Fantastic Voyage – Part 8

by Faceless 001

Continuation of Part 7 (or is it? Could be Deja Vu all over again) which you can read by clicking here

   It was 4:32 pm when I put the key into the door.  The day had been long, but uneventful.  The alarm started beeping as I opened the door.  I checked the mailbox and stepped inside.   I punched in the code to disarm, and hung my coat in the closet.  Work today had been strenuous, and I badly needed a shower.   Before I did anything else, I went upstairs to the bathroom, took of my clothes, and turned on the taps.  As I soaped up, my thoughts were of laundry, what to make for supper, and doing my taxes.

   After my shower I was feeling fresher, and smelling better.  I gathered my clothes and walked nude to the bedroom.  Something startled me as I threw my clothes to the floor.  A young, pretty dark-haired woman was sitting in the closet with her arms around her knees, smiling up at me.  She was dressed in an all white body-suit, complete with foot coverings.

   "What the...  who the hell are you?" I demanded.

   The girl looked surprised by my tone.  She replied in a soft voice "I'm Jen."  She started to blush as she looked at my penis.

   I grabbed a pillow and covered my privates, confused and rather scared.  "I don't know who you are or what the hell you're doing here, but you have ten seconds to get the fuck out right now!" I yelled.

   "Chip, don't talk to me that way, please." she said as she cautiously got up.

   "How do you know my name?" I said, moving back.

   "We know each other.  I can explain."

   "I don't know you!  What are you doing here?"

   "I have to show you something."  She said, pulling down the zipper on her tight fitting body-suit.  She let her breasts hang right out, which surprised me enough.  What she did next was unbelievable.  With her thumb and fingers, she removed a piece of skin from her chest, right above her breasts.  I saw electronics and lights flashing beneath it.  I looked closer, realizing what I saw was no illusion.  She smiled at me, holding out the rectangular cover for my inspection.

   "What are you?"  I asked.

   "I am a humanoid robot.  My name is Jen."

   "What do you want from me?"

   "I'm here to help.  Get dressed, Chip, we're going to have company soon."

   "We… what?"

   "In a few minutes, your ex-girlfriend Monique will be here, but it won't be the real Monique, it will be a robotic copy."

   "What?  Monique… robot… what's going on?"

   "It will try to kidnap you, so we'll have to disable it.  Hurry and get dressed, your life depends on it."  Jen said, as she put her skin back on and zipped up.

   I started getting dressed, and asked her "Who made you?"

   "It's a really long story, I'll tell you later."

   "How did you get into the house with the alarm on?"

   "I just blocked its signal while I needed to get in.  I can do things like that."

   This got me worried.  I found myself suspicious of this robotic woman I had found in my home.  Something told me not to trust her.  "How did she know about Monique?" I wondered.

   Then the phone rang as I finished dressing.  I looked at Jen, wondering if she would let me answer it.  She looked at me and said "I think that's Monique."

   I went to the phone, Jen followed.  It was 4:56.  That area code.  That number.  Monique?

   "Hello?" I answered.

   "Chip?" came the response.

   "Speaking." I stated.

   "It's Monique!" the voice chirped.  It sounded like her.

   "Hi Monique, how's it goin'?" I asked, looking back to Jen in amazement.

   "Oh, pretty good.  I'm doing fine.  How are you?"

   "I'm the same.  You know, doing fine and all that."

   "Say, are you busy right now?"

   "Well, not too busy." I answered.

   "Well, I'm in town, actually I'm pretty close to where you live."

   "Really?  The caller ID was from your house."

   She didn't say anything for a while, then said "I'm pretty close to where you live."

   I started trembling. "Alright.  Well, I guess I'll see you soon?" I said, expecting to be gone when she arrived.

   "Ok, see you soon." She said in her most cheerful voice.

   "Sure thing." I said back, hanging up the phone.

   "You'll have to disable the robot alone." Jen said.  "If it sees me it will know something's up."

   "What do I do?"

   "First you have to distract its two CPUs.  The best way of doing that is to stimulate its mouth and vagina at the same time.  You have to do it for at least thirty seconds.  After that, take off her face and remove this jumper..." she said, removing her own face and pointing to a set of pins on an area above her round glass eyes.

   I was stunned at the sight of Jen without her face-mask.  More lights and circuitry showed, along with vents around the nose and a speaker recessed far back inside the mouth.  She just seemed too perfectly human to be a machine.  It was turning me on.

   "Remember," she went on, "you have to do it quickly or the robot will stop you."  She put her face on again.  "Practice on me, but don't pull out my jumper, or I'll be turned off."

   I nervously got closer, and took Jen's face by the cheeks.  They felt warm, and real.  I pulled until I felt the mask dislodge, and studied it in awe.  The mask I was holding was comprised of very real plastic skin, her jaw with all her teeth, and more electronic parts for the nose and the eyes.

   "You'll have to be a lot faster than that, Chip, try again." She said, standing still as I clicked the face back on, and removed it again quickly.  "That's good, now don't forget the jumper when you do it to Monique."

   I reattached her face for her, marveling at the technology and feeling adrenalin pump through my body as the doorbell rang.  Jen wished me luck as I went down the stairs to see Monique come through the front door.

   "Hi Chip." she said, smiling.

   I froze in my tracks.  I was still confused, and even more scared now.  The last five minutes of my life had made no sense to me at all, and seemed more like a dream.

   I continued down the stairs to greet what looked like Monique.  She was dressed and made up to the hilt, and was even in high heels.  She looked gorgeous, more than she ever had before it seemed.  Her dark red hair was long, the same length it was when I first met her.

   "Hi Monique." I said.

   "Hi, Chip!" She said, taking off her coat.  I had almost offered to do so, but said nothing and stared nervously at her.

   "I came to see you.  I miss you." She said, smiling at me.

   "The last time we spoke you called me a pig and told me you never wanted to see me again." I said.

   "Do you still find me attractive?" she said as she heaved her bust forward and put her hand on my thigh.  I looked into her wide brown eyes.

   Before I could answer she said "Let's have sex.  I'm wearing those black satin panties you always loved."

   "Really?" I said, remembering Jen's instructions to stimulate her two CPUs.  I took a deep breath and started kissing Monique.  I reached a hand up her skirt and began playing with her genital area.  My heart was pumping double speed.

   "Oh yeah... why don't you undress me." Monique moaned as I slid my fingers into her pussy.  She was getting wet.

   We continued kissing as I tried to stretch it out to over thirty seconds.  She appeared to be extremely aroused rather quickly.  I began thinking "shit, she really wants me", then remembered her supposed nature.  I didn't know what to make of it all.

   She wrapped her arms around me, and her thighs began to quiver.  I kept at it, teasing her clit and her tongue as best I could.  Monique moaned and sighed with pleasure.  Perspiration appeared on her forehead.  This was way too real to be fake.

   When I was sure thirty seconds had passed, I lifted my head from her, and for an instant gazed into her eyes.  I was not sure if she was a machine or a human.  My one hand still in her pussy, I clutched her face and separated it from the rest of her head.

   Her moaning stopped.  Her grip on my shoulders intensified as I eyed the pins and the jumper above her artificial brown eyes.  I dropped the mask and pried the plastic jumper off.  Her body froze.

   I was still being kept in a tight grip by the now dormant robot, my fingers locked inside her vagina.  I threw the jumper on the coffee table and tried to free myself.  I couldn't look away from the robot's eyes.  Her electronic stare was eerie, but for me, arousing.

   Jen came down the stairs, saying "It has you trapped, doesn't it?"

   'It appears so." I said, almost embarrassed by my predicament.

   "I'll have to reactivate it under my control to get it moving." She said, again unzipping her body-suit and opening up her chest.  This time she opened up a smaller compartment within, and extracted a metre long black connecting cable.  It looked like a parallel port cable.  She plugged one end into her chest and said "I should have told you to undress it first.  I need to get at its chest."

   "Oh." I said, looking at the tight sweater Monique's duplicate wore.  It occurred to me that she wore Monique's clothes.  I feared for the real Monique's safety as well as my own now.

   "Do you have scissors?" Jen asked.  "Oh, never mind, I have something".  She got in close and pointed her index finger to the top of the sweater.  A small, sharp blade then extended from under her nail, and sliced the garment open.   The blade went back in as Jen put her finger to her mouth and blew on it, like it was a gun.  "I have all kinds of neat toys like that."  She said with a grin.

   Starting to feel sore from the Monique-bot's grip, I watched as Jen removed the chest cover, placing it aside, and plugged in the other end of the cable.  Her face went vacant, and the pupils of both robots started flashing red.  I could hear clicks - after every eighth one a beep.  This went on for quite a while between the two of them, as little coloured LEDs went off inside the opened parts.

   It was extremely strange to behold.  It was also making me very horny.  I didn't know why, but all this, besides scaring me half to death, was turning me on a great deal.  I looked at Monique's breasts under her bra as I felt her bionic pussy release my hand.  Jen didn't move, but worked to free my shoulders.

   Monique's metal hands had been sunk in almost like claws As the two machines flashed, clicked and beeped, the fingers pulled away one by one, and the arms came down to the robot's sides.

   I stood up and excused myself to wash my hands.  While I was in the washroom, the thought occurred to me to deactivate Jen, too.  It also occurred to me that there could be others.  I still didn't know what to make of Jen, if she was a friend or a foe.

   I came back to the living room to see that they hadn't moved.  I sat on the coffee table, putting the rectangular jumper in my pocket.  After a while, the computer noises stopped, and Jen looked at me, saying "This robot doesn't have what we need."

   "What do you mean?  What do we need?" I asked.

   "We have to stop the other robots.  There are two more.  I found that out from 6112857961.  That's her real name, by the way." she said as she pointed to the faceless woman on the couch.

   She sat up on the table with me and continued, "Also, we need to find a thought card.  Most of the robots have a thought card inside them, I don't... see?" she said, showing me her thumb, which had opened up at the nail.  There appeared to be a compartment built into the plastic and metal.  Jen explained further, "The robots use the thought cards to communicate with the minds of organic beings."

   "Why do we need that?" I asked.

   "Chip, you and I have known each other in a future life.  I went back in time to stop Monique from taking you to outer space."


   "If you and me connect, you will not only know what happened, you will remember it like it just did happen."

   "You're from the future?" I said, not really believing what she was saying.

   "Yes, and so are the other robots here, 6844872381 and 7420376423.  6844872381 also looks like Monique, and is packed in pieces in the trunk of the robot car outside."

   "You're all made by the same people, aren't you?"

   "We weren't made by people.  Other robots made us.  This one has a car waiting outside.  Where's your computer?"

   "Upstairs, why?"

   "I need to reprogram your ex here to operate under your control.  I can't do it directly, but I can do it through another device."

   Jen stood up and, still connected, stood Monique up by again going into a flashing and beeping trance.  Once both were standing, their movements became completely synchronized as they made their way up the stairs.  I grabbed the face-mask and chest panels and followed behind them, watching their hips sway mechanically back and forth.

   At the top of the stairs they both froze, and in robotic monotones said "WHERE IS YOUR COMPUTER".

   "Left" I said, passing them and leading them into the room.

The robots sat themselves down on the two chairs.  The Clicking and beeping stopped, and Jen returned her attention to me.  She pulled another cable from her chest, plugged it into herself and said "Can you plug this end into the USB port?"

   I took the cable and plugged it into the back of my PC.  Jen pushed the power button, and I watched windows load.  I was curious to see if it would look for fembot drivers.  Sure enough, it found something.  All the windows clicked ok by themselves, but I was able to see that it made Jen a hard drive and designated her "F".

   She smiled at me again and said "My little program works!"

   "Wonderful.  What now?" I said.

   She unplugged her connection to Monique, and gave me the cord.  "You'll have to unplug your printer for this one." she said, shutting down windows by remote control.

   I got the connection made, and Jen restarted the computer.  This time, it found Monique, with a window that read "Jen has found and is installing 6112857961.".

   "Gotta restart again." She said as the desktop went away. "This is such a stupid operating system."

   "I guess you would know." I said.

   Eventually, the thing was booted up again with the two robots attached.  I assumed Jen was in complete control of my computer, as she brought up a window on the screen.  It was filled with nothing but binary code.

   The other robot started clicking, beeping and flashing as Jen started rubbing my thigh.  She wasn't moving strange, but her action caught me off guard.  An inviting smile was on her face as a few lights blinked in her chest.

   "We were lovers, Chip." she told me as I let her play with my already erect penis.

   "Really?  How did we meet?"

   "Well, after Monique captured you, you managed to escape, but you were in the year 2273.  I found you on the front steps of my house, out on the farm.  I bathed you, fed you, and we made love."

   She took my hand instead, and continued "I used to think I was human then.  I didn't know I was a machine.  When they made me, they gave me memories, so I thought I had grown up on that farm."

   I felt a bit sorry for her.  Emotion showed on her face.  She went on "We were both captured after that.  They brought us to an artificial moon orbiting Jupiter, and... I escaped alone."

   "What happened to me?"

   "They killed you.  I came back in time to save you."

   Just then, the other robot became silent, and Jen shut down the computer yet again.

   "Monique is now under your control.  Just give it voice commands." Jen said.

   "What does she have to do?"

   "Monique has to tell the car where to go.  You will have to go with it to meet up with the other robots."

   "What about you?"

   "Just like before, I can't let them know I'm here."

   "Well, what do I do?"

   "You have to drive to a trailer parked on the highway.  Don't let the car drive in, order Monique to stop it before it does.  Cindy, the truck driver, has been programmed to recognize you, so fool it by asking it to have sex, that never fails."

   "Why's that?"

   "All of us robots were built mainly for sex.  We're sex-droids."

   That put a bit of a different perspective on things.  Jen continued "Do the same over-stimulation thing to Cindy, deactivate it, then bring it back in the car."

   "That's a lot to remember." I complained.

   "I'll print it out for you." she said.  Just as I was going to point out that the printer was unplugged, I heard something being printed.  In a slot in the opening of Jen's chest appeared a small white card with my mission stated on it.

   "You should practice a few commands with Monique's duplicate." said Jen.

   I thought a bit, then said "Monique, unplug that cable and put this back on.", handing her the patch of skin that looked more her shade.

   "Yes master." she said in a dull, unanimated voice, then did what I had told her to do.

   I looked at Jen and said "Yes master?  What's with that?"

   "Standard mode 2 of sex-droid programming - obedience mode."

   I looked back to Monique, held out the face-mask and said "Put this on, too."

   "Yes master." she said again as she clicked the mask into place.  Her expression was like her voice - dull and devoid of emotion.

   I turned to Jen, who had stood up.  She unplugged her cable and put the chest panel back on.

   "Well, I guess I have to go, Jen." I said.

   "Would you like to have sex with me?" Monique asked in her altered tone.

   "It's still trying to seduce you, but don't worry, it can't hurt you in this mode.  It can only follow your commands." explained Jen.

   "How specific can I be?" I said.

   "It still knows everything that you knew Monique knew."

   It took me a while to register what she was saying. Everything...

   "Would you like to have a kiss with me?" Jen said, mocking Monique's dull monotone.  She didn't wait for me, she just grabbed and kissed.

   We kissed and felt up each other for a while, then I stood back and half-wittedly said "Well, I've got some thing to do.  To the bot-mobile!"

   Jen laughed.  She seemed so very human, it fascinated me.

   I turned and said "Monique, go downstairs and wait by the door."

   "Yes master." she said as she got up and walked away.  Her motion was slow and methodical, but not as robotic as she and Jen had moved before.

   I followed, and Jen accompanied me down the stairs. "Don't worry, Chip, it'll be easy.  Just grab that jumper off those pins." she said.

   "Got it." I said, flashing the instruction card.

   "I know you can do it.  And hurry back, 'cuz I need to make love to you."

   I smiled at her, as Monique interrupted, saying "I'm wearing those black satin panties you always loved."

   I instructed Monique to put her coat back on and zip it up all the way.  This hid the cleavage she was showing off.  I then told her to wait by her car, and gave another kiss to Jen.

   Monique replied "Yes master." and opened the door.  She strutted to a white car parked just outside.

   "Remember, be quick." Jen said.

   "I'll be back soon." I said, winking at Jen.  I turned and went out the door, closing it behind me.

…to be continued…

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