Eternal Sleep

by Paul G. Jutras


Steve held his hands in front of his face, but couldn't help peak through his fused together fingers. He looked around and realized that he was alone. He could of sworn a moment before that someone or something was in his room. He was now surrounded by emptiness.

Steve pulled off the sheets and swung his shaven legs off the side of the bed. His purple painted toes were as fused together as his fingers and his feet reacted like he had on invisible high heels.

A tall blond man suddenly appeared in front of him, his blue eyes were as cold as ice. Steve sucked in his breath and felt the weight of breasts on his chests. His dark hair had grown all the way down to his rear. Steve backed up as the stranger in the gray uniform approached.

"Leave me alone." Steve said as the man pinned his shoulders to the bed. Steve raised his hand, but had his wrist grabbed and held above his head. He looked at the grin on the man's face as the nightgown off Steve to reveal a 100% female body.

"I didn't come here for games." He smiled.

He disappeared just as quickly as he came. Steve alone once more, touched his still female chest. "Where did this come from?"

Ray, handsome and fun loving, suddenly appeared. He ran a comb through his short blond hair as he stood in his bathing suit. His muscular body glittered wet like he had just climbed out of the ocean. "He probably figured you were my girl."

Then Ray was gone.

Steve started to breath heavily. Feeling paranoid, he ran for his bedroom door, only to find it was locked. He started to pound on it when a shadow suddenly fell over him. Slowly Steve turned and looked over his shoulder.

Amy floated into view. She touched Steve's lips with her painted finger tip. "Be quiet. You know the guys will rape you if they find you."

Amy disappeared, and Steve clenched his fists. He didn't want to think about what was going on. He just wanted to know what was going on. His hands ending in painted nails trembled. He ran his hands down along his smooth skin.

"No!" Steve cried, his voice changing from feminine to masculine as it echoed through the darkness. "I'm a guy, I can't get raped by men. Leave me alone!"

Steve's eyes popped open. Bright blue green eyes stared straight into his own. His gray and white cat sat on his flat male chest, pressing its face against his. Steve screamed and the cat jumped to the floor.

Steve grabbed his pillow and tossed it at the car, who scampered off out of the bed room. He then and turned his eyes upon his room with its movie posters that went as far back as KING KONG and as recent as


"Having that same dream every night this week." Steve muttered as he began panting heavily. "What does it all mean Could it have something to do with those computer stories I came across?"

Getting out of bed, he went over and turned on his computer. The monitor lit up and his Sailor moon computer screen appeared before him. The image of Sailor moon holding her wand and blasting Queen Beryl flashed before him. As the Silver Crystal flash died, the screen changed.

"WELCOME TO LIVINGMANNEQUIN.COM." The computer buzzed with the type of whirring noise of some hacker breaking into his system. "If you would be so kind as to press ENTER, the stories would send you to your eternal dreamland."

Steve sighed and pressed the enter button. "I swear, these hackers will try anything to sell some product. I wonder what this web site could be selling?"

CHOOSE A CODE NAME The computer asked.

Steve thought a moment. Knowing how hard it would be to remember another name, he figured he'd use the same name as he did on the bulletin boards. Scanning the keyboard he began typing. F - U - T - A - B -A. The gender changing character from his favorite comic series.

"Let me have in." Steve said as the computer started beeping and processing the request. He watched as the computer Hard drive lit up.

CHOOSE A PASSWORD, The computer replied.

"Might as well use the same password again." Steve knew he'd have trouble remembering if he hard more than one. He began typing. N - O - V -A Steve always had a thing for the girl in the cartoon series Starblazers.

Another beep and Steve found his body glowing with some kind of holy aura that came from the monitor screen. 

"Huh?" Steve suddenly felt his hair tickle the back of his neck. The hair passed over his shoulders and reached past a narrower waist to much wider hips. Before Steve could move away from the computer, a gas caused him to pass out asleep. "Feel my strength leaving me. Can't help but feel tired. Have to run. Run away from the computer, before whatever happening to me happens."


As Steve's parents heard a crash, they entered and found Steve passed out on the floor. In some sort of coma, Steve's body was rushed to the hospital and put on life support. Nobody would know that he was trapped in his own dream world.

"I have the feeling I'm being watched." Steve said as he found his voice quite high in pitch. He could see the length of his eye lashes with each blink. He raised his long slender arm and notice he was naked. As he walked, he could only move on his toes. Like he was wearing a pair of very high phantom heels. He tried to see the colitis beneath his new pussy lips but found the dildo inside making him look sexless. "This balance is going to take some getting use to."

As a pair of hands touched, Steve's feminine shoulders, a surge of pleasure passed through his entire body. He felt his new body begin to moisten and his breasts go erect. The strange man from his dreams began kissing the side of Steve's lovely neck and rubbing his nipple. Steve couldn't help but moan in pleasure as he collapsed on the bed.

Both the strange men stripped their clothes off and started to make love to Steve and push the dildo even deeper inside of him. A dream of female pleasure that Steve would be certain never to wake from.


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