Dr. Asimov

by Seneca 101654.447@compuserve.com

Here I am. The dumbest guy ever. Let me advise you: Never trust a scientist if he says, "There is no obvious risk involved". He really got me on this one. Oh, you wonder why I am chrome all over and if I am a robot or android? Well, wish I were, but; no, I am human. At least I was until I donned the suit of this "genius". On the other hand, I should tell you right from the beginning. But, I must warn you: It's a really long story, and unbelievable too. You want to hear it? Ok, so listen up...

May I introduce myself? Victor Williams, 35y, 6'1'' tall with brown eyes and short black hair. I am an average American and work as a mechanic in Stan's Car Shop in Phoenix, Arizona. 'Nothing out of the ordinary. My wife says I am handsome, though I never understood why. She even likes my small "pot" belly. In opposite of me, {or "Unlike me"} Cecille is quite beautiful: 29y, 5'6'', slender; but, with all the curves you want at the right places. She's no model, but, she had been asked to participate for a TV commercial for some shampoo (don't remember the name) because of her shiny black tresses. She actually has a Hispanic background, but, that was generations ago and she doesn't know how to speak Spanish. Cecille works as a windowdresser at Woolworth's. Our daughter, Julia, is 10 by now and is as beautiful as my wife, and she's doing well in school also.

That's what we are: just another average American family. If it weren't for a few differences. My wife and I like games in Latex, and we like to 'play' with it a lot. Sometimes it's her games, at others mine. I usually like to add a little roleplay to it- mostly something with a robotic theme. Cecille never understood why this turned me on, but, she played along, and I saw to it that she had no reason to regret it. At times I was lurking in the newsgroups. Of course, my favourite was ASFR.

Chapter 1 / Innocent beginnings
That was until five years ago. Until that time, we went out as often as we could- dancing, visiting friends. I'd hoped to meet some of the people of ASFR and I always carried a wind-up key on my keyring. It was a Friday evening and we had found a babysitter for our five year old Julia. So, we decided to go dancing at Joe's. Once every month there is a square dance evening and we didn't want to miss it.

After half the night of dancing, Cecille went to the Lady's room and I stood at the bar ordering new drinks when a stranger (about my height, but slimmer, with dark just-greying hair) pushed by me in the crowd. At first, I thought he was a pick pocket, but, when I checked, I found he'd caught his keyring on my belt buckle. I picked it up and shouted to him so I could return his keys. He turned around and looked at me, puzzled. I guessed he must have been 37-42 and was dressed in jeans and shirt. Small glasses rode high on his nose. To make him understand, I held up his keys and then paused when I looked at them closely...

There was a silver windup key with the name 'A. Asimov' engraved on it. He must have seen me staring at it and hastily grabbed the keys and headed out the door. I knew I'd found a kindred soul and followed him quickly. Just outside, I called after him, but, he wouldn't listen. Finally I thought of something:

"Wait- I have a wind-up key, too!", I said, jingling my keyring. He stopped dead in his tracks and turned slowly. His eyes fixed on the key and a little smile appeared on his lips.

"See? Yeah, I've got one, too. We both know what it stands for. Will you join me for a drink?" I invited him and he introduced himself as Alexej Asimov. I eyed him suspiciously.

"Are you a relative of Isaac Asimov?", I just had to ask. "No, just kindred spirits.", he answered crypticly.

This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. I had finally met someone who took the same interest in robots that I did. I found out he worked as a stock broker from home via computer. At first he and his wife Natasha, a cute little brunette who worked as gardener for a large flower shop in the city, visited us rarely. Once his car broke down when they wanted to go home, so, I took a look at it. The generator was broken. I offered to repair it the next day and drive both of them home now. At first they seemed unwilling, but, after coercing them a little, they accepted.

Finally I saw their home for the first time. It was a loft in an abandoned car cleaning facility. With his money, he had changed the interior to a really magnificent apartment. I returned his car the next evening and told him it was for free. When he wanted to pay at least for the spare parts, I had to explain that I got them from someone who owed me a favor and that I would not take money from *real* friends. He vowed he would return my favor and I said to give it time- there might be a day I'll need his help.

After that, our relationship got pretty close. The women found they had some similar interests, and the men - well, you know already.

Chapter 2 / Surprise!
Two years ago, my birthday came and I returned home from work. It seemed to be more or less a normal day, but, Cecille and me had agreed to go out for dinner. To be undisturbed afterwards, we left Julia with the Asimovs- whom she likes very much. I opened the door and called Cecille. No answer. I went upstairs to check if she was in the bedroom. When I looked into the room, my jaw went slack and a look of incomprehension came to my face.

On the bed lay a Gynoid. Right- exactly like the ones from Sorayama. It was detailed to the last spot and an inscription on its left leg said: "Soyarama Gynoid Model AA 1 CW". I stood amazed. When I finished gazing, I found an envelope on the bed. The card read:

"Happy birthday, Darling! This is a present from the Asimovs and me. Press the bellybutton (giggle) to activate your personal dream. Have fun! Kisses, Cecille."

Again, I took the time to drink in the sight. This time simultaneously digesting the note from my wife. The model was well over six feet tall in its 6'' heels. She was chrome all over, with large rounded breasts of metal. It had hinges where the joints were and could be moved. Her head was one smooth and shiny oval with some sort of a yellow visor and a pair of very red lips (they were soft - perhaps some sort of latex). Instead of ears it had little horizontal antennae. The hands- and even the feet- were very well articulated. Her belly looked trained and smooth, although it was hard metal all over. 'What the heck', I thought; 'might as well enjoy it!'. To be honest, there was no way of stopping me. I pushed the "bellybutton" and, with a soft-but-electronic moan, the machine came to life. The visor lit up and it jerked upright. I could hear the servos as her head turned to face me. A sultry electronically distorted voice coed:

"Yes. Mas-ter. What. is. your. com-mand?", Followed by a little "beep".

"Stand up and turn in front of the mirror.", I commanded.

"Af-firm-a-tive. Mas-ter! -beep." it said and moved to comply to my wishes.

Her moves (I could not think of it as a machine anymore- not with those curves) were jerky, but precise and deliberate. When she rested in front of the mirror I thought I noticed a shudder, but, I put it off due to my anticipation. My member was throbbing by this time. I quickly undressed myself and stood before her naked.

"Turn towards me!"

"Af-firm-a-tive. Mas-ter!- beep.", she answered in her seductive electronic voice and made a 90-degree turn toward me.

"Kneel before me!"

"Af-firm-a-tive. Mas-ter!- beep.", she replied, took a step towards me and knelt down with a little difficulty. My penis was hard like never before and I thought I would burst right there and then! But, I steeled myself. I was anxious to find out what she could do.

"Give me a blowjob!", I commanded in a not-so-steady voice. My throat was dry, but I didn't notice.

"Af-firm-a-tive. Mas-ter!- beep.", she said, and I thought I could sense anticipation in her electronic voice, but I shrugged it off - easily. She took my proud member between her lips and sucked it in. Her interior was warm and soft. She also had a wonderfully skillful tongue and was stroking me gently with it. I knew I couldn't stand it anymore and ordered:

"Stand up and lay on the bed. Do you have other modes to pleasure me?"

"Af-fim-a-tive. Mas-ter!- beep. Yes. I. have. Mas-ter. You. may. use. me. from. the. front. or. from. be-hind. -beep", she said, and with a metallic 'slink', a metal covering slid up from her vaginal and posterior region.

This gave me a look at her well crafted pussy made of black rubber. She was barely up on the bed and on her back when I was all over her. Somehow, her vaginal opening was covered in lubricant already and my stiff member easily slid in. It was great! I would have wanted it to last, but, I was too excited to hold back. My load shot and I saw stars all around. After that I pulled out; not to roll over and go to sleep, but, to find out about her other "Pleasure Modes". It was already dark when I finally collapsed due to exhaustion and rolled off of her.

"Will. that. be. all. for. now. Mas-ter?- beep.", she asked with her sexy electronic voice.

"Affirmative... er, yes, you may deactivate now.", I replied tiredly.

"Thanks, Honey! -beep", she said and popped the mask open.

Suddenly I was wide awake again. On this sexy robot body sat the head of my beloved Cecille; her hair sweaty and a mess, but with a broad smile.

"Happy birthday, Dear.", she whispered, "Had I known this turns you on that much I'd have done this earlier."

I was taken aback: "You said this was much to kinky for you and didn't want to do it!"

"Well, Alexej said he had built this suit that would please you, and Natasha talked me into it. Actually, she also put me into it. I couldn't have done that by myself. I always imagined I would blow my cover before you really got your fun, but, when I saw your reaction to this, I did my best to play along. Okay,", she said, a little flushed; "I have to admit I had my fun, too!"

"And you would wear it again?" I asked carefully.

"Only if you peel me out of it now. I've been in here for quite sometime and I feel a little exhausted!"

"Anything you say, Love. Afterwards, may I join you in the shower?"

"Ok, but, now get me out of this..." she replied.

She told me to undo the legs first. "My feet are killing me!", she exclaimed, just before I removed the lower portion of the magnificently crafted leg. Underneath, she wore a gleaming black latex catsuit I had never seen before.

"Another birthday present for you!", she said with a wink, knowing that I just loved to see her in those tight curve hugging clothes. Boy- I really *do* love her!

Next came her artificial arms- even with articulated fingerjoints. Then we undid her breastpiece. The creator had exaggerated her forms a bit, but not too much. When I reached down to remove the crotch piece she stopped me.

"It has a difficult mechanism and I wouldn't want to get stuck in it." With that, she eased out the anatomically correct part -which had reached about two inches into her freshly-shaved pussy and "stretched" inward, along with her natural contours, to accommodate my dick.

"Wait a second,", I asked, "where did Alexej get your measurements from? He didn't..."

"No silly,", she interupted me, "Natasha did it. She's actually a doctor, although she never practiced as one. I think she did research stuff on genetics. But, I'm not sure what she said exactly. Did you know she has a mannequin fetish?", she asked, peeling herself out of that *very* tight catsuit with molded feet and gloves.

"Nope- and neither did Alexej mention it. It's odd she works as a gardener if she could earn more money in research, or even as a normal doctor. We have to ask them about it- but, carefully. I wouldn't want anything coming between us just because of this." I said chasing her to the shower.

Chapter 3 / Revelations
The next day we went over to the Asimovs to thank them and pick up our daughter. During a quiet moment, I took Alexej out of earshot:

"Alex, are you hiding something from us? You know I have always been straight forward with you, and if you don't want to tell, then I won't push the matter, but; your and Natasha's skills are far beyond those of a normal couple."

"Well, Victor, you are right. I guess we should have told you already, but, we've been sort of waiting for the right moment. Come, let's go over to the ladies."

I looked at Cecille and nodded.

"Julia, darling, do you want to go outside and play a little in the garden?"

"Oh, can I? Thanks mom!", she said happily and was gone.

"Hmm, I don't know where to start.", Alexej began: "Our name is not Asimov, as you may have already guessed. Natasha and I worked for the government. At first we new nothing about each other until I made a breakthrough in cybernetics. That was when the military showed up. It dawned upon me that my work would not be used for the benefit of mankind, but to fight and win wars. Being good with computers (by neccessity), I broke into the pentagon computer and checked out my file. My project was connected to Natasha's, so I had to find out about her. We both met secretly and discovered that our projects would join to create the ultimate soldier with a powerful combat suit."

"Sorry to interrupt you Alex", Cecille asked, "but, what were you working on?"

"I was working on cloning and genetic engeneering." Natasha took over, "I had already developed a virus that strengthened bones and tissue. It made cells impervious to diseases from viruses or bacteria by 'freezing' the DNA so the body cells could not be corrupted. Not even by cancer or AIDS. A side effect was that they stopped cell decay to a certain degree. Whoever was subjected to it would live youthfully for about four times the normal lifespan. I was terrified when I heard it was to be used for military purposes instead of medical aid. I had already started on a new program creating clones for what I thought to be replacement of lost bodyparts, but they wanted me to create Zombi-Soldiers for the marines. Alexej was working on Nanites..."

"Sorry, what is that?", Cecille asked.

"Nanites are robots that are microscopic in size. A single one is nothing, and billions of them could fit easily on your fingernail. Consider them artificial cells. Each has a sort of tiny computer that can be programmed to do a specific task- just like cells in a body. I developed them to protect people from hostile environments; like smoke, fire or poison gas. With an external oxygen source they could have been used for divers or astronauts refreshing the air supply. But, the military would have used them as a ballistic shield- an exoskeleton- to increase the soldier's lifting capacity, speed, and many more uses. Our techniques together would make a single soldier a formidable opponent, each as powerful as a small army. We had to stop it from falling into the wrong hands." Alex said in a bitter voice.

"That's when we formed a plan.", Natasha continued; "To escape the military, we had to be dead. Otherwise, we would have been forever on the run. Alex programmed a computer virus to destroy all data on our projects and I created two clones of us to leave dead bodies behind that would be identified as us. Certainly, the clones could not live without life support and weren't able of thinking- otherwise, I would have second thoughts about 'destroying' them. Then we blew up the labs with the nanites and my research. We still think there will come a time to expose our work to the world for its benefit, so we took samples with us. Through this, we discovered love for each other."

"Ok, I understand the reasons for your secluded lifestyle.", I held Cecille's hand and squeezed it gently. "also, we appreciate the trust you put in us. Thank you."

"Ah, never mind. I guess we had to tell someone sooner or later. And you both seem to be worthy of our trust and friendship." Alexej said.

After a moment of collective silence Natasha said; "Why don't we show them our lab?"

"You have a lab? In this house?", I burst out.

"Under the house!", Alexej smiled.

Chapter 4 / Kids in Toyland
We walked over into the library. Just like in an old movie, the bookshelf held a secret switch to open a hidden door. Behind it there was a stairway down. When I asked Alex how deep it was underground he said it should be 30 feet below ground level. The walls were sprayed concrete painted white and the corridor had several closed doors.

"This one's my favourite room!" Natasha said and opened the door to our right. It revealed a stage that was decorated to look like a shop window. Mannequins were carefully arranged on the scene and clothes were strewn all about.

"Sorry for the mess. I may be close to the Nobel Prize but I can't seem to keep this room tidy.", she said with a smirk.

Cecille was fascinated with the room and the mannequins. Some looked very real. She couldn't help herself and had to touch one of them, blushing at the thought how silly it must have looked.

"No, no, it's ok-", Natasha said following her into the room. "Actually I feel the same way."

"Why is this one softer than normal manequins?", Cecille asked, touching the 'skin' of the one closest to her.

"Because it's a mask. A bodymask. See?". With that, Natasha moved to the mannequin, pulled off the wig, and opened the rear zipper. It went all the way down, clear to the butt. Easily she slid it off the blank wooden manequin and held it out towards Cecille.

"Wow!", she said, touching the skin carefully. The suit was made of a latexlike material and sent shivers up and down her spine. Something in her crotch area contracted and she flushed a little at the sudden feelings in her pelvis.

Natasha looked into her eyes, "Uh huh, it does the same to me.", she wispered in a conspirational tone.

"Are you with us, Ladies?", Alexej disturbed the two women who shared a mutual desire.

"Uh, yes!" both said unisono.

We left the mannequin room and followed the corridor until it ended in a 30' by 30' room. Its concrete walls were painted in a light grey and it was subtly lighted as the whole ceiling gave off a diffused milky white light. The walls were lined with many different robots and mannequins. I recognized a few of them: Hel from Metropolis, a Guyver suit, the tall Robocop suit, several Gynoid suits, suits from Anime and some others. It was like a gallery of everything that I had ever dreamed of- and more! At the far end of the room was a fireproof door.

Cecille and me both stared, amazed at the many suits.

"These are a few of the things I did before I made the breakthrough in nanotech", Alex said. "I've been into this since I read my first robot novel from Isaak Asimov. I knew then what I wanted to do in life", he smiled.

"Apparently you were quite successful!", Cecille replied.

"Oh, that's nothing. Will you just follow me?", he invited us to go through the door.

The room behind it was exactly what one would have expected of a cybernetic laboratory. It was large and crammed with state-of-the-art technology- computers, consoles, keybords- with lots of switches and wiring lying open. The most out of the ordinary were a large chrome sphere attached to a keyboard and a 17'' monitor as well as a pedestrial of roughly 3' diameter made of black painted concrete on which a shining suit lay and a large mirror behind it on the wall.

"Welcome to the 'mad scientist's' lab!", Natasha said with a giggle.

"Wow, look at all this Hi-Tech stuff amassed up here!", I exclaimed. This produced a puzzled look on Alex' face.

"Huh? 'Hi-Tech'? All exept the sphere is obsolete crap!", he said. "The sphere consists of billions of billions of nanites it has more capacity than all Crays and Norads of this world counted together. Imagine- the capacity of 100 of my nanites equals that of a Cray -and I mean their latest model. Now, a billion of them fit into your thumbnail. I think you can imagine their capacity by now.", he continued.

"It frightens me a little.", I admitted with an awed feeling.

"To be honest, I am sort of paranoid too. What happens if they should develop artificial intelligence? Would I be able to pull the plug before it's out of control? That's why the basic program in each single nanite is based upon the three robotic laws of Isaac Asimov. Believe me, I made sure there is no way to override this programming without destroying the entire nanite 'community'." he answered seriously and I believed him.

The monitor lit up and a kind face (Isaac Asimovs?) appeared on the screen.

"Good afternoon Dr. Asimov, how are you today?", a fine baritone voice said; "Who are your new friends?"

"Oh, I forgot my manners. May I introduce: ISAAC, these are Cecille and Victor Williams. Cecille and Victor meet ISAAC, the first nanotech computer.", Alex said with a proud smile.

"How did he know we are your friends?", I asked, confused.

"My logic circuits are faster than those of ordinary computers.", ISAAC started (did I hear a little arrogance in his voice?); "I computed Dr. Asimov would show his achievement only if threatened, or to his best friends. I found no more stress in his voice than when he is exited about some new invention. He is not intoxicated. The alcohol level is 0.002 %, which is within normal parameters. He is not drugged, and his other physical functions are healthy, as are his wife's. So, the conclusion is: you must be his trusted friends."

"Most fascinating!" escaped me.

"Indeed", ISAAC replied, which caused me to be more cautious with my words in the future.

"ISAAC, please pose the suit for inspection!", Alexej ordered.

"Affirmative, Doctor.". said ISAAC. Simultaneously, the suit on the pedestal raised to a sort of standing position. It appeared to be made of silver aluminum foil (like the stuff they're using in space) -thin and highly reflective. It was rather large and would not be a snug fit except for people with size XXXL. It was complete with a face-covering hood, feet, and attached gloves. Even while inactive, it already looked fascinating by itself. It seemed to be attached to a hose that fell down from the neck and dissappeared into the silver sphere, err, ISAAC.

"The suit is made of a very thin layer of latex into which I have incorporated inactive nanites, hence the reflective metal sheen. At the back of the neck is a hose connected to ISAAC so I can program the suit's nanites and connect it to their power supply.", Alexej explained.

"Suit status: 100% internal structure, all systems nominal.", came ISAACs voice.

"It looks so ... wonderful.", I said in amazement.

"You want to try it?", asked Natasha.

"May I?", I blurted, already shivering in anticipation.

"Yes, certainly!", Alex exclaimed, "Why shouldn't you? I guess the ladies will find something to occupy themselves with.", he said with a wink in Cecilles direction. She blushed a little, but nodded.

"Then let's do it!", I exclaimed.

"We're off, guys.", Natasha said and pulled Cecille with her out the lab.

"Ok- strip, Victor!"

"w-What?", I asked.

"Do you want to get into the suit dressed?", he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Um, I guess not, but it seems so large."

"That will change, believe me.", he said with a grin that I didn't like.

Carefully, I stepped into the suit. I pulled in my breath as it was cold, but Alexej urged me onward. The suit really was oversized and I easily slipped the hood over my head and was effectively blinded.

"Are you ready?", Alex asked.

I nodded. Suddenly the suit sealed up in the back, contracted, and was becoming skin tight. The latex of the suit quickly warmed as it adjusted to my measurements. But- what was that? Something compressed my waist and I felt cut in half. I turned to face the mirror on the wall when I could see again. Stunned, my jaw went slack.

First, I drank in the reflection I saw: it was a tall and *very* female shape. Large conical shaped breasts and a well rounded behind all as if dipped into quicksilver. As I observed the features on the face became more detailed, it really looked like a metal cast from a bald Natasha. The arms and legs were very slender and showed assembly seams and pivot joints, as if there were several access panels and the possibility to remove the metal to reach the interior circuitry. The 5'' stilettos seemed to be built in, all in glorious, gleaming silver!

The eyes lit up in a gleaming red and at the same time I concentrated on how I was able to see. There were two miniature monitors directly in front of my eyes. They displayed my immediate surroundings and analyzed them constantly. On the left side of the display were the system indicators:

Power: Green Auxillary Power: Green Power Supply: Connected Structural Integrity: Green Scanners: Engaged Shields: Down

I turned to face Alexej and the display changed to supply data about the subject I was regarding. In the back of my mind, I registered the sounds of my servos as I moved about:

Object: Dr. Alexej Asimov Nature: Human 45 years Title: Dr. of Cybernetics Heart rate: 97 bpm Skin Temp: 101° F Conclusion: Subject is excited

"Wow, this is absolutely incredible!", I exclaimed in a deep robotic -but, unmistakeably female- voice.

"Oops!", Alexej said; "The suit retained the programming it got from Natasha. I will change that in a minute."

I turned to my reflection in the mirror and replied: "No need to do so, I like what I see!". I didn't know what had gotten into me but it was as I said: I really liked it. Slowly I started to stroke myself. Suprisingly I could feel where I touched and it aroused me a lot. My member stiffened and strained against the material as I brushed over my breasts. 'Do women feel like this, when they are caressed?', I wondered. Outside, nothing of my excitement showed. I was an emotionless robot with female features.

"You can disconnect the power supply if you don't want to change the suit's appearance, and we will walk over to the ladies and see what they are doing, ok?", Alexej suggested.

"Well, yes, ok.", I agreed.

"Besides, I designated the suit as NANCY01.", Alex said.

"What's that supposed to mean?", I asked, my robotic female voice sending shivers down my spine.

"NANite CYbersuit 01", he provided as if it should have been clear for anyone to know.

"Yeah, how could I have missed that!", I replied. I pulled at the hose at my neck and it came of with a little pop.

Chapter 5 / The Showroom
Meanwhile (as Cecille later told me), the women walked back to the "Showroom" as Natasha called the chamber with the many manequins.

"Ok,", Natasha said and pushed Cecille in; "you go first! Now take off your clothes, dear!"


"Yep. Including your underwear.", Natasha said. Cecille complied to her wishes and soon stood naked.

"Hello!", Natasha exclaimed; "You do have a nice body. I wish mine was rounded like yours."

"Thanks.", Cecille managed to reply, blushing deeply.

"Now will you step into this, please?", Natasha asked in a business like tone, holding open the back of the manequin suit towards my wife. Cecille stepped carefully into the legs of the suit savouring the latex feel of the suit against her naked skin. Natasha helped her pull up the suit over her hips and guided Cecilles hands into the attached gloves of the suit. The fact that there was a bump at a strategic point in the suits crotch area made the sensation all the more pleasurable and Cecille let out a slight moan.

"Hold back just a little longer,", Natasha teased; "you're almost done.". Then she pulled the attached hood open so Cecille could slip her head into the mask. Cecille hesitated when something pushed against her lips then gave in to the increasing pressure as Natasha pulled the hood down. She was surprised to find the object to be an empty rubber bladder and tried to question Natasha about it.

"Uat ch dis chubboched do ue?", she said gesturing towards her now filled mouth.

"Oh, you just wait and see...", Natasha said and grabbed something that looked like a remote control, pointing it toward Cecille and pressing a few buttons. The manequin suit closed up in the back effectively sealing my wife inside the suit. Next, she felt it tighten all over her body. Her ample busom was lifted as if held up by a bra and formed like those typical to mannequins. Then she felt her waist in a vice like grip threatening to cut her in half. Looking at her hands she could see how each previously featureless finger sprouted a nice, oval, deep red nail.

"Come over here and take a look at yourself.", Natasha offered, showing the way to the large mirror at the rear end of the room. "Oh, but first, put these on, will you?", she said, holding out a pair of six inch black patent heels. Silently Cecille slipped into them and carfully walked over to the mirror, her gait a sexy sway that was stimulating her because of the bump at the entrance to her sex. It was getting moist in there. And when they reached the mirror, Cecille was panting- not only because of the erotic stimulation but also because of the sight she gave: In the mirror she could see a sexy bald female with dull rubbery skin in a pale complexion, brown almost glassy eyes, dark feathery eyebrows and full luscious dark red lips. Cecille stood dumbfounded running her delicate hands over her body.

"Ich dat uelly ue?", she asked awkwardly.

"Mannequins don't speak, do they?", Natasha said with a viscious smile on her lips and aimed the remote in Cecilles direction again. She pushed a button and Cecille felt the soft bladder in her mouth expanding, filling almost every crevice, gagging her effectively in an instant. Her eyes pleaded for release and her hands gestured at her face and mouth.

"Oh Cecille- and mannequins really don't move, you know.", Natasha lectured her with irony dripping from every word as she pushed another button. With that, Cecille's movements halted in mid-gesture. She wasn't even able to blink. All she could do was look at the beautiful bald female in the mirror. She didn't know whether to be fearful or to give in to the erotic feelings she'd always had when thinking of being a mannequin.

"There, there, sweetie, no need to be afraid.", Natasha said, reading the expression in Cecilles eyes, "Such is life as a manequin! But, I shall continue to make you like the other ones.". She began posing Cecille with experience. Eventually she was satisfied with her work. Cecille now looked like she was watching the sky with one hand shielding her eyes against an imaginary sun. Even the expression on her face was changed from surprised to happy after Natasha finished.

"Now for the finishing touches...", Natasha said with a slight hum in her voice. Cecille wondered what she had in mind when Natasha entered a code sequence into the remote control. Then she noticed how her rubbery skin took on a plastic like sheen, partition seams and pivot joints appeared in all the appropriate places, her eyecolour changed from brown to a vibrant green, and matching dark green eyeshadow appeared heavy on her eyelids. Her cheeks developed a dark bronze blush and her dark red lips gained a glossy sheen.

Cecille was amazed at the transformation that she had been subjected to. There she stood, absolutely immobile, but still excited at what had happened. It was when Natasha went to pick up a wig that she noticed her wider angle of vision. She could see focussed at 180° if she moved her eyes behind the mask. On the outside nothing was noticible.

Natasha reappeared with the wig, placing the auburn hair upon Cecilles bald scalp. It tickled her and Cecille wanted to laugh, but no sound escaped her gagged mouth.

"Oh, I better dress you before the others return.", Natasha remarked to herself and went to pick up some clothing. Cecille blushed inside her motionless prison. Not only was she helpless to prevent anything happening to her, but, she would also be displayed to others! That thought really got her excited- although she was a little scared, but there was nothing she could do to stop it.

to be continued...

Dunno the conclusion yet, but be sure not to miss it- C U!


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