The Curse

by Paul G. Jutras

(DISCLAIMER: The following story is based upon a synopsis that Magnus E-mailed me.)

It was late friday night and Linda had stopped off at a party on her way to her to her grandmother's house. She held a glass gracefully in one hand as she talked to Crystal and Cindy. All three were in their finest evening gowns, peal necklaces and five inch heels. "I'll only be staying with my grandmother until I can find a place on my own." Linda said taking a graceful sip and noticing the time. "If I'm going shopping for an interview outfit tomorrow, I'd better get going and get some beauty sleep."

An owl hooted on a nearby branch as Linda left the party and got into her sports car. Several men followed her out and waved good bye. She loved going to parties because she always made sure that she had the appearance that would turn a man's head.

As clouds passed over the moon, Linda saw a man walking down the dirt road and carrying and old fashion oil lantern. "Hello there." Linda said as she pulled up in front of the man dressed in a brown shirt and boots with a green jacket and pants. "I'm looking for Red Rivers. I'm visiting my grandmother and, not knowing the area well, think I got turned around."

"You're going the right way all right." The man held the lantern up to his face. "About five miles down the road. In fact, my family's gypsy camp is just three miles from here. Think you can give me a lift?"

"Look, I'd love to." Linda said nervously. "I have a policy not to pick up hitchhikers. Especially at night."

Linda then started her car up and went straight to her grandmother's house. Arriving, she found her grandmother had already gone to sleep. A note in their secret location told her where the key was and to let herself in. She did so and soon changed and went to bed. She didn't want to admit it but she actually got a little hot when talking to the gypsy guy.

The next day, Linda had breakfast with her grandmother and drove into town to do some Saturday morning shopping. As usual, she liked being dressed up because of the way the men would all stare at her. Unfortunately the store had only just opened and their wasn't too many men around to admire her.

Walking over to the perfume counter, Linda saw a gypsy woman finishing up with another woman when she turned toward Linda. "May I help you?" she asked with a weird smile on her face. "I have a wide variety to sample from."

"This is new." Linda held up a bottle marked CURSE. "What does this one smell like?"

"Take a sniff." The woman said helpfully as she sprayed some on both of Linda's wrists and on her neck. "What do you think?"

"Heavenly." Linda smiled at the thought of how the men would flock around her when they get a whiff. "I'll take it."

Putting the bottle in her purse, she went and picked up some blouses, skirts and matching shoes that would make a fantastic interview outfit. Gathering her stuff, she went to the ladies dressing room to try it on. She put the shoes on the floor and hung the clothes on a wall hook. As she sat down on the bench to smooth out her nylons, the wall spun around.

"What's going on?" Linda asked as she found herself cornered by three gypsy dressed men. Their very presence made her pussy wet. She couldn't understand why being cornered by threatening men was turning her on so much.

"My crystal ball said you'd be here today." The perfume lady said as she walked up to Linda. "I'm Madame Zolda. I just work here because the fortune teller business is so poor these days. It also notice how you were turned on by my son when he asked you for a ride last night."

"I also see you're turned on by my brothers." Madame Zolda said looking at the flustered look on Linda's face. "My perfume, CURSE has made it so you'll always be aroused when around men, as you can tell.

"What are you going to do to me?" Linda asked as she tired to step forward, but found her feet were rooted in place. She looked down and noticed how her toes were fusing together. The tingly feeling rose up her legs and changed them into a plastic sheen.

"You like being noticed by men." The gypsy woman smiled. "Once my spell turns you into a mannequin, you can be noticed by men all day long in this store."

"No, you can't do this to me." Linda looked horrified as her legs positioned themselves two feet apart. "I don't want to be a mannequin."

"you should of thought of that when you failed to pick up my son." The gypsy said as an indention replaced Linda's belly button. "Don't worry, you won't die. And to make sure you don't get bored with your new life, I got something for you."

The gypsy nodded and one of the men handed their gypsy queen a dildo. She quickly shoved it into Linda, filling her sex. She then checked her clit to make sure that it was in all the way. "Isn't that much better?" She asked as she turned it on. She rubbed Linda's hardening breasts with her hand still soaked in Linda's juices.

"Just wait till I show you what I have planned for you to wear." She smiled at Linda as she walked off.

At this time Linda could nol onger speak. Her eyes were fixed straight ahead as she could only watch and feel the men removing the rest of her clothes. She was horrified and turned on when the gypsy queen returned with a red G-string bikini.

After she finished dressing Linda, she ordered her brothers to put their new merchandise display dummy in the front window so that everyone on the street could admire her in her outfit.

"See you around the store." The gypsy woman smiled at Linda as she returned to work at her perfume counter.


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