Fantastic Voyage – Part 2

by Faceless 001

Continuation of Part 1, which you can read by clicking here.

The massive trailer continued to roll down the highway. I could only hope that it would stop sooner or later, but even if it did, how would I get out? It seemed I was completely in the hands of my captors.

Perhaps I had made things worse by wrecking Monique's duplicate? What if she was the only one that could control this truck? The more I thought of it, the more uneasy I felt. I imagined the worst scenario, in which the truck would eventually hit a wall or go off the road. I had to find a way out.

I thought of the phone call I received just before I was abducted. There must be a phone around. I went out again to search the car sitting in the back of the trailer box. There was nothing more in the glove compartment. I felt around under the floor, and found her purse. I couldn't see what was in it, so I put it under my arm and continued searching.

Satisfied that nothing else remained inside, I tried to open the trunk. It was locked.

The hood would not open either, so I went back to the room to look through the purse.

Inside were ID, credit cards, and the usual items. Everything seemed to be an exact copy, including a photo ID that I know Monique had lost while we were dating.

A zippered compartment contained a coiled up connecting cable, about a dozen flash memory cards and two spare eyes, with connectors at the back.

I didn't find a phone, and I realized that the robot probably sent the phone signal from her head or something like that.

Leaning over now, I also realized the truck was slowing down. Gradually, it came to a halt, the engine still running. I listened and could hear the sound of the rear doors opening. Was it the police? My captors? I didn't move.

I heard someone climb into the trailer, then call out my name, "Chip?".

"In here" I called back, after a little pause.

"You might as well come out now." came a reassuring female voice in response.

I sat up and made my way out of the chamber, dropping the purse and glancing again at the unmoving, damaged machine that had masqueraded as Monique. The lights were on again inside the trailer. There were no police, just a tall slender blonde woman. She was dressed like a truck driver, albeit an extremely beautiful one.

"My name is Cindy." She spoke again in a pleasant tone. "Those optical units you saw can fire a powerful energy beam at a focused point, causing almost anything to burn." she continued. "I have a pair like them. They're in my head right now."

It took me a moment to grasp what she was saying. She’s a robot, too!

"Please, Chip, don't make me use them on you." She added.

"What do you people want from me?" I asked, feeling the hope flee my body.

"I'm sorry, I'm not programmed with that information." She explained. "I am programmed only to bring you to your destination."

"Who made you?" I asked.

Cindy smiled, and said, "I don't have any more information, otherwise, I'd let you know. What I can tell you, is that we're not at our destination yet."

I began to feel angry, but still afraid of Cindy.

"Now, don't worry about what you did to Monique, there's another one in the trunk of this car." She said, as the trunk popped open. "Come over here and see." she invited.

I went over and took a look. Cindy stood smiling at me as I examined the trunk's contents. Cushioned by fitted foam were all the pieces of another Monique robot.

I looked again at Cindy, her face grinning back to me. "I have to make sure you don't escape. Can you put her together?" she requested.

"Do I have a choice?" I asked.

"Please, Chip, I don't want to activate my anger subroutines. I am being nice to you because I know humans can become frightened." said the robot, not realizing the absurdity of its statement.

"How do I put it together?" I asked.

Cindy rolled her eyes back, sighed and said "Everything clicks together. Just put the legs on the floor and add parts from there."

I picked up one of the legs, which were bent at the knee, and ended at the top of the thigh. The leg felt so real, it gave me the creeps. I straightened it up and put its foot on the floor. It managed to stay standing by itself.

The other leg came out the same way, but I put it on the wrong side of the other one. Cindy snickered, putting her hand up to her mouth.

"They programmed you with humor?" I commented as I placed the right leg where it belonged.

"Yeah." Came her breathy reply.

I went back to the trunk to fetch the hips. This robot, too, was built anatomically correct. The contrast of naked female genitalia and electronic connecting parts brought my erection back.

"Your girlfriend was beautiful." Cindy said.

"Do you know if the real Monique is alright?" I asked her.

"I am not programmed with that information." She said blankly, as I attached the hips to the legs. They clicked in immediately, leaving only faint lines where the plastic skin connected.

I felt the urge to continue the conversation, so as I grabbed the torso, I asked Cindy "Are you built like this robot?"

"Yeah, but Monique has bigger boobs and a bigger bum." she pointed out. "I'm taller, and I'm connected to the primary device."

"What's that?" I queried, as the torso clicked into position, yet another pair of perky plastic tits hanging out in front of me.

"All units are connected to the primary device." She relayed, leaning up against the car.

Her statement conjured up Borg-type images to me. I began to feel a lot more hopeless and desperate. I paused for a while, staring alternately at Cindy and a half built robotic Monique.

Maybe I should just go with the flow?

"You are not yet finished assembling Monique." Cindy complained.

"If I let you people have my sperm, will you let me go?" I asked, then picked up an arm out of the trunk.

"You are on the wrong side." She said, still smiling.

I looked at her, a question forming in my mouth until she pointed to the arm and said "It connects on this side."

"Oh." I half-said.

The cute blonde robot continued to smile at me. Had I pressed on, I probably wouldn't have gotten an answer from her anyway.

I snapped the arm into place, then did the same with the left arm.

"Almost done!" Cindy beamed.

I gave an awkward smirk, and got the final piece. The head lay face down in the center, the scalp covered by a black plastic wrapping. I turned it round, and sure enough, there was Monique again, her mouth and eyes closed. I connected it to the neck. I half expected the robot to spring to life, but it didn't.

"Aren't you going to remove the wrapping?" asked Cindy.

"How?" I retorted.

"Here," she said, stepping forward and pulling a small tab from the base of the wrap. "I'll do it."

The wrap came off and long red hair came falling down around Monique's head.

"I'll activate her for you" said Cindy as she discarded the wrapping to the floor.

Instantaneously, Monique's eyes opened, and a few short beeps came from within her body.

Cindy said "Monique is almost ready to receive your sperm. She is in default mode right now, but she can be programmed with all the information the other one was programmed with."

"Could you not do that?" I asked.

"Why? Wouldn't you like Monique to be like the girl you used to know?" She asked, a puzzled look on her face.

"That's exactly the point." I said. "This is not the real Monique. It's just a machine." I stated.

"So am I, but you seem to like me." responded Cindy.

"Like you? How could I have feelings for a machine, like I can for a real person?"

The robot paused for a moment, then grinned and said "Well, I can be programmed to be just like a real person. I am presently only programmed for limited emotional behavior. Monique can be programmed any way you desire."

"Well, I don't think it's right that you made copies of Monique."

Cindy giggled again, and began to make her way out of the trailer, saying "I have to continue our journey. Don't worry, it won't take a long time."

With that, she opened a door and hopped out of the trailer, locking the doors behind her. I turned my attention back to the robot I had just put together. She stood perfectly still, and stared out straight ahead.

I wondered just how long our trip would be, as the truck revved up and started again down the highway. I was caught off my balance, but the third Monique kept it's balance with ease.

I headed back to the bedroom at the front of the trailer. As I approached, I heard the robot walking behind me. I glanced to see it pacing toward me, with stiff and fluid motions, clearly acting mechanically. Monique's face was void of emotion, staring blankly ahead as she followed me inside.

I sat down on the bed, and this Monique did what the other had done. It just stood there, only its face was attached, and there were no beeping sounds. I looked again at the previous model, lying wrecked on the floor.

I cautiously stood up again, and pointing to the damaged robot told Monique "I'm going to put that thing outside, ok?"

"Yes." The voice that came back in reply was not Monique's, but that of a speech synthesizer. Hell, I had a program on my PC that sounded better.

She stared straight ahead at the wall as I stooped down to pick up the other robot. It was surprisingly light, although due to the restricted space of the bedroom, it wasn't too easy to move. Eventually, I got it outside the door, pushing it over to the side. I flung the face mask and fake gun out there, too.

I closed the door and went to lay on by the back. I took a deep breath and tried to adjust as best I could.

The naked body of the robot kept my eye, still unmoving, waiting for a command, it occurred to me.

"Come lie down next to me." I ordered, not knowing how to respond. I hoped that this copy wasn't as bent on killing me as the other one was.

Monique didn't reply, but did as I had told her, moving methodically and stiffly to my side. On the bed, she lay just as still as she had stood, her arms rigid at her sides.

"So, you can take my sperm?" I asked, leaning up on one arm.

"I am not programmed for sex." came the reply in her synthesized voice.

"Well, how am I supposed to give you my sperm?" I said.

"Insert sexual programming key."


"Insert sexual programming key." She repeated. Before I could ask how, she moved her hand toward her chest. A small rectangular panel protruded from the skin above her breasts. With machine-like movements, she removed the panel and held it off to the side.

In the opening were several ports and plugins, even a numeric keypad. Still staring at the ceiling, Monique repeated "Insert sexual programming key.".

I noticed there were lights flashing next to some small thin slots. They looked the right size to hold those memory cards I had seen in her purse earlier.

"I get it." I said out loud as I got up and fetched the purse. I laid the cards out on the bed, and sat down next to the robot.

All the cards looked the same. there were ten cards, but only three slots.

"Which one is it?" I asked.

Monique only repeated "Insert sexual programming key.".

I took one at random, and slipped it into a slot. It didn't go in all the way.

Nothing happened. Monique did not move. I took the card out and put it back in, facing the other way around. This time, the lights stopped flashing, and the robot said "Do you wish to activate personality?"

"Yes" I answered.

"Personality added. Remove key." she said, in Monique's sweet voice. Immediately, she began to appear more human, by blinking and moving in other minor ways. I tried the next card, and she asked "Do you wish to activate Plan A?"

I thought about that, as I looked at the robot's emotionless face.

"No, I don't think It's that one." I said, taking out the memory card and placing it aside. I picked up another and tried my luck.

"Do you wish to activate flirting?" Monique asked.

"Yes" I said.

"Flirting added. Remove key." she instructed.

I put in another one. "Do you wish to activate Plan C?" She asked. Without a word, I removed it and tried the next.

"Do you wish to activate sexual programming?"

"Yes" I said. again, she said "Sex added. Remove key.

The rest of the keys were more plans. Quite a lot of trouble to go through for some sperm. An elongated silence fell. I thought about it a bit and decided I'd turn off the personality.

I guessed right and put the personality card in again.

"Do you wish to deactivate personality?" She asked.

"Yes." I replied.

"Personality removed. Remove key." she said, again in that computerized voice, her plastic and metal body stiffened.

I was feeling more relaxed now, perhaps since I felt I had at least a measure of control. The thought of this kidnapping turning out to be some kind of strange sexual escapade was even somewhat amusing.

After putting the memory cards back in the purse, I placed the purse on the floor and turned my full attention to the robot. I decided to let my filthy mind, and my fingers wander. I played with her plastic breasts, looking into the open panel above them.

"Can you take your face-mask off?" I asked.

The machine replied "Yes," and with her other hand, detached the face, holding it off to the other side. The way she looked beneath struck me as beautiful.

There were far fewer lights blinking, only three. Her two glass eyeballs were painted to perfection, with little veins and everything. The machinery around them reminded me of some campy fembots I had seen on tv. There were lots of microchips and transistors on circuit boards, a few wires, and lots of other odd looking features.

Now I was ready to give the robot my sperm. I straddled her, gazing excitedly at the opened chest and head. Still holding the coverings, she lay there motionless as I again undid my fly. This time, the fears I had had before didn't even occur to me.

I put my fingers on Monique's familiar, but now synthetic vagina. It was already quite moist.

Finding myself thinking about the what lay beneath the skin, I asked her, "Does your pussy have its own processor?"

"Yes," she again replied. I slid my hard dick into her pussy and got on top of her. I started pushing in and out, the robot matching my hip thrusts. Moving machine-like, she got a rhythm going, but didn't do much else.

I was turned on so much by fucking that robot that it didn't take long at all for me to climax. When I did, the hope that I would be released returned as I filled her up with semen.

"Please remove your penis." she said, startling me.

I thought "I better do what it says", and pulled away quickly. Two metal covers emerged from the edges of her vagina and sealed it up. Good thing I wasn’t in there!

I leaned up next to her and waited to see what she would do next. She didn't do anything else. Feeling aroused still, I wanted to play with her for a while, but I felt suddenly dizzy.

I started to try to tell her to move her arm, so I could lay down, but found I was passing out. Luckily, I managed to do this on the bed, more or less on top of the robot.

For a minute or two, I was still conscious, but hearing voices. They were undistinguishable, and seemed to echo louder and louder, until they began pounding on my eardrums, though I knew the sound wasn't real. I became sick, and lost consciousness.

To Be Continued……

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