Window Dresser’s “Inventory, Part B”

Revisions by Panic
The Medusa Chronicles - episode 4589
Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction!

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Harriet had just filed herself into the database as mannequin, when Jeanette arrived in a cloud of dust. She seemed distracted, or in a tremendous hurry.

“Sue, please fetch the newest mannequin from stock and bring her to the van! This morning we’ve got a bridal salon scheduled, and I want to add another mannequin to their display!” Jeanette barked at Harriet, startling her assistant. She was too busy to notice Harriet’s reddening cheeks.

Harriet went to the stockroom and found the new mannequin leaning against the wall, naked. Next to “Pam" lay a parcel with scrawled lettering. Harriet’s unbelieving eyes read the words, twice to be sure: ‘Harriet’s pedestal’. She was amazed and bemused at the same time; could this really be her pedestal? Harriet wished it would be; it was perfect for her fantasy!

She opened the parcel carefully; inside was a glass display base, but not a normal one. This base had high heeled shoes attached to it. She remembered the dream last night, the vivid scene she had been a part of. Would she be able to pose on display, just like in her dream? Heart pounding with excitement, she looked around to make certain that she was alone and decided to find out. She slipped her nylon-clad foot into the right shoe. It fit - like a glove! She tried the left shoe now; it fit too. She realized that with the height of the heels and with her inability to shift her feet to stabilize herself that she could not stay balanced very easily. It felt so unsteady that Harriet almost fell over before catching her equilibrium. At last he stood upright. Glancing down, she saw herself reflected in the polished glass. She wriggled her toes; the cool tight leather seemed to caress her feet like a forceful lover. She took a pose like the mannequin she had been in her dream and closed her eyes, remembering. As she stood completely still, Harriet imagined again what it would feel like to really be a mannequin.

Jeanette, in the meantime, paused a moment to check the database. Harriet had already entered herself in as mannequin -- the messages were working -- she was almost ready now!

Jeanette headed to the stockroom, knowing what should be happening.

Harriet heard her supervisor entering the room, but it didn’t register; she was deeply entranced by her intense daydream.

Jeanette knew the second figure perched on that glass base was her assistant, Harriet, but she played with her knowingly. “Harriet, I’ve just realized we have TWO new mannequins in stock! The newest is named Harriet, just like you! Please, bring them BOTH to the van right away! Are you in back?”

The words broke Harriet’s trance, their meaning hitting her like electricity; Jeanette had spoken of her as mannequin, because she had filed herself that way in the database. ‘Does Jeanette know? Did she see me posing on that pedestal?’ Harriet thought with deep concern and excitement. She considered explaining her desire to become a mannequin to Jeanette but then thought better of it and remained stock-still.

While coyly surveying Harriet’s motionless body, Jeanette continued, “Then we’ll drive over to the bridal salon, dress your namesake as the beautiful bride and the others as bride’s maids. Hurry up back there - we don’t have all day!” The sound of her footsteps faded away into the distance.

Harriet decided it was not time yet; she’d put the real mannequin and her pedestal into the van and explain her idea to Jeanette during the ride.

Reluctantly, she stepped down off the pedestal, wrapping it once again carefully, then carried the parcel and “Pam” to the waiting vehicle. It was exciting for her to lift the mannequin; she had to touch its naked body, and the slick feel of plastic was turning her on! Stroking her hands over the rigid breasts, Harriet imagined someone else touching her own hard mannequin body. All too soon “Pam" was in place and safely tied down.

Aroused and wet between her legs, Harriet sat anxiously in the passenger seat and waited for Jeanette hop in and drive them to the bridal salon so she could explain her wish. She had thought of some ideas of how to explain her secret desire when Jeanette opened the driver’s door and tossed a plastic hand on Harriet’s lap.

“Please hold this part for a minute,” Jeanette asked her, “One of their mannequins has a damaged finger nail and I want to swap it with that one and repair it back at the workshop. Hold it carefully, please; use both hands!”

Harriet had no trouble following that request -- she cradled the plastic hand in her own and idly ran her fingers across the smooth surface. Again the touch of hard plastic made her very horny! She would need to find some relaxation soon.

Then Jeanette started the engine and drove off. The vibration of the rough street pavement moved the dildo Harriet was still wearing, pushing her arousal past the point where she could control it any longer. She suppressed a gasp when the orgasm overwhelmed her but could not help stretching her legs and back. ‘Did Jeanette notice my climax?’ Harriet thought, ‘Or was she too busy driving to notice?’

But I can tell you, dear reader, that Jeanette had noticed Harriet’s orgasm and also noticed how much she liked to fondle the mannequin hand. She had expected it, after all, since the suggestions she had been giving her unsuspecting assistant included that attraction to plastic. She liked to play with Harriet’s mind so Jeanette didn’t say a word about Harriet’s orgasm and spent the rest of the time driving very intently to the salon.

After Harriet had managed to relax in the seat next to her Jeanette started talking about what seemed like a totally different subject. “When we arrive at the salon, you take Pam and Harriet, the new mannequins, into the display window and undress the figures already there - we’re going to do a total makeover. I’ve selected the clothes and accessories for the next scene. They have a male dummy, Ken; he will be dressed as the groom while Harriet will become the bride and Pam the best maid. The others will be Harriet’s bride’s maids! Doesn’t that sound lovely?”

Before Harriet could make any comment, they arrived at their destination and parked in back. The owner was waiting for them. Jeanette introduced herself and Harriet, saying, “Harriet is new, but very eager. She will do an excellent job dressing and beatifying your window!”

Harriet realized that she would also ‘dress and beautify the window’ when she stood on her pedestal as a mannequin. The simple thought started to make her become aroused once more. It was difficult to keep her concentration as she set to work while Jeanette chatted with the owner over coffee.

Harriet carried ‘Pam’ into the display where already two female mannequins and the male window dummy were present, then the parcel with “Harriet’s pedestal”. Undressing the female mannequins should have been rather mundane, something she had done many times before, but now there was something special about it. Removing the wigs with headpieces and veils, unfixing the rigid arms from the pivot points and pulling the gowns over the heads of the motionless figures. She touched a lot of smooth plastic during this activity and had become very aroused again by the time the two female mannequins were finally naked.

Removing the tuxedo from the male dummy was only slightly more difficult as his trousers fit closer, but then Harriet noticed that he had a plastic bulge for a crotch instead of a penis. For some reason this substitution was also very attractive to her. Excited by the touch of plastic, she embraced him closely and felt his pseudo-sex pushing against her clitoris and the dildo she still wore -- it was a perfect stimulation of her sex, but while wearing clothes!

Jeanette was watching out of the corner of one eye as she prepared the next set of costumes. A smartly cut tuxedo for the groom dummy, three peach-colored bridesmaids’ dresses for the other female mannequins and finally the pure white bridal gown for ‘Harriet’, the other new mannequin. Harriet was ready for her role.

Then Jeanette handed the clothes into the display, calling out each display figure by name and reminding Harriet what their roles were going to be. “Ken, the groom, in the tux. ‘Micki’, ‘Sylvia’ and ‘Pam’, bridesmaids, in these gowns. ’Pam’ gets the one with the half-jacket. Start on them first!”

Harriet dressed Ken in the tuxedo, lingering briefly at his bulging codpiece as she tightened the belt and affixed the crimson cummerbund around his waist. Then she took each bride’s maid gown in turn, carried it to the mannequin, and guided it - skirt first - over the head of the patient mannequin. Replacing the wigs, headpieces and arms in their correct positions, she straightened the gowns and made sure the satin fabric draped elegantly.

It was the same procedure for all the female mannequins - Pam’s outfit as best maid only differed in the length of the gown and the jacket - but then Jeanette handed a fluffy petticoat into the display and said, “This one is for Harriet!” Then she ducked away again, probably to fetch the bridal gown.

Harriet decided to take this as a sign -- she quickly slipped out of her narrow skirt and her blouse, just keeping the corset and her shoes, she stepped into the petticoat, pulled it up to her waist and fixed it in place. The petticoat ended one inch over the floor (she was even wearing 4-inch heels); it was a little wider for this display than she had thought it would be (it always touched window glass), but it felt sexy to wear, soft yet at the same time stiff and swinging. In the rush of the moment, she left her wig sitting on the floor.

She could just barely grab the bridal gown as Jeanette blindly handed it in to her because the wide petticoat restricted her movements in the small display space. Without thinking, without hesitation, she was dressing herself as the mannequin bride! Harriet had just pulled the gown over her own head and over her corseted torso and was straightening it, when Jeanette entered the display area carrying gloves, headpiece, veil, and some other accessories. Harriet was so surprised she stood absolutely still.

“Harriet?” Jeanette asked, looking around the display while knowing full well where her suggestible assistant was. Harriet’s head was bare without the wig; her gown was not yet closed! Harriet looked so much like the mannequin she should have been dressing that Jeanette almost did not believe her eyes. Stepping up behind the half-dressed Harriet, Jeanette began closing the zipper herself.

“I’m here!” Harriet answered, from inside the dress. The first step was done!

Jeanette’s eyes widened in mock surprise (and joy.) “What does this mean?” she asked, knowing the answer, “Please -- explain to me what you’re doing there!”

Now Harriet was committed; the words spilled out very quickly. “You know, the database entry -- of the new mannequin ‘Harriet’?

“It’s me! I made it!

“I want to become a mannequin! Like Pam!

“It’s my dream to be on display!

“Please, please, make me a mannequin!” Harriet concluded.

“OK, OK!” Jeanette smiled, “Calm down, Harriet!” Jeanette told her. Things were proceeding better than she had expected. Harriet had expressed her innermost (implanted) desire; it was now up to her to reinforce the suggestions. “Yes, Harriet, you can be in this display. But you must listen to me carefully and do everything that I ask of you. Do you understand?”

Harriet’s response was immediate, “Yes - whatever you say!” She couldn’t believe how Jeanette had accepted her dream of becoming a mannequin and was willing to help her realize her desires. It was a dream come true.

“Very well. For today you’ll stay here as living mannequin! We’ll finish making you up as the bride, and we’ll arrange the scene so you’ll be kissing the groom. That way, you can keep your eyes closed and stay comfortable in your window!”

Jeanette stepped behind Harriet and picked up her wig. It was soft, like real hair; Jeanette wondered if it was Harriet’s. Even if it was, that wasn’t what she had in mind for this display. She switched the golden hair with the red wig from the nearby Pam mannequin. “This will make you look even more lovely!”

Harriet slipped into the long white satin gloves while Jeanette fixed a jeweled headpiece and veil on her new coiffure. A pearl necklace and earrings, a tiny purse and a bouquet of flowers completed her bridal look.

Jeanette fetched the glass base with the attached shoes and placed it next to Ken, the groom dummy. “If you stand on this pedestal, posed like you’re hugging and kissing your groom, and close your eyes you should appear like a mannequin the whole day! Come here and slip into your shoes, plastic bride!” Jeanette ordered.

Harriet remembered her nice daydream pressed up to Ken’s sex and realized she would be posed touching his plastic lips! ‘This is getting better and better,’ she thought with a hint of a smile.

Jeanette helped Harriet out of her own right shoe and guided her foot into the pedestal’s shoe since Harriet couldn’t see her feet under the full petticoat. She stepped into the left shoe in the same way. They felt as good on her feet now as they had in the shop. Then she stood still, did not move, while Jeanette closed the ankle straps. “There, Harriet, those will hold you in position!”

Harriet felt totally powerless: she was unable to move, like in her dream!

“Harriet, embrace Ken!” Jeanette ordered. Harriet obeyed this command and put her gloved arms round the neck of the window dummy. She could not resist the words.

“Harriet, kiss Ken!” She moved her head towards Ken’s frozen face and pressed her red, glossy lips on his hard plastic lips, sexual electricity flowing through her body. She felt warm and was starting to become wet with desire.

“Harriet, close your eyes, now!” She also obeyed this command precisely.

Jeanette touched her firm buttock and moved her satiny hips towards Ken’s hips. “Let me make it very comfortable for you - let your body touch his body!” Jeanette’s command allowed Harriet to move and press her clit onto his pseudo-sex.

“Stop now! Completely! You will remain immobile for the rest of the day!” Jeanette’s last command left Harriet completely rigid, paralyzed into a perfect living mannequin. The touch of Ken’s lips and penile bulge continued to arouse her as she enjoyed her motionless condition even more with every passing second.

’She’s absolutely stunning,’ Jeanette thought as she made some last-minute changes to the tableaux; she arranged Ken’s arms in such a way that they not only embraced Harriet but also held her tightly to the body of the dummy. Harriet already felt very cozy this way when she realized she could not leave the display without upsetting everything - not that she ever would have wanted to.

Then Jeanette manipulated something under the petticoat, near her sex; the touch almost made Harriet come that instant but before she could react there was a movement of the gown as Jeanette arranged the skirt and train to present a nice appearance.

Suddenly Jeanette whispered in her ear, “I have just connected the vibrator in your rubber panties to a power supply - you’re plugged in now! Soon you will be driven to incredible orgasms but always remember you cannot move so much as an eyelash, moan or do anything else that’s in the least way un-mannequin-like.”

Harriet thought it was odd that Jeanette kept telling her that. None of the other mannequins received any special instructions!

Jeanette continued, “Just in case you were thinking about it, the power switch for the vibrator is outside of the display in the salon, far beyond your reach. I’m leaving the display now, leaving you immobilized, posed among immobile mannequins, leaving you where you want to be and where you will always be very happy!”

After these words Jeanette left the display and with a click closed the door that separated salon and display window. The wedding tableaux was complete, just has she had planned it.

Inside the quiet display, Harriet was alone with her thoughts and happier than she had ever remembered being. It was a dream come true: She was motionless, she was on display and she looked exactly like a mannequin.

Was there anything left?

Yes, she wanted to become plastic!

The vibration deep in her vagina began to assert itself on her consciousness. Aroused by Ken’s plastic lips and her mannequin-like condition, her first climax came quickly. True to Jeanette’s instructions, she did not budge at all as the explosion of ecstasy consumed her. Wave after wave of continuous pleasure washed over her consciousness. But her dream was not yet fully consummated.

Being only flesh, not rigid plastic, stood in the way of perfect happiness.

Harriet finally blacked out after dozens of waves of pure sexual pleasure rocked through her motionless body. When she finally returned to consciousness, she noticed...

Jeanette had returned with several canisters under her arm.

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