Fantastic Voyage Part 10

by Faceless 001

Continuation of Part 9,which you can read by clicking here  Copyright 2000, Faceless001

  I looked around in shock as the car continued soaring up into the sky.  Jen turned around and said "Don't worry, Chip.  We won't kill you unless you try to escape again."  A comforting smile appeared on her face.

  I now feared the worst.  "I thought you wanted to stop that from happening!" I angrily yelled at Jen.

  She recoiled back, and put a look of hurt on her face.  "Chip, honey, don't be mean to me.  I love you."

  I sat there dumbfounded for a second, then said "If you love me, then why are you bringing me back to where you escaped from?"

  "I'm not the same unit that escaped Domain 35889.  I am 13736945782.  I've been programmed with all Jen's data, and some necessary modifications."

  I relaxed in the seat and felt the despair of my situation.

  Monique sat without a face in the drivers seat, and said "I want you to fuck me so hard." in her monotone.

  Jen reached over to Cindy's hand and pried open her thumb.  She took out a small silver square and held it by her thumb and finger in front of my face.

  Before I could say what's going on, she placed the chip on my forehead, and I was thrown into a confusing, alarming, exhilarating state of mind.  My perception of time seemed to slow as my thoughts grew exponentially faster. I was thinking hundreds, then thousands of thoughts per second,   I was living a different experience, but still sitting in the same place.  Two whole lives of senses came before me, one now, one experiencing what Jen had talked about ù the abduction, meeting her, and zooming off into space, faster than the speed of light.  It was all real, every sight, sound, texture and taste, yet it all happened in a flash.

  Jen removed the silver chip from my head just as I was making love to a robot called the Primary Device, who had become a rainbow of changing eye, hair and skin colour.  The chip left my skin just as another one did, which I shared with the Primary Device.  The hyperbolic height of elevated thought was massively painful to crash down from.  No more than three seconds and at the same time five whole days had passed, my mind living two lives at once.

  I now knew everything that had happened to me up to a point before Jen and I had attempted escape.  I felt numb, and didn't move for a couple of moments.  My physical and mental strength were drained.

  Jen sat silently the whole time, leaning around her seat and holding on to my hand.  Monique continued to make lurid passes at me while staring ahead.  I had barely noticed we were in space before I wondered why Cindy's unmoving body was floating above my lap.

  The whole car was soon enveloped by a massive silver sphere, which displayed an opening as we got close.  Once we were in, the opening went away and the interior of the craft became lit.  The weightlessness went away too, as the car stopped in the center.

  Jen got out and made her way to the round wall in front of the car.  Another opening appeared as she walked through.  I slowly got out of the car to follow her, and found the opening again.  On the other side was a large screen, some sort of console and two chairs, all in a silver and white theme.  Jupiter was on the screen, growing closer all the while.

  Jen sat in one of the chairs, punching in codes and hitting different buttons.  I sat down too, just as she was done.

  "We'll be there soon.  You should ask to keep me, otherwise I'll just be recycled." Jen said.

  "Let's kiss, then." I said.

  Jen smiled and rolled her chair closer to mine.  I rolled closer too, and right away started giving her deep kisses.  I unzipped her body-suit all the way and put my fingers into her pussy.  She leaned back and took it as I overworked her processors.

  More than a minute went by as I played with her body, feeling her respond to my touch.  I got the feeling she knew exactly what I was doing.  She let me do it anyway.  I swiped away her face and made a move for the jumper.

  "You can go ahead and deactivate me, Chip.  I have completed my function." her speakers emitted as her flawless glass eyeballs held contact with my eyes.  "I'd much rather stay on, so I can love you."  I pulled the jumper off.  Jen said "love you", then went silent.  I felt bad about doing it to her, knowing now the love I had felt for her.

  I sat down and studied the console.  All the buttons were unmarked, and all were white against a white background.  I started pressing them randomly.  To my good luck, the craft stopped moving.

  I sat back and thought about what to do to get back home.  Jupiter wasn't far off, and lord knows I didn't want to end up millions of light years away.  I rubbed my temples and went to get the obedient Monique.

  "Get out of the car" I said to the fembot as I opened the door.

"Yes master." she replied.  She got out of the car and stood right in front of me.  I felt my penis swell as I stared into her electronic face.  I led her by the hand to the console, and sat her down in a chair.

  "Take us back to Earth." I commanded.

  Monique said "Yes master." and pressed a few buttons.  Immediately, there began a deafening hum that seemed to come from nowhere.

  I fell to my knees with my hands over my head as the sound grew horrifyingly loud.   I started getting dizzy just as it got softer and eventually vanished.  I thought I would wretch, but got to my feet and looked at the screen in front of me.  Sure enough, we were fast coming in on Earth, but it looked a little funny.  I thought it must have been my perception from above.

  We got close to the land incredibly fast, without experiencing any turbulence at all.  Sure enough we went for North America, but the spot where we landed was a lush tropical rain forest.  In fact the craft never landed, it only hovered over a vast swamp.  The view outside revealed many large reptiles slithering around in the green.

  "Monique, where are we?"

  "I'm so hot for you." came her vacant response.

  Things looked bad.  I appeared to be lost in time now on Earth.  I looked from Monique's face to Jen's.  No lights were blinking inside Jen.  I thought of turning her back on.

  First, I would remove her arms and legs, so she wouldn't try anything funny.  I stood her up to remove the white body-suit.  The sight of her nude body brought the memories flooding back.  I gave a loving caress, then preceded to detach the limbs.  Moving them aside, I sat the rest of her down on the chair, and put the jumper back in her head.

  Monique went on with her comments as Jen switched on and started looking around.  "Where is my face-mask Chip?  I want to kiss you again."

  "Never mind that." I said.  "Tell me what buttons to press to get out of here.

  "Where are we?" she asked.

  "I think we're on Earth, but in the wrong time."

  "Where do you want to go?"

  "Home, in the year 2000."

  "Ok, press the third button in from the left on the middle row."

  "This one?"

  "No, the other row."

  "This one?"


  I pressed the button and was again assailed by the intense vibration sound.  I thought I would go mad as my head throbbed in pain.  I started to collapse, but rolled onto the console, hitting more than one button.  The humming stopped.

  I breathed in deeply and looked around me.  The craft was again floating around in space.   "Where are we?" I asked Jen.'  The faint sound of beeping became clear.

  "We are stuck in time.  Something malfunctioned."

  "What do you mean stuck?  What year is it?"

  "My sensors have lost track of the date.  I don't know."

   "What's that beeping anyway?"

 "6112857961 is malfunctioning."

  "Is that bad?"

  "Its explosive pack might detonate."

  "Explosive pack?  We have to get her out of here!"

  "Put her back in the car." Jen said.  I pulled Monique out of the chair and rushed back to the car.  The beeping tones from her head got louder.  I more or less threw her in and ran back to th console.

  "How do I get rid of her?"

  "Push the button next to the one in the corner."

  "This one?"


  I pushed the button and watched on another screen as the car and its contents were ejected into space.  Almost as soon as they were, a powerful explosion was felt.  The car was obliterated.

  The computerized tones had not gone away.  They emanated from Jen's face too.

  "I am also malfunctioning.  Time travel is hard on machines." she said.

  I felt my heart drop as I looked into her eyes.

  "Please don't send me into space, Chip." she pleaded.  "I'll try not to blow up."

  "Oh no." I said, and threw everything robotic into the other room to eject it.  With the push of a button, she was gone, and soon exploded into debris.

  Now, as the craft drifted fast into space, I slumped down in one of the uncomfortable chairs and thought about what to do.

The End?

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