Evil Magic World 4 - The Fall of a Model

by Pulsar

(Parts 2 and 3 were posted to FictionMania archive)

Jenny was a cute teenager. At 17, she was a student to become a model, a designation that was given only to the most attractive women. She had been selected two years ago, and had already passed successfully through two selections. In two other years she would become a top model, and would be affiliated with the greatest creators. She would be famous and enjoy a comfortable life, with a rich husband and a few children. But this future would be hers only if she graduated the two other exams awaiting at the end of each year of studies.

Jenny worked very hard at school. She knew what fate awaited the girls who failed their exams. As being a model was a great job for a woman, failing in attempting to become one was sanctioned by one of the most degrading fates. The unsuccessful girl was deprived of her citizen status and turned as a slave! Having already seen five of her friends being carried away in bondage equipments, Jenny had chosen to work hard to avoid such a terrible fate for herself.

She was now on holidays, two weeks after her last exams. She had been one of the best students of her group, and had been congratulated by the jury.

Jenny had two full months of holidays before her. She had applied for a job in a fashion store, and her sexy body had allowed her to obtain it immediately, so she had been engaged as a saleswoman. She worked four days a week, and then had plenty of time left to be with her boyfriend, Jack. At work, it was another story. The boss was very strict and demanding to the staff, and Jenny made no exception. There was a competition between the saleswomen, and the scores were displayed every day. At the end of the week, the best one was given a something that she could pick from anywhere in the store. The worst saleswoman was turned into a slave for the week-end. Being very attractive, Jenny had little problem at selling, and had been the first vendor since her engagement. She had an irresistible smile that made all the customers, male or female, feel compelled to buy something. She was often asked for a date by the male customers, but declined gently the invitations. It was fun for Jenny to use her charms to sell clothes, and she enjoyed it a lot!

At the end of the third week, Jenny was again re-elected first saleswoman, and this made the other employees jealous. They decided to do something to make Jenny fall from grace. During the following day, an evil plot was decided upon.

The next Monday, Jenny came to work as usual. She had dressed herself with the dress that she had been granted as a reward from the week before. She felt superior to the other women in the shop, and greeted them with a smile full of pride. Then the store opened, and the competition restarted. As usual, Jenny was the most asked-for person. At lunchtime, she went to the cafeteria with her co-workers. During lunch, Kate invited Jenny to a little reception she was giving at night.

“This will be a girls only meeting. We meet like that every month. After dinner, we go dancing, and we sometimes take back a few boys with us.”

“Oh! This sound exciting! I’ll be there at eight.”

Evening came. Jenny went to Kate’s home, and was greeted by the other girls. They went to the living-room and took place in comfortable armchairs.

“We are glad to introduce you to our little community.” Kate presented her a small envelope with Jenny’s name on it. “It is a little gift we make to each new saleswoman in the shop.”

Jenny was confused, and accepted the envelope happily, thanking her co-workers. She opened it, and a beautiful necklace fell in her hand. It was a lovely finely-worked gold-like necklace! She quickly wrapped it around her neck, and the little reception could follow on. As the dinner went on, Jenny was becoming more and more relaxed with the women, and could feel sexual excitement slowly invading her, as the conversations were taking a more intimate turn. She wasn’t surprised when two of her new friends started kissing each other, and responded happily when Kate took her lips too.

“This will be a wonderful evening” thought an aroused Jenny. The two couples had moved to the carpet, and they were getting off their clothes between kisses and caresses. Jenny had never been very lesbian, but she could feel herself melting in the experts hands of her lover. The room was getting filled with moans of ecstasy, as the girls were arousing themselves deeper. An excited Kate left Jenny only to bring back two vibrating dildoes. She gave the first one to the other enlaced couple, and put the other into Jenny’s dripping cunt, as she went into a 69 position. Jenny was now on the verge of orgasm, and licked rapidly the pussy of her lover. Then the orgasm smashed, making her body arch under Kate and squeeze the dildo in her pussy. She felt her body like never before, as it had become incredibly sensitive, from head to toes! With that erotic feeling had also come a strong sensation of tightness, as if she was squeezed in something enveloping her! The sensations were so strong that Jenny saw stars during an eternity. Then the orgasm fade slowly away, and Jenny came back to reality. She wanted to lick Kate’s pussy gratefully to make her orgasm too, but it struck her that she could not open her mouth! Then fear gripped her as she discovered that she could not move her body at all!

Jenny would have screamed in terror, but no sound escaped her lips. Then Kate moved off her, and Jenny found that she was completely frozen in position! Kate went out of her field of vision, leaving a terrified Jenny staring at the roof. Even her eyes were immobile, gazing right before her. Jenny could only hear the sounds of love made by the other couple, joined by Kate. It lasted a long moment, the time for the three girls to get satisfaction. After another while, Jenny saw the three girls standing above her. They laughed devilishly at her, then Kate lifted her as if she weighed nothing, and placed her frozen form into a sitting position in an armchair. Jenny was in shock, as her body was posed like a mannequin. Her energy was concentrated on the will to move, but she remained perfectly still. She felt next her necklace being taken off, and was astonished how sensitive her body had become.

The three girls sat before Jenny. Kate spoke first:
“Now, Jenny! We have a confession to tell you. We don’t meet like that every month. In fact, we have lured you into a trap. I have to tell you that we did not like you and your stuck-up superior attitude. You have disturbed our team with your sexy model’s body and we decided to get rid of you. So I went to see a Mistress, and begged her to help us. She gave me the necklace we gave you, assuring us that it was a special object. If any woman was wearing it while making love, the necklace would amplify her sexual sensations, and turn her into a plastic mannequin when she orgasmed! It had also a special effect to erase all memories of the victim from anybody’s mind, except the spell caster's. In your case, it is now like you have never existed. Only we can remember how you were, so you will make a great addition in the shop. The boss will think you have always been there, so we won’t have any problem with explaining where the mannequin you have become came from!”

Jenny’s mind turned into a frenzy of panic, as she struggled for a way to move! She wanted to scream, to shout that she didn’t deserve that fate, but her own body was plastic now, and she had no way to animate it. Then the three women started to work on her, demonstrating how sensitive her frozen body had become. Her breasts were fondled, her now sexless pussy was caressed by their excited hands, making Jenny inwardly scream for release. Orgasms were flowing through her, and she had no control over her passions. She could hear her tormentors laughing at her, making guesses about the level of stimulation she was under.

“I’m sure you want to move, dearie! But you just can’t; you are all plastic now. We know that you have wonderful orgasms inside your body, but you don’t show any sign of them, beautiful sweet mannequin."

The poor victim could not answer, despite her desire to curse her tormentors. After an hour of sarcasm and fondling, the women tired of their mannequin, and left her in the living room, standing at attention, naked. Jenny had nothing else she could do but wait for their return, desperately fighting her stiffness, without success. In her feverish mind, she thought that there had to be a way out of this rigid fate, but she could not find it.

The three girls came back after an eternity for Jenny. They said “good night” to her and went to sleep. The rest of the night was a nightmare for Jenny. She was trapped, always awake, frozen in the dark living-room, unable to make any kind of movement. She was totally helpless, and hoped that she would soon lose her mind, not to endure this hell forever. There was no notion of time, so Jenny almost cried in relief when Kate woke up.

“Good morning, little thing! We must hurry, because I have to take you to your new home before the opening! You might not have noticed, but I have prepared a nice place for you in the lingerie department!”

Kate took a quick breakfast, and prepared herself for work. She had just finished her make-up when her accomplices knocked at the door. Jenny was next rolled up in a cotton bed sheet, and the trio took their captive away. The sensations of the sheet against her body made Jenny orgasm several times. She heard her captors chat together about her as if she did not exist. Then the sheet was removed, and she found herself in the lingerie department. It was time for the women to dress the new mannequin, and it was done quickly, for Kate had already made her mind about how Jenny would be put on display.

Jenny had no other choice than to orgasm helplessly as she was dressed. A satin panty was put on her, followed by a matching bra. She was then fitted with nylon stockings, suspended by a garter belt. Each touch made Jenny want to contract her sex on the dildo that was still inside her, but her pussy was plastic as was the rest of her body. When the girls finished with her costume, she was moved to her place in the store. She was posed in a seductive position, and could see her reflection in a full size mirror. It hit her like a ton of bricks, because now she could see what she had become. The mirror showed a perfect mannequin, not discernable from the other ones in any way. Jenny fall further in despair. She had hoped to be somewhat different from the other mannequin figures, so someone could suspect the awful truth and rescue her, but the mirror told her that she was just a real mannequin.

“You should be happy, dearie! You are now a very sexy model in our shop. I can’t assure that you will stay like that forever. If we want to, we can take you body apart. After all, you are a mannequin, aren’t you? I’m sure that you would love to have your lower body used as a pantyhose form, whereas your torso would model our latest bras! In that case, your arms and head would be stored in the back of the shop. It would be fun to think that you are orgasming from different places in the shop, and that you can’t even hear or see who is dressing your different parts! Oh, by the way, you might have thought about losing your mind, but the spell you are under prevents that, so you will forever be aware of your predicament. Enjoy your frozen eternal life, sweetie!”

With that, Jenny was left in utter despair. The shop opened, and soon the customers arrived. It was a very humiliating experience for the poor mannequin. She was used to have all the eyes turned on her when she was in public. Now, the customers considered her only like the other mannequins. No smiles, no looks of desire or envy in their eyes; they stared at her as if she was only an inert object on display because that's what she was. Later this morning, Jenny recognized one of her school friends, and mentally shouted at her. The girl did not even pay attention at the frozen mannequin, and continued her shopping as if Jenny had never existed. Every time that one of her former co-workers passed near her, she begged for release, but it was no use. More, the slightest flow of air around her body increased her arousal, so she was excited all the time. Some of the customers touched the fabric of the undergarments she was modeling, inducing instantaneous orgasms.

The first night in the shop was another nightmare for Jenny. She was alone, except for the company of the other mannequins. Jenny had sometimes wondered how it felt to be a mannequin on display, and had now the answer at first hand. Being rendered mute and immobile was an horrible experience, but standing in a dark shop with no people around was a lot worse. The fear of the dark from her childhood days was coming back, and now she could not even run away from whatever evils might happen to her.

It was a real relief when the mall opened the next morning. Sounds of life were heard, and eased a little Jenny’s terror. Then the staff arrived, and they got to work. Jenny understood that this was going to be her routine, to observe the world from within her plastic form. She started to count the days, to keep the track of time. It was all she could do with being always aroused and orgasming.

The end of the month was the occasion to change the placements and attires of the mannequins. Jenny was moved and put in the window, wearing a lovely teddy, and was somewhat grateful to the visual merchandiser. She could see the crowd in the mall outside the glass, witnessing all what happened before her frozen eyes. Time went on, and she started to settle in her new life. It was an horrible fate, but she had no other choice but to accept it. She was kept constantly at high level of excitation, and the orgasms were always new to her; so she never got bored of them. They were her only distraction. On the other hand, every time she had an orgasm, it made her feel human, but when she tried desperately to contract her pussy around the shaft filling her, she was immediatly reminded of her mannequin status. Each wonderful orgasm ended in utter despair.

As a mannequin, Jenny dreaded one thing. She was terrified at the idea of having her body dismantled, and used as  pantyhose and bra forms. She hoped that her sexy figure would make her escape that predicament.

Eventually, her most dreaded fate dawned on her. Six months after her transformation, the boss asked the visual merchandiser to take Jenny apart. Kate came close to the frightened mannequin, and whispered: “Well, it’s time for you to be more specific in your duties, dearie!”. As Jenny mentally begged Kate not to dismantle her, her tormentor took her head off her body! The sensation of arousal beyond this inescapable fate made Jenny orgasm helplessly. She had still all her feelings, but could now see her own headless body in front of her! Kate made sure that Jenny’s head was placed on a trolley facing her body, so she could see the rest of her plastic form being disassembled. It was done in a few minutes, and the poor Jenny was taken to her new places. Her lower body was put on a display as a pantyhose form, whereas her lovely torso was put six meters away, modelling a bra. Her head ended up in a window, displaying a few jewelery baubles. She could feel her arms put somewhere out of sight, and when something slipped on her hands, she understood that her arms modelled some kind of opera gloves.

It was a strange sensation to see her own body in different places in front of her. The feelings she received from her scattered parts was increased, and made her orgasm even more powerfully. At this point, she started to lose track of time, slowly immersing herself in the erotic sensations she was constantly bathed in.

On a particular day, Jenny had an incredible shock. Two women had come in the lingerie department, but these were not ordinary people for her. One woman was her mother, and the other was her mother’s best friend! Jenny screamed inside her head, all her energy focused to attract her mother near her face. Hope kicked in Jenny’s mind as her mother came close to the window holding her head. She stared, a little confused, at the frozen face as if Jenny’s head reminded her of someone that she could not put the finger on. Finally, she called her friend over.

“That’s funny, Andrea, but I have the sensation that this face isn’t unknown to me, but I don’t know how.”

“Dearie, it’s simple: that face looks like yours. It could be your own face when you were younger, or the face of your daughter.”

“That’s weird! I will have to ask Betty if she has ever modelled for a mannequin.”

Jenny was struck by her mother’s comment. She was the only daughter of her parents. Where did this Betty came from? Suddenly, she remembered that when she had been transformed, so long ago, everyone would have forgotten her. So Betty must have been the girl who had magically taken her place.

“Well, don’t stare at that thing longer, we have lingerie to buy!”

“That’s strange, but I feel so guilty to waqlk away from that head!”

“You’re going nuts in your own head! That’s just a piece of plastic! Let’s go now!”

The two women left Jenny with a little hope inside her despair. Her mother had sensed that something was wrong! She would surely come back to get an answer.
Jenny’s hope were short lived. Immediately after the shop had closed, Kate came into the window and took the mannequin’s head back with her.

“I don’t know how it happened, but your mother has sensed something wrong with you. It must be caused by the love linking you together. In all the cases, I can’t take the risk to have you recognized, so I will take good care of you!”

Jenny could feel her head put inside a bag, and was taken out of the store, leaving her body there. She could hear the murmurs of the traffic as Kate walked somewhere. After a long moment, there was a loud knock at a wooden door, then Kate asked someone to see the Mistress. She was carried in a large room, the echo of Kate’s feet told her that detail, and then a new voice said:

“So, you wanted to see Mistress Flora! I hope that you have disturbed me for an important thing, otherwise you will be punished!”

“Mistress Flora, I am Kate from the clothing store in the mall. You must remember me, I came to see you two years ago, to get rid of a pretentious co-worker. You gave me an enchanted necklace that would turn her into a mannequin.”

“Oh yes, I remember! And how is our little plastic beauty, now?”

“She has been dismantled a few months after her transformation. Her lower body is a pantyhose form, her torso is a bra form, her arms model gloves, and her head was placed in the jewel display.”

“So that’s fine! I’m sure you enjoy her fate, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress, but something unexpected has happened this afternoon. She has nearly been recognized by her mother!”

“Really? That is strange! My spell made everyone forget about her, and reality has re-arranged itself so she has never existed as a living person! How could this have happened?”

“I think that it’s caused by the emotional links between mother and daughter, Mistress.”

“You are probably right, Kate. So I bet you are here to have me fix that detail.”

“Yes, Mistress. I would not be at ease if that woman comes again and asks questions about Jenny.”

“So I will take care of your problem. I want you to be there tomorrow at seven pm. Bring the mannequin with you, and don’t be late.”

“Thank you, Mistress Flora! I already have brought her head with me. Can you keep it until tomorrow?”

“With pleasure, dearie. Give it to me.”

Jenny’s head was unpacked, and Mistress Flora put it on a desk like a paperweight. Jenny was frightened again. What would happen to her?

Kate left, the Mistress looked at Jenny’s immobile face with interest.

“So, little thing! Wonder what’s in store for you? I have plenty of ideas, but I must make my mind up on your fate. I think that I will have to transform you in such a way that no one will ever be able to recognize you as who you once were.”

Mistress flora went to her occupations, leaving a terrorised Jenny on the desk.  Her frozen expression of outward joy belied the fear within.

The night went on, and when the morning came, Jenny saw the Mistress at her duties. The day went along, but suddenly Jenny felt her arms lifted! Someone was removing them from the display they were in! A few moment later, it was the turn of her lower body! Her torso followed quickly after, and she felt her parts being put together again, then something was wrapped around her body, then stillness…

Evening came, and Jenny could feel her packed body being carried. She knew that Kate was on her way to Mistress Flora’s home, and her terror increased a little more. Something awful was about to happen to her, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to prevent that. She could not even beg for mercy!

Eventually, Kate appeared in the room, carrying Jenny’s headless body. Then Mistress Flora came in, and they put Jenny’s head on her body, making her complete again for the first time in more than a year.

“Well, my dear Kate! Our mannequin is complete, waiting for us to make her disappear from anyone’s spirit of love. I have made my mind, and you will enjoy the spell I will cast on her. Just watch!”

In her mind, Jenny went completely mad! She fought with all her soul, desperate to run away from the evil Mistress! Then her whole body began to tingle, making her orgasm mentally. Her sensations started slowly to flow away, as her body got numb, as if anaesthetized. Suddenly, her whole world started growing! With panic, she realised that in fact, she was shrinking. Her body, now completely numb,  could not feel what was happening but her vision made her think she was melting. Suddenly, she could see two mounds growing left and right of her eyes! They were glossy like satin and were growing bigger, bigger… Jenny was overwhelmed with terror, and wondered what was happening. She could see Kate watching her transforming body with interest, and Mistress Flora smiling devilishly.

The numbness of her body ceased abruptly, and Jenny tried to scream as an orgasm immediately shook her. When it faded, it was succeeded by an intense arousal. Jenny realised in despair that her body was no longer human. She had no longer had any arms or legs. She could feel like she had been reduced to two pussies where she saw the mounds at the sides of her eyes. The rest of her body or being was also ultra-sensitive, and contributed to the intense arousal she felt.

“Blessed gods! What has happened to me?” Jenny’s mind was in turmoil. Fear and arousal were devastating her, and all she could do was stare at the world in her limited field of vision. Mistress Flora broke the silence, laughing.

“Well, little Kate! Now your little problem seems fixed up, doesn’t it?”

“Wow! It’s the weirdest thing I have ever seen! I am speechless!”

“You know, turning women into living clothes is an ordinary occupation for me. In the case of that mannequinized girl, it was not very fun. I prefer transform real women into lingerie, the screams and begging for mercy as they change are a lot more exciting!”  Her evil grin widened.

Jenny now understood her predicament. The evil Mistress had just turned her into a living item of clothing! Due to the mounds she saw, she realised that she had been turned into a bra. Desperate and aroused, she begged mentally the sorceress to restore her in a human shape, but her pleas were unheard. Suddenly, Jenny heard a short cry of surprise from Kate.

“Oh! I feel so aroused!” Kate was obviously aroused like hell, and started fondling her pussy with fever, before going flat on her back, disappearing from Jenny’s field of vision. But the sound made by the girl were telling all the story. Kate was masturbating furiously on the floor, climbing the scales to a mind bending orgasm.

Suddenly, Kate’s moans changed to screams of terror, as something was going on. “Mistress! What’s happening to me? I feel myself shrinking! OOHHHH!”

“You see, little one, I am a Mistress, so I don’t keep the habit to satisfy the biddings of all the persons who have a little problem. I helped you once, and it should have been enough for you. But you came back to ask another favour of me, so I decided that you deserved a punishment. You are now becoming the coordinate panty of the Jenny-bra!

“Please, Mistress! Don’t turn me into a living panty! I will do all what you want! Please don’t! Don’t do this to meeeee…”

Kate’s voice came out in a rustling sound. Jenny could hear some little noises, like clothes being moved, and then nothing! In her aroused mannequinized state, she felt a little satisfaction. The woman who had transformed her was now transformed herself! It was a kind of justice, after all.

Jenny had suddenly other concerns. Mistress Flora was taking her and the panty that was Kate. They were brought to a table, and left on it. The evil Mistress went away for a moment, and then reappeared, holding a box that she left on the table too.

“Now that you are coordinated pieces of lingerie, you won’t object if you are sold together, won’t you?”

With that, the satin undergarments were folded and put into the box. Being folded was an orgasmic explosion for the two captives. Each transformed girl guessed her predicament. They were going to be sold in a shop, and would end up in the dresser of a woman who would not even be aware that her new lingerie was in fact made of two desperate trapped girls! There was even more, as the two captives soon found out that, despite their arousal, they could not have an orgasm when there was no movement. As a consequence, the travel to the shop gave them a few sexual releases, yet when their container was put on display in the lingerie shop, the two girls had to endure a desperate craving for orgasm till a woman bought the new set of undergarments. They could only hear the muffled sounds around her, lost and forgotten in their dark world. In their desperately aroused state, Kate and Jenny prayed for any woman to buy them, so they could gain satisfaction at last!

Eventually, one day, a young woman’s voice was heard. She asked the vendor for a new set of lingerie, and gave her size. Kate and Jenny did not knew what size they were, but held hopes they would fit that customer. As living clothes, they could not lose their minds from arousal, despite their hopes to. Suddenly, each trapped girl screamed with release as an orgasm smashed through them. The box had been taken, and was opened. Light struck them, and they could see for the first time in ages. They were in a small lingerie shop, filled with erotic items modelled by bra forms, mannequins and pantyhose forms. The seller was a middle aged woman, and the client a cute girl in her late teens. Jenny found then out that the transformation had made her into a 38D bra, as she always had the ability to guess the women’s size. The girl took them to the changing room, and disrobed to try on her new clothes. Jenny and Kate were both terrified by their fate, yet craved it for the orgasms it would induce.

Kate was picked up first. She could not help but explode in orgasm as she slipped along the woman’s smooth legs, then screamed for a stop when she was in position, stretched around her firm buttocks. For Jenny, the experience was the same. When the woman’s breasts filled her cups, Jenny’s mind nearly shattered from the power of pleasure that devastated her. Then the tension in her body made the orgasms come along, soon making the bra beg for a stop. Jenny was seeing he cups filled to capacity, from her point of vision, and sensed them like if two monstrous dildoes were dilating her pussies.

Every movement of the woman made her undergarments climax repetitively. Each orgasm was immediately followed by an arousal that defied comprehension, and then another orgasm! Even the girl’s breathing was a torture of pleasure for Jenny as she was stretched and released.

The woman was staring at her figure before the mirror. Satisfied, she put her skirt and blouse back on. Kate’s vision was then reduced to the circle of light between her legs, but Jenny could no longer see the world around her. But the friction of the clothes made their fate a lot worse, as the sensations were devilishly increased! The woman stepped out of the changing room, and paid for her new set of lingerie. Jenny and Kate were begging for the woman not to buy them, to be replaced in their small container for a few days. They would rather have supported several days of no arousal than the level of stimulation they had to endure now that they were around that woman’s lush curves. The trapped girls were not heard, and they found themselves following every movement of their wearer as she went on in her life.

Unfortunately for Kate and Jenny, the woman was rather fond of silk and satin clothes, and the friction of the clothes between them made their lives a living hell of stimulation. One of the worst things was when Emily, their owner, was dancing with another man or woman. Kate and Jenny felt themselves pressed against the woman’s partner, and the sensation were increased such a time that if a spell was not controlling their sanity, it would have been blown away in seconds.

The living lingerie had at last some periods of rest. Each night they ended up either folded in the dresser, or just discarded in the room as Emily made love with either a man or a woman. They really enjoyed these moments, because they were not climaxing helplessly, despite the arousal they felt. As Emily frequently changed her undergarments, Jenny and Kate had to stay in the dresser from entire days, after having been washed up. Washing was the most terrible torture for the living clothes, as the machine made them rub against other clothes, inducing un-describably lingering slippery orgasms.

As life went on, Emily tired of her old undergarments. She was now 24, and had possessed  Jenny and Kate for nearly 5 years. The two items of clothes were put on more and more rarely. One day, Emily was wearing them and was in a lingerie shop to purchase another set of panty and bra. Suddenly, Jenny and Kate felt something new happen to them! They were sucked out of their bodies! For a brief instant, they could see freely around them, as their disembodied souls were floating in the air. Then they quickly discovered their destinations; as Kate was helplessly absorbed into a new bra, whereas Jenny’s spirit became part of a nylon pantyhose!

They were separated, but it did not matter. Each girl realised that their predicaments would never end. They would forever live as lingerie, always aroused, always orgasming around their owners, just turned into other items from time to time. Inside their minds, they cursed the sorceress who had made their lives such a hell, but of course they knew that the evil woman did not cared about their unformulated thoughts.

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