A Different Kind of Model

by Someone Like You

This is the story that I wrote recently.  It's a scriptment in a way.

The ad in the newspaper had been simple, but it had intrigued Rachel so much she had to answer it:

        **WANTED** Females, ages 18-27, to be part of an
        extensive, long-term research project. All living
        necessities will be covered.

        Call 555-8472 and ask for Joley.

She wondered how long this was going to take, but she didn't really care as she didn't really have anyone depending on her, and she could easily free herself for any amount of time.  So she picked up her cordless phone and dialed the number.

Rachel: Yes, may I please speak to Joley?

Operator: One moment please while I transfer you. (typical "on-hold" music is heard for about 20 seconds)

Joley: (a male voice) Yes, this is Joley.

Rachel: Hello, my name is Rachel Donalds and I'm calling about your ad in the View for females for a long term research project.

Joley: Ah, yes. We've had quite a few calls in about the project, and a few girls accepting the position. We do have three spots left, if you're interested.

Rachel: I definitely am, but how long will this project last, and what will I do about all my bills and the such?

Joley: If you choose to accept, all of your bills and the like will be taken care of by our staff, so you will have nothing to worry about for the time you are here. And the project shall last an indeterminate amount of time, but during this time, you will be perfectly cared for in all ways.

Rachel: Well... I am really interested, but I'd like to know what this research is about.

Joley: I'm afraid I can't say anything until you accept the position and have come to the center, as the research we are conducting is hush-hush material.

Rachel: Okay... Alright, I'll accept. It sounds interesting.

Joley: GREAT! Alright, I'll need a bit of information from you. Can I please have your full name?

Rachel: Rachel Louise Donalds

Joley: o..k..a..y... Got it. Age?

Rachel: 22

Joley: Alright... Height?

Rachel: 5'7"

Joley: Weight?

Rachel: (pause) 135

Joley: Alright. The other measurements we can get when you arrive here.

Rachel: And.. where is "here?"

Joley: Ah, yes. We'll need your address and phone number. Tomorrow morning at precisely 8am, a blue van will arrive at your residence to take you to the center.

Rachel: Alright, my address is 518 North Center Drive, and my phone number is 555-9488. Is there anything I should bring with me tomorrow?

Joley: You are allowed to bring one bag with you. All clothes and apparel will be provided, so feel free to bring along any personal items that you may feel you will need. Once at the center, you will not be permitted to leave again until the research is completed. Do you understand?

Rachel: Yup, perfectly clear.

Joley: Well, thank you for your time Rachel. We'll be there to pick you up tomorrow at 8am. Be waiting outside your house after locking your door.
(click as the phone hangs up)

Rachel hung the phone up with a smile upon her face, content in the decision she made. She hopped on over to her computer and wrote out a few emails to her friends and family, telling them that she wouldn't be around for a while, but not to worry. She didn't have to worry about quitting her job as she had been fired the day before. This opportunity couldn't have come at a better time.

Her alarm woke her at 6:45 the next morning. She groggily slapped at the alarm to silence it, muffling her groan into her feather pillow. She laid there for a few minutes, letting herself come awake, before hauling herself up to a sitting position, rubbing the side of her face with the heel of her hand. Standing up, she moved sleepily to the bathroom and started the shower, then slipping out of her flimsy nightgown and crawling into the shower, pulling the curtain closed behind her. She stood under the stream of water, feeling herself wake up slowly but surely. She finally got around to washing her hair and body, then climbed out of the shower, toweling herself off with a soft white towel, making her way to the vanity to finish getting ready.

Thirty minutes later, her shoulder length brown hair had been dried and styled, her makeup had been applied, and she finally looked like a human being again.

Standing up, she went to her closet and pulled out a sleeveless blouse and a pair of jeans, pulling them on after putting on her underwear and panties. Fluffing her hair for a moment, she glanced at the time. 7:50am. She needed to get her one bag ready and get outside quickly. She picked up her backpack and threw her hairbrush and a few toiletries in it, a couple books, and her cd player and her CDs. By this time, it was five til eight, so she grabbed her keys and ran out the door, hearing the lock click shut behind her. She sat on the stoop of her house, waiting for the blue van to arrive.

At precisely 8:00am, the blue van pulled up and the side door slid open. She got up from where she was sitting and jogged to the van, stepping up inside into the darkness, all light vanishing as the door was slid shut behind her. Before she could orient herself, a strong hand was clasped over her mouth, muffling all screams. Another hand grabbed the wrist of her right arm and pulled it out from her body. She stiffened as she felt a needle penetrate the skin of her arm, a liquid being injected into her system. The world seemed to vanish as her body went limp in the arms of her captors.

The blue van traveled for a few miles, coming to stop in front of a white four-story building. The side of the van slid open and two burly men hefted Rachel's limp body from the inside of the van and carried her to a side door in the building which opened automatically for them. They took Rachel to a metal examination table and laid her down upon it, and then they disappeared into another room.

Moments later, another person entered the room, clipboard in hand. He strode over to the prone form on the examination table and looked her over carefully. She was a beautiful young woman with soft brown hair and a creamy complexion un-marred by any blemishes. She was quite slender, her waist having a natural narrowed appearance, hips wider. Her lips were soft and full, coloured by a light coating of lip gloss. All in all, she was quite a beauty. He made a few notes on the clipboard he carried, then sat it down on a nearby stand.

This clipboard was labeled as "Mannequin 00789: Rachel L. Donalds." Below the bold heading, in smaller print, it said "full procedure."

His hands empty, he moved back to the prone form on the table, knowing the injected drug would keep her unconscious for another eight hours, giving him plenty of time to work. His practised hands made quick work of her clothes, stripping her down nude. He examined her nude body gently, taking note in his head of what needed to be done. She was in excellent form, very little fat upon her body, making her a prime specimen. He went back over to the table and picked up the clipboard and fishing a pen from the pocket of his jacket, brushing his fingers over the name tag which named him as Joley. Flipping to the second page of the clipboard, he made a list of what he wanted done to her:

        1) Permanent removal of all body hair, including eyelashes, eyebrows, and nostril hair
        2) Surgical removal of fingernails and toenails
        3) Collagen injections in lips
        4) Breast reduction from a full C cup to a small A cup
        5) Removal of clitoris
        6) Removal of all teeth
        7) Vocal cords severed
        8) Spaying of subject
        9) Bleaching of body to a pale white
        10) Plugging of the vaginal cavity

He lowered the clipboard and removed his pen from the paper, running that hand over her torso lightly, thinking. She was a fine specimen, and he couldn't help but be attracted to her. "Yes," he thought, "she will make a fine addition to my mannequin gallery." A soft chuckle escaped his lips as he continued writing upon the clipboard.

        11) Prepare for the process of becoming a mannequin

He put the clipboard back down upon the stand and moved to stand beside her again, smiling down at her prone form.

"Soon, my dear Rachel, you shall join the others in a lifetime of devotion to me." He chuckled softly and turned to leave the room, leaving the clipboard there for those that would complete the processes desired on her body.

Soon after Joley left, a group of people entered, all having donned white lab jackets. They swarmed about in various cupboards, preparing tables of instruments to be used on Rachel's prone body. One of the people picked up the clipboard and studied what was to be done to this one. With a nod to the others and a few spoken orders, they got to work.

Her head was propped up with a brace and her long brown hair combed out behind her and gathered into a tight ponytail at the crown of her head. A pair of shears were brought out and the ponytail disconnected from the rest of her hair and placed in a bag to be sold at a wig shop. Human hair tended to bring a hefty price when it was well taken care of. A pair of electric clippers were brought out next, shearing her hair to a mere quarter of an inch in length. The guard was removed then from the clippers and then used to shear her hair to a fine stubble. Quick work was also made of her eyebrows with the clippers. Soon after, a jar of a viscous gel was wielded, the thick blue gel applied liberally to her entire face. The gel worked as liquid electrolysis, destroying each hair root that the gel was applied to. The gel was left to sit for 5 minutes and then wiped off with a soft cloth, removing all traces of hair from her face, giving her skin a certain sheen. She no longer looked like Rachel, most of her identity stolen with the removal of her hair.

The gel was applied liberally to the rest of her body, including her trimmed pussy hair, and left to work. As that set, two more people approached her form, prying open her mouth and inserting a dental appliance to jack open her mouth, dislocating her jaw in the process. Novocain was administered using a hypodermic needle, and each tooth was gently pried from her mouth. They made quick work of her teeth with practised moves, leaving her mouth a bloody, gaping maw. Another appliance was inserted down her throat with care to sever her vocal cords, rendering her permanently mute. Both appliances were removed from her mouth, a loud pop heard as her jaw was popped back into place. Another syringe was wielded this time, injecting both lips with collagen, giving her thick lips, the bottom lip slightly bigger to emphasize the natural pout of her lips. At this time, the gel that was covering her body in a thick glaze was wiped down, removing all traces of hair from her body, leaving Rachel permanently hairless.

The people that surrounded Rachel moved away now, giving way to another group of people that moved in quickly. One pair of people went to work on removing her fingernails and toenails, cauterizing the cuticle to prevent regrowth. They backed away as their job was completed, watching as another pair went to work on a breast reduction, pumping out bloody tissue as her breasts reduced from a plump C cup to a tiny A. As her breasts were removed, another group moved down her body to between her legs, the lips of her pussy slightly inflamed from the hair loss. They pulled her lips wide, exposing her clitoris, and then with an agile snip of a pair of scissors, her clit was detached from her body. After this, a spray was injected up into her vagina, quickly spaying her chemically. This group moved away as they completed their tasks, letting another group move in. In their hands were many syringes filled with a thick red liquid. Using a speculum, they opened her pussy wide for intrusion. Each syringe was emptied into the waiting cavity, expanding as it warmed to a heavy foam, filling her vaginal cavity completely. As this was finished, stitching utensils were wielded and the inner lips of Rachel's pussy were sewed shut, sealing her shut permanently. As this was finished, the pair backed away as another group moved in, lifting her body from the metal examination table and transporting it to a large tub filled with a skin-bleaching agent. Air tubes were gently fitted into her mouth and nose and let away from the tub. The group lowered Rachel into the tub to soak for the one hour it would take to bleach her skin white.

While they waited for this to complete, a myriad of tubes were gathered on a table, all would be inserted into Rachel's body to prepare her for the process of becoming a mannequin. She would be fitted with a catheter to empty her body of waste. She would only be fed a liquid diet, so use of her anus for waste would be unnecessary. Her ass would be plugged heavily because of this. A heavy tube would be fed down her throat, leading into her stomach, which would be her only source of food. Her mouth would be shut while she was on display, but could be opened at feeding times, where another tube would connect to the one hidden in her body to provide the necessary nourishment. Another set of tubes would be fed through her nose into her breathing passages and cemented into place in her nostrils. This would prepare her for the process of becoming a mannequin.

An hour later, her body was removed from the tub and hosed down with warm water to wash away the rest of the bleaching agent. Her once tan body was now a ghastly white, even her red lips were pale and dead looking. They brought her back over to the table and laid her upon her stomach. Her buttocks were pried apart and a thick, hardening agent was pumped deep into her tight rosebud. As it sat, it would harden to a rock-like consistency, effectively sealing her backdoor. She was then turned over onto her back and a catheter was inserted, her bladder emptying immediately into an attached bag. Her lips were pried open again and her feeding tube was threaded down into her stomach, cementing it into place at the entrance to her throat. Breathing tubes were then inserted into her nasal passages and held in place with a small amount of cement on the inside of her nostrils. She was now ready for the process.

All the equipment that had been brought out was cleaned and put away, and the group of people vacated the room, leaving her as before they came in, only drastically changed. Moments later, Joley returned to the room, nodding his approval at the pale form before him. She looked as all the others in his display did, though she was paler. That would be changed later when her skin was painted for display.

The final step of the process, he preferred to do himself. Rummaging around in another closet, he pulled out an IV stand and wheeled it over to her side. Moving to the fridge, he pulled out two IV bags, both filled with a clear liquid. He moved back to Rachel's side, setting up one IV bag and inserting the needle into the crook of her left elbow. This IV liquid was his own invention. It would plasticize the victim's skin and bones, making the body much like that of an actual mannequin. After the IV was finished, the victim would not be able to move anything, including their eyelids or lips, as every joint was now manually controlled by those that would pose her. The process would take about an hour to complete, requiring two bags of solution. He let the first one empty, testing the feel of her skin, smiling at the firmness that it was taking on. After the second bag was emptied into Rachel's system, her skin had taken on the feel of hard rubber.

He experimented to make sure the formula had worked properly by posing her legs and arms and making sure they stayed in position. They did. It was a success. He chuckled softly, repositioning her limbs to where they naturally are. There was another kick to the formula that he had used. It allowed her body to now be taken apart at the joint. He could remove her feet, or her legs, or her hands, or whatever he pleased.

He studied her form for a long while, trying to figure out what would be the best way to display her. Some of the mannequins he had acquired were torso and head only, having no limbs. Others had their arms and legs, but only to their knees and elbows. He wondered what would work for Rachel, and then he got an idea. He disconnected her legs at the hips and laid them to the side, leaving her only as a torso with arms. Her legs could be used for stocking displays if he so desired. Having made his decision, he left her there upon the table to let the anesthesia wear off and allow her to come back to consciousness.

Hours later, Rachel flitted back to consciousness, feeling quite cold and strange. She tried to move, but found herself unable to. She wasn't even able to open her eyes. But she could hear, and she heard noises of people around her, and then a familiar voice. It took her a moment to place it, but then she remembered.


"Hello Rachel. I suppose you're wondering what happened to you. Well, you have become a part of our research project in making human girls into living mannequins. Many things have been done to you while you were unconscious. You are now permanently hairless and toothless. We have severed your vocal cords so you will never utter another sound, though I did enjoy your voice. Your fingernails and toenails were also removed, along with a breast reduction down to an A cup, and a removal of your clitoris. You have been catheterized and a feeding tube inserted for nourishment. Tubes were also inserted in your airways to ensure that they always stayed clear. Your ass was filled permanently, as was your vaginal cavity. Your body has also been bleached a ghastly white, ridding you of all skin colour. After this, a special drug was inserted into your body, paralyzing you and plasticizing your skin. The only way you are able to move now is if we physically move you. And a side effect of this drug; it also allows limbs to be removed at the joint." He paused, letting this sink in.

Rachel couldn't believe it. All her freedom was gone. She didn't want to believe it. Slowly, light came to her eyes as her eyelids were opened by a set of hands. Her vision slowly cleared, and she stared in horror at the site before her. A mirror had been placed where she could see her reflection. She didn't recognize herself in the pale body before her, but it was her. She wanted to cry, but she couldn't. She saw that she no longer had any legs, only smooth areas where her hips would have joined to her body. The set of hands closed her eyes again and a soft prick in the arm set her back asleep.

Joley chuckled to himself and what he had done to young Rachel. She would know better next time, not that there was to be a next time. He moved back to her prone form and hefted it in his arms, carrying her over to a vat filled with an industrial dye that worked well on skin. The dye that she would be dipped into was an ebony black. He gently lowered her into the vat, trailing her tubing out of the tub and left her to soak. This dye would permanently dye her skin a deep black. She would later be sprayed with a permanent shellac to give her a very shiny coat. And then, she would be mounted.

Three hours later, Rachel was removed from the vat of dye and hosed down with water, washing away the excess and revealing her ebony skin. She was propped up on her torso and sprayed thoroughly with the hardening shellac, making her skin very shiny and sealing her eyes shut permanently.

She was left to dry and cure for an hour, and then another coat was applied. She now looked like a shiny statue. It was now time for her to be mounted for display. Her torso was sat upon a sticky black pad mounted on casters. She was soon set and permanently affixed to this movable display. Two men picked up her form and carried her to the display room, where countless other females had suffered the same fate as she had. The men then posed her as they were directed earlier, arching her neck high and placing her arms in a natural bend at her sides. She would stay like this until moved at another time.

Moments later, another person came by with clothing to dress the mannequin Rachel. A red wig was affixed to her head and topped with a wide-brimmed straw hat. A green jacket was thrown over her shoulders and a scarf knotted about her neck. The person left after they were finished, and soon after, Joley came by to inspect the finished product. He smiled at the form before him, knowing that Rachel would soon wake up in her eternal prison. The thought made his smile widen as he patted her hip and made his way back to his office to check for others that had replied to his ad.

He could always use another girl to be a "model" for his display.

The End.

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