author's note: the following story contains descriptions of a sexual nature as well as explicit stuff about people being turned into mechanical creatures.

---> it's also mostly about this happening to a *man*. if that freaks you out at all or even sounds the kind of things liable to disgust you, or if you're not supposed to be reading this sort of thing, then rather than writing to tell me how sick I am, please stop reading now. :)

Julia made a few last-minute preparations, checking some screens and meters around the control console before looking up at the subject of her new experiment. He hung lifelessly in the cyborgization cubicle, moaning occasionally. Julia smiled, typed in a control sequence on the keyboard and retreated into the darkness around the edge of the laboratory.

Luke awoke to the dizzying sensation of being completely unable to move his arms or legs, indeed any part of his naked body. As far as he could see, for his scope of vision was limited by the brace that had locked his head tightly in position against the back wall of the cubicle, his limbs and trunk had been fastened in place with reinforced straps and tubes in such a way that no movement at all was possible. Blowing his hair away from his eyes, he struggled slightly and felt the restraints tighten further, accomodating every minute subtlety of his movement. Panic swam into his thoughts as he became convinced that escape was completely impossible. His breathing became faster, and as it did so he noticed an oscillating green meter on the bank of instruments opposite him begin to pulse faster.

"What are you going to do?" he muttered, sure that someone was listening. For a few seconds there was no reply, then Julia's even, soothing voice could be heard coming from a shadowy corner of the chamber:

"The computer is going to take over your brain. You will be enslaved." Before Luke could spit a confused reply, gas began to hiss into the cubicle from jets located in its corners. "The adjustments to your atmosphere I am making will place your mind and body in a state of relaxation, in order to aid the conversion. Do not try to speak." Luke's mouth dropped as he made to say something, but the lethargy creeping over him was making it more difficult every second. He felt a couple of tiny pricks as hypodermic needles punctured his neck and began squirting some alien fluid into his bloodstream. He felt its warmth traverse the length of his body, making him feel numb and helpless.

"W-whhhrrr... wwh......" he gurgled, but the effort was too much. His eyelids drooped. Julia smiled and stepped out of the shadows. She stood in her lab-coat in front of the cubicle.

"Do not become alarmed. You will experience negligible pain. As a cyborg, you will serve me well."

Leaning over to the control console, she entered another control sequence and then strode up towards the cubicle in order to observe the process up close. Luke's eyes were now closed, and the syringes disengaged from his neck smoothly, sliding back into the wall of the cubicle. At the same time, the back wall of the booth came alive, machinery gliding into position around his naked body, and the whole cubicle began to buzz with electricity.

Quietly and efficiently, wiring started coating his arms and legs. The thicker cables wound around him like tendrils. The wires slid under his skin and interfaced with his nervous system. Implants began to fit into his head, while cybernetic components clicked into place all over his chest and limbs. As his brain was equipped with circuitry the computer connected to his cortex and started brainwashing him. Robotic gloves and boots fitted over his own human hands and feet as while sturdy steel armor plating began to cover his trunk. The computer, having finished wiping Luke's memories of his life as a human being, started stripping away his emotions too, replacing them only with logic and obedience. Soon his arms and legs had finished being converted, metal armor snapping shut around them. A gleaming helmet-like device closed around his head, and then it was complete.

There was a slight pause, and the operating machinery slotted back into the sides of the cubicle. The restraints that had held him in place receded also. The cubicle doors also opened. Julia smiled and entered a final sequence into the computer. There was a momentary buzz and Luke's body juddered slightly, then silence. The cubicle was dead. It had done its work.

"Activate." said Julia. The Cyborg-Luke began to come to life. His eyes glowed red and his lips parted slightly, but he did not move. "Diagnostics." There was a slight whirr, and then Luke's voice could be heard. It sounded cold and monotonous, and strangely electronic.

"cyborg-unit---system-integrity-intact." he said.

"Good." murmured Julia, and she stepped forward to admire her new slave. His huge body looked from the outside to be almost entirely robotic, apart from his face. "Are you aware of your past as a human individual, with a free will?"

"yes." said Luke.

"You are no longer that individual. As part of your cyborgization your mind has been totally enslaved to me. You will obey my every command."

"i-will-obey." came the instant reply.

"Good. Step out of the cubicle." Luke's hydraulic limbs whirred into motion as he mechanically walked out of the pod and stood to attention in front of it. "Now..." breathed Julia, moving closer and placing the palm of her hand on Luke's shiny metal chest, "... hold me."

The cyborg which had once been Luke, with surprising gentleness, folded his arms around Julia's back and held her tightly against him. Julia slid her hands around his smooth robotic torso, feeling more and more aroused as the hard, cool metal of his chest touched the soft, warm skin of her breasts and neck. She groaned and smiled. "Obey me." she murmured.

"i-obey-without-question.." came the monotonous, electronic reply from Luke's human mouth.

"Who am I?" asked Julia.


"Mmmn..." she moaned.

you-must-be-converted-into-a-cyborg." Luke concluded.

"Yess...." came the almost inaudible reply as Julia hugged Luke's robotic form tightly. After a pause, Luke disengaged himself and stepped back from Julia. She closed her eyes as Luke began to undress her. He removed her white lab-coat and unbuttoned her blouse, touching the curves of her soft white breasts with his robotic fingers. She took the rest of her clothes off herself and left them in a pile on the floor. Luke opened the door of the conversion cubicle and helped her in. Once inside, with the door shut, Julia leant back against the wall of the cubicle and felt the steel restraints fit around her arms and legs, holding her tightly in position.

Clanking and whirring, Luke jerked over to the control console and interfaced with it directly, feeding it rewritten, efficient control sequences. "you-will-now-be- cyborgized" said Luke as he entered the final commands. "soon-your-brain-will-obey-the-computer-as-mine-does."

Julia smiled happily as the cubicle set to work on her. She knew that she had always wanted to be made robotic and reprogrammed. She was not afraid. She would obey. She made her mind blank so that the computer could take it over easily.

"I will obey. I will be made into a cyborg. I will become a cyborg." she intoned as her body was covered in metal and her brain was adjusted. "I will become a cyborg. I will obey." she repeated, Luke's red eyes watched calmly as his creator underwent her own conversion process. As she became more of a robot, he realised that his something was straining in his groin. His thick steel cock was beginning to grow and stiffen as he watched the beautiful cyborg that was being created inside the cubicle.

Julia's smile faded into a blank look. His arms and legs were entirely encased in metal. Her smooth, sensual chest gleamed in the light of the electricity that buzzed around her. Her eyes began to glow red. Her moist lips parted.

"I am a cyborg.
I - am a - cyborg.
i-am-a-cyborg." Julia's voice sounded monotonous and robotic. Had her computerized brain been capable of emotion, she would have smiled. She was content now that she was being fed instructions from the computer. She obeyed without question.

The cubicle doors slid open with a hiss. The cubicle released its subject from her restraints and she stepped out, her new shiny body clanking and jerking robotically. She looked up at Luke, who was standing in front of her at the door of the pod. They looked at each other's cyborgized body lustfully and knew what they had to do.

Holding each other, the two cyborgs kissed...

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