Fantastic Voyage Part 5

by Faceless 001

Continuation of Part 4 which you can read by clicking here

I reclined on the white satin sheets as I waited, thinking about my situation. I became increasingly nervous as I looked, listened and waited for the Primary Device. From the sounds of it, all it was, was a sex robot, built after my lifetime. Sally's earlier statement about the programming seemed to explained only a little. I still wondered, "why so many gorgeous robots milling about?"

Nor could my mind register the time and place in which I found myself. Was I really orbiting Jupiter? Had I even left my house to go with a copy of Monique?

I hung my head and breathed in deeply. It was all too real to be a dream. The memory of my extra consciousness was still fresh, and I was still quite weary from the whole mess. My thoughts never turned to Jen. She was as human to me as anyone, and I had developed an emotional bond with her, or at least I thought so. I felt a loss now that she was gone. I didn't like to think that they would just melt her down. What I had seen earlier just stupefied me. I had now fallen for the same trick twice. That's not counting Cindy, who had threatened me with her laser beam eyes, or whatever they were.

I yawned and rubbed my eyes, not seeing the Primary Device as she approached. When I opened my eyes, she stood tall and completely naked in front of me.

"Welcome home, Chip." said the well endowed goddess. She was absolutely the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen in my life. She had very refined features, high cheekbones and long eyelashes. Her long dark red hair was thick and luminescent, her lips red and full.

She gracefully sad down in the bed beside me, setting her brilliant green eyes on my dick, which was by now at full attention.

"I see you're happy to see me." she said as she got on top of me.

Before I could say a word, we were kissing deeply. Her tounge tickled mine, vibrating now and then. She let out some moans, still french-kissing me, and gave me a few little electric shocks. They seemed to turn me on even more. I could feel adrenaline in my veins as I let her lay me out and fuck me.

She got very vocal, and started to laugh and scream with delight. She was tight, and quivered when she took me in all the way. "Oh, yeah.... oh, baby...." she yelled out in a porn star voice. Her massive tits jiggled in front of my face. I started to feel them up. She let out a breathy squeal and got very wet. We continued harder and faster, her moans and squeals becoming louder and more emphasized.

"Oh.. oh... ohhhh..." she screamed as we both climaxed.

I let another load go as she relaxed, still laying on top of me.

"Are you the Primary Device?" I asked.

"Ohh yes." she said.

"Gee." I said. "What year is it anyway?"

"It's 2266. Let me tell you something, Chip, you are wild one." She said as she sat up.

"What are you talking about?" I questioned.

"Of all our specimens, only you get turned on by this?" she said, removing her face mask and placing it to the side.

She was right. My dick was hard again.

"You think I'm beautiful." she said, staring me down with her transistor-face. Her green eyes looked even bigger than before. Little coloured lights flashed all around them, amid more microchips and assorted circuitry.

"How come your face doesn't beep?" I asked.

"Curious, aren't you?" she replied. "If you are referring to Monique, her head was making diagnostic signals after it was damaged in the fall. You broke it. That's also why it wanted to kill you. It was just malfunctioning."

"Just malfunctioning?" I repeated.

"Well, you did cause a lot more damage on your own. Cindy only realised Monique was damaged when its vaginal computer sent it a signal."

I thought about it for a bit. My trip in the trailer made a bit more sense now. "What happened after I had sex with the second robotic Monique?" I asked

"That's when you went forward in time. Are you going to play with my body, or are you going to ask questions all day?" she said.

"What?" I said.

The Primary Device took my hand and placed it on her breasts. I felt both of them up, and continued asking "Well, why the farm house? Why Jen?"

"Sally told you. You entered the wrong year, due to a malfunction in the truck's time components."

"What year was that?" I said, groping her sexy plastic body.

"That was just yesterday. We decided to let you rest the night with Jen." she said, stroking my penis up and down with her fingertips.

"I don't want her to be recycled." I said.

"It's too late, we've already started." she said, making little circles on the tip of my cock with her pinky.

I felt up her thighs, and put my fingers on her pussy. Still, I couldn't get my mind off Jen. "She didn't know she was a robot, did she?"

"It hadn't a clue." responded the Primary Device, as she layed down on the bed. I got on top of her and started pumping my hips into her's again. Harder and faster I pushed, gazing into her open face. Again, it was easy to climax, and I emptied myself into the red-haired fembot.

I got off her and layed on my back. It struck me as odd, the way she referred to herself as a person, but other robots as things. I looked into her face again. "Can you build another Jen?" I asked.

"Of course."

"What about her memories?"

"They're still stored in me."


"I'm the Primary Device, I know everything."

"Was Jen a real person at one point?"

"No. It just thought it was. If you like, we can put all of its memories into the new device."

"Ok. I just, didn't want to lose her."

"You can have anything you want here. You are free to do as you please."

"I wanna go home."

"You are home, Chip."

"I mean back on Earth."

"You must stay here."


"You must stay here."

"Are we really out by Jupiter? The trip only took a few minutes."

"We are orbiting Jupiter, disguised as a small moon. However, you didn't travel a great distance. We possess technology you can't understand."

"None of this makes much sense to me."

"In time, it will." she said, getting up and opening a hidden compartment in the white wall. She turned and handed me a white satin body-suit.

"Put this on." she said.

I put the tight fitting suit on, zipping it up from below my crotch to the top of my neck. It felt a bit constricting, but it was better than nothing.

"Where's your uniform?" I asked.

"I don't wear one. Follow me. We'll make a shortcut through one of the construction labs." she said, facing another wall as it opened up. I followed her down a thin corridor, as white and bright as all I had seen of this place. A single door lay ahead. It opened as we came near, and we entered another room full of tables, these ones occupied. About forty fembots in various states of dissasembly lay on tables, being worked on and examined by an equal amount of fembots dressed in light blue hooded body-suits. I got an erection again from looking at it all.

To my right, I saw a red suited fembot, who was busy working on her own head. She had laid it on the table face-up, and was probing it with tools. It was Sally.

She made eye contact with me and said "Hi, Chip." Her fingers held small metal tools into her neck, making clicks and a few sparks.

I could only stare back in amazement.

"Come this way, Chip." the Primary Device called. I made my way through the tables, then cast my eyes on Jen. She had cables connected to the ports in her chest, and was being monitored and adjusted by one of the stiffly moving repair robots.

"Are you fixing her?" I asked the Primary Device about Jen.

"That's the one we just made for you. The original one is over there." she said, pointing to a bare silvery skeleton with only a few wires and circuit boards remaining. Another robot was busy removing more parts.

"Holy shit, that was fast." I thought, looking back to the Primary Device as she continued out another door, and into a huge expansive outdoor area.

"This is what we call the Terrarium. You will find it to be much like Earth inside."

I followed her in, stepping onto grass as I entered. It was amazing. A completely recreated wilderness, with a forest to one side and a creek running through the middle. No one, or nothing else was around. The horizon was where the walls met the ceiling, but the sky itself looked miles high, a perplexing illusion. A yellow evening sun shone down on the whole scene. Even the wind and scent of the woods was there.

There was a white and silver bridge over the creek. Off behind some trees was another white structure. The Primary Device pointed to it saying "That is where you will stay. Everything you need to survive will be provided for you there. If you do not like its location, we can move it for you.

"Ok." I said, being too stunned to say much more.

I noticed someone else had entered. Jen was walking towards me, moving stiffly and robotically. She was wearing the same white body-suit as me, the two of us being the only ones I had seen in white.

"Jen!" I said.

She stopped in front of me and stood motionless. Her body-suit was unzipped in front, showing off her breasts, and a small flash memory card stuck between them.

"I will leave you to become re-acquainted with your friend. I am always available if you want me again." Said the Primary Device as she blew a kiss from her opened face, turned and made her way out the door.

I was rather startled by her departure, and the sudden appearance of a new Jen. This was all moving so quickly. It all seemed so unreal to me still.

I looked at Jen and stroked her cheek. She stood still, staring blankly ahead.

I walked with her down to the edge of the creek. I told her to lie down and remove her chest panel. Her expression blank, she obediently complied. I sat down next to her, grasping the memory card in my hand.

A light was flashing next to one of the slots. I slid the card into the slot.

In a computerized monotone, she said "Do you wish to activate Jen?"

"Yes." I said after a sigh.

"Jen activated. Remove key." She said in her own voice, blinking her eyes. She shot glances around her, then looked at the piece of plastic skin in her hand.

She quickly sat up, dropping the cover. "No... no.. this can't be real." She said, her voice breaking up. "Oh my god oh my god oh my god.."

Her face looked as though her whole world had just colapsed. I felt shame for reactivating her.

"I'm just a machine!" she cried, slouching and holding her hand to her forehead, then pulling out and examining the flash memory card.

"I'm sorry." I said. Jen continued sobbing.

"Maybe I shouldn't have had you rebuilt." I said.

"What do you mean?" she asked, looking at me with reddened eyes.

"After we got to Jupiter, they took you apart and recycled you. I asked to have you made again, with all your memories intact."

She closed her eyes as tears ran down her cheeks.

"Why?" She asked.

I didn't immediately know what to say. I didn't expect Jen to react this way. "Because I need you with me." I told her.

She was silent, waiting for me to continue.

"I need company. I'm the only human here." I said.

It was the wrong thing to say.

"I can't believe I'm just a machine." she wailed, leaning into me. I held onto her as she cried.

"You're special to me." I said.

"All my memories, my whole life... just data." she moaned, continuing to sob for several minutes.

I was surprised that she would act this way, and it made me feel bad. Jen was even more human-like that I had thought. I knew this must hurt. The person I had met in the farmhouse was kind, humble and trusting. She was a beautiful person. I couldn't let someone special like that go, even if she was completely artificial.

"Jen, I couldn't leave you.. in pieces. You couldn't stay dead. I need you."

Her crying slowly subsided, and she held onto my shoulder as I continued to hold onto her. I reached for the plastic cover, and put it back onto her chest panel, pushing it gently into place with my fingers.

"Why do you need me?" she asked.

"Because... because you're like me."

"No I'm not, I'm exactly like all the other machines here."

"You're so different. You are a person."

"It's just programming, Chip. All of me.. it's nothing more than zeros and ones."

"But you can still feel. That counts for something."

"That's not feeling. That's just the way I'm programmed to react."

I held her in silence for the next half hour or so as the sun in the sky started to set. As hard as I tried, I did not know how to understand how Jen felt. Did she have feelings? I had watched and reflected on her human idiosynchracies. If she wasn't sentient, her makers did one hell of a job in making the illusion perfect.

I thought of the life I had been taken from. Although more than anything I longed to be free back on Earth, when it got down to basics, I really wasn't missing much. I had dreamed of meeting someone like Jen, and I don't think I had met anyone quite like her so far. It occurred to me that this place was not a bad place to be held against one's will.

Jen lifted her head and looked at me. Her eyes were tired from crying. "I'm tired, Chip." she said, looking into my eyes. "I need to sleep."

"There's a little shack in the trees over there. There's a bed and stuff there." I said.

Our eyes locked for a long moment as the sun sank below the horizon. I gave her a long kiss as a breeze blew in to cool things down. Her mouth was still fresh and sweet, though cast downward in sadness. We got up and made our way to the shack, which was a looming white and silver structure in a clearing in a coniferous forest. My body was tired from sitting, and Jen was walking like she felt the same way.

The interior of the shack was lighted on our entrance. Inside among other things were a bed, table, chair, sink, shower and toilet, all in the same white and silver.

"This isn't much." Jen said.

"I know but there's the bed. They told me I could have anything else I wanted, though." I said, then wondering why I hadn't yet asked for a five-star hotel.

"Why are they keeping you here?"

"I wish I knew."

Jen sat down on the bed and fully unzipped her body suit. I almost turned my head to give her privacy, but I watched her undress again in front of me. She made a half smile, kicked the body-suit to the side and got between the sheets. I took my suit off and got in bed next to her. The lights in the room went dark.

"We're probably being watched." I said.

"I'm too tired to think about it, Chip." she said, drifting off into sleep. Her breathing slowed down, and her body relaxed. I could feel a heartbeat.

"Goodnight, Jen." I said, easily falling asleep beside her.

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