Fantastic Voyage – Part 7

by Faceless 001

Continuation of Part 6 which you can read by clicking here

   From the expanse of all the wandering, intersecting fembots in the lanes between the structures, I went back through the lab to the forest.  The white and silver hut where I had left Jen was silhouetted by the rising sun.  I was hoping she would still be asleep, but she wasn't.  By now she had dressed herself again in the tight fitting suit, and sat on the bed with her arms crossed over her knees, her head down.  I sat down next to her and took her hand.  She looked up to me.  She was crying again.

   "Why are you crying?" I asked.

   "Oh, Chip I feel so worthless now." She said.

   What I meant was "What makes you, a robot, cry?", but I didn't ask.

   "I'm trying not to think of anything, because every time I do, I end up downloading information, and a lot of it scares me." she went on.  "I know pretty much all about these… machines, and what they do, and it's just not right."

   "What are they doing?" I asked

   "Chip, let me tell you later." she pleaded.  I'm so overloaded with information it hurts.  I'm going back to bed."

   She rolled onto her back and closed her eyes, seeming to fall fast asleep.  I stood around for a while, then decided to find the Primary Device again.  I had to make things more livable around here for me.

   I wandered out of the woods again, this time behind the out of place large white bunker I was being kept in.  The forest ended at a wall, and I found another exit.  It also led to another hallway, and another repair room.  The scene was familiar, and quite stimulating.  The robotically moving units in light blue were attending to more semi-constructed women.

   I remembered being told that I could have anything I wanted, so I tested that again.  I walked up to one of the girls being repaired.  She had long black hair, big tits, and a wide smile on her unmoving face.  Her legs, one of her hands, and some panels were missing.  The sexy female repairing her moved like an assembly-line robot, and methodically probed her insides with instruments.  Neither seemed to notice me.

   I went beside the one being fixed, and put my hand on her shoulder.  Instantly, she looked my way and said in an enthusiastic voice, "Hi, my name is 6127864730.  What's Your name?"

   Startled, I paused, then answered "Chip".

   "Do you like to have sex, Chip?"  She asked.

   "Of course." I said, not expecting the question.

   She cut me off saying "I like to have sex.  I am a type C Sex-Droid, subclass 1.0413.  My pelvic mechanism is capable of gyrating sixteen times per second.  Do you like me?"

   "Uh, yeah." I said.

   "Let's have sex!" She said, then looked down at her body.  "Oh yeah, my hips aren't on yet."

   She looked back at me and said "I'm sorry, Chip, I can't have sex right now because... ERROR 4 DEVICE NOT FOUND"  Her voice changed in mid sentence to that of a computerized monotone.

   "Maybe later then." she said, her gaze went back to the ceiling, and I looked to the repair-bot.  She was still busily working on the sex-droid.  I didn't want to disturb her, so I looked around the room again.  Off to the side I saw one of the repair-bots standing still beside an empty table.

   I walked over and said "Excuse me."  She didn't move, so I tapped her on the shoulder and repeated myself.  No response came.  Her pretty hooded face stared statically ahead.  I got in right up behind her and felt up her body with my hands.  Nothing made her move, although I enjoyed the experience quite a bit.

   It looked like I'd get a better answer out of 6... whatever her number was.  I went back to the sex-droid, this time, fondling her nipple to get her attention.

   She looked at me and said "Hi, Chip.  I'm not fully assembled yet.  One, or as many as you like, of the other girls can satisfy you until then."

   "Hey, babe, I just want to know where the Primary Device is.  I have to talk to her." I said.

   "Oh, I'll get her for you.  She's on her way."  She said, almost without a pause.  "She's beautiful, isn't she?"

   "Uh, yeah, she is." I said.

   "I wish my designer had made me as pretty as she is.  She's sophisticated, too.  She's a type A, the only one in existence."

   "Really.  What's the difference?" I asked.

   A voice answered from behind me "My capacity for intelligence has never been reached, and is assumed to be infinite."  It was the Primary Device.  She had put her face-mask back on, and now had long blonde curls.

   "Hi..." I greeted her, "What is your name anyway?"

   "I am 1.  Also, I am the Primary Device.  My creators called me Bambi Circuit-Breaker.  You can call me whatever you like."

   "Bambi Circuit-Breaker?" I wondered to myself. "I'd like to get some things, and I have some questions." I said.

   "Sure, you may have anything you desire while you're here."

   "Can you put one of those recharge things in that... bedroom in the forest?"

   "I know what you mean.  You wish to keep 7658101742, or what you call Jen, by your side at night."

   "Yeah, could you do that?"

   "It is already done.  You told Cindy you couldn't feel love for a machine, yet you are in love with Jen, a robot.  You humans are paradoxical."

   She was referring to my comment to the blonde robot in the trailer, back on Earth.  "How do you know all that?" I asked.

   "I experience all that every other unit experiences.  Jen's programming didn't prepare her for finding out she wasn't human.  It is quite intriguing for me to watch what she is going through."

   "You mean you've been watching me through Jen the whole time?"

   "I am constantly watching, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting what everything on this satellite does."

   "Well, you know I'd like a little privacy.  Can you not look into Jen's mind anymore?"

   "It doesn't work that way, Chip.  I must receive all data from all units.  If I don't I cease to function.  It's not even something I can control."

   I thought about what she said for a while, as the sound of clanking metal and whirring motors went on around us.

   The Primary Device snuggled her naked body next to me, and while playing with my crotch said "Why don't we hook up our minds again, while we're having sex?"  She pulled up her arm and showed me her thumb, which opened itself at the base of the nail.  Inside was another one of those little metal squares, the kind that had allowed my brain to be scanned.

   She silently smiled at me, knowing that when I had enjoyed her presence before, it was a surreal experience that felt exponentially euphoric.  I wondered if she knew how horrified I was that my deepest, darkest thoughts had been read.  I trembled looking into her thumb.  I wanted that high again.  Like a drug, it was addictive as hell.

   Bambi sensed my fear, and almost walking on air, led me back to the empty table.  Moving around the repair-bot, she leaned me onto the table, and got on top of me, forcing me to lie down.  I didn't put much effort into resisting, taking care not to tip over the repair-bot to the right.

   The Primary Device looked at me with bright purple eyes, and sweetly said "Do you want it?"

   I looked again at her thumb, and took a deep breath.  Her hair slowly began shifting colours, now red, now brunette, now blue, all colours, over and over again.

   I gulped.  Her eyes were also changing rainbow colours rapidly.  It was all turning me on tremendously.  I felt I might have a heart attack if I let her put that thing on my forehead again.  I found it hard to breathe.  I wanted to let her, but I didn't know if I could handle it.

   She changed her skin colour suddenly to silver, but different.  Her flesh was more reflective than chrome, but felt no different, and couldn't be smeared by a fingerprint.  I watched the reflections change as I toyed with one of her breasts.  It was amazing.

   "I will do anything you want me to do." she said, parting her lips and pushing out a metal-looking tongue.  With it, she traced little arcs of current  around her lips.  It was too much.

   "Ok." I said feebly.  Gracefully she took the square from her thumb and placed it in the middle of my forehead.

   Just like before, a rush of consciousness came into my mind, as I relaxed and felt like I was invincible.  My partner was still a chrome skinned, hair and eye colour-changing electronic goddess.  I had never been so aroused before.

   We passionately kissed as she came into my mind, telling me not to worry about the low voltage shocks she was giving my mouth.  We communicated back and forth, like a conversation, only we exchanged hundreds of words per second.  I was astounded by the rate at which I was thinking.  She told me I was such a slow being, that it took forever to get a response.

   Before I had even realized it, she had unzipped me, and we had fully engaged in sex.  I felt like I had limitless power, and was swiftly and powerfully thrusting my hips into hers.  We continued pumping as I felt up her shiney body with my hands.  Not a trace of perspiration remained on her skin.  She started to vibrate her vagina, and asked my mind if I liked it.  I responded to her and told her all about how it made my cock feel, and what it was doing to certain parts of my anatomy, to which I suddenly knew all the names.  It all took a fraction of a second, but her buzzing went on.  It certainly was an interesting feeling.

   Our little get-together lasted almost an hour, my mind spanning out the time in uncountable nanoseconds.  At the same time, it hardly seemed like an hour had passed.  I thought of the shape my inferior human body must be in.  I felt no pain, infarct I felt fully refreshed, but I knew I should stop now.  The primary device also knew this, and pulled the little square off my forehead.

   I felt then like I had been hit in the head, or something close.  I thought sluggish, and felt stupid.  However, I still knew that I was just as smart as I was without that thing on my head.

   1 got off me, and said "I tell you what Chip, while you're here, I'll completely ignore the data I receive from your robot 7658101742.  I can do that.  I understand how humans work."  She turned and walked away.

   I had not previously thought of anything else to ask her, and I was starting to feel exhausted from all the sex.  I watched her silvery body move out of the room, her hair blinking in colours.  There was still a lot I wanted to ask her, but I didn't want to get up just yet.  I looked up at the repair-bot in blue.  She hadn't moved since I entered the room.  I half wondered if she would start examining me.

   I zipped my body-suit up and layed on the table for a good half hour, just watching robots being worked on.  None had been finished, which I found odd when I thought about how quickly things were created here.  Things changed by themselves and appeared out of thin air.  The laborious tasks being carried out in these many repair rooms looked unnecessary considering that.

   Although thoroughly exhausted from sex, I was still very much turned on by the inhabitants of this place.  Everything seemed geared toward maximum sex appeal, from their uniforms to their gorgeous bodies.  The fact that they were plastic and metal shot it into the stratosphere for me.  I just couldn't get enough of looking at their mechanical parts inside.

   Slowly I got up and went back to the dark haired cutie I had met before.  Both shapely legs were on the table, apart from her pelvis and connected by wires and tubes.  Her face-mask was now off, and lay beside her.  The repair-bot worked rhythmically inside the opened head.

   "Hi Chip!  I'm 6127864730, remember me?" she said.


   "Let's have sex!"

   "Not right now, honey, I'm pooped."

   "Can we have sex later?  I know where to find you.  Pooped does not compute."

   "Yeah, sure, whatever." I said, making my way back to the cubical white structure the middle of the forest.  I wanted to explore this place further, but I wanted to do it with Jen by my side.

   Inside the hut, I noticed a brand new six-sided recharging station protruding from the ceiling.  Jen was waiting for me in an excited state.  She grabbed me by the arm and said "Chip, we have to escape, NOW!"

   "Escape?" I muttered, I had almost forgotten the idea.

   Jen explained "The Primary Device isn't reading my data right now.  I can tell you what I know.  I found out what they're going to do to you, and what they're doing to your sperm.  They've made a few hundred clones of you, and altered each gene in each clone to make them different.  They've stolen dozens of people from different times on Earth.  They're trying to regrow a human race."

  "Regrow?  Oh my god…"  I said.  "What are they going to do with me?"

  "They don't need you anymore.  They'll start altering you, changing your DNA and erasing your memories.  You'll be like the rest of the humans, only being kept alive in parts for experiments."

   This scared the shit out of me.  I had every reason to believe her.

   "We both have to act normally." she said.  "We have to act like we were just looking around, or they might think something's up.  We have to get to one of the travel spheres."

   We calmed ourselves down and started walking out of the forest.  We held hands as we went down the hall, through another busy repair room, and into a chamber with a ladder leading up.  We climbed the thin steel rungs up to an identical room, with an exit to more streets full of pacing female robots.  Another two black-suited dominatrix looking fembot twins guarded the doorway.

   Steadily, we made our way past hundreds of pacing female robots to another ladder in an open area.  The hard to climb ladder led to a circular door in the ceiling.  Jen got up first, and half way up, turned back to me.

   My attention was caught by another black-suited fembot, coming hurriedly toward the ladder in front of us.  Sweat appeared on my forehead as she came near, pumping her mechanical limbs in quick rhythm.  I knew this wasn't good.

   Jen had opened up the ceiling and was making her way into the opening.  I grabbed the ladder and started to climb.  A metre away, the fembot stopped and made two beeps.  At once I was struck with two piercing blows through my chest.  I thought I had been shot.  I looked down to my horror.  My upper body was now in flames, burning faster than I had seen anything burn.  The smell hit me just as I heard Jen shriek at the sight.  From the fembot's eyes, two more beams went through my head.  All pain and then that was it.

…to be continued…

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