Boxed-Out (Chapter 2)

by Macrolass, Krazy Kat, and A Super Hero

(Contnues the previous tale, Boxed-In, where the Jester begins his nefarious plan)

Part 1: Rachel and the Remote

Rachel crouched behind a bush across the street from the gym. She had been watching the door for five minutes, and was debating whether or not to go inside, when Hi-Tech walked out, followed by Plaything. Plaything held open the door and three other women walked outside. The first was a beautiful redhead, walking in a dazed and slightly zombie-like way. The second was a woman with black hair dressed in a black bullet bra and g-string. They were obviously the victims here: more transformation fodder for Jester. But it was the third woman - the last woman - who made Rachel's heart jump. She was dressed in a black cowl and a long black cape that covered her entire body except for her feet, which were covered by black high-heeled boots.

Oh my God, Rachel thought, they've turned Batman into a woman.

It was obviously him, although he had been transformed thoroughly into a her, and was probably completely mind controlled as well. Great. What was she going to do?

She thought for a second and took out the remote control. She had been testing it on herself a little bit while she was waiting - a dangerous proposition, but right now she figured it might be the most important weapon in her arsenal and she had better figure out how to use it.

Just clicking the number one button a single time had made her feel a little light-headed and ditzy. She wondered what would happen if she clicked it a dozen times when she was pointing at them. She held up the remote control and aimed it at her target.

Hi-Tech looked around. "You know," she said. "All of a sudden, I can't remember where I put my jet-pack." She turned to Plaything. "Do you remember?"

Plaything shook her head no. "Maybe you left it back at Jester's office," she said helpfully.

"Maybe," Hi-Tech said. "But then how did I get here?"

Plaything was smiling now. She was giggling a little. "Maybe you walked."

So that button controlled intelligence, Rachel thought. But she couldn’t test all of the buttons...she needed to come up with another plan. She pointed it at herself and clicked 1 and the Up button once. Suddenly, she got an idea.

Pointing it at the group of bimbos, she pressed the Pause button. Instantly they froze in position. With a satisfied smile, Rachel walked up to them and pointed the unit directly at Hi-Tech, restoring the engineer’s intelligence. Then she unfroze her with the Play button.

Hi-Tech quickly grasped the situation and tried to quickly grab one of her gadgets…only to halt in mid-action when Rachel pressed Stop. "Which is the button that makes all of you obey?" demanded the woman in black.

"Screw you!" retorted the villainess. "I’ve only got one master and it’s Mr. Jester!"

"You really like what you’ve become, done you?",declared Rachel in a mix of pity and wonder. Then her face turned cold again as she brought up the remote. "Some of these functions are pretty obvious…like the Rewind button. How would you like to be normal again? All I need to do is point this at you and regress you back before he turned you into Hi-Tech. Now tell me how the other functions on this thing work or...." The rest of the threat went unsaid as her finger hovered above the Rewind button.

"Okay! Okay!" Hi-Tech said. She quickly explained how to work the remote control, leaving out a couple of important pieces of information while trying to make it seem as if she was giving Rachel the whole truth. Rachel nodded her head in satisfaction. "Does it work on anyone?" she asked.

"No," Hi-Tech said. "Just those people who have been changed by Mr. Jester's powers. Like me." She was telling the truth this time. Her body was tensed, waiting for a chance to grab a device from her backpack.

"Oh," Rachel said. She turned and looked at the other paralyzed women. She walked over, the remote control still aimed at Hi-Tech, and began to rub at Plaything's stomach with the side of her fist. She smudged the word "Plaything" which was written there then rubbed it away entirely. "Tell Jester he should get a permanent magic marker," she told Hi-Tech.

Then she walked over to Batwoman, who was frozen with her mouth slightly open, so that Rachel could see that she had small vampire fangs. "What did you do to him?" she asked.

"Him?" Hi-Tech asked back. But then she realized what was going on. Rachel thought that this was Batman, when in actuality it was Barbara Gordon. Hi-Tech tried to hide a smile. "Oh, yeah, him," she said. "How clever of you to figure that out, Rachel."

Rachel didn't like Hi-Tech calling her by her first name, but she tried to ignore it. "Don't worry," Rachel said to Batwoman. "I'll change you back."

As they talked, Rachel also freed the 3 weightlifters that Mr. Jester had enslaved.

"Would you mind if I went back a normal position?," Hi-Tech asked in a conversational tone, though not overly familiar since that seemed to disturb the other woman. "My arm is getting a really awful cramp."

"Go ahead," answered the blond, "but I’m watching you." She pressed the Play button to restore her mobility.

"WHEW! That’s better," exulted the villainess, massaging her bicep and then moving to a meek cross-armed pose. Though Rachel didn’t know it, Hi-Tech’s fingertips now resting on her wrist computer, just in case. "Thanks. Y’know, I think you’re being a little hard on Mr. Jester."

"A little hard on him!?" Surrealist shouted.

"I’m not saying he’s perfect by any means," Hi-Tech hastily added. "But it’s not as if he’s all bad. I mean, maybe YOU were pretty before, but some of us weren’t so lucky. I’ve gotten laid more in the last 3 hours than the entire 27 years before that!"

"Oh, that’s a GREAT yardstick to measure your worth by," Rachel snorted. Her tone was a little sharper than she intended, mostly because the voluptuous woman in the pink bodysuit did make her rather horny in blatant defiance of her previous heterosexual leanings.

"Please give me a little credit," said Hi-Tech huffily. "Sex is just part of the benefits package...a GREAT part of the package, but by no means the whole thing." She paused, giving her captor a wistful smile. "I’ll bet that you think Jester’s power works on just anyone, right?"

"Of course it does. I saw you and the others pretending to be police officers."

She shook her head. "I’ll try to put this in simple terms. Jester’s power is a manifestation of the world’s metaconsciousness, the ‘world mind’, if you will. Its effectiveness is directly related to how many and what kinds of minds see and understand the changes. For example, with the police thing, he just gave us pieces of post-it note that said ‘Police’ on it. The drab and mundane mind of your average human, worn into a groove of obedience and conformity, saw the words and immediately accepted us as police officers. Likewise, our friends here had words written on them and adopted their new roles without question. But if he’d written it in french, say, or some other language they didn’t understand, their minds couldn’t comprehend what had happened to them UNLESS somehow that information was filtered back to them in a form they could understand."

"What is the point of all of this?"

"Just this...changing someone into a superhuman doesn’t work on just anyone. This was all part of a carefully thought out plan. What he did to us was NOT just a matter of ‘make this chick into a voluptuous and lecherous supervillainess’. If it were, you’d still be back at his office worshipping the ground he walks on trying to get out of that sexy little costume of yours. What he did to you…to all of us…was reach inside our heads and free us from the thoughts around us that say ‘No’, the conception that we are just normal women living in a normal world. He freed us from reality and morality. THAT’S why I obey him, though I’ll admit that following the ‘wiring’ in my head makes it pleasurable to love him. I do what he tells me out of gratitude. You, on the other hand, apparently always had some notion of yourself as a superhero, someone who upheld truth and justice. Therefore you turned out the way you did and should stay that way, unless Mr. Jester manages to change you."

Rachel’s mind swirled with questions. Was this actually the way things were or was Hi-Tech just trying to confuse her with technobabble? "What about Wonder Woman? She was always a hero! I’m sure she didn’t want to become some huge titted comic book bad girl!"

"Don’t be naive, dear. Diana has been transformed and mentally controlled multiple times. Once her mind accepted the possibility that she could be changed and mindfucked, she became clay for Jester to mold any way he wanted to. The same for...Batwoman over there."

"And Rebecca?" she asked with a tinge of dread.

"Since Jester didn’t use the machine on her, it’s quite possible that she’s a mundane as well.. She doesn’t have that connection to the superhuman that you do so he gave her to Pikture Perfekt to play with. While she’s not going to cure cancer in our time, she’s probably happier where she is now than any other time in her life."

"And why are you telling me all of this?"

"Well," murmured Hi-Tech with an embarrassed smile, "I was kind of hoping that you’d see the reality of the situation and come back with me. I love you, Rachel, just as I love all of my other teammates. I don’t want to see you get hurt. I’ll explain to Jester that there was an aberration in the metaconscious flow, that your transformation went bad but that you can be…treated and brought back into the fold. Jester trusts me implicitly. I’m sure I could make things right again for both you and your sister. We could all be together."

The blonde’s heart started to beat a little faster at Hi-Tech’s confession. As inconceivable as the thought would have been a few hours ago, a part of her DID feel the attraction too, noticing the way that the pink spandex highlighted the villainess’ ample cleavage, her curvaceous hips, that sweet pu...Rachel bit her lip, trying to resist the siren call that her body was sending.

"Also, there’s a more practical consideration as well," Jester’s pawn admitted.

"What?" moaned Rachel.

"Just that I activated my homing beacon when you let me cross my arms. I estimate you have about 30 seconds before the rest of my friends arrive. I’ll give you a choice. I’ll let you take off now and pretend that you subdued me so you’ll have a chance to think over what I’ve told you…or you can stay and I’ll work things out with Mr. Jester, just like I promised. And should you be thinking about taking any of the others with you…your chances of escaping drop to somewhere in the neighborhood of 12.7944% (depending on who he sends) if you’re encumbered with an unresisting body over your shoulder as opposed to 89.551% if you’re on your own."

Her voice softened. "Please, Rachel…stay with me. I can make things right again. I promise."

Rachel was furious at herself. One for the incredible lust she was feeling for Hi-Tech, but also because she didn't know whether or not she was telling the truth. She might be lying, hoping to confuse her. But she could also be telling the truth. And if she was, she didn't have much time to stand around. Since she was the only one that might be able to get help, she decided the better part of valor. But before she ran, she let her anger take control. Rachel pointed the remote at Hi-Tech and pressed the 1 on it. Then she pressed the down button and held it down. Soon the automatic control took over and Hi-Tech's intelligence dropped quickly, before she could react to this attack. Rachel held it down for 15 seconds, then came to her senses. She released it, and began to run down the street. When she felt she was a safe distance, she turned, aimed the remote at the frozen group and pressed the play button. They lurched forward as they were allowed to move again. She then ducked into an alley and ran for all that she was worth.

Part 2: Run Rachel Run

The group lurched forward suddenly. The weight lifters looked around in confusion, not knowing what had happened. They did not know that they had been mesmerized into the service of Mr. Jester. They slowly walk away in their confusion. Mary Jane was still in a zombie state of mind, completely oblivious to her situation. Plaything shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs in her head. Rachel had smudged the writing, and you could still see the word Plaything but it was badly smudged. It added to the reduced intelligence that Rachel had forced on her. She giggled slightly, shook her head again, and then looked down at Hi-Tech, who was sitting Indian style on the ground.

She looked up at Plaything and asked genuinely, "Are you my Mommy? I want my Mommy!" She began to cry. Plaything shrugged her shoulders, she didn't know if she was this woman's mommy or not, but it seemed that a woman like this shouldn't be crying.

She wrapped her arms around the woman and hugged her. "I guess I am honey. Don't cry." Hi-Tech took the hug and returned it, still sniffling slightly.

In all the confusion, no one noticed the arrival of Ms. Smith and China Doll. Ms. Smith looked at the strange group and shook her head in dismay. "Mr. Jester is going to be very, very pissed at this."

Ms. Smith decided that they needed to get the group back to Mr. Jester before anything else could go wrong. "China Doll, transform and miniaturize the whole group. We’ll see if Mr. Jester can sort this mess out."

"Yes ma’am," came the curt reply. Focusing on the throng in front of her, she concentrated for a few moments. There was a brilliant flash of light and the whole group was turned into foot tall action figures. Ms. Smith went over, efficiently gathered all of them and their effects, then started their journey back to the office.

A little while later, Jester resisted the urge to pound his head against the wall. Everything had been going so well just a little while ago! "Okay, first things first. I should have enough juice left to affect you guys." He grabbed a large pink hairbow from a desk drawer. He had been thinking of saving it for an accessory for one of the bimbos, but he had a more urgent need for it now. He wrote ‘Intelligence Booster’ on the back and nodded to China Doll. The Hi-Tech action figure was returned to normal size, and before she could start crying again, he clipped it into her hair.

She shuddered a bit then blinked, her intellect restored. "Thanks Mr. Jester. I guess Rachel got the drop on me with the remote. Sorry." She hung her head, appropriately contrite.

"Never mind that now," he snapped, waving off her apology. "I need you to fix the transformation box. It’d also be nice if you could tell me who the hell all of these people are too."

Quickly, she went down the line and explained who all of the other dolls had been and all of the weird things that had occurred. After finishing that, she moved over to the transformation box and started to examine it.

Mr. Jester, in the meantime, was more into culling the herd a bit. He picked up the Plaything figure and removed the last of the marker on her. "She’s done her job," he said with a smile as he handed her to Pikture Perfekt. "I don’t have any more need of her, so I think she could use a nice retirement package, don’t you?"

The vapid blond nodded and giggled, concentrating on the action figure in her hands…

The doll began to flatten and become two-dimensional. Pikture Perfekt smiled and pushed the doll against the poster of Polly. "Time to go to BabeWatch land," Picture Perfekt said, and the doll seemed to merge with the poster. It was gone.

Plaything was now part of the poster, standing alongside Polly and looking out at the ocean. But her name wasn't Plaything anymore. In fact, she realized now that her name had never really been Plaything. She had been under someone's control. She worked as a receptionist at the gym and she had a fiancée and a dog and her real name was...oh my God, she couldn't remember.

Something was forming around her body. It was a red bathing suit, exactly the same as the woman who was standing next to her. The suit formed around her hips with a delightful tingle and she straightened up, gasping with pleasure. She could see outside to the 3-dimensional world, where Pikture Perfekt was looking at her. Pikture Perfekt's smile was like the sun. It filled the horizon. It was so happy and bright.

She decided that Pikture Perfekt was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

The suit was up to her breasts now. It covered them and they seemed to enlarge, and she straightened to attention, a smile forming on her lips. She was now in the exact same pose as Polly.

"Good work," Jester said to Pikture Perfekt, when he saw what she had done to Plaything. "At least someone here is capable of carrying out orders." He glared over at Hi-Tech, who looked down at the floor in shame.

Jester picked up the other action figures of Mary Jane Parker, Elizabeth Wayne, and Batwoman. "Here's another toy for you to play with," he said to Pikture Perfekt, and he handed her the Mary Jane figure. He took the other two figures and placed them in a shoebox. Then he put the shoebox on the desk.

Hi-Tech glanced over at the shoebox from where she was working. "This is a complete mess," she said.

"When I want you're opinion I'll ask for it," he said.

The words hurt Hi-Tech like a physical blow. But she did deserve it, didn't she? After all, she had failed. Failed her master. The person who had given her happiness in life. And what's more, she had been turned into an idiot - if only for a brief time - by the remote control. That had been embarrassing.

But it had also been kind of exciting. Rachel was a good enemy. Hi-Tech liked her short, spiky blond hair and her lean body. Maybe she'd do to Rachel what Rachel had done to her - give her a baby's mind, then push her down and shove a bottle into her mouth.

Or maybe Rachel would get the drop on Hi-Tech again. Make her dumb again. Maybe Rachel would hold her and put her over her knee and spank her silly until...

Hi-Tech pushed the thoughts away. She had to focus on the matter at hand. She picked up the transformation box and looked it over. God, she thought, how am I going to fix this? But she had to. She had to redeem herself somehow.

Jester turned to Rachel's sister Rebecca, who was standing proudly, her hands on her hips, smiling into space. "Wonder Woman," he said.

"Yes, master," she said, without looking at him.

"I think you're ready for your first public appearance," he said.

Part 3: Pin-up Girl Gets Company

Pin-up Girl had been watching her reflection in the mirror, making sure that her tits were thrust out just SO. It was important that she display herself absolutely right so she would please anyone who was looking at her, especially Mr. Jester or Pikture Perfekt, the two most wonderful people in the world. Maybe she should pull the neckline down and show some nipple. Just a little. They’d like that….

Suddenly, the mirror rippled. Standing right next to her was a black woman wearing some sort of leotard. She looked scared, which didn’t seem right for a perfect place like this. But then she began to change, getting her red BabeWatch suit and filling out in all the right places. The new girl’s boobs were bigger, but Pin-up had the better ass. It was all good.

Then Pikture filled the world and made them happy. She liked being happy.

They basked in the glow for a moment. Then the redhead said, "Hi…I’m Pin-up Girl."

The black girl giggled. "I’m Pin-up Girl too!"

"Happy to meet you, Two!" chirped the original occupant, giggling as well.

The new prisoner accepted her new name without any complaint or thought of refusal. Instead, she focused on her new surroundings. "Wow, nice butt!" she exclaimed enthusiastically, blatantly checking the other woman out.

"Thanks! I love those titties of yours!"

Part 4: Jester Becomes The Flash

"Can China Doll help me play with my new toy?", asked Pikture Perfekt as she asked, looking over the figure of Mary Jane. It was pretty, but she was getting tired of playing with girl dolls.

"Whatever you two want," bellowed Jester as he was instructing Wonder Woman. Did these bimbos have anything better to do than bother him? "Go out and use Hammer’s office across the way. Whatever you do, just be quiet about it! And don’t wander off. If I call for you, I want you back NOW!"

China Doll executed an exquisite bow from the waist, almost folding in half with an inhuman grace. "As you wish, Master," she answered in a lilting oriental accent.

"Sure thing!", echoed Pikture enthusiastically. With the doll in one hand, she took China by the other and went across the way, closing the door behind them.

Jester glared at the swaying asses of the two sluts as they left. "Stupid bitches!" he muttered. Then he turned back to Wonder Woman. "Now, I want you go over it again. I want this to be perfect, understand?"

She nodded, not taking offense at his harsh tone. "I’m going to go to the police station and call a press conference."

"And what are you going to say?"

In an instant, the blond came out of her drone mode, acting for all the world like the real amazon princess. "Ladies and gentlemen of the press, I’m afraid that I need the help of the people in your city. A terrible villainess has escaped from the Justice League, one with dangerous and unstable powers. Her name is Rebecca Long…."

"Rachel Long!" corrected the mastermind sternly.

"Her name is Rachel Long," the pawn continued, bringing her hand up as if holding up a photograph, "though she sometimes calls herself the Surrealist. If you should see her, do NOT attempt to apprehend her or even be near her. Instead, call your local police precinct so her location can be sent to me. Even though she looks harmless, her powers can lash out without warning and permanently mutate or even kill anyone around her. With your co-operation, she will be found quickly and this dangerous menace will be taken off the streets."

She looked down to Jester, obviously seeking his approval. "Was that good, Master?"

"Yes," he said. "That was good." His mood was starting to brighten a little again. He didn't like treating Hi-Tech and Pikture Perfekt so sternly - he liked to think of himself as someone who was pretty easygoing as far as supervillains were concerned - but sometimes he had a temper. It came from his father's side of the family.

He tried to keep it in check but sometimes it just came out.

"Excuse me for a second," Jester said. "I have to go change my...body." He left the room, leaving Hi-Tech working on the transformation box and Wonder Womanized Rebecca standing posed, her hand still held up as if she were holding a photograph.

After a few seconds, the door to Jester's inner office opened again and The Flash stepped through, although he was smiling the same slanted Jester had been smiling just a few seconds before. "Okay," he said. "I'm ready. I'm going to the press conference with you. Two Justice Leaguers are better than one."

He walked over to Hi-Tech before leaving. "How is it going?" he asked.

"Good," she said, as she bit off another strip of duct tape. "I'm almost finished." Fortunately, she didn’t have to REALLY fix it, since it didn’t operate by any earthly mechanical laws anyway. All that was needed was for Jester to think it was fixed. Cleaning it up a bit wouldn’t hurt either.

Jester-Flash nodded his head in approval. "Well, you know what do if it's fixed before I get back." He looked over at the shoebox where the transformed Barbara Gordon and Bruce Wayne were in storage.

"Yes, master," she said. Hi-Tech stood up and looked Jester in his new eyes. They were nice eyes. "I just wanted to say how sorry I am that I failed you," she said.

"Well, I lost my temper," he said. He moved a little closer to her. "The only reason I'm harsh with you is because I want you to be the best you can be."

"I know," she said. "I want to be the best I can be. I really do." They were kissing now, slowly but hard. "I really want you to fuck me," she whispered. The Wonder Womanized Rebecca was still standing behind them at attention, hand raised, smile on her blank face.

"When I get back," he said. "As your reward. For fixing the box." They kissed again, just lightly, then harder.

"Yes," she said. "As my reward." Both of his hands were on her hips now and their chests were pressed together. They separated with difficulty. Hi-Tech returned to the transformation box and Jester and the new Wonder Woman left the room.

"There!", Hi-Tech exclaimed after a minute more of work, stepping back to look at her handiwork. The hole in the box had been all taped up, and just for good measure to make sure that Mr. Jester didn’t doubt its integrity, gave it a coating of a polymer spray (except over where he’d written on it, of course!) that gave it a smooth and glossy appearance. It was currently lime green, though it could be any color he liked. Since she couldn’t manipulate it by force of will like Jester could, she had twin leads attached to it from her wrist computer.

She nodded in satisfaction. This would work just fine.

On to the next task. Deciding to work on the more difficult of the two, Hi-Tech placed the feminized Batman doll into the transformation chamber. She fired it up, working on restoring the Dark Knight to his previous intellectual capacity. She elected to leave her with the Elizabeth Wayne identity, making her the multi-talented cousin of the famous multi-millionaire. Too bad about his mysterious disappearance, Hi-Tech thought snidely. That would give her an excuse to write a song with subliminals in it to establish her credentials in the public’s eye. Which means she really had to be able to sing…and dance.

Finally she came to the most important part…Beth’s new psyche and history. She had been an illegitimate daughter of one of the lesser branches of the Wayne family tree. Though she’d always been well-endowed (both talent-wise and physically), she had failed utterly on her own, falling into a cycle of degradation and drug abuse that had destroyed her self-respect and had almost taken her life. She had met Jester on the streets, offering herself to him for just enough for another hit like the thousands of other two bit whores that prowled the city. But he saw that spark in her and took her for his own. Despite the fact she was trash, he changed her life.

Now she was rich, famous…and had powerful friends. And it was all because of him. Mr. Jester. Her lord, her master…and her God. She would deny him nothing. She never questioned his will or his word. She obeyed him cheerfully because without him, she was lower than dirt. Not to mention the fringe benefit of being part of one of the most elite harems in the world, filled to the brim with gorgeous supervillainesses that she lusted after constantly.

Life was good…as long as she lived for Mr. Jester.

"That should give our new convert the proper motivation," Hi-Tech exulted.

Part 5: China Doll and Pikture Perfekt

"I do not know if this is such a good idea," declared China Doll as she opened the office across the way. She let Pikture go in first and then closed the door behind her. As they talked, the oriental stood stock-still, statue-like unless some movement was called for. The effect probably would have creeped out any normal person.

Then again, Pikture Perfekt was far from normal. "Aww c’mon," she whined. "You heard what the Master said, that we should do whatever we want to do. Well, do you wanna get laid?"

The answer took a while since thinking was far from China’s forte. She could see no flaw in what passed for Pikture’s logic. "Yes, I would like to get laid."

"Then lay on, McDuff!" she joked, putting the Mary Jane Watson Parker figure against the opposite wall.

"But what if the one who owns this office returns?"

"It just belongs to some detective guy. Nobody’s seen him in weeks. I think the boss wrote him a ticket to Tahiti or something. Now come on!" The blond stamped her foot petulantly, barely able to contain herself.

With a nod, China enlarged the model to her former human sized proportions. Then she closed her eyes and concentrated.

The redheaded doll’s features began to flow like wax. The leotard dripped off, leaving a nude mannequin. Its feminine features melted, leaving it smooth and sexless.

"Mr. Jester may want her back, so just you remember how to fix what you’re doing!", Pikture cautioned.

The martial artist frowned, but managed to maintain her concentration despite the other woman’s prattle. She was pretty enough of course, but China much preferred the company of her dolls. They didn’t talk unless she gave them a voicebox. Maybe someday the Master would let her make Pikture Perfekt into a doll. Then she’d make thousands of copies and give one away to every horny man in the US. That would silence the little chatterbox.

Mollified by her revenge fantasy, she continued her work on the mannequin. It slowly grew taller and broader, taking on distinctly male features. It stopped at about 6’ 6", with a gorgeous Greek god body and an equally impressive cock. Perfekt was practically drooling. Even China had to admit that this was a masterpiece.

"My turn," growled the blond huskily. "Bring him out of it and I’ll do the rest."

Pikture Perfekt said hello to the now male Mary Jane Watson. "What happened?" Mary Jane asked, in a deep voice. "What did you do to me?"

"Hush," Pikture Perfekt said. "Just look at me." She bent down and touched her toes, spreading her legs slightly, and there was a small flash. Mary Jane's eyes clouded over and he-she smiled. China Doll was careful to look away, but even then, the residual flash that leaked through her peripheral vision clouded her mind just a bit, and her lips formed into an almost imperceptible smile.

Why had she been annoyed with Pikture Perfekt a second ago? How could you be annoyed with someone who was so beautiful? She shook her head from side to side, trying to shake out the cobwebs.

She decided that she had better do something, or else the slight tug at her heart would become a full-blown crush. "I'm going back to see how Hi-Tech is coming along," she said.

Pikture Perfekt frowned petulantly as her teammate tried to excuse herself. Having this hunk was great of course, but what fun would it be if she didn’t share him? "The Master said we were both supposed to stay here and have fun. You’re not disobeying Mr. Jester, are you?"

"Nooo," murmured China Doll, "I just do not wish to become your slave too." She thought for a moment, then was struck by inspiration. "I have it…just a moment, please." She closed her eyes in concentration, crossed them over her chest, and then spread them down and then up like unfurling wings. There was a shimmering around her, and when it was gone she wore a red silk dragon lady dress, slit up both sides all the way to her arms, secured by thin gold cords. A glance along her side showed not the slightest hint of undergarments of any kind, though there was a silk sash about her waist.

"What the hell is that?" asked Perfekt.

"Variant costume," China answered with a mischievous smile. She took the waistband off and tied it over her eyes. "I am ready now…you may flash Martin James as much as you like."

Smiling at her teammate’s cleverness, Perfect remarked, "Well, I guess all that martial arts training is worth something after all!"

"Not exactly part of the regular Shao-Lin temple regimen…but it should serve me well here," she answered, returning the other woman’s grin.

Of course, the redhead hadn’t been idle during this time. He had unzipped his new love’s costume down to the navel, slipped his hands underneath, and began massaging her breasts as he whispered his undying devotion into her ear.

"Oooo, that’s good!" moaned the blond. "China, come over here and help him, would you?"

Martin James unzipped his new love’s costume down to the navel, slipped his hands underneath, and began massaging her breasts as he whispered his undying devotion into her ear. "Oooo, that’s good!" moaned Pikture Perfekt.

China Doll took a few steps forward, sensing where their bodies were by sound alone, and put her hands on Pikture Perfekt's hips. They were swaying gently.

The man who had once been Mary Jane peeled Pikture Perfekt's skin tight costume down to her thighs, revealing her - perfect, that was the only word - her perfect ass. Pikture Perfekt gasped a little as he entered her from behind, and she arched her back and posed. A flash filled the room. Then a second flash, stronger than the first, as Pikture Perfekt turned her head and moaned.

She reached out and kissed China Doll hard on the lips. Her hands moved through her hair roughly. China Doll didn't return the kiss. Her lips were cold and still. "C'mon, China Doll," Pikture Perfekt said. "Come on in. The water's fine. In fact, it's perfect..." She kissed China Doll's lips again, harder this time, and felt a slight response. Another flash filled the room.

They tumbled onto the floor, China Doll on the bottom, then Pikture Perfekt, with Martin James fucking her from behind. Pikture Perfekt's yellow costume was peeled down to her knees, like the skin of a banana.

She was kissing China Doll harder and harder. For each kiss there was a flash, like a camera going off again and again and again. "Come on," she said. "That's right." China Doll was kissing her back now, and pumping her hips.

Suddenly, China Doll realized that the sash around her eyes had come loose. Her head was full of flashes, strobe-like images of Pikture Perfekt.

Martin James was cumming. The flashes intensified. China Doll's eyes widened. Her mind was full of images. Pikture Perfekt. Pikture Perfekt. Pikture Perfekt. China Doll had often wondered how it felt to be under Pikture Perfekt's spell. Now she knew. She liked it. She loved it. She moved her hands over the other woman's naked, tensed back as Pikture Perfekt pushed down on her.

As Martin James reached the height of his orgasm, his body began to change, to flatten and transform, and finally vanish. A small photograph fell to the floor. It was a picture of him at his point of climax, his eyes closed and his lips in an open-mouthed smile.

China Doll felt her powers passing uncontrollably from her fingers into Pikture Perfekt's body. She also felt that her own body was changing. She made a small grunting noise as they jockeyed for the position. The room was kaleidoscopic with flashes now.

"Dammit! Time out, time out!" Pikture Perfekt yelled.

"What is it?" asked China Doll with concern in her voice. "Am I doing something wrong? Just tell me!"

"It’s not you," the blond griped. "I lost control over my powers. I turned Martin into a photo! Now how’s he gonna screw us?"

China picked up the 8 x 10 laying on the floor and sighed. He was really gorgeous, and she had wanted some of that delicious dick to suck on. "If only we could join him…", she murmured wistfully.

"Of course!", shouted Perfekt. "That’s just what we’ll do!"

Taking the photo from the oriental, Pikture expanded it to life-size and put it up on the wall. She looked it over critically, then decided to make a…minor alteration. A bit of cut and paste later, Martin was sprouting TWO monstrous erections. "One for each of us!", the blond giggled.

"You are too good to me," moaned China Doll lovingly. Laughing, Perfekt took her teammate by the hand and led her into the poster where the cumming Martin James awaited.

Part 6: Wonder Woman's Press Conference

While the local gendarmes were surprised at the two ‘heroes’ appearance, they did not question two members of the illustrious Justice League. Within a matter of minutes, the call had gone out. Reporters and TV crews converged on the station to hear what Flash and Wonder Woman had to say.

Across the city people watched the press conference given by The Flash and the new Wonder Woman. At first, many people were curious as to what had happened to the old Woman Woman, but, of course, they had to admit that this whole business of one superhero replacing another had happened before. Superman had done it, hadn't he? Not just one replacement but four. And Wonder Woman too, at least one time before. She was probably off on some quest somewhere, or was trying to live a normal life in her civilian identity as a postal worker or something, and she'd probably be returning shortly.

And anyway, the more people looked and listened to the new Wonder Woman, the more convinced they became that she was a definite improvement over the old. She was a little taller, and she looked stronger and more formidable. Across the city, men and women and whole families moved in closer to their television and concentrated on her image filling the screen, listening carefully to the words falling out of her beautiful lips.

This Rachel person sounded dangerous. The Surrealist. It was a scary-sounding name. When Wonder Woman held up the picture, the citizenry noted that Rachel was all dressed in black, just like a villain. There was something about her eyes, wasn't there? Something cruel. People squeezed the hands of their lovers a little more tightly. Mothers glanced over at their children. At least Wonder Woman was here now. She would protect them.

Jester-Flash smiled as he and Rebecca left the police station. For once, something had gone right. She had made an excellent Wonder Woman. He’d be surprised if anyone remembered Diana in a few weeks. Of course, that begged the question of where the former amazon princess, now Ultima, had gotten to. Unfortunately, he couldn’t spare the time to look for her now. Maybe he’d send Hi-Tech after her in a day or two, after the excitement had died down a bit.

His train of thought was derailed as his link with the Speed Force alerted him to an object approaching at extreme velocity. A streak of emerald light headed toward them, slowing down just before hitting the ground to let Green Lantern Kyle Radner light gently in front of them.

"Hi guys," he said, obviously oblivious to the faux nature of the two heroes in front of him. "I saw your announcement on TV. What’s up? Anything I can do to help?"

"No," Flash-Jester said to Green Lantern. "We have everything under control."

"Who's the babe?" Kyle said, pointing at the Wonder Womanized version of Rebecca. But he answered his own question before Jester could say anything. "You're one of them amazons, huh?" Kyle said to Rebecca. "What do you think of the city? Is Diana a friend of yours?"

Rebecca stared straight-ahead smiling. Kyle waved his hand in front of her face. There was no response. He turned back to the man who he thought was The Flash. "Wow, I know that most of those amazons are aloof," he said. "But this one takes the cake. What are you guys up to now?"

"Um," Jester said. "We're going something private. We want alone."

Kyle laughed. "Oh, really," he said. "You want me to believe that she wants to be alone with you? That's a good one." He stopped laughing. Wally wasn't laughing. Neither was the amazon. This was an awkward moment.

"Wonder Woman," Jester-Flash said. "Would you mind?"

Something hard struck Green Lantern on the back of the head, and then everything went black.

Part 7: Rachel vs. Hi-Tech vs. Beth Wayne

Hi-Tech watched as Elizabeth Wayne stepped out of the transformation box. Her hair was shorter now, and slicked back on her head, but she was still dressed in the bullet bra and g-string. "Hello, Elizabeth," Hi-Tech. "Good to see you again." Hi-Tech was picking up the other doll now - the vampire version of Barbara Gordon - and getting ready to place it in the transformation box.

"Hi, Hi-Tech," Elizabeth said. For a second it seemed strange that she should know this woman's name, but the strangeness passed almost before it started. Why shouldn't she know Hi-Tech's name? Hi-Tech was one of her best friends. They would do anything for each other.

"Hello," a third voice said, and Hi-Tech and Elizabeth looked over at the window. It was Rachel. She was climbing through the window. "Hate to interrupt this little reunion, but I came to get Batman." She smiled and pointed the remote control at Hi-Tech. "For a smart girl, I'm tricking you an awful lot, aren't I? You didn't expect that I'd take the risk of coming back here to the office."

"No," Hi-Tech said. "I didn't expect that." She held up her arms as if the remote control were a gun that was being pointed at her. Rachel noticed the doll in one of her hands.

"Put the doll in the transformation box," she said. "And turn it back into Batman."

"Oh, you're so smart. You sure got the drop on me," Hi-Tech said, but she was smiling when she said it. She walked over to the transformation box and placed the doll inside. She turned back to Rachel. "It won't take long. Would you like to do something while you're waiting? What could we do?"

"Be quiet," Rachel said.

Hi-Tech's hands were back above her head. She seemed to thrust out her chest a little more. "You could tie me up so that I can't get away. Or you could make me stupid again. You seemed to like that." She lowered her voice. "Or you could hand me the remote control right now. C'mon, Rachel. Hand me the remote control." She took a small step forward. "I know how every button works on that thing. I'm very good at using it. I could make you very, very happy."

"Where's Rebecca?" Rachel asked. She took a step back, still aiming the remote at Hi-Tech.

"Oh, she's fine," Hi-Tech said. "Don't worry about her. You should worry about yourself." Hi-Tech reached into her backpack and pulled out a small mirror and held it up in front of Rachel, so that Rachel could see her face, which looked beautiful, but frightened and serious. "All I want to do is make you happy," Hi-Tech said. "Like Rebecca." She glanced over at the BabeWatch poster, where the two pin-up girls were posing. "Like your friend Polly. That's all. Just happy. Nothing else. No bad thoughts. No bad feelings." With her thumb, Hi-Tech clicked a small button on the side of the mirror and the image changed slightly. The reflection was smiling now, calm and placid and even more beautiful. Rachel took a step forward.

Rachel couldn’t take her eyes off the image in the mirror. It was just so pretty, so calm, not scared and running a mile a minute like she’d been for the last…God, it seemed like forever!

Seeing that the pacification device was working, Hi-Tech moved closer. "That’s right," she crooned softly. "The Surrealist is so happy. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. She just wants to do what she’s told. She’s such a good girl…."

The blond stared…and then the corners of her mouth began to turn up.

"Rachel is so mean," the villainess whispered in her prey’s ear, holding the mirror right up in the other woman’s face. "She’s not happy, so she tries to make everyone else unhappy. But you’re not unhappy, are you?"

"No," murmured Surrealist, the remote slipping from her fingers. "I’m not…unhappy."

"Then you can’t be Rachel, can you?" Hi-Tech smiled at her deft twist of logic.

"No. Not…Rachel." She was beaming now.

The brunette grabbed her victim’s arm and bent it, then slipped the mirror into her hand so she could keep herself under control. "That’s a good girl…just keep holding it. Just think of how happy it makes you."

With that minor problem under control, she looked on the floor for the remote…but it was gone. Sitting on the desk, idly looking over the list of functions while holding the remote in the other, was Beth.

Hi-Tech froze at the sight of her newest teammate toying with the remote. "Beth dear, what are you doing?" she asked. She tried to make her tone cheerful, but the fear was obvious.

The former Batman idly examined it, barely paying attention to the other woman. "You know, it was awfully careless of you to lose this again," she replied in an almost conversational tone. "Mr. Jester probably wouldn’t be happy to know that Surrealist got the drop on you AGAIN. I think your sex drive is cranked up way too high. Then again, maybe something good could come of this, because Jester would be very impressed with me if I told him that I found Surrealist using you as her bitch, and I took her out myself just as I came out of the box."

"But that’s not the way it happened, and you know it!", complained the engineer.

"Right now I could tune you down and you’d believe Santa Claus was real if I wanted to. The question is…is that really what I’d like to do? Should I give this back to you and tell the truth when Mr. Jester gets back? Should I mindfuck you and take the credit myself? Should I make you and Surrealist into my personal slaves, ready to start a coup when Jester least expects it? Or maybe I should just let myself be rescued." She gave Hi-Tech an innocent smile and waited for her response.

Beth stood up and walked around The Surrealist, who was still staring into the mirror and smiling in a dazed way. Beth patted her lightly on the rear, but she didn't move or even blink or eyes. She was lost in her own reflection. "By the way, I have to congratulate you on what you did to little Rachel here," Beth said. "She may have gotten the drop on you, but you really turned the tables. But can you turn the tables twice?" Beth held up the remote control and grinned. "The odds are against it, I'm sure. And anyway, I better you're fresh out of mirrors." She made a motion with the remote control. "Set your backpack on the ground." Hi-Tech did as she was told. "More and more of my mind is coming back to me," Beth said. "At first I thought you were my friend, but I realize now that you're not. If anything, you're the exact opposite of my friend."

"That's not true..." Hi-Tech said. She looked down at her backpack, then at Beth's thumb, which was resting right on one of the buttons of the remote control.

"Oh, yes it is true," Beth said. "I don't really know why I'm here either. Things seem a little murky. Some of memories feel like...fake scenery...almost." She pushed the remote forward. "Can you tell me why that is? Why do my memories feel so artificial?"

Hi-Tech didn't say a word. Where was Ms. Smith? Where was Jester?

"There are a few things that feel real," Beth said. "I know that my name is Elizabeth Wayne."

"Yes," Hi-Tech said. "You're Elizabeth Wayne." She glanced at the window, which was half-open, and then at Rachel, who was still lost in her reflection. "We captured you and tried to brainwash you." She sighed deeply, as if she were about to make a confession. "You're name is Elizabeth Wayne. You're a famous singer and dancer."

"Yes," Beth said. "That I know. I'm Elizabeth Wayne. I sing."

"...And dance," Hi-Tech added.

"Yes," Beth said. "And dance. I like to sing and dance."

Hi-Tech smiled slightly. "You like to do aerobics."

"Yes," Beth said. "My name is Elizabeth Wayne. I like to sing and dance. I like to do aerobics." Hi-Tech could tell that her grip on the remote control was loosening slightly, but her thumb was still pressed against the button. Hi-Tech dare not move. Not yet. She looked over at the transformation box where she had placed the Batwoman doll just a few minutes before, and then back at Rachel, who was standing like a statue, oblivious to everything but her own smiling face.

"You like to sing." Hi-Tech smiled, keeping a light tone.

"I like to sing," Beth smiled and nodded.

"You like to dance," Hi-Tech continued in a singsong like voice.

"Yes, I like to dance." Beth smiled and nodded even more, while swaying her hips slightly.

"You like to do aerobics," Hi-Tech smiled, and raised her hand up and down slowly.

Yes, I like to do aerobics," Beth smiled and raised and lowered her hands slightly.

"Good, now you should do some." Hi-Tech smiled

"Yes, I should do some," Beth smiled and started to do some jumping jacks. As she did it, her hands went up and down up and down, until the remote control went flying out of her grip.

"No," Hi-Tech screamed as she saw the remote diving towards the ground, perhaps shattering. She leapt for it. But as she screamed, both Rachel and Elizabeth woke up from their slight hypnotic trance. They quickly saw the control and leapt for it as the control went down to fall in one of three hands, or shatter on the floor.

As they leapt for the remote, Hi-Tech triggered the magnetic grappler in her glove. Like it was a yoyo on a string, it flew from between Beth and Rachel right into her palm. The other women rolled gracefully to their feet on opposite sides of where they had been while the brunette landed awkwardly on her ample chest. "OWW! I’ll have bruises for a week!" she complained.

Beth and Rachel leapt to wrestle with the woman holding the remote, but she managed to point it at them first. "PAUSE!" she shouted. The attackers froze in midair, hovering like balloons. "Whew, glad I installed that verbal interface!", Hi-Tech sighed in relief. But as she scurried out of the way, her satisfaction gave way to anger.

"Damn bitches," she snarled, looking over the two frozen women. "Bet you thought it was pretty funny, didn’t you? I almost wet my pants when you had that remote, Wayne. And you’re not much better," she added, punctuating her displeasure by giving the insensate Surrealist a hard spank on her firm ass.

Going over to sit on the couch, she pondered her next move. An idea for revenge quickly came to mind. First she Skip Framed them forward. The gradual look of dismay from moment to moment as it dawned on them that Hi-Tech wasn’t where she had been a second before (their time) was priceless. Again, they recovered well from their missed attacks and bounced fluidly (especially in the chest region) to their feet.

That was just so they didn’t hurt themselves. She had something much more poetic in mind.

She let them whirl around to see her before she completely halted their motion once again. With an evil leer, she pressed button #4, the one governing free will, all the way down to 0. Then she let them go.

When Rachel and Beth regained their senses, they saw Hi-Tech lounging on the couch in front of them. But strangely they couldn’t muster the desire to do anything about it. "Poor babies," the brunette crooned. "I’ll bet you’re awfully confused right now. Well, just let me tell you what to think."

"Okay," they agreed in unison.

"First off, Rachel, I don’t want to hear any more of this nonsense about you running away from Mr. Jester. You want to stay with him…and ME. You want to be a part of our group and won’t do anything to hurt it or us any more."

"I want…to stay. I want…to be part of the group."

"And you, Beth. You realize how lucky you are. Mr. Jester gave you a whole batch of extra memories so you have lots more skills to offer. Instead of wondering what’s true and isn’t true, you’re grateful that you can serve in as many ways as possible."

"I am…so lucky," Beth repeated, the doubt vanishing from her face. "I’m…grateful."

"And now that we’ve got that cleared up, I want you both to beg my pardon. Attacking me was mean and you’re both very repentant that you even thought of doing it."

"I’m sorry," Rachel mumbled, ears burning crimson with embarrassment. "I don’t know what came over me!"

"Me too!", echoed Beth. "I must have been out of my mind or something. Is there anything I…we can do to make it up?!?"

"Glad you asked," smirked Hi-Tech, settling back into the couch and unzipping the front of her costume, exposing her bountiful bosom. Despite her earlier protest, there wasn’t a mark on them. "Kiss my boo-boos and make them all better."

Part 8: Ms. Smith Blows a Gasket

Suddenly, everybody froze as Ms. Smith stepped into the room. "You should be behaving yourself. This is not an playground, go sit and wait until I call your number." She promptly walked over to her desk. She sat behind her desk and she reached beneath it and pulled at a Fisher-Price bright plastic blue phone with a red receiver, and an old rusty coat hanger. She bent the coat hanger and punctured the plastic into it, so it looked like an old antenna.

"Mr. King, this is Ms. Smith. I believe Mr. Jester’s itinerary is changing, and there may be problems already." Ms. Smith stopped speaking for the moment and dropped the phone. Then she calmly picked it up again. "I am sorry Mr. King," she continued in her monotone voice, "I seem to be suffering problems also. When can we expect you?" After a pause, "Sure, when Mr. Jester least expects it, but you do not have a specific time. Also, should I tell him you are coming?" Another pause "Yes, and thank you."

Ms. Smith then moved the toy telephone underneath the desk. Rachel was concentrating on everything that was happening, this seems so weird, so unnatural, so…so...surreal. Rachel started to feel how strange this entire thing was, and felt as if she was gathering her strength back. With a little more time she hoped to stand up and get free.

Ms. Smith looked over a datebook, checked voice mail to see if there were any messages, and then sharpened three pencils. "Now, I can start to deal with you three, would number one please come over here?"

Slowly one of the women stood up. It was Hi-Tech. "Yes Ms. Smith?" she asked a bit fearfully. With her acting so erratically, there was no telling what she might do. Best to be on the safe side.

Ms. Smith took out an old typewriter and put a piece of paper in. "Name?"

"You're acting very strangely, Ms. Smith," Hi-Tech said. "Do you need any help?" She reached out and grabbed Ms. Smith by the arm.

Taking Ms. Smith’s arm was like grabbing an iron bar. Suddenly, she stood up, put her unrestrained hand around Hi-Tech’s throat, and began to squeeze. "I have never felt better," she announced in an even tone. "And if you won’t let me do my job, I suppose I’ll just have to kill you."

Like a coiled spring, Beth launched across the room and smacked Ms. Smith in the side of the head with a textbook flying kick. It was like hitting a side of beef with about as much reaction.

Rachel watched as Hi-Tech struggled for a moment, then went limp. "Noooo!" she screamed, focusing all her gathering power into the object of her rage.

A glittering appeared around Ms. Smith and she dropped her victim in surprise. "You can’t…you shouldn’t be able…." The sparks became a solid white, then started strobing faster and faster. Finally there was an explosion of the color bitter quinine and the sound of a thousand goosebumps. Ms Smith sailed into and through the wall, into the next office suite.

"Hi-Tech!" Rachel shrieked, running to the side of the villainess on the ground. "Please, please be all right…."

Hi-Tech sat up, her hand massaging her throat, and she smiled slyly. "Oh, I didn't know you cared, Rachel," she said. She laughed a little, a small laugh that turned into a larger cough. "Well, that was quite a close call, wasn't it?" She was trying to get to her feet.

She held out her hand to Rachel, but Rachel didn't take it, or even step closer? What had she been thinking, shrieking out something like that? But she had to admit that she was pleased that Hi-Tech was okay. She glanced at the gigantic hole that had been blown in the wall, the crumbling plaster and exposed pipes. Ms. Smith was sprawled on the floor in the next room.

Hi-Tech stood by herself and walked through the hole, crouching down by Ms. Smith and touching her neck. "She's dead," Hi-Tech said.

"No," Rachel said. "That can't be true. You're lying." She stepped through the hole herself. She could feel the familiar panic gripping her heart. She wanted to run.

"You know what this means," Hi-Tech said. "You're a murderer. If you thought you were in trouble before, wait until this gets out. The cops will be all over you. You won't be able to get a seconds rest." She seemed to think for a moment. "Unless you join up with me. With Mr. Jester. We'll protect you."

Rachel glanced over at the window, which was still half-open, and then at the hypnotic mirror Hi-Tech had used on her just a little while before. Part of her wanted to walk over, pick it up, and gaze deeply into her own happy reflection. She was thinking of those strange flashes of other possibilities that had occurred when the remote control had shattered: the image of her kneeling in front of Hi-Tech, her lips moving toward the nipple of her exposed breast.

Hi-Tech opened Ms. Smith's mouth and reached inside and found the pink bubblegum and palmed it. Yes, Ms. Smith didn't have a pulse. She had checked that very carefully. But she also guessed that if she had checked her pulse at any other time, she wouldn't have found one either. Hi-Tech guessed that Ms. Smith wasn't like her or Pikture Perfekt or Jester's other creations, and she also guessed that even Jester didn't know what she really was. She was something else entirely.

It saddened her to think that her master Mr. Jester would be ignorant of something, but she knew that she had to tell him about Ms. Smith as soon as possible. Maybe that would be the way to redeem herself.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Beth's voice from behind them. "Oh, girls," she said. "You forgot about me." She was smiling and holding Hi-Tech's backpack. "I'd like to introduce you to someone," she said. Standing next to her was Batman.

Hi-Tech turned around and her heart sank at the sight of…Batman? The most likely explanation was that it was Barbara once again. Christ, was there no end to the problems that Gordon bitch was going to cause? This was definitely not what she’d programmed into the transformation box. What the hell was going on here?

"I didn’t forget," she said smoothly, rising to her feet and putting her hands up in an air of resignation. "I was kind of busy saving your lives. While I’m able to juggle lots of schematics and such in my head at the same time, I’m still able to only physically do only one thing at a time."

She sighed. "So what’s next, Beth? You knock me out, maybe kill me, and then go on the run again? That’s no way to live. Don’t you only see you’re making this hard on yourself? Surrealist can tell you that’s no way to live. Jester and I can make you famous, a superstar able to share your music with the whole world! And you’re going to throw it all away because you’re a little confused?"

As she talked, Hi-Tech brought up the security menu on her HUD again, ready to act against Batman and Beth.

"But that's the thing," Beth said. "I'm more than a little confused. Things are becoming a heck of a lot clearer every second, actually. For instance, it was simple enough for me to reprogram the transformation box to transform Batman back to his normal self." She narrowed her eyes at Hi-Tech. "You think you're so smart. But I'm getting smart every second. I can FEEL myself getting smarter." She looked over at Batman. "I'm sure of a few things. I'm sure that this is my brother, and that he's going to help me."

Rachel looked at Batman. He looked even more confused than Beth. He was mumbling something to himself, although Beth wasn't listening. Rachel tried to make out the words. "No," he was saying. That was the word. Then something else. "This isn't me." He said it again. "This isn't right. This isn't me."

"So he's your brother and he's going to help you," Hi-Tech said. "You're sure of that. You're sure of a few things. You're sure that you like to sing, aren't you? You're sure that you like to dance too." She smiled. "I'm sure that I would like to watch you dance, Beth."

"Stop it," Beth said. She was reaching into the backpack for a weapon.

"Good night," Hi-Tech said, as the traps in the backpack activated. Beth gasped in shock, and Rachel decided that this was her chance. She took a step toward the window.

"God," Hi-Tech muttered to herself, "Beth is more messed up than I thought. I’d better end this quick before she has a full blown psychotic episode."

As the songstress reached into the bag, a cloud of pink gas erupted, immediately surrounding the erstwhile Bat-siblings. Beth thought she should do something…but it was much easier just to watch the pretty colors and be happy. Wasn’t that what the girl in the pink…what was her name?…had been saying all along?

For ‘Batman’, the fog that enshrouded his mind was more of a relief than anything else. The pink girl was so pretty…it was much easier just to watch her and stop all of that nasty thinking.

They slowly went to their knees, welcoming the sleep that tugged at their eyelids.

Meanwhile, Hi-Tech moved towards the window, having correctly guessed that flight was Rachel’s most likely reaction. "I don’t THINK so!", she said. "I’ve had enough of all of this. I don’t want to harm any of you, but I’m losing my patience. You just go over with the Katzenjammer Kids over there, have a nice deep whiff, and go to LaLa Land. Otherwise I’m going to have to get rough with you. And you really don’t want to hurt anyone, do you Rachel? Like I said, Mr. Jester and I want to help you. We’ll make sure no one finds out about that nasty Ms. Smith." She smiled winningly, stepping closer. Of course, the wad of gum was right at hand, just in case.

Hi-Tech moved and jumped onto Rachel as they both went out the window. "What are you doing...." Rachel screamed as they both clumsily started to fall to the street below. Hi-Tech's backpack started to rumble and a small jet of flame came out of the bottom. Hi-Tech grabbed hold of Rachel, around her stomach, pulling their bodies tight together.

"I am going with you, because I definitely do not want to meet Ms. Smith's real boss. Beth is out of control, I do not know what happened to Pikture Perfekt and China Doll, and what ever else is happening." Hi-Tech explained, nervousness in her voice. "No matter what else you think of Mr. Jester, he may be the only one who can get this under control."

Rachel frowned, "What other choice do you have?" Hi-Tech replied.

Rachel shook her head and nodded, "OK"

Hi-Tech’s backpack had activated its jet booster in order to catch up with the falling metahumans. Then they slowed to a stop and floated in the middle of a bubble of weightlessness. Rachel blushed as she couldn’t help but notice how it enhanced the other woman’s cleavage. "How?", she asked.

"Remote control," Hi-Tech grinned. "You don’t think I’d just let people swipe my stuff, do you? I may be a bimbo, but I’m not completely stupid." Her brow furrowed. "Or are you talking about how we’re hovering here? It’s my anti-grav generator…the ONLY way to fly. Also, it’s not quite as…obvious…as zooming around with a huge contrail, even if it is a bit slower. Much better if we have to worry about Ms. Smith chasing us. And now, let’s get the hell out of here." Looking at her HUD, she brought up the tracer location menu and zeroed in on Wonder Woman as she put her backpack on again. "Mr. Jester is this way. Let’s go!" She grabbed Rachel’s hand and headed towards her master.

Ms. Smith looked out the window at the two escaping villainesses. She took a step in their direction, but a shower of sparks from a gapping hole in her abdomen convinced her this would be folly. "Initiating repairs," she said primly. "Commence program Omega: creation of subunits to assist in capture sequence."

She reached behind her ear and took out a wire that she slipped through a hastily scrawled ‘Input’ hole. The two in the box didn’t even have a chance to protest as their bodies and personalities were overlaid by Ms. Smith’s new template. In a matter of minutes, the box’s door opened and two more Smiths came out, one male and one female. Their nudity was immaterial as they came to attention, waiting for instructions.

Another one of her rare smiles came to Ms. Smith’s lips. Unlike her, these units possessed actual superpowers in lieu of the shield generator she’d possessed. It would be child’s play to retrieve the two errant units and reprogram them.

The transformation box had begun to hiss and sputter. Electrical sparks by the look of it flew in several different directions, and it slowly started to turn a dark sinister color.

Part 9: Rachel and Hi-Tech Have a Heart-to-Heart

It was getting dark out, and if it were any other day, Rachel would have admired the sun setting on the horizon of the city. But of course this wasn't any other day, and she fighting to hold back the panic at the bottom of the stomach as she and Hi-Tech flew across the skyline toward Mr. Jester. Hi-Tech was holding her tightly from behind in a grip that felt almost comforting after the danger and shock they had been exposed to seconds ago. One of Hi-Tech's arms was across Rachel's stomach, the other across her chest, a hand gently but firmly gripping Rachel's left breast. "Looks like we're both fugitives now," Hi-Tech was saying. "Until we find Mr. Jester at least. Oh, and you'll be reunited with your sister. That should make you happy." She whispered these last words in Rachel's right ear. Her breath smelled slightly sweet.

Rachel fought to hold back the tears. She was at the end of her rope. "What about Batman?", she asked.

Hi-Tech sighed. "Well, first, that wasn't Batman. That was someone transformed to look like Batman. And second - and I want you to listen to me very closely here, because this is very important - you should give up on those people we left back there. Both 'Beth' and 'Batman' have probably been transformed by now. They're not going to help you." She laughed a little. "I'm your only hope now, Rachel." She squeezed her breast slightly to emphasize her point.

That's when the tears came. Rachel couldn't help herself. "Oh, shush," Hi-Tech said. "I'm not going to hurt you. We're just going a bit. Trust me." She lifted something in her hand and pushed it between Rachel's lips. "There you go. Chew on that. It'll make you feel better."

It was a lump of bubblegum. Already chewed. But it still tasted sweet. Very sweet. "Don't swallow it," Hi-Tech said. "Just chew it. Slowly. Doesn't it taste good?"

Rachel moved the gum around in her mouth, from side to side. It had expanded slightly. What did it taste like? Not like fruit or even sugar. It tasted pink, she decided. The color of Hi-Tech's costume.

Hi-Tech produced some other items and held them out. The data storage disk with the Flash's memories. The hypnotic earplugs she had used on Beth. She popped something out of the side of one of the earplugs. It was another data storage disk, about the size of a watch battery. "This is going to be very useful," she said. "It's a storage device. I took the liberty of downloading some information from Batman as we were reconditioning his little brain. It's all on here." She let the device roll around in her palm and then pocketed it. Then she placed one of the earplugs in Rachel's ear and gave her breast another squeeze.

"Okay," Rachel sobbed. "You're right. I give up. I just give up. Do what you want." The tears ran down her face now, although the rush of emotions that the words brought on felt good. A rush of release. It was so easy. Just give up and let Hi-Tech take care of that. "I don't want to fight anymore," Rachel said.

"You say that," Hi-Tech said. "But do you mean it?" She placed the second earplug in her other ear. "Now," she said. "What other part of you can we plug up?" Her voice sound slightly muffled and far away. Rachel rolled the gum around in her mouth.

Hi-Tech held up a long, smooth cucumber-shaped device for Rachel to see. "You'll like this," she said. "It's one of my favorites. It can pass through clothing, so I won't even have to undress you." She pushed the device between Rachel's legs and Rachel gasped slightly. Were people watching them from below, she wondered.

Her clothing seemed to mold around the device as it penetrated her, just slightly at first. She was still crying, making a slight sighing sound at the back of her throat. The earplugs began to play music. "Just relax," Hi-Tech said. "There's something else I'd like to do to you. You'll love it."

Rachel continued to drift in the pleasant pink fog that Hi-Tech had given her. And that music was so helpful too! She’d been foolish to keep struggling, she decided. It was so much easier to do what she was told. Easier…and more enjoyable, she thought as the device that had been planted up her pussy began to swell. Waves of orgasmic pleasure started rolling over her.

Hi-Tech, on the other hand, was more than a little concerned. While she was quite sure of Mr. Jester’s infallibility, she was worried about Surrealist. Ms. Smith had obviously had some kind of device that her mysterious masters had given her that blocked Rachel’s reality powers. That was not good. That means that they’d known what Rachel could do even before she’d been transformed. They’d all been played from the very start.

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