by Niki

 Day in and day out I used to search the net for photographs and stories about people being transformed into sex robots, or turned into human mannequins, or basically anything that falls into the technofetish category. Usually the same web sites came up with a few new fantasy stories or pictures until one day it happened. I hit upon this web site which had no graphics, just text. It said:
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to perform in adult films?

Do you wonder what it would be like if you could be transformed into that man or woman you see on the screen with the perfect body and do nothing but have sex and orgasm all day, everyday with different partners and in different positions?

What if in between sexual escapades you would spend you time motionless and on display like a mannequin, but with a feeling of complete ecstasy running through your body all the time.

All of your fantasies like this could be realized, all of your needs met, except for an insatiable sexual appetite. If this sounds intriguing to you, click here.

My heart started to race and my member started to grow with excitement. I clicked the link. Fantasy Island Inc., a company which specializes in making fantasies come true, currently has openings in our customer satisfaction division. No experience necessary. Our training program is 100% effective in transforming new recruits into perfect employees. We will even help you attain the perfect body needed to perform job duties and satisfy our customers. If you are ready for a life changing experience, click here. I clicked the link again. Please complete this form and then click the submit button, the screen read. We will contact you if we find your qualifications meet our current employment needs.

Two thoughts ran through my head. Either this is some fantasy game that I'm about to sign up for, or this is truly a job and they'll make me do sit-ups and push-ups until my physique is good enough to serve drinks on a beach at a tropical resort. Out of curiosity, I filled out the form anyway. I don't know what I was thinking, usually I don't give any personal information to anyone over the internet, but I was intrigued enough to do it this time.

Several days passed and nothing happened. I didn't get any mail, phone calls, or e-mails from anyone about this Fantasy Island thing. I guess it was probably a web site that was shut down for not paying it's bill or posting indecent material or something like that. One day later, I arrived home from work to find an ambulance outside my apartment building. I hurried inside to see what was going on. To my surprise, my apartment door was slightly open. I peered inside and found the two ambulance attendants standing there.

"What's going on?" I said.

"We got a report of a man found unconscious", one of the ambulance attendants replied.

"Well, it couldn't be in here", I said, "I live alone". Just then I felt a sharp pain in the back of my leg. One of the attendants had stuck me with a syringe. I immediately dropped to the floor. The two attendants bent down to see how I was doing.

"What's going on?", I said. One of the attendants knelt beside me and whispered in my ear, "Mr. Harkins, your application for employment at Fantasy Island has been accepted." With that I lost consciousness.

Some time later, I awoke. I was no longer at my apartment, I was in some room, somewhere. My clothes had been stripped off and I lay naked in a bed covered by a sheet. I started to sit up and to take in my surroundings when a women entered the room.

"Hello Jack", she said. "I'm Dr. Mekin".

"Where am I…what's going on?" I questioned.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure you have questions" Dr. Mekin responded. "Give me a few moments to explain.  Jack Harkins, you responded to our employment invitation on the Internet a few days ago."

"What are you talking about?" I interrupted.

"Customer Satisfaction…Fantasy Island…", she said with a certain up-tone in her voice.

"What are you kidding" I said, "that was a joke. That was someone playing fantasy games on the net!" I said.

"No, no Jack that was no joke." She replied. "Please hear me out before you interrupt, or even decide to get up and leave."

I nodded my head in agreement.

"Right now you are in one of our lab rooms here at Manubot in northern California. Manubot is a company that specializes in the sales, manufacturing, and service of human robots and mannequins."

My brow began to crinkle in amazement to her story.

"Yes, I know it is hard to believe, but with new technologies and materials it is possible to convert, or actually I should say, enhance humans with robotic and plastic materials. This allows them to serve in certain job capacities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible."

"So you turn people into mannequins and robots?", I questioned.

"Sort of", she responded. "Please allow me to bring in some of our girls to show you an example of what I mean."

The doctor reached in her pocket and pulled out a cell phone. She dialed a couple of numbers and then said, "Hi it's me could you send in Brindy please." She then stuck the phone back in her pocket. A moment or two later, a very attractive woman walked into the room. She had long dark hair, medium to large breasts, and was in perfect physical condition. She was wearing white stockings that ran up her thigh, a white silk g-string and matching bustier. As soon as she entered the room, she smiled at me.

"Jack this is Brindy" the doctor said. "Brindy was robotically enhanced about 3 years ago. She mainly works here now performing demonstrations for potential clients and new contracts."

The doctor took out a remote control, aimed it at her and pressed a couple of buttons. Brindy froze immediately. Everything stopped; her breathing, the blinks of her wide brown eyes, all of the little movements that marked her as being alive had been suspended.  She looked a bit unnatural, but her immobility aroused me anyway.

"Did Brindy used to be a real woman?" I asked.

"Oh, yes", the doctor said. "She is still a real woman, she's just been robotically enhanced."

"So doc, how do you get people to volunteer to have themselves turned into robots, or mannequins" I asked, looking at Brindy's motionless pose.

"It's surprisingly not that difficult. Let me tell you how we started. I used to be the OB-GYN doctor for a woman who also happened to be an adult film star. Have you ever heard of Davia Bennet?"

"Of course", I responded.

"We'll she was our first 'robot' if you will. During an office visit one time, Davia expressed her concern to me over her age. She was in her mid thirties and was worried that at some point in the near future she wouldn't be able to dance or make adult films anymore because she wouldn't be attractive or desirable. She asked me if there was anything I could do. After thinking long and hard about that, I had remembered some experimental techniques involving robotics and synthetic materials. At first there was no way that she would allow herself to be turned into a 'freakin machine' as she described it, but after some thought she let me and some other doctors 'convert' her.

To this day, she looks as good as ever and has told us that she can't imagine life any other way now. She no longer has to eat, sleep, exercise, or worry about getting old. Her body is as perfect as a body can be and the constant orgasm cycle and sexual tension keep her 'in the mood' at all times. She's helped us recruit hundreds of other porn actresses to the point where almost any pornstar you can think of has been through our lab for a few body enhancements and modifications.

After a while, business became so good that we started recruiting exotic dancers, prostitutes, and any other person that wanted a 'new life' for themselves. We've also found through monitoring ASFR web sites, that we had a market of people like yourself who's deepest secret fantasy was to be turned into a female sex robot or even a mannequin.

"So are you saying that you are going to make me into a pornstar?" I asked.

"No, not exactly" the doctor responded, "but if you like Brindy, and you like the idea of spending eternity as a female sex robot and doing nothing but looping through our orgasm cycle and wiping cum off your chin, then this life might be for you." Dr. Mekin turned toward Brindy again and activated her  The girl did not seem to know she had spent the last few minutes as a statue.  She again smiled at me, in a very inviting way.

"I don't know, doc", I said.

"You don't know…" the doctor muttered to herself, "You don't know…" she repeated, in a kind of mocking tone.

She then walked up to me and lifted the bed sheet. My member was huge and rock hard by this point in the conversation. She wiped her hand up my shaft, then nodded at Brindy who immediately knelt beside me and took me in her mouth. Her warm lips slid up and down my shaft for a moment and then she pulled away and smiled at me. Her hands continued to rub me, lubricated with her synthetic saliva right up until the point that Doctor Mekin froze her again. Her eyes were fixed on mine, the lustful smile frozen on her face. Her hands were still locked around my cock.

The doctor knelt beside me. "Mr. Harkins" she whispered in my ear. "During all of those hours that you've spent masturbating in front of your television and computer screens, one fantasy ran through your head:  The fantasy of being turned into a female sex robot and having endless orgasmic cycles. Now, I've done the hard part; I've already removed you from your regular life. People saw you taken out on a stretcher and they think that you've had a heart attack. All you have to do at this point is say, 'Yes' and within a few short hours, you can be wearing a latex bustier over your very own breasts.  Or perhaps you'd enjoy having your g-string pulled to one side as a huge cock slides in and out of your pussy; or perhaps you'd prefer to stand motionless for a while and in one of our sex displays. The choice is yours. All you have to do is say 'yes'."

With Brindy's rigid hand still wrapped firmly around my cock and the doctor's soft seductive voice still ringing in my ears, I took a deep breath to answer her.

"Wait", she said. "Don't make your decision just yet." She got up from her kneeling position and went to the door. She opened the door and motioned for someone to come in, and then slipped out while the door was open.

To my surprise, one of my favorite porn stars, Jill Thomas, walked in the room. She was not alone; she had one of those nameless, faceless porn guys with her. She smiled at me and then proceeded to do a sex scene as if from a movie with this guy right in front of me.

There was nothing I could do. Brindy was frozen stiff and still holding my cock and my favorite porn star and object of desire was performing an erotic scene right in front of me. I felt like I was going to explode. At one point Jill was standing bent over, naked and holding onto the back of a chair while this guy plugged her doggie style from behind. Just when I though I couldn't take it any longer, Jill and her male counterpart froze. His member was still buried deep inside her and she had her eyes closed and a huge smile on her face.

The doctor came back into the room. surveying the motionless pair. She started to run her hand over the curvature of the porn guy's body and then over Jill's frozen body, running her fingers along the S-curve of her back and ass.

"Well Jack, what do you think? This could be you" The doctor was teasing me, she knew damn well that I would do almost anything to change places and become Jill at that very moment. I wanted to explode…I needed to explode.  She knew it too.

The doctor took out her remote and aimed it at Brindy. Seconds later her hand was moving again. She smiled at me, released her grip from my cock and got up and walked near the frozen Jill and her beau. Brindy, while never losing eye contact with me, very seductively removed her silk g-string and then bent over holding the back of the same chair Jill was holding. By now, Jill's male counterpart was again moving and had withdrawn from Jill's pussy and entered Brindy from behind. Jill began moving as well. She dropped to her knees and helped guide the 'dude's' member into Brindy. A couple of minutes later the 'dude' pulled out and sprayed synthetic cum all over Brindy and Jill's faces. They smiled and lapped it up off him and each other as if eating the world's best icecream. After the display, the trio giggled and smiled at each other and then left the room.

By this point, my face was red, hot, and I was almost incoherent with sexual frustration. I wanted to masturbate right then, but the doc wouldn't let me. "Doc, why did you put me through that?" I asked. "You know I want to do this, why don't you just go ahead and start the process?"

She smiled. "You're right Jack, we could have just started processing you while you were unconscious when the ambulance attendants first brought you in, but it is much more fun to watch someone like yourself experience their deepest fantasy acted out right in front of them. So it's a deal?", she said.

"It's a deal", I replied.

The doctor motioned for me to follow her out of the room. I felt a bit uncomfortable walking with her because I was butt naked and still hard as a rock. She didn't seem to care though. As we walked through the halls I noticed that they were lined with motionless people on the left and right. Many of them were engaged in sexual scenes. They looked as if they were a picture or a snapshot in time. No one was moving and the only sound in the hall was the hum of the air conditioner.

"Is that what I'm going to be like?" I questioned.

"Yes Jack", the doctor responded. She continued walking; I continued to look at the frozen scenes and imagined possibilities.

Eventually we reached her office. She asked me to be seated. I still felt a little uncomfortable because I was naked, but this exposure seemed to be very normal for the doc. "Jack, since theoretically you don't exist anymore, you know with the heart attack and all, I'm going to dispense with the usual employment spiel and get right to picking out your appearance."

I started to feel a little sad because she was right, Jack, for all intensive purposes was dead, and I was about to become someone or something entirely different. I would never see my family or friends again, I would never again eat at McDonalds or drive a car. There are a lot of things that I would never do again. But then I started to think about the other side of this, I was about to begin living in my fantasy world. Constant orgasm, sex, heavenly bodies and lingerie and motionless bliss.

"Jack, the position you've applied for at Fantasy Island resort calls for a female sex robot. Do you have any objection to us changing your sex and making you female?"

"Hell no", I responded. "That is what I want anyway."

"I know;" the doctor said with a smile. "Just thought I'd ask anyway". She then handed me a catalog filled with pictures of women. "Jack, please flip through that book and pick out a body style that you'd like to have be your own."

Each woman in the catalog was stunningly beautiful. The pictures of each woman showed her standing with shots from the front, back and side. There were also options listed as far as hair color, eye color, skin color, breast size, thigh size, and ass size. So essentially I could pick out a body and decide to enlarge or reduce any feature I wanted.

I skimmed through the catalog for a few minutes and finally decided on a body. I held up the picture to Dr. Mekin and said, "I'd like to be her".

The doc took the catalog from me and smiled. "Very nice." I had selected a very trim, slightly tan figure with large breasts and medium length reddish-blonde hair. Dr. Mekin then stood up from behind her desk and said, "Ok Jack, let's get started."

I stood from chair with a feeling a nervousness and excitement. I had no idea what she was about to do to me or how she takes an ordinary looking guy and makes him into a knock out sex robot.

She led me into an adjacent room packed with equipment and computers. "Jack, the first step is for me to get some measurements of your body. You know, height weight and stuff like that. I'm going to ask that you lie down on this table and this MRI scanner is going to move over your body and make a map of it."

I did as she said. I laid down on the cold metal table and let the machine move over my body for about ten minutes. The whole time, the doc was looking at her computers, typing information, and doing some other things behind the console. When that was through, the doc asked me to be seated in a chair next to the MRI machine. I was about to take the next step.

"Ok Jack, here's how it works: Have you seen in the news lately how scientists have discovered how to make liquid computer processors about the size of an atom instead of chips?"

"Yes, I remember seeing that", I replied, half-fibbing.

"We here at Manubot have known about these liquid processors for years - we develop them -  and it's actually the secret behind turning a human into a machine. What I've done is taken your MRI measurements and created a map of you body, inside and out. I then took that map and programmed it, along with your desired appearance, into these liquid processors. In a moment, you are going to drink this glass of juice, which has been laced with millions of the liquid processors. They have been instructed to pentrate your bodily systems and begin to electronically reproduce all of your organic functions."

"Huh?"  I asked, dumbfounded.  This sounded like magic.

"For example, some of the first processors will watch how your heart pumps blood to your body, they will then take over and electronically reproduce the action of pumping blood to your body and your heart is not longer needed. Some of the processors will actually disconnect and dissolve away your heart. Some more of the processors will watch where your blood goes and what it does for you. Eventually they will electronically duplicate that function of your body and then your blood will be discarded. I know it sounds a little gross, but over a period of about an hour, eventually all of your body's actions will be performed by the liquid computer processors instead of your biological organs. The liquid processors will also begin to shut down and eliminate systems which are critical to humans, but not needed in digital people, such blood flow, breathing eating, and so forth.'

"Oh..."  It still sounded like technobabble to me.

"Once we get your body completely digitized and running on electronics instead or organic material, then the processors will start to re-shape you according to the body type you've selected. You'll be connected to some intravenous machines which will be pumping liquid plastics and latex into your body. The processors will compile them to form your new skin and outer body. A couple of the intravenous bags will also be pumping hot powdered metal into you, which the processors will use to replace your bone structure with solid titanium rods."  She seemed to be getting very enthusiastic about the process.

"Doc, this is not sexy any more. What you are about to do to me, does not sound appealing at all." I said.

"I'm sorry, I usually don't go into that much detail with people about the process, but I though you were interested. No matter.  Let me just say this, I'm going to let you drink the juice in a moment and then inject you with a drug which will knock you out, immobilize your body, and prevent you from feeling any pain or discomfort that the process might cause. When you wake up in about three hours from now, you will be the girl in that catalog and your fantasy of endless pleasure as a female sex robot will begin. Remember your encounter with Brindy and Jill?  That can be your new life... Are you ready?"

"Yes, Dr. Mekin, let's do it," I responded.

"Oh one last thing, you'll need a name; what would you like your new name to be?" the doc asked.

It didn't take long to answer "I've always like the name 'Jennifer'. I think its very sexy."

"Ok then" the doc responded. "Jennifer it is."  She handed me the cup of processor-laced fluid.  "To Jennifer!" she toasted.

With that, I downed the glass of juice and the doc gave me the first injection which would start the transformation process off in my body.  I wondered how long it would be before I felt -- different.

"Doc, while we're waiting for this to take effect", I said, "let me ask you about the mannequins."

"What about them", the doc responded.

"You mentioned earlier that you manufacture mannequins as well", I said.

"Yes we do", she replid.

"Who in their right mind would want to be turned into a mannequin?", I asked.

The doctor smiled and even chuckled for a moment. "Well Jack", she said. "Coming from a man who has just consented to letting himself be processed into a female sex robot and will spend the rest of his days as a part time fuck doll and part time display figure, I think you should think about that question a little longer by yourself. I know you'll come up with the answer. And if you don't, I can program it into your new digital brain..."

I realized the silliness of my question as soon as the doctor began her sarcastic answer. Moments later I began to feel a little numb and a little woozy. It was obvious that the doctor could sense that as well. She lifted my head with her hand, looked in my eyes and said, "Good bye Jack Harkins. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

With that, I blacked out.  My past life was over.

When I awoke, I felt a bit strange. I remembered everything that had happened to that point, but it seemed almost like a dream. My eyes were wide open and I could look straight ahead, but I couldn't move any part of my body. I wanted to move; I desperately wanted to see myself and see if I had infact been transformed into the female form, but it was no use, I was stiff, motionless and unable to move. The longer I stood there though, the more I felt that I probably was a sex robot and I was probably frozen in some pose like the others I had seen. The only problem was that I wasn't orgasming or even feeling sexy.

After a period of time, Dr. Mekin appeared in my field of vision. She smiled briefly, then said "Well Jack -- or Jennifer, I should say -- I know you won't believe me, but you've been a sex robot for two whole days now. I generally like to keep your new body in a standing position and switched 'off' while all of your components dry and settle inside you. In a moment I'm going to activate you, and it's going to feel strange for a few moments until you get your bearings."

Great, I thought, Let's get started!  I was anxious to see my new self.

She continued "You'll have a chance to examine and explore your new body and meet our other new recruits. We've actually processed 12 people at the same time and so you'll all be shipped off together to Fantasy Island resort tomorrow. Ready?" She reached for a control out of my view.

I could hardly wait another moment; then it happned. Suddenly I was again in full control of my body as if someone had turned on a light switch, which in a way she had. I smiled and looked down on my new body. I felt my firm full breasts and even bent down to touch my toes. It was wonderful, though I almost fell over the first time.  Balancing was going to be tricky for a while.

Dr. Mekin had dressed me in white stockings and a white silk g-string with matching bra, exactly as I fantasized; exactly as Brindy had been costumed before.

"Jennifer?"  I heard my name called. It was Dr. Mekin, "The remote works from about 40 feet away. Just remember that you can be switched 'off' at any time."

I smiled and nodded at her just as she pressed her remote and switched me 'off' to prove her point. My new body froze immediately. It was a strange feeling because I was unable to move in the least amount, but I was completely aware of everything going on around me. This time was different than before though, my body started to tingle with arousal as if it were building toward an orgasm. No wonder Brindy didn't mind being immobilized!

The doc switched me back on almost immediately. I didn't have enough time to reach a climax. One thing I noticed immediately though was that all the time my body was active, I was searching around -- or even hunting --  for someone to have sex with. I had cravings to have my holes filled as quickly as possible and I had a taste for cum. I wasn't interested in pleasant idle conversation like I would have been if I were still Jack. I was immediately wanting to flirt and talk dirty to anyone around me. This was very unlike my old personality, but then again, I was a whole new person, through and through.  Spontaneously, I reached over and kissed Dr. Mekin, pushing my tongue into her mouth while reaching down to caress her ass.  I could see she was responding, then I froze into position as she pressed the remote.

She unentangled herself, leaving me posed stiffly like I was making out with an invisble partner.  "Easy, Jennifer!" she chuckled, smoothing down her lab coat.  "Plenty of time for that later..."  Sometime afterward, I was carried into one of the rooms off the hallway before being reactivated in the middle of a group of other gorgeous and handsome robots; who were all craving sex as much as I was.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and that night with the other 11 people who had been processed at the same time as me. We fucked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. At times, Dr. Mekin would come into the room and place some or all of us in motionless sex scenes just so we could get used to the feeling. While we were frozen our still bodies were aroused to almost constant orgasm.  It was just unbelievable, a fantasy come true!

The next day, Dr. Mekin's assistants dressed us all in skin-tight jumpsuits, lined us up in a pose like so many toy dolls, and switched us 'off'. They then wrapped us in bubble wrap and placed us in crates to be shipped off to Fantasy Island Resort where we would spend the next several years fulfilling their customer's wildest fantasies.

I knew already, despite what happens at the resort, my fantasy had FINALLY happened.

The next time you see a realistic looking mannequin in a display window, watch a porn flick, or see a pretty looking girl walking down the street, remember that it could be me or someone else who has been to Dr. Mekin's lab at Manubot corporation and had their fantasy FINALLY realized for them.

Keep surfing, maybe you are next.

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