Window Dresser’s “Inventory, Part C”

Revisions by Panic
The Medusa Chronicles - episode 4593
Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction!

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Harriet completely lost all track of time in the window display, as she stood, motionless. Her body was filled with pleasure, arising from the touch of the plastic lips of ‘Ken’ (the male window dummy she was kissing as ‘his bride’), and from the vibrator humming within her vagina. Ken’s dummy sex, a rounded bulge, also caressed her clitoris as she posed against him. Yet, for Harriet, the greatest turn-on was knowing she was on display for all to see as a mannequin. The very thought of being a sexy object of beauty made her quiver internally, although she’d never show her pleasure on the outside. To all that caught a glimpse of her unmoving form through the polished glass, she appeared to be simply another gorgeous mannequin.

The only clouds on Harriet’s perfect horizon? She was not really a mannequin. She still was blood and flesh instead of plastic.

Suddenly, Harriet could feel the return of Jeanette, since Jeanette managed to switch off Harriet’s vibrator. Once the wave of pleasure began to diminish, Harriet could feel delightful anticipation welling up within her belly. ‘Will I become plastic today?’ thought Harriet excitedly as she waited for Jeanette. Then, Harriet could hear the door to the display opening, and she managed to sneak a peak at Jeanette through the mirror as she entered the small display.

“Well, hello, my dear mannequin, Harriet!” Jeanette greeted her. “You look great as a bridal mannequin! But I have to speak with you, so please move and talk to me!” Harriet was ordered.

Reluctantly Harriet moved her lips away from Ken’s lips, released her tight grip around Ken’s rigid neck and turned her head around to face Jeanette. Still her butt was pressed firmly against Ken’s hips and her feet were fixed in the pedestal’s high heels, but she was now able to speak. With a flutter in her voice, she begged, “Can I become a real, a full plastic mannequin? Please!”

“I have fetched some chemicals that can fulfill your wishes!” Jeanette assured her. “We will do some preliminary work today, and by tomorrow you will truly become a full mannequin!”

“I can become a window dummy!” Harriet was overwhelmed with happiness. She would have gleefully jumped and bounced around, if a mannequin were allowed to do such things. And, also, if the corset and pedestal were not preventing any major movement.

Jeanette smiled. Just a week ago this girl was wearing jeans and jogging shoes. In a first, careful attempt to control her mind Jeanette suggested for her to wear 3-inch high heels and a sexy outfit. Today, she couldn’t wait to become finally transformed into a sexy object! ‘I can’t wait to see how well my special creams transform you into my lovely doll, Harriet!’

The subliminal computer program and her posthypnotic suggestions worked very well, but Harriet was also very easy to influence. Jeanette often wondered if becoming a plastic statue was Harriet’s hidden subconscious desire all along. Without any further hesitation or contemplation, Jeanette gently tugged on the drapery cord to her right, effectively closing the inside curtains to the storefront display. Still, the small enclosure was illuminated with bright spotlights that seemed to bathe Harriet in a radiance that was pure magic.

“For the first transformation I’ll need you to leave the display and completely undress! The salon is closed now, so we can move about freely!” After uttering her command, Jeanette demurely kneeled down, opened the ankle straps and removed the rod between the Harriet’s corset and the pedestal. She also twisted Ken’s arms slightly, effectively releasing Harriet’s hip from his cold embrace. Then, Harriet stiffly stepped out of the patent leather shoes and, supported by Jeanette, tip-toed out of the display.

In a changing cubicle, Harriet was completely undressed. The wig with the headpiece was removed, the gown’s zipper was opened and the gown was pulled over her head, allowing the petticoat to fall down. Even the eggshell colored stockings were slid down Harriet’s toned legs.

It was Jeanette, who undressed Harriet: Harriet stayed mostly passive. She merely moved her arms or her feet when Jeanette gently nudged them. For Harriet, behaving like a mannequin was easy. In her mind she was already a mannequin. Now, only her body needed to be adjusted to match her doll-like mindset.

Jeanette unlaced the corset and removed it. Harriet shivered when she felt the cool air hit her skin. Without the support of the corset’s cups, her breasts fell down making her bust line appear far less impressive.

Finally the rubber slip was pulled down. “You go to the bathroom now!” Jeanette ordered. Harriet noticed that her bladder was really full. How mannequin-unlike! “This will be the last time you ever have to go again!”Jeanette consoled her, “In the meantime I will prepare the slip so that it cannot be removed ever again!”

Without the slip and the vibrator, Harriet felt naked and hollow, even more so after she had emptied her bladder! Using stiff and jerky movements she walked to and from the toilet. Incredibly, she found it hard to bend her knees to sit down and to stand up, or to relax the correct muscles to let the water go. However, Jeanette, her window dresser, had ordered her to do so, and she obeyed, even to tasks that seemed to contradict her duties as a mannequin.

When Harriet returned from the bathroom, Jeanette had prepared several items for Harriet’s next phase of development. The rubber slip was thoroughly cleaned, and Jeanette had slipped into plastic gloves. On the table sat four open canisters of cream, each labeled with a different letter. On the floor sat a new glass base with a single hole bored into it, an oddly shaped metal plate about 3 inches long, a pair of white 4-inch leather shoes (one with a small hole drilled into the sole), and a small chair.

“Come here and have a seat, Harriet!” ordered Jeanette as she winked at her expectant model. Carefully, she helped Harriet into the chair, then reached for the container labeled “F”. Walking around Harriet, she stopped directly in front of her then said, “First thing I’m going to do for you, Harriet, is prepare your feet for display. As you probably have noticed, most mannequins don’t have visible fingernails or toenails.” Harriet immediately lifted a hand to her face, confusingly studying the abnormal cuticles. “Also, I have prepared a new base for you that you will be using from now on. This metal plate needs to be able to fit into your foot so that your body will be secure while you are on display. This way I will be able to change your shoes as often as I want to make you look your best!” Harriet desperately wanted to look perfect as a mannequin.

Getting right to work, Jeanette reached a gloved hand into the bottle of “F”-cream, pulling out a handful of white cream. Using her other hand, she lifted Harriet’s right foot off the ground, gripping her at the ankle. Quickly, Jeanette rubbed the lotion into Harriet’s tiny foot, massaging the solution into the soft folds of skin. Harriet remained motionless during this treatment, but inside passionate sparks were flying. Jeanette spent extra time coating between the toes, making sure Harriet’s foot was thoroughly saturated. Then, Jeanette reached behind, producing the silver plate. On one side of the plate was a singular rod, about 1 to 2 inches long and a full inch in diameter thick. On the other side were four small rounded protrusions, each spaced out differently. Jeanette gently coaxed the object onto Harriet’s shimmering foot, making certain that each notch along the topside of the plate fit perfectly between each diminutive toe.

Once fully satisfied the object was secure, Jeanette commanded, “Hold that foot perfectly still, my little mannequin! I’m going to put on your new shoe now, and I’ve got to work quickly before it sets!” Harriet obediently complied, making certain to hold the cold plate firmly and securely between her toes. Deftly, Jeanette reached for the 4-inch white shoe, delicately working the support rod through the hole cut into the sole. Then, she closed each of the thick straps as tightly as possible, until Harriet’s right foot was snug and perfectly shaped. There were even straps holding her toes in position, pressing them together in a delightfully painful way.

“Stand up now, Harriet! And, don’t put any weight on your right foot just yet,” ordered Jeanette as she held out a supporting hand to assist. Harriet slowly pulled herself up using only Jeanette’s hand and the muscles of her left leg, being careful not to ruin Jeanette’s hard work. As Harriet leaned against Jeanette’s shoulder, she could feel her right leg being pulled over the glass platform, her platform. Jeanette slowly lowered the right foot, making sure that the support rod was centered over the hole in the pedestal. Eventually, the support plate landed square into the hole with a muted clang.

“There!” shouted Jeanette in celebration, “That oughtta hold you, Harriet, my dear! Now hold still as I work on your other foot!”

Harriet secretly smiled as she felt her foot tingling all over. Already she was locked in place on her new base, and she was ecstatic about it!

While Harriet maintained careful balance, Jeanette scooped up another handful of cream from the “F”-canister. Just as before, she slathered generous amount of the lotion onto the skin of Harriet’s foot. Not on inch of skin was left uncovered. Once satisfied that Harriet’s left foot was completely coated in solution, she reached for the remaining shoe, gently placing the foot in before strapping it down. Again, the wide, padded straps were cinched as tightly as possible. The cream sent a warm pleasant sensation throughout Harriet’s foot.

“Alright, Harriet!” Jeanette called, “Now, I’ll cream your breasts, waist and hips. For each part there is another cream: the breasts are inflated one cup size, your waist will shrink two more inches, and your hips will melt together with the rubber slip!” Jeanette explained, fetching the dose with the big “B” on it. Wasting no time, Jeanette put some cream from it onto Harriet’s breasts, then distributed and massaged it over the skin on her breasts.

Harriet totally enjoyed this treatment. After so many movements over the past few minutes it was much more mannequin like to stay quiet as she was being prepared. Many hard nights she had dreamed of becoming a mannequin -- now it was all coming true! This was easily the most pervasive and obsessive desire she had ever felt before. The cream hardening her skin will bring her closer to her ultimate dream! The touch of Jeanette’s massaging fingers felt so good, forcing a soft, excited moan from Harriet’s lips! When she really does become a mannequin, such human expressions will never occur again!

The "W"-cream was then massaged into her waist’s skin. Next, a thin layer of “H”-cream covered her hips. Finally, Jeanette again reached for the “F”-cream, but this time she rubbed the solution all over Harriet’s hands. Eventually, Harriet’s fingernails began to pale, matching the even tone of the rest of her hand. Jeanette quickly posed each of Harriet’s dainty hands into position, then commanded Harriet to hold them that way indefinitely.

While continuing to work her gloved fingers across Harriet’s body, Jeanette explained, “All of these creams work differently, depending on which part of the body they are applied to. Yet the result everywhere is going to be the same: in a few hours, about three to four, your skin will transform into hard plastic. By tomorrow morning your torso, feet and hands will be covered in a hard plastic shell!”

Harriet’s thoughts drifted away blissfully. In just a few hours she will be partially plastic! Still caressed by the cream and Jeanette’s skillful fingers, she dozed a little bit. Again, her vivid dream of being sculpted by Jeanette replayed in her mind, “Now, she actually is sculpting me,” whispered Harriet in her sleep. Jeanette smiled to herself, warmly savoring this tender experience with her unwitting captive.

Harriet awoke from her daydream when she felt Jeanette undoing the leather straps on her shoes. Gently, Jeanette tapped on the top of Harriet’s foot and was rewarded with a hard thumping sound. Quickly, she undid the other shoe and lifted the hardening appendage out. Immediately, Jeanette was satisfied that the foot had hardened around the support plate perfectly, since it was solidly in place between her toes. Pressing a small clasp released the interior grips, allowing Jeanette to remove the support plate temporarily so she could finish up on Harriet for the day. Oddly, Harriet could feel everything as Jeanette probed her right foot, yet the sensations felt a bit more distant somehow, more muted perhaps? As she stepped out of the other shoe, Harriet could feel and hear a hollow clanking sound as her stiffened foot made contact with the glass disc. Already, Harriet felt much taller that usual, since her feet were now solidly poised on tiptoe from now on.

Jeanette spun around and fetched the rubber slip. Without any hesitation, she ordered Harriet to step through the leg holes.

“Your skin is already prepared by the cream, and I’ll also coat the slip with the second component now!” Jeanette explained while she pulled the tight slip over Harriet’s legs until 2 inches before the vibrator reached her moist sex.

“Using the two components of cream, the rubber and your skin will melt together, become plastic and then completely harden. Then your sex will be invisible forever and you will look as sexless as a mannequin should look!” During this explanation Jeanette distributed cream over the vibrator and the inner section of the slip. “The vibrator will function indefinitely as long there is a power supply!” Harriet became wet as she imagined becoming plastic, but now she literally began to drip, gushing vaginal fluid in warm spurts. “OK, we can put the slip in its place!” Jeanette announced as she pulled it up.

Harriet enjoyed to be filled in such a way. Not only was her sex covered once again but also the plastifying was beginning to rock through her throbbing womb.

After fixing the rubber slip and removing any last flaws, Jeanette fetched the corset, removed the push up pads from the cups and put the corset around Harriet’s waist, “I’d ask you to hold it up while I lace it,” toyed Jeanette, “but I don’t think your fingers will be able to move enough to assist me again anytime soon!” Harriet blushed while glancing at her posed and frozen hands as Jeanette laced up the corset loosely at first. She put Harriet’s breasts carefully into their cups, then she laced up the corset really tight. Unfortunately, the bust line now without the pads wasn’t as stunning as it was before. But the inflating effect of the plastify-cream for the breasts was starting to work! Harriet felt the skin of her breasts stretching and at her waist becoming tighter. She enjoyed the sensations, while Jeanette approached her with the gown and pulled it over her head and body. When Jeanette had finally closed the back zipper and finished fitting, the breasts filled the cups completely. With the wig in place, Harriet had to go back to the display. Even without petticoat, but with partially plastified hips, hands and feet, it was hard to pass the bridesmaids mannequins, but eventually she managed to reach her pedestal.

Jeanette quickly replaced the original glass base with the new one that would effectively hold Harriet in place as she posed. Fetching the special pair of shoes, Jeanette helped guide Harriet’s left foot into the first shoe before closing the straps. Then, she clamped the support plate back in place on Harriet’s right foot, locking it in with a loud clack. Quickly, she again guided the right shoe into place, putting the support rod through the hole drilled into the sole. Finally, she secured the rod into the glass base, feeling it settle snugly into the calibrated hole.

Jeanette posed Harriet so she stood side by side with Ken. Looking forward towards the mirroring window glass, Harriet could see her own reflection in the polished surface. When she did not move an inch, she very much resembled a mannequin, especially with all of the heavy, permanent make up on her face! Once Jeanette had finished adjusting her flowing outfit, she posed Harriet with one arm linked with Ken’s elbow, the other held out in front of her, as if she were reaching out to an admirer watching her from outside the window. Her head was tilted slightly to one side, yet she could see everything ahead of her, allowing her to appreciate the reflection of her neckline. Her bust was now far more stunning than before when she needed padding to achieve the swelled effect. Only now, she no longer needed padding, since her breasts had grown immensely, offering ample cleavage without the need for any additional support ever again.

Once finished, Jeanette placed an ear near Harriet’s neckline: there was a soft, rustling sound! The transformation was in progress! This was the sound of plastifying skin!

“Can you hear this rustling?” she asked Harriet. Harriet listened; yes, she heard it! "That is your skin! It’s transforming into plastic!”

Harriet listened intensely and became very happy.

Jeanette wildly reopened the curtains to the window once again, allowing the world to glimpse her beautiful work in progress, “I’ll come back tomorrow morning, before the salon opens, to complete your transformation!” Jeanette announced, while she put several layers of veil over Harriet’s face, “The veil will hide your eyes, so you can blink as necessary. But tomorrow this will no longer be necessary! Have a good night!” With these final words she left the display.

Harriet couldn’t help but admire herself in her altering state. She listened to the soft noises made by her transformation as well as the soft tickling sensations triggered by the process. She was on display with only mannequins around her, and she was already well on her way to becoming just like them

Then the vibration in her vagina started again. Jeanette had switched on the power supply. Her plastifying body was fully aroused by the pulsating vibrator. Likewise, her arousal built to a fever pitch every time she realized that she was touching plastic, since several body parts were already becoming plastic. On display for the world to see!

It was wonderful to become a plastic mannequin!

As the hours went by, Harriet buckled under wave upon wave of intense sexual pleasure. Suddenly, her vibrant arousal was interrupted when ...

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