Comic Strip

by Paul G. Jutras

Katrina Beaudrion was a model who had just return to New York after doing a series of magazine shots down in the Florida keys. She entered her apartment, kicked off her heels and tossed one of her suit cases on the dinning room table.

"Welcome back." Her roommate, Brittney said as she came over and gave her a hug. They gave each other a butterfly kiss on the check as they went and sat down in the kitchen. Brittney had known roughly the time that Katrina would be home and had lunch fixed for her.

"Good to be back." Katrina smiled as she crossed her legs and rubbed her sore, stocking encased foot several times. "Working in front of those hot lights and cameras is quite different than being a living mannequin for Apollo's Department store."

"We've missed you down there." Brittney said. Her tall nearly six foot frame, wide shoulders, long dark hair and big nose made her look a lot like his Aunt Kathy. "Though I'll be leaving the store myself for a while."

"Got something special lined up?"

"This new comic book company is trying to get off the ground and they want women of all shapes and sizes to come and pose for them. I guess their images will be sketched and used in their first strip."

"That's wonderful." Katrina smiled as she finished eating and then stripped down to her birthday suit. She climbed naked under the bed covers while Brittney climbed in wearing a white nightgown. She knew she always liked to cozy up to someone in bed. She didn't mind if it was male or female.

The next day, Brittney went down to the address she saw in the newspaper and was told to go into a dressing room. There she put on a stretchy body suit that looked like rubber on the outside and felt like her body was covered in nylon on the inside. "Is this alright?" she asked, surprise not to see anyone else in the studio to pose for him. "Is it just that two of us?"

"I'm expecting some more girls later." Tom smiled as Brittney held a sexy pose while Tom seemed to start his sketching. His pencil merely pretended to travel over the paper as he suddenly looked up with anger and walked over to her. "No, No. I'm not feeling inspired."

"Let us see now." Tom said wickedly as he set his pencil down and picked up a paint brush. Brittney wasn't sure what he was going to do, but as the paint brush touched the suit, her body instantly became stiff. The paint seemed to wash over her as her body went from looking human to looking like a three dimensional cartoon version of herself. "Much better."

With but a stroke of the paint brush, Brittney vanished from the workroom and found herself being transported inside one of the comic panels. Her flat image was copied in the different poses throughout the comic strip. "Welcome to my comic book, Brittney," Tom said at last.

When her roomate didn't show up that evening, Katrina went down to the address that Brittney had circled in the newspaper. The place was empty, except for a table vase of brushes and a comic strip laying on a table. She notice the images in the panels did look a lot like Brittney and knew that she had been there.

"You must be Brittney's roommate." Tom said as he stepped from the back room, wiping his hands with a rag. "I did a full research profile on her from the time she was kicked out of the house by her parents. I think that she came out well.  Now it is your turn..."

"What are you doing?" Katrina asked as she stared into his eyes and started to feel sleepy. Going into a trance, she went into the backroom and stripped down to her pantyhose. She put on a sleek, tight black and hot pink tube swimsuit.

"With the size difference you two will make a good super heroine and kid sidekick team." Tom said as he touched her with the paint brush. The paint washed over her, making her look surreal and cartoon in appearance. Like Brittney, she was then transported into the comic strip as Tom waited for other girls to show so he could create the bad girls and finish his book.

When a knock came at the door, he knew it was time for the next subject to pose for him. When she came in, he knew exactly what suit to put on her.


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