The Curse 2:  Gypsy's Store

by Paul Jutras

                                IS NOT CONSIDERED A CONTINUATION OF THE CURSE.

      I awoke Saturday to find the kids were already listening to morning  cartoons in the living room. I got out of bed and slipped my arms into the sleeves of my fuzzy pink bathrobe and matching slippers. With a yawn, I went downstairs and pulled out a frying pan and cracked some eggs into them. I then plugged the coffee pot in. I could feel the bounce and shift of my unrestrained breasts with each movement.

     The smell of the coffee boiling soon drew the attention of my husband, Jeff. Not that I cared. We haven't really gotten along these last few months. The way the women at my bridge club quiets up when I enter the room, I'm sure their suspecting us to break up.

     As usual, Jeff came into the kitchen unshaven and poured himself a cup of coffee. He blew a few kisses in my general direction and sat down with his face buried in the morning newspaper.  The kids hardly touched a bite before returning to the TV.

     As Jeff finished his breakfast, I jumped into the shower and washed myself from my face to the painted cuticles. The water caused my nipples to go erect and harden as they did every morning. As my hand ran over my legs, I knew they needed a shave.

     Lathering one leg at a time I ran the blade up and down each. I decided also to shave under my arms and around my sex while I was at it. The smoother my body was the better I liked it.

    I then dressed provocatively in a fire red halter mini, black clogs and a new pair of suntan pantyhose fresh out of the package.

    Coming downstairs I noticed  Jeff and our son, Roger was outside playing catch. Susie was still coloring in front of the TV.  I used this time to do the breakfast dishes and give the house a quick vacuum and dusting before I checked the newspaper for the time of the department store sale.

     The doorbell rang and I went to answer it. Karen had her station wagon parked in my drive way with Kim, Jennifer and Katrina  inside. "Niki, are you ready to go?" Karen asked me as I slung my purse over my shoulder and did a quick check of my hair and make up. I was always ready for a new store's grand opening sale.

"Ready," I replied,  "I'm glad Jeff doesn't have to work today so he can watch the kids. Hell, even us wives need to have a little time to ourselves for shopping and girl talk."

      We entered Moonstone's department store just when opened. We managed to time it so that we didn't have to wait in line for the doors to be unlocked. We were greeted by Madame Zolda, the manager.

"I'm glad to see you've made it to our grand opening." She greeted each lady who came in. "Don't forget to sign up for our little contest. If you're among our winners, you'll get  some free clothes to wear."

     The idea of getting clothes for free was too much for friends and I to resist. We all quickly put down our names in hope to be among the winners. Though the contest suggested they'd be more than one, it didn't say how many. The forms asked for height and weight. It included a request for bust size, dress size and shoe size in case one won.

     "I hope if I win that they'll have some shoes I like," said Kat.

   "I'm sure they will," I answered with a smile. "I hope they have some of those Contura brand panty hose on sale. I've heard that they're the best money can buy. Nothing like them."

     Noticing a pair of Contura on a nearby mannequin, I went over and ran my hand over its legs. "Just feel the sheerness of this pair and tell me you don't want a pair for yourself?"

      Jennifer touched the nylon and couldn't believe her touch. It was like nothing she had ever felt. One would almost think that the nylon was sprayed on the mannequin's legs. "You're right. I've never seen such sheer nylon. I think I'll get a pair for myself."

"Being a grand opening, you'd think they have more mannequins out to display the merchandise on sale." Karen said as she looked about the store. They weren't many, but the ones that were around looked so real that one expected to see their chests raise and fall in small breaths.

"They've probably got more in storage." I said as I went to the center of the store's cosmetic and jewels department. I  held up a earring and looked in the mirror. "Either that, or they're on route from the main store in town. These don't do anything for me."

     On the right side of the store was swim, lingerie and sports wear. Karen, Jennifer and I went that way while Kat headed over to career way to pick out a new outfit for work on Monday.

        "Well girls, this is what we're here for." I said, finding a display of  Contura pantyhose next to a pantyhose form mannequin. "Let's shop until we drop."

     I spotted Madame Zolda walking about the shop, making sure everyone is happy. "Madame Zolda, is it true that these are 50% off?"

"Yes, for this week only," she said.

"I also need a pair of blocked shoes."

"No problem," The gypsy woman said. "I saw you sign the contest form so I already know your size. Just wait in the dressing room and I'll bring you a pair of each."

     "That's weird." I thought. "Even if she saw me sign the paper with my friends, how did she know which name and size belong to me?"

     Madame Zolda soon brought me what I wanted and I notice the package of pantyhose didn't have a size written on it.  Before I could ask if it would fit me, I notice she was already gone. "Stranger and stranger."

     I bunched up the new pantyhose and began pulling them on. Because of how expensive they're normally are, I made sure not to make them run. The material felt thin and light. In fact, it almost looked like I wasn't wearing stockings at all when I pulled them over my legs. With the appearance of having been sprayed on, I pulled the nylons securely about my hips. I had never worn pantyhose without underwear before, but from what I've heard of Contura, I wanted the full experience. The sensation against my naked sex was surprising and made me a little arouse. The pantyhose was seamless and without the cotton panel, it made me look as sexless as the models in the department store's catalog.

      I put on my new shoes and turned toward the dressing room mirror.  If it wasn't for the change in skin color, I would of sworn I was barelegged as I felt the cool air blowing through the store pass against my body. The tiniest movement of my body mixed with the air caused me to orgasm. I looked at my crotch and was surprise it wasn't wet despite how I could feel my juices in the air tight barrier between my body and my pantyhose.

     I bent over and picked up my dress. Sliding it down over my head, I could feel another orgasm build inside of me. Next door, I could fear Jennifer and Karen moaning. They must of bought some Contura pantyhose too.

     As another orgasm hit me, my knees buckled and I had to catch myself on the wall to prevent collapsing to my hands and knees. Before my very eyes, the waist band seemed to spread up my body. My whole body became smooth nylon and the heat of my clit pushing against the pantyhose was driving me to erotic pleasure.

"Your friends are coming along nicely." Madame Zolda said as she entered the room. "I could hear that you've become one of my winners too."


"Winners of my contest." Madame Zolda smiled as my legs stiffened. "By now you can barely move your legs. Soon you and your friends will get to wear all the free clothes you wish. As my newest store mannequins."

"How can you do that," I asked.

"A small curse I put on the pantyhose." Madame Zolda smiled. "I once turned a woman who rejected my son into a mannequin, and the manager loved how realistic the mannequin looked, she made me the manager here. Course she'll never know how real the mannequin was."

     Immediately it hit again. My hips wanted to rock as the orgasm intensified, but in my now immobilized state, the orgasm instantly rushed up to my head in a satisfying pulse of pleasure. My climax seemed to have no end to it was my whole body glistened with perspiration.

     My sex-addled mind wanted to rub my clit furiously, but I couldn't move my pantyhose covered fingers down toward it. The nylon rubbing against my nipples caused my breasts to go erect and remain that way.

      Madame Zolda stepped behind me. Having no choice but to stare at myself in the mirror, I could see her pose me in a new way. Each time she touched me, I would have another orgasm. In my state of  arousal, my mind couldn't care about anything. Part of me wanted it to end and part of me wanted it to go on forever. She arched my back so that my breasts would stand out. She placed the palm of one hand on my hip and had the fingers of the other running through my hair. She put my weight on my right leg.

     Madame Zolda then reached into her purse and pulled out a dildo. I watched as she pressed it deep inside me until my sex felt full.  The heat exploded in my cooch and spread both up to my head and down to my toes.

      My pantyhose body had changed into a shiny gloss finish as the nylon became a permanent part of me. I notice my pussy was gone with only a small mound where the dildo was sealed up remained. Unable to talk, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen next.

"Don't worry about the batteries on the dildo." Madame Zolda smiled as she placed my purse on my bent arm and picked me up. I couldn't believe how light I felt. With the juices moving about my virginia, I orgasm again. "The curse your under will see to it that it will never run down."

     I was carried to the back storage room where I saw Karen, Jennifer and Katrina. As Madame Zolda began inspecting us, I notice that she had posed Karen in a blue with pink stripe bathing suit. She had  her arms bent at the elbows and the palms of her hands on hips that were tilted outward. Jennifer had on a white blouse and mini skirt. Ankle soaks and sneakers covered her panty hosed feet. A tennis racket was in one hand.  Kat hosed feet where in 3 inch heels with a blue mini skirt and blazer that went with her white blouse.

     Removing my dress and putting on a store brand bra snugly on me, I was put on a cart and was wheeled by one of the employees to the underwear department. I was put in a position were I could see Karen in swim wear. She still had her Contura Pantyhose on under her bathing suit. Like me, she'd be wearing her nylons for a long time.

     The four of us remained on display for a week. I could sometimes here the TV sets on in the appliance department. A couple of the news broadcasts talked about me and the other girls were reported missing after going on an outing. Because of the trouble we were all having with our husbands it was concluded by the end of the weeks broadcast that we had just walked out and abandoned our families.

     When the grand opening sale was finished, my friends and I were taken down from our displays and brought to the back. I had hoped that Madame Zolda would changed us back now that the week was over.  No such luck. With a laser, she bisected our torsos and then removed our arms and right legs. Pivot points were then put in our joints so that we could be posed with ease in the future. He then shaved our heads so that we could be fitted with different color and style wigs.

     After we were put back together, Madame Zolda placed us each on a dolly and wheeled us back onto the floor. The orgasms continued to build inside me as my body shook on the dolly. I thought I was going to end up back in lingerie, but to my surprise, I passed Kat, Jennifer and Karen as she brought me over to the front window. "Guess this store is my new home." I thought as Madame Zolda  put me in the window and dressed me in my old red dress and the block heels I had planned to buy a week ago. I couldn't help but wonder if the mannequins in the window with me use to be living housewives like my friends and I use to be.


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