as Pikture Perfekt, and she wore a black bodysuit with a zipper up the front and a thick black belt tilted on her hips. The most remarkable thing about her, though, was her complexion, which was smooth and shining and almost plastic-like, similar to the skin of a doll.

Jester stepped up to her and slid the zipper at the front of her bodysuit down to her navel, revealing a glimpse of her toned stomach and pert, doll-like breasts. "What's your name?" he asked her.
"China Doll," she said slowly, and he gave her an encouraging pat on the head. The feeling of pleasure it gave her was almost overwhelming, and the last strands of her freewill snapped as she looked at her new master with complete adoration.

"What are her powers, master?", Hi-Tech asked.

Jester said, "Well, she has a few powers. She's incredibly agile and flexible, and her karate abilities have been heightened to super-human levels. But she also has a special power." He turned to Hi-Tech and smiled. "We'll let that be a surprise."

With that, Jester turned back to Wonder Woman, gripping the end of the lasso. "I want you to get undressed," he told her. "And place your clothes in the transformation box."

"Yes," she said drowsily. "Get undressed." She was already working the back of her top.

Jester looked over at Pikture Perfekt. "I want you to turn the photograph of Rachel back to her normal self. And be sure not to pose for her. I want her mind to be functioning normally so that she can see what we do to her sister." He turned to Ms. Smith. "Get Rebecca ready. We're going to put her in the transformation box."

Part 8: Batman's Transformation

Across town, Batman was just entering the gym. "Excuse me," the receptionist said, but he walked right past her. He turned the corner and almost collided with a muscle-bound weightlifter standing in his way. Two more weightlifters book-ended the first man.

"Ah," Batman said. "You must be the welcoming committee. Let me guess. You're not acting of your own free will, are you?"

"That's right," one of the weightlifters said. "But we like it that way." He stepped forward to throw a punch.

Batman ducked and hit him on the side of the head. Then he landed another punch in his stomach, spin-kicking the second man. He turned and struck the third man squarely in the jaw.

The fight had taken three seconds. Batman kept walking. In short order, the Dark Knight found the room that the four women had been abducted from. As if the clothes and undergarments scattered all over the floor weren’t enough of a clue, there was the strong scent of sex in the air. With his legendary resolve, he paid the tug at his libido no mind…though it certainly did distract him. Thus he wasn’t as careful as he’d usually be when the door to the workout room opened again. It was the receptionist again. Since she’d been so inoffensive the first time, he turned back to his investigation when he saw her stopping a few yards away from him.

"Excuse me, sir," she intoned in a wooden voice. "You’re not allowed in here. This is the women’s workout room. Besides, you aren’t even a member."

A wry smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. "Well, I don’t think there’s much you can do about it. Your friends outside already tried throwing me out and didn’t have much luck."

"You misunderstand me, sir," she retorted blankly. "I’m here to fix the problem." With that, she whipped out an aerosol can of air freshener from behind her back that had been inscribed with the words ‘Sex Change Spray’ by Mr. Jester. Batman tried to leap out of the way as he heard the hiss of the gas, but by then it was far too late.

He landed with an ungainly thud as strange sensations swept over his body. The cries of alarm grew higher and shriller as the genitalia shifted and changed beneath the costume. And to make matters worse, the new womanly organs swelling on him would not be denied. While the male libido might have been manageable, these new female yearnings were impossible to ignore. Batman could only fondle this new voluptuous form and moan as the weightlifters from outside filed in.

"There," the receptionist said in a satisfied tone, "you’re no longer a man so you can be in here as much as you like." With a plastic smile, she peeled off her leotard to reveal the legend ‘Plaything’ written across her taut muscled abdomen. "And as far as the other thing, you’ve won a full lifetime membership courtesy of Mr. Jester. Of course, in order to tailor your training regimens, we’ll have to do a preliminary workout session. Just to see how much you can take."

"Don’t worry," added one of the men who had already removed his speedos. "I think you’ll enjoy this." It wasn’t so much the individuals disrobing that concerned the former hero so much (thought it was pretty distracting!), but the cardboard tube marked ‘Arousal Ray’ that was pointed in his direction.

Back at the gym, the three weightlifters surrounded the transformed Batman and gently but firmly restrained her as she was pulled to her feet. She tried to fight them off, but the physical changes added to the overstimulation of her libido stripped her of the world class martial arts skills he had used just moments before.

Plaything, finally free of her garments, advanced on her, hips swaying lewdly. "There there dear," she crooned softly, her breath hot in the former hero’s ear as she pressed their bodies together, "it’ll all be over soon. Just give in and enjoy. Our only purpose now is to give you pleasure."

Practiced hands grabbed firmly onto the full and pendulous breasts, teasing the erect nipples as she massaged them. For a moment, there was protest as two sets of firm red lips pressed together in a passionate kiss, but with a moan the transformed hero began to answer the call to action, eager for the intimate contact despite the objections of his rapidly evaporating willpower.

Part 9: The New Wonder Woman

Back at the modeling agency, Rachel was stunned as she felt herself move from 2D to 3D she was stunned and looked around. She stumbled and tried to move around. "China Doll, freeze her so she will not interfere, " Mr. Jester ordered.

"Yes, Master." Lee Ping bowed and moved and touched Rachel's arm. Rachel, stunned and disoriented, tried to move away. She took two steps towards the door and then slowly froze as her limbs became harder to move. Jester came over and lightly tapped her on the breast and a hollow plastic sound was heard.

"You have been turned into a real life size Barbie doll. It can be permanent, but I want it to be just temporary as I show you what I have planned for your sister. Now get in there, Rebecca."

Rebecca with scared steps slowly moved into the box. Helpless and unable to move, Rachel just watched as Rebecca came out and looked at Mr. Jester. "Hello there. I want to introduce you to the best fighter in the city, and after that procedure, she is now the best fighter in the world. May I introduce to you to the new Wonder Woman."

Rachel stared at her transformed sister as she stepped out of the box. She was wearing Wonder Woman's uniform now, although the uniform had changed slightly as well. The top was a little bit smaller and tighter, and the bottom was cut higher at the thigh. Rachel stood more than six feet tall now, and her arms were even more toned with muscle. She looked as if she could give Superman a run for his money.

It was evident that Rachel's mind hadn't been transformed along with her body because she had the same timid, confused expression she wore before she stepped into the box. But her body itself radiated a kind of authority and grace, and Rachel knew that her kid sister had suddenly grown up very, very quickly. Just looking at her made Rachel feel like the younger sister now, slightly inferior and small and weak.

Hi-tech was taking the bubblegum-encased Flash into the other room, so that she could carry out the orders Jester had given her. And Wonder Woman - the old Wonder Woman - was naked and smiling at the new Wonder Woman. She stepped over to Rebecca and looked up into her eyes. Rebecca was taller than her now.

"You're beautiful," the old Wonder Woman said, and she touched Rebecca's blond hair, which was tied back in a ponytail. "What’s your name?"

"Rebecca," Rebecca-Wonder Woman said. "My name is Rebecca..."

"Oh," Wonder Woman said. "I thought I knew you. You reminded me of someone...someone..." Her eyes wandered to Rebecca's altered Wonder Woman costume. "Are you sure..?"

Mr. Jester interrupted them. He walked over and took Wonder Woman's hand and led her away from Rebecca. "Don't worry your pretty little head with such thoughts," he told her as he led her to the box. "Why don't you climb in here?"

Wonder Woman knelt down and began to crawl into the box. Jester looked over at the statue body of Rachel and smiled and winked and opened his hand in a small wave.

Rachel wanted to run across the room and kick his face in with the side of her foot, but she couldn't even move the smallest finger of her hand. All she could do was stare helplessly as the scene unfolded in front of her. Maybe Batman would save her. That was his specialty, wasn't it, making last minute rescues? She hoped that he was speeding across town toward her, that any second the door would fly open and he'd be standing there.

Normally she would not have liked the idea of anyone coming to her rescue. After all, under normal circumstances she could take care of herself quite well. Heck, even under not-so-normal circumstances she could take care of herself.

But this, this was a whole different case entirely.

Suddenly, a ringing sound came from one of Mr. Jester’s pockets. Taking out a beat-up old wallet that had ‘Cell Phone’ written on it, he flipped it open and placed it up to his ear. "Yes?" He was a bit annoyed…things were just starting to get interesting in the office.

"Master, this is your Plaything, back at the gym. You ordered me to call if we captured anyone."

"Ah yes," he answered, his mood lifting. "Who was it?"

"It was the Batman, Master. We changed him just as you instructed, and right now she’s being…retrained."

He thought for a bit, scowling. "I don’t want her permanently brain-washed. Those magnificent detective skills would be completely wiped out. Fuck her into exhaustion, then secure her with the ‘Wax Statue’ post-it note I left you. I’ll be sending someone over soon to pick her up."

"Oh, and…good job." He grinned as he heard the rapid gasps of pleasure from the multiple orgasm trigger word.

"A…as you command, Mas…Master."

Chapter 10: The Flash and Hi-Tech Get It On

In the outer office of the modeling agency, Hi-Tech set the Flash down with the antigrav beam she’d used to move him out of the room in a standing position. Muffled expletives came from the pink shroud as she bent him like a posable action figure to sit in one of the chairs. She then took out a helmet and placed it upon his head. It looked for all the world like a futuristic version of one of those novelty hats that held cans of beer so you could drink from them without using your hands.

"First thing," she said to her captive, "is to make sure you aren’t going anywhere." She took a pair of Power Rangers walkie-talkies and set one on each side. "I’ve modified these to create a standing wave in the ‘Speed Force’ between them which will effectively negate your super powers." Wally felt a staticy buzz fill his head as a strange chill passed through him. After a moment, he noticed the coolness in the room wasn’t just from the strange device…his costume had vanished!

The villainess smiled at his consternation. "Yes, my calculations predicted a 97.274% chance that your energy based costume would vanish…which brings you to Part 2. You see, when I designed Ms. Smith’s bubble gum, I made sure it was completely biodegradable when in contact with skin or bodily fluids, which is why she could chew it and not have it explode in her mouth. Unfortunately for you, it degrades into an incredibly strong muscle relaxant that’s absorbed through the skin. I estimate that with your heightened metabolism that it’ll be gone in 30 seconds…and you’ll be completely unable to move."

Her predictions proved to be accurate as the pink goo quickly melted into his skin. He thrashed in the chair for a few moments, but by the time it was weak enough for him to break it he no longer had the strength to move. But that didn’t concern him. Everything was wonderful. The pink fog that had invaded his brain was so warm and fuzzy and made him feel so good…..

She smiled as his face went slack, a glazed and goofy look in his eyes. "That’s right," she cooed, leaning forward to give him a good look at her expansive cleavage as she adjusted the controls on his helmet. "Just let the soporifics do their work. Everything will be JUUUUST fine…."

When she was done, she ‘accidentally’ fell forward, burying the Flash’s face between her tits. She could feel him rising in response…just the way she’d planned. "You like that, don’t you," she asked in a cutesy voice. "I bet you’d like to see them a little better…." She pulled down her top and sat in his lap, rubbing their naked bodies against each other.

"Not you understand what I’m saying now," she whispered sexily into his ear, "but I thought I’d give you a little present before your mind gets pumped out of your body. I’ve set the Psyche Psucker to go off when you orgasm. Thus, when you cum, you go…."

She smiled evilly as she continued to prime Wally for the last trip he’d ever have.

"Oh, that's right," Hi-Tech said, as she rocked back and forth slightly on top of The Flash. "There you go." The Flash was thrusting slightly now; his body still knew what to do, it seemed, even though his mind was a foggy pink cloud. The thought of it made Hi-Tech smile and rock back and forth a little harder. "That's right," she whispered in a sweetly condescending way. "Oh, you're doing fine." She was leaning forward to push her chest into The Flash's face again when she winced and doubled over. What had happened?

The Flash reached out and struck her in the face. She fell over onto her rear with a small thump. Oh, the indignity. The Flash stood up and ripped the helmet from his head before she could react. "But..." she stuttered. "You're..."

"...Doped up on super-scientific bubblegum?" He quickly finished her sentence for her. His powers were returning, as was his costume, which appeared gradually, as if it were being projected onto his body by a movie camera. "Well," he said. "My sexual arousal isn't like a normal person's sexual arousal. I think that's where you went wrong. When you aroused me, my body burned off the junk you put into my system..."

Hi-Tech smiled at him. "I wasn't going to hurt you, you know," she said. "I like you. I really do." She was waiting for a chance to reach into her backpack for a weapon. There was more pink muscle relaxant in there, and a small grenade that would make The Flash's libido skyrocket off the charts, and a dart gun that would make his body pliable and flexible, transforming him into something she could slip into as a tight piece of clothing, stretch up and over her legs and chest and snap tightly into place around her stomach. Maybe she'd use that. He'd make a good bathing suit.

The Flash didn't stand a chance with the weapons Hi-Tech had at her disposal. She knew that. There was the other grenade, the one that would transform him into a giddy airheaded teenager, and the raygun that Maybe that was the one. "You're cute," she said. "Don't tell me you didn't like what was happening. You can't deny that there was...chemistry...between us." She reached for her backpack.

It was gone. The Flash was holding it in his hands. "Sorry," he said. "But I like to be in control."

"Freewill is overrated," she said. "Trust me on that one. I should know." She shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, like I said, I'm sorry." He reached into the backpack and pulled out something to use on her.

As the Flash reached into Hi-Tech’s backpack, a menu appeared on the HUD display in her visor. Quickly, she chose one of the highlighted options before her erstwhile captor realized he tripped the security system she’d built into her arsenal.

The next thing Wally knew, there was a loud beep from inside her pack and he felt something clamp around his wrist. He threw it away as he pulled his hand out, but it was far too late. The silver bracelet with the blue lights on it had clamped firmly to his arm. They flared to life and he fell to the ground, utterly unable to move.

"That’s my Neuro-Blocker," the buxom brunette announced as she stood up and brushed the dust off her tuchas. "It jams any and all impulses that go through the motor nerves. Your autonomic functions are still okay like your heart and your cock, but your muscles just don’t get the instructions your brain sends out. And this won’t ‘burn off’ like the chemicals did." As she lectured, she repositioned the two Speed Force jammers around him again. With that, his costume vanished once more. "I really didn’t want you to be fully conscious for this. I mean, it’s not gonna hurt or anything like that, but I just didn’t want you to worry, y’know?"

She pulled off her costume and sat down next to him, running her fingers tenderly over his lean frame. "I wanted us to ENJOY this together," she pouted. "I wanted it to be special. But if you want to ruin it, that’s fine by me. I don’t particularly NEED your help to fuck you while you’re like this."

Her strokes went lower and lower until she reached his dick. Expertly and without a hint of shame, she began to restore his flagging erection. Wally’s eyes rolled back as the waves of pleasure flowed through him.

When he was fully erect, she straddled him and poised over his cock. "Good bye," she murmured into his ear, leaning down to give him a final kiss.

Part 11: Batman's Favorite Song

Meanwhile, back at the gym, the feminized Batman was face down on an exercise mat, mouth open and gasping slightly as one of the weighlifters pushed into her from behind, thrusting deeper with each small grunt. "Oh," she said, her mouth forming a circle. "Oh. Oh."

Plaything bent down and looked into Batman's eyes. "You sound like you're having a good time, girly," she said. "Here's one more thing for you. Hi-Tech cooked these up especially for you." She held up two small earplugs and placed one in each of Batman's ears. "Those are mind-control radios. Complete with subliminal messages. They'll slowly wipe away your old personality and IQ and build up a new one." She smiled. "We really are prepared to go to any length to make you belong here, you know. Those radios were a lot of work, but nothing is too good for you." She reached down and gave Batman a kiss on his cheek. "Oh, you're so cute now," she said.

Batman said, "Oh." The weightlifter thrust deeper.

The radios in Batman's ears turned on. They were playing a slick remix of the latest Brittany Spears hit. Her voice was teasing and sly, and the drum machine was fast and steady. Batman tried not to listen, but it was almost overpowering. Her hips began to move slightly to the beat.

"Oh, you like it!" Plaything said. "I knew you would."

The song ended and began again. Batman liked it better this time. It had a good beat. You could dance to it.

The weighlifter came hard, arching his back, and she gasped. The second weightlifter replaced him. The song ended for the second time. It started again and she smiled. She was mouthing the words slightly now.

Batman liked the words to the song. She liked words you didn't have to think about too much. Happy words. The second weightlifter was coming hard, harder than the first, and she was too, for the first time. She bit her lip and gasped and then the third weightlifter was inside her. The song was on its fifth run through. She was liking it more and more.

The woman with 'Plaything' written across her stomach smiled encouragingly and said, "Oh, yeah, that's a good girl," when Batman came for the second time.

The thing she especially liked about the song was that it was the kind of song you could do aerobics to. She loved to do aerobics. She began to count off in her head, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, up, down. She gasped as the weighlifter came. She came with him. He's my favorite, she decided. What a good song! She could hardly believe what a good song it was.

Part 12: Beth Wayne Arrives and The Flash Departs

Jester folded up his wallet and put it back into his pocket. Hi-Tech walked over to him and smiled. "Mission accomplished, sir," she said. "The Flash's head is now the equivalent of a vacant apartment. You can move in any time." She grinned a little wider at the sound of her own joke, and Jester was almost surprised at how good the former meek Lori Craig was at being a villainess now.

"Any problems?", he asked. He was only paying half-attention, looking over at the transformation box the mind controlled Wonder Woman had crawled into just a minute before. She was probably almost done and he couldn't wait to see her when she emerged fully transformed. Batman wasn't even going to recognize her. Of course, she wouldn't be able to recognize Batman either. He laughed and looked back at Hi-Tech, who was still talking to him.

"Well," she reported. "It was kind of strange. When he reached a peak of sexual arousal he 'burned off' the bubblegum chemical. But that seems implausible. My calculations were accurate to the seventh decimal. I'm afraid there may be a slight instability in the compound. After all, it could have rendered itself spontaneously inert, in the same way that volatile chemicals occasionally reconfigure. There have been cases. But I still can't figure it. I accounted for that in the calculations..."

Jester yawned slightly. Once a nerd always a nerd, he decided. "Shut up," he said.

"Sure," she said, still smiling. Her mouth snapped shut instantly as she waited for her next order.

"Go pick up Batman and bring him back here." He stopped her as she turned to go. "But you should know that he isn't a he anymore. He is a she. And she shouldn't give you any trouble at all. In fact, my guess is that she will be very, very compliant."

Across town, the feminized Batman was listening to the Brittany Spears song playing in her head. She had lost count of exactly how many times she had heard it, but she guessed that it was something like twenty or twenty-five. And the great thing was, each time it got better.

The second weightlifter was straddling her again, and she was whispering the words to the song now as she arched her back and closed her eyes and moved her lips, making nice shapes around the happy words.

Was it possible to love three men equally? She had asked herself that question a few times during the last five minutes, and she hoped that the answer was yes. All three of the weightlifters were so great, so considerate, so...hunky. Hmmm. She was singing a little louder now.

Plaything bent down and adjusted the earplug in Batman's ear, per her master's order. The slight adjustment activated a new cluster of subliminals in Batman's rapidly crumbling mind. The detective skills of the former Batman would lie buried under the surface of the new personality, waiting to be triggered by a code word, in the same way that Plaything's wonderful orgasm had been triggered just a minute before.

After a minute Plaything helped Batman to her feet. "It's almost time to go," she said. "Time to get you ready." She led her to the shower as the three weightlifters stood at attention.

Batman was singing softly to herself. The water of the shower ran down her face, into her mouth, over her breasts. Then she could feel Plaything toweling her body off, patting the towel across her back, her ass, up and down her legs. Then Plaything was slipping a tight little aerobics uniform onto her. Batman stepped into it, first one leg, then the other. She was smiling widely. Plaything took the plugs out of her ears and said, "Oh, you look so good Beth. Did you have a nice workout."

Beth? Oh, yes. That was her name. Beth. Beth...Wayne. My name is Beth Wayne, she thought, with more conviction. "Oh, it was great," she said. The words to the song were still ringing in her head.

"Good," Plaything said, and she held up the post-it note.

Plaything gently pushed the note onto Beth Wayne's head. The ink from the post-it note slowly melted onto her forehead as it read "World Famous Singer/Dancer" and then lightly fades as her hair dropped in front of it, so only be careful looking could it be seen.

"Now you are a world famous Singer, which you have bodyguards to protect you." Plaything smiled.

"And do other things for me." She moaned, getting wet already at what her bodyguards could do.

Part 13: Ultima Cometh

The now-transformed Wonder Woman stepped out of the box. Just as the woman Rebecca had been bore little resemblance to what she had become, so Diana was totally unlike who she was when she had entered the box, even though both of them had raven hair. This one’s mane, copious and curly, reached all the way down to her wide hips and full moon ass. The soccer ball sized breasts seemed huge even on her now 6 and a half foot frame especially since they didn’t seem to be affected by gravity or unencumbered by clothing. She didn’t step out of the box but STRODE, seemingly unaware that everyone was staring at her. She snapped to attention in front of Jester, staring unblinkingly into space.

"Wh…who?" squeaked Rebecca, overcome with awe.

"This is Ultima," Mr. Jester informed everyone. "She is, quite simply, the supreme embodiment of brainless sexual subservience. She is completely unable to act on her own, though she’s well able to carry out even the most intricate of orders. Since she has no concept of self or limitations, so she can quite literally do anything I want her to simply because she doesn’t know that she CAN’T accomplish a task." He smirked as he ran his hand over her, stopping to cup one of the overripe tits. "Isn’t that right, dear?"

"I am Ultima," she declared. "My purpose is to obey. I cannot fail."

"Excellent," replied her new master. "But I need to test you first, to make sure you’re worthy of the honor of serving me." His grin broadened as the vapid gaze faded, focusing completely on his words. "I want you to bring me a powerful superhero or superheroine. I don't care particularly who you bring, just someone powerful, so that you can prove your might to me." He stared at her for a second. "Oh, and do something to cover up that body of yours a little. Create a costume for yourself." Jester wasn't being prudish. He simply wanted her to be in character when she went on her mission; after all, he guessed that during the weeks to come her image was going to be burned into the minds of everyone in the city. Best to have her looking the part from the outset.

A costume formed around Ultima's body. It was a thin one-piece red costume that slipped between the crack in her beautiful ass and split into two slender strands that barely covered the nipple of each breast. She also wore a thick red collar. She looked down and smiled at herself, and then without a word, she flew out the window, on her way to complete her mission.

Jester turned to his next task before the curtains of the window had even stopped ruffling. He was pointing his remote control at Rebecca, toggling down her freewill and twisting her identity into a nice new shape. "No, wait," she said, as she felt her will crumbling, her mind slipping away. Her eyes widened as she tried to cling onto the barest scraps of herself - her feelings, her past, her name...

"What's...happening..." she mumbled. "Who...what...who am I?" She shook her head from side to side. "No," she said. "I know who I am." Her mouth began to curl into a slight grin. "I'm Wonder Woman."

The smile began to grow more confidant. "I know exactly who I am," she said. "I'm Wonder Woman." She put her hands on her hips and thrust out her hips proudly.

Pikture Perfekt was standing in the corner. She had grown a little bored, since no attention was being paid to her, and she had taken out the photograph of Polly and was pointing at it with her finger, playing with the transformed woman. "Oh, you don't look happy," she was saying. The picture of Polly showed the last expression she had worn as a three-dimensional entity. Her mouth was wide with fear and apprehension and in the background were wrecks of cars from the auto accident.

Pikture Perfekt touched the photo lightly. "Let's change that background," she said, and the auto accident vanished, replaced by a beach and a blue sky. Then she touched the photograph again. "Let's change that expression," she said, and Polly's mouth curled into a wide smile. Her body was now dressed in a bright green bikini. Pikture Perfekt touched the photo again and Polly's body shifted into a provocative pose, her chest thrust out and back arched. "Oh, that's much better," Pikture Perfekt said, and she began to pull at the edges of the photo until it was poster-sized. Then she hung it on the wall for everyone to see.

Jester turned and looked at the poster. "Oh, that's very nice," he said, and he laughed. Inside the poster, Polly was content and satisfied to be gazed at by all those people out there in the three-dimensional world.

Rachel, still trapped in her statue form, watched all of this in mute horror. She knew that she was next, and her fears were confirmed when Ms. Smith picked her stiff body up and began to carry her to the transformation box. But afraid as she was, Rachel had a plan.

Part 14: A Makeover to Remember

Using her anti-grav flight pack, Hi-Tech arrived at the gym only a minute or two after Mr. Jester had sent her. Striding through the gym, she finally found Plaything and her charge…pawing at each other and exchanging hot sticky kisses. "What the HELL is going on here?!", demanded the villainess.

The former receptionist looked up and smiled. "I would have thought you’d be old enough to know about that now…."

"We’d be happy to teach you," echoed Beth in a fervently lusty voice.

Hi-Tech shook her head in dismay. "Mr. Jester is NOT gonna be happy about this." She tapped a key on her computer glove and rang his cell-phone wallet. When he answered, she said, "Sir, we’ve got a bit of a problem here. Plaything must have gotten a hold of the wrong note. Batman got turned into Beth Wayne, the famous rock star and dancer. You told me you wanted him to be a female version of what he was before, but instead of fighting crime she’d be fanatically devoted to you. That way we could start using whatever equipment and facilities he’s got." She sighed as Beth pulled down her leotard and let her lover start playing with her titties. "If that’s what you wanted for her, she’s not gonna be much good to you now. She’s got all the focus of the Hubble Telescope."

Elizabeth Wayne changed her clothing while Hi-Tech waited. She was pulling fishnet stockings up her long legs, and she was dressed in a black bullet bra. She had peach-colored lipstick and spiked heels. "There," she said, when she was finished. "Ready to go." She turned and looked at herself in a long line of mirrors. "Ooh," she said. "I am just so fuckable, don't you think?"

"Sure you are," Hi-Tech said. "Now let's go." She rolled her eyes. "Who would have ever believed you were once Batman? Geez."

Elizabeth Wayne was still looking at herself in the mirror. "Batman?" she asked in a soft voice. Her lip was quivering slightly. "But I'm a girl," she said. "I'm not Batman. I'm a beautiful girl." She looked over her shoulder at Hi-Tech, a pained expression in her eyes. "I like to sing and dance. I like to do aerobics. I'm a beautiful girl."

"Oh, I confused you," Hi-Tech said. She stepped forward and gave Elizabeth a hug. "Don't worry. You're a beautiful girl. Don't think. Don't worry about anything."

"I like to sing and dance," Elizabeth said. "I like to jump up and down. I like to do aerobics."

"Oh, I know you do," Hi-Tech said, patting her on the back lightly. "I know you do." She took out the earplugs she had given to Plaything. "Would you like to listen to your song on the way back to see your master?"

Suddenly a buzzer that was attached to the front door rang. Plaything scampered back to Hi-Tech and the others. "It's Barbara Gordon!", she whispered anxiously. "She uses our whirlpool sometimes. I forgot she had an appointment tonight. What'll we do?"

"Calm down," commanded Hi-Tech. She pointed to the weightlifters. "You three...go out and keep her quiet. Beth here isn't quite ready to go." Obediently, the 3 men turned as one and moved out to meet their target.

Barbara Gordon set her workout bag on the floor. Something didn’t seem quite right. The gym wasn’t usually this quiet, even at this time of the evening. "Hello?", she called out, wheeling her chair further into the building.

She was relieved when she first saw the three men approach, but stiffened in alarm as she saw the zombie like movements, the glassy eyed stare…the word SLAVE written on their chests in huge block letters was a big hint too. Casually, she reached one of her hands down to a special strut on her chair that could be detached to form a jo stick. "Hello Bill. What’s going on?"

"Nothing," he said as they surrounded her. "We’re just going to take you for a little trip."

"I don’t think so," she answered, whipping the stick out and striking one of her attackers in the nuts. He fell like a poleaxed steer.

As the melee ensued, Hi-Tech and Plaything watched through a crack in the door. "C’mon!", yelled Plaything. "Get your ass in gear and take the bitch out!"

Elizabeth’s face suddenly went blank as she stiffened. The words "get your ass in gear" triggered her obedience response. And the only targets for the command "take the bitch out" were Hi-Tech and Plaything.

They didn’t know what hit them as the formerly docile singer leapt across the room, planting her foot firmly into Hi-Tech’s stomach with a roundhouse kick. A quick backfist to Plaything’s face took her out with equal ease.

Beth shook her head, coming out of the hypnotic trace only to find someone had knocked out her two friends. Someone bad was here, and anybody able to take out those two wouldn’t have a problem with her! Scared out of her wits, she ran to the front room where she heard fighting still going on, hoping to find someone to help her. "What happened?", she asked, a little stunned at seeing three men on the ground.

"These men tried to jump me," Barbara explained. "They were acting real strange and..."

Mary Jane nodded and accepted the fact, then she looked around and saw Hi-Tech's arm. "Someone is injured." She rushed over to see Hi-Tech and Plaything slowly starting to wake up.

"What happened?" Barbara Gordon demanded.

"Uhhh..." Plaything wondered.

Hi-Tech quickly came up with a cover story. "I am a new superheroine and was trying to stop some evil men from kidnapping some women when I was knocked out." Quickly a plan was forming in her mind which would make Mr. Jester very happy. "Perhaps you can help me?"

"You two should come with me," she said. "There are probably more of those men around, and you'll probably need the protection."

"I'm fine," Barbara said. "Obviously, I can take care of myself. I handled those men better than you did, it seems." For some reason she didn't like this woman. The plunging neckline, the strange eyegear, the slow and sexy way she talked. There was something suspicious about her.

Barbara glanced over at another woman who was watching them. This woman had dark black hair and an innocent, slightly frightened expression on her face. She was dressed in a black bullet bra, black bikini bottom and fishnets. "Who are you?" Barbara asked. Who were these women who were hanging out at the gym today and why did they have the perfect bodies they did? Despite herself, Barbara felt a tinge of jealousy.

"Oh," the woman said. "I'm a world famous singer and dancer. You don't recognize me?"

"No...", Mary Jane Watson-Parker shook her head as she and Barbara moved closer to the singer.

"I’m Beth Wayne." She giggled and started to hum a few notes.

"Wayne..." Barbara turned around as Hi-Tech used to devices that looked like hyposprays and injected it into both Mary Jane's and Barbara's arms.

"What happened to my audience?" Beth frowned.

"Don't worry, I have a certain way of correcting previous mistakes created by Plaything, if only one of these two was a heroine, everything would be all right." Hi-Tech fiddled with a few devices and looked around for the original note that Mr. Jester had given Plaything.

"I am a heroine...." Barbara Gordon said in a monotone voice.

"You are?" Hi-Tech moved over and squeezed Barbara's arm, feeling her strong muscles. "Which one?"

"Bat...girl...." Barbara tried to resists the paralyzing hypnotic drugs in her system.

"Oh yes... yes... " Hi-Tech smiled and start to rummage thought the desk, looking for Mr. Jester's post-it note. "If this works out right, I can be sure that Mr. Jester will give me an upgrade to my system, more ram for my devices, a third backup system,...." Hi-Tech smiled as she found it and smiled.

"Here we go, this was meant for Batman, but I think he will not have problem using it on Batgirl." Hi-Tech slowly put on the post-it note that read 'Batwoman, the Vixen Vampiress'.

Part 15: Pin-Up Girl Arrives and Rachel Rebels

Polly in her new identity as Pin-up Girl luxuriated in the sun and sand of her own little world. It was so great to be on the beach, showing off her body! Instinctively, she reached out and began to add her own little touches: a beach ball here, a lifeguard tower there. Her bikini shifted to become an enticingly cut one-piece red suit that displayed her attributes to their best effect.

She’d always wanted to be on BabeWatch.

There was one little problem though. She couldn’t seem to make any other people. It’s not that she was lonely…she could barely remember who she was from one moment to the next. But she wanted to make sure she was as visually pleasing to the Master as possible. She knew he was watching even though she couldn’t see him through the mirrored wall that was the boundary between her little world and his.

For now, all she could do was pose, look pretty, and try to be as interesting as possible for him. But some day, she hoped he’d send some friends to be with her, forever and ever.

Back in the three-dimension world of the modeling agency, Mr. Jester folded up his wallet and slipped it in his pocket. Hi-Tech had just told him the news. Plaything had messed up, and Batman's abilities had been lost to him, possibly forever. That was the problem with redesigning people's minds in the way that he did. You could only expect so much efficiency from a airhead slave like Plaything.

To make matters worse, he had played back his messages on the answering machine. There had been one from Mr. King and Ms. Castle. They had pushed the timetable forward. They were arriving tomorrow now.

They made him nervous. Not many people did that to him, but they did. Just the sound of their voices was enough. He had better have everything exactly right for their arrival. After all, he didn't want them to cancel his 'funding'. He certainly didn't want to go back to being what he was before.

But too much had gone right with his plan for him to be in a bad mood. The opposition had been squashed. He had his very own superheroine team now, and he bet that they could beat any other superteam going.

He was risking tapping out his powers a bit. But so what? You had to take risks if you wanted to get anywhere in life. He walked over and looked at the poster of Polly. Pikture Perfekt was looking at her too, tapping on it slightly, the way someone taps on the glass of an aquarium. "She looks happy," Jester said. She was standing with her legs together, one hand above her eyes, looking out at the ocean, her lips slightly pursed. What was she looking at?

She was dressed in a baywatch-style bathing suit, and she had the breasts to fill it out now. "Have you been changing her body?" Jester asked with a sly smile.

"A little," Pikture Perfekt said. "She's my Pin-up Girl. I want her to be happy. I want her to be pretty."

Jester glanced over at the Ms. Smith and China Doll. "Have you found that other post-it note yet," he asked. "The waxed statue one?" They were turning the desk upside down, looking through the papers.

"Not yet," Ms. Smith said, and Jester nodded. Where had it gone to? He didn't like the idea of something like that being lost.

He turned and looked at the transformation box. Rachel had been in there for a good amount of time already. He always felt so - how to describe it - eager, that was the word - just before one of his villainesses was complete. Like a kid right before Christmas.

He could hear a sound coming from the inside of the box. A small thumping. He had never heard something like that before. The thumping grew louder. And then the box fell on its side, and before he could react, something tore into its side, and a long strand of light shone out, then a second, and Rachel was jumping free, rolling across the floor. Smoke was billowing around the floor now, coming from the inside of the box, and Rachel was standing. He could still recognize her as Rachel even though she had been somewhat transformed and her clothing was different. What had she done?

Mr. Jester's office was now in complete confusion. "Grab her!" he yelled, as Rachel stood up, her image hazy through the smoke. Her hair was boyishly short now and a little spiky; her body was lithe, muscular, and slightly tanned. She was dressed in a tight black bodysuit that looked as if it had been painted onto her and a thick black belt with a large yellow smile-face belt buckle.

Ms. Smith reached out to grab her. Rachel jumped in the air - higher and faster than she had ever jumped before - and dodged the lunging attack. As she landed, her face registered surprise, but her body's reflexes were in hyperdrive. She hit Ms. Smith twice on the back of the head, knocking her down. Then she somersaulted backwards across the room.

"No!" Jester screamed. "This is just wrong! This is definitely not the way things are supposed to happen!"

The remote control, Jester realized with shock. He had set it on the desk. Rachel reached across the desk just as Jester was lunging toward it. Jester fell across the desk. She had the remote control in her hand. Things were happening so fast, but somehow they were happening in slow motion at the same time.

Rachel took quick stock of her situation. She had the remote but didn’t really know how to use it since the instructions weren’t printed right on the thing. On the other hand, the new Wonder Woman, Ms. Smith, and Pikture Perfekt were all turning in her direction. Time to get out of Dodge.

"NO!!!", screamed Jester as his newest acquisition leapt out of the window to the street below.

By the time they stuck their heads out, she was gone.

Jester slapped China Doll on the rear end. "Get after her!" he screamed. "Go! Move! You too Ms. Smith!" China Doll and Ms. Smith ran out the door as fast as their long legs could carry them.

Jester wished Hi-Tech was here. She could probably explain what had gone wrong with the transformation box. He walked over to the box and kicked it with his foot and it fell over. The walls were burned, and there was a large hole in the side.

He had been using too much power lately, and he wasn't even sure if he could make a new box. Or a new remote control. He kicked the box again, but it didn't make him feel any better. For the first time all day, he was in a genuinely bad mood.

On the street below, Rachel was running as fast as she could, which was pretty fast, faster than she had ever run before. People were jumping out of her way. "Excuse me," she said. "Pardon me." As she dodged baby strollers and old ladies.

Her sister Rebecca was still up there in the building. It was like a physical pain to leave her behind, but she knew that if she had stayed she would have been captured too.

Something else occurred to her as well. Her body not only looked differently, it felt differently too; it required a good deal of attention on her part to ignore the sexual signals it was sending her. She would have to be careful in so many ways.

Most of the superheroines had a power that was sexually related. She wondered if she did too. She guessed that she would probably find out sometime soon.

She stopped and raised her hand for a taxi. She was going to head back to the gym. Maybe Batman was still there, or maybe she'd find some kind of lead to track him down there. She knew she had to find him. He'd know what to do.

Rachel ran down an alley, trying to figure out what to do and what should happen next. As she turned around, she saw several people walking very stiffly towards her.

"Get her!", She heard China Doll command as several once human dolls moved closer and closer with a robotic walk.

Rachel turned around and started to climb up a chain link fence. As she got to the top, she saw Ms. Smith. "You have an appoint with Mr. Jester that I think you need to keep." And with that she slammed her foot into Rachel's face causing her to fall into the crowd of human dolls which grabbed at her.

"That should take care of her until we take her to the Mr. Jester," Ms. Smith stated with an observing eye.

"Unless," China Doll looked at her dolls around Rachel, "she has some sort of super power." She watched with fear at the group trying to gang up on Rachel.

At first, the awkward plastic fists of China Doll's doll-people didn't really hurt, but they knocked Rachel to the ground by sheer weight of numbers, and as the blows came down on her again and again, Rachel began to cry out in pain. As if by instinct, she kicked one of the dolls away, then another. She swung her fist out blindly and poked a hole in one, but still they kept coming. She tried to stand up, but stumbled to the ground on one knee. A plastic fist hit her on the back of the head, another between her shoulder blades.

Rachel concentrated hard. She felt something building inside her - some kind of energy right at her center. Think about Rebecca, she said, and she willed the force outward.

A doll person raised its fist to strike, but before the fist could land, it was transformed into a cluster of soap bubbles. The bubbles floated harmlessly away. Another doll person began to shake, and then transformed into a gigantic teddy bear. A third doll person melted into a puddle of chocolate syrup.

Rachel gasped in surprise. She had not willed these specific things to happen, although she had willed something to happen. It was as if there was some random element to her powers. They weren't quite within her control. She could sense that.

China Doll stepped forward, arm outstretched. Rachel knew she couldn't let her touch her again. She ducked and dodged and then jumped clear over her head, behind her. Before China Doll could turn around, Rachel kicked her in the rear, sending her toward the wall.

Rachel held up her hand, concentrating on China Doll. Nothing happened. She looked at her hand. Superheroes made it look so easy. Green Lantern. The Ray. Stuff shot out of their hands all the time. She pointed her hand again. Nothing.

China Doll turned and smiled. "You know what I'd like to do?" she said. "I'd like to give you a big hug." She took a threatening step toward Rachel.

Rachel pointed again. This time China Doll stumbled back, as if she had been hit by something invisible. She gasped in surprise as her body began to inflate, stretching the limits of her skin-tight costume. She was floating now, like a balloon. Her body was almost completely round.

That was surreal, Rachel thought, and she turned just in time to narrowly dodge a kick from Ms. Smith. She kicked back and knocked her into some trashcans. Then she ran down the alley again, jumping over the fence.

Surreal, Rachel thought. I have these great gymnastic powers, and then these powers, the strange ones.

A name occurred to her. The Surrealist. A combination of the words surreal and gymnast.

She kind of liked the sound of it. She had always wanted to be a superheroine, hadn't she? Her fascination with kickboxing and karate had partially come from her childhood interest in superheroics.

She pushed the thoughts from her mind. Ms. Smith was probably just behind her.

Within Ms. Smith, unknown to Mr. Jester, were several commands that in an emergency could be used to clean up messes like this one, if no one else was around. She quickly changed the dolls back into humans and sent them on their way. She then took out a stapler and fired three shots into the blowing up China Doll as she floated.

With a pop China Doll fell down with a thud on top of some crates. "What happened?", she asked weakly.

"She escaped," Ms. Smith responded, already waving for a taxi. "We need to go back to Mr. Jester."

Ms. Smith then took her bubblegum out of her mouth and stuck it to China Doll's forehead. The pink lump stuck squarely between her eyes, and China Doll's mouth fell open and her eyes stared vacantly ahead. The gum had deactivated her. Ms. Smith took out a small phone about the size and shape of a peanut and spoke into it robotically. "Mr. King. This is Ms. Smith. We've run into a few problems I thought you should be informed about. We have an escapee. That's right. I thought you should be informed." There was a long pause as she listened. "I wouldn't say Jester is acting unstable," she said. "But I'll notify you of any... they occur." She slipped the phone back into her skirt and reached for her gum, placing it back in her mouth.

"Let's go," she said, as China Doll's eyes flickered back to life, and they headed back to the office. People were staring at them as they walked down the street - especially the men - but Ms. Smith and China Doll didn't seem to even notice.

Back at the office, Jester was pulling his pants back on. He felt a lot better after Wonder Wench and Pikture Perfekt had ‘comforted’ him. He watched the two of them continue to fondle each other as he pondered his next move.

He still despaired of Ms. Smith and China Doll capturing Rachel. If they’d been up to the task, they would have been here by now. He had to assume the worst and pull out all the stops; otherwise Mr. King would stop backing him. And he was not ready to go back being the nobody he’d thought he’d been, before he found that fateful birth certificate buried in his mother’s effects.

Taking out his wallet, he pressed the ‘button’ for Hi-Tech. "I want you and the others back here now. Things are falling apart. The transformation box is ruined. I want it back up and running NOW. Do you hear me?" He shook his head. "I don’t care who you’ve got there. I’ll deal with the ones I can…and the ones I can’t get to hang out in BabeWatch Land with Pin-up Girl. I’ll see you here soon."

He sighed as he closed the wallet. As he reached for the regular phone, he hesitated. As bad as Mr. King and his crew were, his father had a reputation for being even worse. He was glad that for some reason it had amused his biological father that he’d had a kid…in fact, he was the one who had set up this gig with King in the first place. But Dad had contacts in the underworld, people that would be able to search for Rachel without attracting a whole lot of attention to themselves. Sheer power wasn’t doing it, so maybe subtlety would do the trick.. His mind made up, he pressed the numbers. There were a couple of rings, then a high pitch voice snarled, "Joker here…whaddya want?"

"It’s me again," Jester said. "I’ve got a deal for you. I need some help, but I’ve got something to trade. How would you like to get your hands on Batman?"

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