Fantastic Voyage Part 6

by Faceless 001

Continuation of Part 5 which you can read by clicking here

   I didn't sleep long.  I was awakened when Jen got up.  Acting like she'd been de-programmed, she stiffly moved out of the little shack and into the woods.

   Startled, and worried, I followed.  The room and the forest were completely dark.  Jen moved swiftly, and I lost sight of her naked body.  I started to feel a chill in my privates as I looked up at the starry sky.  There looked as if there were ten times the amount of stars I had ever seen before.  I could see no bright moon, but eventually saw many darker moons, small and big.

   Although the planet was not visible, I knew this was the night sky of something orbiting Jupiter.  I was gazing up at a scene that had never before been seen by human eyes, at least in my line of time.

   I looked around for any sign of Jen, then returned my gaze to all the bright stars.  Something told me this sky was real, the ceiling was transparent.  The sun that had earlier set on me and Jen was an illusion, made to look like Earth.

   I walked forward where Jen had gone.  The forest grew dense as I hurried my pace.  She had been moving like a machine, not a person, and machines usually move in straight lines.

   Then, more or less ahead, I saw a light, a door opening.  I ran toward it.  It closed as I came closer, but opened again for me.  The brightness of the room ahead was blinding, but I could see Jen walking to the left.

   I silently followed, and watched her take a position next to some more repair robots.  They stood in a circular pattern, their backs to a large hexagonal cylinder protruding from the ceiling.  Attached to it were cables leading into each robot's back, just below the neck, where a small hinged piece of skin had opened.  The body-suits of the repair robots had even opened along with the skin.

   Some cables were in the process of connecting themselves to Jen's opening.  Again, they were standard types of connections that could be found on any computer.  The most noticeable one was a standard three-prong electrical power cord.

   They were recharging, their faces stared blankly ahead.  A buzzing hum could be heard.  I took a few steps back from the fembots.  Even in this state, they were beautiful.  The repair robots were still in their hooded and gloved suits.  The only skin that showed was their pretty faces, which stared out ahead.

   I came nearer to one and touched her chest with my fingertips.  She continued staring ahead, motionless.  I felt her breasts through the tight, reflective suit.  She felt just as real as Jen, Monique, and probably all the other robots.  I wanted to undress her, but couldn't find a zipper.  The body-suit appeared formed around her.  I went right up to her and fondled her body lustfully.  She did not move at all, nor did Jen, who was standing still right next to her.  I put a hand on the repairbot's crotch and felt her lips through the soft material.  Nothing made her move.

   I went in front of Jen, but thought of her differently.  For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to feel her up while she was unresponsive.  I wished I could snap her out of her trance, but I knew she had to recharge.  I wondered how long it would take.

   I took her hand in mine, and gently stroked her palm.  Of course, she didn't move, but it struck me then, that I was in love with her.  This machine seemed to be everything I had ever wanted in a woman.  I knew also, that she was made for me. As Sally, our bimbo fembot tour-guide had called her, she was bait.

   I looked longingly at her robotic stare for a while, then turned and went back to my shack in the woods, as I was still in need of sleep.  More than likely I thought, Jen would be with me, fully charged, in the morning.

   The lights came on when I awoke after a much needed sleep.  Jen was at my side, curled in a fetal position.  I turned and got close behind her, putting my arm around hers.  She woke when I did this, but didn't speak.  She let me hold her, and continued resting, so I didn't say anything either.

    I looked to the ceiling, wondering who or what was controlling the lights.  I decided I would mention the issue to the fembots, maybe the primary device.  I didn't like being watched.  If they really cared about my happiness, they'd listen, I assured myself.

   Jen turned over on her back, and looked at me.
   "Morning." she said.

   "Hi." I said.

   "This isn't a dream, is it?  This is really all happening, isn't it?"

   "I'm afraid so."

   "I don't want this to be true.  I don't want to be a machine."

   "You're more than a machine."

   "Not much more.  I know all about myself now.  I know that every thought I think, every impulse, every idea, it's all just software.  Just following code."

   "But you mean so much to me."

   "What could I mean to you?  I'm just a toy, an object, a thing."

   "Well, what I know, is... you're a pretty girl named Jen, and, you're a good person.  You're a kind person."

   She looked at me with tired eyes.  She was feeling very sad, but she was feeling.  "Why do you like me so much?  You know I'm not human." she asked.

   "That doesn't matter a thing to me.  I like you as much as I did when I thought you were human.  I like you more now."

   "That doesn't make any sense."

   "I can't really explain why, I just know I'm better for having you around."

   She gave me a little smile, and touched a kiss from her lips to mine.  "I need a shower." she said.

   I couldn't help but ask "You're waterproof?"

   She nodded, still shyly smiling.  "Will you come with me?" she invited.

   "Of course." I said as we got up and went over to the shower, which was really just a shower head sticking out of the wall in an open area.  As we stood below it, wondering how to turn it on, drainage holes appeared in the floor below, and the shower started by itself.  We were both a bit startled, but the warm water felt good.  We stood in the brisk stream and got wet head to toe.  I looked in vain for soap.

   Jen put her arms around me and slid her hands down my back.  "I know why the shower started, and what's making the lights go on and off." she said.

   "What?" I asked.

   "You're making it happen."


   "These buildings have artificial intelligence, and know when the lights need to be off, and when the water needs to be on."

   "How do you know that?"

   "I know a lot of things now.  It's like whatever I wonder about, I eventually know."

   Her statement made me pause.

   "That blonde robot, Sally said she knew everything because she was part of the primary device or something.  Is it the same thing with you?"

   "I don't know... but... I... I can access all it knows.  Holy shit, her body proportions are ridiculous."

   "How much can you find out?"

   "They won't tell me.  This is too much, Chip, I have to sit down."

   Jen steadied herself on the wall and sat down on the floor.

   I looked at the faucet, and thought at it "stop".  To my shock, it did.  I felt a sudden release of chemicals in my brain. "What the fuck?" I stuttered.  I stared at the faucet, forgetting about Jen for a while.

   "See?" she said.

   I looked down to her.  She was shaking, water splashed under her legs.  I got down next to her.

   "What's wrong?" I said.

   "This is too much for one person to know." she complained, turning her head my way.

   "You can handle it, Jen.  You are so much more capable."

   "I'm scared.  What if something goes wrong?  It's not reversible.  You can never go back and fix everything."

   "Say that again?"

   "They do it too much.  It's open now, but what if it tears apart?  Everything might cease to exist!"


   "What they're doing!  That's why there aren't any humans left!  It's always changing!"

   "Jen, calm down." I said as I held on to her again.  She was acting like she was having a nervous breakdown.  "Breathe." I told her, as she focused her eyes on mine and began to take deeper, slower breaths.  Of course, this should have had no effect on a machine, but she still thought of herself as human.  She was silent as I stood her on her feet, dried her with some paper towels and led her back to bed.  Her eyes remained wide and locked on mine.  I sat on the edge of the bed as she held onto my hand.

   I tried again to imagine how her electronic mind worked; I wanted so much to help her more than I was.

   "I wish I could at least say hi to my friends, and my family, but they never existed."  she said, in a tired voice.  I listened as she went on, "Since they needed a window of three weeks for time travel, the robots made me to wait in the farmhouse for you.  When I found you, I had only been on for nine days.  But my memories go back to when I was a kid, and my mother, my father, all my relatives.  I remember being on that farm forever.  I miss everyone so much."

   I felt sad for her.  Her eyes didn't water this time, although her voice broke up as she told me more.

   "I remember dreaming.  I had a dream eight nights in a row, before you came.  It was that I was a robot.  I dreamed all about my face coming off, and all my panels, and recharging - I saw it all in my dreams."

   "What else do you dream about?"

   "I don't remember.  I don't think I've had other dreams."  She closed her eyes.  I squeezed her hand, and she squeezed back.  She drifted into sleep, I remained by her side, marveling at her complexity.  As artificial as she was, part of her programming was human.  I began to wonder if she had true consciousness.

   Her face remained somewhat tense as she entered r.e.m. sleep.  I could see her eyes darting about under their lids.  She was again dreaming.  Her grip on my hand intensified.  Her face seemed to grimace in a painful way.  It froze that way for the rest of her dream period.

   I thought to darken the lights, and it happened.  I was again a bit startled by the outcome, but now liking the idea of controlling things by thought.  I wondered what else I could control.  I wondered how it worked.

   Jen still looked troubled, but was in a deep sleep now.  I was still immensely curious about this strange world, and left Jen to go look around a bit.  I toweled myself off again as best I could, and put on the white body-suit.  I gave a last glance to Jen as I headed out the door and through the trees.

   I walked back to another clearing behind a patch of trees, and found a door in front of me I went through it and continued down another hall.  At the other end was another recharge area, this one empty.  Another door lay at the other end of the room, so I went through it.

   I entered another construction lab.  More work was being done on more fembots by more repairbots in blue.  No one or thing in the room noticed me as I freely made my way around the tables, looking at the various ladies being worked on.  One was missing all limbs and the head, and was being fitted with electronic parts inside.  Others were completely assembled, but opened up in some way, being worked on by their rhythmically moving attendants.

   Off in a corner, I saw a familiar nude figure.  Cindy, the blonde truck driver was in the process of sitting up.  I approached her, and watched her get off the table and look at her arm while flexing it and moving her fingers around.  She smiled, and gazing out vacantly ahead, wandered in my direction.  Her naked body moved right past me and toward a ladder to the upper level.

  The robot who had repaired Cindy put her arms to the side and became still.  I watched Cindy climb the ladder, and followed after in my bare feet.  At the top was another room with only one door.  I followed Cindy, calling to her again.  She didn't respond.  I grabbed her hand and called her name again.

  This time she stopped, turned and looked at me.  Her gaze held mine for a few long seconds, then she said "Begin."

   "Cindy, do you remember me?" I asked, admiring her beautiful body.

   "Please re-submit command." she replied.

   "Cindy?" I said again, still holding her hand.  She continued to stare at me.

    "Please re-submit command." she said again, then continued on her way, though still holding my hand.

    I followed along with her, watching her body move along the path in a rhythmic way.  Her eyes were set ahead, unfocused.  The paths were full of fembots, all darting around and meeting up with each other.   "Are they exchanging data?" I thought, as Cindy led me into one of many small white structures, the same kind that I had spent the night in.

   Cindy stopped in the middle of the room and said to me once more, "Please re-submit command."

   "Are you the same robot that drove the truck with me in it?" I asked.

   Cindy paused, then said "My name is 4462980576.  No command given by user.  Default behavior initiated."  She kissed me as she pulled our hips together with her other hand.

   "Damn.." I said as she slipped her wet synthetic tongue into my mouth.  I let her do what she was doing, eventually ending up on top of me in bed.  Her hands stroked as she stared at me with cold glass eyes.  Her movements were more machine-like than the others.  I stroked my hand down her chest, around her breasts.  She didn't respond like a real woman, but kept on with her routine.

   Her body seemed to emit a mechanical clicking and whirring sound, that I had not heard before.  I ran my hands all over her body, enjoying the sensation of her artificial flesh beneath my hands.  I noticed how her movements were matched with mine; her level of excitement was on par with mine.  My thoughts turned to that moment on Earth, when I was coming out of the massive silver trailer.  I was doing now what I wanted to do to her robotic body then.

   Her eyes locked with mine as her hand pulled down the zipper on my body suit.  It came unzipped down past my balls, which she gently fondled.  Though tired, I couldn't resist fucking another robot.  She more or less took my dick in by herself, fast falling into rhythm with me.  Unlike my last lay, Cindy was quiet, only breathing heavy over the faint sound of her mechanical parts.  Her face, although flawless, looked artificial due to her expression, which was vacant.

   During that moment of ecstasy, I also felt again the longing to be home.  In spite of all this world offered, it was a spiritual void.  The robot's cold eyes reminded me of that.  They also got me more aroused, and I continued pushing myself into her.  I let some more sperm loose inside her, although there wasn't much left to give.  The earlier promise to let me go after I surrendered it was hollow.

   My electronic partner layed still for a while on top of me.  She seemed to have become oblivious to me as she stiffly got up and walked toward one of the walls.  It opened up for her, revealing a washroom, with a toilet and a sink.  Slightly tilting forward, she turned on the tap filled a glass that was on the counter and drank a half dozen glasses of water.  Smiling, she turned back around sat down on the toilet to let the water out.  More water sprayed about the inside of the toilet for a few moments, after which she got up and dried her crotch with a paper towel, which was disposed of in the toilet as it flushed fast with a powerful vacuum sound.

   Without a word she emerged from the washroom as the wall sealed up behind her.  She moved over and reached into another hidden compartment in the wall, from which she retrieved her purple body-suit.  She stepped into the legging and got into it in a quick, semi-robotic way.  The suit clung tightly to her every curve, and she wiggled her hips a few times as she pulled it up tighter.

   She said nothing as she pivoted around and walked out the door.  I got up, quickly trying to zip up my own body suit, and followed her.  I watched as she just blended in with the crowd outside, meeting up with a pretty petite blonde in yellow.  They stared at each other for over a minute, then moved on to meet other girls.

  I left her, making my way to the lower level and the forest-room, wanting to spend more time with Jen.

The End?

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